The following are items that my family either has used or uses on a regular basis.  I try to find excellent products at a great price and then pass along the savings to you.

My “flagship” product is LIQUID ZEOLITE.  It is an amazing product that is used to remove heavy metals and toxins from your body.

My family uses this daily and we have had excellent results from it.  We have had clear evidence that it is removing these metals from our bodies.

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  1. Chris H says:

    I’ve been trying to find a toothpaste without carageenan. I looked up the NOW toothpaste you have listed and it does have the carageenan in it. Carageenan can bother people with ibs, ibd, tummy issues, etc.
    Would you have an recommendations of a toothpaste without it. I was going to look into the doTerra toothpaste but you mentioned it had heavy metals in it.
    Amazes me that it’s hard to find a toothpaste that isn’t harmful, especially to kids.
    Chris Henning

    • Hmmm…I’ve actually stopped using the NOW toothpaste so I don’t mind you mentioning an issue with it. I am using another brand that is a tad pricey but we love it and I know Earthpaste is clean as far as ingredients go. Here’s a link to Earthpaste on Amazon (it’s an affiliate link)

      Actually, now that I price these out ounce for ounce, the Miessence one I am using is cheaper than Earthpaste. Wow. You can get it 20% off using the code “greenbiz” and that gets you 20% off for life (kind of like a preferred customer thing). I like that it is heavy with baking soda as my dentist is emphasizing baking soda to make the mouth less acidic. If it interests you and you have any questions, let me know. Here’s a link to the toothpaste in my Miessence store. I have been using their products for about 1 year now and I am very pleased.

      Thanks for the info about the carageenan. I have never been bothered by it so I wasn’t catching that. Some people aren’t concerned about the titanium but I would prefer not to have it in my toothpaste.

      • Pat Sheek says:

        We tried Earthpaste toothpaste and it is great stuff. We had to get used to the clay color, but the taste is not bad and it cleans our teeth better than anything else we have tried. It’s great to find a natural product that works and doesn’t use harmful ingredients.

      • DonnaMarie says: has pure natural soap for your teeth. No carageenan. Basically just coconut oil, olive oil, and essential oils. Check out the website.

        I also use Mineral Paste by No carageenan. –Ingredients: Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Distilled Water, Calcium Carbonate, Bentonite Clay, Castile Soap, Baking Soda (Sodium bicarbonate), Xylitol, Extra Virgin Coconut (Cocos nucifera) Oil, Myrrh Gum Powder, Vegetable Glycerin, Dead Sea Salt (Sodium Chloride), Hydrogen Peroxide (Food Grade), Organic Menthol, Essential Oils: Lavender, Spearmint, Peppermint (and) Tea Tree Oil, Guar Gum, Xanthan Gum, Stevia Extract, Neem Oil, Coenzyme Q10 (Ubiquinone), Grapefruit Seed Extract, Trace Minerals

      • We use Earthpaste too, makes teeth so clean!

      • You guys should really use as a guide to buying truly safe products. Unfortunately the Redmond’s toothpaste recommended peppermint flavor is no bueno. Sorry to ear ya’ll have been using it for so long. Hope you found something better by now. It scored bad due to the tea tree oil, menthol and peppermint.

        • Hi there. I think that I am not concerned at all w/ tea tree, peppermint, and menthol. The tea tree is a 1 on EWG. I think that some of the ratings need to be taken in context but I do turn to ewg often. Pretty much regularly actually – thanks :).

    • Hi Chris, I’ve recently started making my own toothpaste and it’s so simple and easy and cheap, it’s almost unbelievable. Basically, just do a 1:1 ratio of coconut oil and baking soda. That’s it. That simple. If you want a minty taste like traditional toothpaste, add your desired amount of peppermint oil….and voila!

      It won’t be the same consistency as traditional toothpaste but just dip your toothbrush in it and go, and you will see a difference. My mouth feels cleaner longer and I’ve had several people ask me if I had my teeth whitened…

    • I recently learned that carrageenan is MSG.

      • Hey Karen. Just an FYI — a lot of that MSG stuff appears to be bunk to me. I talked w/ scientists at Great Lakes Gelatin and they talked to me about it in great detail. I am eating gelatin and using their collagen and think there is no problem. You might wish to look at the science on their page. I think they make a very good case about glutamines in food. I would love to know what you think.

        • Lori Houston says:

          All I know is that when I consume products containing MSG…. I feel like someone stuck a straw in my belly button and blew. That is plenty of information for me to refrain from their use.

          • I don’t mean real MSG – I mean those who say that MSG is in everything and claim it’s in gelatin and that kind of thing. I did quite a bit of research into it and find it to not hold much water.

      • Carrageenan can be one of two things: the actual whole kelp found in the Irish sea used as the thickener, or a derivative of this or other seaweeds. It is usually never labeled as to which on it is, and this is what makes the difference. As with many other foods, when you remove part of the plant to use it separate from the other constituents in “purified” form, you have trouble, ie, whole soy vs. soy protein isolate/concentrate, coca plant vs. cocaine, whole wheat vs. bleached “enriched” flour, etc. The derivative form is what causes most people trouble. It has no link with MSG, not really sure where anyone got that idea. I also have a carrageenan sensitivity, think major stomach pain for hours within 30 minutes of consuming, amount of pain being dependent on the amount of carrageenan consumed.

    • I have a very simple “tooth polish” our family uses and has used for years. We have six children so I have two different recipes. For most of us I simply use a 4oz. glass jar, fill it almost full of Baking Soda, then add two to thee scoops of Stevia or Xylitol (depending on what I have on hand) then add a few essential oils such as clove(3 drops) peppermint(4 drops) lemongrass(3 drops) oregano (1drop). I keep away from neem because neem oil can cause a human to become sterile. Then add a little water and stir. It’s simple and works great. Two of our daughter prefer a liquid tooth polish so I use coconut oil in the summer as the base and olive oil in the winter as the base then put the same essential oils in and they simply put a drop or two on their brush. Give it a try :-)

    • Carol Vandermeer says:

      Hi. You can make your own with coconut oil baking soda & an essential oil of your choice. I haven’t tried it myself yet, just read the article yesterday. I hope this helps! I am a Young Living Representative & I believe in them. Thank you for reading.

      has wildcrafted toothpaste. there’s a wonderful book called Cure Tooth Decay Naturally by Nagel that lists there website

    • I started using earthpaste, it is just redmond real clay, redmond real salt, pure water, essential oils (different depending on flavor). I love it! Comes in cinnamon, spearmint, wintergreen, and lemon.

    • Make your own remineralizing toothpaste.. the recipe is over at Wellness Mama… sorry to refer to another site but this toothpaste is literally rebuilding my 3yr old’s teeth and curing all sensitivity that I had in my teeth. My husband was working on a cavity and it’s healed completely. What’s cool is that you can make this yourself and it works out to be affordable and cheaper than any other natural healing toothpaste on the market. I think I need to start my own blog to reference all the blogs I use and recipes I “tweak”… God bless and Happy Healing!

      • I have no problem with you mentioning Katie – she is GREAT! I am going to meet her very soon too – yippee! You really like it – I’m excited!!! I am going to go and make it myself. Thanks!!!

    • Christina Hening says:

      Hi, Chris! Is it coming from Christine/ Christina? I was just amazed to see the similitude of our names. My “Hening” is having just a single “n”, because of a typo into my father’s birth certificate. Where are you from? I’m from Romania and I am glad that there’s someone else with my name and still so far away from here!

      Sorry, Adrienne, for beeing out of subject! You still helped me a lot with your precious information about ear infection and essential oils! Thank’s!

      Christina Hening

    • earth paste!!! its awesome 😀

    • I found Tooth Soap. It is all natural and NO carrageenan. You can find it online at
      I also use virgin olive oil + a little baking soda + a drop of clove essential oil (doTerra)

  2. Chris H says:

    Thanks for your response and the link. I also found some good ones for kids on the Environmental Working Group website. I didn’t know that miessence made toothpaste, I like their deodorant. Thanks again for the link.
    As an aside, I read your posts on essential oils. Do you still order from Native American Nutritionals? I have a friend selling doTerra and gave me some lavender for a sunburn and it worked really well. I just can’t believe how expensive oils are. Wish they were covered by health insurance:)
    Thanks again.

    • I love their deodorant as well. Are you a Lifestyle Member? I buy all of my oils from NAN. And I prefer their lavender to doTERRA’s. Take care and you’re welcome.

  3. Chris H says:

    Last questions, have you tried all the flavors of the toothpaste? I’m not a fan of anise(licorice) flavor, but wondering if you’ve tried the lemon? Mint is a no brainer but I thought lemon kinda interesting.

    • I have tried the anise and lemon for the reason you mentioned- mint is a no brainer. I love the anise but the lemon isn’t as good for me but I do like it for when I take a homeopathic remedy. I just felt it didn’t leave me w/ as clean a feeling as the anise.

  4. Chris H says:

    Thank you!! Have a great day!!

  5. Leslie D says:

    Have you checked out This in just ONE of the websites I order from. Therapeutic grade oils and pretty reasonably priced. You may have heard bad raps on Aura Cacia, but if you take a look at their website, they claim to have all therapeutic grade oils also, and they go into quite an explanation about how they test their oils for synthetics/additives. I have ordered numerous oils from various sites, as my intent was to purchase low priced oils, that are of therapeutic grade. It took tons of research but I did find a few.
    If either of these sites seem like they are scamming people with bad info, please let me know. I am not an expert on judging an oil by the description a website gives about the grade of oil, but if you are please feel free to contact me if you find these two to be less than honest.
    All the best, Leslie

    • AC doesn’t recommend internal use of their oils which I think is a red flag. It might be just their philosophy but I was warned over and over by them. Their info appears to be good but I found that to be disconcerting. As for The Oil Shop, I didn’t like their statement about their peppermint oil, ” best, sweetest, most candy-like peppermint oil you will ever smell!” That sounds like the distillation issue I brought up about doTERRA. And their helichrysm is a fortune. Native American’s is $140 for 15 ml and The Oil Shop is $330 for the equivalent. I can’t see paying that price. Hope that helps.

  6. I am brand new to these oils and would like to know if Native American has a equivalent product to Thieves oil. I have had this nasty sinus cold for a week now with not much relief and have been reading about Thieves here and how good it works. Also a lady at work gave me some On Guard from doTERRA (she sells it). How does that compare to Thieves. I need something fast cause I can”t take it anymore.

    • Yes, their Spice Traders would be the comparable blend. I personally didn’t care for On Guard. I think the Spice Traders works better and my local friend uses it regularly for sinus infections. Did you see my DIY Saline Wash?

  7. Thanks for your quick answer… sounds just what I need. This can be taken internally correct? I did not see anything to suggest it but I know the Thieves can be

  8. Thank you I did just that. I have one other question. Have you heard of Plant Therapy Essential oils?
    How pure are they against the claim they make?

    • Yes, I looked at them. They sell a 40/42 lavender which is non therapeutic and is a blend of lavenders at best and at worst, a mainly synthetic oil. There are other concerns, but one is that they don’t carry helichrysum italicum which is regarded as the best. Their myrrh is solvent extracted which is basically not preferred when you can get the non solvent extracted. Hope that helps.

  9. Thanks so much for all the information. Have a great night.

  10. where do you get the fast track ..probiotic??

    • Hi Tammy. I had links in a few posts but maybe I need to put more in. Sorry about that. Here is a direct link to the Fast Tract on my Miessence site. You can get 20% off using code “greenbiz” and if you end up doing that there is another really nice coupon coming up in June that I just heard about. Let me know if I can help with anything else.

  11. jada sarfate says:

    Is inliven and fast tract really worth the price?? If they really work than i have noissues paying that but we have used so many probiotics without any change. We have used bio kult, custom probiotics, Kirkman labs just to name a few.

    • Hi Jada. I can only say that I am seeing profound effects from taking them and others have as well. Were you in on the call last night? If not, you can still sign up and get the recording, I believe. I think after hearing about how they make it you will be impressed. For your information, Bio Kult is GMO, which disturbs me. I haven’t checked the other 2 yet. If you see their ingredients, there are numbers after the bacteria and last night the speaker said that means that they are GMO. Not something I want in my gut.

  12. Kristie says:

    I have been considering buying the fast tract to fight candida. I do not feel that I can go carb free, but am sugar free, dairy free, and gluten free. I want to try this for my husband and I, but am praying about it because of the price. I have milk thistle that I take everyday and charcoal (that I don’t take everyday), and am wondering if those would be enough for helping detox symptoms. I seem to have worse bloating, and fatigue if I have fermented foods, and I also suspect mercury has played a part. I am not taking anything specifically for heavy metal detox right now (I am taking milk thistle, trace minerals, cal-mag, b vitamins b12 shots, zinc). I sometimes do clay foot baths or magnesium salt foot baths. I didn’t want to need something to help with reactions and not have anything. So, any advice? And specifically, do you think I would need zeolite or a better liver support, or herbs?

    • Hi Kristie,

      First of all, I feel for you. There is going to be more coming on my blog about metals and detox so hang in there with me. I will say that the zeolite has really helped me when I felt bad taking the Fast Tract and I have taken the Liver Support that I take. I would be happy to offer those to you at a good price but of course, I don’t know what will work for you and I can’t medically advise. I also took a digestion help once or twice and have essential oils that have helped me when I needed it in the past with digestive issues. I know money is a big deal. I have had to do a lot of work emotionally to come to a place where I spend what I think I need to….ask my husband for the “OK” before I spend the money, and then walk forward trusting it all helps me gain experience. Even the “mistakes.”

      If I can help w/ anything else please let me know.

  13. Kristie says:

    What kind of liver support do you take? And could email me prices? :) Also, Have you heard of ACZ Nano advanced cellular zeolite? I have heard a recommendation for that kind and was curious how it compared to the zeolite you have. Also, do you take chlorella for helping with detox reactions?

    • Kristie says:

      Also, when does the code expire for the miessence probiotic? And also, the fast-tract is the gluten free one right? (I am gluten free) Thank you!

      • The code is done on 6/8 I believe. It should be in the email you got from Lacey. FT is GF but the IL’s grains are predigested so a lot of folks who are gluten-sensitive can handle it. It’s up to you.

    • Just emailed you. I don’t take chlorella for that purpose but it is in the green drink I take that Miessence makes. I love it. You can see more about Miessence’s probiotics in this series on probiotics.

  14. Daphine says:

    What size are the YL lemon oils you have left?

  15. Hi Everyone;

    I am new to this site and came across it by accident when I was searching for the best therapeutic oils for animals. Everyone kept pushing Y.L. but I was not convinced (intuitively). I had heard some negative things about the company 10 years ago and with all the law suits the negativity and marketing aspect did not give me a positive feeling. I did call Native American Nutritional’s and was very happy with their customer service. I placed my order, using all that is used in Raindrop Therapy and changed the name for my own benefit to “Lakota Raindrop” (giving credit where credit is due). I also purchased their book explaining the oil and use it in conjunction with Dr. Shelton’s DVM book for animals. I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work and for coming into my life at the exact moment when I needed it most. I know you are a site for new mom’s but I also consider myself a mom of 15 four legged that are loved dearly.

    Have a wonderful DAY

  16. Christie Burns says:

    I am confused about which probiotic you use. In one article you state that you use miessence. On this page, you recommend strata flora. I do not know very much about probioticsand would like to know what you recommend and why. I am curious about how the probiotic culters stay alive through our stomachs to enter our intestines w/o a protective coating. I appreciate any helpful info you can share.

    • If you read my post on probiotics here you can, I think, still listen to the teleseminar. The probiotic that I lean on more heavily now is Miessence’s InLiven and it has been tested for 20 years+ to survive through stomach acid, chlorine, fluoride, temps, and more. Let me know what you think.

  17. Is it safe to take Zeolite if you have a lot of amalgam fillings? I can’t afford to remove my fillings, and I know some metal-removing products are not recommended for those who have a lot of fillings. Thanks!

    • I have never heard of a contraindication about this. We took it w/ fillings in our mouths at the direction of our practitioner. I can’t medically advise of course, but I know of no problems.

  18. Greetings! I was searching for info that compared YL vs DT essential oils and came across your site. WOW! Thank you so much for the info, insight, and hard work! I will be checking out NAM for sure. As I was reading some of the comments, I noticed someone mentioned deodorant. I seriously need a new recommendation. I have used a plain crystal deodorant stone w/water, for over 10 years but it does not seem to be working as well. Adrienne, could you recommend one or two? Also, is it a requirement to be a new mom to be a member here?
    Thanks so much for your help and I sure wish you had been around when I was a new mom..umm quite a few years ago now. smile

    • Hi! And welcome!
      Well, here’s the deal re: my blog and deodorant. First of all, you do NOT need to be a new mom. I am not :). My youngest is 8. I meant getting new – growing all the time. Hope that doesn’t cause too much confusion :).

      Regarding the deodorant, here’s my silly post on the easiest deodorant. I am currently working on a new post but it isn’t done yet. I never thought the crystals worked very well. For now, I am using this brand. I love it. it is a little pricey, but you can get discounts so let me know if you are interested. I mainly became a rep with them because of their probiotics and you can read about that here. Well, that and the skincare.

      Nice to meet you! Hope to see you around again!

  19. Adrienne,
    I so appreciate your response and your amazing promptness! (Something that has been sorely lacking in my world lately.)
    I will definitely check out the links and will get in touch with you if those items feel resonate.

    It is very nice to meet you as well!

  20. Hmm, I am looking at my last post and I did not post the link to the free Ebooks although I did see it below my post. Perhaps I should have unchecked it.

    • No worries. It’s b/c you linked to my blog as your URL :). It’s a way for bloggers to connect but many readers put my blog’s name in there.

  21. Hi I am a single mom and currently use doterra oils. I am looking for a cheaper alternative plus I don’t trust the doterra company anymore. You seem trustworthy. I can feel your good spirit. I know you recommend the native can I save on them? Or is there a different brand you can recommend? I just want to keep me and my son healthy . Thank you for any help.

    • HI Richelle. Thanks for your kind words. The NAN oils are already lower than doTERRA. I calculated and I think many are 30% off or more. Their shipping is less too. Check it out and get back to me. I will help any way that I can. Have you looked into Lilla Rose or something like that to bring in a little extra money? Here is my Lilla Rose review. Blessings.

      • Can we sell the ones on the native site or they are just to buy…….People at my church just got into Young Living Essential Oils but I do not know much about them anyways…..My son in laws sister sells doterra oils……..I have read alot of the blog research into all of them……….I was looking to learn about them and sell them …….

        • Pretty much you can only buy them unless you want a real wholesale business out of your home. That may or may not be what you want. You can call them and tell them I sent you – thanks :).

  22. Hi Adrienne,
    Do you recomment using Earthpaste Toothpaste, or is there something better. I thought about ordering from doTerra, but decided to ask your opinion.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Gail. I personally like this toothpaste right now. I haven’t used Earthpaste much but I do have some to try. I don’t care for doTERRA b/c they have titanium dioxide in theirs. The Miessence one has baking soda which is really good apparently for changing the pH in your mouth and research is showing that an acidic mouth contributes to cavities..

      I think the clay concept is good but the pH is a big deal from what I have been reading. The Miessence toothpaste is quite a good value, I think, and if you are interested there are options to get discounts. I use their probiotics and wrote about them here.

      Hope that helps :).

      Oh, I am testing another brand too, and it’s great for sensitivity but it’s uber expensive. Not sure what to do about that. Sigh.

      • it is so easy to just put your toothbrush in a jar of coconut oil and then baking soda, add 1 drop of peppermint oil or clove oil and brush away! I do this! My teeth have never felt or looked cleaner!
        Thanks for all your hard work and research!

  23. I would like to order some peepods that I read about on your site. Is there a link from your site that I can click on to order so you get credit?

  24. I would also like to order some Miessence products and it states above that there are options to get discounts. How do I obtain a discount?

    • You can get 20% off your order of $150 or more, plus they started a new thing with reward points just today for repeat purchasers. I am trying to get the details. If you need that, please email me at wholenewmom at gmail dot com – thanks and let me know if you need anything further :).

  25. amanda rothberg says:

    this is very important to my family we have had all kinds of diagnosis adhd,mood disorder,anxiety,aspergers and I am an un employed single mother of children w/ special needs to we need help please call me with any advice and help you can give (phone number deleted by blog author)

    • Sorry but I can’t do phone consults. What exactly would you like help with? Thanks! I’m deleting your phone b/c I assume you don’t want it in public :).

  26. WOW! I am completely amazed at the vast amount of information on your website. I just started looking into using essential oils and read your Blog about the different companies (All 7 Parts). Thank you VERY much for your diligence, saved me the work! Have you heard of Spark Natural Essential Oils? In your opinion, if you don’t mind, how would they compare to Native American Nutritionals? Definitely have your website bookmarked now! Thank you again!

    • Hi there.

      Yes, I looked at Spark. Here is the response from Mr. Dean of Native American. I hope this helps.

      1. On their home page the first thing I see is they sell Scents. This is just another term for synthetic oils. Any selling of synthetic fragrances is a big no, no for a company trying to sell pure oils. …
      2. Now going into their essential oils. After jumping into a few I see they do not mention about organically growing their oils. I see they are selling my favorite Helichrysum italicum but they are selling the very low quality from France. I am happy to see Lavender is not the 40/42 or at least they don’t have it advertised as that. …
      3. Now looking at their blends. I see their first one is called Amend. I looked at the ingredients and see that they use the better quality Corsican Helichrysum italicum. But since they do not sell this oil as a single this make me thing even more that they are just a dealer for one of the “experts”. I also see they do not list the ingredients in order of most to the least. I can tell because the top three oils in this blend are expensive and if they were doing it that way they would be charging more for the oil.

  27. Hi! I’ve emailed before about the zeolite. I’m currently pregnant and seriously considering that and the probiotics you sell. If I go slowly, do you think there would be issues? I’m having major digestion issues (well, not major – just knowing I’m not absorbing my food well), and want to do the probiotics. Any info would be helpful! And I know you aren’t a doctor and can’t directly recommend anything, but if you know of stories, etc, I’d appreciate it. Thanks!!

    • Hi Erin. Sadly, I can’t recommend zeolite for use in pregnancy. I haven’t heard of any contraindications but it is too risky. Of course, I can’t really recommend it anyhow, right :)? Did you get in on the probiotic teleseminar? The owner said it is really really important to be on the probiotics. The Miessence ones are all food so it’s not like you are considering taking a drug.

      Hope that helps – let me know if you need anything else.

  28. Hello, thanks for your intensive list! I am interested in buying EMF neutralizer. Do you have any other recommendations other than the one you listed? (xzobi)
    Thank you!

  29. I make my own toothpaste. It’s easy and cheap and you can use whatever essential oil’s that you like for flavors. I personally like clove and cinnamon used with bentonite, a little real salt, a little stevia, and enough distilled water to make a paste. I even used a little aloe gel just for the fun of it. Just don’t make a large batch as it may mold if not refrigerated (just a guess)
    My latest batch is coconut oil, baking soda, a little real salt, peppermint EO and some stevia.
    I tried the tooth powder recipes but they just didn’t appeal to me.

  30. Adrienne – you might want to be careful with the RO water – we drank it for years and both my husband and I developed osteopenia! The RO water pulls the minerals out of your body – it has no minerals in it, so it tries to “complete itself” as I understand it. I now drink mineral water mixed with my RO – I test myself every so often to see which ratio is best – plus I get my naturopathic nurse to double check this. Our bone density has improved somewhat.
    Love your site and helpful suggestions. Plan to order some of your zeolite – my husband’s memory is terrible suddenly, and I think this may help (hopefully)
    Thanks – keep it up!

    • I am aware of that. I have a remineralizing cartridge on my RO and we have some mineral “stones” and some drops so I think I am OK – I am looking at another system but there are outstanding questions.

  31. Hi; I would like to order some products from Life Enthusiast and was wondering if it would be cheaper to order from you directly as opposed to on their website? I am primarily interested in the Smart Essentials Gift and Normalizer (unless you think they are bogus) and a couple other things. If shipping is free I would also take an Extreme Liver bottle. I am in NYC; thanks!

    • I do not sell their products – just the Strata Flora and Magnesium Crystals. I have the Liver Support if you are interested in that. Let me know :).

  32. Jessie Lenertz says:

    I have just read through all of your comments..What a great source of information..Just recently someone sent me a package of “Edens Garden essential oils..What do you think about them..I have never heard about essential oils..Very interesting..I ran across your website and am so pleased at what I have read..My daughter is a first mate Officer in the Navy in a very high stressed job…what would you recommend???

    Jessie Lenertz

    • I’m sorry – I just am overwhelmed w/ requests to look at companies. Check out my GC/ MS post and see how they measure up – thanks!

      I did talk about them in the comments here though – not thrilled.

  33. You should look up alkaline water or “Kangen” water. That reverse osmosis water you’re recommending to others is what the Japanese call “dead water”. We have an alkaline water machine in our home and have not looked back.

    • I have. I am not sure what to think about that. I have heard positives and negatives about the alkaline machines.

    • vanda burns says:

      Any doctor will tell you the human body has a delicate Ph balance of both acid and alkaline. Too much either way is hazardous to your health. Any scientific studies on the benefits of alkaline water???

  34. I noticed you have a link to Tropical Traditions. They have added essential oils to their product line. I’ve used their coconut oil before and really liked it. What do you know about their essential oils?

  35. Is there a link on here for NAN to purchase through you? I see you have YL but not NAN which is your recommended oil. I would love also to do some sort of “class” for friends does NAN have a program or someone they could recommend to help us learn more about oils? Thank you!

    • You can buy NAN through any of the links on this page- thanks and I hope you enjoy them. They have some videos you can watch and a book you can buy but you could use any book you like really. Thanks!

  36. Since you are the Guru at researched I wanted to find out if you did research before you went with this brand of Liquid Zeolite? I say this because I was looking around and found a site that was interesting but the skeptic in me always go toward the “.orgs” somehow might have a kick back coming their way. Would love to hear feed back.

    • Sorry but I am not totally understanding your question. I was working w/ someone at the time on my health and he is very picky. This is the brand he had so I trusted him. I think that the MLM kind is very overpriced and wasn’t interested in that.

      I kind of stuck w/ it after checking about 3 brands. Guess I could do more but I am happy with it. I didn’t understand what you meant about the “.orgs”. Please explain – thanks!

  37. Hello!

    I am SO tired of making laundry detergent. How long should 2 pounds of soapnuts last if i use them 6 times like you do?

    • Hi Jessie. Here is official info from the soap nuts producer :).

      If you “purchase 4 oz, they [sic] will get approximately or at least 40 loads… although if you read the directions that come with the soap nuts and use them as directed you will get around 55-60 loads). It is very easy to tell if your soap nuts still have enough “cleaning power” (saponin) in them to continue with another wash, simply run the berries in the wash bag under some water and agitate it by squeezing it in your hand… if you can see a bit of suds, there is still enough saponin to do another wash”

  38. Michelle says:

    Typically how many soap nuts come in 1 lb? I’m trying to calculate how much it would cost per load. I did read that you use about 6 per load and get around 5-6 loads out of each bag you make up. I know you said you calculated your price to be at 5 cents per load, but is it the same cost at the prices you sell the product at? I currently make my own powder detergent, but noticed a film on the inside of my front load HE machine.

    • You get about 14 in 1 oz. So about 224 in a 1 lb bag, but I’ve never counted :). Of course you get a better price if you get the larger quantity :).

  39. Hi Adrienne,

    I saw you’re touting Zeolite so I looked into it a bit. I’m recovering from the chemo I had to treat my Hodgkins lymphoma last year and the thought of heavy metal detoxing appeals to me.

    However, according to the Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (, zeolite “contain[s] mainly hydrated aluminum and silicon compounds.” And “this use has raised concerns about accumulated tissue aluminum in treated livestock (4) vis-a-vis the known link of aluminum to several morbidities including Alzheimer’s disease (5) (6).”

    Does the aluminium content in zeolite concern you at all? I have a family history of Alzheimer’s disease on my dad’s side and I don’t want to exacerbate the probability of getting it but I also probably desperately need a heavy metal detox.

    Thanks for your help!

    :) Julie

    • This is the response from the owner of the company:

      the aluminosilicate in zeolite is bonded it doesn’t leach out ..

      think of water H2O .. you drink water you are not drinking hydrogen … the only way to get the hydrogen off the oxygen is through a process such as electrolysis .

      zeolite bond is very strong .. it takes extreme pressure or more than 640 degrees or so to break it’s chemical bond ..

      • Thank you for checking that out for me!

      • Katrina Dorn says:

        I just found another opinion on a natural health consultant’s website: . He says that if the zeolite is a liquid, that the aluminum and possible other heavy metals which in powder form are not soluble, will now be soluble because they’re liquefied. It seems like powdered zeolite is ancient and liquefied zeolite is relatively new – and not well studied. Why did you choose the liquid over the powder?

        • Hi Katrina. I’m not sure I understand your question. So he says there is a problem if they are soluble? Zeolite attracts these metals so I am not sure why it matters. I chose it b/c the place where I was buying supplements at the time that I suspected a heavy metal burden was selling it and I really trust the owner. I ended up doing a little research after and was told that the only real difference is that the powder is hard to deal with, hard to measure and messy.

          I just pop the little bottle in my purse and can use the liquid product easily wherever I go.

          Let me know if I can help any more.

      • Regarding the comment “the aluminosilicate in zeolite is bonded it doesn’t leach out…” This reminded me of something I read recently about research on silica being able to pull/chelate aluminum from the body, and specifically from the brains of Alzheimer’s patients who were given water to drink that was naturally enriched with silica (e.g., Fiji brand). I can’t remember where I read it, but I think I may have come across it while researching aluminum in vaccines, and it may have been a PhD who was researching aluminum. My takeaway from what I read was that silica was useful for chelating aluminum — so if the zeolite contains aluminum that is bonded with silica (i.e., aluminosilicate), then I’d think it doesn’t matter whether the zeolite is powdered or liquid. I hadn’t heard of zeolite as a heavy metal chelator before, though I’ve been researching the issue off and on and trying to find a protocol that wasn’t too difficult to implement for me or my young children… I am glad to learn of it here from you, and I will try the liquid form that you found to be effective.

        • Thanks so much, Patti. If you are interested in more than 1 bottle you can contact me at wholenewmom at gmail dot com -perhaps I can give you a better pricing. Thanks!

  40. Katrina Dorn says:

    I’m sorry, I have to weigh in again, this time on the Glee gum. I almost ordered it from your store – but always researching, I first went off to investigate, and this is what I found. A reviewer on well known site had emailed Glee to ask about the plastics or plasticizers in their gum, and this was the answer from the company:

    Thanks for your email and your interest! Here’s the long answer to the question of gum base. All the digestible parts of Glee Gum are all-natural– the sugar, the flavors, the coloring, etc. This is why we consider the gum natural. The FDA has a definition for gum base, the indigestible part of the gum, which encompasses a variety of approved ingredients, including some synthetic ones. We are proud that our gum base is as natural as we can get it (no anti-oxidants, and containing chicle). And we are hard at work on a new formula for the gum base which will not include anything synthetic. Unfortunately, we are limited by the gum base products which are commercially available and FDA-approved, and the creation of our own, unique gum base has been a lengthy process. We still think the gum base in Glee Gum is the best, most natural, and greenest of the available options for chewing gum here in the States. But it is not yet perfect, and — while the exact formula remains confidential — it is unfortunately NOT yet 100% natural. We hope to offer new and improved, 100% natural gum base later this year. We can email you a notification as soon as we have it. (We will also want to shout it to the world!) Thanks again for your interest!
    Yours in Glee,

    It reminds me of how much “natural” is really in “natural flavors” (not natural at all)…. If you’re going to chew gum, it may as well be this one, but I’m not sure any gum is a good idea knowing that plastic is being mashed around in my mouth… what do you think?

    • Well, that’s not good news. I do know they have gum pellets that are unflavored and I think they have nothing synthetic in them but that’s not great at all. Thanks for sharing – does that mean it’s plastic for sure though?

  41. Did you ever become a Berkey distributor. I would like to purchase one in the next couple months.

  42. Hi,
    Wondering your thoughts on this brand of soap nuts (Eco brand Certified Organic at
    Also, I can’t seem to find shipping costs to Canada if I order from you?
    Thanks SO much for all you do! (I love researching and learning too???. ) I ordered my essential oils at NativeNutritionals thanks to your detailed info. I believe God lead us to that company too.

    • Hi there. I don’t know anything about them. Sorry. So you aren’t getting a shipping option to Canada? I will talk to my IT guy about that.

      Let me know what you are thinking about ordering and we can do it that way, or via email if you like. wholenewmom {at} gmail {dot} com. Thanks!

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