From My Heart to Yours – May 30, 2011

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When I get together with a close friend, we talk about all sorts of things, covering all sorts of bases.  Even more when our little ones are with us because it’s hard to keep on track with any one topic :-).

Well, since time is short and life is busy, here are snippets of what has caught my eye or stirred my soul over the past week or so, mixed together with a little bit of frivolity sometimes.  I hope to make this a weekly addition to my blogging.

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1.  Wish List: Changeable Picture Frames by Dynamic Frames.  My youngest has been working hard on his painting skills recently.  I have never been good at decorating my walls, partly because we rented for so long.  Now that we’ve been in this house for over 8 years, it is time to decorate.  What better to decorate with than my family’s creations!

2.  In the Kitchen – I just printed out my free copy (since I tested a recipe for Katie) of Kitchen Stewardship’s Everything Beans Book.  I am going to be test driving some of the recipes over the next few weeks and I will let you know how they go.  I am particularly excited about trying out Dosas (pancakes made with lentils) and Chick Pea Wraps.  Once I’ve experimented to my heart’s delight, I’ll have a review post, a discount and a giveaway.  Stay tuned!

3.  A Great Business FindGrand Piano Haus.  If you live anywhere within driving distance of Chicago and are looking for a piano, this is the place to go!  Even if you don’t, visit Fritz Tasch’s site and read his story.  It will touch your heart.

4.  Health News:  I never cared much for raw veggies, especially the cruciferous ones (you know, broccoli, cauliflower and the like) and now I am glad that I never have.  This post by The Healthy Home Economist also gives reason to question the whole Greens- In-Your-Smoothie trend, depending on what greens you use.  I had heard reports on drinkers of green smoothies not feeling well after drinking them for awhile.  This might be why.

5.  More Health News: Is the government really spraying heavy metals in the air to combat global warming?  Watch this video and see what you think.  What about all the evidence that global warming isn’t even backed by real science?  If this is true, why can’t the government just leave nature alone?

6. Culture WatchPepsi, Natural Flavors and Abortion – I am not one to call for boycotts.  However, Pepsi’s behavior in this case is really reprehensible.  Disgusting.  Unnecessary.  A slap in the face of life.  A must read.

7.  What I’m Reading: In the Face of God | The Dangers and Delights of Spiritual Intimacy by Michael Horton.  A  heady work on the influence of gnosticism and romanticism on the church of today.  I don’t think that I agree with all of Horton’s fine points, but there is a lot of truth to what he is saying.  Mainly that the church has taken on a romanticized version of Christianity that has removed a lot of the historicity of Christ from our worship and replaced it with sentimentality and emotionalism.  The premise is a one worth considering.

8.  What I Just Finished: Dancing with Max: A Mother and Son Who Broke Free – The author is  Emily Colson, the daughter of Chuck Colson (of Watergate fame).  Chuck’s story is fascinating enough on its own.  His ministries, Prison Fellowship and Breakpoint have impacted the world for so much good.  His additions to Emily’s book are some of the most poignant pieces.   Emily’s story of her life with her autistic son will have you laughing, crying and understanding.

Happy Memorial Day.

Let us prayerfully give thanks for those who died so that we might live free.

What is on your heart today?  Please do share.

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  1. Rachellin says:

    I love this post! Great links…I hope this does become a regular feature!

  2. Thanks for this info!
    I was outraged to read about Pepsico! I had no idea! Thanks for sharing this !

    God Bless!

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