“Dorito”-Flavored Popcorn (dairy free)

Love DORITOS®, but don't love the chemical ICK? This popcorn seasoning recipe is for you! Get Dorito Flavor without the chemicals with this Dorito Popcorn! Dairy free and gluten-free, this topping works for almost all special diets, but it's great on veggies, pasta, salad, etc too.

If you’ve been around my blog, or my family, for awhile, you know that we love popcorn – I’ve got a bunch of homemade popcorn recipes on my site from nut buttery popcorn to one our faves (with an unusual origin)–Surprisingly Good Seasoned Popcorn. And of course there is basic popcorn for the popcorn purist.  Seriously – that one is ALWAYS a hit no matter where we take it.

But one thing you likely don’t know is that I love Doritos.

But I don’t eat them.

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In fact, no one in our home eats them.

We did have on unfortunate episode with a Ranch Dorito® long ago that led to a near anaphylactic reaction in my oldest, but that’s not why we don’t have them around.

Since I’ve become a natural-whole foodie, GMO corn and the chemical concoction on top of the crispy chips are not welcome in our home anymore.

The ingredients in Doritos are just nothing that I want in my or my family’s bodies.

When you think about it, would you really choose to have your chips topped with monosodium glutamate, Yellow 5, Yellow 6, Red 40, disodium inosinate and disodium guanylate?

Me neither.

I actually have a few funny things to tell you about Doritos–each one about one of my sons

What’s a Dorito, anyway?

When I found some Dorito seasoning recipes on the internet and told my boys that I would be making Dorito Popcorn, my youngest asked what Doritos are.

I know, that sounds pretty ridiculous to some folks, but since we’ve never had them in our house, and we don’t watch much TV, my son didn’t know what they are.

Hint: If you are trying to whole-foodify your family’s diet, avoiding TV is a huge help. And avoid the center aisles of the grocery store too.  That’s where almost all of the processed stuff lurks. Just waiting to tempt you to spend too much and put chemicals and additives into your body.

The Only Dorito My Oldest Son Has Ever Had

When my son was about 5 months old, he was diagnosed with life-threatening food allergies to 3 foods (later other foods were added to his “off limit” list.) You can read Eczema and Food Allergies–from Despair to Healing to learn more about all we went through.

Dairy, egg whites, and peanuts have not been in his diet. Ever.

Well, mostly.

When he was about 1 1/2 years old, we were at a church party.

Suddenly, I noticed my son had hives all down one side of his face and was holding a half-eaten  chip.

I grabbed the chip and quickly figured out what had happened.

My suspicions were verified when I found the offending chip’s bag.

Ranch Doritos. They contain milk powder.

Another small child had placed his unfinished plate of Doritos down at “little tyke” level and my son had gotten a bite.

We quickly gave him Benadryl and called his allergist who assured us he was in no danger as long as the symptoms didn’t progress to vomiting or breathing. Which they didn’t.


  • between the one son who didn’t know what Doritos are
  • the other who has only had a small bite ever cross his lips and
  • mom who just loves Doritos but can’t stomach the ingredient list,

we were all super excited to work on making a seasoning that we could put on popcorn and have that delicious Dorito flavor without all the allergy problems and chemical and GMO ickiness.

We made a whole bunch of batches of popcorn this past weekend (it was seriously a big-time popcorn fest) but we finally think we’ve come up with the one that tastes the most like Doritos.  (Nacho Cheese Doritos, that is. Maybe I can work on another flavor in the future.)

And just so you know, this really does taste like Doritos.  I shared some with a friend today and she said it really did–and then we took it to a picnic and someone said that our popcorn really smelled like Doritos.  Ah—culinary success :).

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Love DORITOS®, but don't love the chemical ICK? This popcorn seasoning recipe is for you! Get Dorito Flavor without the chemicals with this Dorito Popcorn! Dairy free and gluten-free, this topping works for almost all special diets, but it's great on veggies, pasta, salad, etc too.

Love DORITOS®, but don't love the chemical ICK? This popcorn seasoning recipe is for you! Get Dorito Flavor without the chemicals with this Dorito Popcorn! Dairy free and gluten-free, this topping works for almost all special diets, but it's great on veggies, pasta, salad, etc too.

We just love this new addition to our much beloved popcorn recipes.

Oh–and as a side note, nutritional yeast is a non-candida-feeding yeast that has a nutty-cheesy flavor. Vegans tend to use it a lot for a cheesy taste without dairy.  You can buy it on Amazon.

And if you’re trying to avoid synthetic folic acid (almost all nutritional yeast has it), here is a brand to try.

If you love popcorn as much as we do, you’ll love my other recipes:

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Where to buy Quality Spices?

I personally LOVE Frontier spices for their freshness and quality. I buy almost all of my spices from them in bulk because we do so much cooking from scratch.

If you prefer small amounts, Mountain Rose Herbs is another company that carries quality products for a good price.

What is your favorite way to eat popcorn?

Do you still eat Doritos :)?


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  1. Eli@coachdaddy says:

    The kids love all the stinky chips like Doritos. I’m old, so I like cracked pepper and sea salt at most. Anyway, this looks like something we can destroy together.

  2. Katherine says:

    I don’t use butter for the popcorn but how do you keep the seasoning to actually stick to the popcorn and not fall towards the bottom of the bowl. I just tried this by the way taste really good!

  3. Oh my goodness! This is amazing! Thank you so much for this incredible recipe. My husband and I are trying to cut out unhealthy foods and all the additives so we have been having popcorn when we feel like a salty snack. But sometimes you miss other favours and feel like something else other than plain salt – well this is the answer! Yum all the way from sunny South Africa!

  4. Mom2acrew says:

    I just made this. I have an air popper, so I swirled melted butter around a large bowl to coat the sides. Then I added popcorn and tossed it around. Then I added the seasoning and tossed again. TBH, it tasted nothing like Doritos. BUT, it was delicious. It was so nice to have a crunchy, flavourful, healthy treat. I’m thinking my problem may be that the nutritional yeast is old and lost its cheesy flavour. We found it tasted like taco popcorn. We didn’t care though. It still hit the flavourful, crunchy, salty spot.

  5. I made this last night and loved it. I”m not sure if it tastes like doritos or not, but it’s yummy!

  6. What is the purpose of the yeast? I would need to substitute since I’m highly sensitive to yeast. I wanted to ask also, concerning your son who is allergic to egg whites, is it just chicken egg whites? I’m allergic(non life threatening) to chicken egg whites, so I eat duck eggs as much as possible. I sympathize with him on the hives, most prescription medicines do me the same way. I spent days in the hospital covered in hives. This all hit me in my 60s, I can’t imagine the worry of having a child allergic to things so common, and trying to keep him safe.

    • Hi there. It gives it a nutty / cheesy flavor. My son is allergic to duck egg white too I assume since the commonality is huge. Our allergist said not to try – I think quail would be an option. It’s hard, but we are managing. At least he can have butter. I’m sorry for your problems. It’s not easy.

    • Thank you for your reply. I’m sorry your son can’t have the duck eggs either. They are different from chicken egg whites, so they’re safe for me. It’s the same as eating a hen egg so I’m happy with it.. Have you considered guinea eggs? I have no idea as to the makeup of them. I’ll have to do some research on the yeast. I can’t have regular or brewer’s yeast, but I don’t know about this type. Does it have the same fermentation ability? That’s the problem with me.

      • I haven’t thought about that. Don’t know where I would get them either. This yeast does not ferment. I didn’t think that Brewer’s could either, however. Can it?

  7. Definitely going to try this recipe. Looks so good! Friday night is popcorn night at our house, and if I’ve got a lick of energy left after the grandkids leave today, I’m popping up a big batch of this. Thank you! I shared it with my Facebook peeps on Cooking with Whole Grains & Real Whole Foods, where it’s the Recipe of the Day today.

  8. Is the spice mix all used for one recipe?

  9. Becky Barrett says:

    Thank you for posting this information! I actually found you because I was looking up a healthy alternative to Doritos, since my 4 yr old had a similar reaction as your son. I’m glad I’m not the only Mom to realize and understand the harm these chemicals do to people. Especially our babies! I have been making things homemade and pitched out everything with chemical preservatives. His health has improved 100%. No rash, breathing problems, pale skin, dark under eye circles or hives. He is like a new kid. So sad that you have research before you shop. Who has time to coupon now?! ? Sad.

  10. I tried this with air-popped, but sprayed it with olive oil Pam before adding the spices. Not sure how good that is for me, but it does work. Also, I took this same mixture and sprinkled it over almond pulp as I was drying it in the oven. Made great crackers! Thanks for the info

  11. That tasted nothing like doritos, my mouth is on fire, worst recipe I have ever tried, omg you should never suggest recipes to people it is an act of terrorism

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