Get the best deal anywhere on the fabulous Excalibur Dehydrator.

Here is my pricing on this great machine.

If you find it cheaper anywhere else, just let me know.
If the details about the machine are identical, I can match it for you.

The prices for the machines are currently:

  • $249.99 for the 9 tray
  • $199.95 for the 5 tray.

Shipping is FREE in the continental U.S.  

Prices are subject to change and offers may change as well, so contact me at wholenewmom at gmail dot com for current details.

NEW: You can get the timer models as well through me, but I cannot offer the free dehydrating book with it.  Email me at wholenewmom at gmail dot com for infomation.

If you purchase an Excalibur 3000 series (9-tray or 5-tray) dehydrator through me, I can offer you 3 bonus deals:

1.  A free copy of Preserve It Naturally, a great dehydrating resource.  8 1/2″ x 11″, 192 pages    //  Retail Price: $24.95

This is more than the typical booklet that comes with a machine like this with a little bit of info and a few recipes.  This book is chock full of loads of  dehydrating info and techniques and tons of recipes – including info on atypical dehydrator uses like:

  • drying flowers
  • pet food
  • raw foods
  • hot/cold appetizers
  • main dishes
  • snacks
  • beverages
  • sauces
  • trail mixes
  • and more.

2.  If you want the white model instead of black, typically it costs an extra $10, but I can offer that option for FREE

3.  You get a 10 year warranty, worth $30

4.  You get a free dehydrating guide, worth $6.95

5.  Get free mesh sheets – these are included with all Excaliburs

6.  FREE SHIPPING in the Continental U.S.  - SAVE $35

7.  And, with the 3900  machine:

Order 9 Paraflexx sheets (for sun dried tomatoes, fruit leathers, flax crackers, and anything else tiny or goopy that you will be drying (like my Chocolate / Carob Nuts) for only $67.50.

With the 3500 machine, get 5 paraflexx sheets for only $37!

Otherwise, the Paraflexx sheets are $7.50 each.

If you see a better deal, I’ll do what I can to match it.


  • Paypal payments can be made direct to my account from your account.
  • Checks – Cashiers or Money Order only
  • I can send an invoice for you to use your credit or debit card easily.


If you have been reading my blog for awhile, you know how I feel about the Excalibur Dehydrator.

Here are some posts showing how much we use it:

A dehydrator is indispensable to a frugal, whole foods kitchen.  I’ve had mine for a long time, and we’ve gotten so much use out of it that I don’t know what I would do without it.  

As an authorized distributor, I am am able to offer the best deal to anyone wishing to purchase one of these dehydrators, and I can even have it shipped right to your door!

There are other models available as well.  Wondering which model I like?

I own the 9 tray with the timer, but I’d rather have the model without the timer.  According to Excalibur, the model without the timer is more popular.  When the timer shuts off, so does the machine, so sometimes I’ve ended up with food sitting in the dehydrator with the machine off for days as I have forgotten that the food was in there.  Better to have too crispy food than rotten food!

2900ECB and 2500ECB models.  Those come with a lower quality motor and only a 5-year warranty, as opposed to the 3900 series machines that come with a 10-year warranty.  With these machines. shipping costs are the same.

Note: The free dehydration resource book does not come with the 2000 series machines. I can, however, offer 2 free Paraflexx sheets with the 2900ECB model and 1 free Paraflexx sheet with the 2500.

Simply contact me through my Contact Me page or email me at wholenewmom at gmail dot com and I will be happy to tell you more as well as answer any questions that you may have.

I look forward to hearing from you!

This page contains affiliate links.  If you click through and make a purchase I will make a small commission.  Your support is greatly appreciated and helps keep this free resource going!


  1. Oh, I love my timer! It means I can put something (most frequently yogurt) in overnight and have it “cook” for just the right amount of time. Then I just deal with it in the morning.

  2. Do you know what the Paraflexx sheets are made out of? TIA.

  3. Pat Sheek says:

    In your experience, does the 9 layer dry as efficiently as the 5 layer? Thanks, Pat

  4. Hi Adrienne,I am ver interested in buying the excalibur from you.
    Do you ship to Spain and if much is the shipping fee?Thank you

  5. Do you only offer the 9-tray without a timer? I’ve been looking at the 3926T & wondered if you knew of any deals on it? I’d rather buy from you! Thanks!

    • I can get it with the timer – sorry I was trying to sort it out w/ them b/c I never could get it but now I can :). Just email me at wholenewmom at gmail and we can work it out. Thanks!

  6. Judith Stewart says:

    It’cheaper on Amazon right now… Judy

  7. I was looking at the Excal pg, at the refurbished models… can you get those? or just the new ones? I want a 9-tray w/no timer… but am kinda confused about what you are offering? please let me know. Thanks. :)

  8. New 9-Tray Excalibur Non-Timer #3900W $249.95… discounted… What do you charge?

    • My price is on my Sales Page – but it’s 249.99. I can for sure match that for you if you are interested :). Plus I give a free Preserve It Now book included and free shipping.

  9. Hi!! Do you post to Australia? X

  10. Question – is there a price difference between the dehydrator with a timer and the one without a timer?

  11. Billie J Hanson says:

    Hi, I have been reading your sight can’t remember exactly how I got here, but it was through research on essential oils! I just invested in YL oils, not dissapointed, but not really interested in the MLM part of it, and will consider the company you mentioned NAN in the future when purchasing again. I am glad you talked about taking EO’s internally, and agree. ANYWAY~ is your 9 tray dehydrator really $249? I think I want to purchase one.

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