The following are items that my family either has used or uses on a regular basis.  I try to find excellent products at a great price and then pass along the savings to you.

My “flagship” product is LIQUID ZEOLITE.  It is an amazing product that is used to remove heavy metals and toxins from your body.

My family uses this daily and we have had excellent results from it.  We have had clear evidence that it is removing these metals from our bodies.

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  1. Hi; I would like to order some products from Life Enthusiast and was wondering if it would be cheaper to order from you directly as opposed to on their website? I am primarily interested in the Smart Essentials Gift and Normalizer (unless you think they are bogus) and a couple other things. If shipping is free I would also take an Extreme Liver bottle. I am in NYC; thanks!

    • I do not sell their products – just the Strata Flora and Magnesium Crystals. I have the Liver Support if you are interested in that. Let me know :).

  2. Jessie Lenertz says:

    I have just read through all of your comments..What a great source of information..Just recently someone sent me a package of “Edens Garden essential oils..What do you think about them..I have never heard about essential oils..Very interesting..I ran across your website and am so pleased at what I have read..My daughter is a first mate Officer in the Navy in a very high stressed job…what would you recommend???

    Jessie Lenertz

    • I’m sorry – I just am overwhelmed w/ requests to look at companies. Check out my GC/ MS post and see how they measure up – thanks!

      I did talk about them in the comments here though – not thrilled.

  3. You should look up alkaline water or “Kangen” water. That reverse osmosis water you’re recommending to others is what the Japanese call “dead water”. We have an alkaline water machine in our home and have not looked back.

    • I have. I am not sure what to think about that. I have heard positives and negatives about the alkaline machines.

    • vanda burns says:

      Any doctor will tell you the human body has a delicate Ph balance of both acid and alkaline. Too much either way is hazardous to your health. Any scientific studies on the benefits of alkaline water???

  4. I noticed you have a link to Tropical Traditions. They have added essential oils to their product line. I’ve used their coconut oil before and really liked it. What do you know about their essential oils?

  5. Is there a link on here for NAN to purchase through you? I see you have YL but not NAN which is your recommended oil. I would love also to do some sort of “class” for friends does NAN have a program or someone they could recommend to help us learn more about oils? Thank you!

    • You can buy NAN through any of the links on this page- thanks and I hope you enjoy them. They have some videos you can watch and a book you can buy but you could use any book you like really. Thanks!

  6. Since you are the Guru at researched I wanted to find out if you did research before you went with this brand of Liquid Zeolite? I say this because I was looking around and found a site that was interesting but the skeptic in me always go toward the “.orgs” somehow might have a kick back coming their way. Would love to hear feed back.

    • Sorry but I am not totally understanding your question. I was working w/ someone at the time on my health and he is very picky. This is the brand he had so I trusted him. I think that the MLM kind is very overpriced and wasn’t interested in that.

      I kind of stuck w/ it after checking about 3 brands. Guess I could do more but I am happy with it. I didn’t understand what you meant about the “.orgs”. Please explain – thanks!

  7. Hello!

    I am SO tired of making laundry detergent. How long should 2 pounds of soapnuts last if i use them 6 times like you do?

    • Hi Jessie. Here is official info from the soap nuts producer :).

      If you “purchase 4 oz, they [sic] will get approximately or at least 40 loads… although if you read the directions that come with the soap nuts and use them as directed you will get around 55-60 loads). It is very easy to tell if your soap nuts still have enough “cleaning power” (saponin) in them to continue with another wash, simply run the berries in the wash bag under some water and agitate it by squeezing it in your hand… if you can see a bit of suds, there is still enough saponin to do another wash”

  8. Michelle says:

    Typically how many soap nuts come in 1 lb? I’m trying to calculate how much it would cost per load. I did read that you use about 6 per load and get around 5-6 loads out of each bag you make up. I know you said you calculated your price to be at 5 cents per load, but is it the same cost at the prices you sell the product at? I currently make my own powder detergent, but noticed a film on the inside of my front load HE machine.

    • You get about 14 in 1 oz. So about 224 in a 1 lb bag, but I’ve never counted :). Of course you get a better price if you get the larger quantity :).

  9. Hi Adrienne,

    I saw you’re touting Zeolite so I looked into it a bit. I’m recovering from the chemo I had to treat my Hodgkins lymphoma last year and the thought of heavy metal detoxing appeals to me.

    However, according to the Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (, zeolite “contain[s] mainly hydrated aluminum and silicon compounds.” And “this use has raised concerns about accumulated tissue aluminum in treated livestock (4) vis-a-vis the known link of aluminum to several morbidities including Alzheimer’s disease (5) (6).”

    Does the aluminium content in zeolite concern you at all? I have a family history of Alzheimer’s disease on my dad’s side and I don’t want to exacerbate the probability of getting it but I also probably desperately need a heavy metal detox.

    Thanks for your help!

    :) Julie

    • This is the response from the owner of the company:

      the aluminosilicate in zeolite is bonded it doesn’t leach out ..

      think of water H2O .. you drink water you are not drinking hydrogen … the only way to get the hydrogen off the oxygen is through a process such as electrolysis .

      zeolite bond is very strong .. it takes extreme pressure or more than 640 degrees or so to break it’s chemical bond ..

      • Thank you for checking that out for me!

      • Katrina Dorn says:

        I just found another opinion on a natural health consultant’s website: . He says that if the zeolite is a liquid, that the aluminum and possible other heavy metals which in powder form are not soluble, will now be soluble because they’re liquefied. It seems like powdered zeolite is ancient and liquefied zeolite is relatively new – and not well studied. Why did you choose the liquid over the powder?

        • Hi Katrina. I’m not sure I understand your question. So he says there is a problem if they are soluble? Zeolite attracts these metals so I am not sure why it matters. I chose it b/c the place where I was buying supplements at the time that I suspected a heavy metal burden was selling it and I really trust the owner. I ended up doing a little research after and was told that the only real difference is that the powder is hard to deal with, hard to measure and messy.

          I just pop the little bottle in my purse and can use the liquid product easily wherever I go.

          Let me know if I can help any more.

  10. Katrina Dorn says:

    I’m sorry, I have to weigh in again, this time on the Glee gum. I almost ordered it from your store – but always researching, I first went off to investigate, and this is what I found. A reviewer on well known site had emailed Glee to ask about the plastics or plasticizers in their gum, and this was the answer from the company:

    Thanks for your email and your interest! Here’s the long answer to the question of gum base. All the digestible parts of Glee Gum are all-natural– the sugar, the flavors, the coloring, etc. This is why we consider the gum natural. The FDA has a definition for gum base, the indigestible part of the gum, which encompasses a variety of approved ingredients, including some synthetic ones. We are proud that our gum base is as natural as we can get it (no anti-oxidants, and containing chicle). And we are hard at work on a new formula for the gum base which will not include anything synthetic. Unfortunately, we are limited by the gum base products which are commercially available and FDA-approved, and the creation of our own, unique gum base has been a lengthy process. We still think the gum base in Glee Gum is the best, most natural, and greenest of the available options for chewing gum here in the States. But it is not yet perfect, and — while the exact formula remains confidential — it is unfortunately NOT yet 100% natural. We hope to offer new and improved, 100% natural gum base later this year. We can email you a notification as soon as we have it. (We will also want to shout it to the world!) Thanks again for your interest!
    Yours in Glee,

    It reminds me of how much “natural” is really in “natural flavors” (not natural at all)…. If you’re going to chew gum, it may as well be this one, but I’m not sure any gum is a good idea knowing that plastic is being mashed around in my mouth… what do you think?

    • Well, that’s not good news. I do know they have gum pellets that are unflavored and I think they have nothing synthetic in them but that’s not great at all. Thanks for sharing – does that mean it’s plastic for sure though?

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