FDA Poised to Ban Supplements in the US

FDA Ban Natural Supplements

Well, the FDA is at it again.

Recently, I wrote a post describing how the FDA has been pressuring natural product companies to stop making health claims about their products.

They are seizing products, making demands on natural health care providers and supplement companies, and shutting down websites.

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Well, the situation appears to be getting even more dire.

What is the FDA Trying to Do?

Just this past Friday, according to Natural News, the FDA proposed new rules on Natural Dietary Ingredients that could shut down most of the natural supplement industry.  Here is more from their site:

In the wake of hundreds of dietary supplements recently being outlawed across the EU, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has quietly unleashed a regulatory scheme that, if fully implemented, could ban virtually all dietary supplements in the USA that were formulated after 1994.

That means nearly all superfoods, multivitamins, detox supplements, and medicinal herbal products we have all come to depend on to prevent disease and boost our immune health could soon be stripped from store shelves and outlawed across the nation.


And in case you think I am exaggerating, please note the following:

You can also read more on the FDA’s coercive practices against natural companies in this article: Natural Supplement Companies Threatened with Arrest.

Why Are They Trying to Do This?

The gist of what the FDA is saying is that supplements can interact with drugs sometimes and so supplements need to be banned so that pharmaceutical drugs can be used without hinderance.

Oh really?  Well, what if we don’t want to use pharmaceuticals?

And shouldn’t we be just as concerned with regulating drugs to make sure that they aren’t interacting with the natural products that we wish to take to benefit our health?

What is even more preposterous than this is the fact that we are supposed to believe that all of these supplements are so dangerous to our health, but things like mercury and fluoride are safe for our health.

More on that later.

Clearly, there is a profit motive here.  If people get better on supplements, then they don’t need drugs.  Pharmaceutical companies lose and so do physicians.


Like I said in my post about the FDA recommending that we avoid “dangerous” probiotics and eat arsenic instead (let alone them ignoring the fact that industrial farmers are feeding chicken poop to cows–please don’t raise an eyebrow when I bring my own pastured meat to our next church potluck :-)), the FDA works for us.  We, the taxpayers, pay their salaries and looking at their track record, they should, in my opinion, be fired.  Now, that goes for a lot of other over-payed, under-worked folks in government too, and I mean on both sides of the aisle.

It’s time we citizens stand up and rebel against this tyranny (and kneel down and pray about this as well).  Otherwise, we will get what we deserve:  a nanny state.  Or worse.

What You Can Do To Help

  1. Go to this link and sign the online petition
  2. Join the Alliance for Natural Health and support their efforts to stop these ridiculous over-reaching attempts by the FDA.
  3. Share this post on Facebook, Twitter, Stumble Upon, via email, or wherever else you like. (The link buttons for Facebook, Twitter and Stumble Upon are right at the bottom of this post.  If you have another social media icon that you would like to see here, just let me know.  I’ll put my not-so-techie mind to work on it.)
  4. Contact local and federal government officials and tell them that you want them to work to protect our freedom.
  5. Contact the FDA Directly
  • Phone: 1-888-463-6332 (their main number)
  • Direct Phone to FDA Director, Margaret Hamburg:  301-796-5000. The phone is answered by staff members, so you can tell her exactly what you think.
  • Mail: Food and Drug Administration, 10903 New Hampshire Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20993-0002
  • E-mail the Director: However, Gaia-Health has tracked down an AOL e-mail for her and it appears to be live. You might try contacting her at margaretahamburg@aol.com.
  • You can also send comments to local and national newspapers or other news media.

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Let’s all work together to get the word out about this horrid use of taxpayer monies and retain our freedom.

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  1. Thanks for informing us of this unsettling development.

  2. I can see them doing this if ALL supplements were banned. This just looks like an attack on natural products. The FDA probably wouldn’t win a lawsuit if this went into effect. That being said, people should eat the foods that have the vitamins and minerals they’re trying to take pills for. The body doesn’t absorb the nutrients in supplements that well.

    • Megan, I am not sure that I understand your comment. If the UK has already put a similar ban into effect, why would it not come here? I personally phoned a bunch of natural care practitioners, health food stores and supplement manufacturers yesterday and they are all concerned. Several of them said that they think there could be an all-out, or severely limiting ban in 2-3 years with the way that the FDA is going. And while I do agree that eating foods is the best way to go, sometimes for therapeutic use you just can’t get enough minerals and vitamins from foods. Additionally, due to the quality of our soil being so poor now, you have to eat WAY more food to get the same amount of nutrients that people did years ago.

      Let me know if I misunderstood you. If you read the info in the articles that I linked to carefully, the FDA is pushing to get rid of EVERYTHING that wasn’t in use prior to 1994. And that means almost all supplements. Our government has control of the auto industry, the banking industry, and our schools and the health care industry. They now are dictating what light bulbs we can put in our homes and next is what supplements we can or cannot take. It smells like the fish of socialism to me and to a lot of other people.

  3. No doubt you will get alot of traffic from this post. The title freaked me out terribly and I don’t even take supplements!!

    I will agree with you about the issue of choice. The government is dictating more and more of our personal lives, which stinks. BUT…one could argue that they do so because it seems that the American public gets so outraged after it is revealed that citizens are injured by unregulated products. Certainly there is a cultural component to this too.

    However after reading several of the links, most notably the one from the Natural News that defines the problem (http://www.naturalnews.com/032912_FDA_dietary_supplements.html) It appears to me that these new laws are targeting only natural supplements that contain ingredients that were NEW to the food supply after 1994. As a person who values traditional and minimally processed foods, I don’t really want to take a supplement that would include any ingredient that didn’t exist before 1994.

    But after reading your article I am under the impression that the FDA wants to ban all supplements that were formulated after 1994, regardless of wether they only include traditional ingredients or these new untested ingredients. Shouldn’t natural companies have to adhere to a high set of standards too? Does anyone truly believe that there is no consumer fraud among natural supplement companies?

    Granted, I am NOT a fan of the FDA. And any target of natural companies just for the sake of putting them out of business is deplorable. But I am just not reading that after reviewing the links.

    Could you clarify?

  4. BTW, I really like your website. I am a big fan, just kind of annoyingly the Devil’s advocate.

    • Thanks for being thoughtful enough to write this. I wasn’t taking your comments otherwise.

      It is VERY important to research all of this. I am just putting all of the pieces together from what I read and what I am hearing. I did more footwork today and what I found out was quite disturbing. I hope to do an update over the weekend or on Monday.

  5. This is disturbing…I signed the petition.

  6. A little more devil’s advocacy to follow…

    Actual text of the proposed rulemaking here: http://www.fda.gov/Food/GuidanceComplianceRegulatoryInformation/GuidanceDocuments/DietarySupplements/ucm257563.htm#i-intro

    I’ve only had time to quickly scan it, but it seems like they’re not trying to quash the supplement industry, so much as hold it accountable to a standard similar to the ones that they already hold pharma and makers of conventional foods to; doesn’t seem that unreasonable to me.

    I, for one, would rather have someone looking out to make sure that
    A) the thing I’m about to put in my body, when used as directed, is safe, or at least we have no reasonable basis to believe it to be unsafe (by which I mean scientific trials); that doesn’t apply to foodstuffs, and FDA isn’t trying to ban inclusion of foodstuffs here, and
    B) if someone tries to market something to me based on a health claim, that there’s a reasonable basis (again, scientific trials) to believe that the health claim is, in fact, actually true and significant enough to justify spending my money on it and ingesting the chemicals

    But then, I don’t take supplements – I pretty firmly believe that in the absence of certain disorders (e.g. hyperthyroidism), there’s no really compelling reason to do so; if you’re not getting the nutrition you need from the food you eat, change the food you eat.

    • I really appreciate everyone’s thoughts. I have been on the phone with a number of health food stores, supplements companies, and natural practitioners. I am going to be doing some more research and I will hopefully do a follow up post to this over the weekend or on Monday.

      I will say at this point, however, that I would be interested in knowing where you get your thoughts about food supplying sufficient nutrition from. There is loads of information to the contrary. Additionally, supplements are a great boon for other reasons as well. Without going into all of the details now, I avoided carpal tunnel therapy and surgery by just taking large doses of B6 (prescribed by my natural-minded physician, by the way). And now I am using supplements to reverse metal toxicity. That is another long story, but believe me, the supplements are a much safer alternative than prescription drugs.

      And a lot of supplement companies do rigorous testing that would put the FDA to shame. Try calling NOW Foods, for example and hear about what they do. Dick Durbin of IL (who is trying to give more power to the FDA) toured their plant and was surprised at what he found about their policies. Have you watched Food Inc. It will make you think twice about trusting the government to oversee how supplements are managed.

      This is a very complex issue, but it comes down to our moving towards a nanny state. This is not about supplements and drugs. In my humble opinion. Stay tuned.

    • Katherine says:

      “I’ve only had time to quickly scan it, but it seems like they’re not trying to quash the supplement industry, so much as hold it accountable to a standard similar to the ones that they already hold pharma and makers of conventional foods to; doesn’t seem that unreasonable to me.”

      It may not seem unreasonable until you realize that pharma holds patents on their products that allow them to make enough money to pay for the extensive testing that is required by the FDA. Botanicals, herbs and foods cannot be patented. Each company is required to do testing and extensive paperwork for a product that cannot be patented and that they can charge only a fraction of what pharma charges. The supplement companies will very quickly be driven out of business by these financial realities.

      Supplements are very safe and the FDA already has the power to regulate and remove from the market supplements that are not safe. More people are harmed by the products of pharma every year than by the use of supplements in many years. These regulations are not about safety; they are about control.

  7. This has been going on for some time now. Pharmaceutical companies are big money and aren’t making any when people take control of their health but it’s much deeper than that. I had been in the supplement business and sent out petitions for years, people are still fighting it. The thing is Govt. is apart of the problem and no one is listening to the people or care about the concerns, they have different agendas. “why?” The plan would make it so that you would have to have a prescription or have them doled out. It should not be a big surprise it’s socialism and we’ve been in the dark for years. There’s also Senate Bill 510 that is of real concern – they say its for safety but it would control farm and garden; you wouldn’t be able to do/have any of that but what is regulated. I prayerfully consider things and trust the Lord for our well-being. But why are they doing so, control – America is a country that is being stripped of its rights and we have let it happen out of ignorance and for years. We have privileges as it is often stated. It’s sad, good job on the post. BTW – most countries that already have this in place can’t understand why we would allow the same. :) I keep praying.

    • Vicky, thank you so much for your insights. The 510 bill is just a part of my concerns. You are right. This has been going on for years. The American people need to wake up and get educated. The government is gradually taking away our freedoms. We are less a capitalist nation now and more socialist. My husband used to live in China. He has seen this stuff first hand. We are praying too. Unfortunately, the Church doesn’t seem to be aware of what is going on either.

  8. I think your mostly right about churches however, many are walking in fear and that’s not the place to be. I believe we do need to be active and share the truth, but as my husband tells me if we could change one heart at a time that would be wonderful. Saving a soul. I often say when involve in anything politically vote the Bible; it’s really simple but many believers have a hard time with that. How odd and sad. Thank you for your reply I’ll enjoy visiting back seeing new posts. Vicky

  9. Marushka says:

    I hope you’ll let me know when the link to the petition is corrected – I couldn’t get the link to work.
    If socialized medicine was not AMA driven, but included chiropractic, acupuncture, midwifery, herbal medicines, homeopathy and essential oils, similar to France, I’d be for it. My HMO actually provides a good balance – it could work it we could take out the markup charged by insurance companies – kick them out. And everyone would have basic health care. BASIC and by choice. What isn’t covered by basic universal healthcare, you could still get, and not forced to only accept prescriptions when dietary changes and natural supplements are better – a self-determined choice. — Our country costs more for less health, we need to be open to change and i think the biggest change would be to cut out the ‘middle man’ – insurance companies. They are often responsible for not covering a great many procedures, or cancelling people’s insurance when they are critically ill. That wouldn’t happen anymore. Covered procedures, costs not ‘covered’, losing coverage, billing – those are all things no one should have to deal with. And I’m all for this petition to stop the FDA, AMA and BIG Pharm from taking away my rights to choice for determining good health.

    We also now need to find more natural methods of decorporation of nuclear radioactive elements, as we are getting bombarded by Fukushima’s ongoing fission releases. I want the EPA to resume testing and posting more frequently, the results, so we are impowered to make health decisions. And since it is obvious that there is NO safe level of radiation, I’d like to determine how to deal with it, not be told that emissions are ‘safe’ or ‘not of concern’. I know better. I expect the EPA to provide me with information – that is their mandate – public health.

    • Thank you for your thoughtful comments.

      The link is working – Perhaps their site was having problems. I can only hope it was because there was too much traffic.

      I agree with you about alternative medicine being so important and I am very discouraged about the influence that big pharma companies and insurance and their lobbyists have, but socialism is NOT the answer. I don’t want the government in control of my life at all. Look at how they fund abortions and how they determine who lives and dies in the UK with their rationed health care. That is built into our socialized plan here as well. Young people in this country need to wake up. You don’t understand or think about the perils of rationed healthcare much when you are young because you don’t get that ill. Once you hit your 40s things start to look and feel a bit different as you begin to be faced with your own mortality.

    • I had one more thought – or rather, a question. Can I ask why do you support socialized anything? I can’t think of one good reason. A dear friend of my husband’s once said, “If you think nationalized health care is a good idea, think about this – Take a look at your local post office. Do you really want your hospitals to look like that?” I know that there are some stories of people who live in other countries where it “works” but there is another side to the coin. Even in Japan, there are private medical options. I lived in Japan for a year and their hospitals were downright primitive looking where I stayed. My friend stayed there as well and when she needed dental care she said everyone was put in a line and the dentist proceeded to drill everyone’s teeth, whether they needed it or not.

      In the UK there are not enough doctors, so those w/ colon cancer die at a much higher rate than here. There are always stories coming out on the internet about women delivering babies elsewhere b/c there is no room for them in the hospitals (now, I had my child at home so this isn’t such a bad idea, I think, but having a hospital available is important.)

      Even when you look at other countries, the US is very different than them, with the primary difference being that we are HUGE and that we have such a large proportion of our population not working, but more importantly not paying taxes (did you know that over 50% of people in the US don’t?) The remaining 50% of us can’t handle the burden. I recommend looking at our debt and thinking about how our government has managed its money. Do you really want them handling anything else? If any other money manager was in as much debt as the leaders of our government were, he’d be fired. Now you know what I think about what should happen to those in power. Hope this wasn’t too inflamatory :-). I just cannot believe how we, the people of this great nation, have let this go on in front of our eyes and now we seriously think that this government should be in charge of more. If that isn’t idiocy I don’t know what is. It is like putting an alcoholic in charge of a liquor store.

      I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Thanks for stopping by.

  10. Thanks for alerting us to this–I’m taking some supplements for a respiratory problem and if it works, I’ll be very sad if the supplement is eliminated due to regulation, as I would return to it if I had the same symptoms.

    Your diligence in looking into this is appreciated!

  11. Thanks for posting this – this is so disturbing it makes me crazy. In response to those that say maybe it’s not such a bad thing to have supplements regulated like the drug companies – how about taking action yourself and researching the companies you plan to buy supplements from? Sometimes I think we just want the government to do everything for us – feed us, educate our children, take over our healthcare… It used to be that problems were first solved within the immediate family, then the extended family if necessary, and then the local community, THEN on a national level if absolutely necessary. Now we’ve switched to wanting the government to solve all of our problems for us instead of taking any responsibility for ourselves and our families. And look where it’s getting us!! Let’s take some responsibility!

    • My sentiments exactly. That’s why they call it a “Nanny State.” In small and big ways we have turned our children and ourselves over to the government. The whole Children’s Rights Movement is just one part of it.

      Thanks for stopping by. I hope to have an update together next week and maybe some interviews with experts. Please subscribe or come back so you don’t miss it! We need all the help we can get!

  12. Scott D. Snitzer says:

    Has everyone forgotten that prescription medications kill an average of 100,000 Americans a year from side-effects, physician error in addition to the tons of class action lawsuits for individuals & the families of those who have died from Vioxx and scores of other drugs?

    What about the thousands of suicides tied to anti-depressants with the black box warning?

    I guess that people with prescription drug side effects which have resulted in a disability don’t count either.

    The point is that statistically, herbs, vitamins and minerals cause few deaths and sickness and if the scientific studies on the safe effectiveness of natural supplements’ healing/health were to be made public (mainstream media) I think more people would be incensed at the FDA’s new policy (and the FDA is “just following orders”).

    • So true. Do you happen to have a source for those statistics? I am hoping to do follow ups to this in the coming weeks and it would be great to have this information.

      One of the things that I am so frustrated with is the fact that these government agencies are accountable to no one. I personally have spoken with the owner of one of the companies that is being harassed by the FDA and it is just so infuriating to hear what they are putting them through. I think there should be a class action suit against the government. I don’t know enough about our legal system to know if it would be feasible, but it seems like a good idea in any case.

  13. This is a very thought provoking and pertinent post. We have similar problems in the UK. It really is very worrying. Thank you for sharing this valuable post with Feed Me Tweet Me Follow Me Home.

  14. Thanks for sharing this with the Hearth n Soul hop. Lots to think about from this post.

  15. For those of you who think that the gov makes things “safer” for our consumption…Really? I mean, are you talking about our government in the USA? Thanks to Gov regulations in the food industry you are 400 times more likely to get salmonella or e coli from meat than in the 50’s. in a free market, if people get sick from something, no one buys it anymore. when the government is involved they just allow the company to add ammonia to the meat instead of solving the problem. yes, there is ammonia in most of your ground beef now starting a few years back. how safe do you think that is?

  16. I love this post Adrienne!! I make my living selling supplements both in a store and online and am outraged by the far reaching of the government on this issue. I ensure that all of my suppliers are ISO 9000 certified and bottle their products in laboratory clean rooms before I consider purchasing from them.

    Granted not everyone supplies quality products and should be investigated but banning supplements while promoting mercury, flouride and the like is quite a bit more irony than I can stand.

    Thank you for a great post!


    • Thanks, Jason!

      Please spread the word. Also, I hope to do a follow up to all of this w/ more info, but NOW Foods has an offshoot called Yourvoiceforhealth.org. They are really working hard to deal with this situation. I recommend that you check them out and join in the fight.

  17. Why cant the government stay out of this. Seriously!?!?! When was the last time anyone read a label on a prescription drug that doesn’t include the possibility of chest pains, difficulty breathing, stomach pains, and possibly death! Yet, the govt wants us to think supplements are worse off?? Please, I’ve taken prescription drugs for my knee problems and it cost a lot of $$ and never helped… Simple joint care supplements and glutamine and the problem is under control for 1/5 the cost

  18. Scott D. Snitzer says:

    Once these criminals pass this our super-corrupt health care industry will have another 20 million patients within 2 years since that’s the MINIMUM number of people who try to take care of themselves with supplements, whole non-GMO foods and other holistic health practices including seeing natural health specialists.

    A sick patient is a profitable patient and money is God in this world and everything’s a competition and even though the health care industry & big pharma are already making record, obscene profits that’s just not good enough so the small percent of Americans working hard to be healthy are having their freedom of choice taken away.

    While a MINIMUM of 100,000 people die from prescription drugs in the U.S. alone a YEAR.

    And I’d be shocked if 10 people died from natural supplements in one year.
    This will go through.
    They have their TSA, they’re raiding the Amish and other producers of super, organic foods so there is no stopping these scummy monsters.

  19. Everyone should sign this. Even if you don’t take supplements we all have the right to control how we maintain our health. This should be unconstitutional. I rarely get sick and I never get a flu shot and that is because I take supplements that help my body heal itself. Hippocratic oath says the body should heal and repair itself and without the options to by supplements we will be dependent on poisonous prescription drugs. I find it amazing that the FDA allows us to drink thing with high levels of arsen including juice and water, but they believe that supplements are detrimental to our health. It is all hypocricy and has pharmacuetical and dollars written all over it. Remember even if you don’ take or believe in supplements stand up for everybody’s choice to decide.

    • Thank you Kent. Well said. I personally am being healed from adrenal burnout, what seems to be fibromyalgia, and other issues – all without meds. I haven’t taken a prescription medicine for —um, I don’t know how long. About 5 years. And that was an emergency situation. The land of the “free” is gradually becoming less and less so. Thanks again.

  20. KokoroComplex says:

    Can this get any more messed up? First the Protect IP Act where the government wants to shut down sites and now this?? Seriously, where is the priority?

  21. They can try but it will never work. They are Many Like me for the last 3 years educating Americans on the internet, that natural supplements is how I got to my age with no high BP, or cholestrol no fat in the blood, that I have been taking high cranberry doses since I was 23 now 54 I have never had bladder infections & its anti cancer properties is why I don’t have breast or cervical cancer. It is because of those natural supplements is driving FDA & Health Care Mad crazy out of their minds, they know we don’t need their evil medicine they promote & kill us with the horrible side effects they give us. They won’t succeed if its the last thing on earth I do. We will surely make FDA to all be brought up on charges & fire every damn rotting sticking one of them. They are EVIL is as Evil Does on Epic Level!

  22. This makes me sick and mad signing this petition and sending it on to friends

  23. Joanne says:

    That’s because all these govenments are signatories of Codex Alimentarius…check out Dr. Matthias Rath and his work with vitamin C and its effect on heart disease…it explains everything. But, yes, products in capsules need scientific substantiation in Canada as well as NPN (new product id numbers) and they’re backed up for years with paperwork. And contrary to what people are led to believe, it is not the government that is at fault. It is the taking over, the handing over of our government bodies to industry that is leading to this. governments used to be there to protect us from this, especially here in Canada….but not any more…

  24. trisha Wall says:

    Go to youtube . Search for “depopulation”.
    Look for the one labled : Agenda 21-Depopulation 2009 Part One .
    This woman is a dr. who was told by a very high government official about what is coming to America. One of the things she mentions is that the FDA will ban nutricious food and supplements in their agenda to depopulate the world through many ways, illness being one.Deadly vaccines, starvation, and sterilization are others. Sorry to be a “voice of gloom”, but seems like all the steps we have seen our government and others taking , it really is going this way. Watch clips of Bill Gates talk also.

  25. Kerligirl says:

    This is part of Codex Alimentarius. Read through it. This is the goal, for if you control health through food, you control the world. Conspiracy theorist? Nah, wake up. Its all around you.

  26. This is really scary. They are a bunch of money grubbing hypocrites! I am an oncology nurse and constantly dealing with patients that are diagnosed with various cancers caused directly by smoking cigarettes but you don t see them rushing too fast to take cigarettes off the market nor have I ever even heard of the FDA or AMA ever even mention that this is even an initiative?

  27. Learn your herbs and local flora, learn to make natural herbal remedies using herbal infusions, learn to grow your own herbs and collect the seeds, the government will do what it wants and the people be damned.

  28. I’m torn about this. I have a friend that recently had to be taken to the emergency room because of taking fish oil. She had internal bleeding. I never knew this could happen with fish oil.

  29. Does it also include herbal teas containing the said herbs? Thanks!

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