The Great Essential Oils Showdown ~ Which Essential Oils Company is Best? – Part 1

Wondering Which Company Has the Best Essential Oils? I was wondering the same thing after I first started using them.  So many companies say that theirs are the best, so who are you to believe?  Come find out what I learned when I started asking questions.  Things got a little dicey, and you'll probably be surprised by my conclusion.

Essential oils are all the rage these days.  People say that they can do everything from being a natural ear infection remedy, to helping with weight loss, to healing eczema, and more.

Most of you tuned in for my recent posts on essential oils in which I talked about:

From all the comments and enthusiasm about this giveaway and the other posts, I can tell you are just as interested in learning about essential oils as I am.

I think you could also tell by those posts that I am a skeptic at heart and pretty detailed when it comes to sorting through all the information out there to find out what really works.  One of my readers (a friend of mine) once called me an “investigative reporter” of sorts.  My husband says that I “second guess everything.”

Well, not everything :-).

In one sense, second guessing is a good thing.  I’ve saved our family a lot of money by avoiding problematic purchases.

But sometimes I can go overboard and spend waaaaay too much time analyzing a product or purchase.  (Kind of like driving all over town to save a few pennies.  Not smart, especially as I saw gas at $4.11/gallon coming home from church last night.  Deep sigh.)

With the essential oils issue, I tried not to be too analytical at first.  But then…..

You read in the Are Essential Oils a Scam? – A Skeptic Looks at Thieves Oil, how I held off trying really any oils at all for years before trying Thieves.

(Well, truth be told, I do have a few old bottles of essential oils in my linen closet.  One bottle each of orange, eucalyptus, tea tree oil, and rose oil, which I bought for topical use to brighten up my laundry [ended up never using it] and for my Homemade Decongestant Rub and Homemade Rose Water Spray [which I love, by the way].)

This time around, before buying the Thieves oil and signing up as a Young Living Distributor, I dug around a little, but not too much.  I asked about all the rumors surrounding Gary Young, the founder of Young Living and I also asked some questions about purity of their essential oils

I got some satisfactory answers and I figured that well, this stuff worked really well. And I was thrilled to have great resources in my natural health care arsenal.  I mean, who wants to put more toxins in your body if you don’t have to, right?

However, after my post on Young Living’s Thieves and the other oils (Wintergreen and Peppermint, etc.), a number of readers started asking me about other oil companies–if they were good enough, or not that great.  And so I started wondering.

At first, I thought, “This stuff (Young Living) works great, and I’m pretty worn out right now, so I am just going to leave this alone.”

But the “investigative reporter” in me just couldn’t leave. it. alone.

So I started poking around.

Today I’m sharing with you the beginning of my investigation.

There were some essential oils companies that I knew of, and some that a few readers recommended to me.

One of my readers was a doTERRA rep who said I really should check out their company to see how it measured up to Young Living.

Little did I know what lay ahead of me.

The world of essentials oils is big.  Very big.

It did start out quite small for me, however.  Just a small list of companies.  I started out looking into these companies, but the list quickly grew as the series went on and as more and more readers commented and as I went down more and more rabbit trails.  I think you will find the whole thing interesting and I hope you will learn a thing or two about essential oils and the companies that sell them.

Wondering Which Essential Oils Company is Best? What about the "Therapeutic Grade" claims the MLM oils companies make? Come find out all you ever wanted to know about oils companies and more!

The Competitors: 

(UPDATE:  A lot changed after I started this series. Please follow the links at the bottom of this post to see how interesting everything got  – you can hop on over to read Part 2 of “The Best Essential Oils” here. 

To start off, following are the essential oils companies that were “on my radar” and so I started with these, wondering if I should stick with Young Living or switch to another company to be my family’s “best essential oils company” of choice.

  • Heritage Oils
  • Native American Nutritionals
  • North American Herb and Spice
  • Mountain Rose Herbs
  • Aura Cacia
  • DoTerra
  • Young Living (the one being challenged)
  • and more.  Truth is, I called a TON of companies and read up on others.  These all included NOW oils, Butterfly Express, Spark Naturals, Edens Garden, and on and on.  My head really started to spin with all of the phone calls and notes I was taking, but I started with just the 7 listed above and went from there.

There are a TON of essential oils companies out there.  After writing this series I felt like I really opened a can of worms, but these are the companies that I started with.  Hang with me – it gets pretty interesting from here on out.

The Challenge:


A few readers mentioned this company in the comments section of my post on Are Essential Oils a Scam ~ A Skeptic Looks at Thieves Oil.  They said that their oils were very high quality and inexpensive.

Since high quality and inexpensive are right up my alley (but they typically don’t go together, right?),  I looked them up.

Problem #1.  No phone number. (UPDATE: A few readers have mentioned that they do have a phone number on their site. I did not take a screenshot of their site so I am not able to prove one way or another that there was or wasn’t a phone number on the site.  It’s possible that there was and that I missed it or that it was a long distance phone number and we didn’t have free long distance at the time so I didn’t want to pay to call (being the frugalista that I am :)).  In either case, I tried to contact them a different way.)

Oh well, I tried to contact them through their Contact Form.

Still – over two weeks later–no response.

THE VERDICT:  Since I couldn’t get a timely response, I decided not to go with this company.


  • I’ve had allergic reactions to a few oils and Young Living has promptly refunded my money over the phone.
  • I’ve also had 2 bottles of oil leaking on arrival and I’ve gotten replacements for them on the spot.

I LOVE good customer service and I am willing to pay extra for it.

Also, customer service aside, if a company is that hard to get a hold of, then I really don’t feel comfortable using their oils internally on mine or my children’s bodies.

UPDATE:  Several readers have commented that Heritage has great customer service and that I made unfair comments about them.  First, that they do indeed have a phone number on their site, and secondly that they have fabulous customer service.

First of all, I only reported what happened to me.  I contacted Heritage on 3/12/2012 and didn’t hear back from them until 5/22/12, well after the publication of this post. I have the emails in my inbox from them to prove it. I am sure you can understand that I felt that I didn’t receive good customer service. Linda, the owner, was very kind when she responded and said her response had been sitting in her draft folder.

Regarding them not having a phone number, I can only say that I didn’t notice one. It is possible that they put it up later. It is also possible that I didn’t notice it or that it was a toll call and I didn’t have free long distance at the time. I do not like paying for phone calls and really didn’t at the time of this posting.

I hope this clears everything up.


When I first contacted this company, I thought that their prices seemed a little high for a non MLM (multi-level marketing) company, but the more I talked to them the more interesting it all got.  

You’ll have to read more in the series to see what happened.

THE VERDICT:  Probable high quality with no apparent earnings opportunity.   Need to check into this company more.  


From all I could figure out, this is a great company.

Trouble is, all they make is oregano oil.

So if you just want oregano oil, then this is a good place to turn.

THE VERDICT:  Oregano is a pretty amazing oil, but I want more than just that in my natural healing arsenal.

4.  Mountain Rose Herbs

I like Mountain Rose Herbs’ mission and have a few bottles of their oils.  When I contacted them they told me that they did not recommend internal use of their oils as they were not produced in a food grade facility.  Much later (after this whole series was done) I contacted them again and they said that this was not the case.  I need to do more looking in to their sourcing, etc.

5.  Aura Cacia

Aura Cacia is adamant about not using their oils internally.

I personally have a number of Aura Cacia’s oils that I bought prior to really digging into oils.  I can’t say anything except for my personal experience which is that they don’t smell as potent as some of the other oils that I have.  I do like the company and I purchase from Frontier Co op regularly, but I’m not choosing to get my oils from them.   That being said, I think that they have a lot of great information about oils and their use.

Well, this is a long enough post already – thanks for sticking with me!

Onto the other competitors in the next post and see what happens!

Looking for more information on Essential Oils?

There are sooo many books out there.  I have a bunch, but this one, Advanced Aromatherapy, is in my shopping cart at Amazon now.  Comes very highly recommended.

It appears that this book does NOT recommend internal usage of oils, something which I personally think can be beneficial when done safely, so just keep that in mind.

Advanced Aromatherapy

The Rest of the Best Essential Oils Series:

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Announcing “the Best” Essential Oils Company – Part 7***

or read this post on Essential Oils Testing which gives you the company I went with.  Some readers are having issues reading the last post so you can try here if need be.

**Finally, you can get my Report on Essential Oils, 10 Things You NEED to Know BEFORE You Buy for FREE by visiting here and signing up for my newsletter.**

What are your thoughts?
The information here is for entertainment purposes only. Please consult a medical professional before changing your diet, exercise program, or before trying any natural remedies.

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  1. on YL against doterra

  2. ? can someone tell me a brand of essential oils that i can use for diy air / cleaning ??? The catch ????????????? I am searching for a lemon oil that i can smell. Withput having to use an entire bottle

    • So you are looking for something to clean the air? I just had that need last night. We used a wallpaper remover that was supposed to be non toxic but it totally wasn’t. We had an old version and it STUNK!!! So we ended up needing to do something. This is the one that Native American Nutritionals carries that should do the job. It’s called Purify and here’s my affiliate link to it:

      If that’s not what you were looking for please let me know :).

  3. I haven’t seen Genesis Pure mentioned. We are a 6 yr old organic nutrition company. Just started carrying 100% Pure USDA Certified essential oils a few months ago. Still learning to use them.

  4. Okay so ameo just came into play last year anyone have comments on them or experience? Love your blog :)

    • I looked into them and decided not to use them for various reasons. One thing I don’t like is how their reps have been making multiple comments attempting to use my blog as a marketing platform by leaving all kinds of links to their sites. That is very annoying. Thanks for the kind words :).

  5. Hello,

    I am new to buying the oils. My husband suffers from chronic conditions, i.e. back spasms, nerve damage in foot, ankle, lower leg, chronic colds/viruses and arthritis. I suffer from arthritis, ovarian cysts, pms, chronic colds/viruses, anxiety/high stress levels and hypothyroidism. We have a 6 and 4 year old in daycare and school, Asthma with 4 yr old. They both have chronic colds/viruses. We have 2 businesses in or run out of our home. I own an in home daycare and my husband has his business office out of the home as well..
    I don’t have a lot of money… it all goes to the children in my daycare. :0) I know that I want to use the oils but I don’t know where to start. Is there a list that you can give me and I can start buying little by little? Also, I think a diffuser would be a good investment for my family as well as for all the children in my daycare. There are always coughs and sniffles. I would like to kill the germs that are floating around the air before they infect the rest of the children. (I heard that there are oils that can clean? the air?

    I hope to hear from someone soon that can guide me through the maze of essential oils.

    • Hi there Hmmm….that’s tough, but here are my thoughts. I would go w/ basics I guess. If you are looking to clean the air typically folks would look at the Native American Immune Strength (affiliate link) or the Purify (aff link). I think it really depends on what you are looking for. I would personally be thinking about underlying issues for the colds and other things going on. I think that oils can be a big help but I am guessing that the owner of the company that I recommend would say to look at underlying issues and maybe consider their Defense supplement (affiliate link).

      I have a lot of thoughts about adrenal issues and the thyroid and have written some things about it on the blog here and I know there are some oils that can help but let me know what your priorities are.

      I would also look at this free summit coming up. I am going to be mentioning it on the blog tomorrow. I can’t diagnose or medically advise, but I think it would be helpful information for you. Here is the link and it is a referral link.

      I hope this is helpful. Let me know what your priorities are and I will see if I can help.

    • Larry Strawbridge says:

      Just a comment to say that of all the symptoms you mention with all of your ailments, using one “thing” like essential oils is NOT going to be a magic wand to rid your family of health problems. Diet, exercise, and the types of food-vitamin supplements you take are a huge factor….as is detoxing. I recommend foot bath detox and colonic iragations–realizing both are two huge metaphorical “cans of worms” that require research and actual “doing” to see results. There are those sceptics and so-called “health experts and professionals” who scoff at nutrition and cleansing modalities. Oh well, let them take their dangerous drugs with all the horrible side effects and huge costs! My last comment is….in regards to essential oils…stick to Young Living! I have used them for years and they work along with other modalities…Chiropractic, massage, cleansing, colonics, etc.

  6. Colin Bayler says:

    Know anything about a French company called Florihana? Their products are being carried on a website where I occasionally buy items.

  7. How come you didn’t start out with the second place oils …….”NOW” BRAND……there is oils you buy for other things then consuming.

  8. Jeannine Wells says:

    Hi there – I read your blog concerning essential oils and I was hands down convinced to try NAN and I do like their starter kit very much. However, you state in your blog that they had exceptional customer service and when you sent them an email they responded very fast. I have now sent them two emails, one through their website and one directly from my email address and I have not heard a response. It has been 4 days since I sent the first email and one day since I sent the second. I was inquiring whether or not their oils were safe to use internally because my husband has chronic intestinal pain. I am wondering how you received such a quick response but I can’t seem to get through to them. Any suggestions??

    • Hi there I am so sorry. I contacted their office for you and this is their response:


      e are almost caught up. We have more than doubled our customer service staff the past few weeks in regards to this issue. They are currently in training right now, and some of them will be finished next week, making them available to assist with customers.

      I have approved unlimited overtime for our current Customer service staff in order to get through the last batch of emails that we were behind previously. The entire Customer service staff will be working on Saturday until everything is caught up.

      Considering the new staff that we have hired and the improved efficiency practices that we have employed, I do not see a case where it will take more than 1 day to receive a response to emails in the future. We are setting goals to reply within just a couple hours.

      Im very sorry for this experience.

      If there is anything else I can do for you please tell me. They do consider their oils to be safe internally – this post might help you:

      • Charlee says:

        First – THANK YOU for doing the research! I appreciate it. I am currently buying DoTerra but thinking of YL but then I read this and will also look into NAN. My main question is using oils internally. In your article you mentioned something about taking them internally (can’t find it now but seems like it was to do so cautiously) but above you said they consider them to be safe internally – will read your post momentarily. Is it okay to use daily in my water? I also have been giving oils to my dog for his allergies (really hoping this helps him).

        Second – thank you again for doing the research and putting yourself out there for the attacks. I believe you are honest in your research and opinions and am grateful you took the time. Looking forward to reading more of your articles!

        • Hi there. I probably wrote about it elsewhere, but here is a post where I really discussed it. Personally I would just be a little cautious internally. The owner of NAN said that you really want to be on a probiotic if you are taking oils internally for a long time. That’s not medical advice – just stating his opinion. There are some who think that the antibacterial oils will kill good but bacteria as well as the bad, and others say that isn’t true.

          Hope that helps!

  9. Adrienne…I am a health coach and have been in the fitness industry forever, but would love to learn more about essential oils. It is an area that has always interested me, but I wasn’t in the right place to dive in. I’m kind of an all or nothing sort of gal when it comes to learning a new aspect of natural living. I came across your blog today and I love that you research, and share your honest thoughts and point of view…is there a book that you would recommend that would give me a very thorough foundation into essential oils? For all uses: household, illness, etc


    • Hi Kim and welcome! So nice to connect and thanks for your kind words. That’s a good question. There’s so much out there and really I don’t feel any 1 resource is enough. I did put some books at the bottom of each post in the series – did you see those? Let me know :).

  10. To all frustrated feeling scamed by Young Living Oils!!!!! I believe in oils I just do not truth from fiction! I am furious that I spent money on trust instead of research! Would be very interest rates and someone helping me find the right path for using oils in healing and all areas and someone helping me find the right path for using and buying oils!!!!!!

  11. I posted a comment and it did not post. Why?

    • I moderate all of my comments b/c you never know who will slip in a comment to get approved and then write horrid stuff so your comment doesn’t show up ’til I approve it – thanks!

  12. My question is; if not for the NAN (because they don’t carry a specific oil/blend) then who would fall in line as first runner up? :) THanks

  13. Hi Adrienne, I just came across your journey of finding the best quality of essential oils for your buck and it has been a really great read, thank you! Very informative with everything together in one place! I used to use doTERRA through a friend, and then I switched to YoungLiving through my mom. But now I am highly interested in NAN. I was wondering how I begin selling NAN? I registered for an account on their website but I am unsure where to go from here. Any advice would be great, thank you again and in advance!

  14. I appreciate the time and effort you have put into researching EOs. I am new to all of this. I was invited to a YL party and introduced to the oils. I have enjoyed some home remedies. HOwever, after reading your blog I am still confused. It seems like the bigger companies MLM, are subject to more scrutiny… posts about Gary Youngs credibility or OSHA violations do not seem surprising. It makes us more leary. …..which is a paradigm.. Maybe we should be more leary about the “little ‘guy” who claims to have organic farms….pure plants, and oils…….how do we really know? I am betting the small town EO retailer flies under the radar…………SO after reading your blog x2 about the best company……would you really rule out YL??

    • Hi there. I understand your concerns, but the OSHA issue was a man dying at the distillery which wouldn’t fly under any radar that I can think of. Yes, how do we really know? You have to trust your supplier kind of like you have to trust your farmer. I have had so much communication w/ NAN and am ready to drop them should anything awry come up.

      I did rule out YL and doTERRA by leaving them, so the answer is yes. I was told that I could earn about $8K per month if I stayed w/ doTERRA and I still left. So I had reasons and just couldn’t represent them. I hope that helps.

  15. I like Aura Cacia in that my two local health food stores stock them and I like the scents. So I get them. I’m not into Young Living b/c of the prices and I noticed they did a report on their company and decided they were the best out there. Um. ok. So I go with Aura. It’s good. BUT I will say, it’s strange in that when I used my oils I FEEL better. Mmmm …. I told the coworker who got me hooked on oils, this really shouldn’t be. I mean, it’s oils. It smells nice, but that’s it. It shouldn’t do anything to the body. But it does. mmm … I don’t get it, I don’t understand it, I can’t explain it, but I can’t wait to get home, put on my sweat clothes and put on my oils. We can’t use them at work. So I don’t know, but it seems to work. Shrugs.

    • Oils work because of the ingredients in the plants. There are actually many pharmaceuticals that are made from plant materials so they are really powerful :). I didn’t figure that out for awhile but it makes a lot of sense. Hope that helps!

    • Adrienne: you can use oils at work. Before you leave home, you can apply oils to the bottom of your feet and then slip your socks/stockings on and then your shoes. I understand restrictions of not using oils at work because of their aroma and some people having allergic reactions. You could use your oils when you first wake up as long as the aroma is dispersed before you get to work. I have worked with two different professionals who cannot be around anything with a perfume type aroma. That would include EO’s. I also have difficulty with aromas so I have to test each EO before purchasing or using regularly. Hope this helps solve your EO use at work dilemma.

  16. Hi Adrienne!
    Thank you so much for all of your hard work and research on questions I wanted to find out about EOs. I was wondering if Native American Nutritionals has an opportunity for consumers to be sellers of their products?

    • Hi there. Thanks, but they do not. Sorry about that. If you are looking for ways to make money I have other ideas. Feel free to contact me if you like. This company is one that is really up and coming and I love their mission. I haven’t written much at all about them yet (just mentions here and there) but they are growing in leaps and bounds.

  17. Anyone have trouble with Edens Garden? I have ordered 3 different times from them and have to say their shipping department is awful and customer service is hit or miss…first time i ordered a kit I never received it on time. They sent an email saying my order was shipped and had tracking number listed, however after 4 days the status on the tracking never changed from”shipping label created”…it was never shipped out..I sent an email to them and the following day they shipped it out…the second time I placed an order, no issues…the Third and last order I placed was a repeat of the first time I ordered from them. Got a email saying order shipped and it never was! The tracking status just said “shipping label created” 4 days later still the same ststus, so I called first thing in the morning and customer svc rep said she’d look into it, and would either call me back or send me an email in 3 hours. Never heard back from her but by the end of the day I re-checked my shipping status and they finally mailed it out that afternoon! They suck….never again will I order from the,

  18. HI,

    I just read your evaluation of the best EO companies. I like what you say. I am Canadian, so I’m trying to find the best oil for my Canadian Dollar. After the excahnge on the dollar, shipping, taxes etc….it adds up. I would prefer to walk into a store and buy the product of the shelf. Unfortunately, NAN is not sold in the stores in my Canadian city. The product I’ve found, that you’ve mentioned, is AURA Acia . Your evaluation above is short, so I was wondering if you dismissed them because they were adamant about no internal use of their products only, or it there were other reasons. I’d like to know how Aura Acia compares with NAN.


  19. Have you heard anything about Plant Therapy esential oils? My friends sells doTerra but I’ve heard they are just as good but less expensive.

    • Yes, I have heard of them and looked at them. I didn’t choose them for a number of reasons. I can’t go into it all but I am much more pleased with Native American and feel any extra cost is worth it. I haven’t done a direct cost comparison, however. Thanks!

  20. I’m still confused as to why you no longer recommend Young and Living. .
    Also, what about NOW? Are they the cheapest because they are low quality?

  21. I’m still confused. Who is best to order from?

  22. I’m confused about your research.

    1) people really shouldn’t be ingesting any sort of essential oil, they are extremely powerful and can be pharmeseudical grade potent. So I don’t get why it is such a bad thing when some of these companies recommend not ingesting…that is actually the responsible thing to do

    2) many essential oils smell better than others because they have synthetic fragrance added to make them smell better…so a more potent smell doesn’t make the oil better than another

    3) you really have nothing about the sources of the oils or the process or whether synthetic oils are added in…how is this research of yours in anyway comprehensive?

    It is great that you’ve figured out that Young Living and DoTerra are not high quality essential oils, but you’re going to have to dig a LOT deeper to find brands that are pure. When looking into which essential oils are the best to buy, I went to organic soap makers and other beauty product makers that really have to be careful about what oils they put in their products. They have great sources that have good reputations in the industry. New Directions Aromatics is one of those companies…they come with a certification of authenticity too. When you talk to aromatherapists and naturalists it is easy to discover that many of the most popular oil blends are not ok, and they can point you in the right direction of what to look for.

    • Hi Suzie. So sorry for the delay in getting back to you – I have been inundated and am trying to catch up now.

      1. Yes I do think they are powerful and you should be careful but I don’t think that ingesting is a big no no (please see this post):
      2. Yes, you are correct about that.
      3. I’m not sure what you are wanting me to do here. I did talk about some companies adding synthetics to their oils and that sourcing is important. Please tell me if I am not understanding you.
      I don’t recall if I talked to NDA or not, but I am glad you found a company you like. I had to stop at some point. This process got extremely exhausting and as I am sure you know there are so many companies that I could spend an incredibly amount of time trying to contact and interview everyone. Thanks and let me know if I can be of further assistance.

  23. I just have to say that after reading ALL of your posts concerning oils, I went ahead and tried the company you felt was “best” – and I am TOTALLY DISAPPOINTED. I ordered cardamom and helichrysum and they both smell like bengay. DISGUSTING!!! I ordered two totally different skin repair blends, and they both smell the same – and so far all the stuff I have tried has a chemical smell. I am SOOOOO disappointed – I will be trying to get my money back tomorrow and will NEVER order from them again. And I probably won’t take your advice again, sad to say :(

    • Hi there and so sorry for the delay in getting back to you – I have been swamped and am finally playing catch up here. As for your concerns, here is a response from RMA / NAN. They would be happy to talk to you about their oils and your concerns.

      Well we can give her a full refund. It’s no problem. I can sort of see how helichrysum might smell something like bengay… Kind of. Cardamom should sell like black licorice.

      Skin care blends will usually have sweet smelling oils.

      Relieve me smells exactly like Bengay in my opinion. It’s just those combinations of oils.

      I’d be happy to talk to him/her and help them out either to return the oils or understand what they are really smelling. I’d be curious to smell them myself.

      When we smell oils at work we use coffee grounds to cleanse the nose receptors and reset them. Otherwise a strong scent from one oil can get stuck in your nose for a long time. I’ve had this happen to me all the time. Especially a strong oil like peppermint. You take a long smell of it and then even 30 minutes later you’ll still smell it distinctly in your nose and not know why. I wonder if something like this effected their experience. It just seems weird because all those oils will smell very different. So it’s one thing to not like the scent. But it’s another if they all smell the same. Either something went horribly wrong on our end or it’s just some beginners error. It’s highly unlikely that we sent 4 different oils that all smell the same. I’m not saying we didn’t which is why I’d love to see the return results myself. But it’s just very extremely unlikely.

      Hope that helps.

    • I did see that. Do you see something on my blog that you think is a problem? I have been very careful to not indicate that an essential oil can cure any disease. Thank you.

  24. I use Veridatas Botanicals, their oils are organic and in my opinion absolutely amazing. Young Living is like Louis Vuitton and Veridatas Botanicals is like going to Italy and purchasing a handmade highest quality leather handbag. I think smaller companies are selective when making products whereas larger companies are all about the bottom line!

  25. Kristie Boleski says:

    You have not mentioned Genesis Pure’s USDA Certified Organic line of essential oils. They are 100% pure, pharmaceutical grade oils. Have you had the opportunity to try them?

    • Hi there. I am really sorry but I just don’t have time to try all of these companies out and/or write about them, and I can’t publish all of the reasons why I didn’t go w/ certain companies. First of all, it would take an inordinate amount of time, secondly, companies can change what they are doing at any time, and thirdly, the oils industry is really “murky”. I even got a cryptic threatening email from someone regarding a negative comment on one of the companies that I looked at. So perhaps that helps you understand the situation I am in.

      This post might help you know what to ask:

      Thanks and hope to see you around again.

  26. Thank you for the pleasurable read! You will probably continue receiving the same response about taking your essential oils internally. Essential Oils are volatile, intense chemical compounds. When plant matter is steam distilled, you are left with water (rose water) and oils on top. The oils are essentially a concentrated liquid oil extracted directly from the plant. This is uniquely different than an extract, which is often made using alcohol, or a similar solvent, and diluted with water. Essential Oils – External… Extracts/Tinctures – Internal. For safety :)

    If you are to use an essence internally, it would be best used 1 drop-at-a-time, for cakes, cookies, etc.

  27. Jennifer says:

    I would like to know what your findings of Edens Garden were if that’s possible. I am interested in what they had to say? I have been using Young Living and am looking to switch out of a MLM type deal. I currently am pursuing Rocky Mountain Oils & Native American Oils. However the price difference in Edens Garden made me have a couple questions and I was curious if you had any further information on them?

  28. Hi. I know you have a son on the Autism spectrum. I’d like to know the oils you use for him. I’m just starting my son on EO’s (4yo with moderate autism- nonverbal). So far, we use Frankincense and Vetiver. What has helped for you?

    • Hi there. Sorry for the delay in responding. I’ve been swamped. I haven’t done that much w/ oils for him – I am planning to get the Attention Assist and Focus soon – what are you looking for in particular? I do use lavender on him nightly.

  29. What about simply aroma?

  30. I was concerned with young living oils when I learned they were saying they could cure ebola and other diseases. The smell of some of them have actually made me ill. I am going to look into Native American oils as it seems they are much better. Thank you for all of your help

    • You are so welcome! I hope you like them and would love to know what you think. I love Native American’s lavender but couldn’t use Young Living’s. I don’t know what that was.

    • A's mom says:

      First, I enjoy reading this blog very much.

      Secondly, and to be clear and fair (sorry, just the mom in me), “they” (Young Living) never claimed to cure ebola. In any sales-like organization, you often have rogue sales people/distributors/advisors/good meaning people/not so good meaning people/etc. that claim things that their companies cannot & will not back up. That goes with media sales, car sales, copier sales, bloggers, realtors, etc. And it is especially true of any MLM. What someone “claims” does not always equal what their corporate leadership has told them or approves of. When MLM folks go rogue, it’s the MLM company that gets hit by the FDA first. Doesn’t mean the MLM company has approved what the rogue person has been claiming. Simply my two cents. : )

      • I agree with how that all comes down. I don’t know how things unfolded in YL but it isn’t pretty what is happening to their reps now. Nor doTERRA’s. The whole thing is a mess. I personally wish the FDA would lay off. Demanding KIND Bars not say they are healthy is really disconcerting. Did you read about that?

        • Sorry, Adrienne, just now seeing this. No, I hadn’t read about the KIND bars situation. I’ll definitely want to look that up as my family uses them on occasion for an on-the-go snack.. The whole FDA thing is tricky: 1) no one wants snake oil salesmen making health claims which might not only further hurt someone’s health, but could also cut it short. So the FDA getting involved that way is actually a good thing. 2) The flip side is that there does seem to be enough skepticism over who in the US actually DOES have people’s best interest at heart when it comes to their health. If Big Pharma is pressuring the FDA to get involved with EOs, then this won’t look good for those of us that have turned to other resources to maintain and support our health when more traditional medicines haven’t helped.. My gut suspicion is that with the explosion of the EO industry the past couple of years, that flagged Big Pharma and they started pushing back. If that latter is the case, the end result more than likely won’t be peachy for those more holistically minded. Money talks in the US.. Sad but true. Always has. Always will.

          • The KIND Bars are fine – just the FDA is mad about them calling them healthy b/c they aren’t low enough in saturated fat :(. I really think when one looks at the data on problems caused by supps vs pharmas it is clear what side the burden of proof falls on. I am not for snake oil salesmen either but it seems to me that the snake is not as much on the natural side. Take care.

  31. Can you tell me about Puritan’s Pride oils. I have heard that they are good oils and at a good price but all companies say there have a great product.

  32. By rubbing the oil on your skin, it gets into your blood and organs anyway. That’s why some people say that if you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin. The only concern I can see with ingestion of the oils is that the digestive tract or lining of the mouth might be irritated by certain oils.

  33. Thank you so much for posting the information and working on the study!!! I am new to oils and researching all the different brands out there. It is confusing and exhausting. . I plan on trying all different brands but so far loving the native american nutritionals info and just made my first order

  34. I love what you’re doing and have read parts of all your “chapters” on this subject. Two things: (1) I really trust Kurt Schnaubelt, “Advanced Aromatherapy.” He’s a chemist and obviously knows his stuff. On p. 96 he discusses oral use of EOs; he doesn’t nix this, but describes why the effectiveness is limited. (2) What about Ananda Apothecary out of Boulder, CO. I have a really good feeling about this company. Their website is packed with information; they describe everything about their sources and processing, which other companies’ sites do not seem to do; their prices are really good. It is the last the made me question them a bit: how could they charge so much less? I once asked someone there, but (sorry!) forgot exactly what he said. I think it had to do with not having a lot of middlemen. The company is accessible: you can call and speak to someone–I think only once did I get an answering machine. Check ’em out!

    • Hi there. Thanks for commenting! As for the oral use, I would recommend this post. I hope to write more soon :).

      As for Ananda, there are a number of reasons that I didn’t go w/ them but I can elaborate. The oils industry is very “touchy” and I even got a cryptic threatening email about things I had written about a company so I need to be really careful. I hope you can understand. Sorry.

      There is much more coming from Native American Nutritionals and Rocky Mountain Oils that I think you will be really pleased with so hang tight :).

      • Thanks, Adrienne. You say you can elaborate about why you didn’t choose to buy from Ananda. I would love to hear. If you can’t comment publicly for whatever reason, I would still like to know! I have used them for quite a while and have already written a number of reasons why. If you don’t want to comment publicly is there a way to get in touch privately? I also hear that you’re swamped… so perhaps you have no time. But lacking any negative info, I can’t see why I’d switch to more pricey suppliers unless something is really off about Ananda.

        • Hi there – I am sorry but I don’t think that I can b/c the comments would be attached to me. There are some other good companies out there that I might be willing to represent. When I have chosen not to represent another company it could be due to something negative about the company – about their oils, selling practices, quality, or some other thing. I feel really bad about this, but I just can’t risk my family to comment publicly and in writing my comments could still be public. I hope you can understand.

          I am just a mom who tried to find the best for my family and wanted to share what I found, but I can’t really be a critic of the entire oils industry. I really would like to point out to others all that I have learned, but also, oils companies could change what they are doing at any time at all so I would have to continue evaluating them going forward and I just don’t have that kind of time. I hope that helps :).

        • Oh, one more thing – there are some positive things coming soon from NAN and Rocky Mountain Oils that I think you will like. If you care to, stay tuned. Thanks again.

  35. Anastasia Brown says:

    I’m interested in essential oils and I have been looking into Rocky Mountain Oil Company. Did you ever look into them? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

    • Hi there. If you ended up going to the end of the series then you know that I did. They are in a partnership w/ Native American Nutritionals and I love them both. They carry the same great oils. Thanks and hope that helps :).

  36. hello. Yesterday i learned that essential oil companies often use solvents in the extraction process, and i’m bummed because i am VERY particular about quality and natural products…have been this way for well over 20 years… mostly i have bought from small family owned companies, but, now that i have a bit more info i am curious about the sorts of questions you asked of the companies you chose to review. I’d like to do the same for my own little collection of oils… to approach each company and 1. be respectful of their business and 2. be respectful of my body’s right to ALL the information by asking direct, clear and respectful questions ! So, i guess i am wondering if you could give me an idea of the sorts of questions you asked to get the info you needed. I really dont know enough about extraction processes to pull together words that are gonna make any sense in the asking, if you know what i mean. thank you so much for your website! LOVE what i see and have bookmarked for more :) xxKristin

  37. You fail to mention the best company: Be Young. Check them out. Totally pure. Highest quality.

    • Hi there. Thanks for commenting. I did look into them and didn’t go with them for several reasons. Thanks though and hope to see you around again.

  38. Why didn’t you go with Be Young? What don’t you like about them? I’m curious. Is there something I should know ?

    • I’m really sorry but I just can’t comment. I have to be careful what I say about other companies. I even got a cryptic threatening email regarding one of the companies that I didn’t go with. Sorry again.

  39. Hello. I Just wanted to thank you for this article. I read the entire series and some other articles. I think it was very well written ans I appreciate all your research. I am new to EOs and just recently bought my starter kit from YL. I’m so excited to learn all about the EOs and the uses. I want to research research research before I tell anyone anything! Especially with the internal rerecommendations. So thank you for all the info!

  40. Hi there, I am from Canada and just researching into essential oils and am thrilled to have found your site as it confirmed my findings that I felt very confident that both NAN and Rocky Mountain oils are what they claim. Having come across a Canadian company yesterday, I thought I would run it by you to learn if you had ever heard of them and thoughts?
    Prices seem reasonable, but not cheap.

    • I am really sorry but I can’t publish all of the reasons why I didn’t go w/ certain companies. First of all, it would take an inordinate amount of time, secondly, companies can change what they are doing at any time, and thirdly, the oils industry is really “murky”. I even got a cryptic threatening email from someone regarding a negative comment on one of the companies that I looked at. So perhaps that helps you understand the situation I am in.

      Thanks and hope to see you around again.

  41. Michelle says:

    First, thank you so much for sharing the information that obviously took you a lot of time to discover. I recently was introduced to EO at an expo. The company is Natural Options and his presentation was very respectful toward other companies, even thought he admitted he did not agree with some of the business practices and even uses. I do plan on reading your whole article. One area that seems controversial is ingestion of EO, so I guess I need to keep reading. My goal is to sell oils, but I really believe education is crucial and I have the same philosophy as Natural Options, the gist (it doesn’t matter what oils you choose to use, as long as you are educated in how to safely use them). This may be my dilemma in trying to figure out what to sell. One final thing I will say, I would only sell EO because I believe in the health benefit of them, so any company who is focused primarily on income is not a good fit. Thank you again!

  42. Devon Mullins says:

    I am wondering if you have looked into Plant therapy oils??

    • Yes, I did and didn’t go w/ them for a number of reasons. I am really sorry but I can’t publish all of the reasons why I didn’t go w/ certain companies. First of all, it would take an inordinate amount of time, secondly, companies can change what they are doing at any time, and thirdly, the oils industry is really “murky”. I even got a cryptic threatening email from someone regarding a negative comment on one of the companies that I looked at. So perhaps that helps you understand the situation I am in.

      Thanks and hope to see you around again.

  43. Kiplyn Nelson says:

    Did you also research Plant therapy? New to the oils thing and wanting to use my $ wisely and not poison my family.

  44. Kiplyn Nelson says:

    Plant Therapy?Did you look at this? Are the prices too good to be true?

  45. Kiplyn Nelson says:

    Sorry, I questioned you before I read several comments and your reply that you can’t comment on other companies anymore.

  46. i Am with DoTERRA I really feel that people should realy do some learning. Doterra is the only CPTG. NO OTHER COMPANY has stood up and said they were. So if u want the purest then you will only receive it with DoTERRA e/o.

  47. In conclusion of this article, which brand is your favorite ? What company do you feel comfortable using internally and with your children? Also, I am currently looking for the “right” diffuser/nebulizer but there are Soo many

    Thank you :)

  48. Hi!! thanks so much for all the great info, I am really enjoying reading! Just curious if you ever followed up with Mountain Rose Herbs?? You said , above, that you ” need to do more looking in to their sourcing, etc.”…I keep hearing about this company and while i’m looking into Native American, I just thought i’d ask :)

    thanks again!

    • Hi there. Sorry for the delay – I haven’t done any more. I am just swamped w/ a ton of personal things. I’ll share some of them at some point on the blog but it’s been overwhelming just trying to tread water. I do think that their speciality is herbs and not EOs so that might be something to consider. Whereas NAN / RMO really knows oils. I am amazed at the details that they share with me whenever I have inquiries. I have great confidence in their knowledge.

  49. I switched from Young Living to Eden’s Garden and was wondering if you had looked into them. I read all 7 parts about what you found and I also contacted and read up on EG. They were very quick to get back to me and have been excellent to work with. I know their Muscle Relief (comparable to YL’s Panaway), is the bomb. I can’t keep it in my house! My whole family uses it and keeps asking me to order more. Their prices are very reasonable and I have enjoyed dealing with them and using their oils. Perhaps you might want to check on them as well and let us know what you think.

    • I did look into them and didn’t choose them for several reasons. I am sorry but I have to be careful what I say b/c other companies (any one) could change what they are doing at any time. I ended up getting a cryptic threatening email from someone about a comment on my site regarding a company so I just can’t risk things. Did you see that NAN and RMO have comparable blends for almost all of the YL and doTERRA blends listed on their home page? I would be interested in your thoughts if you try them. This post might interest you as well:

      • Thanks Adrienne. I appreciate your caution. I would really like to know what your reasons were as to why you chose to not go with them. So far, I have really liked them, but if there is a good reason to NOT to use them, I would really like to know why. I want to get the purest and best oils I can and if there is something not quite right, or off a little, it would be nice to know what that is. I know all about YL and DT, as well as some of the lesser known brands, but I haven’t been able to find anything negative regarding EG. I would not want to steer anyone else in the direction if it would be best not too.

        • I’m sorry but I really can’t. I am not expecting everyone to trust me but I made my decision for valid reasons and I would not use their oils for the uses for which I want them. Thanks again. I put a lot of time into this and of course there are many companies I can’t check but I did check this one. Thanks.

  50. Hello, I was wondering about these two companies for Rose Otto? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.


  51. I have just read this entire “series” and I loved it! What an amazing research. I just had a “hiccup” with YL, so I started looking into other companies. I’ve been scared of buying my oils somewhere else and, being honest, the points, and freebies had me hooked, They’re smart, yes. :) Anyways, I am ready to give a couple of other companies a try, thanks to you. I really appreciate you sharing this.

    • Thanks so much for your kind words. I hope that if you try them you’ll come back to tell me what you think. More to come on oils and the company…..and there are more posts if you search EOs in the search bar. Take care!

    • Clara Vanderzouwen says:

      It’s a shame that there’s so much controversy over essential oils. It happens because some companies make claims which are untrue. I have used eo from Be Young for years because they have oils which must meet the International Standard called E.O.B.B.D. If you want incredible results I invite you to check them out.

      • I did check them out – the standards of EOBBD seem to me to be inferior to what NAN and RMO do with their oils. I don’t know if Be Young does more than just the EOBBD or not -do you?

        • Clara Vanderzouwen says:

          I am wondering how you determined them to be inferior in such a short time. Did you read through the 14 steps which are used to test for the guaranteed 100% purity of each oil? Did you check each single oil for it’s GC/MS third party tests results? All the oils from Be Young Total Health are either Certified Organic or Wildcrafted which is desired. I find it interesting that both NAN and RMO websites are so similar yet neither of them provide the test results for all to see. Saying an oil is Therapeutic without the E.O.B.B.D. testing doesn’t really say much. Be Young has nothing to hide which is why their test results are right on their website for all to see, Other companies are beginning to add a few test results to their websites, but there are none on NAN or RMO that I could find. Be Young is also the only company who shares how they distill their oils. Zero pressure at very low temperature. Who else does that? You see any pressure will destroy the precious constituents which is what makes them effective:) I’ve used them for over 10 years with complete confidence and success.

          • Hi there. I am sorry but I can’t share the things that I looked at – companies can change what they do at any time. There will be things changing w/ RMO and NAN – but one thing to realize is that a company can put up whatever test they like — doesn’t have to correspond w/ the oil that is in question. I have heard of a company putting the wrong GC/MS test up on its site. It would be easy to do.

            As far as EOBBD, it is not a testing method. It’s just a certifier — basically all that it says is that a lavender plant is truly lavender augustofolia. Just as an example. It basically just confirms that a plant matches the botanical name it claims to be. It’s cheaper to do than a full panel dual column GC test. The difference is that EOBBD only certifies that it matches the scientific name. So it doesn’t really provide any value. If you do a full panel GC/MS or fdir test then you can get the same Information in addition to lots of other information like the constituent profile and the contaminants. That is why most companies don’t worry about EOBBD. Is because the same information is obtained through other more expensive and time consuming tests which are already being done to check other matters of purity.

            I hope that makes sense.

            RMO / NAN does have this page on their site. I will mention to them about posting distillation information but I do know that they do not distill at high temps or pressure. Thanks so much and let me know if you have further question.

          • Hi again. I just checked w/ the company and they do have the distillation info for each oil on the Rocky Mountain Oils site – they are redoing the sites and will have it on both in the future / or however the sites are structured, it will be there. Thanks!

  52. Michelle says:

    I am a doTERRA loyalist and love using them.

  53. I love Mountain Rose Herbs products the essential oils are reasonably priced and I believe they give plenty of info , have you looked into LorAnn specialize in food grade oil but also have some essentials

  54. Which diffuser do you use? And is there a huge difference between ultrasonic or atomizer diffuers?

    I heard some diffusers (cold diffusers) can not diffuse thicker oils.

    • I use the AromaCloud Spa – here’s a link. (affiliate link) I can ask about the difference for you.

      This information is about the thick oils:

      Any aeration based diffuser won’t diffuse thick oils like sandalwood. Its just the nature of science. Simply put, thick oils don’t evaporate hardly at all. Thin oils evaporate quickly. The diffuser works by pumping air over the surface of the oil, causing it to evaporate into the air and then our the nozzle. So the thick oils won’t do that.

    • I just got the info about the diffusers. This is from RMO/NAN:

      Same concept (turning liquid into mist). The difference is how it is done. Atomizing diffusers are ones like the breeze diffuser. It uses air to make a mist.

      The ultra sonic diffuser is the aroma cloud. It uses ultrasonic noise to turn the water into mist.

      Purists will want atomizing diffusers because it doesn’t interfere with the pure energy of the oil. Ultrasonic are easier to use and more universal (they can work with virtually every oil) whereas atomizing diffusers only work with select oils. So ultrasonic is more popular for most people because it is easier.

  55. What about eden garden?

    • I chose not to recommend them for numerous reasons. I have to be careful what I say about other companies as they can change what they do at any time and well, the industry is really dicey. I even got a threatening email regarding comments posted about problems with another company. Sorry that I can’t be of more help.

      • Is there a way you can tell us which company sent threatening e-mails? I want to make sure not to buy oils from them.

  56. hauwa bello says:

    Hello good analysis, I use Hemani oil. Have you heard about them and what do you think about it. would really appreciate a feedback.

    • I didn’t look at them — sorry. I’m sure you can understand that I just can’t look into every company. It seems there are new ones turning up every day. And no surprise w/ all the interest in the marketplace.

      I also need to really not talk about negatives of other companies – this industry is very murky and I got a threatening email about negative comments on my blog about one company. Thanks.

  57. Oh man! This blog start to end made my inner research nerd so happy. I have two small children and an insachable desire to research to the enth degree so having it done for me was such a lifesaver. I went with NAN and will continue to order through them. I used a link in one of the blog posts (not sure which) and I hope that meas you get the commission? That much research from a tired and busy mommy deserves commission. Thank you! I feel this blog may have changed our lives just a little bit ?

  58. Joni Walker says:

    So, what is the takeaway on the best, most purest organic product of essential oils? There is so much info on this post, so just looking for the most reputable/quality. Also, I use internally but only a few drops daily and know there is an issue with regard to liver absorption – again, can I get your recommendation?

  59. YOU SHOULD ALL BEWARE THE COMPANY NATURE”S GIFT AND OWNER MARGE CLARK!! WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!!! Let me start by saying that after much research I decided to buy over $1,250.00 in E.O.’s from here. Poor website design left me unable to order more than 25 items at a time. So I used 3 different emails so I could have 3 carts open at the same time while figuring out which oils I wanted to stock in my home due to it being my first time buying E.O.’s. after placing 3 orders because I wanted more than 50 items I tried calling the store. I was told by the person that it was best to email my questions so I did just that. In my email I explained the multiple orders and requested specific E.O. samples with my order. Marge emailed me back rudely telling me that ‘I make it hard for them to work with me”, my multiple orders was an inconvenience to them and that due to a huge sale they just had she wanted to wait a few days later before starting my order to “let the dust settle first so we can get your orders right” I replied that was fine since I was spending alot of money and wanted it done right. After waiting a week my order was finally shipped.It took almost 2 weeks since my order arrived, but to my dismay not one single oil sample requested was sent. I emailed Marge letting her know the error. The response I got back sounded like a beat around the bush way of blaming me since I used several emails to place my orders, and that next time I ordered I could re-request samples. Already being turned off from ordering from such an egotistical, rude, incontinent owner I then filled in my E.O. needs from multiple companies. what a sigh of relief it was to know that there are E.O. companies out there that respect a customers business and didn’t act like I was inconveniencing them. One specific oil I ran out of and couldn’t find through my favorite E.O. companies I decided to give Nature’s gift another chance and order from them again. this is my comments from my order and Marge’s response At 06:19 PM 4/30/2015, you wrote:

    please include the following samples angelica, champa golden, cistus, inula, lotus blue absolute,neroli,osmanthus absolute,thyme lemon Thymus citriodorus , and blue cypress. Last time I ordered over a thousand dollars and didnt get a single requested sample, even though I oked to wait an extra week for my order to get sent so it would be right. please include these this time.

    I would like to clarify what may be a misunderstanding.. We are glad to include three or four FREE SAMPLES if they are poured and available, and if time allows.

    Your last set of three orders (combined which made things much more complicated than they would have been other wise) was placed the day after a huge sale. Not only did we have a huge backlog of orders, but we totally ran out of the ‘sample packs” that we normally prepare to include if samples were not specifically requested.

    If no samples of a specific oil happen to be poured and available, we are NOT going to delay an order until someone has time to pour a set of samples, it just would be inefficient.

    Now we would have been glad to send samples last time if you had requested specifics. You didn’t. This time we will be glad to include the first few samples you requested as available.

    To sum this up I tried calling Nature’s gift so I could clarify what Marge is still misunderstanding and was told she was not available to try to email. I asked when she would be available at the store because I would call back. I was told that it’s better for Marge if I email her and I stated that I was the customer and it was more convenient for me to talk over the phone. So I left my number and name. anyone thinking about ordering from here should contact first Lotus Garden Botanicals. They have a much better site with the same products from the same distillers (they even let you know the date of distillation so you know how old the oils are that your buying.And every time I have ordered from them they include all requested samples (even expensive one undiluted like rose otto)plus others that I didn’t request for me to try. They are always available and don’t act inconvenienced when called, and a bonus is they said they always pour fresh all there product even samples so nothing is pre-bottled like Marge’s oils because they know how E.O’s can deteriorate the plastic orifice reducers and they like to keep the E.O.’s integrity as pure as possible. Unless Marge calls to personally apologize and offer to make me satisfied I will never spend my money with this company again.

  60. Do you have a list of other companies you would recommend besides NAN/RMO? In order of recommendation? I want to buy some rosehip seed oil and NAN doesn’t carry it.

    • Hi there. I really don’t have a list and for sure not in order of recommendation. I would have to go and look through all of my emails and notes. I did see a short list that looked pretty good but I am not remembering where. As for rosehip, NAN told me the following:

      Rosehip is not technically an essential oil. It is kind of like a carrier oil. Usually referred to as a cosmetic oil.

      So there really is not any alternative. The closest alternative would be Floraha. A healing carrier oil. It is also very similar to rose hydrosols.


      We have floraha, we carry hydrosols while supplies last. They go really fast when we have them. They are a byproduct of the distillation process. So when we distill we will sell what we have, but we usually sell out within a few days. Stay in touch on facebook and that is when we usually announce that we have hydrosols.

      I hope that helps!

    • Ananda apothecary has rose hip seed oil. They are a great company.

  61. Heather says:

    Heritage Oils is a fabulous company! I’ve done tons & tons of research & they are amazing as well as their customer service!

  62. Melissa says:

    I feel like just because an oil doesn’t “smell” potent doesn’t mean that is isn’t. potent.. When using a slower low heat method of distillation process, the oil’s therapeutic properties are pulled thus the aromatic aspect is going to be more subtle. These are actually more potent oils. The oils that smell VERY strong in the bottle, most likely are processed at a high heat fast distillation process. So it smells awesome, but the therapeutic properties are actually much less. Also, a reason that an oil smells very strong in a bottle can be from synthetics. Something to consider and maybe do some research on.

    “What other Factors Effect Distilling Essential Oils?

    They are other factors such as temperature and pressure that affect the quality of oil. For instance, if the pressure or temperature is too high than the therapeutic value is lost. It is like over cooking vegtables!

    Additionally, the chemical constituents of the oil when over heated become changed or adulterated. The oil pH and polarity can even be completely altered!

    So, it has been found that low pressure and low temperature is extremely important to producing therapeutic grade oils. This is how ancient cultures distilled oils for thousands of years!”


    Thanks for listening! I love your website, and thought you would be interested in this information! :)


    • Hi there and thanks for sharing. I agree w/ you about the potency issue. And the slow and low heat. And the synthetics.

      Thanks for the encouragement and hope to see you around again!

  63. I came looking for “the best EO brand” and with all of your articles I’ll be here reading until next week. Thank you for your time and energies devoted to researching and providing this valuable information! I wish I wasn’t such a latecomer to the business, but “who knew” that EOs would explode like they have?
    In case anyone missed last week’s Essential Oil Summit, I do hope they will consider a replay. The 8 days of talks were invaluable. The only complaint I have about the Summit is that it was hosted, and there are a lot of speakers/links to a particular EO company. That being said, they did provide valuable information. One of the first talks was on adulteration of EOs. It can happen anywhere along the line from mfg to, heaven forbid, your friend or family member selling EOs at a ‘party. The main premise, as with most all product claims, was “buyer beware.”.

    • Hi there. Thanks for the encouraging comment! I don’t think you need to worry about being late. I was too :)! I mean, it depends. If you’re meaning to selling the to make money, maybe. If you mean leaning about them, you are right on time :).

      I didn’t go to the summit – perhaps I should have. I didn’t want to promote it b/c I felt there were too many folks w/ doTERRA so perhaps you have confirmed that for me. Were the links in the presentations somehow? I think you will find this resource valuable:

      Hope to see you around again!

  64. Missy Schaffter says:

    I loved this entire article. I have recently begun to really get involved with essential oils and I can’t get enough of them. After reading your articles on all the companies I have checked out Native American Nutrionals and it was impressive. My next order of oil will be coming from there. I just wanted you to know that I appreciate you doing the leg work to put together all the valuable info in these articles. Thank You!

  65. Hi Adriane have you started doing the Essential Oils 101 classes yet? Looking forward to them!

  66. katrina boetto says:

    maybe this question will help me out a bit more, the oregano eo i have says 60mg there is nothing else there so does that mean that its not pure? just throwing this out there

  67. I LOVE this review series! I recently attended a doTERRA party and was sold. Fortunately for me my husband and I are cinching the budget with FPU and do not have the wiggle room for me to impulse buy a $500+ kit of oils. Because I had to wait I had to look, and discover, and research. Which lead me to your blog as well as another that I have found very very helpful. I have followed links and looked up independent studies and even talked to several other companies reps. I was curious if you have a follow up on Mountain Rose Herbs? I completely understand a busy schedule so no pressure to press on with your research, I plan to dig into it myself but I was curious to compare thoughts? I am leaning toward NAN and MRH and was just curious to compare the two. Thank you for posting this! This blog has been a great source of guidance and inspiration for me!

    • Hi there and thanks!! I didn’t do a follow up on MRH. I just left them for awhile since the first rep I spoke w/ said that they didn’t recommend internal use due to their not making oils in a food certified facility. Since then I did talk w/ them and it appears it was more of a safety thing. Anyhow, I really am happy w/ NAN for now and don’t intend to change that recommendation. If it changes I will write about it and change things out in the posts. MRH isn’t an oils company so I guess I would prefer to buy from a company that really knows oils. Doesn’t mean MRH is a problem but it makes sense to me. I hope that helps. Oh, I am currently not seeing country of origin on their site for their oils but I might be missing that…..

  68. Cynthia says:

    Hi: i have faith in natural oils, an acquaintance of mine was trying to get me into doTerra i thought they were priced high but if they truly are high quality, its worth the investment, the lady has shared testimonies with me about their effectiveness. I bought a brand called Tisserand I found at TJ Max. have you heard of this brand?

    • Yes, I have. Robert Tisserand is a pretty well known oils “expert”, but that term has different meanings depending on what one is talking about.

  69. I loved your blog. I am new to essential oils(haven’t even ordered any yet). I have a friend who sells YL and 1 who sells doTerra so I wanted to find out the difference. I love all the research you did and would like to find out more about
    THE VERDICT: Probable high quality with no apparent earnings opportunity. Need to check into this company more.
    I can’t find anything on their website about buying wholesale, or member, mlm type? Can you answer this.

    • Hi there. They don’t have things like this. There are a bunch of changes coming in the near future, but it will not be an MLM for sure. I hope that helps :) and thanks for the kind words!!! Hope to see you around again!

  70. You have a great website. I work with essential oils a lot and found your information and research very helpful and interesting!

  71. I would be very interested in your analysis and opinion of Ameo Essential Oils by Zija at
    They claim to be Clinical Grade

    • Hi there. I didn’t choose them for several reasons but I really can’t go into them. I even got a cryptic threatening email from someone regarding a company that had a negative comment on my site so I can’t have that kind of thing going on here. Hope you can understand. Thanks!

  72. Hi Adrianne! Not even half way through your article…must stop to say thank you for your investment in this thoroughly educational article. I can relate to exhaustive research and know first-hand how frustrating and even painstaking it can sometimes be. My respects to you and sincere wishes that the Lord of the Harvest will give you a bountiful one, for you and your family..for many years to come for your selflessness and dedication to helping others. ??????

  73. have you tested Melalueca’s PURE essential oils? They are 40-50% less than others

    • Hi there. Sorry, but I actually didn’t really test any oils – just a smell test at home. Not too scientific :). I haven’t tried any of Melaleuca’s products – one of my opinions is that they have some ingredients in their products that I personally wouldn’t use – like acesulfame potassium. So for now I am not interested. Thanks!

  74. Have any of you ever heard about Zwissjust escentaial oils… its Just amazing. Its a World Wide known company based on switzerland. 5 Star company, we hace beben using their products in my family over 20 yrs.

  75. I have been annoyed with the marketing/pushing by both YL and DoTerra. I am just not willing to jump on either of their public trains, although both have some good recipes.
    I am curious, after reading your blog and many others, about the company Piping Rock. II am not sure how I found them, but I never see this company mentioned in any listings of possible good purchase (or bad purchase) sites. I have been purchasing oils from them, and other than a “four thiefs” issue (yes, they skimped on the name and on the ingredients) I have been very pleased with both the price and the quality. Their customer service has been wonderful, overall. Have you ever tried this company? Any thoughts? Thanks much! Love your blog!

    • Hi and thanks for your kind words! I didn’t choose them for several reasons. I have to be really careful about what I write – I ended up getting a cryptic threatening email about negative things posted here about a company. I am really really sorry about this. Take care and hope to see you around again! How did they skimp on the ingredients?

  76. Leonie Easterbrook says:

    May I ask what qualified your judgement about the difference is between the oil companies you have written about?

    I am a Young Living Representative, and before joining the company I researched many and found that YL came up trumps for me after comparing the business model and the quality of the oils and the process in which they are produced.

    • Hi there. Maybe after you read the whole series you will have a better idea. I couldn’t write every reason why I left YL and doTERRA, but I gave some idea. Hope that helps.

  77. Belinda says:

    My family and I have been using Young Living EO and we have been very pleased. Both with their oils, products and customer service. We are off so many of the expensive medications we were on and are a much healthier family? Thank you for your research and time!

  78. I have been doing research aswell and found this company who was compared their oils to various other companies. From what I can tell they have a very good top of the line essential oil line of products. You can go to their website and see for yourself.

  79. Patti Hovdenes says:

    I am very, very new to the essential oils world, so I appreciate your blog very much. I am just beginning to learn about different oils in general, as well as researching essential oils companies. Thank you for your time and sharing your thoughts about your research!

  80. Hi there, Have you heard of the company goDesana, a Green Organics International Company. I’ve been looking into buying some of their oils, but wanted some input first.

    • All I know is that they are an MLM. Sorry but I don’t know much. I don’t see many oils on their site – only about 3? Perhaps something is wrong w/ their site? I don’t know how helpful that would be. Thanks.

  81. Hi Adrienne

    WOW! WOW! and WOW! All I can do is say Praise God Almighty from whom all blessings flow. In searching for information on EOS I came across your site. Seeing the amount of time and research you invested on this subject matter reflects a sincere heart. It is obvious that your heart is only to convey what your findings have been thus far . When I saw that you are challenged with Hashi I was totally engaged to your recommendations for this situation. Being the snooper trooper I am I cal the oi company that you mentioned to see if they are real and they are. The rep. I spoke with was very patient and accommodating. People maybe just happy at the fact that you have invested your time and energy to present this information but in my heart of hearts I feel it is much deeper than that… in other words All things work together for the good. You are on assignment to help people…. especially the body of Christ . blessings to you and your family.

    • Hi LaVerne. Thanks so much for commenting and for your oh-so-kind words. I have a lot to learn about Hashis but I am convinced there are ways to encourage our bodies to heal. Thank you for your kind wishes. Blessings to you and yours as well.

  82. Daniel Sheffield says:

    I just wanted to chime in here and say the Schnaubelt book is excellent. He is one of a few authors who focuses on the classifications of essential oils like monoterpenes, phenols, aldehydes. etc. I believe it is this kind of science, understanding of both chemistry and ethnobotany that will help legitimize more naturopathic solutions. He is a real advocate of common sense and balance in natural medicine and addresses the common objections. His research is kind of a diamond in the rough because he is an “ideas leadership” type of leader. If we in the essential oil and flavor and fragrance industry are serious about finding leaders he is one to consider. For anyone just getting started in this business, Brian Lawrence is also the real deal. He was the primary guy writing for “Progress in Essential Oils.” His research in insightful and fascinating.

  83. I want to thank you for all your hard work with this project. I was first introduced to YL essential oils in mid November of 2014, and it has done amazing things for me personally. But although I love their oils, I had the need to find something more affordable for long term use since I had been living with chronic pain 9+ years as a of cancer (doing chemo and radiation from 2005 to 2012.) Because of kidney, back (tumor on spine pressing against sciatica nerve), lung, (brain tumor) gamma-knife surgeries has left me with a lot of nerve damage, daily muscle spasms, rheumatoid arthritis pain 24/7 that my prescribed pain medication started having the adverse effect which is why essential oils peeked my interest. What an answer to literally years and years of prayers. So grateful for essential oils and their amazing benefits… especially grateful for NAN’s products which make incorporating them into my daily life more affordable. Thanks again for all your research and saving me all the time I would have spent on researching oils on my own. Splendid job Adrienne.

    • Hi Auie. Oh I am so sorry for all you are going through. That’s terrible. This isn’t medical advice, but have you heard of the AIP diet? I know numerous people who have been helped by it. I am looking into another supplement now that has a lot of research going on about it regarding cancer. I haven’t written about it yet but it might interest you.

      I am so glad this made it more affordable for you. I know it has for me :). blessings.

  84. I suggest looking into Wisdom of the Earth
    The founder is a master aromatherapist. I would prefer buying from a company who harvests essences in small batches. They offer books (I have both) and training (level 1 & 2)
    I have tried other oils such as Now, Acacia, Young Living but none can compare to WOTE. They have more than one Lavendar harvested at different altitudes. They have white birch and yellow birch. I suggest contacting the company to help anyone new or experienced with oils, you wont be dissapointed in their quality or selection.

    • Hi there. I did look at them and from what I could tell they looked like quality oils. Sounds like they have the same mindset of NAN’s owner. He has had a good variety of oils too and it’s a great concept but hard for regular consumers to figure out. Maybe I will talk to them again, but I do also think you had to email them for a catalog as well – is that correct?

  85. Quality essential oil should base on the packaging of the essential oil.
    1. usually essential oil will fill in a dark colour bottle, however if one has aluminium packaging outside the dark colour would be better
    2. manufacturing and expiring date
    3. name with origin latin name (eg. clary sage; salvia sclarea)
    4. plant country of origin
    5. part of the plant
    6. barcode
    7. company name, brand name

  86. Dolores Cobb Phifer says:

    With all that said, if Aura Cacia and any other company that says “do not to take internally”, then why wouId you even use it externally, or even smelling/inhaling it… which then internalizes through absorption. This does not make sense. Good point.

    It was worth reading the followup links and comments. Thanks to all that shared comments.

    • Thanks much. Of course, it should be less of a problem but it all depends what is in there, right? Some things are worse when inhaled than ingesting I am pretty sure.

  87. wendy fendrick says:

    Rocky Mountain Essential Oils & Native American Nutritionals seem to be by one & the same manufacturer. Do you know anything about Snow Lotus Essential Oils?

    • They are merging and NAN has been supplying RMO for a long time. There is going to be more information coming out soon on the companies. I don’t know much about S Lotus. Sorry about that. Hope to see you around again!

  88. Rajendan says:

    Adrienne, you really are remarkable for being of service to the public with good intentions and for making this, what seems like, a full time job. I have a degree in Ayurveda (east Indian medicine) and was advised to go to a company called Floracopeia for the purest of oils. This comes at a cost however, literally. :-). They are quite expensive but for good reason. If you’re readers are really serious about quality and the holistic benefits then I would highly recommend this company. They are a small company and it was clear to me that they are deeply rooted in integrity and the owner has devoted his life to this science.

    • Hi there. Thanks for your kind words. I looked at Floracopia but decided against them. I appreciate your recommendation, however. Thanks!! Hope to see you around again.

  89. Hi, Adrienne! Thank you for all your research. I would like to learn more, but do not want to assume I know stuff. Could you recommend a good, basic, beginners book for those wanting to start at the beginining?


    • Hi Faith,

      What kind of thing are you wanting to know – usage, blends, etc. I have some books at the bottom of each of my posts – did you have a chance to look at those? It’s hard b/c each book has its own perspective and I haven’t found 1 I just LOVE.

  90. I’m not going to get into a name game with brands, but am just trying to figure things out. :) If an oil is from any distillation other than the first, does that mean it’s just not as strong and that it will take more to achieve the same effect?

  91. I’m sorry, but this did nothing for me. You have so many links to other blog posts that it’s just overwhelming and in the end, you didn’t even answer your own question. I’m looking for someone to give quality advice if they’ve done the digging.

  92. richard rowland says:

    hi I am in Australia.. I was with YL for 12 years and switched over to do terra. I am not a business type person so it is only product I am interested in when I research. I do buy off little companies and also my neighbour distils lemon myrtle an up and coming oil in Australia.. each week i have a whole lemon with a blend of seasonal fruit and greens..this is don tolmans( the usa nutritionist fellow who visits our land with so much knowledge) answer to most challenges clean the tubes he says and its the lemon skin that does that..and there is essential oil in the the body is not foreign to essential oils it is the moderation of all things that one must feel into, and i say feel as we are all different in our healing journey. i too was moved by addrienes photo) clear energy..kind and caring… i also go by the energy of the oils with my dowser friend who is 3 rd generation dowser and checks land for energy lines , heals animals, so using this I find do terra oils energetically, with his help, the best overall, YL still has good oils they probably buy from the same large sellers from the oils country of origin, and that is important energy wise, the country of origin. every one knows there true home plants included. plant kingdom of spirits also.. i agree with one person saying EO effect your gut flora and also believe that they attack only the bad guys, so i use probiotics along the ingestation of the oils, oregano i do not ingest rub it on my knees to counter attack the bio film (bacteria/fungi bad guy) and was my hand later as the face will sting if touch with small amount of oregano. this could be reason of one persons blog on having itchy /sore eyes. biofilm..i also agree with the blogger who stated that the EO can be too strong with the liver…so when using EO the tip of a toothpick i use in food/yoghurt to test what my body can all the comments that share knowledge of how great the oils are for us just as the Egyptian peoples used with colour therapy years and years ago.. our indigenous people in Australia also distilled their oils also the popular one being the melaleuca.. last month a little firm in Byron bay brought out a rose melaleuca indigenous tree to our area…do terra emails i get are all about sharing what the oils do and how to cook with them , recipes for so many things..very positive.. my local dentistry uses doterra in great to have a EO hospital, my friend said if his invention comes off with hydrogen replacing petrol for cars he may acquire a building for researcher on stem cells mostly at the moment..

  93. Cristi Hinderer says:

    I have a question about the whole marketing of do terra. It is a Direct selling company, or a Marketing company. I want the cash. Not a % down the line that ends up only 2% . What ever happened to good old fashion sales. You sell the product , you make $. You don’t have to have so much PV a month etc etc. I did In-Home sells for years and the plan was not as complicated as this. Do You Make $

  94. Melissa says:

    My issue with doTerra is they are casually condoning the internal use of EO’s, not to mention some of the other lies they tell people. They have EO supplements, these people are taking these supplements every day not realizing the long term effects of taking EO’s internally. The liver can and will get Cirrhosis of the liver. But doTerra never mentions that! I am just starting my aromatherapy certification, do not take internally unless prescribed by an certified aromatherapy practitioner, and this is only case by case and temporary. The body can adequately absorb the oil through the bottom of the feet, and of course oils should ALWAYS be diluted (another lie doTerra tells, they say they don’t have to be diluted.) There is a reason that peppermint tea is less strong then peppermint oil. The body positively reacts to low doses of the herbal compound, when the body is exposed to too much, there are negative reactions! Cristi Hinderer, deTerra brain washes people into thinking they have their own oil business. But they don’t, they make a smaaallll % of what they sale. Everyone at doTerra wants to say yay you get 5% of what this person makes and 10% of what that person makes, or 2-7% of what that person makes. What about the other 85-98% of the profit. That goes to the people at the top,the big dogs. Yes, you can make money, but I decided not to sign with them because there have been reports made that their lavender and peppermint have synthetics and that the deep blue rub has chemicals, and they are affiliated with their so called third party testing. The way I see it, getting paid should never be THAT confusing. I have had the system explained to me by a consultant for 5 hours. It’s still confusing. What about just get 50% of what you sell, always. Easy. At the end of the day doTerra is shady and I don’t trust their brand nor their company.

  95. Cristi if you buy at wholesale prices and larger quantities.. 60 or 120 or 500 mls for example, you can put together small amounts like the 5 and 15 or 25 or blends with a variety of carrier oils and sell them directly .

    Also if buy samples for 2 or 3$ with a few drops to a couple of mls, you can put together 5ml blends for sale easily

  96. Kristie Boleski says:

    Take a look at Genesis Pure. Organic, wonderful nutritional products. 100% pure, USDA Certified Organic, pharmaceutical grade essential oils. The wonderful thing about this company is it is GROUND FLOOR opportunity in a 6 year old, debt free company that is now in 13 countries. Elite products. Food based nutrition. Bar none the best compensation plan I have ever seen in a direct sales company. It is the real deal. You have options for a buy in package. 100 points, or 200 points a month for autoship. I use more than that in organic sulfur, organic liquid vitamin, coral calcium (liquid), etc… for my family. Our essential oils are the icing on the cake!! They are amazing. If you are still interested in learning more, just reply to this post, and I can get you more information for you to evaluate the products. Have a wonderful day.

  97. Hi Janet. I buy the 15 mls sometimes and do that myself – it works great :).

  98. Do you know where good oils can be purchased in 60 or 120 ml quantities? Neither NAN or RM sell larger than 15ml.

  99. I am sorry but I don’t know that. I think NAN and RMO used to sell larger quantities, but for me the savings isn’t quite enough =- I find the small bottles to be more convenient. What do you think?

  100. Can’t vouch 100% for sure but the looked good. Organic Pure Essential Oil Aromatherapy Blends | Organic Infusions

  101. Hi there. Sorry for not responding to this sooner – I’ve been swamped. I am sorry also, but I don’t allow my blog to be used for marketing purposes for other companies or reps. I don’t mean to be exclusive, but this is something I have worked very hard to build and although there might be a format in the future I don’t think it’s right for people to use my platform as an advertising method. I hope you can understand. Thank you.

  102. Tiferes Perluss says:

    Thank you so much for all your research. I feel so much more calm about my choice. I was considering joining Doterra today. It’s amazing to note that the companies that have white lies and neg energy are making people feel compelled to spend more then they should and are thus fighting while the two honest companies are more wholesome, enexpensive and joining. Where thier honestly there’s peace. I really am so excited at NAN
    My two questions are:
    1) we know that Nativa American is not a multi- level marketing. HOwever, I did read that you said that every time that someone joins NA you get a commision. How does that work if it’s not MLM. I’m only asking because you have been so beautifully honest and i’m sure there’s a way that works.
    2) I sAW SOMEONE ASK A question that i didn’t see a response to which is -is there a wholesale price for people who are healthcare practitioners?

  103. Tiferes Perluss says:

    so while i’m asking questions here’s some more. (I also like asking questions and getting to the truth of things so that’s why i’m eternally grateful to you) WHat i’m wondering is -if NAN is not MLM then why is it that it’s so expensive and almost compareable prices. I know you answered that but i didn’t really understand fully. If 40% of the money i’m spending is going to reps then the oil itself is not so expsensive , although i know some of it is more bc of it’s rarity. So some things in NAN are even more expensive then dottera like cinnamon in dottera is 23 and in NAN it’s 35. This is not the only example . Maybe it’s best to always compare prices of the different companies and get the less expensive one if that is something of concern to us.

  104. Hi there. Thanks for your comment.

    I don’t have anything to say about white lies – I just wasn’t getting the information I needed from the companies.

    As for your questions, I am an affiliate for NAN / RMO, just like I am for Amazon and for other companies. If someone buys through my link I can make a commission. MLMs make money from referring people so if I recruit another distributor then I make money from that person’s sales too – and it has to be a number of levels deep for it to qualify as an MLM.

    As for wholesale, the company is strict about whom they will sell to at those prices b/c they only will sell to legitimate businesses — not just someone who wants to save money on some oils, etc.

    I hope that helps :).

  105. Tiferes Perluss says:

    ok and one more question for now that i’m thinking about all. dottera has a nice website where i just type in a problem and it tells me a protocal. Does NAN have something simialar( so we don’t need to ask about every problem here). I like that the head of the company answered here. Where else will she answer questions?

  106. Hi there. I really appreciate your comment. The expense structure for an MLM vs a private company are different. I can give a lengthy explanation at some point but the MLMs pay a lot towards advertising. Anyhow, I think you might be mistaken. The wholesale price of doTERRA’s cinnamon bark is $21 for a 5 ml bottle. NAN’s cinnamon bark is $17.50 for a 5 ml bottle and only $35 for a 15 ml bottle. So clearly the NAN option is less expensive. If you have another one for me to look at I am happy to do so. Take care.

  107. Hi there. Sorry for the delay in responding. Here is the response from the company:

    We have a new feature coming to the new website called “collections” which will be similar and I am working at adding them to the search index so they show up during search (there are technical complications with adding it, it can be done but just not straightforward). So collections will be things like “First Aid”, “Headahces”, “Skin Care”, “diffusing oils”, etc and anything else we want to make. When you open up a collection, it will show all of the applicable oils on a dedicated page about that collection and why it was selected.

    So that will be similar :) we are working on lots of new ways to help people “discover” new oils and make the experience much better.

  108. Wow, I use doTerra and love them. Seems this blog is all about trashing any essential oils that aren’t what you like.

  109. Hi there. I am sorry you feel that way. That isn’t at all what I meant. I was told by a doTERRA rep that I could make about $8000 per month with their company and my blog’s traffic, but when I couldn’t get the answers I wanted and felt I needed, I started looking at other companies. It was a really hard decision to make. I am glad you found something that works for you. Hope that clarifies things.