Homemade Coconut Butter

This Homemade Coconut Butter is sooo easy - you won't ever think of buying it again. Used in many dairy-free recipes, it also tastes great as a spread, or plain on a spoon :)!

Have you seen coconut butter in recipes and wondered what it is?  Have you seen it on the shelf in your local health food store and wondered how you can ever afford to include it in your frugal pantry?

Well, I have sure done both.

I saw a great recipe one day that I really wanted to try and then read “coconut butter” as being one of the ingredients.  What?  I have coconut and coconut oil in my pantry, and know about coconut flour, coconut sugar, and even coconut manna…but not coconut butter.

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So of course I quickly looked online to see where I could get it and how much it would cost.  Well–giant pause– it cost a mere $13.99 for a “giant” 16 oz. container on the first site I checked :-(.

Now, I don’t pay $13.99 a pound for much of anything, let alone something that is made entirely of —  (reading the ingredient list)– COCONUT!  That’s it?!

Well, it took me back to the day when I was trying to find milk substitutes for baking since my oldest was diagnosed with a life threatening allergy to dairy and I saw oat milk on the shelf.  You guess it — the only ingredients in the oat milk on the shelf at Whole Foods were oats, water and a little sweetener and sea salt.  (Sounds of my “you-can-make-this-yourself” mind churning)

So what did I do next?  Of course I tried to see if there was a way that I could make it myself —

Well, I found a post about making it in a food processor.

The post said it took about 12 minutes of whirring coconut in the food processor.  I don’t mean to be the bearer of bad news but — I have a seriously strong food processor.  A Viking Professional (yes I bought it refurbished).  This machine makes quadruple batches of my Savory Hummus a joy, yielding a creamy smooth product in about 1 minute.  So I figured that if any food processor was going to be able to make coconut butter, mine would.

I put about 1 pound of shredded, unsweetened coconut in my processor and let it run–and run–and run– and nothing much seemed to be happening.

That’s when I thought that I’d rather have my food processor than my coconut butter.  So I gave up.

For awhile.

Fast forward several months and I was at it again.

This time — victory!!  For me and all the frugal folks out there.  Here’s how to do it.

Now, brace yourself, because if you don’t have one, you will need a Vitamix.  I suppose that this might work in a regular blender, but I don’t have one anymore.

And though the price of the Vitamix is a little steep, once you see how easy they are to clean, and whip up a lot of coconut butter and:

you’ll see how quickly your financial savings will cover the cost of a Vitamix pretty easily!

(Note:  For those of you who would like to make a go of making coconut butter in your food processor, please try it and let me know what happens.  I just would encourage you to keep an eye on your machine so that you don’t burn it out.)

NOTE:  Occasionally, for some reason, the coconut butter just doesn’t make coconut butter.  I have really despaired of this in the past but we’ve managed to eat it anyway.  However, if that ever happens to you, just add a few things to the blender and you can have these fabulous No Bake Coconut Cookies instead!

So now for the money part.

One 16 oz. jar of coconut butter costs approximately $13.99.  One pound of medium unsweetened coconut costs me (I purchase from Country Life Natural Foods) approximately $1.75.  That’s more than an 87% savings!!

I have always said that whole, real foods do not have to cost a lot of money.  You just need to be a little flexible and a little creative and have a community of whole foodists to share ideas.

Need some convincing about purchasing a Vitamix?

  1. I will soon be doing a post explaining how this great machine has helped our family save TONS of money over the years, so check back soon.
  2. You can get a great deal purchasing one through my website (special deals and free shipping are available and your purchase will help support this blog :-).)
  3. I know this sounds ridiculous, but here’s how I think –With just your cost savings on coconut butter alone, if you make 36 16 oz. jars of it, you will have paid for your Vitamix with your savings.  Since I have heard of these machines lasting 20 years (they have a great 7 year total warranty), I can easily see you making about 1 jar of coconut butter per year :-).  OK.  Now you know what a savings nut I can be.
    4. Check out my post on Inflation – One Way to Beat It for my thoughts on the economy today and big ticket items.

Ways to Use Coconut Butter:

– We’ve spread it on sweet crackers, or just on bread.
– Use in recipes calling for coconut butter, of course.
– My kids like to eat it with a spoon :).
– As a frosting (it will need some sweetener and will get quite hard, like a stiff frosting.)
– As a fat substitute in recipes, but it really needs to be softened first and will make your recipe a little more stiff than otherwise.

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Do you have a recipe for coconut butter that you would like to share?  How about something that you would like to figure out how to make at home?
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  1. Ah, a Vitamix. :( I don’t have one and don’t see one in my future any time soon. That’s really cool though!

    • I just did this in my food processor! It took considerably longer, but worked and I’m thrilled! I only had two cups of medium shred on hand, so that’s what I did. It took 45 min of processing time in my Cuisinart (with two cooling breaks). It took very little effort, so I didn’t mind checking back from time to time and scraping. …no processors were harmed in the making of this butter. :) Maybe it would take less time with more in the machine?? 2 cups made 3/4 c of coconut butter. I took 3/8 cup of it and made coconut milk in my blender. Yeah! Thanks, Adrienne!

    • I should add, I have an 11 cup Cuisinart. Plus, after 8 min, the oil started releasing. I scraped, and by 10 min it was starting to look like butter but very gritty. The rest of the time was spent getting it smooth.

  2. Adrienne,
    Do you use coconut butter the same as coconut oil? What do YOU use it for?

    • To answer your question, it is not the same as coconut oil. Coconut oil is just the fat of the coconut, whereas coconut butter is made from the whole thing, so the same natural sweetness that you get from the coconut will also be in the coconut butter, but magnified because it is concentrated.

      I have seen some really nice recipes on the internet that have called for it so that is what prompted me to look for it on the internet and in the store. However, now that I have it, my kids LOVE it. When it comes fresh out of the Vitamix they are eating it with spoons (OK, so I am too :-)). It has a wonderful consistency and is nicely sweet.

      Even though it is runny at that stage, my kids typically want to eat it so badly that they ask for it on whatever baked good I have in the house. Two days ago they were drizzling it on my Oat Bran Muffins. Now that it is hard, and it is still cold here, it takes a bit of doing to get it out of the jar, but you can just use it as a spread on bread products, or put in in oatmeal (or whatever cooked cereal you eat). Or just eat some plain. It really is that good.

      Of course, now I don’t recall the recipes that I saw that called for it, but I am sure I will be posting some soon :-).

  3. Do you know how long it will last? Could I bake with it in place of butter do you think?

    • The “estimated shelf life” as best as I understand it is 15 months, opened or unopened. However it will probably last longer than that. Coconut and coconut oil are both quite stable. If it has been kept at room temperature you will not want to refrigerate it as some of the oil might separate on top and you will be refrigerating it in that state.

      Since coconut oil and coconut butter are different, you will not want to bake with it as it is, but I have read that you could combine about 2/3 coconut butter with 1/3 coconut oil and then use that mixture for all of your baking needs.

      I would love to hear how it turns out! I will have to try it myself too!

  4. I make this with my 18-speed Oster, but I’m sure a Vitamix would be even better.

    I use my coconut butter for a lot of different things, but one quick one I wanted to share was a treat I make myself after the kids go to bed. It’s very rich and fudge-like.

    Melt a bit of coconut butter, add carob powder, vanilla, and honey to taste. Maybe a pinch of salt. Enjoy with a spoon or roll it into balls and let it set. Yummy…

  5. I haven’t made my own coconut butter (yet- I don’t own a vitamix but I may try anyways)! But I’ll tell you that if you put little bits of coconut butter on warm pancakes the pancake will melt the coconut butter & with syrup it tastes sooo good! I think GNOWFGLINS has several recipes using coconut butter.

  6. Fascinating! We buy a litre tub of coconut oil each month so we use a lot – but I had never heard of coconut butter. I’m sure we could replace the oil with the butter in / on many things. Thanks so much for this!!! Karyn

    • Hi Karyn. Thanks for stopping by! In order to substitute for fats in recipes, you will want to combine 2/3 coconut butter and 1/3 coconut oil. I mentioned this in an earlier comment, but wanted to make sure that you saw it :-)!

  7. Marty Kallier says:

    I noticed that you mentioned that one of your children was diagnosed as being allergic to milk. My 5 year old daughter was just diagnosed with a milk allergy. It is a bit overwhelming! I was raised on a dairy farm; my dad still farms and my brother (right next door to us) is also a dairy farmer. Coming from a ‘dairy’ family, I am having a VERY hard time coming up with foods for my daughter that she can eat and drink. I refuse to give her Soy milk and Almond milk is so expensive! Most foods that we are used to eating contain some kind of dairy in them. Do you have any ideas or suggestions that you would be willing to pass on? It would be greatly appreciated.

    • First of all, I am really sorry. News of life-threatening food allergies can be very “life-challenging.” I would love to help. My son was diagnosed with a life threatening allergy to dairy over 10 years ago, so we have been at this for a long time. I actually have made our own almond, rice, and oat milks for years, adding coconut milk most recently. This is my Homemade Coconut Milk post.

      If that can work for you, try that first and I will add some posts for making your own other milks asap. There is really just one recipe for nut and seed milks and one for grain milks and then you can just substitute whatever you have in the house.

      Having a Vitamix will make things a lot easier for you. If you don’t have one already please use the special savings button on my site to get a great deal and free shipping. I’d be happy to tell you about how much time and money it has saved us, mostly in the “homemade alternative milks” department. There is no reason for you to purchase those when you can make them so inexpensively and quickly at home.

      Stay in touch – I’d be happy to help in anyway that I can! We have been through this and more and I am still “on the adventure” myself. My next thing to try is making our own ghee to see if my son can tolerate it.

    • It’s super easy and cheap to make your own almond milk!

    • GAPS diet heals most allergies….my son has had horrible milk allergies from birth, couldn’t even eat cheese while nursing, but since being on it he has been able to eat some cheese directly and it gets better everyday

  8. Maiva Blaisdell says:

    First I’d like to thank you for sharing this wealth of information. I LOVE COCONUT BUTTER!! I love coconut everything…..I just got a vitamix for my B-day and am so excited to start playing :) I especially can’t wait to make homemade coconut butter. It’s considered a delicacy in our home because it’s so costly, but now we can enjoy without the guilt. I do have two questions. Do you need to add any coconut oil? And did you use the dry container or the wet? I know it’s dry going in, but because it turns wet, which container is best?
    Hope to hear from you on this, and I look forward to reading more of your posts.

    • You are so welcome! Thanks for the compliment and for stopping by! I was so thrilled to when I was able to make the coconut butter. Anytime I can save a bunch on something like this I consider it to be a budgetary victory :-)!

      To answer your questions, I used the wet container for making it and no, you do not need to add any coconut oil. I actually do not use the dry container for much of anything. Do you? I have a grain grinder so I do not grind grains in my Vitamix.

      Since you enjoy making “delicacies” at a discount, did you see my post on Saving Money with a Dehydrator? I am going to do a post as the tomato season rolls around on making sun-dried tomatoes in them. Another “delicacy” that I choose to make myself. That and flax crackers as well! Take care.

  9. lollyrock says:

    hello! this is my first visit to your site and I LOVE it!!! one question, is a Magic Bullet similar to a Vitamix?

    • Hi! Thanks for the compliment! Do you have either one or are you just considering a purchase? And what similarities exactly are you wondering about?

      • lollyrock says:

        Sorry I meant to include that yes, I bought a Magic Bullet (actually I got it from “santa” last year) and I love it! Just not sure how it compares to the Vitamix and will it work for making coconut butter?
        Oh I hope so, this looks amazing! i’ve been a huge fan of coconut products for years now and loving every minute and taste of it! :-)

        • I would think that you could try it, but I don’t think that the power of the Magic Bullet will match the Vitamix. From what I have read, it doesn’t have the guts in it to crush ice. But try it and see and turn it off if it seems to be overheating. Also, the Magic Bullet almost certainly isn’t BPA free, a concern of mine, especially when it comes to making acidic or hot ingredients. And believe me, the coconut butter gets warm when you make it :-). Let me know how it turns out!

  10. Renee Dv says:

    thank you for posting this- I was about to spend $45 on a gallon of coconut butter thinking it was a good buy- as soon as I read your blog I went to wholefoods and bought the raw unsweetened shredded coconut, took it home and poured it into my vitamix- it tastes exactly like the stuff I was spending $10.99 for a 16 oz jar- you saved me lots of $$$$. Love your site

  11. Does it need to be a dry vitamix container or will the wet one work?

    • I just use the one that came with it (the wet). I actually tried the dry container and didn’t find it to be very helpful, even for grinding spices. And for grinding of grains, it doesn’t do a good enough job.

  12. gharkness says:

    If you dont’ have or can’t find the coconut shreds, or if it is very expensive, try this:

    I found some “coconut powder” in an Indian food store…a big bag of powder (nothing in it but coconut, ground very small) for about $10.00. So I dumped about 3 cups of it in my (wonderful) Vitamix and guess what – it did a GREAT job of making coconut butter. I used the same method as you mention here. It’s practically magic!

    For my $10 bag, I am going to get probably 6 or 7 16-ounce containers of the expensive stuff. I only make one jar at a time. No need to blend it all up in advance.

    • Hmmm…I wonder if coconut powder is coconut flour? Now that would be a money saver! Can you figure out what it is and let us know? Thanks! It’s typically $6 per pound!

      • As I understand it, coconut flour is ground up from what is left after making coconut milk. If you dry the coconut in your dehydrator and then grind in your Vitamix or grinder, I think you would end up with coconut flour. It can’t hurt to try.

        • Katherine, I think you are correct. I have read similar info on the internet. I sounds to me like a lot of work for very little output. And as a matter of fact, there isn’t really anything left after making the milk in the Vitamix. Some, but not a lot. Take care,

  13. gharkness says:

    No, it’s DEFINITELY not coconut flour! Coconut flour is ground much finer and defatted. It would not work in this application. Coconut powder is full fat, and you must have full fat to get the “butter.”

    • Then it is just finely ground shredded coconut. Any type of coconut will work – you just need to get enough of it in the Vitamix to get it to churn properly. Thanks again!

  14. Yes, exactly. My point was that coconut in some variations might be a little less expensive than in some other variations….shreds might cost more than powder, and the powder was a generic variety. Certainly, though, any kind of coconut that has not been altered (defatted), should work fine.

  15. Maria cambronero Ho says:

    Love Your site,I just want to now if i can use fresh grated Coconut for making butter and if Chocolate can be mix with it. Thank You.

    • Hi Maria! I think that the fresh coconut would make a butter that is somewhat runny since the one made with dried coconut is perfect. I assume that the taste would be wonderful, however, and it wouldn’t get hard as easily. And of course you could mix chocolate with it. In fact, I was thinking about doing that very thing! Let me know how it turns out!

  16. I used my Vitamix to make the coconut butter. I followed your method. It took a very long time and finally my vitamix blade came loose and started to leak at the bottom. The coconut butter never liquified What did I do wrong? Now I have to get a new container. I

    • Hi Frances,
      Hmmm…I have a couple of thoughts in response. First of all, did you use plenty of coconut? It doesn’t work well unless you use the amount that I mentioned and then…well, every time that I have made it, it worked really fast.

      Second, just because the blade came loose, that doesn’t mean that you need to get a new container. I had a blender container that used to do that pretty frequently and we’d just reattach the blade assembly with a special wrench. I would call Vitamix on their toll free number and ask them to help you out. When it happened to me, it was with nut butter.

      I think it is possible that there is something a bit “off” with your machine, but I would run the situation by Vitamix.
      Let me know how it turns out!

  17. My Vitamix was the 5200C specially made for Costco with a 48 oz. container. Perfect height for my counter. Since I just bought it just a month ago, thought it was defective. So I exchanged it for another one which is exactly the same. I tried making the coconut butter again today with the new machine following your recipe exactly. Same thing happened. This time it took about 15 minutes and again the container leaked from the bottom and turned the butter orange. Now I’m wondering if it’s the container size. I think yours is the 64 oz. container? I’m afraid to use the Vitamix again to make the co nut butter. Bummer. Nonetheless, love ur website. : )

  18. Hi Frances,
    I must say, I am perplexed by your troubles. I think I made the coconut butter in the smaller container, but I am not sure. Did you use the amount of coconut that I recommended to start with? Did you use the tamper? And did you call Vitamix about this? I can’t believe it. Please let me know. These machines are workhorses. I make nut and seed butters all the time. I just don’t know why you are having these problems.

  19. I just came across this great post and am excited to try making my own coconut butter. I appreciate the tips! We have actually been talking about making it on the “Vitamix Enthusiasts” Yahoo group, and through others’ trial and error have found that Bob’s Red Mill coconut flakes do not work because of the process they use to dry them. The oil is gone from them, so will not make nice coconut butter, but will turn very hot and turn into a pasty sticky flour. Just wanted to post the info, so people know it is not them, but perhaps the coconut they are using if they have trouble!

    • Thanks, Natalie!

    • Thanks for the post Natalie – I just tried this recipe yesterday with the Let’s Do Organic coconut flakes and it was almost a disaster. The coconut was basically getting toasted in the vitamix as it was getting hot and the flakes just got shredded to a very fine powder….there was no fat or moisture to create the creamy texture I was expecting. I finally added a little coconut oil to salvage the mix and while it’s edible, certainly wasn’t what I was expecting. Do you mind sharing with me what brand of coconut you use?

      • Haneen, that happened once to me and I have no idea why it did that. Never happened again. Did you use enough coconut? If you don’t have enough it won’t turn into the butter. I buy mine from Country Life Natural Foods.

        • Yes – I used the recommended amount. I think certain brands of unsweetened coconut are dehydrated. I bought a second batch of coconut from the bulk bins at whole foods and it worked great! Can’t wait to try to make some sugar-free almond joys. Do you have any recommended recipes?


      • Hi there.

        I had this almost happen to me tonight and I am not sure, but this is what I am thinking……if it starts taking too long, take it out of the container and let it rest and cool again. Then put it back in the container and see if you can get it to process. Mine worked – maybe it’s a temperature thing. Too hot and it doesn’t work ???

  20. can I make coconut butter in a Blendtec? It has timed cycles, so not sure which to use. Don’t want to add liquid, but you need to make sure it doesn’t get an air pocket around the blade. It doesn’t have a tamper like Vitamix does. Also, how do you keep it fresh and not get fermented. I bought the jar stuff that lasts and lasts on the counter, but the fresh stuff fermented in my fridge. Did I not process it long enough? I also used fresh coconut. It was nice and sweet tot start.

    • Cindy, I can’t say about the Blendtec. I tried it once and had a hard time making nut butter or sorbet so I returned it. I saw someone talking about making coconut butter in a Blendtec online, but she said it was still grainy. Maybe try starting it in a food processor and then put it in the Blendtec to finish it off? I think if you use the fresh coconut it won’t make the same product. I am not sure why – probably it is the moisture content that makes it spoil. Water leads to spoiling. Hope that helps.

  21. Found your blog while looking for a Vitamix recipe. Have had mine for a year, after coveting to purchase for the last 20. The coconut butter recipe sounds great . Can you make real butter in a Vitamix from fresh cream? If you know how or have link, please let me know. Thank you!

  22. I made the coconut butter using the recommended 7 cups of grated coconut. It turned out great. I like it warm also, and was very pleased to read where some have added carob or chocolate. Nice treat! I used my Blendtec with the Wildside Jar. It did well. Thanks for the recipe Adrienne. I will be doing your Almond Joy Chocolate delight soon, and then the Pakistani Curry dish. Look forward to making my own curry powder, with your tutelage of course. I love curry myself. Do a lot of red curry paste in Thai food. Have not got around to making the curry paste myself yet, but it is know in my sights. . .

    • Thanks for taking the time to come by and tell me how everything went! I couldn’t believe the coconut butter either. And thanks for the reminder about the chocolate. We are pretty much a “carob only” household here since the caffeine doesn’t do us any good, but maybe I’ll make that today and post about it soon.

      I have never used curry paste myself as my curry recipes are a bit slim, but maybe later…

  23. This is such a good thing to know! I buy my coconut butter in bulk, but it’s still a bit pricey. I may try this if I ever end up buying a Blendtec or Vitamix. Then I will have the power, mwahaha!

  24. Thanks for the tip. We love coconut butter! :)

  25. Well, I had so much fun going through you 2011 favorites. I am so glad you shared them at Tuesday’s Tasty Tidbits. I think I will feature it tomorrow evening. There was some great information. Hope you will come back this week.

  26. Adrienne,

    I am so excited about trying this recipe—and all your recipes! Your blog has been such a blessing! I am constantly looking for recipes for my little 2 year old son who has allergies to gluten, dairy, corn, rice, and eggs. (And I am currently off sugar)–so thank you, thank you for all of your hard work. I am loving these foods–and so is my son. You really are an answer to prayer.

    • Hi Andrea. Thank you so much for your kind words. At the end of a rough day it is a nice pick me up. I so hope that more things continue to hep you and that your son’s health progresses. It is hard. There is so much going on with so many people’s health these days. Take care.

  27. beanyvondoom says:

    For all those Blendtec users: it works! I put it up to speed 10 for a minute and I was shocked to see creamy, liquidy coconut cream!!!

  28. I also used my Blendtec. I used the pulse button, and continually stopped and pushed the matter around as it kept getting an air pocket. It was easy enough though, and in under 4 minutes, it has pulverized and warmed enough that it was turning smoothly with the machine on. I have also done this in my food processor, but it took much longer, at least 10 minutes. I am off to make a lemon or mango ‘cheescake’ with my newly made coconut butter…yum!

  29. Thanks for the recipe! I would like to make the dried coconut using raw coconuts and then dry in the dehydrator and use that to make the butter instead of buying the dried coconut. My question is: do you think I can get the Vitamix to shred the raw coconut to the right (flake)size needed to make the butter, or will it shred the coconut too much? I would not really want to shred 7 cups of coconut by hand :)

    • I don’t think it matter what size you shred it to. It it’s dried coconut, it will make the butter. I have, on occasion, taken the large flakes of coconut and made smaller ones out of it also and I’ve done that in the Vitamix. Enjoy!

  30. I just used my food processor and used 2 cups of unsweetened shredded coconut. I ran it for about 1 1/2 minutes-2 minutes. It turned out great! I’m so excited. Now do I store this in the fridge or the cupboard? Thank you!

  31. My husband just got me a Vitamix last week, and I’m eager to try making coconut butter! You mentioned getting coconut for $1.75, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere near that low. Any suggestions? Also, is shredded coconut the same as flaked coconut, and does it matter which one I use? Thanks so much!

    • I buy mine in a 25 # bag from Country Life Natural Foods. You can use whatever coconut you want as long as it’s dried and has no sweetener in it. The price may have gone up recently w/ all the increase in prices. Best to you! Enjoy your new machine!

      • Thanks for the info! Country Life seems to have the best price per lb. that I can find, even if it is a little more than you used to pay. Appreciate the purchasing info. Here in the SF Bay Area, we have access to lots of organics and things, but they are VERY pricey, so using the internet to help keep down costs is such a blessing!

  32. For anyone wanting a Vitamix but under the assumption that you can not afford one. Try QVC, they usually always have them on easy pay for around 4 or 5 payments of under 100 bucks, might make it a little more affordable because they really do make experimenting in the kitchen a lot of fun!!!!

  33. Great post by the way sorry :)
    I will definitely have to try this…I have a lot of these types of recipes on my pinterest page that I have found in various places. Everything from laundry detergent and fabric softener to organic soap and beauty scrubs.


    • Thanks! I’m making some right now for a dairy free cheesecake recipe that I needed to try! Hopefully another super easy DIY later this week. Can’t wait to share w/ you all!

  34. My parents bought a vitamix when I was a small child (I’m a Grandma now!) The thing still would grind rocks into sand! If they are still built HALF as tough they are well worth the investment! I was lucky enough to inherit theirs!

    • :-). I wouldn’t put rocks in it, though. But I LOVE mine. I once ground cloves and it ruined the container. There are limits to its greatness :-).

  35. Carol Ann says:

    I saw a video on making coconut milk butter and flour from fresh whole coconut and she dehydrated the coconut flesh before making the butter. Wish my memory was better can’t remember who it was that did it just that it was on Yahoo.

    • I’m not sure what coconut milk butter is. My c butter is made from dehydrated coconut. I love fresh coconut, but using it isn’t the easiest thing!

  36. Melaina at Rudi's Organic Bakery says:

    This is so great! I love hearing about store bought items being made at home! So much cheaper and healthier! Not to mention the sense of accomplishment you feel from creating such a wonderful “from scratch” food! Great job!

  37. Carol Ann says:

    Sorry I missed out the coma after milk. It should Have read coconut milk, butter and flour.

  38. Has anyone added stevia powder or liquid to the mixture? I wonder at what point you could add it when you are blending it. I can’t wait to try this in my Vitamixer!!

  39. IDK about everyone else but my shredded coconut is HUGE flakes. All I can find where I live is Bob’s Red Mill, and that was a heck of a hunt to find! Maybe that’s why my coconut butter by Amber Shea from Almost Vegan, took SO long! I also don’t have the best blender thing. I have this thing called a Ninja. Not my favorite investment, but how do you know until you try, and the receipt is long gone. I have a kitchen aid mixer, any attachments for it that would work?

  40. Just a heads up for others, I tried to do this with a Ninja, and I got aaaallllllmost to the coconut butter stage, but after blending for 15 minutes in 5 minute increments so that my motor wouldn’t overheat, I’ve only gotten very, very finely ground coconut. I can actually form it into balls with my hands, but I can’t get it quite to the butter stage. I’m still going to eat it in some sort of recipe, but unfortunately I think this is one of those things you just need a Vitamix for!

  41. Hi Jenaca (and everyone else reading!) I just wanted to let you know to keep blending. I make my coconut butter in a cuisinart food processor and it takes about 30 minutes. I usually turn it on and go play with my kids. Yes, it gets hot, but I’ve never worried about the motor burning out. I left it on for 45 minutes the first time. At about the 15 minute mark, it’s still the shredded coconut, but you just have to keep going and the sweet, cheap coconut butter will be yours! Also, I’ve noticed that it turns out creamier if you use the bigger flaked coconut rather than the shredded. I don’t know why, but I’ve done batches with both and that’s what I’ve observed. Take care all!

  42. hi there! I was wondering what your thoughts were on making homemade coconut butter from whole coconuts? I try to avoid all potential allergens and many of the shredded coconut products I’ve seen are not dedicated as such. I love how you are so cheap, woops, hahah, I mean frugal. Me TOO! I am with you there.
    So back to the coconut. Do you think I would have to dehydrate it first or will it be ok to work it all wet and straight away from the shell? What do you think the cost efficiency would be?


    • Thanks for the cheapo encouragement :). You can make it w/ fresh coconut but you will need to dehydrate it first in the oven or dehydrator (my dehydrator offer now has free shipping if you’re interested). I think it’s going to depend on the cost of the coconut but I think $12 per jar is waaay too much so you should be able to beat that. I will say that I get my coconut in a huge 25 lb bag and there are no cross contaminants. You might be able to find something like that as well :).

  43. Yes, I am down with cheapo! I just contacted the company on the coconut chips. They said the 3 pound bag is packaged there at their facility so may be an issue with contaminants, but the 25 pound bag may be fine. I asked them nicely to please look deeper. Yes agreed on the hefty price of $12-13 per rather tiny jar of coconut butter. REEEdiculous.
    I have dehydrator already but will keep you in mind if I ever need another one. Thank you.

  44. Do you have an Asian or Hispanic store near you? A lot of times, they carry creamed coconut or coconut cream, which is the same thing as coconut butter, but significantly cheaper. I pay $1.49 for 6oz. Of course, it’s not necessarily organic, so to get organic coconut butter, it’s much better to do it this way! I get scared of processing things like this in my Vitamix, lol. I know it’s silly, but still :)

  45. When I first saw Coconut butter I wondered about it. I read the ingredients, (dried coconut) and realized it was probably made the same way as nut butters. I bought a jar on sale and tried it to see if it was something I would want to make.
    the first jar lasted perhaps six months or even up to a year, because I’m not using bread due to a wheat allergy. But last month, I finally got busy and began grinding some unsweetened coconut (different sizes of flakes) in my old Osterizer Kitchen Center. I did it two or three cups at a time, and stopped the blender to scrape down and make sure the big pieces got pulled down into the blades. after it was moving well and should have begun turning into butter I added a small amount of coconut oil. maybe 2 tsps worth. it immediately began to turn to coconut butter. I ran it for maybe ten minutes after it began to turn, to smooth it out. it’s still a bit grainy, but not unpleasant. I also added a tsp of stevia to it, to bring out the coconut flavor. After this, I kept grinding til on the third batch I had to stop it and let it rest so the motor wouldn’t overheat. after a half hour, I came back and finished, and the stuff in the blender was still pretty hot. it went pretty quickly.

    I bought my coconut from the Mennonite store here in our area, and I think I paid about 4.50 for a pound last time I got some. I will continue to make it at home, I feel it’s worth my time and effort, and especially since discovering that it makes a great thickener for soups and sauces. I even make my gravy with coconut butter as the thickener.

    after I started to wonder what it would be good for besides eating off a spoon.

  46. Has anyone tried this with frozen shredded coconut? It’s moister than the dehydrated flakes, and I’m wondering if it might be easier to turn into butter.

  47. Just did this today and it turned out wonderfully! I used my regular old blender and did it in about 4-5 minutes with some careful side-scraping while it was blending. You saved me about $5 with this post, and even better, I had a ton of fun making this. DIY projects always make me feel so accomplished. I think this holiday season I might make some coconut butter for my family. Thank you!! :)

  48. Hi, I made coconut butter using the flesh of one coconut and also the water from it, I have an Omega VRT 350 juicer and it’s a breezing… coconut butter is soooo good… I stored it in the refrigerator but didn’t last long… 4 days and it was gone…. almond and coconut butter banana sandwich … sublime !!!

  49. Oct 29, 2012
    I have a Vita Mix, I bought back in 1977 and brought home in my suitcase on a plane. I am 88 now and it was one of the best investments I ever made, Had one little leak in the faucet years ago and sent it in and it came back looking brand new. I never thought about making coconut butter with it but need to stop using butter so much…so thank you for sharing this among the many other wonderful ideas and recipes you have made available.

    • You’re welcome!!! The coconut butter isn’t an oil to cook with, by the way, it’s more of a sweet spread and is used in some dessert recipes. Kind of like a thicker alternative to nut or seed butters :).

  50. Thank you for this recipe!

  51. oooooooooooooh just made this!

    It is GREAT! Thank you Adrienne.

    I used 10 ounces of Fine Macaroon size coconut because that was the size packet I had. I never knew that macaroon referred to the size of the coconut. It is very fine.

    I used a Vitamix and really used the tamper quite a bit. Ran it for a little less than 30 seconds. Then checked the temp it didn’t seem like it was overheating at all.

    I waited a few minutes then ran it for 45 seconds, it was probably done at less than 30 seconds but I wanted to make sure it was nice and smooth.

    I poured it out and smoke came out of the container, I am thinking next time don’t run it so long.

    ANOTHER great recipe!

  52. Takes approx 10 minutes in my basic no frills Cuisinart food processor… I do 3-4 cups at a time.

    I use Tropical Traditions shredded coconut currently on sale 2.2 lbs for $6.99.


    Last time I purchased, they also offered free shipping making it an even better deal 😉 Their flakes and chips work also… Just takes a bit longer.

    My fav thing to do lately is to put some of the coconut butter into a silicone candy mold… My taste buds have changed so much since improving my eating habits that this is now like candy to me.

  53. What a great recipe! Thanks for the sharing.

  54. Love your site ,I want to get a high power blender,Do you need the dry container to grind beans for bean flour or will it grind in a flour mill. What would you recommend the tall 64oz container or the new 48oz I have a family of 8

    • Thanks! I personally don’t think grinding beans is a good idea unless you de-gas them (see my post on that) and then dry them. You could likely do it in either one, but I’d use a dry container since it might scratch up the other. You should check w/ a manufacturer. The grain grinder will do it – I have done it in mine. I have the 64 oz container and we have 4 in my family :).

  55. Is the cocoa butter I use for making homade lotion bars and lip balm the same as coconut butter?

  56. I know this post was quite awhile ago, but I stumbled upon it earlier while wondering “Hmm… couldn’t I just make coconut butter in my Ninja?” I saw the comment that the Ninja didn’t do the trick, but I decided to try it anyways and it worked wonderfully for me! Took about 10 minutes in the food processor portion, and it came out warm and creamy and AMAZING. We just ate it on top of some homemade NSA mixed berry compote with cinnamon and nutmeg. YUM!

  57. Xalleah says:

    i have made this in a normal food processor before, but it took constant starting, stopping, scraping. We got a vitamix. I think our coconut flakes are dehydrated. in that case, though you can add coconut oil or stop it to let the machine rest and start it again. The oils from the coconut will start to come out when it gets to the right consistency and heat. Warning. this is frustrating to do if you buy whole coconuts from the store and try to get the pieces out. I have tried this once. you might save money but it is not worth it for all the effort. lol you are saving plenty from making your own coconut butter.

  58. Xalleah says:

    okay I just tried this and for the first time it didn’t work. The vitamix did turn it into lovely toasted coconut though. . . now I have a plate full of it to munch on. tomorrow I will try almond butter. maybe I will have better luck? and maybe next time I will try adding more coconut maybe that was mu problem.

  59. patricia says:


  60. What Vitamix container did you use?? The wet one or the dry one for milling, etc.??

  61. Thank you!!

  62. Diane Sherman says:

    I was just reading this post and got very excited about making coconut butter! I recently bought a Nutri-Bullet mainly for ‘green smoothies’. This is a much higher speed appliance than the Magic bullet. It does a wonderful job at pulverizing all of the vegetables and makes wonderful nut butters. I am hoping it will work for the coconut butter. Any thoughts?

    • I have read that the Magic Bullet will work. I had a hard time getting info from the company as to whether or not their product contains BPA – have you checked that out?

      • Diane Sherman says:

        Well then, the Nutri-Bullet should work great! I have not checked into the BPA issue, but I think I shall. As soon as I finish my travels, I will try the Coconut Butter. I will let you know how it turns out. BTW, I LOVE your site.

  63. Thanks for this! Read your labels closely! I went grocery shopping without my reading glasses and accidentally bought the defatted shredded coconut. Won’t do that again-even adding a bit of coconut out didn’t do the trick! I love this stuff, if goes with EVERYTHING.
    Thanks for your ideas!

    • Defatted coconut? What’s that?!

      • It’s not even worth the effort-I guess it’s a ‘lite’ version of shredded coconut that extracts as much of the oil/fat. So it DOESN’T work for the butter AT ALL!!! As I said-a reminder to always have my reading glasses in the grocery!

  64. Thank you! I’m having trouble though finding the coconut from your given source.
    Are you talking about this online store http://www.clnf.org ? Or another.
    If so which product do you buy for $1.75 lb? Is it one of these?
    040055 Coconut, Medium $47.50 25#
    041155 Coconut, Medium $13.75 5#

  65. One mre thing, is this also known or called Desiccated Coconut?

  66. I tried making this today for the first time in my food processor and it worked perfectly. I recommend using a minimum of 4 cups of coconut but that depends on the size of machine you’re using. Not sure how long it took but probably about 25 minutes of actual run time with some stopping to let the motor cool down. It is still a little grainy but with a processor I don’t think a person could get it perfectly smooth, if it’s really necessary. Tastes fantastic! Thanks for this recipe.

  67. Are you using the wet jug or the dry jug when you make the coconut butter?

  68. Couple questions for ya, just moved to FL and I have coconut trees in my yard loaded with coconuts. Have you tried making the coconut butter from chunks of fresh coconut meat as opposed to shredded? Or have you ever made fresh shredded? (Would I just pop the chunks in a food processor or is commercially available shredded coconut dried somehow first?) Thanks!

  69. You mention in this article that we can get a deal on the Vitamix from your website. Where can I find this? I have been wanting one for some time now, and an extra deal would help sweeten the pot! 😉 Thanks. I love your website!

    • Hi there! You can SAVE $25-$35 by getting free shipping on your machine. Just call them at 1 800 848 2649 ext 2308 and use CODE 06-005927. Enjoy – you will LOVE it!

  70. Which vitamix do you have? would a 2 speed be worth getting? I know the more speeds the better, right? lol

  71. Do you know if we could freeze extra coconut butter or milk that we made?

  72. The only coconut butter I’ve ever tried was the Artisana brand and I didn’t like the taste at all. I bought it twice, thinking maybe the first jar was just old but the second jar tasted the same (in my opinion). Does the homemade version taste different? I love coconut any other way, though!

  73. I just used a 10oz bag of coconut flakes in my Vita-mix and the tamper only just reached the butter to help keep it moving. I’d say 10oz is the least possible to make it work. I got about a cup in my jar, though admittedly, I did eat quite a bit that never made it to the jar. Mine was a bit grainy though. I had read elsewhere that adding a teaspoon of coconut oil helps coconut butter blend, and it worked like a charm. I can’t wait to try the fudge recipe you just posted.

  74. You’re using dried coconut right?
    I don’t want to be a negative nancy, but I wanted to point out that in your cost comparison, does a one lb bag of coconut make a 16oz. jar of coconut butter? I would guess by your photos that 7 cups of coconut makes about 2 cups of coconut butter. And I don’t know where you live that you can buy coconut that cheaply, but I live really rural and get a 12 oz. bag of unsweetened for $3.50 or so on Amazon. By my calculations that would take almost 5 bags of coconut to get 7 cups and cost about $17 to make. Do you think that’s right?

    • I just checked and prices have increased somewhat. I can get a 25# bag for 47.50 so I do that. I use 7 cups which is about 18 oz of coconut (just approximating here). From that I do get about 2 cups of coconut butter. I’m thinking you would need 1 1/2 bags to make the coconut butter. Hope it works for you :)!

  75. John Fisher says:

    I have made coconut butter in my food processor. I pulse it in about 15-30 second increments and then scrape down the sides. Just keep doing that until it starts to get clumpy, then you will know that you are getting close. Only a little bit longer and will start to turn into butter. It only took me about 15 minutes, but I used shredded, unsweetened coconut, so it was a little bit more gritty than what people say they get using flaked coconut.

  76. So was the difference the blender/food processor you used between your 1st & 2nd attempts?

    • I’m not sure I understand Chaya. Could you clarify please?

      • Sure, sorry for the ambiguity. You said that on your first attempt you used your “seriously strong food processor” but that it was a failed attempt. And then you mentioned success with the vitamix…but later you said that once in awhile, it just doesn’t work no matter what. I was curious if you credit the vitamix for the success the second time around as opposed to using a food processor. I ask b/c I would be using a food processor. Thanks!

        • I can’t figure out why but I think if you don’t have enough coconut in the blender it’s a problem and if there is any moisture in there, like from cleaning it out. I have never done it in an FB and fear it would burn it out but others have done it. Good luck!

  77. Hi! Finally got a Vitamix and tried this tonight….but my Vitamix (5200) was very, very angry with me. 😉 My husband and I thought it sounded like it was stripping the gears/ruining the blade somehow. After 5-6 min. (stopping for 1-2 min. between each minute “session”) it was starting to stick together, at least, but getting really warm and not really blending. I used 7 cups, but it was really hard to push down with the tamper, and like I said, it sounded really upset with me! After cleaning it out everything looks and sounds fine, but while the coconut was in there it was screaming, harshly. Is that what yours sounds like, too, and you just keep going, or is that a “stop and quit the experiment” moment? :-) Thanks!

    • Hmmm.. was it completely clean when you did it and did you have at least 7 cups in there? I’ve had trouble on and off but typically it works. If there’s moisture in there it for sure won’t work. I turn the “not working” batch into my No Bake Coconut Cookies: http://wholenewmom.com/recipes/no-bake-coconut-delights-sugar-dairy-egg-and-grain-free/

      • Yup, clean, dry, 7 full cups….it’s hardened now and usable for whatever, but I was just worried about my machine. It just didn’t sound right, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. When I use apples to make applesauce and have to push down on them with the tamper pretty hard, it sounds frustrated, but not ANGRY like with the coconut, LOL! 😉

        • Have you done nut butters? They react similarly to the coconut butter. Apples are much softer – :).

          • No, I haven’t yet…our oldest has a tree nut allergy so it hasn’t been high on my list yet. But either way, the almost-stripping-gears sound might just be normal for my machine, then? I just wish I could watch someone else do it in person! You don’t have any YouTube videos of you making the coconut butter, do you? 😉

            • It just might be. You can call vitamix and hold the phone to your machine to see what they think. It’s pretty loud :). No you tube – maybe I should do that. I’ve never done a video – yikes :).

  78. Hi is it posible to make with a freshly grated
    Cocnut or does it only work with dry cocnut.
    Looking forward to make some ????

  79. I have a vitamix 6000 automatic. Do you know which preset time I would use?

  80. Deborah says:

    Did you use the dry container or wet container on your vita mix when making the coconut butter.



  81. Jessica Parke says:

    I make “Monkey Butter” with coconut butter. 14 oz crushed pineapple (I grow my own pineapple) about 4C sliced bananas (I grow my own), I cup coconut powder (I made my own) 1 1/2 c coconut butter 1 1/2 T lemon juice (used bottled but would have used real if I had on on hand). Cook and kinda stir/mash with a whisk. As it continues to cook it starts to thicken nicely, no need even for pectin. I put it in recycled containers and freeze. It has to be frozen or left in the fridge once opened. I have a friend who uses this mixed with tapenade as a salad dressing or on fish!

  82. Hi Jessica

    I am just wondering if you live in Michigan
    because I also order from Country Life Foods.
    I live in Fowlerville and have been enjoying reading so many
    If your posts and recipes. I haven’t made anything yet
    But I really want to!!

  83. I haven’t read the comments all the way down, so perhaps I’m repeating things, but I too had difficulty making this work with my VitaMix. I am using the 5200 series (previous to current model as of Oct 2014) with a wet container. I used 7 cups of dried unsweetened coconut that I purchased from the bulk bin at Whole Foods. It also turned brown on me and never liquified and I had to add about a tablespoon of coconut oil to salvage it. It pretty much now has the same consistency as my commercial coconut butter except mine is now tan colored. I also experienced that it made my container leak. The last time this happened to me, I called vitamix and they sent me a new container since it is still under the 7yr warranty. This is my almost brand new container now, so I was bummed. This time, I just stuck a wooden spoon in the blade and hand torqued the black ring on the bottom and it doesn’t leak now. I could have torqued it with a wrench to help it be tighter. So far so good. I think I will try again with my branded bulk coconut from the buying club and if it doesn’t process in a couple minutes I will stop. I think it all depends on the fat content and if you find a product that works, stick with it. The bulk bin at Whole Foods might change. Good luck!

  84. How about using a Kitchenaid blender? Anyone ever try that? The coconut butter sounds delicious!

  85. Davilyn Eversz says:

    Thought I might mention this in case some people are not using organic coconut so as to save money. A while back in the Asian countries, the coconut trees started to die in the plantations. It was becoming epidemic and they could not find a way to fight it. It was a fungus of some sort I believe. They finally found that injecting formaldehyde into the tree killed the fungus. This is a regular occurrence now, to do this. However, it is not allowed for use in the producing of organic coconuts.

  86. Hello, I made it yesterday and left it out of the fridge but it became solid and it’s not cold at all in my house..
    Why did it happend?

  87. Adrian Klingel says:

    I tried this with a “fresh” coconut with my Blendtec. Do not attempt, it was a big waste of time. The “fresh” is in quotes because I bought two coconuts from Whole Paycheck, and one of them was bad. So maybe the other one was getting ready to go bad. Anyway, it looks like it’s the cookies for us.

    • UGH! So sorry. It would be a totally different product as the unsweetened coconut is dehydrated. I think I need to make cookies too actually so you’re in good company.

      • I tried making coconut butter in my Vitamix once before and it didn’t work. I bought a jar and just ran out (my toddler loves it on mashed sweet potatoes), so I was going to buy more, but you’ve inspired me to try making it again. I’m really glad I found this, because I bought a massive bag of shredded coconut at Costco, and I was a little worried I couldn’t use it all before it expires. I actually prefer coconut flakes. :)

        • It lasts pretty long and you cd put it in the fridge or freezer too. I am going to need to redo this post – start w/ 4 cups and then make that into butter and go from there adding 1 cup at a time. Works much better!

  88. recipe sounds simple if it were all there,like all other incomplete recipes out there,yours is the same incomplete,may be obvious to you but not to someone who has never heard or made it before,this may sound like a stupid question but, i want to get it right,so, HOW MUCH BUTTER?
    a recipe normally list all ingredients not half, can you list it for me please

  89. What about using a ninja? I’m like a lot of people who cannot afford a vitamix. Thanks from Emmett, Idaho

  90. Charmaine says:

    Would love to make these cookies for my daughter for school, being a nut-free school I would have to make these with coconut butter, but do not have a Vitamix. would this work in a food processor or a Mistral Gourmet Whizard? If not how else can coconut butter be made?

    • It should work in the food processor but it takes a lot of time. I am sorry but I don’t know about the M. Whizard – I haven’t heard about that. Hope it works for you!

  91. My Vitamix did not work for coconut butter. At all. As in, it choked and overheated and started to smell like it was burning and just was generally not good. (Same deal as with your food processor: I decided I’d rather keep the Vitamix than have the coconut butter!)

    You’re the first person I’ve ever heard talk about making it who did NOT use a food processor, so I’d think most food processors should work. (I don’t own one, so I haven’t been able to try again.)

  92. I just used my vitamix, trying to use one (7 oz.) package of let’s do organic coconut and it was NOT working. After like 10 minutes of pushing the coconut down, starting, pushing it down, etc…I finally dumped another package of coconut in there and within two minutes it was done. Nice :-) :-) :-)

  93. I just tried to make this “Easy Recipe” in my Vitamix and it was an epic failure! All it seemed to be doing was cooking the coconut. Not only that but I spent 20 minutes trying to get my shredded coconut to turn into butter and burnt the cupcakes I was making it for. I guess that works out perfect since I didn’t get coconut butter out of this anyway. :*( What did I do wrong????

    • Oh no! I am so sorry. I just updated the post. I have been working on this for awhile and I think the new instructions should help. I hope to redo the image / images and share with everyone again soon. Let me know how it goes.

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