1. Darlene says:

    Just came across your blog about young living oils. I signed up and now I’m not so sure. When I read about Gary Young and what he is not, I wondered if the oils were even what they said they were. Is thieves as good a Clorox for cleaning?? I felt very foolish, but still think there is value in oils.

    The reference book they tote, is it true? I believe it is written by Higley. I’m very concerned as I was the recipient to a raindrop tech. massage this week. The next day I noticed an irregular heartbeat. After reading quackwatch article and checked out what it said about raindrop in there the oil blue tansy they use could cause that, if you get to toxic levels. I didn’t feel much of anything else. It has been a few days and it is getting less irregular now, but I’m watching it and staying away from all oils, until my body can get back on track. They tell you it can move bones and keep you from needing surgery. How can they say these things and not get in trouble? I live with a chronic pain condition and don’t want to do drugs. I struggle with knowing how to find the truth on things. I know you can’t believe everything on the internet, so how do you know what is right to believe?

    • I can’t make claims about how well the Thieves works but I did say about YL that I think there are better oils companies. I have heard different things about the RD technique and I am not sure what to think. I will contact the owner of the company I recommended to see if he has input for you.

      And you are right. Finding truth on the internet can be tough.

    • I can’t comment on all of that but the owner of Native American (the company I recommend in my series) said that you would have to use an awful lot of Blue Tansy to get toxic from it. He also said that plain lemon is great for killing bacteria but it will take the finish off of things.

      I will say that I had issues w/ my heart until I did heavy metal and adrenal work but I can’t diagnose or medically advise. Please take care. I wrote a little about adrenal and metals here so you could read those and talk w/ your physician for advice. I don’t know anything about moving bones.