Five-Ingredient Salad Dressing – Our New Favorite

Homemade Salad Dressing has never been so easy. Just 5 ingredients. And it's Oh-so-yummy! It's the new favorite on our dinner table!

I’ve been making my own homemade salad dressing for a long time.  Our long-standing favorite used to be this Moroccan Vinaigrette, and then this homemade salad dressing that you can make 5 ways, but now we have a new favorite.

And let me say that if you aren’t making your own homemade salad dressing yet, I hope that this post gets you motivated to do so.

‘Cause I have another super simple salad dressing recipe that should be on your table.

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I honestly can’t remember the last time I purchased salad dressing.

Hmmmm….maybe way back there in my college days before I was into making my own just about everything.

In those days I was on a “if it’s low fat it’s healthy” diet.

But I was also on the “I don’t have any money” diet so likely I didn’t buy much salad dressing then either.

I didn’t buy much of anything.

I remember shopping the discount produce racks in college trying to keep to my $100 per month budget (and I shudder to think that that included my rent. Really? Did I live that frugally?)

Anyway – back to the dressing.

My favorite dressing growing up was the low fat French dressing at Wendy’s salad bar.

I grew up in a family that occasionally went out for fast food as a treat and I since I was “healthifying my life” I would get the All You Can Eat salad bar and would top my huge heap of greens with that low-fat-full-of-sugar-and-corn-syrup-and-artificial-food-coloring- stuff and would call it healthy.

Things are different now.

Now I know that you might not be as excited about making your own stuff as I am, but I hope you catch the bug.

By making your own salad dressings, you can:

1.  Reduce toxins by using only wholesome whole food ingredients (none of that icky stuff listed above)

2.   Save tons of money

3.  Reduce the impact on the environment by buying less packaged stuff.

4.  Avoid extra sugars.  Many dressings are loaded with HCFS and other sweeteners.  Particularly if you are on a candida diet, these will wreak havoc on your health.

Anyway, you can jump on this saving money, healthier for you and the environment bandwagon too with this dressing.

So come along with me.

The inspiration for this dressing came from Oh She Glows, a fabulous vegetarian blog.  We made her Adzuki Bean Quinoa Tabbouleh, grabbed her dressing and made it our own.

My kids quickly pushed aside the Moroccan Vinaigrette and our Favorite Salad Dressing – Five Ways and ate this one voraciously for the next few weeks.

And I’m finally getting around to sharing it with you.

Five Ingredient Salad Dressing - Our new favorite!

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We use this not only as a salad dressing, but to top all kinds of things.  For example:

  • on top of beans and rice  for a jazzed up last minute meal
  • atop cooked veggies.  Marinate in the dressing for about 2 hours for added flavor
  • as a dip for fresh veggies in a little bowl or cup.  My boys like to mix in extra nutritional yeast to make it thicker.

We’re trying to add more and more veggies to our diet and sometimes it’s just plain hard.   It’s great to have things like this dressing to make it that much easier.

Oh – and if you are looking for a nutritional yeast the does NOT contain added b-vitamins, this brand is your answer.

Other Homemade Condiments on our Dinner Table

If you haven’t tried those, you really should.

Oh, and if you really have to stop at Wendy’s, maybe throw a container of this in your bag first.  (Is that allowed :)?)


Do YOU Make Your Own Salad Dressing?

Got a favorite recipe to share?


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  1. We have a favorite salad dressing we have been using for years and everyone loves is! Here it is if you’re interested ~

    People tell me they could drink it out of the bottle! :)

  2. I love making my own dressing. I learned a while back if you add a spoonful of Dijon mustard to your o/v dressing it will bind the oil and vinegar together so it’s all nice and blended.

    • I’ve seen dijon in a lot of dressings. Love it but it’s pricey. I’ve been trying to make my own “Dijon” additive to recipes. ‘Cause I make everything, remember :).

  3. I make my own mustard. It’s super easy! I have the spicy mustard down pat, but I’m still working on a milder version.

  4. Hi Adrienne – what are the health benefits of nutritional yeast?

    • Well, it depends what kind you buy. It doesn’t affect candida. It is high in protein (about 8 grams per 2 Tbsp), and some have added B-vitamins to them. It’s great on popcorn, but I like our popcorn seasoning a little better :)

      • Hi Adrienne, do you know where I can get nutritional yeast w/o the added b vitamins? The ones I looked at added the synthetic folic acid.

        • KAL’s N Yeast doesn’t have the added B vitamins :). (affiliate link)

          • Adrienne,

            Thank you for the suggestion. I just check it out and it looks like they do add folic acid + other b vitamins. I looked at the back of the label on the 4th picture down.

            Do you have any other suggestions?


            • I am sorry – I don’t know what to say. I have heard for a long time that there are options w/o the b-vitamins. I just ran through the internet looking but I can’t find one. If you do please share. Is it MTHFR you are worried about?

              • Yes, it’s MTHFR. The nutritional yeast sound so yummy! Thanks for looking for me. :) If I find something I’ll come back & share.

                • I have been looking into that. I am concerned about it but my 2 current practitioners say that when you work on detoxing your body things like MTHFR aren’t really an issue as the expression of the gene is affected by toxins in our bodies. Just something to think about – take care!

            • Regarding the nutritional yeast, KAL does contain added B vitamins (which is what I’ve also been using). Thinking of switching to one that I know ISN’T fortified with synthetic folic acid which is Dr. Fuhrman’s—a bit pricey ($9.95 per 4 oz, I believe the same price as Bragg) but nonetheless, there is this particular nutritional yeast for anyone looking for a healthier version (I already posted something to this effect many hrs ago and it never appeared. Hmm).

  5. Will do as soon as I get a chance. I’m taking care of a sick and needy child at the moment.

  6. your dressing looks delicious – but I’ve never heard of using nutritional yeast. I’m definitely going to have to give this a try. I really enjoy making dressings as well

  7. I love this Adrienne. I have never used nutritional yeast in a dressing, but it sounds like a great idea. I’m absolutely trying this.

  8. Do you know how long nutritional yeast lasts? I’ve had some for about a year and never used it. Do you think it is still good?

    • I just read 18 mos to 2 years in a cool and dry place. But I keep mine in the freezer and fridge and I buy it in super bulk. And have never had it spoil. :)

  9. I’ve been making my own salad dressings or vinaigrettes since I spent so many years abroad where bought salad dressings couldn’t be found. I learned from the French to make my own dressings, in which Dijon mustard was a frequent addition along with fresh garlic and a variety of herbs to taste. I usually use lemon juice and virgin olive oil although I have used many types of vinegars including apple cider vinegar. I have never tried nutrional yeast, that is a new one for me. I love new ideas, will definitely try it!
    Love your site with all the ideas and recipes. Have made several of your beauty products as well! Thanks so much!!

  10. Interesting article and interesting recipe for salad dressing too! now I don’t need to worry if my favorite salad dressing is out of stock in the market.

  11. I felt like a secret agent…replaced our usual vinaigrette with this recipe and it was a total hit!!!

    We even used some as marinade for grilled chix and it was ah-mazing! This will be a staple for our house, thank you so much for sharing this recipe with us!

  12. I love that this dressing recipe includes nutritional yeast! It’s such a great source of B vitamins, and the flavor is fantastic. Thank you for sharing! If you haven’t already, I’d love if you’d come join my How To Tuesday link party, too.

  13. Hi Adrienne, This sounds great!—and I LOVE using nutritional yeast. But just a quick Q. Approx. how long do you think this will last in the frige? And I’m sure once we try it and realize just how much we love it, this concern will most likely be moot, right? :) But just curious anyway. Thanks!

    • Hmm.. I am not sure and I really can’t make a claim about it but I will say I have it on my table and don’t even bother putting it away b/c we go through it pretty fast. Folks leave out olive oil bottles and such, you know? And the salt can only help it keep.

      • So, even with fresh garlic you don’t refrigerate your
        I wondered myself because the vinegar should hold it, but
        I always chill it, then I am running it under running warm
        water to melt the oil… lol I always sprinkle Nutritional
        Yeast on my salad, why not in the dressing! Thanks!

  14. Ok, cool. Makes sense. Thanks Adrienne. :)

  15. I tried adding some EVOO to the bottom of a nearly empty bottle of dressing to use up the seasonings, and it got really thick in the fridge. No one would touch it. I ended up using it as a marinade so it wasn’t wasted. I suspect this one would be okay left out since it has salt, vinegar and the anti-bacterial garlic in it? My only concern would be the garlic breaking down, but maybe the salt and vinegar would preserve it? Unfortunately, most of my girls eat Ranch dressing like a food, rather than a condiment. (Teens, so there’s no going back. Stubborn critters. They avoid “organic” like the plague.) Hoping to find a good homemade ranch dressing to sneak into their bottle of Hidden Valley sometime…any ideas?

    • Yep – the olive oil turns solid in the fridge. I can’t speak to how long it will last but mine is doing OK. I dont know if I can replicate store bought ranch, but maybe have them read my post today on generational health issues and maybe they’ll listen to you :).

  16. I love making my own dressings! I love how simple this one is!

  17. Love this recipe, Adrienne! So awesome.

  18. WOW, sounds so yummy and its so simple! Love it! I hope you stop by Gluten Free Fridays this week to link up this yummy recipe! It will be live Thursday evening at 7:05 pm! We are having a Gluten Free giveaway this week to one lucky person! Hope to see you there! Cindy :)

  19. I agree- haven’t bought dressing in years. I’ve never used nutritional yeast in my dressing- Where do you buy it?

    • There’s a link in my post but here is another one to Amazon. It is my affiliate link – hope that helps.

    • Most health-food stores sell nutritional yeast. At my co-op it’s available in the bulk section, where it looks expensive (price per pound) but because it’s so light and fluffy, it actually costs pennies per serving. I love nutritional yeast and look forward to trying this dressing!

  20. Thanks for posting this recipe. With the weather warming up, I am ready for salads again. This will be perfect as a dressing. I have a Tuesday Greens linky at and would love to have you link up some of your real food posts. Thanks and have a great week!

  21. Sorry if this is redundant (I did not read all the comments). What is the shelf life of this dressing would you say?

  22. I just wondered if you have ever tried running this through the blender? What it was like?

    Thanks :)

  23. Looking forward to trying this! But before I do… Do you use Bragg’s ACV or the “regular” filtered stuff from the grocery store?

  24. Jen McKinney says:

    I can’t wait till I can use vinegar and yeast again. Someday!

  25. Are you adding the yeast strictly for nutritional value or does it actually do something to the dressing?

  26. I know that brewer’s yeast is something completely different but I happen to have it on hand and might substitute to see if it’s palatable. I hope it is because I’m not going to waste it ;). Thx for the recipe!

    • I find Brewers to be icky. I heard swanson’s is good but haven’t tried it. We have a container of Brewers here and can’t bear to eat it.

      • You know it actually tastes great! I put it on my husband’s salad and he said the dressing was good and I would never tell him I put my brewer’s yeast in it lol ;). It was Lewis lab’s brewers yeast buds. Anyhow thank you…now I have another use for it besides oatmeal, smoothies and popcorn.

  27. Regarding the nutritional yeast—I, too, have been using KAL but am hesitant to continue since it uses synthetic folic acid. The only one that I know of that isn’t fortified and DOESN’T contain synthetic folic acid is Dr. Fuhrman’s. Albeit a bit pricy at $9.95 per 4 oz (and s/h on top of that), nonetheless, it is the only one out there that I know of.

  28. I tried posting TWICE about KAL nutritional yeast having synthetic folic acid and that Dr. Fuhrman’s is the only one that I know of that IS NOT fortified. Why aren’t you approving my posts? I would think that you would want your viewers to know this—especially for the ones who are looking for a healthier NY. I always thought you were on the up and up—I guess I was wrong. Because you could at least allow the “conversation”. You have with the other posts, why not allow mine? This makes no sense. This is unfortunate. And because so, I will no longer be promoting you as I’ve done in the past as it’s obvious you are not interested in “truth”, certainly not when it contradicts YOUR opinions and posts. Again, this is unfortunate. … and of course I understand you will not be posting this, I simply wanted you to read it.

    • I am sorry you have this impression of me but I have no idea what you are talking about regarding the 2 comments. This is the first one I saw and I searched your email address and I don’t see any more. I did my own research about unfortified nutritional yeast and it is hard to find – you are right. I did find 1 potential source for bulk but I have to dig it up. I must say I am surprised that you jumped to the conclusion that I am not on the up and up – and again, I don’t know why you think I didn’t approve your comments. Maybe you can share what happened but your comments aren’t in the spam folder either. Thanks and I hope you can explain and we can resolve this. Thanks.

  29. This was very good! We love to dip fried potatoes in it! Thank you

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