15 Surprising Uses for Epsom Salt

I've used Epsom Salt for soaking splinters and getting Mg into my body, but I had no idea about all the ways you can use it.  Here are 15 Uses for Epsom Salt that I bet you didn't know!


{Today, Hannah from Whole Simple Life is sharing with us 15 Great Epsom Salt Uses.  I have some epsom salt in my natural medicine cabinet, but I haven’t use it for half of the things that she is sharing.  What a great product!}

When I first started buying epsom salt it was to add to the kids bath because I had heard that it would help calm them down before bed.

I figured hey, it’s worth a shot!

When my husband saw what I had purchased he poked fun saying it was just something old people used. Well it wasn’t long before he was using it too.

Look who’s laughing now.

Epsom Salt is an amazing mineral compound made up of magnesium and sulfate. Magnesium is an essential mineral that scientists estimate that about 2/3 of our population is deficient in.

This is just one of the reasons why I started to use Epsom Salt in our home. As I dug a little deeper, I realized that Epsom Salt has many more uses than for just soaking in the bathtub.

Here is a list of uses for Epsom Salt so you can start using it in your home today.

15 Epsom Salt Uses

1. Relaxing Bath– I’ll get the obvious out of the way first. Add 2 c. of Epsom salt to a bath and soak, which is also great for kids to help them relax before bed. Add lavender essential oil for some calming aromatherapy.

2. Sprains and Bruises– Add a handful of salt to a small container of hot water for feet and hands or 2 c. to a bath full of hot water and soak. My husband tried this when is stubbed his big toe. It was purple and green one day and within 48 hours the bruising was completely gone.

3. Splinter Removal– Add 1/2 c. of salt to a small container of water and soak splinter to assist in removal.

4. Hair Volumizer– Mix equal parts conditioner and Epsom salt and work through hair. Let sit 20 minutes, rinse and style as usual.

5. Facial Cleanser– Mix 1/2 t. salt into your regular cleansing product and wash as usual.  Adds exfoliation to your facial cleansing routine.

6. Mosquito Bites– Add 2 T. salt to 1 cup of water and soak a clean cloth. Then press cloth on bite for a few minutes to soothe irritation.

7. Exfoliate– Mix equal parts Epsom salt and olive, coconut or almond oil in your hands and use to exfoliate face or any other area of the body with dry skin. Great for wintertime.

8. Pest Control Spray– Mix 2 T. in a spray bottle with warm water and shake to dissolve. Spray on bugs around your yard and on plants in your garden that may be more susceptible to pests.

9. Eliminate Toxins– Soaking in an Epsom salt bath (2 c. added to warm bathwater) will not only relieve muscle tension but also help eliminate toxins from your body. The sulfates in Epsom salt help to flush toxins and heavy metals from your cells.

10. Cleaner– Add Epsom salt to homemade cleaners to increase scrubbing power.

11. Constipation– Mix 1-2 t. salt in 1 c. water and drink to help with constipation.

12. Athlete’s Foot/Toenail Fungus- Soak foot in warm water with a handful of Epsom salt.

13. Sunburn– Make a cold compress using a clean wash cloth, 1 c. cold water and 2 T. salt and gently lay on sunburn to relieve irritation.

14. Wavy Hair Spray– Mix 1 c. water, 2 t. salt and 1 t. conditioner in a spray bottle and spray on wet or dry hair and scrunch with your hands. Let air dry or use a diffuser to dry.

15. Soil Booster– Mix 2 T. salt per gallon of water and water plants once a month to boost soil and increase plant growth.

Do you use epsom salt ?
I’d love to hear your ideas–make sure to comment below!

Hannah Hepworth - contributing writer at Whole New MomHannah is the founder of Whole Simple Life and a former Early Childhood Special Education Teacher, who now stays at home with her 3 young children. Whole Simple Life is a website designed to help women simplify their lives, become more organized and provide information on relevant health topics as well as simple real food recipes. You can connect with her on facebook, twitter, google + and pinterest. Don’t forget head over to Whole Simple Life to subscribe to the newsletter to receive free updates of all of the new great content.

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  1. Was wondering if anyone has used epsom salt in bath to relieve eczema that has gotten infected. In the warnings area it does say consult a physician if evidence of an infection.. Hoping you might know if there is any negative reactions to using on an infected area. BTW, our doctor is the one that advised me to use the epsom salt 5x a day. I’m just hesitant now that I’ve read the back of the bag. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks

  2. My roses grow like crazy after being watered with an Epsom salts and water mixture. Boston ferns do too, I hear. My sister picks up 20 lb bags for me at the farm feed store!

  3. Sally Robertson says:

    I have minor arthritic issues in my thumbs and i add about 1/4 cup rpsom salts to my dishwater and it helps tremendously! Easy and practical- the dishes needed done anyway and got to soak while i was doing them! Great time- saver!

  4. Rebecca Francis says:

    Epson Salts can also be used in decorating. At Christmas it can be used for snow in arrangements. It is great for Rhodendrum too.