Healthy Valentines’ Progressive Dinner! ~ Beverages

Valentines Heart

Looking for some healthy Valentine treats?

We’ve got you covered from Beverages to Desserts!

Some other whole food bloggers from Nourished Living Network are joining me for a Valentine’s Day Progressive Dinner Party!  Each day we will have a different course laid out for you so that you can put together some great whole-body-nourishing treats that show love in more than one way.

No need to overdo it on not-so-good for you food and pay for it the next day :-)!

We’re kicking off the party today with Valentine’s drinks.

I’m sharing two healthy drinks:

The other bloggers have the following great beverage options for you.  How about:

Tomorrow we’ll have some wonderful Valentine’s Breakfast Treats lined up for you.

Enjoy in good health!

What are your plans for Valentines’ Day?

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  1. I love homeamde lemonade – We get crazy sometimes and make it all sparkly by using pelegrino…

  2. just stopping by to say hello! Have a blessed day! Love, Traci

  3. I just made stevia lemonade for my son’s breakfast this morning, because we were out of orange juice. He said, “Wow Mom, thanks for the lemonade!” 🙂 Good stuff, that. I don’t know why everybody doesn’t drink it.

  4. What a great idea for a valentine’s day treat. Joshua and I really enjoy a virgin,raspberry balsamic mojito. So yummy.

  5. I usually just use lemons from Aldi –real ones, but not organic. 🙁 Oh well. Lemon water is supposed to be really good for you, but a dash of stevia makes it taste so much better. I don’t like stevia in just anything, but it seems to be perfect with lemons.

    • I wouldn’t worry too much about the lemons being organic or not. They’re not part of the dirty dozen on EWG’s site. You can see more on my post about Top 5 Tips for Healthier Eating. The Costco lemon juice is just amazing. A friend of mine said her husband drank it straight out of the bottle. And what stevia are you using? The brand makes a HUGE difference. But I agree that it blends great w/ the lemon juice. :-).

  6. I use NuNaturals NuStevia. Is that an OK one? I refuse to buy Truvia because Monsanto makes me mad.

    • Yes, Ruth. That is one of the brands that I like. I use the pure extract w/o fillers. I am hoping to try Sweetleaf soon. KAL is also pretty good. I can’t stand Monsanto either. Good for you!

  7. It all sounds yummy. I think I will have some lemonade tonight! I love the NuNaturals Stevia as well.

  8. Wow! That coffee substitute sounds very interesting. Thanks for sharing this at allergy free wednesday! Hope to see you again next week.