Soaked Grain Recipes – And Lots Of ‘Em

Are you wondering about soaking grains and how to do it?

Are you wondering about how you can get your hands on some great new recipes?

Well, Katie Kimball at Kitchen Stewardship has put together a blog on recipes that focus on soaking grains that I am sure you will enjoy.

Today on her website there is a conglomeration of whole food bloggers coming together to make an e-book of soaked grain recipes.  And you get to see an ongoing preview, starting today!

Real food bloggers (including me 🙂 will be submitting their favorite soaked recipes for inclusion in a FREE E-BOOK that I will make available at a later date.

I have added my recipe for Soaked Baked Doughnuts to her list and if there is room, I will be adding more.  Please check out and plan to make the doughnuts, whatever you do.  They really are worth making, either soaked or unsoaked.  I gave some to a friend’s son and though he was used to eating only processed foods, he gobbled them up.

Some of the other recipes being submitted for the e-book look great too.

Have fun checking out Katie’s blog and mine and have some fun in your kitchen!

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