Baked Oatmeal (or Oatmeal Cake) (gluten-free with vegan and sugar-free options)

Need a healthy, easy breakfast? This Baked Oatmeal Cake can be started the night before and finished in the morning and it is flourless, refined sugar free, with an egg free and dairy free option. One of our family favorites!

Breakfast is a tough meal of the day for families on the go who are trying to be healthy.  We’re a little unconventional around here and have been known to have this chocolate pudding, bean fudge, or even homemade protein bars or almond joy bars for breakfast.

The way I see it – if it’s healthy, you can have it for breakfast, right?  Even if it’s fudge :).

This recipe is a little more of a conventional breakfast food for sure, but we still love it.

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And I’ve been making way too much of it.

It really is that good – and that easy.

My family’s Baked Oatmeal Cake obsession all started when our dear friend, Beckie, shared some baked oatmeal with us at her home one night after a homeschooling family gathering.  I had heard of baked oatmeal, but had never made it nor tried it.  Well, my kids gobbled it up and ….well, I was then one a quest for the best Baked Oatmeal recipe that I could find.

I came home with her recipe in hand and poked around on the internet a bit and found a few recipes that intrigued me, but I basically ended up altering a combination of my friend’s recipe and this one from Baked Bree.

The resulting success story that you see pictured above is the result!

I love this cake – why?  It is:

  • Super easy
  • Super healthy
  • Super good

The funny thing about this recipe is that I discovered the “cake” version completely by mistake.  I knew it was important to soak grains (especially oats) and so I set the oats out to soak overnight.

The next day ended up being a flurry of too many things to do and so I didn’t get around to baking the cake until about 24 hours later.  The result?  A delicious not-too-sweet-at-all cake that you won’t believe was made entirely from rolled oats.  (For another “mistake turned family favorite, see my post on Chat Masala.)

You can make the oatmeal cake in either way (hence the funny title), either soaking the oats just overnight so that you end up with more of a Baked Oatmeal-type dish.  The top will be more of a cake, but it will be more dense and more like thick oatmeal on the bottom.

Or, if you soak them for 24 hours or more (like I did the first time :-)), then you will end up with something that more resembles a cake than baked oatmeal.

In fact, when I took the 24 hour soaked version over to Becky’s house for her to try, she said, “You added flour to this, didn’t you?”

No – I didn’t :-).  The oats just turned out that way.  Amazing.  See how much soaking your grains can change the grains themselves?

Don’t know about soaking grains?  I never had heard of this until a few years ago and I didn’t really understand.  The basic reason is that grains (and especially oats) contain phytic acid and other anti-nutrients that make digestion difficult.  You can read more about this in my post on how and why to soak grains.

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We like this recipe both ways, but I personally think the cake version is a bit nicer.

Tell me what you think!
Need a healthy, easy breakfast? This Baked Oatmeal Cake can be started the night before and finished in the morning and it is flourless, refined sugar free, with an egg free and dairy free option. One of our family favorites!

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Do you have a recipe “mistake” that turned out great?


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  1. Baked oatmeal sounds lovely and a prefect thing for breakfast around the holidays. It makes a big batch for everyone with minimal kitchen time and a nice gut filler before all those decadent meals! Merry Christmas Adrienne.

  2. I’ve been given a few recipes from friends for baked oatmeal, but not soaked. I haven’t gotten around to fiddling with recipes to enable a soak. Now I don’t have to. Will definitely try this!

  3. Do you put the melted coconut oil in with the soaking? It’s so cold in our house right now I’d think it would just turn solid.

  4. I just subscribed. And I am so grateful that you have this website to share the insight you have learned through your experiences. Thank you.

    • Hello Natty. Thanks for your kind words! Were you hoping for the Free Cookbook? Just wanted to make sure since this comment was on a different post. Welcome :-).

  5. Do you have to soak it for the recipe to work?


    • If you don’t soak the oats you will end up with a more Baked Oatmeal dish, even less so than the “soaked overnight” version. It will still taste great, I’m sure. You’re welcome!

  6. That sounds so very good! I always soak grains, and love how it can change things too! Our weird tweak is that I obviously need gluten free oats (and even those I can’t do very often), but my husband, who ate oats for years, now seems to find that he gets a tummy ache from them, so I’ve been getting him wheat, barley, kamut or triticale flakes. I might try making it two ways–gf oats and no dairy/egg for me, and wheat flakes with dairy (he prefers the taste but it doesn’t do him good) for him. It just sounds so good…

    • Hello Ela! My friend, Becky, whom I mentioned in the post, also got stomach aches from oats unless she soaked them and honestly I’m not sure where she learned to. We talked about it once but she isn’t on the internet at all so I forget if it happened by accident or what, but we had an interesting talk when I told her about phytic acid. I don’t know where you live, but Country Life Natural Food’s oats are from Natural Way Mills (I think that’s the name of their oats supplier) and they used to do a gluten assay on them every so often and they came out consistently b/t 20 and 50 ppm, with the majority of the time being closer to or at 20 ppm. If they are near you I can tell you more about ordering with them. Even if not, they will ship via UPS. I used to order from them when I lived in OK and I’d put together a huge order with a friend and we’d save with large shipments on the shipping.

      They don’t test their oats anymore (not sure why), but they’ve put in more precautions so that there is less risk of cross contamination from gluten. You may wish to give it a try. We are gluten free (but not celiac) but we eat their oats. I can’t say if I’ve seen issues or not.

      And since my son has life threatening allergies to dairy and eggs and most nuts, when I make 4 batches, 2 have eggs and walnuts and the other 2 have egg sub and no nuts. I’d do milk but I don’t have it in the house. Thinking about raw milk, but I haven’t done it yet :-). I should add my “split down the middle” baking tip to the post…..Thanks!

      • Thanks, Adrienne! I think the phytic acid info is a lifesaver for many people.

        I don’t eat oats often enough to warrant buying large quantities, but I can usually find Bob’s Red Mill certified gf oats, in 2.5lb bags. I’m often tempted to grind the oats in the Vitamix to make flour for baked or dehydrated goodies, but I find that it doesn’t treat me as well that way as, say, amaranth or quinoa do unsoaked. Have thought about soaking/dehydrating and then making flour, but that sounds like an awful lot of work…
        I love your “split down the middle”/batch-bake idea. I only have a toaster oven, though (we live in a tiny cabin) so it’s harder for me to implement!

        • You’re welcome, Ela! Country Life also carries the BRM GF oats, but I do believe you live far away – am I correct? I don’t think the soaking and drying and grinding is that bad, but you don’t need to do that for anything but quinoa, I would think, or beans. You could just make the flour and then soak. I don’t know what your budget is like, but I have a Hamilton Beach convection / toaster oven that has 2 shelves. Not perfect (the upper rack is too close to the heating element so you need to remember to rotate your food or you will get burned tops) but at least you can bake 2 things at once.

          • Ah–make the flour, _then_ soak! Makes perfect sense–why didn’t I think of that?! Thank you!

            My toaster oven also has two shelves, sounds like a similar scenario to what you describe, although you need two fairly shallow dishes…

            • Yea! Sometimes we all have those moments. My 11 year old has taught me things recently :-). My oven has room for a standard 8×8 baking pan. Not sure what size you mean.

          • Oh, right–sorry I wasn’t clear. Yes, I can fit an 8×8 in there, or even something just slightly bigger, but if I wanted to do two layers, I’d need to use two more shallow pans…

          • No, maybe I’m being unclear! And hey, it’s late here in Alaska, must be quite late where you are!

            I can’t fit two 8×8’s in, but I can fit in two very shallow pans (which is only so useful)…

            • Yes, I was up much too late. Unusual for me, but it’s become a bit too common recently. Must get back on a better schedule starting today or I won’t make it to the Christmas service tomorrow morning :-). Hmmm…well, if your oven ever breaks, the Hamilton Beach one would be the one to get. Two 8×8’s fit in just fine.

  7. This sounds great! The recipes for this I’ve found so far are full of butter and I like the way this sounds much better.

  8. Hi Adrienne!
    Found your blog from the Friday Fitness Blog Hop!
    I am so psyched that I have all the items you mentioned for the Oatmeal Cake! We are going to have this Christmas morning I am so excited! Thanks for sharing it looks delish!

    Happy Holidays :)

  9. I was just thinking I need an alternative to my morning smoothie. Trying this next week! Thanks.

  10. Hi Adrienne,
    Is there any replacement of eggs in this recipe? Me and my kid don;t eat eggs, so I was wandering if I can get any option that can replace eggs in this recipe.

  11. That sounds delicious! And I’d never heard of soaking grains before! I make a ginger oat cake and I think I’ll try soaking my oats first next time to see what difference it makes! I’m off to read your post about soaking grains now!
    I always learn something new when I visit here! Thanks for sharing Adrienne!!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Best wishes for a fabulous New Year 2012!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  12. I can’t wait to try this! I was wondering if you have ever tried substituting honey or maple syrup for the sugar. Thanks!!

  13. WOW! You sucked me right in with this great post! I LOVE oatmeal cake – love good ole oatmeal any way you fix it, but I so appreciate having this healthy version of a wonderful treat. Thanks – I’m on it! Pinning and printing now.

  14. Joyce McWilliams says:

    i just discovered your website and the recipes look great,i have aquestion for you. First of all I’m a diabetic type 2, and i haveChrons Disease and ulcerated Collitis so trying to eat is such a challange,would following a celiac diet work, although I’m on a fixed income and can’t afford expensive food, do you have and suggestions I would greatly appreciate them. Thank you Joyce.

    • Joyce, my heart goes out to you. I would recommend that you get off sugar right away. Even fruit. And off all processed foods. I think if you do that you should be in much better shape physically as well as financially. I think if you buy good proteins and bulk other foods (all whole grains and vegetables) then your food budget will probably be OK. If you can connect with a good foods buying club that would help. Where do you live? I would also highly recommend reducing grains even and eating good quality fats (like olive oil and coconut oil and good quality butter). I am not an expert on Chrons, but I do know of other bloggers who are working on their Chrons with dietary changes. I could direct you to a site if you like. I am working with someone on metal detox ,which I am thinking would benefit you, but it is about $100 per month so you would have to look at your budget to see if you could handle that. I am also thinking that a good dietary enzyme would be a help to you. The other thing I would look into is the GAPS diet. It is very restrictive (I haven’t done it yet) but I have read of people w/ Chrons and UC getting healed. Most celiac diets are loaded w/ sugar and starch so that is not a good framework. A whole foods based diet, heavy in meats and vegetables is much more healthy. Hope that helps.

  15. Thanks for linking your great post to FAT TUESDAY. This was very interesting! Hope to see you next week!

    Be sure to visit on Sunday for Sunday Snippets – your post from Fat Tuesday may be featured there!

  16. Yum! This looks great and I can’t wait to try it!!

  17. Visiting from FFblog hop. I love oatmeal, I can’t wait to this recipe. I always use rolled oats for my baked goodies! Have a great day!

  18. This sounds similar to my Baked Oatmeal. The kids love it so I’ll be sure to try your recipe too. Healthy cake is two words I can definitely live with!

  19. Love this recipe; so simple and so healthy. Great job and I can’t wait to create this.
    Have a wonderful holiday season!

  20. Thank you for this recipe, Adrienne. Made it for Christmas morning, it was wonderful!

    Blessings to you in the New Year!

  21. So looking forward to trying your baked oatmeal recipes! Thx

  22. Wow, I am so glad that I have started ‘hopping’ around. You all have some great recipes and ideas.

  23. Thank you so much for being a part of “A Little Birdie Told Me…” Tuesday at Rook No. 17! I can’t wait to see what you’ll bring to the share-nest tomorrow!

    Happy New Year!

  24. Hi Adrienne! Happy New Year! I was so excited to read about soaking oats for baked oatmeal…I make it often and always wondered how it would work with soaked oats. Thanks! :)
    Curious about one more thing…why does the baking powder need to be added as the last ingredient?

    • Hello Abbe! I am so glad to have helped! The baking powder starts working as soon as it is added to the liquids. This saves the action of the baking powder for when you need it – while it is baking. Hope that helps :-).

    • Hello again, Abbe! Forgive me for not noticing that it was you! Maybe it was that your email was different?? There’s a screen on the back side of my blog where I can see emails – perhaps that’s it – or maybe I was just “out of it” when I responded to you. In any case, so nice to hear from you!

      • No worries…it was my funny email! :) For an extra sweet version, try diced dried apricots and carob/chocolate chips…so good! Reminds me of my favorite cookie at my favorite Seattle bakery…Apricot Espresso Chocolate Chip…can you tell I have a major sweet tooth? :)

        • Abbe, that sounds so good! I just actually bookmarked an oatmeal marble cake this weekend and thought to myself, “Well, even though you are sugar free, the sweet taste is still one of your favorites!” I must work on adding to my savory recipe repertoire! I have a few in the offing, but it’s easier to get a nice photo of a cookie than of a bowl of soup :-). Take care!

  25. What a delicious way to start the day! Thank you for sharing your recipe with the Hearth and Soul Hop.

  26. Hello! Can’t wait to try this recipe. We were using a different recipe, one that was similar, but this looks a LOT better. :) I’m all for baking in bulk, can you tell me what you do with your cakes when you do multiple batches at one time? I’m assuming you bake it all up and then freeze? Thank you for the help!

    • Hello Sarah! Yes, I do bake it and then freeze. However, some things get gobbled up so quickly that I don’t even bother :-). I use bread bags for freezing and I buy mine in bulk from Country Life Natural Foods. You can find info on those and others at Amazon in my post on Baking in Bulk. I use the larger ones for storing baked goods. Hope that helps! And I hope you like the cake!

  27. Any guess if steel cut oats would work for this recipe?


    • The texture will be completely off it you use steel cut. Edible, but completely different.

      • Thanks for the quick answer. I figured it wouldn’t work, but it’s what I keep around for soaked oatmeal.

        • You’re welcome. You could flake it – I have a flaker for oat groats. By the way, could you explain the website link to me – Do you own that website? Thanks.

          • I do. It’s one of the blogs I run. It has deals on movies and TV shows for those interested (that’s one of my other hobbies :) ).

            Not related to food/healthy living, but it gets filled in automatically when I comment on other sites.

            • Thanks – Isn’t it something you have to put in yourself? I frequently get comments with forwarding addresses to totally unrelated sites and I wish those site addresses weren’t there.

  28. It gets filled in automatically on WordPress blogs that use the same commenting software. I don’t see why it’d be a problem but I’ll remember to remove it in the future.

    • Thanks – much appreciated! A lot of us think it’s a bot that’s smart so that is really helpful :-).

      • Who is us? I’ve never had a problem on another blog.

        • I am in a few blogging networks and we share ideas and questions. The topic has come up about “What to do when you get a comment from someone that seems legitimate, but there is a link to a website that seems unrelated.” The advice that has been given has been to delete the comment. Does that make sense? :-)

  29. I see. I have a lot of problems with spam comments as well so I see where you’re coming from. I think I’ve shown that I’m not a bot, and if you want to verify, I can be reached at my name

    Sorry to derail the comments.

    • No problem. I’m fine w you commenting. I feel bad if I’ve not responded to others who were legit now. Don’t worry about the comments. It’s all related to the blog :-).

  30. Adrienne, I just love this Baked Oatmeal, it looks so comforting and full of flavor, it is a great recipe. Hope you are having a great week end and thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday.
    Come Back Soon!
    Miz Helen

  31. This is perfect for a lovely weekend brunch. Thanks for sharing this too at Sugar Free Sunday!

  32. This sounds great! I soak oats a lot for pancakes and oatmeal itself, but I love this baked version. It’s going in my Pinterest board!

  33. This has turned into a favourite recipe! I made it late one night (I was feeling hungry) and had to stop myself inhaling the entire thing. Its my boyfriends new favourite breakfast (and getting him to eat in the morning is a struggle) and even my dad wants the recipe! I’m definitely adding it into my repertoire!

  34. This looks delicious, and I made it tonight. I am new to soaking grains though. I soaked them in homemade rice milk for about 24 hours on the counter. After I was done, I wondered if it needed to be refrigerated or not. I assume not, but wanted to check. It is on the menu for breakfast tomorrow, and looks great!

  35. Great – thanks for the speedy reply. I’m looking forward to breakfast.

  36. Elizabeth says:

    This was delicious! Thanks for the recipe. Definitely a keeper. My first experience with soaking oats, and it was a success.

  37. Cheeryshirley says:

    Adrienne ~ I am interested in your oat flaker…where did you get it? How much? I put my oats, sweetener, milk to soak overnight…when do I add the eggs? Little confused…Help? So excited to bake this for my hubby, Glen, in the morning…so excited!!! BTW, in case you need the info, We are in Coos Bay, Oregon. Does your “flaker” machine make scotted oats? Thanks so much! Cheeryshirley

    • Hi Shirley. I bought my flaker a number of years ago. It was called the Family Grain Mill w/ flaker attachment. I have to think about where I got it but I can probably recommend a few places for you. As for the cake, add the eggs in the morning. Oh – do you mean steel cut oats by “scotted oats”? If so, it doesn’t do a great job of that, but it will cut them. I haven’t used it to do that very much but I have cut some rice with it for sort of a “cream of rice” cereal. Let me know if you need a few ideas of where to get the flaker and if you have any more questions. :-).

  38. Cheeryshirley says:

    O.K. I just pulled my Oatmeal Cake out of the oven…it smells heavenly! My dear hubby is going to wake up to terrific smells wafting from the kitchen! :) This was my first time to soak a grain…interesting. I layered raisins and pecans with the oatmeal and topped it with your cinnamon/sugar topping (only I used a cinnamon substitute of 1 part cardamon & 2 parts coriander) and it looks crunchy and yummy! Thank you so much for this recipe! :) Cheeryshirley

    About the flaker…I have a Bosch mixer and a L’Equip nutri-grain mill. I tried to find online a flaker attachment to these…no go! :( However, since you said your flaker doesn’t work too well for steel-cut oats (Scotted oats), I am re-thinking this…so, what DO you use your flaker for? Thank you for all you do here! I really appreciate it! Hugs, Cheeryshirley

    • Hi Shirley! So glad you are having success!

      I just use the flaker for flaking oats mainly. It flakes barley OK and then I’ve chopped a few grains in it. They’ll work like Steel Cut, but they won’t look as neat. I really liked how the Cream of Rice turned out w/ it.

      I guess that’s all I really use it for. Perhaps it’s not what you’re looking for??? The pecans sound like a great choice!

  39. Cheeryshirley says:

    My husband, Glen, just dished up his second huge portion of your GREAT Baked Oats recipe! “Man, this is GOOD!”, he kept repeating! :) Thanks so much! Cheeryshirley

  40. Hi Adrienne,
    We have been loving this and it has been a weekly staple for snacks and breakfast. I have been trying to cut back on rice milk and have made pancakes using just water instead. The results have been wonderful. Have you ever made this using water as the liquid? Can I soak using just water (for 24 hours) or do I need to add some lemon juice as an acid medium, along with the sweetener?


    • Elizabeth – well, you are making me tip my hand on soaking grains :-). I am working on lining up a post on soaking with a real expert. It is actually kind of complicated but I’ll tell you briefly what you should do. You can use water, but you should take out 1/10 of your oats and put in 1/10 whole wheat (if you’re not GF) or 1/10 buckwheat flour to the mix. Those grains have phytase in them and you need that to activate the soaking mechanism. Complicated, eh? Oh, and a warm place or warm water is a good idea too. I am so glad the you are enjoying it! I can’t promise when I’ll get the post done but I am excited about it! And I haven’t don’t it w/ just water – but it would be fine. We are working on upping our zinc intake and so I tend to use pumpkin seed milk. (homemade of course)

  41. I’ll be looking forward to that post. The whole thing is really quite complicated, especially when GF/DF. I’ve already started the soak, so should I add some buckwheat flour to the mix (but then I’d have to grind it, and I was hoping to be done in the kitchen for tonight), or do you think the plain water would be okay? I was making half the recipe to try out the water thing, so I used 2 cups oats and 2 cups water. I had been previously using homemade rice milk, just with water and brown rice. Would it really be that different?

    • I’d just let it go for tonight – no sense getting stressed out about it. Just do the buckwheat thing next time. I am not clear what you are asking by “Would it really be that different?”

  42. Oh, just that I’ve read about the possibility of things going bad if soaked in just water for a long time.

  43. Hi Adrienne, I subscribe to your blog, but just came across this recipe last night. I’m new to soaking grains and have several questions. If not steel cut oats, which ones do you use? I assume it’s the “regular”, not quick cooking oats (we buy the “regular” oats in bulk, organic). I assume you soak the oats in the fridge because of the milk? When I soak (other) grains in water, I usually leave them out on the counter. (Side note: I live in a humid climate, not sure if I should continue to leave them out, even in water in summer…) . Thanks!!

    • Hi Katja. I used regular oats, actually ones that I’ve flaked myself, but you can use ones you’ve bought. You are supposed to soak at room temp regardless of the milk. I use dairy alternative. There is some new evidence that soaking in dairy actually inhibits the reduction of the phytic acid. So… can choose to do what you wish. But I have read numerous recipes calling for soaking grains in milk at room temperature. That being said, my son has a life threatening allergy to dairy so I don’t soak in cow or goat milk here. Enjoy!

  44. Just wondering, with this recipe, do you soak the oatmeal and coconut milk along with lemon juice. From what I understand, there should be some sort of acid to help break it down to become more easily digested.
    Can you please clarify?

    • There’s a lot of new info coming out about soaking. Really the acid might not be needed at all. I do think subbing in about 1/10 of the oats with buckwheat or wheat is a good idea. I use buckwheat since we are gluten free. I hope to post on the new soaking info soon.

  45. I tried this recipe, and my daughter and I loved it. We added some apple cider vinegar to the soaking mixture, which gave it a good buttermilk taste. I let it soak for almost 24 hours, though, and it definitely still came out oatmeal, not cake.

    • Hi Allison! Love your recipes!! I’m not sure what happened. Mine always comes out like cake – but occasionally the center is a little moist. Maybe try is again w/o the vinegar? I think sometimes I measure wrong and that’s why it ends up a little gooey in the inside.??? The other thing is that adding 1/10 ground buckwheat helps b/c it has phytase in it. But I’ve made it w/o that numerous times w/ no issues. Hope that helps!!

  46. I’m a bit confused by the recipe. In step one, you say “Mix oats, milk, (except eggs, if using) and sweeteners in a large bowl.” What do you mean about the eggs? Aren’t you supposed to soak the oats with just the milk & sweeteners?

    Also, the title says “sugar-free options,” but in the recipe you list sugar and then stevia. Do you mean JUST sugar or stevia, or both? If it’s both, what’s the sugar-free option?

    Thanks! This looks super yum & I’m trying to come up with more ideas for breakfast around here. :)

    • Hi Kay. Sorry for the confusion. I will try to clarify. What I meant is yes, you don’t soak with the eggs. I think I wrote that meaning you don’t need to add the liquid from the egg replacer. You are right – it’s confusing so I’ll change it.

      About the sweetener, I have a hard time w/ my recipes b/c I use things like xylitol and erythritol or vegetable glycerine to make my recipes sugar free. Others consider sugar free to be something made with honey. I am going to have to work on this. Some of my readers aren’t ready to go completely free of sweeteners that don’t feed candida or raise their glycemic index. I personally have gone off all of those sweeteners. So….I guess I should say, “ACD friendly” instead of sugar free.

      Then, someone could use xylitol or erythritol for an ACD friendly recipe. The only other sweetener that I am at all comfortable w/ that doesn’t feed candida is yacon and it is very expensive.

      Thanks for alerting me and I so hope you like it!!! And let me know if it’s still confusing!

  47. Thank you so much for your thorough reply! I made this today and O.M.G. *drool* It’s almost all gone between me, my DH, my six-year old and my 1.5 year old. (Okay, it’s mostly me, though my older son would have kept up with me had I let him.)

    My oldest has fructose malabsorption, so I struggle with what to feed him. I’m hoping to “cure” him by healing his gut, but I’m flailing a bit in how to do that, exactly. Not sure we’re up for GAPS. If he could swallow pills I’d have a lot more options!

    I also want to thank you for the work you do. I really enjoy your website. Your compassion comes through in how you respond to your readers. Thank you!

    • Thanks, Kay. I am so glad you enjoyed it!!! Fructose malabsorption – wow. How do you manage that? No fruit I assume – and what else? I have contemplated GAPS as well and SCD. Not sure what we will do next. I am better than I used to be but I wonder about the next step. I am very happy w the Nutritional Balancing that I am doing but sometimes I wonder as well about that.

      You could get a mortar and pestle for your son. That’s what I did w/ mine until he could swallow pills. I should write a post on getting kids to take supplements. If you need help before then, let me know.

      I am trying hard to balance everything, but it’s hard. I really appreciate your kind words :-). Hope to see you around again.

  48. Hello Hun
    Thank you for this recipie, I am gonna try it out tomm. I was wondering can I use steel cut oats? Would I have to soak them longer? Would the result be the same? Also, how do I use quinoa seeds? Could they be added to sweet recipies as such? And would it be a bad idea to add fresh apples to this or they are best dehydrated?
    Thank you :)

    • Hmmm..I’m not sure about the steel coats. I have never tried it but for sure the texture will be different. I have never used quinoa seeds so I can’t speak to that…I have never heard of those being used in baking…..what have you done with them? I think fresh apples would work just great. One of the recipes I looked at to make this one used fresh fruit. I just found a recipe for baked oatmeal using steel cut oats. I am thinking you should try it….It will probably be a lot more like oatmeal. Check back in and let me know how it goes!

  49. This came out gummy! I let the oats soak over 24 hours. It is not like cake or baked oatmeal I’ve ever had! I have tried it twice with the same results. I believe I followed the recipe exactly. For milk I used rice milk. It smells good, but no one will eat it. And, I quadrupled the recipe. :(

  50. how many does this recipe serve?

  51. Adrienne, I made your cake this morning. It turned out super yummy! For me it resembles bread pudding… you know the cake you make with leftover bread. We loved it!! It’s dry enough that you can cut it up and eat without a fork.

    I used homemade coconut milk, regular sugar and cranberries. I loved that it is not overly sweet.

    I wonder how it would turn out if I put chocolate chips in it or whole cranberries and apples?? Hummm… we will try that next.

  52. oh, I soaked for over 24hs.

  53. Hi, I’m sorry if this has already been asked, but have you ever tried this with a flax/chia egg substitute? Do you think it would work if you haven’t? Thanks so much! :)

  54. I can’t wait to try this recipe – I am avoiding grains completely right now but in about two-three months I’ll be able to add them back in, and this sounds like a perfect recipe to try! I used to love oatmeal, but I’ve never tried it baked! Yummy!

  55. I was just wondering if you soak them in the fridge. I don’t have a lot of experience in soaking (just almonds in water). Thank you!

    • You should soak at room temp so the grain has more of an effect. The warmth helps. :). Did you see the free soaked grain book for subscribers in my sidebar? You might enjoy it!

      • Thanks. But what if you are using raw milk as mentioned at the bottom of your recipe? Just curious… :)

        One other question, I’m in Guatemala and the oatmeal doesn’t say if it is “quick” or “rolled”. Directions say it has to cook for 5 minutes, then sit for 5 minutes, so would you think it’s “rolled” and could be used in this recipe? Thanks!!

        • Are you worried about spoilage? I really can’t be “on the hook” for that. I just know that soaking is typically done at room temp :). Quick oats usually take about 5 minutes so that sounds like you have quick oats :). The situation with the dairy is that it is culturing so it should be making good bacteria. Of course, don’t leave it out for 10 days. :).

  56. P.S. Got the Soaking Grains book… THANKS!!

  57. Jennifer Landaverde says:

    I love baking in bulk. I am wondering about this one though. You say you soak 4 batches. If I was to use eggs and things that do not last long I could not do this in bulk if I didn’t want to eat it every day, right? Even then – I would be afraid of this sitting in the fridge for several days. Do you cook all 4? Freeze something? How do you do this in bulk? Sorry for my ignorance.

  58. I made this yesterday, and we really liked it. I skipped the cinnamon and sugar because I used 3/4 C homemade apple butter. I also used pumpkin seats and room temp eggs from our hens. It was super yummy!
    Next time I’ll use pecans from our trees (I hate shelling those!) and perhaps some dried cranberries. Thank you for the great “soaked” recipes!

  59. Have made this “baked oatmeal” several times, with several fruit/nut combinations. I have to say…it’s amazing! Amazingly easy, amazingly yummy, amazingly nutritious, amazingly frugal… And it’s portable! I share this recipe on “recipe chains” and even give it to people who don’t like oatmeal. Everyone loves oatmeal cookies, and this is like a giant, soft, gooey oatmeal cookie (well, sorta!)

    Anyway, thank you for the great recipe(s) and tips. What a blessing as our family embarks on soaking, whole foods, herbals, unprocessed, wholesome life changes.

  60. I am new with soaking oats but when I have soaked, I have always drained and rinse before using. Do I drain and rinse the oats after soaking? I am guessing not because there would be no liquid in the recipe but I just want to make sure I am not missing something. Thank – Karen

    • Just use them as is :). I don’t think you need to drain your soaked grains – the phytates should be neutralized. But I now use 1/10 buckwheat flour w/ my oat to add phytase to the mix. Hope that helps.

  61. Jessica G says:

    The first time I made this my 5 year old and fiancee ate more than half of it in one day. My son wanted maple syrup on his and it was yummy.
    I have a batch in the oven right now, this time I put blueberries on the bottom and some extra cinnamon on top, I also mixed a little bit of ground flax seeds into it. I hope it comes out as good as the first time.
    The only issue I have is the middle of the cake setting. It has been in there for almost 45 minutes now and it is still extremely liquidy. I think i had to bake it much longer the first time I made it, but I can not remember.
    All in all this is a fantastic recipe, thank you so much for sharing it.

  62. Jessica G says:

    I did soak it 24 hours the first time, this time it was soaking a little bit over 24 hours. It could just be my oven it is over 25 years old.
    This is my second time making it but it is very cold in my downstairs kitchen where I left the oats soaking. Maybe the coldness is the problem? Plus I do use honey instead of milk. I just now realized I forgot to use less milk.

  63. The recipe doesn’t clarify whether you are supposed to soak the oats in the milk in the fridge or at room temperature. I wasn’t sure, so just to be safe, I put it in the fridge. Was that right? Maybe you should add that info. To the recipe. I have been soaking mt wheat in water before I bake bread, but this is my first time to soak oats. I have a batch in the oven right now and am dying to try it! It smells amazing!

    • I will change it. Room temp :). But my home is chilly and we’ve made it in winter too. Hope you like it. Just to clarify, I sub in 1/10 buckwheat flour now for the oats to get better soaking but that’s another post for another time :).

  64. Mmm… that sounds so comforting. Always on the look out for tasty baked goods without refined sugar.

  65. Hey Adrienne, just wanted to share that I have turned your cake into waffles. We have gone wheat free but I have a couple of kids that looooove pancakes and waffles. We tried going radical paleo for a while but it didn’t work so well. So we have cut the wheat and we are doing lots of veggies, but my kids still eat fruits and rice and beans once or twice a week. Anyway, I used your recipe to create waffles that are to die for.

    Here is the recipe:

    soak your oats in whatever you like. I usually use coconut milk or whole goat milk. Sometimes I add coconut flakes. I don’t measure. I just add enough liquid (I add some whey so that the oats ferment nicely) to drench every single oat. There is no liquid floating on top of the oats. I keep it outside the fridge for at least 12 hours, then I put it in the fridge. Soaking it for 24 hrs makes it wonderful. YOu can go less or more.

    Once you are ready to use I add 2 or 3 eggs depending on how much oats I soaked. I add a pinch of salt, some baking some and baking powder. I add no sweetener at all!! The coconut milk makes it sweet enough for us. You could add some vanilla extract if you like. I keep it simple. Once they are ready we add butter, sometimes honey or jelly. NO need for extra sugar. Without sugar the waffles can also be used in sandwiches.

    The batter will be thick. It is perfect for a waffle grill, not so much for pancake making. You would probably have to dilute the batter a bit. Once I tried to and had to add some tapioca flour to keep it together. It also took too long to cook it. Waffles are easier. I make a huge batch and freeze. When we want to eat I pop them into the toaster and slap some butter and honey and the kids are devouring them faster than I can toast them. :)

    I want to make a post with the recipe but homeschooling 4 kids has been crazy. Maybe soon. :)

    Again, thanks so much for sharing the original recipe. :)

  66. ann gibert says:

    I love baked oatmeal, and am curious to try the “cake” version, but if you’re using regular milk, is it really okay to leave it out at room temp for 24 hours? I would worry about the milk going sour.

    • Traditionally baked goods are soaked at room temp with no concern about spoilage. In fact, if it’s too cold the beneficial effect of the soaking won’t take place. Enjoy :)!

  67. Thank you for this recipe. I am
    Going to make it and Inlook forward to using maple syrup as sweetener. I REALLY appreciate your time in sharing the sweetener substitutes. Invaluable – up to including turning the oven down a bit when using maple syrup!

    Have you ever added chia seeds? Just curious. Thanks again!

  68. Louise Gainor says:

    I made this yesterday: I soaked the oats in milk and stevia leaf powder starting Sunday morning, and yesterday morning I added the other ingredients and baked it up. I was surprised with it actually pulled away from the edges of the baking pan just like a cake does when it’s done. Awesome! I keep getting a distinct buttery flavor, and there is no butter in this. I even used applesauce in place of the oil. Super good – thanks for the recipe!

  69. Elzenia Allison says:

    I enjoy your blog very much. I’ve been following it for quite awhile. I’ve really enjoyed your oatmeal recipes.

  70. hi! I am a bad planner and as I added oats to my milk, I realized I was short about 3/4 c. so I subbed steel cut oats… do you think I will need more liquid?

  71. Hi Adrienne, I’m a little unclear about soaking the oats. Am I to add an acidic medium or just soak with the milk & sweetners? I’m also concerned about soaking outside of the refrigerator as I live in a very warm area. Thanks for all your great recipes.

    • You don’t need an acidic medium from what I have read but adding 1/10 of buckwheat would be a good idea. In fact, it might be necessary. I have heard soaking at a warm temp is better.

      • definitely need acidulated water, and whole wheat flour (1T per cup) can be added to help the soak, along with warm temp. i just grind a couple tablespoons wheat in my coffee grinder that morning when im setting out my next mornings oats/barley to soak. btw rolled barley tastes just like oats. i either mix the 2 grains or do one or the other. of course, barley has gluten if ur staying away from that…
        barley is a very nutritious grain also. oats and barley are my fav grains just behind rye, which i dont like in a cereal too much, so thats for bread (at least 50% WhlWht too tho) or cooked whole as a base for a dinner entreé
        check out Nourishing Traditions for info on soaking and acidulating ur liquid. or She has free pages on soaking grains and why…based on Nourishing Trads.

  72. ann gibert says:

    Is it okay to leave the oatmeal soaking in milk at room temp for 24 hours? That would worry me.

    • According to everything that I have read about soaking grains, you are to soak overnight or longer. I understand your concerns, but that is the way it’s done.

    • i wud use some yogurt and water myself. if it was raw milk it wud be fine too. but to use killed milk (pasteurized –and then homogenized to add insult to injury) in this quantity makes it iffy to me.

  73. wen u bake this in bulk, how do u save it…freezer?

  74. Heather @ The Soulful Spoon says:

    This is a GREAT recipe! Thank you for sharing ! I notice my oats have a much better texture when I soak versus don’t soak and they don’t bother me a bit digestion wise. It’s crazy to think how much water and a little acid makes a difference! I don’t keep baked oatmeal around because I know I’ll eat it all way too fast, and it’s basically the only reason I stick to single serving stove top oats. However, I think I’ll try this with a mini version just to see how it goes. Thank you for sharing!:)

  75. This looks like a keeper! This would be great to make ahead and serve on busy mornings throughout the week!

  76. This looks super yummy!! Is it possible to use only Steel Cut Oats instead of the Oatmeal? If so, how much additional liquid (or ratio liquid to sc oats) should I use?

    • Thanks! I haven’t tried it but from what I am reading you can use the same amount cup for cup, but you may need to add 10-15 min cooking time….so not sure but maybe a slightly lower temp so they don’t burn and go 15-20 min longer? I’d love to hear how it works out!

  77. Teresa D Campbell says:

    Hello, this recipe sounds really good! I use Hemp milk, but wonder about baking with it as it immediately curdles/separates when heated. I could use coconut milk I guess, but really love the Hemp milk. What do you think?

  78. hello, i find that baked oats have a bitter aftertaste, any idea why?

  79. I baked this recipe, soaked the oats for a little over 24 hours. And it turned out more like baked oatmeal with a crust for than a cake. What do you think I did wrong?

  80. Could I add cacao powder and zucchini to make this a gluten-free zucchini cake?

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