The Best Cinnamon Sugar – Made Healthier

All Cinnamon Sugar is NOT alike :)! We taste-tested a bunch of Cinnamon Sugar blends and this one came out on top! And we made it sugar-free too!

Making your own homemade seasoning blends is a great way to save money and avoid unwanted additives in your food.  I already make my own taco seasoning, chili powder, curry powder, and vegetable broth mix, but never really had a recipe for cinnamon sugar.

I typically would just break out cinnamon and a sweetener and mix them ad hoc to make a blend when I needed it.

I have fond memories of my mother driving me to preschool in the car while I savored a piece of toast that was topped with some margarine (yes, we were a completely processed food family) and christened with a just-right-amount of cinnamon sugar.

I’m sure the cinnamon sugar came in a pre-blended container too :-).

It tasted and smelled soooo good.

I was quite young and I was an early reader.  I would munch on my toast and read the names of the street signs out loud on our way.

Funny how fragrances and flavors can trigger memories, isn’t it?

Well, I still love cinnamon sugar (my kids do too) but like everything I needed to be able to make my own and have it on hand.

But what proportion to use?  And why make your own?

As for the why, you can read my post on Homemade Seasoning Blends to see why I recommend making your own blends.

And for the how, here’s what I did.  As with some other recipes (like the ranch seasoning mix that I will share with you soon) that I work on for awhile, I had a blind taste test (my family members were the panelists) and tested four different blends that I found on the internet.

The results were well — basically hilarious!

Each blend won!

So here you go.  You now have 4 cinnamon sugar blends to choose from.  One for every taste in your family!

The sweetest blend (the least amount of cinnamon) was my youngest’s favorite.  He has quite the sweet tooth, just like his mama.  I predicted he’d like this one the best.  I made all four blends up this morning and let him try them all once he woke up.  He got a great big smile on his face after tasting the mildest version and said “This one!” when I asked which was the best.

The strongest was my husband’s favorite and he even said that it could still use more cinnamon.  (But then, this is the man who puts Tabasco on everything.)

The one in the middle was my favorite (followed closely by the sweetest version).

And the cinnamon-nutmeg blend was enjoyed by all as having just that little-extra-something.

In the next few days I’ll be sharing a super recipe for Super and Easy Baked Oatmeal / Oatmeal Cake – Two Ways that this is the perfect topping for so stay tuned!  It’s a great Christmas breakfast idea so I’ll try to get it done tomorrow if possible.


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Hope you like it!

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Do you have a special flavor or fragrance memory to share?

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  1. Your cinnamon sugar calls for a sweetener. So which sweetener do you use?

  2. Is evaporated cane juice a good sweetener?

  3. Since most xylitol is made from GMO corn, I think I would just as soon use cane sugar. Sucanat is very expensive, as is Rapadura, and they are both basically brown (cane) sugar, admittedly less processed and likely Fair Trade, but I could never afford them. Obviously if cane is a problem for you, you need to find something else, but how about Stevia? Anyway, I enjoyed your article……cute how you used your family for a blind taste test.

    • I use only xylitol that is made from birch. Stevia won’t work b/c it is way too sweet – well, maybe it would. I guess I could try my hand at it but sprinkling it will be tough. Thanks!

  4. I love home made for cost, and wholesome ness. Your website is the best..and I have looked at many! You cover all the bases with cheer and good information. Thank you so much for sharing!

  5. When I was a kid, I experimented with blends to achieve my desired taste. I came up with your “strongest” blend, though I always just eyeball it, into a glass spice jar (for easy shaking on toast). For readers who have no desire to measure 16 tsp, that is the same as 1/3 cup. Or simply use any spoon you want and measure a 3:1 sweetener to cinnamon ratio (3 scoops of sweetener, 1 scoop of cinnamon). My 5 year old loves this combination as well. She regularly requests it for breakfast. Yum. Thanks for sharing!