Chocolate Chip Cheesecake-Filled Chocolate Vegan Cupcakes (gluten, egg, & sugar-free w/ dairy-free option)

Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Vegan Cupcakes - Gluten Free, Sugar Free & Vegan Cupcakes that taste amazing! Delicious chocolate cupcakes filled with a dairy free cheesecake filling that's sure to please.

Though I don’t do as much gluten free baking as I used to, I still love making healthier special treats for my family on occasion. These Pumpkin Snickerdoodles, Grain-free Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Macaroons are some of our favorites, but this vegan cupcake recipe, well–it really takes the cake :).

I used to make homemade low fat cheesecakes as a special treat for holidays. They were amazing.  But our diets have changed.

Now we eat a sugar free diet, plus we’re dairy free (due to my son’s life threatening food allergies), and whole grain only.  Could I make something fabulous with those restrictions?

I typically love a culinary challenge, but this one seemed a little steep.

I saw these fabulous cupcakes by Ricki Heller (one of my favorite bloggers) and knew I had to have them.

The  vegan cheesecake inner reminded me of the lovely cheesecakes I used to make and I just knew my family would love them.

So I went in the kitchen and got to work. Ricki’s recipe is already great, of course, but I wanted to get a way around the fruit juices in the cake part to make them less of a glycemic issue for us.

And I ended up tweaking her cheesecake filler a bit.

Well, we have a real winner here, folks.

This Vegan Cupcake Recipe is amazing.  The 24 cupcakes I made were gone in a flash and I have 3 men (2 of them are pretty young) begging for more.

(By the way–not a follower or Ricki’s?  Hop on over there and check out her wonderful blog now :-).)

Anyway, I paired the tweaked “cheesecake” filler with my Homemade Chocolate Chips and this recipe from Copycat Cook with a few minor alterations.

The result?


vegan cupcakes


 1.  Please use Soaked and Dehydrated Nuts or Seeds.

2.  If you use a stronger-tasting nut like pumpkin seeds, you will need more sweetener.  (Pumpkin seeds are a great zinc source, by the way.)  Macadamias and cashews are a good mild choice for this filling.

3.  I used a minimal amount of starch because I try to bake with whole grain flours only.  The cupcakes sink “a tad” using this recipe.  If you want a completely “non sinking” cupcake, trade a little of the whole grain flour for some starch.

4.  My basic “go to” gluten-free flour blend is typically 4 parts sweet brown rice, 4 parts mixed whole grain gluten-free flours, consisting of millet, buckwheat, amaranth, and long grain brown rice.  I pretty much use whatever I have on hand :-).

5.  Measuring Stevia:  These stainless mini measuring spoons from Amazon are super duper handy.  The 2nd smallest is 1/32 of a teaspoon so you can easily measure stevia extract.


Norpro Mini Measuring Spoons


Creamy dairy free cheesecake filling with crunchy chunky chocolate (or carob) chips, surrounded by a “just right” chocolate cake.

Honestly, I’ve made a number of cakes over the years (well, I do make more cookies and such than cakes), but these were a clear favorite.

Gobbled up lickety-split.

By the way, you will have extra filling with these proportions.  I thought about reducing the proportions, but we really liked having the extra.

My husband likes to add it to his cupcakes by putting a big dollop on top when he ate them.  While my oldest just eats it by the spoonful for a snack :-).

You could, alternatively, use it as a frosting of sorts.  Or even a fruit dip.

Whatever way you choose to eat is, it’s just great.

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What’s your favorite cupcake recipe?

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  1. I made these tonight for an independence day cookout with friends of my husband whom I never met until tonight. Needless to say, I was pretty bold as I took them out of the oven as we were walking out the door. I had no idea what they would taste like or even if they baked correctly. Our hostess is intoletant to both dairy and gluten, so when dessert came, I was so nervous. They were great. My husband woukd have likes them to be a little sweeter, but I enjoyed them and so did she!

  2. Anything I can use in place of lemon juice for the filling? Maybe orange juice concentrate? My son can’t have lemon :-/