Healthy Dinner in a Flash — Homemade Hamburger Helper

Homemade Hamburger Helper - Beef Skillet. Gluten & Dairy Free - and sans the chemical ick!

{Please welcome the talented Tessa the Domestic Diva.  She is bringing us an amazing Homemade Hamburger Helper – Beef Skillet.  Fast dinner without the box and the chemical ick!}

As a mom, I absolutely ADORE one pot (or skillet) meals! They are convenient and super easy to clean up.

As a child, I loved all the variations of Hamburger Helper…but today the frightening ingredient list means even withOUT allergies, I would not choose to feed those boxes to my family.

So how to make this a REAL FOOD meal?

Come with me, and I will show you an easy way to make every kiddo happy with a yummy dinner!

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Homemade Hamburger Helper Beef Noodle Skillet - Gluten & Dairy Free-5072There it is.

Dinner in a flash.

No chemicals.

Au naturel.


Make it tonight :)!

What’s your favorite “ready in a flash” meal?



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  1. Thanks Adrienne! Always happy to share a recipe over here….we had this for dinner again last night, yum!

  2. This looks fantastic! My family loves chili mac, and this looks like a great variation. I like the idea of a creamier sauce. I’ll have to add this to the meal plan soon!

  3. This looks really good – will have to make it for dinner this weekend!

  4. I love Tessa’s other skillets meals, I can’t wait to make this one – I’m sure it will be just as good :)


  5. I’m a bit concerned about the adding of Worcestershire sauce, Doesn’t it contain corn syrup? I LOVE it, from many years ago, but after going natural and organic, read the ingredient list and almost fainted with horror at all the horribly ‘toxic’ things in it. I guess I’ll have to read it again, in case I’m wrong ( a slim possibility, but to be sure….. ;-)! joking!!!

    • Hi Carol! Certainly check your ingredient labels…some are are definitely more questionable than others. I use an organic one that has nothing too. Terrifying the ingredient list….but good news is, you can leave the worthiest ire out all together if you like, juts add additional salt if you think it needs it!

  6. Hi Tessa,

    This recipe looks amazing! I was raised on box Hamburger Helper. But I would never make that stuff for my family. I’m making this next week for dinner. I try to do one or two pasta dishes each week, but been running out of ideas. Amazing recipe my friend. Thank you!!


  7. Noelle a says:

    As soon as I saw this I made it for dinner. So good!!! Tastes just like hamburger helper. I did add only half the salt and wow! I cannot wait to make it again.

  8. I come from a big family, so my mom always cooked from scratch to save money. Pretty sure the first time I had hamburger helper, I was in college. And of course I thought they were the greatest things ever. That was back when I only spent about $20 on groceries a week! Now, I’m pretty sure I couldn’t stomach the things, but a homemade version is kind of fun!

  9. Yum! This look delicious! I am definitely going to try this!

  10. This looks GREAT. I love one pot meals too, and having a recipe means I could actually make it again instead of “yea. I don’t really remember what I put in there….”


  11. Skillet meals are our friends per sure! Did you already try to reheat leftovers in microwave?

  12. Courtney says:

    Great recipe! I am 6 months pregs and was CRAVING hamburger helper… I don’t know why. I never really would eat it before, but anyway… I love, love, love this dish. I did not want to consume the myriad of chemicals that come with the hamburger helper, so this was perfect. I made mine full gluten and with dairy, but I feel so much better that I did not eat that boxed stuff. Thanks!

  13. This recipe was a real winner tonight… I love hamburger helper but I get frustrated with any meal from a box – there’s always so much extra crap! I made mine with the ordered gluten-free pasta, lean ground chicken, almond milk, low fat cheddar cheese (chef’s discretion! I added an extra cup!!), mine finished up with some kick (sriracha!!) and a real cheese taste that the box stuff seemed to lack! I will definitely make this again…