The following is a mix of companies, products, and resources that have been instrumental in either my own or my family’s health.

Some of these I have a financial partnership with and others I do not.  I promise you I am always upfront and honest in my representation of their qualities regardless.  That’s how it should be.

Even when you contact someone whom I have recommended and you just mention that you heard about them from me, that means a great deal because they know how much I’ve been blessed.

Come back as I will update this list regularly.



Rocky Mountain Oils Frankincense

Rocky Mountain Oils (formerly Native American Nutritionals)

I used to think that Essential Oils were a scam.  Then I tried them and I was hooked.

Initially I signed up with Young Living and then doTERRA (2 of the bigger direct sales oils companies), but I really wanted to make sure I was getting the most “bang for my buck” so I started investigating the essential oils industry and the many companies involved.

I ended up recommending Rocky Mountain Oils (formerly Native American Nutritionals).

You can read the whole series about my search for “The Best” Essential Oils Company” here, or just ahead to see why I recommend these companies here.


Beauty Without the Beasts - NYR Organic - Neal's Yard Remedies

I came upon NYR Organic (Neal’s Yard Remedies) pretty much by chance.

And I am sure glad that I did.

It’s a long story, but I stumbled on NYR Organic while looking for a company with quality, toxin-free skincare and cosmetics (and other personal care), and what I found was more than I had planned on.

NYR Organic has:

Award Winning Skincare
Cosmetics  including a no smudge mascara!
Mother & Baby Care
Essential Oils & More
Natural Living Books  – LOVE the EO book!
Herbal Remedies  – try their Calming Tea – great for stressful times.
Superfoods  (in with the supplements.
Men’s Products

and…..if you are as concerned about the bees as I am (they are dying!), then you will love the Bee Lovely Products.  A portion of every sale is donated to help save the bees.

I can’t say enough about this company — their attention to quality, performance, and purity are just phenomenal.

“Just Rewards.  No Regrets”

Every month they have great savings and to save the most, you can join me on my team and Save 25% on Everything!

And no crazy sales requirements — just $100 every rolling 12 months, and no monthly fees either.  “Just rewards – No regrets!”


Iherb 125





Iherb is one of my favorite online supplement and healthy living retailers.  Get $10 off your order of $40 or more or $5 off your order less than $40 with Referral Code RUR466.

VERY reasonable pricing and loads of great reviews so you can see what others think about products before you buy!


Very thorough and informative website for those suffering from candida.  The recipe section is amazing and they have a wealth of great products to assist in the fight against candida.  Their moderator, Tari-lee Cornish is quite an impressive source of information on numerous health issues.


Martin Pytela has been a huge source of encouragement and information to me at various stages of the issues facing me and my family.

I can particularly endorse the following products:

1.  Strata Flora – a whole foods based probiotic.  This product seems expensive up front, but you use it according to your needs.  I have had one bottle last over 3 months.  It has an amazing cleansing effect and seems to generate weight loss by removing toxins from your digestive tract

2. Topically Every Pain– This has worked wonders on certain injuries that I have had.  Once I had a bad muscular injury in my back.  When I was having trouble sleeping or pain during the day, I would just spray this on and with seconds, my pain was gone.

3. Chlorella – a great source of dietary iodine

4. Spirulina – another great source of dietary iodine

6. Magnesium Crystals – Wonderful for adding magnesium to your system without digestive upset.  Add 1/4 cup to bath water or 1/8 cup or so to a foot soak.  Good for relaxing just before bed.



Ceracor - Non Toxic Ceramic Cookware / Green Cookware

I get asked regularly what kind of cookware I use, but I have never had a great answer besides the pressure cookers and the slow cooker that I LOVE.

Now, I do.  Ceramcor.  I had my eye on this cookware ever since I did a giveaway for them, and now I have my very own set.

This cookware is amazing.  Safe, beautiful, durable, and makes food taste great.

If you want to keep toxins out of your kitchen, this Xtrema cookware is one of the best places to start.  WHOLE NEW MOM Readers can get 10% off too – your discount code is available by clicking here.


This dehydrator is one of my most treasured kitchen tools.

We use it every week, if not more.  From drying and soaking nuts and seeds, to making homemade fruit leather, to making enzyme-rich flax crackers and raw cookies, to drying excess produce, this is quite the workhorse.  We went with the 9-tray model, with the Paraflexx (TM) sheets (for making fruit leathers and other “goopy” recipes like sun dried tomatoes) and I wouldn’t recommend anything different.  Even if you have a smaller family, it is great to have the option to get a lot done in little time.

Check my BEST PRICE ON EXCALIBUR DEHYDRATORS page for the best deal you can get on these great machines.


Pure Effect Filters

I consider water filtration to be one of the first things that every health-conscious family should do. There are so many contaminants in tap water, and we drink (or should drink) so much of it every day that it is crucial to make sure you are getting the best possible water. I’ve done a lot of research and changed my mind over the years, as I have learned more about different filters and what they do and do not filter out.

Recently I have come upon what I think is the best filtration system out there — the PureEffect Water Filter.

It removes all kinds of contaminants (including radiation! — with Fukushima still having issues in Japan, this is something to think about) and is easy to install and leaves beneficial minerals in your water.

If you are interested getting high quality clean water for your family, either click through to order, or contact the people at PureEffect Filters to choose the best filter for your home. They have whole house filters too so you can keep the chlorine and other toxins off of your skin.


The Vitamix is just one of the appliances in my kitchen that I consider to be practically indispensable.  My husband encouraged me to get one for YEARS until I finally gave in (I was worried about how expensive they were).  Now I wished I’d listened to him right away.  We use ours multiple times a day and it is one of the biggest money-savers in our home. I use mine to make Easiest Almond Milk, Easiest Coconut Milk, Homemade Nut and Seed Butters, Homemade Coconut Butter, Powdered Sugar Substitute, Homemade Rice Milk, and more.

By going through my link you can save $25-$35 by getting FREE SHIPPING on your Vitamix.  You can order by phone at 1 800 848 2649 ext 2308 and use CODE 06-005927 – or use the same Savings Code for ordering online.


Thrive Life

I’ve looked into several companies and methods of storing food including dehydrating, canning, and freezing, and now freeze drying.  I think they all have their place, but Thrive Life has top quality products at a reasonable price (plus they have a bunch of non GMO and gluten-free products as well and that’s important to me.  You can get 20-30% off retail by shopping through my link and I offer the following to my readers:

1.  If you set up a “Q” (a regular shipment) of $100 or more OR
2.  You order $400 or more at any time

Email me at wholenewmom {at} gmail {dot} com to get 10% of your order credited towards a future order.


Lilla Rose

They’re pretty (which is good for your emotional health) but these clips also help you have healthier hair since they go in and out easily without ripping strands of hair out.  Didn’t think I would but now I really do.

Read my review on Lilla Rose Flexi Clips to see what I used to think and why I now LOVE these clips.


Blogging with

Amy Andrew’s blog is where I started and it’s where I keep going for blogging info.

Amy is super knowledgeable but also balanced.  She’s a mom like me with limits on her time.  We can’t do everything and she reflects that truth in all of her blogging recommendations.



Flywheel WordPress Hosting









My current host.

Fast response time, great speed, and great pricing for larger blogs.

Black Chicken Host

best blog host

Erin of Black Chicken Host is amazing.

Their prices are a little bit more than the “big box” hosts and registration  companies, but their service is GREAT!  Sometimes you just get what you pay for :-).  Oh – and they support plug ins too – try to find that with any other hosting company.  I did end up moving to a different host when I out grew these services, but I whole-heartedly recommend her to just about anyone.










I started my blogging journey with Bluehost.

They are a great hosting company with good service, great rates and great support. Numerous times they went above and beyond to help me with blogging issues and problems (including the time when some icky person put very undesirable images on my site. :-(. And their service is guaranteed.

I recommend that you go for the longest possible plan available. If at any time you decide to leave or cancel your service, they will refund the unused portion of your plan – no questions asked.


If you aim to have nice photography as a part of your blog, then a good camera is a must.  I have a good eye, but there is no substitute for having both.

I ended up just going with the recommendations that my local friendly camera store gave me and they haven’t steered me wrong.

I shoot with a Canon SLR and I use a Sigma macro lens.  I love both of them.

I’ve somehow been able to make it this far without a tripod but that is next on my list.

I have this light kit in my shopping cart at Amazon–great for dreary days or when you just can’t get that shot done during the day time.

Lowell EGO light for food photography

Genesis Themes by StudioPress Themes for WordPress

I’m with Genesis now :). I had been with a free theme (Atahualpa) since the beginning.  Because, let’s face it – free is a really good options when you’re just starting out!

But I’ve been researching other themes for awhile now and Genesis has been recommended far and above over all the others.  It’s not that much money and it has built in SEO helps.  Also, their support forum has been touted as being fabulous.

Atahualpa has been good, but they had an update awhile ago that left no spaces after all punctuation on my blog.  What a mess!  I couldn’t figure out how to fix it and last I heard there still wasn’t a fix for it.  So I never updated.  Sometimes you just get what you pay for.

I am very happy with Genesis.  I think my design is much more readable and the move has led to more traffic for sure :).

Theme of the Month - AgentPress

Products Mentioned in Blog Posts


Green Tea – One Japanese origin matcha that you might wish to try.


Activated Charcoal Capsules

Activated Charcoal Powder

Phosphatidyl Serine  – can help with natural stress relief

Valerian Root – can be a natural sleep help


Teff Flour

Teff Grain

These comments do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Whole New Mom.


  1. stephanie says:

    have you ever tried the TransDermal Silver product from Life Enthusiast? I am ordering the strata flora and get free shipping if I spend a little more money so I am trying to figure out what else to get. I have heard collodial (SPELLING?) silver is great as an alternative to anti-biotics but I have never tried it.

    • I’ve never tried that. I have used the Topically Every Pain (a friend swears by it) and the Flu Stop. Their spirulina is a good product as well.

  2. Hello

    I am a patient of Teresa Vernon, I will start the protocol next week. I am already detoxing using a method to fix my copper toxicity and overmethylation, but became hypoglycemic in the process. did you run into this yourself?



    • I was hypoglycemic when I started. It’s gone now. Sorry -I can’t help.

    • Hi, my name is Deanna and I’ve been taking HFI, alpha energy and pxp forte and they help me detox WONDERFULLY! I was dehydrated for so long it’s been years. I spent almost twenty thousand dollars in Meyers cocktails and homeopathic treatments without results. Now, I can honestly say I’m improving! Let me back up a bit. I was diagnosed with systemic lupus in 1988 and told I’d probably live only 6 months, MAYBE 2 years. Well, after multiple surgeries and trying literally EVERYTHING I’ve found that this combination works along with essential oils for the pain. The HFI is dehydrated plants and has over 70 minerals and 50 trace minerals and the alpha energy oxygenates my water and alkalizes everything I drink, even COFFEE! The rice has a lot of energy in it called mitochondria and it helps your cells regenerate into good cells. So I hope this helps you. I use immune strength essential oil along with several others diffused at bedtime. I hope this helps you to gain a healthy life:)

      • Deanna, what company are you buying these from? And what is HFI? And what is the rice you te alk about? Where do you buy this rice? Thanks!

      • Deanna where are you buying HFI, alpha energy and pxp forte? I would like to look into them.

  3. Wendy Whitworth says:

    I am an essential oils newbie. I am looking for a good reference book. One that will also help with mixing oils. What do you suggest?

  4. Where will I find the Anti Candida rating scale test?

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