The following is a mix of companies, products, ministries, and resources that have been instrumental in either my own or my family’s health.

Some of these I have a financial partnership with and others I do not.  I promise you I am always upfront and honest in my representation of their qualities regardless.  That’ss how it should be.

When there’s a financial benefit to me that results from your using their products and/or services, it’s only because all of this blogging, etc. takes a great deal of time and money and we need to get reimbursed somehow.

Even when you contact someone whom I have recommended and you just mention that you heard about them from me, that means a great deal because they know how much I’ve been blessed.

Encouragement pays rich dividends as well ;-).

Come back frequently as I will update this list regularly.







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If you are interested in a Vitamix, you can either click through to their website for special deals and free shipping!  If you prefer to order by phone, you can call them direct and USE CODE  06-005927. Call Sue at Vitamix at 1-800-848-2649 Ext. 2308  and get the same deals: FREE STANDARD SHIPPING (VALUE$25 US/$35 CN).  You will not pay any extra for your machine, but your purchase will help to support this website. Thanks!


One of my favorite online supplement and healthy living retailers.  Get $10 off your order of $40 or more or $5 off your order less than $40 with Referral Code RUR466.


~ These are just about the only shoes that I wear, with the exception of my New Balance workout shoes and occasional boots.  Inside and out.  Since they are handmade, their sizes vary a bit, but it is a small frustration for good quality shoes.  My friend in Chicago who introduced them to me said this:  “You could drop an atomic bomb on these things and they would still hold up.”  Not quite, but close.

There is also an online outlet for these shoes, but primarily you will only find discontinued styles there.  If you are really lucky, you can check out the racks at Marshall’s or Nordstrom Rack, but this takes a lot of patience.


Very thorough and informative website for those suffering from candidiasis.  The recipe section is amazing and they have a wealth of great products to assist in the fight against candida.  Their moderator, Tari-lee Cornish is quite an impressive source of information on numerous health issues.


Our family has been purchasing from Country Life Natural Foods for over 9 years.  They have free door-to-door delivery for orders on their truck delivery line that exceed $400-$500 (depending on the location) and you will find their prices and service hard to beat.

When we lived in Oklahoma we had large 200+ pound orders delivered via UPS and shared the orders with other local health-oriented families.  Even though we had to pay for shipping (they now have a truck that delivers to Oklahoma) it was still cheaper than going to our local health food store.

Now we have a co-op out of our home that bring great tasting, high quality and affordable food to our door every four weeks.  If you live close enough you are welcome to Contact Me for more details!

You can see the many offerings that Country Life has at


Martin Pytela has been a huge source of encouragement and information to me at various stages of the issues facing me and my family.

I can particularly endorse the following products:

1.  Strata Flora – a whole foods based probiotic.  This product seems expensive up front, but you use it according to your needs.  I have had one bottle last over 3 months.  It has an amazing cleansing effect and seems to generate weight loss by removing toxins from your digestive tract

2. Topically Every Pain- This has worked wonders on certain injuries that I have had.  Once I had a bad muscular injury in my back.  When I was having trouble sleeping or pain during the day, I would just spray this on and with seconds, my pain was gone.

3. Digesticol digestive enzymes - These are simply the best digestive enzyme that I have tried.  Try the large bottle for the best value.  Not available anymore.  I am currently trying Absorb Aid from Vitacost and Extreme Health’s Digestive.

4. Chlorella

5. Spirulina

6. Magnesium Crystals – Wonderful for adding magnesium to your system without digestive upset.  Add 1/4 cup to bath water or 1/8 cup or so to a foot soak.  Good for relaxing just before bed.


This dehydrator is one of my most treasured kitchen tools.

We use it every week, if not more.  From drying and soaking nuts and seeds, to making homemade fruit leather, to making enzyme-rich flax crackers and raw cookies, to drying excess produce, this is quite the workhorse.  We went with the 9-tray model, with the Paraflexx (TM) sheets (for making fruit leathers and other “goopy” recipes like sun dried tomatoes) and I wouldn’t recommend anything different.  Even if you have a smaller family, it is great to have the option to get a lot done in little time.

Check my BEST PRICE ON EXCALIBUR DEHYDRATORS page for the best deal you can get on these great machines.


Lilla Rose

I love these clips.  Didn’t think I would but now I really do.  Read my review on Lilla Rose Flexi Clips to see what I used to think and why I now LOVE these clips.
Useful Tips Section


Green Tea - One Japanese origin matcha that you might wish to try.


Activated Charcoal Capsules

Activated Charcoal Powder

Phosphatidyl Serine  - can help with natural stress relief

Valerian Root - can be a natural sleep help


Teff Flour

Teff Grain


  1. stephanie says:

    have you ever tried the TransDermal Silver product from Life Enthusiast? I am ordering the strata flora and get free shipping if I spend a little more money so I am trying to figure out what else to get. I have heard collodial (SPELLING?) silver is great as an alternative to anti-biotics but I have never tried it.

    • I’ve never tried that. I have used the Topically Every Pain (a friend swears by it) and the Flu Stop. Their spirulina is a good product as well.

  2. Hello

    I am a patient of Teresa Vernon, I will start the protocol next week. I am already detoxing using a method to fix my copper toxicity and overmethylation, but became hypoglycemic in the process. did you run into this yourself?



    • I was hypoglycemic when I started. It’s gone now. Sorry -I can’t help.

    • Hi, my name is Deanna and I’ve been taking HFI, alpha energy and pxp forte and they help me detox WONDERFULLY! I was dehydrated for so long it’s been years. I spent almost twenty thousand dollars in Meyers cocktails and homeopathic treatments without results. Now, I can honestly say I’m improving! Let me back up a bit. I was diagnosed with systemic lupus in 1988 and told I’d probably live only 6 months, MAYBE 2 years. Well, after multiple surgeries and trying literally EVERYTHING I’ve found that this combination works along with essential oils for the pain. The HFI is dehydrated plants and has over 70 minerals and 50 trace minerals and the alpha energy oxygenates my water and alkalizes everything I drink, even COFFEE! The rice has a lot of energy in it called mitochondria and it helps your cells regenerate into good cells. So I hope this helps you. I use immune strength essential oil along with several others diffused at bedtime. I hope this helps you to gain a healthy life:)

      • Deanna, what company are you buying these from? And what is HFI? And what is the rice you te alk about? Where do you buy this rice? Thanks!

      • Deanna where are you buying HFI, alpha energy and pxp forte? I would like to look into them.

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