An Unbelievable Natural Ear Infection Remedy

I can't believe this Natural Ear Infection Remedy worked. And I can't believe I tried it! Would you try this ear infection treatment on your child?

When it comes to sicknesses in our home, I am always one to avoid antibiotic use whenever possible.  We try to use saline washes, essential oils, probiotics, and other natural methods of strengthening our systems and healing before turning to OTC and prescriptions medications, but finding an ear infection home remedy that really works has been tough.

The past month has been a pretty tough one for us as far as health issues.

Concussion, injuries, the flu and now some new illness, including one ear infection.

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When we tried to treat the ear infection with home remedies, I got a shocker.  A natural remedy for ear infection that was unbelievable. And really worked!  I just had to write and tell you all about it.

It all started when we went roller skating with our church and I decided to take a good run at it even though I’d only roller skated once in my life.

In elementary school.

I ended up with a concussion and a badly injured tailbone and elbow.  My arm still isn’t acting quite normal.

Then, the boys and I ended up with the flu.

A bad one.

One of those “I don’t know if I am going to live through this” illnesses.

When we were all starting to be on the mend, we had a meeting at church and our kids hung out with other sick kiddos while we met with the adults.

I figured, “Well, we’ve all got the same thing that’s going around, right?”


Oldest son came down with an ear infection.

Turns out one of the kids they were playing with had an ear infection so I guess we had different bugs.

Anyway, it’s been a looong time since we’ve had one of these in our home.  You can read how I dealt with our last bout with the dreaded ear infection in “How We Avoided the Pink Stuff”.

He was in a lot of pain.

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I tried some things I knew about, but nothing worked.  like helichrysum and Immune Strength (Native American Nutritional‘s anti-bacterial blend that’s like Thieves), and basil oil around the ear.

Natural Remedies for Ear Infection that We Tried and Some We Didn’t:

We tried:

1.  Vitamin C

2.   some Chinese herbal preparations recommended by our practitioner  (She always recommends Yin Chiao Jin [this link is to the child’s version] whenever we are sick, and Coptis Purge for infections.)
– and my DIY saline wash.

3.  Helichrysum oil and Immune Strength (an antibacterial oil blend) around the ear.

Thought about using:

4.  I thought about using garlic oil, but a good natural resource told me that sometimes putting garlic oil in the ear can lead to heavy-duty detoxing that can cause more problems.

I wasn’t in the mood for more problems, plus we were out of fresh garlic.

5.  Breastmilk was always my standby for ear pain, but I am not breastfeeding anymore.  Sigh.

So I searched the internet for more ideas, and then asked my great Facebook fans for their advice.

One of the ideas from my readers (you guys are great!) really piqued my interest……so after the pain still wasn’t budging, I checked it out on the internet.

It looked like a valid option.

What was it?


Ummm- That’s right.  Good old fashioned, everyone’ pee.

Any other time I might not have been open to this, but it turns out we’re trying urine for another ailment in our home and it really appears to be working.

I’ll be sharing that with you all soon, I hope.

Anyway, I talked my son into it (it wasn’t that hard since he was feeling so bad.  But you know–the idea of putting urine in your ear isn’t that easy to deal with at first).

In went 2 drops (yes, we used his pee).

About 5 minutes later, I heard faint snoring on the sofa.

He’d fallen asleep.

To be fair, the pain did come back somewhat after awhile so we put him to bed with more urine and 2-3 drops of basil essential oil on a cotton ball.  (And some duct tape to keep it from falling out.  Bandaids just didn’t work.)

Natural Treatment for Ear Infection

The next morning, he felt a ton better.

And each night since he has asked for the same remedy.

What Worked For Us.

Urine. Basil oil. Cotton ball.
Simple and cheap.

More and more the human body amazes me.

I’m all about avoiding antibiotics and pharmaceuticals whenever possible.  I wrote about how antibiotics and other drugs affect gut health in my Candida and How I Went Sugar-Free series.

When my kid is in pain, I’m for trying almost anything.  Almost :).

I’m not saying that the urine and basil oil, or that breastmilk, cured the ear infection, but somehow I assume that it supports the body in dealing with this.

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Where Do I Buy Essential Oils?:

Interested in essential oils?

I recommend Native American Nutritionals.

Read my Best Essential Oils Series to find out why.  It got VERY interesting along the way. And I do have some oils left on my store page on clearance.

Remember, as always, the information in this post is for entertainment purposes and is not to be construed as medical advice.  Consult your medical practitioner for advice before doing anything outlined here–K :)?

One more disclaimer.  There are some interesting resources on the web talking about urine cures.  I by no means say you should do any of these, but if you read through the comments on my post there are some pretty interesting ones.

Wives Tales and Folks Remedies for Ear Infections

This site has some very interesting facts about the composition of urine and the World Conference on Urine Therapy.

And here is book on Amazon entitled, what else—Urine Therapy.  It’s written by a Ph.D. who manages a naturopathic healing center in Hamburg, Germany.

It’s got some GREAT reviews so if you aren’t that squeemish, it looks like a good book to have around as prices for medical care skyrocket :).


Urine Therapy

Who knew?

What do you think?   Would you / Could you try this :)?


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  1. The best remedy for me has been Calendula oil. It stopped the pain and inflammation almost instantaneously.

    • Roxanne Jones says:

      I have Calendula Oil. Can you explain how you used it.
      We have a situation where the eardrum may have ruptured. Lots of fluids draining out. Antibiotics have been ineffective. Thanks for your help!

  2. I had heard of this when my kids were small but never had the chance to use it. When my son was 15 he woke me at 2:00 in the morning with a really bad ear ache…. hadn’t had one in years so we had nothing in the way of homeopathics in the house to treat it sooooo I thought perfect time to try it out. I got him to pee in a cup and he was in enough pain to try anything. I dropped 3 drops of warm urine in the effected ear and the look on his face was shocking. In less than a minute he said the pain was gone. He went back to sleep and woke in the morning with no pain. Even at 15 he said he didn’t care who found out. It worked and that was all he cared about.

  3. Any recommendations for a 67 year old with tinnitus and loss of balance, perhaps from my head cold.

  4. I had tubes in my hears when I was 12 and have never had any ear issues until year before last. Last April, my ent decided to put tubes back in my ears and put the longer lasting ones (1-3 years). For the last 4 months I have liquid draining out of my ear at night and my regular doctor says she sees fluid behind my tube. What would be the best remedy for me to try with tubes still in ears? Thanks so much. I would love to try all these because I am at the point I am desperate to hear out of my left ear again.

    • ears not hears lol see i want to hear

    • Oh my – I don’t know. Are you saying you have an infection?

      • Yes my regular doctor gave me ear drops and nothing else. Ent just wants me to have a cat scan of my sinus cavity. I am miserable and willing to try anything as i am awaken every night to liquid flowing through my ear canal onto my pillow :( instead of down my eustachian tube

        • Hmmm…is it internal or external and do they have concerns about you putting liquid in as w/ a burst ear drum?

          • racegirl213 says:

            it is more of what is safe with tubes. I am getting nowhere with my ent and my doctor only wants me to use drops they are mainly for eye infections, ofloxacin solution. I just not sure what is safe and what is not and I don’t want my tubes to come out for something I did lol

          • Oh- I have no idea. I guess I would have to defer you to your doctor or look online. There are some pretty detailed instructions about drops and tubes here – it sounds pretty complicated.

          • Hey there :) We’ve used colloidal silver, just a few drops in my daughter’s ear and it was fabulous – only had to do it twice, a few hours apart. We’ve also used slightly warmed virgin coconut oil with good results in the past, but the colloidal silver seemed to be much faster acting. There are many different brands and qualities it seems – the one we love id called Skybright – seems to work when others don’t. I’m not sure about use with ear tubes, but if the doc has recommended other drops, then I would go for colloidal silver happily if itwere me. Cheers! :)

          • Thanks! I’m a little concerned about nano issues w/ silver but haven’t done enough research into it. Thanks!

    • A hearing loss typically occurs with all ear infections. The more fluid you have in your ear behind your eardrum the worse it is. If you have a perforated ear drum or tubes do not put anything in your ear that haven’t been approved by a doctor. You can easily contract an ear infection with your middle ear that can do permanent damage to your hearing by doing so. I know the hearing loss you are experiencing currently is maddening, but please take caution because you don’t want to cause permanent damage. Please be careful. Seek out different advice from multiple ENTs and doctors not all doctors have expertise in the same things. I have had good success with a steroid drop “ciprodex sterile oticsuspension” that can be placed within the ear when tubes are present. I am sorry you are experiencing this horrible draining, try going to a cranial doctor,to get some cranial manipulation done. They can do a lot to help with drainage within the head. You may have some clogged glads and such that need messaging. Good luck. Also a hearing loss always accompanies tubes, it too will disappear when the tube fall out and your ears are no longer infected.

  5. Did your son have any muffled hearing? I’ve been dealing with a stubborn ear infection for almost a month that’s been causing my hearing to be muffled and I’m at my wits end lbvs! If you think the per thing might be worth a shot I’d be all for it but I don’t like the idea of putting per in my ear on a whim haha

  6. I tried urine on ear infection of my 6year old child. There was pain and there was a lot of nasty stuff coming out with blood also. I started with 2 drops and it did eliminate the pain but the liquids did not stop coming out. So I flushed with little syringe I had from those anti fever syrups which I got rid of many months ago. I did not have any essential oils then. My doctor said if we had oregano essential oil we would get rid of all of this without antibiotics. But since I did not have it we ended up on two different antibiotics. With the second antibiotic I bought YL oregano and started to oil the ear and skin around the ear using 1 drop of oil with half of tea spoon virgin coconut oil. Maybe it helped or maybe it was the antibiotic but the liquids stopped going and my child came back to normal life. If I had bought essential oils earlier back then I would have prevented the antibiotics. I knew about them but I did not believe they work. So if anybody reading this is hesitating to buy please don’t . Do it today. It really saves health.
    And thank you Whole New Mom for this amazing research on essential oils. This is really amazing what you have done.

    BTW I did NOT mention to my doctor what I have done with urine. I was embarrassed. I would not be today. It helped.

    • I am so glad it helped. I think you should tell you doc and point him to the books on it. I guess :). He is open to oregano. Did you put the oregano in there? I wouldn’t recommend that. Too strong. Take care.

      • No I do not put oregano inn. I am only using essential oils with coconut oil and I only use it on the skin. With the ear I only oiled the earlobe. And I always check first on my skin before I put anything on my younglings. No worries :)
        I call this doctor only when I feel absolutely hopeless or to check my course of action. Last year it happened only twice.

  7. Just so you know, you cannot get an ear infection from someone else.

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