An Unbelievable Natural Ear Infection Remedy

I can't believe this Natural Ear Infection Remedy worked. And I can't believe I tried it! Would you try this ear infection treatment on your child?

When it comes to sicknesses in our home, I am always one to avoid antibiotic use whenever possible.  We try to use saline washes, essential oils, probiotics, and other natural methods of strengthening our systems and healing before turning to OTC and prescriptions medications, but finding an ear infection home remedy that really works has been tough.

The past month has been a pretty tough one for us as far as health issues.

Concussion, injuries, the flu and now some new illness, including one ear infection.

When we tried to treat the ear infection with home remedies, I got a shocker.  A natural remedy for ear infection that was unbelievable. And really worked!  I just had to write and tell you all about it.

It all started when we went roller skating with our church and I decided to take a good run at it even though I’d only roller skated once in my life.

In elementary school.

I ended up with a concussion and a badly injured tailbone and elbow.  My arm still isn’t acting quite normal.

Then, the boys and I ended up with the flu.

A bad one.

One of those “I don’t know if I am going to live through this” illnesses.

When we were all starting to be on the mend, we had a meeting at church and our kids hung out with other sick kiddos while we met with the adults.

I figured, “Well, we’ve all got the same thing that’s going around, right?”


Oldest son came down with an ear infection.

Turns out one of the kids they were playing with had an ear infection so I guess we had different bugs.

Anyway, it’s been a looong time since we’ve had one of these in our home.  You can read how I dealt with our last bout with the dreaded ear infection in “How We Avoided the Pink Stuff”.

He was in a lot of pain.

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I tried some things I knew about, but nothing worked.  like helichrysum and Immune Strength (Native American Nutritional‘s anti-bacterial blend that’s like Thieves), and basil oil around the ear.

Natural Remedies for Ear Infection that We Tried and Some We Didn’t:

We tried:

1.  Vitamin C

2.   some Chinese herbal preparations recommended by our practitioner  (She always recommends Yin Chiao Jin [this link is to the child’s version] whenever we are sick, and Coptis Purge for infections.)
– and my DIY saline wash.

3.  Helichrysum oil and Immune Strength (an antibacterial oil blend) around the ear.

Thought about using:

4.  I thought about using garlic oil, but a good natural resource told me that sometimes putting garlic oil in the ear can lead to heavy-duty detoxing that can cause more problems.

I wasn’t in the mood for more problems, plus we were out of fresh garlic.

5.  Breastmilk was always my standby for ear pain, but I am not breastfeeding anymore.  Sigh.

So I searched the internet for more ideas, and then asked my great Facebook fans for their advice.

One of the ideas from my readers (you guys are great!) really peaked my interest……so after the pain still wasn’t budging, I checked it out on the internet.

It looked like a valid option.

What was it?


Ummm- That’s right.  Good old fashioned, everyone’ pee.

Any other time I might not have been open to this, but it turns out we’re trying urine for another ailment in our home and it really appears to be working.

I’ll be sharing that with you all soon, I hope.

Anyway, I talked my son into it (it wasn’t that hard since he was feeling so bad.  But you know–the idea of putting urine in your ear isn’t that easy to deal with at first).

In went 2 drops (yes, we used his pee).

About 5 minutes later, I heard faint snoring on the sofa.

He’d fallen asleep.

To be fair, the pain did come back somewhat after awhile so we put him to bed with more urine and 2-3 drops of basil essential oil on a cotton ball.  (And some duct tape to keep it from falling out.  Bandaids just didn’t work.)

Natural Treatment for Ear Infection

The next morning, he felt a ton better.

And each night since he has asked for the same remedy.

The Ear Infection Home Remedy that Worked

Urine. Basil oil. Cotton ball.

Simple and cheap.

More and more the human body amazes me.

Breastmilk and urine as natural health cures.

Really something.

I’m all about avoiding antibiotics and pharmaceuticals whenever possible.  I wrote about how antibiotics and other drugs affect gut health in my Candida and How I Went Sugar-Free series.

When my kid is in pain, I’m for trying almost anything.  Almost :).

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Where Do I Buy Essential Oils?:

Interested in essential oils?

I recommend Native American Nutritionals.

Read my Best Essential Oils Series to find out why.  It got VERY interesting along the way. And I do have some oils left on my store page on clearance.

Remember, as always, the information in this post is for entertainment purposes and is not to be construed as medical advice.  Consult your medical practitioner for advice before doing anything outlined here–K :)?

One more disclaimer.  There are some interesting resources on the web talking about urine cures.  I by no means say you should do any of these, but if you read through the comments on my post there are some pretty interesting ones.

Wives Tales and Folks Remedies for Ear Infections

This site has some very interesting facts about the composition of urine and the World Conference on Urine Therapy.

And here is book on Amazon entitled, what else—Urine Therapy.  It’s written by a Ph.D. who manages a naturopathic healing center in Hamburg, Germany.

It’s got some GREAT reviews so if you aren’t that squeemish, it looks like a good book to have around as prices for medical care skyrocket :).


Urine Therapy

Who knew?

What do you think?   Would you / Could you try this :)?

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  1. Patty M White says:

    I have used urine for myself in my EYE for pink eye. It works. I’m from Tennessee and suffered from pink eye all the time. My grandmother told me about using my own urine and put a few drops in my eye. About 5. So after days of being made fun of. Years really. I just got it all the time. I was 9 years old. I did it. I washed my hands cleaned under my index fingernail very good too. I pee’d in a cup. Then I used my own index finger, put it in the pee. Held open my eye with other hand and let the drops fall in. I did at least 5 drops. I never had a problem as a kid again. Then in my mid 30’s I had my beautiful son. We even shared chicken pox together. He was 4 I was 34. He got pink eye and so did I. 5 drops of our own pee later and he is 20, I am 50. We have not had pink eye again. I’ve told many this cure. They believe me but are like gross it must burn. It does not. So I’ve had no pink eye but to help out a friend who does or whose child does. I pee in a cup and show them, lookie No burning it’s my own pee. It won’t kill you as I drink the pee give hugs and leave. Great blog BTW. GOOD NIGHT Patty

  2. I used Oregano oil when we had sinus and ear congestion going on. But be careful applying to face, it really burns! I read to put some on a cotton ball and then on your ear, but you may want to dilute it with a carrier oil. I also applied thieves, oregano, tea tree, to the feet. Peppermint and Lavender on spine for fever. Peppermint or Vicks on feet for cough. Last time my son was on antibiotic, he had diarrhea for a week afterwards. I would like to avoid that and the Dr’s bill when at all possible. Yech!

    I read your recommendation about essential oil companies. To bad I didn’t read it before I spent $80 on DoTerra and Young Living:( Oh well, live and learn… and at least I didn’t sign up as a rep. I checked out NAN and will probably order from them soon. their peppermint looks good and seems reasonably priced. Thanks for doing all this research and making it available!!

  3. Great information, thank you.. I love all the comments and after reading about the use of urine to treat ear infection I had to look a bit further.. what I found was its called “Uropathy” or “Urine Therepy”. It seems that urine has a long list of natural healing besides earaches. Dr. G.K. Thakkar ( author of ” Wonders of Uropathy” claims that urine therepy is amazing when it comes to tooth and gum trouble. YUCK…. He states that wadhing ones mouth with ones own urine has an (almost 100% success) with all manners of tooth and gum trouble. Which Includes
    Toothache healed ( even the worse of pain, never failing a single instance, with the serverest toothache disappearing in minutes.
    Loose teeth firming up within a week
    Gingivitis, pyorrhea/periodontist ( bleeding of the gums) healed in a few days
    Absecesses and canker soars healed.. Way to much to list. He also give instructions on how often and how to do this.

  4. I was always getting inner ear infections of the eustachian tube and antibiotics stopped working for me a long time ago. Then i read that using the nasal spray sinusoothe could help because the sinuses are connected to the inner ear. Well I never. After just over three days my ear became unblocked and the pain started to subside. After just over a week I was not only feeling less tired but all of my usual symptoms – pain in ear, dizziness were gone. Now two months on im back to normal.

  5. Well… in my family, babyshka’s answer to any ailment was always urine or vodka. If it works, it works, you can’t really argue with that.

  6. First thing’s first. Earache is horrific. Ear infection is possibly the worst thing ever.
    Last year I had such a bad case I couldn’t even hear properly. The whole pee and breastmilk idea is disgusting though. I would never try that and I would never even think of telling someone to put pee in their ear.
    What did help me was a visit to the doctor for antibiotics and ear drops. You can get really cheap ear drops at any pharmacy that WORKS! Maybe you should try that next time :)

  7. Thanks for the tip Adrienne…This is one thing that I did not know about. My grandfather introduced his kids and us to urine therapy. Not sure how he found out it. He is sort of a self-experimenter, trying different therapies (urine, magnetic, juicing, etc). At that time he used ‘Shiv-ambu’ (Indian name for self-pee) to grow hair (he was balding). And within 3 or 4 months he started growing hair. That was totally freaky for us, because now every single day we had to drink our first morning pee! As kids we were disgusted about it, but hey we had to do it! I personally applied it to my hair 2X a week for few years (3-4years), then some how lost the interest! For almost 30 years, he is consuming his own pee (drinking and applying on skin and scalp), last year he entered his 100th year! that’s right 100th year! Head full of hair, skin soft and supple!! He is now experimenting with fermenting his urine for a week and checking its effect on his eye sight! He does not cease to amaze us with his experiments!
    Thanks for mentioning its other use.. I’ll pass it to Grandpa.
    On side note: My grands is very diligent of what he eats/drinks, how much he eats/drinks, how much he walks and how long he practices yoga.

    • No way!!! I can’t believe this. Urine for hair growth. How long had he been going bald? Do you know if anything else changed? Why does he think that fermented urine would help his eyesight? Did he live with you all?

  8. The Muslims have texts of traditions about the use of urine for medical purposes, and everyone laughed at them…..
    Good one, I’ll keep this in mind.

  9. I used homemade (takes 4 minutes) garlic oil for earaches for all my 3 children with immediate results….never to use antibiotics again for that. My neighbor had 4 children with recurring ear problems and started this idea as they were requiring tubes. They also had complete success. Not too good to be true…just good and true.

    • Hi and sorry for the delayed response. I have been so busy! I have heard that it can be an issue of botulism with making garlic oil – have you heard about that? I’m glad it worked for you!

  10. I have used 1 or 2 drops of lavender essential oil on a small piece of cotton in the ear. It works great, but it takes a little while to work (15-30 min for us). So, my kids can get pretty antsy until it starts to work. Also, my kids give me a hard time about the cotton being in their ear. So, I also rub lavender oil around their ear in a downward motion to help drain the lymph nodes. That helps tide them over until the cotton w/ oil kicks in. (This works well for sinus problems too – just putting it on the sinus area instead of the ear, obviously. But also rubbing in a downward motion to help drain the sinuses.)

    Also, I live in a valley where allergens come and don’t leave easily. So, when sinus issues arise, I have found that Inula essential oil (diluted) works faster than lavender essential oil. It’s pricey, but it was worth it since it we start feeling better faster.

  11. Hello, First off I just want to say urine really does work for healing ear pain. From age probably five years old to 12 years old I experience excruciating ear pain I was a very healthy child and I would stay out of school for two weeks at a time and I remember my mom always putting some sort of anabiotic in my ear and using different types of remedies to try to heal my ear pain I also remember I would get swimmers ear almost every single summer and I love to swim and we lived on the river so that was a really big problem. when I was about 12 years old I went to visit my aunt in maryland maryland and the week I was up there I was having excruciating ear pain she insisted that I go to the bathroom fill a cup up with urine and bring it so she could put some in my ear. when I was a child I was very headstrong and Of course a 12-year-old girl does not want any urine in her ear so argued with her. Finally after about a few minutes of arguing with her I went to the bathroom and fill the cup up with urine and she put some in my ear. I can honestly say that I thank her so much for doing that because now I am 22 and I have not had swimmers ear or any type of really bad ear ache or ear ache at all.
    Recently I had actually seen a show on I believe it was National Geographic or history channel of different civilizations that used urine for skin problems, ear problems and other different types of health problems, in Europe they even used it to whitein their teeth.

  12. So I thought I was open-minded. Family cloth, outhouse (and a bucket with toilet seat in the winter!), breastmilk for diaper rash, no ‘poo, home birth without midwife, humanure … really, I’ve had enough flak for being out there. I’m not exactly squeamish. I guess I’m drawing the line at urine therapy, though.

    I have an eye infection. A $20 bottle of eye/ear drops will last us the rest of the year, and … it’s not pee. While urine might be sterile while it’s in your kidneys, there’s a reason why doctors have you go through a whole procedure when giving a sample. (Wipe well with an antiseptic wipe, pee a little, stop, hold back any skin/hair …) Going from in to out, urine picks up bacteria.

    Anyway, if it works for you, more power. :) My grandmother-in-law used to swear by a teaspoon of kerosene once a day and lived to be 94.

    • Yeah, I hear you on the bacteria thing. I guess we could boil it or something :)? Or use an antiseptic wipe of some kind. Kerosene? What was that supposed to do? Was that kind of longevity unusual for your family?

      • Oh, I don’t really consider 94 to be super old. My great-grandfather was 97 and his father was 106. (Died the day before his 107th birthday, in fact.) I often say that I plan to celebrate my 100th birthday and I won’t be sitting in a wheelchair when I do it. But that was my grandmother-in-law, and her family actually was *not* that long-lived. She really did claim that it was the kerosene. She called it her “tonic”. BLECH!!!!!

        Honestly – if the urine thing works for your family, I’m not judging. I’ve dealt with looks of horror when people hear we drink raw milk, and I’ve had to deal with “don’t like child welfare find out”. Who knows, maybe you’re on to something and I’m missing out. :D

        Some of my best friends think I’m nuts. I’m adding you to my reading list because I think you’ve got a great blog, but I think urine therapy is nuts. :D Is that okay? (And if you come over my way, you can tell me when you think I’m nuts, too.)

        • Oh wow- that’s amazing. You have great genes!!!

          I don’t feel you are judging and I love the good interaction. My friends think I am crazy on a number of points :). And I haven’t used the urine since. Thankfully no more ear infections here :).

  13. Just when you think you’ve heard it all… ;) Urine therapy definitely sounds gross, but intriguing if it actually works… guess I’ll have to check out that book! I think it would for sure stay a last-ditch-effort, though.

    Also, I tend to use garlic for everything, but hadn’t heard that it can be bad for ear-aches, so I’ll need to do some more research on that, too. I’ve never tried using it for that before, but it’s always nice to know what to do before disaster strikes. :)

    Thanks for an interesting read!

    • You are so welcome. I have heard you need to be careful about making your own garlic oil b/c of botulism. However, I have heard that many use it. You’re welcome!

  14. Applying urine on cold sores did seem to help dry them up quicker. Luckily as my health has improved so have my cold sores. This last time I treated with tea tree oil and it never really broke out.

    My daughter has a hole in her eardrum. It’s been there for 2 years now and though it not infected it has;t closed.
    Because it’s open to the inside of the ear everything I’ve read warns not to put liquid in the ear.

    Onions has been really helpful. When it was initially perforated I cut an onion in half, warm in the oven, allow to cool a little and then put the cut side against the ear and bandage to hold in place. It really helps with pain but also in healing infection.
    I have also taken to cutting an onion into pieces and leaving it in a bowl close to the head as you sleep, I do it whenever the children complain of sore throats or feeling unwell. And it seems to have helped.
    I’m glad to have found your website.

    • How interesting. Welcome and hope to see you around again. I tried onion – but it didn’t help at all. I am glad it helped in your situation. Thank you!