Chocolate Zucchini Bread – gluten-free & vegan with sugar-free option

How about a little Zucchini with your Chocolate? With this great Chocolate Zucchini Bread Recipe you can . It's Gluten-free, vegan, with sugar free option. Made with healthy teff flour too!
{I love being able to make healthier treats for my family like Almond Joy Bars, Dairy-Free Ice Cream, No-Bake Cookies, and “Secret-Ingredient” Chocolate Frosting.  Today, Laura from Petite Allergy Treats, with a fabulous Chocolate Zucchini Bread Recipe that will knock your socks off.  Plus it’s gluten-free and vegan.  Who could ask for anything more:)?}

Dear Summer,

Hurry up and get here!  You’ve been gone for too long.  I feel like I should file a missing seasons report.  I miss your sunny face and warmth.  I would love to spend an afternoon outside.  I would go for a walk, run or even sit on the elusive ‘green grass’.  

I’m not sure if you heard but Spring isn’t coming back anytime soon.  I know I can count on you to bring sunny days.  You also bring my friends with you, fresh vegetables and fruits.

I miss you.

Please come back as soon as possible.

Love always,


If you haven’t already guessed, my inspiration for this recipe is summer.

I long for warmer days.

Spring is supposed to be here, right?  Come on, hurry up.  March has been such a let down, I really had HIGH hopes.  April better step it up a notch, too.

I’m not asking for much, really.   My expectations are low for the moment.  I would take 40 degree days.   What about you?  Did you get a few days of warmer weather?

We did.  It. was. heaven.  I could barely contain my excitement when I got the stroller out for a walk.

Chocolate Zucchini Bread Recipe - Gluten-free, vegan, with sugar free option


Spring fever reared its ugly head after enjoying a day out.  We had a “heat wave” the past week with 50 degree weather.  We were able to play outside but when it was time to go in, there was trouble…

My youngest son, Mr. Naughty, screamed and threw the biggest tantrum.  He ran away from me desperately searching for a way to prolong the fun.  I tried to pick him up and he went boneless.  He rolled around on the driveway (which was covered in fresh blue and green chalk).

He was so out of sorts he couldn’t control himself.  I had to carry him (while avoiding his swinging arms and legs) into the house.  It only got better from there….  Actually, it didn’t.   His tantrum continued for a solid 15 minutes.  And I can’t blame the kid, I wanted to stay out too.

Shredded Zucchini

So, here’s a zucchini bread recipe that will remind us all of summer.   Think of the wonderful weather and vegetables to come.  Summer always seems to have a plethora of zucchini available.   Zucchini always reminds me of summer.

I am trying to use less “sugar” in my baked treats.  I ended up using maple syrup and molasses for a sweetener.  I drew some inspiration from a book I recently reviewed, which only uses natural sweeteners and whole grain gluten free flours.

How about a little Zucchini with your Chocolate? With this great Chocolate Zucchini Bread Recipe you can . It's Gluten-free, vegan, with sugar free option. Made with healthy teff flour too!n


One last note about the recipe.  You’ll notice I added vinegar, which may seem a bit strange.

A long time ago, I read an article about dutch processed cocoa compared to regular cocoa.  The short and simple difference is dutch cocoa is processed with alkaline, which means the pH is more basic (less acidic).  This will influence baking powder and baking soda’s ability to work.

Baking really is a science.  A little vinegar (could be apple cider), will give the correct pH and helps with texture and rise.  You won’t end up with a gummy center, which happens far too often in gluten free baked goods.  Trust me. :-)

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Zucchini are plentiful in the summer but I love how they are available all year round.  For other great ways to use it try Zucchini Noodles, Zucchini Galette, Zucchini Fries and Zucchini Lasagna recipes.

Thanks Adrienne!  You’re the best!

What other recipes do you use zucchini for? 

LauraAbout Laura: I currently live in Wisconsin with my husband and two silly boys, who suffer from severe food allergies.  We have drastically changed our diets due to my son’s: wheat, egg, soy, peanut, tree nut, sunflower and sesame seed allergies.

My family currently does not use Truvia, Xylitol, Stevia or honey due to their close relationship with the sunflower family.   I use natural sugar substitutes such as dried fruit, maple syrup, and regular organic sugar in place of highly refined sugars in baking.  I believe that less is more when it comes to processed foods.  I try and buy organic produce whenever possible and support my local farmer’s markets in the summer months.

Laura loves to connect with her readers.  You can find more recipes on her blog, and can follow her on FacebookPinterestGoogle+ and  Twitter.

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  1. Definitely pinning this one. I LOVE zucchini in any way it comes, but you can’t beat combining it with chocolate… obviously. :)

  2. This looks yummy. However, I need some clarification. For a sugar-free version, you recommend maple syrup or stevia. Could you please give a substitution amount for xylitol?

    Also, the recipe calls for molasses. According to the dictionary (and other sites), molasses is, a “thick, dark brown syrup obtained from raw sugar during the refining process, a version of which is used in baking.” This would make molasses sugar. Can you give a substitution and amount for the molasses.

    I really want to try the recipe, though need to keep it sugar-free. Thank you.

  3. This looks wonderful. My only question, and this is something I’ve wondered for some time, does baking with almond milk cause any issues with the final product (such as taste of consistency?)

    • Hi Van! Nice to connect here. I don’t think so – I use it all the time. Do you mean compared to dairy milk?

      • Hi!

        It’s a pleasure. =) I like your work.

        Yes, as compared to dairy milk. I’ve always had hesitation because I never wanted to find out that 1) the almond milk would change the flavor/texture in a noticeable manner or 2) that almond milk would not heat well (or something.)

        I will have to give it a try some time.

        • I’m sure Laura will chime in. I have not baked with dairy milk in a long long time since my oldest was born w/ a life threatening dairy allergy (amongst others). I would think that almond would heat better than dairy due to the curdling issue, right? Of course, all milks will be a little different. Coconut will be rich. Almond next so and rice milk more thin. Oat is a nice one too. Probably I would like coconut best and then almond. You can always add more almonds. And I heard that if you heat almond milk it gets thicker – kind of viscous. So that might be a good idea too. Thanks for the kind words – I saw your thai recipe on G+ – if you have a fave recipe share here or there. I’ve been swamped and needed to scoot when I saw it.

          • A life threatening dairy allergy? That isn’t good. I’ve attempted to cut as much dairy out as possible as it doesn’t play well with my system. I don’t want to say I’m allergic; however, I’m susceptible to a wide range of issues if I drink it – interestingly, if I heat it (like in baking or making ice cream) I don’t have have the same issues. Still, I tend to stay away.

            Hmmm… I think I’ll try the coconut milk option. Or, for something like this, Hemp as it tends to be a bit sweeter.

            Thanks for the comment on the Thai recipe. If there is something that I think is outstanding I’ll make sure to pass it your way. I have a few gluten free recipes that I will be making next month as well.


            • Hmmm…that’s interesting. I would bet you are altering the proteins by baking it so you might have an allergy. My husband was severely lactose intolerant but as we’ve done gut work he has done much better with it. Still, no straight milk for him.

              Hemp is a great idea. I haven’t made it but just got a heap of hemp seeds so maybe I should.

              You’re welcome. I need to try that recipe. I love Asian food. Take care!

        • Van,
          Those are great questions! I have often wondered that myself. :-) I just saw Adrienne posted about Oat milk. I might have to try that since my son has recently past his food challenge with oats. Yay!

          I’ll have to look for you on G+, I love Thai food!

    • Hi Van,

      My son is allergic to almonds and coconut, therefore I don’t have any personal experiences with these in baked goods. :-) Any thoughts , Adrienne?

  4. Please give pan measurements, standard size for you may be different from what I consider standard.

  5. Holy yum, Laura! I love the idea to sneak veggies into a delicious bread like this. And it’s all made even better with the chocolate :)

  6. HOLY MOLY!!! This looks amazing–and I am always SO excited to find a recipe that fits within my candida restrictions!! (I’ll probably try this with yacon first, just to be safe). ;) I can’t wait to give this one a go.

  7. Sounds delicious! What a way to dress up plain old zucchini bread! :) I’m going to save this for summertime! :)
    ~ Christine

  8. I love chocolate zucchini bread but I never tried a recipe on my own. Yours looks amazing, I’m gonna try it! :)

  9. This tastes great, but was so horribly try. The cooking time is way to long and there was not enough ingredient to keep it moist. I will use apple sauce next time and cut down the cooking time to 40 mins.
    Taste was amazing though

    • meant dry

      • Jen,

        Sorry to hear things turned out dry… perhaps your zucchini was squeezed dryer than mine or it could be from using different ingredients. I don’t use Stevia or other sugar substitutes and I used palm oil since we are allergic to Coconut. Everyone’s ovens are a little different with temperatures too. It sounds like you made some great adjustments with the added applesauce and less time. :)

  10. Looks good, Adrienne! Chocolate zucchini bread is one of my favorites :)