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Welcome back, everyone!

Well, my life has been quite a whirlwind recently.  On top of the regulars – you know, homeschooling, dealing with food sensitivities, the blog, church, hockey (both boys are playing in a really special free league), we’ve had really bad issues with out “new” used van, and our financial planner.  I have been on the phone way too much over the past week and it’s been just a bit too much stress.

Still, in the middle of all of this, I take joy in being able to create new things in the kitchen and learn more about how to take care of myself and my family through healthy diets.

There were some really neat entries this past week – I look forward to what you have to share this week!

Take a moment to look around and learn something new while you’re here!

Welcome back to our Nutritious and Delicious Linky Blog Hop — Traditional Tuesday!

What is Traditional Tuesday? Well,

  • if you are a blogger, you can share your whole food related tips on this blog and it will be shared on all five blogs
  • if you are a blog reader (I guess we all are, right :-)?) you can stop by now as well as later to check out the great tips that participating bloggers have to share. And there should be some great stuff, so come back later this week and check it out!

Here is some more specific info:

Traditional Tuesday’s Nutritious and Delicious Blog Carnival is for anything involving traditional foods.

Recipes, techniques, tips, discussions on the hows and whys we do what we do, kitchen organization, appliances used, fitting traditional foods into your life and schedule, anything under the banner of traditional foods is wonderful.

Posts, Facebook pages or websites on the politics of real foods and action alerts for individual states or topics are also welcome.

This blog carnival is hosted by:

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Adrienne is the owner of Whole New Mom, wife to David, and a homeschooling mother of two boys, one of whom has Asperger’s Syndrome (high-functioning autism) and life-threatening food allergies. In her past life she worked in the financial services industry and also taught in Japan. She has a passion to help others navigate the sea of information on the road to healthier lives while trusting God for the results of their efforts.

Because she loves to (and can’t afford not to :-)), she specializes in making whole foods and green living affordable and simplifying special diets (allergen-, gluten- and sugar-free). You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. I got a KST treatment a few weeks ago and asked if my body was experiencing any toxicity from heavy metals. My body is processing them fine (I drink beet kvass regularly, which is claimed to cleanse the blood, and I am on GAPS which is cleansing/purifying). I eat seafood as often as I can, especially shellfish when they are on sale, because the benefit of all the vitamin D and minerals outweighs the possible risk of mercury.

    I’m not sure if your dentist is a mainstream type or a holistic one, but the idea that seafood is more to blame for mercury in the body than the constant exposure to silver fillings is pretty disingenuous. At least whole wild fish provides an immense benefit!

    • Very interesting, Kendahl. I have been thinking about GAPS. Did you do the whole program? I actually do not care for seafood except for tuna (a no-no) and sometimes flounder, but I do like salmon cakes and made up a nice recipe. Did you check out my post on the seafood? The reports that came out about the contamination were quite disconcerting. Thanks!

      • Hi Adrienne,
        I’d never seen your blog before when I made my post (The Chestnut Stuffing). So… thanks for hosting! It’s always fun to discover another great whole foods blogger!

        Anyway, I’m commenting because our family is GAPS, too, and we have been doing the whole shebang diet-wise since last February. I have a feeling I really should be doing more on the detox front, and I have lots of fillings in my mouth but am burying my head in the sand at present because there is no money to fix it with. 🙁 I will say, though, that my teeth are amazingly better since doing GAPS. I used to get cavities all the time and my teeth were always covered in a gross film.

        If you want to read about our family’s experience with GAPS there is a whole lot about it on my blog, as well as how-to posts that summarize the intro and full diet. All the recipes are GAPS legal and (hopefully) tagged with the right stage as well.
        This monster of a post might be a good place to start:


        • Hi Joy – Thanks for your comment. I am not GAPS yet, but I lean in that direction. I would love to read more on your blog and I plan to. Thanks for the info! I’d be happy to talk about detox if and when you like. It’s not easy, but it appears to be a really good move. (Right now I don’t feel well, but when I feel good I feel really good!)

  2. This Crispy Almond-Crusted Mahi Mahi recipe is one that I have been making regularly for over a year now since it is so popular at my house. I used to make it with sprouted flour, but now I do almond flour to make it GAPS-legal. Either way is scrumptious!

    • That sounds great, as always, Kendahl! One question – do you worry about the toxins in fish? I believe Mahi is one of the worst, if I am not mistaken. One of my dentists told me the other day when I asked him about fillings said, “Well, I sure hope you aren’t eating any seafood!” – Here’s a post I wrote a long time ago on it. (It’s not a great post, probably :-)) Fish and toxins.

  3. Hi There Adrienne~

    Hope you’re well.

    This week I submitted two posts. One food related, and one informational.

    1. Flavorful Grain-Free Quinoa Stuffing:

    2: Colloidal Oatmeal and how it helps eczema, dry skin, and much more:

    Have a beautiful week. 🙂

    Be Well,

    • I saw your entries – thanks! I think the oatmeal info is great! Can’t wait to see your lotion! We have a hard time getting quinoa we all like here so thanks for that too! Take care!

  4. I keep forgetting to mention what that is. In the UK we can buy Organic Passata which is basically just plum tomatoes cooked down for about an hour and either pureed or put through a sieve OR you can make it (as I do) easily! It adds a very rich tomato flavour to all sorts of recipes that chopped tomatoes alone won’t do!

  5. Good morning Adrienne, I’m sharing my protein brownie recipe. Have a great rest of your week.

  6. I shared my Lentil Pie recipe this week, lovely for cold, windy and snowy days!

  7. Hi Adrienne, today I’m sharing my Celery Root and Carrot soup, and I’m highlighting what produce is available at the Farmers Market at this time of year.
    Thanks and have a great week!

  8. Thanks for hosting! I’m sharing my easy crustless quiche recipe. I make mine dairy free too because of food allergies, but I also give ideas on how to add cheese and milk (or cream) for those who can have them.

    • Carmen, I have recently been thinking about how I could make quiche. We were eggless for a long time due to my oldest son’s egg allergy, and my husband won’t eat them. But 2 of us are avid egg eaters – thank you!

  9. Sorry! When I visit your blog it is only showing 21 total entries… Strange!

  10. Hi Adrienne,
    Thanks for hosting! I had a little trouble linking up today. I can’t get my entries to show up so hopefully there won’t be multiples later! Have a good one!

    • Hi Katie – there are multiples, but no worries. I’ll contact the blogger who holds the linky controls and see if we can do anything. Maybe you’ll just get a lot of links :-).

  11. Thanks for hosting! I am sharing an easy homemade mozzarella how-to.

  12. Hi,
    I shared my amazing grain-free carrot cake and my holiday butternut squash. I also shared an article with a great short video from the conference. Lastly, I shared an article about the impending Nutrition legislation and what you can do to help.
    Thanks for hosting!

    • Thanks, Jill. I love carrot cake so I will certainly check that out – and thanks for the legislation post. I wrote on that awhile ago. I should share it again. Maybe I need to do a quick recap post of important activist items. Did you see Kelly’s post on the family from Michigan? That’s so depressing and scary!