Soaked Grain Recipes

Interested in getting a free e-book with 45 great soaked grain recipes and soaking how-to’s from some great whole food bloggers?

Do recipes like:

  • Snickerdoodle Cake
  • Breakfast Brownies
  • Apple Cinnamon Pancakes and
  • Popcorn Cornbread sound good to you?  Me too!

No, I am not trying to boast about myself (because one of my recipes is in there too :-).)  I am just trying to encourage you to check out this book.

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Katie Kimball of Kitchen Stewardship spent a lot of time putting together Is Your Flour Wet?, a great resource for all!   As a contributing writer, I have copies of it available for free for any and all of you who subscribe to my blog.

Wondering why soaked grains?

Wondering if it is worth the time?

Wondering how to do it?

Awhile ago I wrote a post highlighting the nutritional benefits of soaking your own grains.

Basically, grains (and nuts) contain phytates that interfere with digestion, therefore limiting the amount of nutrients that your body can absorb.

By soaking grains in an acidic medium, you can counteract some of these issues and boost the nutrition of the foods that you eat.  You can read more (lots more) about phytates Amanda Rose’s website, Phytic Acid.  There, you can learn about other methods of improving the nutritional quality of foods that you eat.

Now, I know that this might seem a bit intimidating to some of you–and it’s a bit intimidating to me too, actually.  It is hard for me to always remember that I need get my grains out early so that I can soak them.  Basically, there really isn’t an extra step involved–it just means that you need to plan ahead a bit.

And like I have said over and over again—I am not a purist.  A lot of the time I don’t soak my grains because I just plain forget.  And actually, right now, for some reason, the soaked grains haven’t been working for me, so I am taking a little time off of them and hope to reintroduce them again in the near future.

And also, even if you don’t want to soak your grains right now, there are some great recipes in this book.  And you can just reverse engineer them to make them just like you make regular baked goods.

To do this, just mix all of the dry ingredients together, mix wet ingredients, add wets to dries and proceed with the recipe instructions.

So, have I whetted (pun intended) your appetite enough?

Here is how to get your free copy:

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I will get back to you as soon as possible with your own free copy of a great kitchen resource.

You can now download your free copy from the bottom of my free email newsletter — Enjoy!

What kind of recipes are you “in the hunt” for?



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  1. I have just subscribed to your email posts and am looking forward to the soaking ebook as well as all the other interesting things I expect you will be sharing.

  2. I have been a long time subscriber and was just wondering if the free cookbook is still available? Thanks

  3. I subscribed!

  4. I have been a subscriber for a long time. How can I get the free ebooks? I’d love to have them.

  5. Silvia Carro Solera says:

    I’m a happy subscriber, your blog is amazing!

  6. Judith Stewart says:

    I subscribed to your newsletter, but can’t find the cookbook download! Judy

  7. Very generous of you. Love your site.

  8. I couldn’t figure out how to download the “free” e-book – “is your flour wet?”. Can you help?

  9. Yaya Harper says:

    looking for ebook “Is Your Flour Wet” … am I too late? thanks!

  10. Hi. Have been hearing alot about sprouted grains (doing THM) and am looking forward to incorporating these into our family meals. Excited for your cookbook & our journey into healthier family eating!

  11. I think I signed up. Would love to read your “Is your flour wet?” cookbook.

  12. Carolyn Decker says:

    Hi, I just subscribed to your blog. I would love the recipe on homemade baked donuts. I am trying to find a heathy way of making them, but not sure where to start. Thanks. Your free cookbook would be awesome, could I get that too. Thanks! We are wanting to start eating more natural foods instead of processed foods. Thanks for any advice/information you have. Carolyn Decker

  13. Leah Hess says:

    I’m already a subscriber. Have always had a problem digesting grains. Wondering if this might help. Thank you. Love your posts and recipes!

  14. Nicole McCuin says:

    I subscribed!

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    Just subscribed. Look forward to cookbook

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