Pumpkin Caramel Swirl Brownies, Pumpkin Whoopie Pies, Sweet Potato Cupcakes, Chocolate Pumpkin Brownies, and KFC® Coleslaw (SF)

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Allergy Free RecipesWelcome back to another week of Allergy Free Wednesdays! A collection of yumminess that is aimed at making it easier for you to create healthy, allergy free foods for you and your family. There is no “clear rule” against including processed ingredients in your submission (but we hope you are moving in that direction :-)). So…occasionally you will find some “whole foodie undesirables” in the entries. What to do if you see processed foods and don’t want them?:

Welcome to Allergy-Free Wednesdays (AFW)–a weekly blog hop where folks can share their allergy-free cuisine, gain knowledge about allergy-related topics/issues, and connect with others living or caring for someone with food allergies. Your weekly submissions are shared on 7 blogs! Additionally, each hostess will feature a favorite recipe(s) from the week before. Your hostesses are:

Wondering What You Can Link Up on Allergy Free Wednesday? Anything that is fitting for an allergy free diet in some way (we’re not that strict). For the complete rules, click here. Here goes – starting off with my favorites–and you should check out the other hostesses’ posts to see if you were featured there!

My Favorites from Last Week (with substitution ideas)~

(Note:  There might be affiliate links in this post. If you click them, I might make a commission, but your price remains the same and your purchase helps to keep this blog going strong :)!)

Pumpkin Caramel Swirl Brownies from Ricki Heller

Ummmm….Simply.Too.Tempting.  I have to make a dessert for an event tomorrow–and I am thinking it just might have to be these!  We’re “on the fence” about going completely grain-free for our son, so I might just have to stay on the fence awhile longer :).  I would use my Homemade Nut Butter and my DIY Liquid Stevia Drops.  Yum!!!


Pumpkin Whoopie Pies from Fairy Wings and Pixie Dust

Would you believe I have a Whoopie Pie Pan in my shopping cart at Zulily right now?  I love Zulily.  If you haven’t checked them out yet, you really should.  Great prices, great stuff, and great service.

And I have a thing for Whoopie Pies.  Well, really I think I’ve almost never had one, but they do appeal to me.  Thought it would be a fun thing to make with the kiddos.  I would try to make these totally whole grain and sugar-free, using a candida-diet-friendly sweetener.  And of course, I would use my Powdered Egg Replacer and Easiest Almond or Coconut Milk.


Sweet Potato Cupcakes with Maple “Buttercream” Frosting from Allergy-Free Test Kitchen

 I would try to make these completely whole grain as well.  Doesn’t always work, but worth a shot :).  I would sub in a lower glycemic sweetener for the cupcake art and Powdered Sugar Substitute.  Hmmmm…too many pumpkin sweets this week.

Or maybe not :).


Homemade Sugar-Free KFC Coleslaw from Whole Food Mom on a Budget

I haven’t eaten at KFC in a loooong time. But I do remember their coleslaw being pretty yummy.  I am going to have to try this.  I would possibly use my Egg-Free Mayo so my oldest could have it, since he is allergic to eggs.


and Readers’ Favorite

Chocolate Pumpkin Brownies (grain free, DF, & V) from The Tasty Alternative

I would use a different nuts for the walnuts–maybe all almonds?  And my DIY Liquid Stevia and Easiest Coconut or Easiest Almond Milk.  Pumpkin and Chocolate – kind of irresistible I think!


I can’t wait to see what you all have this week!


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  1. Thank you for featuring my Homemade KFC Coleslaw! And, as always, thank you for the opportunity to link up healthy recipes!

  2. Oh boy, where are the thumbnails?

  3. Adrienne, thanks so much for sharing the Pumpkin Caramel Swirl Brownies! I actually did use homemade nut butter but haven’t ventured into homemade stevia just yet. ;) Hope you enjoy if you do give them a try!

    • We DID try them. On Tues night for a dessert we needed to go to. We made a few changes and the kiddos still think they need to be a little sweeter (no surprise there) but they are asking for me to make them again today :)! I just got fresh pumpkin pressure cooked so I am ready to go! Thanks, as always!