Police and Lemonade Stands – A Tale of Two Cities

Lemonade Stand Shut Down - Police

Two lemonade stands.  Two governments.  Two different outcomes.

Big government leads to a lot of bad things.  One of them is big spending and another is too much control.

If you read my posts on the FDA being poised to ban supplements, or my other post on how the FDA is shutting down natural supplement companies while allowing the supplementing of our chickens with arsenic, then you know what I mean.

Well, here is more evidence and a clear demonstration of how our nation is heading down the wrong path.

Lemons to Lemonade in Portland, Oregon

In August of 2010, in Portland, Oregon, county inspectors shut down 7 year old Julie Murphy’s lemonade stand at a county fair.

Jeff Cogen, the county Chairman, however, later apologized to her parents and said that the rules were meant for professional vendors.  According to CBS News,

“A lemonade stand is a classic iconic American kid thing to do,” the county Chairman said. “I don’t want to be in the business of shutting that down.”

“This isn’t something we need to be using our limited resources to crack down on,”

Good man, with a good sense of the limited power of government and of money management.  And he is willing to take responsibility and admit a mistake.

Just Plain Lemons in Midway, Georgia

In Midway, Georgia, however, the story is quite different.  I first heard about this on the radio last night and couldn’t believe my ears.

Here, police shut down a lemonade stand operated by three girls.  Their reasoning? According to NBC News 12:

“they didn’t have a business license or the required permits.

Midway Police Chief Kelly Morningstar says police also didn’t know how the lemonade was made, who made it or what was in it.”

No kidding.  Next thing are they going to stop us from baking things for bake sales?

This is clearly an example of government officials of the worst kind.  Spending money they don’t have on things that don’t matter.  And trying to control everyone else but themselves.

I agree completely with Sarah Pope of The Healthy Home Economist and her take on this situation.  It’s time we stand up for freedom.  I say they should set up lemonade stands on every corner in Midway.

Get informed.

Get involved.

Spread the word.

Enough of this government that has spent us into bankruptcy telling us how to run our lives.

Please think and pray about your role in getting our government back to the way that it was meant to be.

Protective but not repressive.

Photo Information:  Julie Murphy holds lemonade sign in Oregon.   Source: (AP Photo/Torsten Kjellstrand – The Oregonian)

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  1. I am now convinced after years of consideration that the whole issue is loss of income for the city if these “business people” (kids, in this case) don’t have a business license. I have been researching a business license in CO and it may be that we are more fee crazy than many other states, but you have to pay an application fee, a license fee, a park fee to sell anywhere near a park, an insurance fee, a vehicle fee and it goes on and on. Same idea with the traffic tickets.