An Unbelievable Natural Ear Infection Remedy

I can't believe this Natural Ear Infection Remedy worked. And I can't believe I tried it! Would you try this ear infection treatment on your child?

When it comes to sicknesses in our home, I am always one to avoid antibiotic use whenever possible.  We try to use saline washes, essential oils, probiotics, and other natural methods of strengthening our systems and healing before turning to OTC and prescriptions medications, but finding an ear infection home remedy that really works has been tough.

The past month has been a pretty tough one for us as far as health issues.

Concussion, injuries, the flu and now some new illness, including one ear infection.

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When we tried to treat the ear infection with home remedies, I got a shocker.  A natural remedy for ear infection that was unbelievable. And really worked!  I just had to write and tell you all about it.

It all started when we went roller skating with our church and I decided to take a good run at it even though I’d only roller skated once in my life.

In elementary school.

I ended up with a concussion and a badly injured tailbone and elbow.  My arm still isn’t acting quite normal.

Then, the boys and I ended up with the flu.

A bad one.

One of those “I don’t know if I am going to live through this” illnesses.

When we were all starting to be on the mend, we had a meeting at church and our kids hung out with other sick kiddos while we met with the adults.

I figured, “Well, we’ve all got the same thing that’s going around, right?”


Oldest son came down with an ear infection.

Turns out one of the kids they were playing with had an ear infection so I guess we had different bugs.

Anyway, it’s been a looong time since we’ve had one of these in our home.  You can read how I dealt with our last bout with the dreaded ear infection in “How We Avoided the Pink Stuff”.

He was in a lot of pain.

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I tried some things I knew about, but nothing worked.  like helichrysum and Immune Strength (Native American Nutritional‘s anti-bacterial blend that’s like Thieves), and basil oil around the ear.

Natural Remedies for Ear Infection that We Tried and Some We Didn’t:

We tried:

1.  Vitamin C

2.   some Chinese herbal preparations recommended by our practitioner  (She always recommends Yin Chiao Jin [this link is to the child’s version] whenever we are sick, and Coptis Purge for infections.)
– and my DIY saline wash.

3.  Helichrysum oil and Immune Strength (an antibacterial oil blend) around the ear.

Thought about using:

4.  I thought about using garlic oil, but a good natural resource told me that sometimes putting garlic oil in the ear can lead to heavy-duty detoxing that can cause more problems.

I wasn’t in the mood for more problems, plus we were out of fresh garlic.

5.  Breastmilk was always my standby for ear pain, but I am not breastfeeding anymore.  Sigh.

So I searched the internet for more ideas, and then asked my great Facebook fans for their advice.

One of the ideas from my readers (you guys are great!) really piqued my interest……so after the pain still wasn’t budging, I checked it out on the internet.

It looked like a valid option.

What was it?


Ummm- That’s right.  Good old fashioned, everyone’ pee.

Any other time I might not have been open to this, but it turns out we’re trying urine for another ailment in our home and it really appears to be working.

I’ll be sharing that with you all soon, I hope.

Anyway, I talked my son into it (it wasn’t that hard since he was feeling so bad.  But you know–the idea of putting urine in your ear isn’t that easy to deal with at first).

In went 2 drops (yes, we used his pee).

About 5 minutes later, I heard faint snoring on the sofa.

He’d fallen asleep.

To be fair, the pain did come back somewhat after awhile so we put him to bed with more urine and 2-3 drops of basil essential oil on a cotton ball.  (And some duct tape to keep it from falling out.  Bandaids just didn’t work.)

Natural Treatment for Ear Infection

The next morning, he felt a ton better.

And each night since he has asked for the same remedy.

What Worked For Us.

Urine. Basil oil. Cotton ball.
Simple and cheap.

More and more the human body amazes me.

I’m all about avoiding antibiotics and pharmaceuticals whenever possible.  I wrote about how antibiotics and other drugs affect gut health in my Candida and How I Went Sugar-Free series.

When my kid is in pain, I’m for trying almost anything.  Almost :).

I’m not saying that the urine and basil oil, or that breastmilk, cured the ear infection, but somehow I assume that it supports the body in dealing with this.

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Where Do I Buy Essential Oils?:

Interested in essential oils?

I recommend Native American Nutritionals.

Read my Best Essential Oils Series to find out why.  It got VERY interesting along the way. And I do have some oils left on my store page on clearance.

Remember, as always, the information in this post is for entertainment purposes and is not to be construed as medical advice.  Consult your medical practitioner for advice before doing anything outlined here–K :)?

One more disclaimer.  There are some interesting resources on the web talking about urine cures.  I by no means say you should do any of these, but if you read through the comments on my post there are some pretty interesting ones.

Wives Tales and Folks Remedies for Ear Infections

This site has some very interesting facts about the composition of urine and the World Conference on Urine Therapy.

And here is book on Amazon entitled, what else—Urine Therapy.  It’s written by a Ph.D. who manages a naturopathic healing center in Hamburg, Germany.

It’s got some GREAT reviews so if you aren’t that squeemish, it looks like a good book to have around as prices for medical care skyrocket :).


Urine Therapy

Who knew?

What do you think?   Would you / Could you try this :)?


    Speak Your Mind


  1. Recently I had a horrible ear infection. My father suggested having my husband “pee in it!” I thought he was just messing with me and I declined his advice, but after reading this…

    • I know – it’s crazy, isn’t it?? Wait ’til you read about what else we are using it for……

      • S. Barrett says:

        i tried a small piece of raw onion. After about twenty minutes the pain eased off. I changed the onion every six hours or so. The earache was gone in two days. Use a strong onion.

      • I discovered Urine therapy about 20 years ago and have used it for all kinds of ailments. There is absolutely no mystery at all. Our urine contains all kinds of medicines. Hopefully one day the medical community will start to use this precious commodity. Yogis have used if for thousands of years.
        People just need to get over the “yuk” factor. When you think about it Urine is just filtered blood. Have you ever sucked a wound and tasted your own blood? Not that offensive. Well, urine in spite of the smell does not really taste that bad. It depends on what you eat. If you eat a lot of fruit and vegeta bles and natural foods it will not be so offensive.

  2. I have never had the urine in the ear, although I am not surprised that it works. However, when we 3 children were sick with a chest cold, she would have us pee into a pot and we would take old towels or flannel rags, soak them in the urine and then wrap it around our chests. It really helped a lot. It loosened up the phlegm enormously. I am 76 and I truly believe that a lot of the old cures really worked.

    My mother told me that when she was a teenager she got a boil on her face and her mother used my mother’s feces to put on it, then put some cloth over (I don’t think they had gauze then)and by the next day it had drained and started clearing up. Fortunately I never had anything that necessitated my mother using that cure on me.

    • Wow – that’s amazing!

      The second one….I’m not so sure I would do it but I have heard that boils are horrible. Sometimes when you get desperate…. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I imagine that using your own urine rather than a family member’s is ‘better’….Adrienne….what else are you using it for????

  4. Oh my gracious this is crazy! ha! So glad it worked! My youngest just got an ear infection and I was out of breastmilk too – I did the garlic oil and raw milk per our chiropractor and she did really great. This is so interesting though!

  5. I’ve used urine for baby acne and it worked like a charm. Some killjoys will take outright offense at the idea but you know, compared to the majority of common medicines and gross things we slather on our bodies (“lotion” for example), I’d say urine is pretty fabulous stuff! Never thought to use it on an ear infection!

    I have a friend who was a POW in Vietnam. He said they used maggots and pee to cure the gangrene on his friend’s arm. It worked and he probably would have died otherwise.

    • Very interesting perspective. Reminds me of my son’s pediatrician who would say, “Cheerios are junk!” It’s all a matter of thinking about what you have become accustomed to eating and using on your body, huh? Maggots? What did they do? Do you think it’s the sterility of the urine that worked? I am so intrigued.

      • I have heard of maggots, too. They eat dying flesh but do not eat living flesh. You put them on gangrenous sores and they eat away all the putrid stuff, leaving behind fresh, healing flesh.

      • Tiffany says:

        I was a combat medic in the army. I don’t remember if it is basic training or medic training where they teach you if you become wounded and are unable to get medical attention, you should leave it uncovered. The maggots facilitate healing. They don’t stay inside of the wound. Gross. But, if it works. I should also say that a friend of mine told me about pee for my ear about seven years ago. I had a desperate ear infection. I used the little pipette that comes in some home pregnancy tests to put the pee in my ear. I think 2-3 applications and I felt healed. Of course, urine is plasma ultrafitrate.

        • Maggots. Wow, thanks for sharing I think :).

        • What do you mean by plasma infiltrate?

        • Rebecca Cody says:

          This reminded me that when my neighbor’s son cut his thumb off and the hand surgeon reattached it, he then taught her how to apply leeches, which apparently do what maggots do. It healed and he went on to have the use of his appendage.

          Thinking about it, leeches may have a different use, as they seem to make blood flow.

          OK, I just looked up medical uses for leeches and this is what one site ( said:

          ~…A few physicians, however, saw that leeches might play a special role in certain kinds of surgery, by helping promote blood flow to damaged tissue. That’s because when leeches bite a victim, their unique saliva causes blood flow to increase and prevents clotting. As a result, once bitten, victims can bleed for hours, allowing oxygenated blood to enter the wound area until veins re-grow and regain circulation..~

  6. This bought back memories!! I grew up Amish, and of course when us children got sick my mom would use her home remedies. I remember having an earache, and my mom putting urine in it, and how there was almost immediate relief. I have actually used that remedy a few times for my own children, and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I would much prefer to use essential oils, or garlic oil though.

  7. Stephanie W. says:

    I’m just curious what about the urine makes it work. Knowing the old remedies may come in handy more and more, I believe!

  8. I have no words. Seriously, Adrienne, how did you bring your self to do it?!? We had a round of olive and eucalyptus oil in the ears last night – including mine.

    • Hi Sara! So you all have been fighting infections? I don’t know, really. I just wanted him to feel better and there were quite a few things around on the internet where folks said it helps. My college housemate had told me how urine was sterile so I wasn’t too concerned :).

      • Ya, we’ve been so sick over the last year. I have to believe it s because we have 2 kids in school this year. We have probably had some sickness running through the house every other month.
        I am sure I could do it if I didn’t tell them (or hubby). This week was more of a preventative measure.

        Hope he gets better soon!

      • Adrienne,
        Urine is only sterile while it is still in the bladder, once it leaves the body it is no longer sterile.

  9. Hi Adrienne! Love your blog! About the ear-infections. We have them less and less lately (Thank God) and the easy and fast way for me is the same as my mom used. I warm up some oil (usually olive) on a candle warmer and put some in the needless syringe and drop several drops in the ear. Wait for about 15 minutes or longer if possible. Sometimes I have to do both ears. Before putting drops in my child’s ear, I put a drop in mine to make sure it’s not too how and not too cool. It has to be very warm. A tea spoon can be used instead of syringe, but it’s more convenient with a syringe. It always works!

    • Interesting. What do you think it is about the olive oil that helped?

      • I honestly have no clue, My mom by the way, was always using sunflower oil. So, I guess it doesn’t matter what oil to use. Can it be that the ear inside becomes too dry and itches and hurt and the oil works the same way as the oil we use for the machines not to get rusty? :) What do you think?

        • I think there is a lot more going on than just dry. I have had a dry ear condition for awhile now and it has never led to pain like that w an ear infection. Also, since my son was sick at the time I know the sinuses and ears and mouth/throat are connected so I am sure it’s not just dryness. I would use a good quality oil but otherwise likely it doesn’t matter. But I am no dr. The basil oil I talked about is an essential oil – not a cooking oil. Just in case that is what you were thinking :).

      • I’m definitely not an expert but I think the oil helps pull toxins, etc out. I know a lot of people cite that as a reason to do oil pulling (swishing oil in your mouth and spitting out in the trash) for that reason.

        • Chad Jordan says:

          I know you can use coconut oil to pull toxins out of your mouth. It also will heal.. That is right HEAL cavities in your teeth. Plus it helps whitening your teeth as well.

          • Shawn Woodell says:

            I use coconut oil for pulling every morning. It makes my mouth, teeth, and gums feels so good, and the morning breath is gone now.

      • Dr. Deborah @ says:

        Just guessing here, but olive oil is rich in antioxidants, so one of those phytochemicals might be involved.

  10. In the country where I come from urine was used for many ailments, so I’m not surprised it works! :) We used colloidal silver successfully for an ear infection :)

    • Really? Which ones if you wouldn’t mind sharing. I would love to hear!

      • I can’t remember right now, but my husband bought it at Whole Foods because we needed it urgently. Just two applications of a drop in the ear worked great.

      • Jasmine Ward says:

        We use collodial silver, too, for ear infections and everything else. It usually works pretty quickly. This is the one we’ve been using for over 10 years. I love and trust this brand. (link removed):

        Not sure how I feel about the pee thing, but will keep it in mind if there’s ever a shortage of silver. 😉

  11. Why yes that would be a problem eh?! So glad the pee worked! I just passed this article on to a friend of mine that has a LO that has been really fighting with an ear infection the last couple weeks!

  12. I had an infection that had my ear all plugged up recently, it was just one ear and it was really throwing me off. I looked up some remedies online, and I actually found one that seems to have worked. I sliced a little wedge of onion, heated it for about 10 seconds in the microwave and then put it in my ear canal. About 10 minutes later I noticed my ear was popping, and feeling better. I left it in about an hour. I was able to taste and smell again the next morning, for the first time in a couple of weeks. I ended up healing the infection, without antibiotics.

    I’m glad you found something that works, I’m not sure I could put urine in my ear, desperate times desperate measures I guess!

    • How crazy….the onion and garlic stuff. I wonder what the onion did to help?

      • We use onion for chest colds! My kids always start getting better after a night with a cut up onion attached to their chest! It seems to pull out infection. I tried it on a horrible ear infection but ended up finding out about breast milk which cured it. Not sure I could do urine…… but I can’t say I don’t mind knowing about it :)

  13. Leslie Ridenour says:

    Wow that does sound wild! I’m just wondering, wondering, wondering how it actually works? But hey, if it works and I don’t think anyone is going to overdose on a couple of drops of urine delivered via the ear . . .

    • I’m thinking, from what little I know, that it is sterile and has some antibacterial effect. I had a housemate in college who talked about urine being sterile. Since then, I’ve never worried about getting it on things…except for the smell. I will have to do a little reading about why it works…but I wanted to share asap :).

  14. We tried it with our son. It helped the pain a lot. This was before we started the more natural life style (just desperate at the time) and ended up taking him to the doctor anyway and using the “pink stuff.” I wish I could undo some things. I can’t so I will just correct my mistakes now and continue moving forward.

  15. Hi Adrienne. Over 30 years ago whenever any of my children had an earache I would put a few drops of lobelia extract in their ear. I would heat it up by dropping a little on a hot spoon and then put it in their ear. It always took the pain away and when I used it on myself my pain was gone in 5 minutes and never returned. I get my herbal extracts from Nature’s Sunshine which I believe is a pretty good company.

  16. When my husband and I vacationed in Mongolia in 2009 we picked up a little book of Mongolian traditions. It contains an entertaining section on cures for various ailments including toothache, fever, mercury poisoning, and even insanity. Many of the cures were variations on the same theme: “Drink a half a cup of warm animal urine.” Sometimes it would say whose urine, including a fox, a mare, or an eight-year-old-girl! We still read it aloud for entertainment, but it must be based on something that worked! This is the first time I’ve heard of urine cures outside the Mongolian book.

    • That is crazy! Wow. I guess if someone were to use a family member’s urine that wouldn’t seem so odd after hearing that! I bet Mongolia was amazing! I used to live in Japan – isn’t that side of the earth fascinating?

      • Oh, yes, it is! We were living in Beijing at the time. It was a 29-hour train ride (each way) to get to Ulanabaatar (Mongolia’s capital). We went during Chinese New Year break, so it was January and it was 25 below zero. But since we’d both lived in Minnesota, we could handle it (not saying I handled it gracefully). We went dog sledding on a frozen river and slept in a ger with no running water. Definitely the most exotic vacation I’ve ever taken. I would love to visit Japan sometime! The Tokyo airport doesn’t really count.

  17. Wow! Who knew ?! Thanks for sharing!

  18. My now-6-year-old daughter became immune to most antibiotics when she was 2. Now I know she couldn’t tolerate pasteurized milk (another soapbox issue for me). The next step would’ve been hospitalisation + drip antibiotics because she was so deathly ill. (That’s when we discovered the wonders of raw milk.) My point is that pee is far less nasty than the “normal” alternative. I’ll try it if we ever encounter ear problems again. Thanks!

  19. I will research to find out how urine helps an ear infection. You got me curious now.

    I had heard that breastmilk helped too, but I always thought it was old wives’ tales. Amazing!

  20. The maggots were to eat the dead and dying tissue because they had no way to cut it away and the urine was to sterilize the wound.
    Urine is actually a pretty well known remedy for a lot of things. I learned of it from an MD (internal medicine) who became a homeopathic because he was so disenfranchised with the whole ‘treat the symptom’ approach of medicine. He used it successfully for a number of patients and even taught lectures about it out of his office. It’s a very interesting approach to learn about. I just can’t seem to bring myself to actually ‘do’ it.

  21. urine for healing is very ancient…in Ayurveda urine has numerous healing uses….it is used to treat your own hormone needs….i have drunk urine….whatever hormones you make and don’t use get peed out and if you drink your own pee then the is a natural hormone replacement.
    The West is SO BODY PHOBIC…i am totally not surprised that using it for an ear infection works….

    • So if you don’t need them and they come out in the urine, then why would drinking it help? Since you didn’t need them to begin with…..just wondering – thanks!

  22. Sorry Adrienne….my communication is not very good….whatever the body does not need at the time is always urinated out … so if you are drinking urine for other reasons then it does not matter if you take in your own hormones again….however i can’t really address at this moment your question….i will have to ask my friend who was told by our guru to do this for hormone replacement before menopause……. i never did it for this reason…..i have done it for other reasons… is or was very healthy…..but in today’s world where there are so many pesticides and chemicals in our foods (even so called organic apples and pears are sprayed with antibiotics..) which do get urinated out mostly, i am not sure i would drink urine today…i had read an article that at birth a baby already has over 200 different chemicals and pesticides in their urine…remembering that most people are not health conscious…so i would have to look into it much further….anyway i will get an answer to your question….

    • Thanks for your thoughtful response – I look forward to hearing more. The zeolite I sell on my site makes toxins come out in the urine so that is a very valid concern.

      • Lillian Bristol says:

        The kidneys filter the urine so that is why it is sterile. My question would then be, does it still get filtered if you have weak or under functioning kidneys? Urine Therapy has saved lives, it’s a good thing to learn.

        I have an herbal ear formula that has lobelia, garlic bulb, and mullein flower. You heat it and it works great and takes the pain away almost instantly.

  23. This is very interesting. I can honestly say I haven’t ever heard of this one.
    We would like to invite you to share this at our party that is live now:
    The Busy Bee’s,
    Myrna and Joye.

  24. I have read about urine therapy and decided to try drinking for several months one winter. That Spring I had not a single allergy reaction (I deal with grass and tree pollens). Then I stopped, and the next year the symptoms returned? If you ever need to cleanse a wound in the woods, pee on it. If you’re stranded without water, drink your urine. It will keep you alive.

  25. I read on a natural doctors site years ago to put hydrogen peroxide in the ear at the first sign of a problem. Along with taking natural immune busters it seemed to help.

    • I read that too….but I’ve found out some H2O2 had icky stuff in it. I don’t know what to think now.

    • Hydrogen peroxide has worked wonders for me over the years; I’ve never had a full-blown ear infection, but if I notice a cold coming on, putting a capful in each ear is the first thing I do. Works like a charm.

      • Peroxide in the OTC version has toxins likely so please be careful. It can also damage skin and membranes full strength.

        • Good to know… and, for the record, our 8-year-old just had an ear infection, and the garlic oil remedy seemed to do the trick. +1 for anything that keeps us out of the doctor’s office!

  26. Oh my word! I’ve never heard of that before, though I did recently use garlic oil in my 7yo’s ear for an infection. It worked wonders. I’ll keep this in mind, but don’t know if I’d be brave enough to try it!

  27. Weird! That is so interesting, thanks for the trial run!

  28. Years & years ago I heard a lady on a TV show say to use your own urine for acne !
    I never did try it.. Lol ..

  29. Very interesting post! I have a friend who has suffered with acne off and on for years, and she tried actually DRINKING her first morning urine to help clear it up. I don’t think it ended up being really effective, but can you imagine?! :-/

  30. Wow!! I have used urine for Jelly Fish stings, but had no idea about ear infections.

    Thanks you so much for sharing with last weeks Wednesday’s Adorned From Above Blog Hop 44. We are featuring this post at tonight’s blog hop. It will start at 9:00PM Mountain Time. Head over and grab your feautured blogger button. Have a great week.
    Debi, Charly, Marci, and Suzan.

  31. Ok, I am 100% curious and this has totally grabbed my attention. What is it in the urine that does the trick? Very impressive.

    And what significance does the basil oil serve?

    • Hi Crystal! Well, I have read various opinions on this, but on a site this morning I read that studies show that the thousands of critical body chemicals and nutrients that end up in urine reflect the individual body’s functions. When used again, these chemicals and nutrients can be used as natural vaccines, antibacterial, antiviral and anticarcinogenic agents, hormone balancers and allergy relief.

      I can’t say if this is true or not but I am using urine one other way right now that I will share when it is successful…’s very interesting.

      Basil oil is a known antiseptic, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory. I just looked up what oils had been known to work with ear infections and that was one of them :).

  32. I like to use natural remedies for treating things but I’m not sure I would use urine in my ear. I could cope with breast milk (if there was any to be had) but urine? Doesn’t sound very hygienic. Still you never know. Maybe someday I’ll be in a position where I’d try anything!

    • All I can say is I found some very interesting documentation on the internet about urine therapy. And though there were a few dissenters, there are a lot of professionals saying it has anti-bacterial properties.

  33. No offense but this just seems nasty to me. I am a huge skeptic. I read the Bible and it says that He has given us herbs for medicine. But, hey I use stupid, chemical, laden benadryl in cases of really bad rashes. So who am I to talk.

    Anyway, we use onion juice for ear infections. Works like a charm.

    • I guess you could check out the sources and see what you think.

      • I just keep thinking about Elijah and not wanting to eat over human dung so he would remain clean, but cow dung was not as bad.

        Just something about human wastes. The word WASTE.

        I am not Jewish but I do believe that the laws they were given have all proven to benefit them in a huge way.

        Also I am in the camp, that just because something works does not mean we should be using it. I know witchcraft works, but since it is against God’s word, I stay away from it.

        Does that make sense? Just my opinion. Really not wanting to step on toes.

        • I hear you, Audy, and I am not saying you are wrong, but a few things to consider.

          “Waste” is an English word and I am not a linguist but it is likely that other languages do not call urine and feces together “waste”. I do think the Jewish laws make sense on some level, but the eating laws were changed later in the Scriptures. Again, I am not saying that they don’t make sense, and I honestly follow most of them (some just b/c I don’t have a taste for the “forbidden” foods), but I know a ton of whole foodie Christians who eat bacon and pork.

          I agree also that just b/c something works doesn’t mean we should use it. I wrote that over and over again in response to folks in my Best Essential Oils comments section. People were saying “I think b/c ‘X company’ works, it’s the best/or I use it.”

          However, I do think that the info in the sources I cited back the option of this therapy up. I’m not saying it doesn’t bear more looking into, but folks in desperate situations drink urine. They don’t eat feces. That is a different matter altogether.

          What do you think?

  34. My daughters Great-Grandmother was a Cherokee and she had me do this when my daughter was a baby (36 years ago). I had forgot about this. I will have to tell her and yes it did work.

  35. My mom used to do that and I thought she was crazy!

  36. hello, i love the fact that you share this with us. i being having a really bad ear infection and i cant sleep because of the pain. i am interested in doing your idea but i wanted to ask you first: the first time you did this, did you only used the pee or did you also put in the oil? i do not have the oil, this is the reason why i am asking. please sent me an email with your answer, thank you for you help and for the wanting to help others. God bless you.

    • I did both. Of course, I can’t medically advise, but if it were me I would try either one alone. I hope you feel better and bless you as well.

  37. I have been striving to stay away from “legal drugs” that sick care system (as if they’re really concerned about making us healthy) prescribes to us to keep up needing doctors and this was right on time. I am currently building my knowledge of all things natural remedies and I must add this one to the books. My 1st child was sick a lot (often with ear infections), I am currently pregnant with the 2nd and I, first, hope he is healthier and also that I can avoid the doctor’s office and their medicines much more. Knowing better and working to do better. Again, thanks for sharing!
    About to peruse your blog to see if your other urine experiment has been posted…I am so curious! :)

    • Yes, it was posted :). I’ll go put a link in now. Thanks and welcome!

    • Lillian Bristol says:

      I think one of the things to give babies the best start, besides breastfeeding, is to refuse vaccinations for at least a year. God sends these babies to us with natural immunities for 6 months (12 if you breastfeed). All the “crap” they want to shoot into our babies shuts that down. When I had my kids, many many moons ago, they didn’t get anything until 2 months, and then it was only 3. Now they get many, the second they are born, and we wonder why babies are back in the hospital with RSV so often. :(

      Good luck with your new baby. :)

  38. I am so filing this away for a rainy day just in case! We’ve had great luck with homemade garlic oil (I just simmer a couple garlic cloves in a little olive oil in a pan…maybe 1/3 cup) then take out the garlic and while still warm drop a couple drops in the ear that hurts. It works for us not warm too, but better when warm. We never had any bad detoxing reactions, but I think I keep the garlic concentration somewhat low, so that could be why.

  39. Rebecca says:

    I just thought I would comment here because so many comments seem to mention that they are disgusted by using urine. I think the thing about urine that works is that it creates an extremely acid environment in the ear. (I have not done a study, just a guess). But I do have another acidic remedy that readers might not view with disgust. My daughter is a competitive swimmer and when she first began and had “swimmer’s ear”, we were told by another mom on the team to use a 1:1 ratio of alcohol and vinegar to get rid of it. We just put a few drops in the ears for a few days, and the infection was gone. I have used this remedy repeatedly, and even for inner ear infections for myself after a cold. Apparently it somehow works all the way through to the inner ear. :)

  40. Kimberly says:

    This is a great article. While it isn’t something appealing to do, urine is sterile so I don’t think anyone should really have an issue with it. I remember as a child knowing of a poor mother who had a son with frequent ear infections. The mother couldn’t afford to keep paying for treatment, so the doctor said that pig’s urine was the active ingredient in the medicine the boy kept receiving and it would save them money to just use his own. It’s amazing how people can be willing to put random, toxic things into their bodies without even knowing the ingredients, but get squicked when using something 100% natural and harmless.

  41. Charlotte says:

    Maggots eat dead flesh, which allows the wounds to heal instead of continuing to rot. The iron is like alcohol, it sterilize and cleans. In the ear, it must get to the trapped fluid and reacts with it to thin the fluid trapped so it is released. All the oils allow the trapped fluid to be released.

    • Charlotte says:

      Urin, not iron.

    • I don ‘t understand but maybe you are right.

      • Charlotte says:

        I have a ear infection now! I did breast milk last night, some relief but the pain is back this morning. I have olive oil in now, how long before I feel relief? I don’t think I can do urine, maybe onion next if the olive oil doesn’t work. I am on day 5 of the antibiotics and it seems the pain is worse. What am I doing wrong? How long do I leave the oil in? Do I leave my head tilted to prevent the oil from draining out, the cotton ball just absorbs the oil. I am so frustrated because my ears have soo much pressure in them. Feels like my brain is swollen. Ugggghhhhhh! Help!!!!!

        • Sorry, but of course I can’t prescribe. Are you sure you have an infection if the antibiotic isn’t working? I personally would think olive oil isn’t potent enough in this case. I did the basil oil and urine in the ear w/ a cotton ball on top to keep it in, but we had my son keep his head tilted for about 5 minutes at least to help keep everything in.

          Are you taking a good probiotic? Also, there are other oils you could use and immune boosting things, but again, I am just thinking for myself and I am not a doctor….disclaimer against your taking any thoughts of mine as advice for you. I can’t prescribe and can’t tell you what to do :).

  42. To what do you attribute this miraculous healing….was it the acid in the urine? (BTW my website is offline right now. Sorry.)

  43. My 5th grade science teacher told us this one day and it always stuck with me. I recently used it on my son who was complaining about his ear. Onto a q-tip it went and the next day he had no complaints. I’ve also done it for myself, as we have no health insurance and I used to always get very bad ear infections. I saw this post shared on Facebook and came to see if it was on the list of things! LOL

  44. You can’t catch an ear infection. Blocked eustachian tubes from the pre-existing illness create a buildup of fluid that is a breeding ground for bacteria we already have in our bodies. Sorry you had to deal with one (I get them and they are quite painful), but don’t blame the other folks for “giving” it to you.

    • Hi Ann. I didn’t blame anyone (I wouldn’t anyway – they are dear friends) but the same germs that would likely cause an ear infection in one child could have the same tendency in others, don’t you think?

  45. This is surprising to me…..but it’s good to know. Warm (not hot) mustard oil works wonders too. Thanks so much for sharing.

  46. I have certainly learned a lot today! Thanks, Adrienne! :)

  47. My great grandma used to tell me to use urine from the baby’s diaper to cure pink eye. I never did it , maybe I should have!

  48. I use ear candles – its soothing for pain and reduces inflammation and removes excess wax or infected matter and it opens up the nasal passage by soothing sinuses.

  49. Monica Lindahl says:

    I used breast milk whenever my children had stuffed noses when they were babies. cleared then right up. might try a natural approach for an ear infection next time. my daughter gets them.

  50. lilouisianagal says:

    You do realize that ear infections are not contagious viruses/bacteria like a cold/flu is, right? Because after reading this, “When we were all starting to be on the mend, we had a meeting at church and our kids hung out with other sick kiddos while we met with the adults. I figured, “Well, we’ve all got the same thing that’s going around, right?” Wrong. Oldest son came down with an ear infection. Turns out one of the kids they were playing with had an ear infection so I guess we had different bugs.” I really couldn’t buy into anything that followed since you didn’t even education yourself as to what an ear infection is and what causes it. It is standard for ear infections to follow other upper respiratory illnesses. You all [probably] had the same flu, and those that came down with ear infections did so because of the flu, not because the ear infections were contagious. The Eustachian tubes become swollen as a result of swelling and irritation from the initial illness. This seals the middle ear and fluid increases in this area. Bacteria that is naturally present but drains when the Eustachian tubes are open and the ears are not holding mucus/liquid increase and the pressure increases as a result. This causes pain. Ear infections can naturally resolve and changing position and pressure (applied from the outside) can help temporarily resolve pain. Warm compresses and warm (NOT HOT) liquids/oils can also help, but it really has no reason to be pee (though urine is relatively clean). Side note from reading down the comments: please do not put feces on anything. Bury or flush then wash your hands thoroughly.

    • Hi there. I am completely aware of that fact…just didn’t want a bug that turned into an ear infection for several other kids. Thanks for the tips and the comment :). Did someone recommend feces on something? Gah!!!

      • I have a inner ear infection, suffering from vertigo all they have me on now is serc desperate to feel normal again any ideas. Also having panic attacks from this I feel hot then chest pain then shivers it awful tires all the time @ get dizzy all the time.

        • Sorry I don’t. I can’t medically advise. I personally try to avoid antibiotics and use internal antivirals and antibacterials that are natural, but please make sure you are seeing your doc. I don’t know what serc is.

        • You def need to get the infection sorted out. My mom had a similar issue when I was little, an inner ear infection that wasn’t treated properly, and she was dizzy for years, she even quit driving because of it. I guess it was after she started eating better that she quit being dizzy, because she doesn’t have the problem anymore. But if you have a good traditional chiropractor you trust, have him adjust your ear. Yes, you read correctly. Your ear can be adjusted just like anything else. I’ve had it done, and it helps ALOT. Also, sometimes chest pains and dizziness can be caused by pinched nerves in the upper back (C6) and neck (C1-C2), respectively. That might be worth checking out. If you mention this to your chiropractor and he has no idea what you’re talking about, go find another one. A good chiropractor can help with alot of things (not everything). Otherwise, I would suggest some calming herbs for the panic attacks. Sometimes stress can do a number on you. If none of that helps, the chest pain is something that should be taken seriously if you’ve addressed stress and spinal misalignment.

  51. Okay, how do you use breastmilk for ear infections and colds?

    • I personally used breastmilk in my kids’ ears, making sure that they didn’t have perforated eardrums first, of course. Worked GREAT! It’s a natural antibiotic.

  52. My dad used sweet oil for our earaches all you have to do is warm it up put it in the ear and put cotton in the ear worked for us everytime

  53. i would – I had a terrible ear ache as a child so very painful ! thanks for posting : )

  54. My chiropractor’s daughter told me about an ear infection remedy that really worked for my kids. I took an empty eye dropper bottle like you get at the health food store and put half apple cider vinegar (the organic kind, I’m not sure if that matters, but I figured Braggs would be better than the Walmart stuff and its what I already had on hand. Braggs apple cider vinegar works great as first aid for kitchen burns too, just btw) and half hydrogen peroxide. That’s it. I put like two drops in the affected ear. My kids hate ear drops so I was concerned there wasn’t going to be enough in there. The pain was gone the next morning (I did it right before bedtime).

    • That didn’t sting? You really do have to be careful diluting peroxide as it can do damage to tissues.

      • No, not that my son said. I mean, they hate putting anything in there. But, you just put a little, just a couple drops, not like you’re pouring it in the ear canal. My mom actually used to do that to me lol I guess she didn’t know any better.

      • the other alternative is colloidal silver, which I have also used, but unless you make your own is kinda costly.

  55. another Trick I remember my mother using, and I used it with my girls, is warmed Vicks. a drop or 2 in the ear with cotton ball in it, and that works as well. :)

  56. I am so intrigued but not surprised at the use of urine for ear infections and even warts. My husband is a soldier, and they are quickly advised to urinate on their feet in the showers to help keep athletes foot away…and it certainly seems to work for many. Thank you for posting! I think if more people knew what was actually in some antibiotics they would RUN to a urine therapy!

  57. Ear infections are not contagious you dolt. They are caused by a build up of fluid behind the ear drum from being congested from the flu/cold your kid already had. We’re supposed to take your advice about pee in the EAR when you don’t even understand ear infections??

    • Hi Kay. I appreciate your comment, but not the insults. I was not saying that I thought that the ear infection was contagious (I know that. But if I didn’t, calling me “a dolt” isn’t really appropriate) but that I was concerned about my kids catching a virus that had led to ear infections in other kids.

      You can choose whether or not to take my advice, but I will say that a fellow health blogger had a horrid ear infection. She asked for advice, she tried the urine and it totally worked for her.

      I hope you can understand my concerns. I am human and work very hard on my blog. If I make a mistake I am willing to admit it but I would appreciate being treated kindly. Thank you.

      Oh, one more thing. If the urine works, it wouldn’t matter whether or not I understand ear infections, the remedy could still work. Many people have no idea how viruses work but they still use remedies that work. Thanks again.

  58. Jenny Matthews says:

    Hi I am jenny My 3yr old daughter woke up moaning tonight and said her ear hurt, this went off and on for about hour and I debating taking her to the emergency room ( it was 2am!) Started looking up home remedies since I knew a visit to the er would be hours and found this. Remembered I had bought otovent belloon a few months back when I couldn’t stop vomiting (helped with that too!!) and decided to give it a whirl. Within a few minutes she said she felt better and drifted back to sleep. This was amazingly fast and saved me alot of time, frustration and money that I would have spent at the er. AND its natural!!
    You might want to read this article about Glue Ear Treatment effectiveness against ear pain:

  59. I have an ear infection right now in one ear, I just tilted my head to the side and poured a cap of rubbing alcohol in kept my head tilted for a few minutes then let it fall out and I could hear my ear clear then I put a warm cloth on my ear and it helped! :) also for colds onions I remember learning they were used back in the plague, you would cut one open and put it beside your bed, while you sleep all the bacteria would get collected in the onion and when you wake up it would be black, pretty interesting :)

  60. Try cutting an onion in half, baking it for about 10 minutes, and then placing it on ear (make sure it wont burn him) for 2 hours minimum. You can keep it on his head with saran wrap. Works every time.

  61. Patty M White says:

    I have used urine for myself in my EYE for pink eye. It works. I’m from Tennessee and suffered from pink eye all the time. My grandmother told me about using my own urine and put a few drops in my eye. About 5. So after days of being made fun of. Years really. I just got it all the time. I was 9 years old. I did it. I washed my hands cleaned under my index fingernail very good too. I pee’d in a cup. Then I used my own index finger, put it in the pee. Held open my eye with other hand and let the drops fall in. I did at least 5 drops. I never had a problem as a kid again. Then in my mid 30’s I had my beautiful son. We even shared chicken pox together. He was 4 I was 34. He got pink eye and so did I. 5 drops of our own pee later and he is 20, I am 50. We have not had pink eye again. I’ve told many this cure. They believe me but are like gross it must burn. It does not. So I’ve had no pink eye but to help out a friend who does or whose child does. I pee in a cup and show them, lookie No burning it’s my own pee. It won’t kill you as I drink the pee give hugs and leave. Great blog BTW. GOOD NIGHT Patty

  62. I used Oregano oil when we had sinus and ear congestion going on. But be careful applying to face, it really burns! I read to put some on a cotton ball and then on your ear, but you may want to dilute it with a carrier oil. I also applied thieves, oregano, tea tree, to the feet. Peppermint and Lavender on spine for fever. Peppermint or Vicks on feet for cough. Last time my son was on antibiotic, he had diarrhea for a week afterwards. I would like to avoid that and the Dr’s bill when at all possible. Yech!

    I read your recommendation about essential oil companies. To bad I didn’t read it before I spent $80 on DoTerra and Young Living:( Oh well, live and learn… and at least I didn’t sign up as a rep. I checked out NAN and will probably order from them soon. their peppermint looks good and seems reasonably priced. Thanks for doing all this research and making it available!!

  63. Great information, thank you.. I love all the comments and after reading about the use of urine to treat ear infection I had to look a bit further.. what I found was its called “Uropathy” or “Urine Therepy”. It seems that urine has a long list of natural healing besides earaches. Dr. G.K. Thakkar ( author of ” Wonders of Uropathy” claims that urine therepy is amazing when it comes to tooth and gum trouble. YUCK…. He states that wadhing ones mouth with ones own urine has an (almost 100% success) with all manners of tooth and gum trouble. Which Includes
    Toothache healed ( even the worse of pain, never failing a single instance, with the serverest toothache disappearing in minutes.
    Loose teeth firming up within a week
    Gingivitis, pyorrhea/periodontist ( bleeding of the gums) healed in a few days
    Absecesses and canker soars healed.. Way to much to list. He also give instructions on how often and how to do this.

  64. I was always getting inner ear infections of the eustachian tube and antibiotics stopped working for me a long time ago. Then i read that using the nasal spray sinusoothe could help because the sinuses are connected to the inner ear. Well I never. After just over three days my ear became unblocked and the pain started to subside. After just over a week I was not only feeling less tired but all of my usual symptoms – pain in ear, dizziness were gone. Now two months on im back to normal.

  65. Well… in my family, babyshka’s answer to any ailment was always urine or vodka. If it works, it works, you can’t really argue with that.

    • Unless it’s toxic of course :) – but point well taken.

    • We used to do cleansing enemas with fresh urine. Hard to do it for the first time as the thought of it just plain disgusting! LOL! But when it works, it sure works wonders!

      • Really? Never heard of that!

      • What did you do it for and what “wonders” happened?

        • About 15 years ago I was on cyclical cleansing rituals – both food and enemas. It is only done twice a year – Fall and Spring (only 1 month long: every day first week (1 liter in the evening), every other day the second week, every third the third week and 1 time in the last week. You eat mostly vegetarian diet, exercise, take hot bath). I think it was a trend in my country back then. People use coffee, lemon juice/vinegar or sea salt in water liquid. Urine was the cheapest and readily available and encouraged.. I lost weight, my hair, nails and skin looked beautiful, I felt great, my allergy subsided. I did see quite unpleasant things coming out (small hard rocks, mucus, calcium deposits, some fungus looking dark-green formations…) during cleansing. Unfortunately, it is very fussy to do if you have a busy life. I do now.

          • I am sure I forgot many details… yes, you need to be very clean (wash yourself and the vessel) when collecting your own urine.

          • Wow. Fascinating. Can I ask how you knew it was calcium? I have a friend who had a rope like thing come out doing a coffee enema. :(

            • Thank you, Adrienne. They were chalk-colored hard, uneven snowflake looking shapes that usually form in the crevices of our intestines. The string-like things I got too. One looked like a worm. Don’t want to gross out anyone, but it was quite shocking to see. During the cleanse the stool doesn’t get stinky and is light in color.
              If I ever do it again, I’ll use sea salt dissolved previously boiled water.
              Another moment – better to start the session on decreasing moon.
              I would encourage your readers to do a full research on it, without jumping into something they only remotely understand.

  66. First thing’s first. Earache is horrific. Ear infection is possibly the worst thing ever.
    Last year I had such a bad case I couldn’t even hear properly. The whole pee and breastmilk idea is disgusting though. I would never try that and I would never even think of telling someone to put pee in their ear.
    What did help me was a visit to the doctor for antibiotics and ear drops. You can get really cheap ear drops at any pharmacy that WORKS! Maybe you should try that next time :)

  67. Thanks for the tip Adrienne…This is one thing that I did not know about. My grandfather introduced his kids and us to urine therapy. Not sure how he found out it. He is sort of a self-experimenter, trying different therapies (urine, magnetic, juicing, etc). At that time he used ‘Shiv-ambu’ (Indian name for self-pee) to grow hair (he was balding). And within 3 or 4 months he started growing hair. That was totally freaky for us, because now every single day we had to drink our first morning pee! As kids we were disgusted about it, but hey we had to do it! I personally applied it to my hair 2X a week for few years (3-4years), then some how lost the interest! For almost 30 years, he is consuming his own pee (drinking and applying on skin and scalp), last year he entered his 100th year! that’s right 100th year! Head full of hair, skin soft and supple!! He is now experimenting with fermenting his urine for a week and checking its effect on his eye sight! He does not cease to amaze us with his experiments!
    Thanks for mentioning its other use.. I’ll pass it to Grandpa.
    On side note: My grands is very diligent of what he eats/drinks, how much he eats/drinks, how much he walks and how long he practices yoga.

    • No way!!! I can’t believe this. Urine for hair growth. How long had he been going bald? Do you know if anything else changed? Why does he think that fermented urine would help his eyesight? Did he live with you all?

    • Yes, I tried it as a mask for hair before washing – hair is sure looks and feels silky

  68. Urine does work, providing you are in relative health. But often better is an Apple Cider Vinegar and warm (not hot) solution. Half and Half. Probably best with cotton ball.

  69. The Muslims have texts of traditions about the use of urine for medical purposes, and everyone laughed at them…..
    Good one, I’ll keep this in mind.

  70. I used homemade (takes 4 minutes) garlic oil for earaches for all my 3 children with immediate results….never to use antibiotics again for that. My neighbor had 4 children with recurring ear problems and started this idea as they were requiring tubes. They also had complete success. Not too good to be true…just good and true.

    • Hi and sorry for the delayed response. I have been so busy! I have heard that it can be an issue of botulism with making garlic oil – have you heard about that? I’m glad it worked for you!

  71. I have used 1 or 2 drops of lavender essential oil on a small piece of cotton in the ear. It works great, but it takes a little while to work (15-30 min for us). So, my kids can get pretty antsy until it starts to work. Also, my kids give me a hard time about the cotton being in their ear. So, I also rub lavender oil around their ear in a downward motion to help drain the lymph nodes. That helps tide them over until the cotton w/ oil kicks in. (This works well for sinus problems too – just putting it on the sinus area instead of the ear, obviously. But also rubbing in a downward motion to help drain the sinuses.)

    Also, I live in a valley where allergens come and don’t leave easily. So, when sinus issues arise, I have found that Inula essential oil (diluted) works faster than lavender essential oil. It’s pricey, but it was worth it since it we start feeling better faster.

  72. Hello, First off I just want to say urine really does work for healing ear pain. From age probably five years old to 12 years old I experience excruciating ear pain I was a very healthy child and I would stay out of school for two weeks at a time and I remember my mom always putting some sort of anabiotic in my ear and using different types of remedies to try to heal my ear pain I also remember I would get swimmers ear almost every single summer and I love to swim and we lived on the river so that was a really big problem. when I was about 12 years old I went to visit my aunt in maryland maryland and the week I was up there I was having excruciating ear pain she insisted that I go to the bathroom fill a cup up with urine and bring it so she could put some in my ear. when I was a child I was very headstrong and Of course a 12-year-old girl does not want any urine in her ear so argued with her. Finally after about a few minutes of arguing with her I went to the bathroom and fill the cup up with urine and she put some in my ear. I can honestly say that I thank her so much for doing that because now I am 22 and I have not had swimmers ear or any type of really bad ear ache or ear ache at all.
    Recently I had actually seen a show on I believe it was National Geographic or history channel of different civilizations that used urine for skin problems, ear problems and other different types of health problems, in Europe they even used it to whitein their teeth.

  73. So I thought I was open-minded. Family cloth, outhouse (and a bucket with toilet seat in the winter!), breastmilk for diaper rash, no ‘poo, home birth without midwife, humanure … really, I’ve had enough flak for being out there. I’m not exactly squeamish. I guess I’m drawing the line at urine therapy, though.

    I have an eye infection. A $20 bottle of eye/ear drops will last us the rest of the year, and … it’s not pee. While urine might be sterile while it’s in your kidneys, there’s a reason why doctors have you go through a whole procedure when giving a sample. (Wipe well with an antiseptic wipe, pee a little, stop, hold back any skin/hair …) Going from in to out, urine picks up bacteria.

    Anyway, if it works for you, more power. :) My grandmother-in-law used to swear by a teaspoon of kerosene once a day and lived to be 94.

    • Yeah, I hear you on the bacteria thing. I guess we could boil it or something :)? Or use an antiseptic wipe of some kind. Kerosene? What was that supposed to do? Was that kind of longevity unusual for your family?

      • Oh, I don’t really consider 94 to be super old. My great-grandfather was 97 and his father was 106. (Died the day before his 107th birthday, in fact.) I often say that I plan to celebrate my 100th birthday and I won’t be sitting in a wheelchair when I do it. But that was my grandmother-in-law, and her family actually was *not* that long-lived. She really did claim that it was the kerosene. She called it her “tonic”. BLECH!!!!!

        Honestly – if the urine thing works for your family, I’m not judging. I’ve dealt with looks of horror when people hear we drink raw milk, and I’ve had to deal with “don’t like child welfare find out”. Who knows, maybe you’re on to something and I’m missing out. 😀

        Some of my best friends think I’m nuts. I’m adding you to my reading list because I think you’ve got a great blog, but I think urine therapy is nuts. 😀 Is that okay? (And if you come over my way, you can tell me when you think I’m nuts, too.)

        • Oh wow- that’s amazing. You have great genes!!!

          I don’t feel you are judging and I love the good interaction. My friends think I am crazy on a number of points :). And I haven’t used the urine since. Thankfully no more ear infections here :).

  74. Just when you think you’ve heard it all… 😉 Urine therapy definitely sounds gross, but intriguing if it actually works… guess I’ll have to check out that book! I think it would for sure stay a last-ditch-effort, though.

    Also, I tend to use garlic for everything, but hadn’t heard that it can be bad for ear-aches, so I’ll need to do some more research on that, too. I’ve never tried using it for that before, but it’s always nice to know what to do before disaster strikes. :)

    Thanks for an interesting read!

    • You are so welcome. I have heard you need to be careful about making your own garlic oil b/c of botulism. However, I have heard that many use it. You’re welcome!

  75. Applying urine on cold sores did seem to help dry them up quicker. Luckily as my health has improved so have my cold sores. This last time I treated with tea tree oil and it never really broke out.

    My daughter has a hole in her eardrum. It’s been there for 2 years now and though it not infected it has;t closed.
    Because it’s open to the inside of the ear everything I’ve read warns not to put liquid in the ear.

    Onions has been really helpful. When it was initially perforated I cut an onion in half, warm in the oven, allow to cool a little and then put the cut side against the ear and bandage to hold in place. It really helps with pain but also in healing infection.
    I have also taken to cutting an onion into pieces and leaving it in a bowl close to the head as you sleep, I do it whenever the children complain of sore throats or feeling unwell. And it seems to have helped.
    I’m glad to have found your website.

    • How interesting. Welcome and hope to see you around again. I tried onion – but it didn’t help at all. I am glad it helped in your situation. Thank you!

  76. I cannot believe that no one has mentioned the possibility that the ear infection may have healed up on it’s own (as 80% do) and may not have been due to any remedies. Please remember to have a healthy dose of scepticism for BOTH natural and allopathic treatments.

  77. This is pretty awesome! We did onion juice last year, but as you can imagine.. juicing an onion can be quite the task (I used either my juicer or a garlic press), but you will see results fast! drop it in your affected ear, lay on your side for a bit and it will be gone in a few hours. Worked with both myself and my daughter last year… and a little cleaner than pee.. but much stinkier 😉

    • Thanks. I tried that and it didn’t work. Not sure why but I am glad it worked for you! I’m wondering if boiling the urine would help too. Of course, not medical advice. I know that the garlic has problems relating to botulism concerns so I’m not that thrilled about that option.

  78. rebeccaj says:

    Yuck. We just use good old fashioned Vicks VapoRub on a cotton ball. The heat created by the rub heals the inflammation. I’m in my 50’s and I’ve been doing this since I was a small child.

  79. I am in need of the information for that garlic oil in the ear for detoxing I did a search and didn’t find anything for detox, just ear infections. If there is an online site detailing it, would you please let me know? A long story short, my current detox methods are either too hard for me to keep up or are not working.

  80. Thank you, thank-you, thank-you!!! I just had the worst night ever with my almost 4 yr old. He has had a nasty cold and cough for over a week now. Obviously the drainage has gone to his ear. He was in the worst pain I’ve ever seen-and of course it was at midnight and then again at 2 AM. I was desperate for home remedies! I already had an onion all over his bed-read I should’ve heated it up…I did not have time for that!
    My husband was mad bc my son wouldn’t stop screaming (inconsiderate of him I know) I was crying bc my son was in so much pain and I felt helpless. Tylenol was not doing enough. So I prayed. Then I found your article. Then I contemplated. I asked my son if he had to go pee. He didnt. Then god gave me a sudden urge to go pee. So I did and put 3 drops in his ear. He slept the rest of the night and seems so much better. Truly amazing!!! I will never forget this and I thank you again:)

    • I am so glad! I couldn’t believe how well it helped either. Really odd but much better than an antibiotic in my opinion. Thanks and hope to hear from you again! (I know how the parenting thing goes too. It’s horrible when your child is screaming. You don’t know if they’re overdoing their response or not but mom is typically really afraid that they aren’t and it’s all real.)

  81. I know that you think that urine therapy is weird or even gross but they has been around for ”hundreds of years even before the USA was discovered. I am a nurse and as part of my studies in 1980 I had to find, read and report both in written and oral forms (shades of elementary and high school horrors.). I found a book in the local public library about old world Appalachian (backwoods) traditional medicine and urine therapy was a remedy that was practiced by every household in that area with no harmful effects and as you have pointed out the use of one’s’ own fresh urine is the only urine used. There is one treatment for any wounds that were not healing right that is also now used as part of mainstream modern medicine for wound care is the use of fly maggots. I know these are currently used now as I was part of their use in the 1980’s in treatment of a patients sore on the foot that was not responding to any traditional treatment. at the time. So there is a lot more of strange, unusual, and unorthodox treatments that require no medicinal training to use but should have some medicinal advice from a practitioner of holistic or natural therapies. I could tell you about many other treatments that follow the same line of therapy but I can tell you that there are numerous books in print about treatments that are not even close to mainstream treatment. So I hope you continue with your informative blog on your road to dealing illnesses using natural treatments but I can only pray that you will know that with all of the “mega” bugs out there that are so powerful that you will seek medical advice and even their treatment to bring a super-bug in check. Thank you again.

    • Thank you! Maggots….well, ick but when something won’t get better we’re even open to putting poison in ourselves, right :)? (chemotherapy) If you have some book recommendations I would love that.

  82. Not judging at all because if there was something that actually worked for the infection part I would do it but honestly I believe your remedy is only working for the pain part. Just like Marie I disagree in anyone using this method because if you have a urinary infection you will only be spreading it. Urine from women is even worse then mens because of the areas the urine hits before being excreted. I am a definite advocate against using this method! Btw stds in the early nineteenth and eighteenth centuries werent around when they were using this methods. If you have an std you were unaware of such as chlamydia or herpes you have just infected other regions of your body!

    • Of course having an STD and doing this wouldn’t be a good idea. But then getting an STD is a big no no too. I think one could for sure use the sanitizing methods that they do in the doctor’s office to do this. I do appreciate your comments and it is good to think about this. I know I don’t have either a UTI or an STD so I can try this more confidently w/ proper precaution. Thanks again!

    • della wiggins says:

      Don judge as I tried several other options and a girlfriend told me this remedy, I too thought she was crazy, but I was miserable and guess what it worked after being miserable for two months going to the doctor twice and getting 3 scripts for antibiotics and prednisone to no avail I was over the PRESCRIPTIONS that did not work! js wish I had known a lil urine was a Natural healer but I do now!

  83. My husband says all the time, that his mom used to make them use their own urine in their ears for ear infections and I thought he was crazy! LOL I’m so glad you told me it actually worked as I really considered and always thought I would get “Ha, knew I could make you do it” type of thing from him. Thank you

  84. Texas uninsured Momma says:

    I have used the urine cure for ear infections for years now and it flat out works!!!! Use your own personal midstream urine and drop an earfull in there, stick a cottonball in it, and go to bed, lay on the opposite side, and wake up cured!! I have done this for myself and my son did this the last time he had an earache. It has never failed me yet, not one time.

  85. You wrote “peaked my interest”. Naughty! The correct expression is “PIQUED my interest”. Wee in ear was a standard way of removing small foreign bodies including insects from the external auditory meati of pioneers in the Australian bush and hinterland. Bushmen & soldiers have floated out invasive stuff. Except in cases of serious U.Tract infection, wee is sterile, used by Boy Scouts etc to clean gravel lesions etc. CO(NH2)2 is, like most antiseptics, potentially toxic if misused, but in most cases, let your cry be “UREA FOR YOUR EAR”

    • Thanks for the spelling correction. I am pretty good but occasionally I make a stupid error. It’s fixed now :). Thanks for the information on the scouts – I’m sure my readers will be fascinated by that!

  86. Heather says:

    It worked!! I just read this after skimming the web for natural earache cures (while my son cried desperately for something to stop the pain). He peed, I added a drop of oregano oil into the teaspoon sample I collected, put it in his ear and he was sound asleep within 15 minutes.

    I’m dubious about boiling it, as it seems like that might kill the good stuff. I bet getting a “clean catch” would be enough. In the case of treating other ailments while experiencing a urinary infection, as somebody mentioned, that hardly feels like the right time to use urine therapy (rather, deal with the uti first!).

  87. using urine for pink eye works just the same & will take care of it for good.

  88. Never heard about urine, but next time I’ll try.

  89. I have on going problems with wax discharge from one ear. So I use a otc scoop every morning to clean it. I must have scratched the canal because now it is swollen just inside the canal. I have tried sweet oil, heat, and homeopathic ear drops. I was wondering about tea tree oil? I would give the urine a try. But should that be early morning catch?

    • Hi Eva. I am sorry you have that. I can’t medically advise, but I can tell you my recent experience. I have had itchy ears on and off for awhile. I suspect they have 2 different causes. Recently they got worse, I think due to my using a Q tip too frequently. I think I started to have an infection b/c the ear was sore. I ended up putting a little hydrogen peroxide in and let it bubble. I’ve done that a few times and am following it with the Soothing Relief Spray from here They feel the best they have in years. I would not recommend putting essential oils in your ear. I did that once and it burned horribly even though I had diluted them.

      I don’t know anything about early morning catch. Again, this isn’t medical advice and please consult w/ your physician before doing any of these things. But my ear is loads better. Take care.

  90. I am a believer in the therapy…. But what I have found that works even faster on the pain and infection, was a couple of drops of organic juiced red onion. My grandaughter was in so much pain and this worked almost instantly. I only reapplied once more an hour or two later and the infection went away. Later in the day my daughter brought her to the doctor for the other symptoms. When he checked her ear there was no sign of infection at all. It does smell a bit, but way better than having that darned pain! If you dont have a juicer, simple crush it and squeeze a few drops with a spoon.

  91. As I read this I began to smile, my granny used to make me pee in a cup and use it for my ear infections a lot when I was little, some 30 odd years ago. Matter of fact I was just telling a friend about it this week, she said she would pass lol. But I remember those ear infections that had me crying and begging for relief.

  92. Rebecca Cody says:

    Here’s what always worked for my kids, and me, since I used to have terrible earaches. One even ruptured my eardrum when I was old enough to remember the pain. I wish I’d known about this in those days. Cut an onion in half, but carefully keep the tiny little round center intact if you can. It has to be small enough to fit into the ear canal. Pop it into a little pan with a bit of water and simmer for five minutes, until it’s soft. Remove the onion, cool to body temperature and place into the ear canal. Cover with cotton and duct tape if that’s what it takes!

    The last time I did this for myself I didn’t even bother with cutting the whole onion, I just sliced off a bit and cooked it tender. That worked, too.

    I’ve never known the onion to fail to cure an earache quickly.

  93. I have an ear infection im looking for some solution i go to my doctor and she gave me antibiotics and it does’t work for me.after reading all your comment i want to try but i want to ask if i gonna used a pee is there any side effect doing this.pls let me know.tnx

    • Hi there. I can’t medically advise, but I never had any issues. Of course, never put anything liquid into an ear with a perforated drum. I have heard about using peroxide too but again, this isn’t medical advice. Take care.

      • Totally fascinating to read all these comments. I’m 64 years old, grew up Amish, and seemed to vaguely remember [but wasn’t sure] when urine was used for ear infections in our family when I was very young. Since I had not heard or read about anything like that in all these years since [I left the Amish church at age 25] i decided this morning to type : Amish used urine for ear infections: into my computer. That brought up all these fascinating stories and comments. Amazing!!!

  94. Hi Adrienne just wanted to stop by and say thank you for your article! I have been battling ear infections for many years and finally managed to resolve the issue without antibiotics which great considering my tiny ear channels. I tried urine drops first but that brought just a small relief I had a big fever over last few days. Last night a had ‘a-ha!’ moment and realised that my sinusitus on the side of infected ear is completely blocked. I used technique of urine inhalation from Dr S K Sharma ‘Miracles of Urine Therapy’. I was breathing in for a long time to unclog it. For all of you who have problems with ears – check your breath by putting one finger onto one of your nostral holes and breathe in.

  95. judee@ Gluten Free A-Z Blog says:

    When my kids were young, I used an Ayurvedic remedy where you saute lots of fresh garlic in mustard oil almost until it burns, drain, cool, and put a few drops in the ear as needed. It worked if I caught it at the first sign of trouble. Urine- ?? I know the Ayurvedic use it healing- but I know my boys would have said NO to that one!!

  96. It was never even specified if it was an middle ear infection (otitis media) or outer ear infection (otitis externa). Assuming this was a middle ear infection, it probably healed up on it’s own, as most mild ear infections do and had nothing to do with pee. Ask an ENT or pediatrician and they’ll tell you to see a middle ear infection through for a couple weeks as it often clears up. If you think you’re on the verge of getting an outer or external ear infection (swimmer’s ear), try some Mack’s Dry-n-Clear ear drying aid and then keep your ears dry to help kill off the fungus.. Wearing ear plugs to help keep the ears dry will help prevent swimmer’s ear.

    • I hear your concerns, but we have had success several times and so have others and it was quite fast which would likely negate the “healing on its own” hypothesis. Happy to hear what you think.

      • Hi Adrienne,

        Thanks for the excellent tips. I just have a query regarding all those different home remedies, has anyone considered that it’s due to the placebo effect?

        The more exotic and “left field” a remedy is, the more effective placebo cure it tends to be.

        Regardless of placebo or not, the important thing is that it works! Have a good day.

        • Hi there. I don’t know that we can explain it as being a placebo effect if the other natural remedies didn’t work, but it’s good to wonder about for sure! I also think that a placebo for something as acute as an ear infection is less likely. What do you think?

  97. I suffered from a lot of very bad bouts of otitis externa in my early 20s. I don’t have any proof of this but I am wondering if I caught strep when in hospital having my first baby. The infections would throb and make the inside of my ear swell and would leak this horrible smelly discharge. They were so painful that the only relief I would get was codeine. The doctor would give me some steroid ear drops but the infection would continually come back and it did so for about 3 years every few months. In the end I decided to try treating one bout of infection at home myself. I got a q tip, covered one end of it in regular anti septic liquid bought from the pharmacy, cut the q tip short but just long enough to take in and out of my ear and left it in my ear continually changing it throughout the day. I noticed a burning/stinging sensation when the antiseptic was working. The ear infection cleared within 2 days. I caught one more bout of infection after this and I did the same thing again but with clean and clear spot cleanser instead of regular anti septic liquid. The infection cleared in a day and did not come back again. My ex partner had suffered from similar ear infections frequently since childhood (I believe this could also possibly be that he spent a lot of time in hospital due to childhood illness and strep is rampant in hospitals) into his 20s and I taught him the same remedy and he no longer gets them. He was frequently put on antibiotics and steroid ear drops for years and years. My possible conclusion is that the strep bacteria continually live on the skin but are not always actively causing infection and it’s more effective to kill them all off topically than it is to take medicine internally or to use steroids to reduce the inflamation alone.

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