Homemade Marshmallows – with sugar free option

Homemade Marshmallows? Yes, please! Fun to make and Sugar-free to boot!

I’m always trying to make healthier versions of processed foods – like Homemade Chocolate Chips, Homemade White Chocolate Chips, Taco Seasoning, Hamburger Helper, and Chocolate Frosting.

This week on Facebook, I mentioned that I ended up staying up ’til 12:30 making homemade marshmallows and gluten free graham crackers for my kids.

There was a ton of really fun and thoughtful responses, including a number of readers asking for the recipes.

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Well, here is marshmallow recipe, that just happen to be sugar free!

The graham crackers weren’t quite really what we wanted, so…back to the drawing board on those :-).

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But – onto the important matter at hand – the marshmallow recipe.

Back in my eating-way-too-much-sugar days, I first made Homemade Marshmallows with my son.  What fun!  To see water, sweetener and gelatin turn into white fluffiness in a bowl and then turning into marshmallows that tasted much better than anything I’d ever bought in a bag.

The reason we made them in those days was to avoid blue food coloring.  Yes, blue food coloring is in almost every package of marshmallows.  Well, of course you could use my natural blue food coloring and add a bit to your own marshmallows if you want.

Why else might you make your own marshmallows?

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Why Make Homemade Marshmallows

Avoid food coloring (the blue food coloring is in there to make the white look brighter.  Sheesh!)
Avoid corn syrup (first of all, I want to avoid corn syrup due to almost all corn being GMO these days, but also because a lot of corn syrup has mercury in it due to the method of processing.  (source) 
Avoid Sugar – Sugar is just a huge problem, according to TONS of info on the web these days.  And if you have candida, like I do, then sugar is a complete no-no.  Many of you are eating Sucanat, coconut sugar, honey, etc.  All, in my opinion are much better than white sugar.   I plan to share more info on this soon.
Fun with kids (and even if you don’t have kids, it’s super fun for us adults too!)
– And—if you are off sugar and have ever bought sugar free marshmallows, then you’ll save a TON of money with these.  I just saw a measly 2.7 oz bag of sugar free marshmallows for $1.99.  Eek!!

You can also get adventurous and spoon your marshmallowey mixture into a plastic bag, snip off the ends and make fun shapes for holidays.

By the way, I’ve checked out a number of other recipes on the internet and a lot of them use just a 1:1 ratio of water to sweetener so it looks like that will work too.  I just didn’t try it.


If you are on the THM eating plan, vegetable glycerine is off plan so choose a different sweetener.

Stevia is super sweet so you only need a tad.  I bought these (the links are affiliate links) scoops and use the 2nd smallest as “1 scoop”, or 1/32 of a tsp.

Yes, it’s THAT sweet!  And if you’re wondering about whether it’s OK to eat stevia or not this post should help.

Norpro Mini Measuring Spoons

This post on Stevia – What it is and how to use it should help too.

And if you do decide to use xylitol and roast these in a fire, they don’t really roast – but they do soften up.  Just enough for S’mores :-).  And if you use Sucanat, the marshmallows will of course be a brownish color.

We made these in August with some Grain Free Graham Crackers and my Homemade Chocolate / Carob Chips and made our own sugar free, grain free S’mores.  They were great!  We shared them with a special visitor from Australia.  She didn’t know what S’mores were, prior to coming to the US, but she does now :).

Grain Free Sugar Free S'mores

I’ll be sharing the grain free graham cracker recipe soon….so make sure you subscribe to my email updates so you don’t miss a post.

This past week, since the grain-free experiment is done for now in our household (too much work for mom and really no apparent results), we tried gluten free graham crackers, but they weren’t a real winner.  So it’s back to the drawing board on those.

Interested in some other Processed Food Replacements?  How about:

Powdered Sugar / Powdered Sugar Substitute
Powdered Egg-Replacer (like Ener-G)
Homemade Taco Seasoning
Soft Pumpkin Cookies (these taste amazingly like Enjoy Life)
Homemade “Almond Joy” Bars 

Are you a S’more or marshmallow lover too?


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  1. How fun. WE make them at the restaurant but they still have the sugar and corn syrup. This looks wayyyy better. Thanks for sharing Adrienne.

  2. Is there an option besides vegetable glycerin, which I have read is not good for us?

    • Any other sweetener should work, except stevia. :)

    • Mary, what have you found about vegetable glycerine? I’m really interested thanks for posting this!

    • Lynae Morningstar says:

      I made mine without the vegetable glycerine – I just omitted it. I found it sweet enough with just 1.5 cups of xylitol. And xylitol turns to a liquid when heated so it wasn’t a problem for the recipe.

      Other than that I followed it and it worked out great! I often make with honey but wanted to try xylitol. They turned out great!

  3. If you want to truly avoid people using cows with antibiotics you should take on the challenge of making gelatin free marshmallows. There is only 2 brands out there that I know of, and as a mom of 3 vegetarian kids I would LOVE to know how to do this on my own!

  4. I have tried to make marshmallows using agar-agar flakes instead of gelatin but they failed every single time. We make our own ‘sugar’ syrup with honey and maple syrup. I don’t consider xylitol a whole food so I don’t use it. Unless you are careful and find the xylitol made with birch, it is made with corn[most likely GMO]and is still a really processed food.

    We have marshmallows once a year when we go camping[I have very sugar sensitive kids], along with homemade graham crackers. YUM!

    • That was my experience in what I read about agar agar as well. My xylitol is from birch. I wish I could use other sweeteners but due to candida and now a possible stevia allergy I am really limited. Thanks!!

      • I am glad that you have been able to find the birch variety. My kids are very sugar sensitive[and allergic to corn] but I can’t imagine being so limited :( Great job coming up with sugar free recipes!!

        The agar-agar was such a mess that I had to throw out the batches that I tried, it was awful.

      • Which brand of Xylitol is made from Birch? I want to be careful :)

      • Where do you get Birch Xylitol? What is it called. I have to be careful with xylitol because I’m diabetic and xylitol is sugar alcohol…it causes blood sugar spikes. So….Please help me out here… thanks.

        • Hi Mimi. Sorry there wasn’t a link to make your shopping for xylitol easier. There is one now. I have bought the xylitol from varying companies. Xylitol shouldn’t cause significant sugar spikes. I did research on it- where did you get that information from? I know I saw a forum talking about it but their reasoning was completely off. Let me know and I will try to help. Take care.

    • Hi Megan, Do you mind sharing the (honey/maple syrup) recipe. Adrienne’s recipe looks amazing but I always have honey and Maple syrup in my kitchen. I would really appreciate it! (rachelkasey@hotmail.com)

  5. Adrienne,

    Thanks for this receipe! I love how you used xylitol for the sweetener!

  6. Sandra Mort says:

    I’ve read this recipe and looked online and am still confused. How is it possible to be the exact same temperature as the sugar recipes without having specific ingredients? Each sweetener has its own specific qualities.

    I hope to try this recipe as soon as my standmixer is fixed, though!!

  7. These look delicious!! I would love for you to share at my linky party going on right now. http://www.mandatorymooch.blogspot.com/2012/10/tasty-thursdays-11.html

    Thanks, Nichi

  8. Hi! Great post! I’m looking for a sugar free marshmallow that is chewy like the store bought ones- does this recipe yield that type or is it a more light, soft dissolve-in-your-mouth kind? Thanks! :)

    • My family’s take is that they are somewhere in between. My husband said specifically that the texture is nicer than the store bought. Hope you like them.

  9. Vegetable glycerine? as another sweetener? I don’t understand? I really want to make these and have been searching for a good recipe without so much sugar and also no corn syrup.

    • Hi Rayleen – can you clarify your question please? Vegetable glycerine is an acceptable sweetener for those suffering from candida. Let me know if that’s what you were wondering about.

  10. New follower here! I discovered you through Six Sisters Stuff. I love this post and hope you will share and come link up to my Farm Girl Blog Fest: http://fresh-eggs-daily.blogspot.com/2012/10/farm-girl-blog-fest-3.html

  11. Yay! Homemade marshmallows w/o all the extra sugar! :) Could you please do a post with some more information about vegetable glycering? I am quite interested. :) Also, do you buy it in the 16oz bottles from Amazon or is there a bulk discount out there? I ask because I’ve seen all sorts of glycerin out there and I have no clue what’s what as far as edible, what type is preferred, etc. Also, is there a coconut glycerin out there that’s better? Okay, okay, I’ll stop pestering you now. 😉

    • Hi :). I am hoping to do all sorts of posts. Just crazy busy w/ personal and blog stuff (taxes, etc) right now. Just get food grade. I bought mine from MR Herbs in bulk. You don’t want to know how much I bought :). Tell me what info you are looking for. I’m hoping to do a post on a # of sweeteners, but my oils post will most likely come first…..sigh…I am having trouble balancing everything :).

  12. That is very impressive! I haven’t tried making my own marshmallows, I’ve got to try!

  13. wow, SO great! How handy to have this recipe. Came over from Tip Junkie… I also host Tuesday Party. Would love for you to share this at Tasteful Tuesdays. http://www.nap-timecreations.com/2012/10/pumpkin-pie-apple-crisp-and-tasteful.html

  14. This is totally getting pinned! Thank you!

    I saw this post on Slightly Indulgent. I shared an apple protein donuts recipe, I’d love for you to check out as well :)

  15. Yummy! I love to make homemade marshmallows at Christmas but my recipe has the dreaded corn syrup. I’ll definitely have to give this a try!

  16. Have you ever made this into marshmallow fluff? That stuff is loaded with eggs and an egg allergy prevents using that, but I’d love an alternative.

    • Looks like you can by melting the marshmallows w/ corn syrup so I’ll have to give it a run. When do you need it by? Looks like taking the marshmallows and then using a c syrup sub would do it but I don’t have enough marshmallows left to try it out right now. So …can you wait awhile? What are you using it for by the way? A recipe or just to do those oh-so-famous fluffernutter sandwiches :-)?

  17. Oh…don’t try it in a hurry just for me. I really don’t need it for anything anytime soon. I was just wondering because in the past I’ve seen recipes call for the Ricemallow (vegan) stuff from the stores and none of the stores around me seem to carry that anymore.

  18. I have a similar recipe and it always turns out perfect. Since we don’t have any sugar restrictions, I use Lyle’s cane sugar syrup. I always add about a tablespoon of vanilla paste at the end…delicious!

  19. Thank you! I love marshmallow but avoid them because of the sugar. :-)

  20. This is an amazing recipe. I can’t wait to try it. Join the party today at Adorned From Above. Everybody is welcome. Link up your posts, giveaways, Etsy Shops. The more the merrier.

  21. Haven’t tried it yet, but here’s a graham cracker recipe I came across – http://realsustenance.com/graham-crackers-glutengraindairysoycornegg-free/

  22. We don’t have any sugar restrictions at the moment, so I could use 2 c. of granulated sugar? Powdered sugar?
    I found this graham cracker recipe I hope to try.
    http://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2010/06/gluten-free-graham-crackers-recipe.html It does have cornstarch in it, but since smores are such an occasional treat, I’m going to go for it anyway. Plus it will use up that last bit of pesky cornstarch that I just couldn’t throw away for some reason.

    • Just use the granulated sugar. If you use powdered it will make them too sweet, but would still work I think. The sweetener amounts appear to be fairly forgiving. Hope you enjoy them! I might try that recipe you mentioned but use all whole grain flour. Thanks!!

  23. Love this recipe Adrienne, homemade marshmallows is on my long list of things to do!

    And thank you so much for linking up with Healthy 2day Wednesdays as always! Hope you have a blessed week and hope you’ll be linking up this week! I also wanted to let you know I chose this post as one of my top three this week!

  24. Thanks for the sugar free option. I need that and they look so good!

  25. What a fun idea! (There’s enough sugar in S’mores already! What a great idea to cut down the sugar!)

    If you haven’t already, I’d love for you to visit my Gluten-Free Monday party at OneCreativeMommy.com and link up this and any other GF idea you would like to share. I hope to see you there.

  26. Thank you so much for this delicious recipe. Works a bomb! Also on anti-candida and so nice to have something else sweet to eat and easy to make. I’m from Zimbabwe origianly and don’t know anything about s’mores. But i cut some of these marshmallow into long strips, and lay them in a crepe with shavings of solid cocoa(no sugar). Fabulous treat!

    • Did I mention what s’mores are ? Graham crackers (slightly sweet crackers ) with some chocolate and then melted marshmallows, made into a sandwich. Glad you like them!

  27. Planning to make this recipe for Thanksgiving. Would Evaporated Cane Juice work well as a sweetener in this rather than granulated sugar since it’s a liquid? Also, the recipe says to add sweetener 2 different times…and since I’m not planning to use vegetable glycerine, does this just mean to add the evaporated cane juice twice?

    Thanks! :)

    • I just clarified the recipe – it’s just 2 different kinds. Try reading my subbing sweeteners post. I think it will work ok for you but you might wish to reduce the water. Enjoy!

  28. Okay, thanks! I just thought that maybe the evaporated cane juice may work better instead of the granulated turbinado sugar I have since sometimes the turbinado sugar doesn\’t seem to dissolve all the way…I guess I could always try both though!

  29. I made the marshmallows. I used granulated turbinado/raw sugar and then liquid sugar in the raw for the liquid sweetener part of the recipe and they came out pretty good. Definitely similar to a store bought marshmallow, just a little more vanilla flavored and a tad bit too sweet for my liking. I think next time I’ll add less sugar and vanilla. Other than that, the texture was great and although they didn’t melt like store bought marshmallows when I put them in the oven, they still gave my dish a nice marshmallow flavor. When melted they became more of a sticky liquid than toasting like the store bought ones. Even so, I’m glad I found this recipe and I’m going to continue to use it!

  30. Hi, I love this recipe!. Can not wait to make smores.

  31. I made this for the marshmallow creme. I used xylitol & coconut syrup. Turned out well. Now to see how it works in my recipes that requires it!!!

    • Sorry – I am not following you – do you mean you are using this recipe to make marshmallow cream? let me know how you changed it b/c I think it will be quite stiff. Thanks!

  32. Well I followed the recipe and used coconut syrup for the (1/2 cup liquid sweetener (I used vegetable glycerine. You could also use more granulated – read substituting sweeteners first.)
    It hasn’t hardened yet? Still thin, maybe I didn’t whip it long enough?

    • I don’t know what happens if you stop whipping early, but it really gets like stiff egg whites and then firms up inthe pan. I’m thinking it should work- did you use enough gelatin? Maybe you didn’t get it hot enough?

  33. Dunno how long I whipped it? Wasn’t stiff thou still kinda soft. But I scooped it out and put it in containers. Still like a creme after a number of hours. Um wonder what it will be like when I pull it outta the frig. Will let you know later

  34. I made these tonight, and only licked the spoon so far, as they are still setting.

    I used Sucanat for the granulated sweetener and raw agave for the liquid, so they have a molasses taste and tan color.

    I will caution that I had to beat the mixture for a good 7-10 minutes to achieve the consistency I wanted. I think it was my mixer, though, because it’s not the most powerful motor in the universe. After that time, though, it did get really fluffy and “Fluff”-like in consistency. It’s setting as I type this!

    I can’t wait to put these in my cocoa (Sucanat goes well with chocolate)! I eat low-gi, so I can’t eat store-bought marshmallows, and ricemellow is just way too sweet for me.

  35. Hi there am wondering…if you have tried making rice crispy treats with these. And how it worked out for you, or if you think it might work.
    Thanks, Alita
    PS I love your xylitol recipes! Our family cant do any sugars at all, and stevia makes us ill (with headaches and stomach aches.) So after 2 years of no sugars, xylitol has finally put the sweet back into our lives. We call it happiness!

  36. Help! I have now unsuccessfully made two batches of marshmallows and both of them came out with nice white on top, but the bottom is like a thick sticky jello. I used the gelatin you recommended along with all the same ingredients. I thought I didn’t mix them well enough. So I mixed the second batch higher and longer with my kitchenaid professional mixer. Then I thought I wasn’t setting them properly. Are they supposed to set in the fridge? Please help…

  37. Can I just use 2 cups of honey instead of the sweeteners listed or should I use a different amount to achieve the same level of sweetness?

  38. Yum! How would you make the mini marshmallows like the ones that are store bought?

    Did you ever make marshmallows with marshmallow root?

    Can you use syevia instead of xylitol? If so, how much? Liquid or powder?

    How many drops of peppermint essential oil equal a 1/4 sp of peppermint extract?

    And finally, can you please share the grai free graham cracker recipe?


    • Just cut ’em smaller, but it might be hard :). Haven’t done the root thing yet :). You would need a bulking agent so maybe my DIY Truvia? I don’t know about the drops. I’ll have to work on the grain free cracker recipe – and find it again – sheesh! :) I think I know where it is :).

  39. Nancy Hundrup says:

    Can stevia be used as the sweetner?

    • You know, I didn’t think so but maybe. Try about 1/2 tsp liquid stevia maybe. I have a recipe on my blog for that if you want to save $$.

  40. I made these today, but I guess something went wrong. It seems really really sticky. I greased the glass dish with coconut oil, but I can hardly get these cut and out of the dish. I pretty much have to use a spoon to scoop it out, and then just eat it off the spoon because it’s stuck. On the up side, it will probably work great on top of a sweet potato! :)

  41. Would this recipe work with honey as the sweetener?

  42. I just found this now. We will definately have to try them. My kids eat my home made goodies almost as fast as I can make them. Hubby’s usually lucky to get 1. lol

  43. How did I miss this one! I’ve made marshmallows before with honey, But love the use of xylitol.

    The look so beautiful.

    Have a great weekend friend.


  44. Make sure to use Birch xylitol as most xylitol is also processed from, you guessed it, GMO corn!

    • I always use birch or non GMO corn xylitol. Thanks. I am sorry, but that post on xylitol by Healthy Home Economist had many untruths in it so I had to delete the link. Thanks though. I am going to do a write up in the future.

  45. Nichole says:

    I don’t have xylitol can I use something else. Honey comes to mind….?

  46. omg I used to devour the ones with the toasted coconut!!! Definitely making some!!

  47. How long does it take to set?

    • After it’s in the pan? You can speed it up in the fridge :). I never timed it but it likely would take several hours out of the fridge but you could shorten it in the fridge or freezer considerably. Just a guess but 1 hour-2 in the fridge and 1/2 in the freezer?

  48. Hi!

    I’m not sure if I can find Glycerine in Sweden, I haven’t seen it anyway. Can you substitute it with liquid artificial sweeteners, or more specifically, have you tried to? :)

    Best regards

  49. Do you happen to know the calories, carbs, and protein content of these? They look delicious!

    • Sorry, I don’t. I’ve been thinking about putting that all on my blog. I’ll look into it. You could do the calories of the whole thing and divide it out perhaps :).

  50. I love the idea that you used Vegetable Glycerin. It just so happens that I have some in the cupboard and have used it in other recipes. What can you use on the outside of the Marshmallows, my husband does not like Coconut at all. AND I always have to Disguise the taste of coconut for my husband. Also, have you tired to melt them in a Sweet Potatoe dish? I was wondering how they melted and do they react the same as the store bought marshmallows do when melted or brown in a sweet potatoe dish? Thank you so much for your help. I love your creativity with different sweeteners. Sincerely, Cathi G.

    • They will melt but not brown in the same way. I think it you added a tad of agave or a browning sweetener that might help. I’ve been looking to that. You could use powdered sweetener or carob instead of coconut (or cocoa). if you just need a dusting you could use a starch. Blessings!

  51. I know this has to be a dumb question, but how are these sugar free with all the sugar in the recipe? Does it evaporate? Thanks, love to make them soon for the Grandkids!!

  52. What kind of granulated sweetener do you recommend?

  53. why wouldn’t you just say 1/2 tsp stevia??

    • If you mean for the 12 scoops, typically 1 scoop is 1/32 of a tsp so that wouldn’t be accurate. That being said, different stevias have different tastes and strengths so it all gets pretty confusing anyway. I am looking at different brands to figure it all out and choose one that I want to recommend now.

  54. Charlotte Moore says:

    I clicked on the vegetable glycerine. It said it was for your skin??????

  55. Ok, I have been cooking much like you for my 5 children for about 5 yrs now. I have yet to make successful completely sugar free marshmallows. This time I used your recipe, doubled it, used erythritol as my granulated sweetener and used a combo of almond milk and vanilla liquid Stevia as my liquid sweetener. Please tell me what I did wrong. It never got fluffy, just foamy.

  56. I am also on THM.

  57. We only use honey as a sweetener… do you know if that would work with less water?

  58. How long should it set?

    • It can take 6 – 24 hours (I have NEVER had it take that long) but you can set them in the freezer to speed it up quite a bit (or outside if you watch for critters and it’s cold where you live :)!)

  59. karen in wa says:

    If I were to want to make something like rice krispie treats with these marshmallows, do they melt enough for that?

  60. Hi! I just found your recipe and I’m really wanting to try it. But I mostly use marshmallows in recipes that require them to be melted/heated. Do these melt or roast well like regular marshmallows? If so, I’m game!

  61. These were so easy and came out great. I cut out heart shapes for hot chocolate. Thank you for the tutorial and the info on sugar substitution. I think I will try vegetable glycerine in the future.

  62. What is THM and what is vegetable glycerine?

  63. Trying those tomorrow. Excited :)

  64. Margaret says:

    Hi! I just found your blog, wonderful stuff! its exciting to find more and more people who eat like i do these days : )
    I’m hoping to try this recipe as soon as possible, but the wording of all the different sugars listed has me confused about the basic liquid content necessary to make this recipe correctly.
    I’m interested in experimenting with yacon syrup, glycerine and stevia in different ratios. but I don’t understand how much liquid/water there is for the recipe, because of all the different sugar options.

    • I think that it’s a pretty forgiving recipe so don’t worry about it too much. Just mix whatever you like to get the appropriate sweetness and I would think it will turn out OK. We’ve even done it w/ all stevia. A little “odd” but it worked! Blessings to you as well!

  65. Monique Stam says:

    I have a recipe that needs marshmellow cream. Would you have any changes you would make to this recipe to be able to change it for that purpose?

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