The Great Essential Oils Showdown ~ Which Essential Oils Company is Best? – Part 1

Wondering Which Company Has the Best Essential Oils? I was wondering the same thing after I first started using them.  So many companies say that theirs are the best, so who are you to believe?  Come find out what I learned when I started asking questions.  Things got a little dicey, and you'll probably be surprised by my conclusion.

Essential oils are all the rage these days.  People say that they can do everything from being a natural ear infection remedy, to helping with weight loss, to healing eczema, and more.

Most of you tuned in for my recent posts on essential oils in which I talked about:

From all the comments and enthusiasm about this giveaway and the other posts, I can tell you are just as interested in learning about essential oils as I am.

I think you could also tell by those posts that I am a skeptic at heart and pretty detailed when it comes to sorting through all the information out there to find out what really works.  One of my readers (a friend of mine) once called me an “investigative reporter” of sorts.  My husband says that I “second guess everything.”

Well, not everything :-).

In one sense, second guessing is a good thing.  I’ve saved our family a lot of money by avoiding problematic purchases.

But sometimes I can go overboard and spend waaaaay too much time analyzing a product or purchase.  (Kind of like driving all over town to save a few pennies.  Not smart, especially as I saw gas at $4.11/gallon coming home from church last night.  Deep sigh.)

With the essential oils issue, I tried not to be too analytical at first.  But then…..

You read in the Are Essential Oils a Scam? – A Skeptic Looks at Thieves Oil, how I held off trying really any oils at all for years before trying Thieves.

(Well, truth be told, I do have a few old bottles of essential oils in my linen closet.  One bottle each of orange, eucalyptus, tea tree oil, and rose oil, which I bought for topical use to brighten up my laundry [ended up never using it] and for my Homemade Decongestant Rub and Homemade Rose Water Spray [which I love, by the way].)

This time around, before buying the Thieves oil and signing up as a Young Living Distributor, I dug around a little, but not too much.  I asked about all the rumors surrounding Gary Young, the founder of Young Living and I also asked some questions about purity of their essential oils

I got some satisfactory answers and I figured that well, this stuff worked really well. And I was thrilled to have great resources in my natural health care arsenal.  I mean, who wants to put more toxins in your body if you don’t have to, right?

However, after my post on Young Living’s Thieves and the other oils (Wintergreen and Peppermint, etc.), a number of readers started asking me about other oil companies–if they were good enough, or not that great.  And so I started wondering.

At first, I thought, “This stuff (Young Living) works great, and I’m pretty worn out right now, so I am just going to leave this alone.”

But the “investigative reporter” in me just couldn’t leave. it. alone.

So I started poking around.

Today I’m sharing with you the beginning of my investigation.

There were some essential oils companies that I knew of, and some that a few readers recommended to me.

One of my readers was a doTERRA rep who said I really should check out their company to see how it measured up to Young Living.

Little did I know what lay ahead of me.

The world of essentials oils is big.  Very big.

It did start out quite small for me, however.  Just a small list of companies.  I started out looking into these companies, but the list quickly grew as the series went on and as more and more readers commented and as I went down more and more rabbit trails.  I think you will find the whole thing interesting and I hope you will learn a thing or two about essential oils and the companies that sell them.

Wondering Which Essential Oils Company is Best? What about the "Therapeutic Grade" claims the MLM oils companies make? Come find out all you ever wanted to know about oils companies and more!

The Competitors: 

(UPDATE:  A lot changed after I started this series. Please follow the links at the bottom of this post to see how interesting everything got  – you can hop on over to read Part 2 of “The Best Essential Oils” here. 

To start off, following are the essential oils companies that were “on my radar” and so I started with these, wondering if I should stick with Young Living or switch to another company to be my family’s “best essential oils company” of choice.

  • Heritage Oils
  • Native American Nutritionals
  • North American Herb and Spice
  • Mountain Rose Herbs
  • Aura Cacia
  • DoTerra
  • Young Living (the one being challenged)
  • and more.  Truth is, I called a TON of companies and read up on others.  These all included NOW oils, Butterfly Express, Spark Naturals, Edens Garden, and on and on.  My head really started to spin with all of the phone calls and notes I was taking, but I started with just the 7 listed above and went from there.

There are a TON of essential oils companies out there.  After writing this series I felt like I really opened a can of worms, but these are the companies that I started with.  Hang with me – it gets pretty interesting from here on out.

The Challenge:


A few readers mentioned this company in the comments section of my post on Are Essential Oils a Scam ~ A Skeptic Looks at Thieves Oil.  They said that their oils were very high quality and inexpensive.

Since high quality and inexpensive are right up my alley (but they typically don’t go together, right?),  I looked them up.

Problem #1.  No phone number. (UPDATE: A few readers have mentioned that they do have a phone number on their site. I did not take a screenshot of their site so I am not able to prove one way or another that there was or wasn’t a phone number on the site.  It’s possible that there was and that I missed it or that it was a long distance phone number and we didn’t have free long distance at the time so I didn’t want to pay to call (being the frugalista that I am :)).  In either case, I tried to contact them a different way.)

Oh well, I tried to contact them through their Contact Form.

Still – over two weeks later–no dice.

THE VERDICT:  No matter how inexpensive (well, I guess if they sold the oils for $.10 per bottle or something like that, I’d be interested in working with them maybe), I am not interested in dealing with a company that has non existent customer service.


  • I’ve had allergic reactions to a few oils and Young Living has promptly refunded my money over the phone.
  • I’ve also had 2 bottles of oil leaking on arrival and I’ve gotten replacements for them on the spot.

I LOVE good customer service and I am willing to pay extra for it.

Also, customer service aside, if a company is that hard to get a hold of, then I really don’t feel comfortable using their oils internally on mine or my children’s bodies.  No one to ask questions of?  No way.

UPDATE:  Several readers have commented that Heritage has great customer service and that I made unfair comments about them.  First, that they do indeed have a phone number on their site, and secondly that they have fabulous customer service.

First of all, I only reported what happened to me.  I contacted Heritage on 3/12/2012 and didn’t hear back from them until 5/22/12, well after the publication of this post. I have the emails in my inbox from them to prove it. I am sure you can understand that I felt that I didn’t receive good customer service. Linda, the owner, was very kind when she responded and said her response had been sitting in her draft folder.

Regarding them not having a phone number, I can only say that I didn’t notice one. It is possible that they put it up later. It is also possible that I didn’t notice it or that it was a toll call and I didn’t have free long distance at the time. I do not like paying for phone calls :).

I hope this clears everything up.


When I first contacted this company, I thought that their prices seemed a little high for a non MLM (multi-level marketing) company, but the more I talked to them the more interesting it all got.  

You’ll have to read more in the series to see what happened.

THE VERDICT:  Probable high quality with no apparent earnings opportunity.   Need to check into this company more.  


From all I could figure out, this is a great company.

Trouble is, all they make is oregano oil.

So if you just want oregano oil, then this is a good place to turn.

THE VERDICT:  Oregano is a pretty amazing oil, but I want more than just that in my natural healing arsenal.

4.  Mountain Rose Herbs

I like Mountain Rose Herbs’ mission and have a few bottles of their oils.  When I contacted them they told me that they did not recommend internal use of their oils as they were not produced in a food grade facility.  Much later (after this whole series was done) I contacted them again and they said that this was not the case.  I need to do more looking in to their sourcing, etc.

5.  Aura Cacia

Aura Cacia is adamant about not using their oils internally.

I personally have a number of Aura Cacia’s oils that I bought prior to really digging into oils.  I can’t say anything except for my personal experience which is that they don’t smell as potent as some of the other oils that I have.  I do like the company and I purchase from Frontier Co op regularly, but I’m not choosing to get my oils from them.   That being said, I think that they have a lot of great information about oils and their use.

Well, this is a long enough post already – thanks for sticking with me!

Onto the other competitors in the next post and see what happens!

Looking for more information on Essential Oils?

There are sooo many books out there.  I have a bunch, but this one, Advanced Aromatherapy, is in my shopping cart at Amazon now.  Comes very highly recommended.

It appears that this book does NOT recommend internal usage of oils, something which I personally think can be beneficial when done safely, so just keep that in mind.

Advanced Aromatherapy

The Rest of the Best Essential Oils Series:

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Young Living vs. doTERRA – Part 4
Are Multi-Level Marketing Oils Worth It? – Part 5
Distillation, Bias, Vomit and More Concerns – Part 6
Announcing “the Best” Essential Oils Company – Part 7

What are your thoughts?
The information here is for entertainment purposes only. Please consult a medical professional before changing your diet, exercise program, or before trying any natural remedies.


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  1. We use Young Living oils all the time and have had great success with them. Sometimes I have bought Rocky Mountain oils when I could not spend the money. I was pleased with Rocky Mountain but we do prefer YL on some of the oils.

    • Hi. I just want to thank you for your extensive research into the essential oil companies. I have not yet found myself able to be sure enough (known enough) committed to buying a propper selection. I too tend to try to research so much that I often don’t end up making a decision and therefore missing getting what I really want. Thank you heaps again!
      Kate (Melbourne Australia ????)

      • Hi- I recently was invited to a “learn about” Aromatherapy meeting and found out it was a DoTerra presentation. I have an auto-immune “issue” and am always willing to try anything. I bought the Physician Starter Kit and a couple of other items. I believe that they are excellent oils, but I am lacking the knowledge how to use. I just got a great book from the library, and essential oils can do as much harm as good if you misuse them. Hopefully I will be consistent in using the right blend for my needs and see results. That being said, I believe one gets what they pay for, and there are many ways that companies can “adulterate” their oils. I believe in DoTerra, and MLM companies are no different than walking into a retail store and making a purchase. I rather give the profit to an individual than “Whole Foods”! Good Luck Kate! Barb from St. Augustine, FL

        • Hi, Barb. Here’s my disclaimer – I am a doTERRA IPC. I know there are several great EO companies out there. I’m a life long EO user, I have tried many (not all) brands and found doTERRA to be so very effective. The quality is apparent when you use it. It has changed our lives as far as asthma, allergy’s, illness brought home from school, chronic pain, and my constant tendency to burn my hands on the stove and recovery time. ;-) i use them in home internally, topically, and aromatically and i feel very confident doing that because I researched it! You do have to be very careful when using essential oils, especially internally, but there are brands that offer oils that are safe for internal use. I would encourage you to do your own research. Don’t read blog posts, read the studies they are referring to. Read, research, and question! I chose my company because I believe the oils are safe for anyone and effective and because I wanted to turn my passion into a business. Whatever you are looking for, do your homework and make your own decisions that you can feel confident about. Don’t get caught up in the “brand game”, there is ALOT of that going on right now. Contact the person you purchased the oils from for information on how best to use them and if you’re looking for a great book on that subject, I highly recommend Modern Essentials. Best of luck and health to you and yours.

          • Hi Sarah.

            I really appreciate the success you have had w/ doTERRA but I have to chime in as some are saying bloggers need to be careful about medical “advise” even in the comments section.

            I am not comfortable with the amount of internal use that YL and doTERRA recommend. Even though the company that I recommend says that their oils are safe for internal use, the owner still says to be really cautious and to use them minimally internally.

            Furthermore I do think that some blog posts are really helpful regarding figuring out the “oil dilemma”–if I may say so, I think that my posts are well-researched. :).

            Thanks for commenting :).

            • I’m just wondering why to be cautious about using internally? I don’t very often, maybe lemon in my water. But, why should we be so cautious?

              • The thought is that it wipes out good bacteria so you should supplement w/ probiotics to make sure you are replenishing. Not medical advice but I have heard and read this in several places.

                • The Chemistry of Essential Oils is an astounding resource if you want a true look at therapeutic grade essential oils. Properly distilled essential oils with bacterial attributes actually do not destroy the normal flora in the stomach and intestines. They kill the bad bacteria and viruses, but leave the healthy flora alone! In fact, it is antibiotics that are manufactured by adamant FDA criteria that keep them always produces the same every time, every year, every batch! Therapeutic essential oils are never the same in a bottle from batch to batch, despite the exact kind and amount of each oil placed in the bottle or blend, because of the variations in growing (sun, rain, shade) each season, location (part of the farm planted and when it is harvested, hill vs flat land), and much more, including the care given the plants by the farmers, harvesters, etc. In fact, it is important to take therapeutic doses of EOs in a capsule with a carrier oil so the EO is not attacked by enzymes. C.A.R.E. classes are given around the world to help us learn these kinds of essential oil usage concepts and can be found at The Chem class is great to answer these questions and concerns.

                • Danielle says:

                  Essential oils don’t kill good bacteria. Synthetic antibiotic drugs indiscriminately kill both beneficial and harmful bacteria. Many EO’s are anti bacterial, anti viral, anti septic, and anti fungal, but they are also antioxidant which support the immune system and fight free radicals. Properly grown seed which is also cultivated and distilled properly creates an oil that is different from cosmetic grade products. Oils which you don’t want to take internally are those which have been regulated by the cosmetics industry, they only need to have 5% oil in them to be able to label them as 100% pure. Know your source!!

                  • I am for sure concerned about antibiotics doing so but there is debate about what the EOs do so I still think it’s best to be cautious about too much internal usage. Thanks!

            • Which oil do you use? You commented on others but never said which company you use. I am a newbie to all of this. I am doing a lot of research. Some companies are very expensive. I would appreciate a response. Thank you

          • I agree with Doterra… I have allergies and asthma. I use their Breathe all the time. I am relieved immediately.. could not live without it.. Their Deep Blue for muscle and arthritis.. could not live without it.. It is all natural organic the best you can buy.

        • C Davis says:

          The thing about doTerra Oils, is that there is a public lawsuit b/w Young Living and doTerra! Apparently, the people who started doTerra, stemmed from Young Living. If you notice, their whole set up is pretty darn close to Young Living’s set up. From the kits, to the compensation, to the monthly promos, ect. So I would do some more research on doTerra before I would trust using them on my body. If they are going to go behind, IMO, the best company’s back to start making their own money, it makes you 2nd guess what they would do to sell the oils.

          • What is going on w/ that lawsuit? I find it very puzzling.

            • The lawsuits have been settled. The accusations against doTERRA were unfounded and doTERRA is the only essential oil company subjecting its products to third party testing. The purity level is unmatched, and the science behind it is solid. doTERRA is now the largest and fastest growing EO company, so there will probably be more lawsuits as other, less reputable sources of essential oils watch this trajectory.

              • Thanks for sharing that. I don’t think that is accurate about the testing though. Native American does the same thing and so do many others. In house testing is very uncommon as it is so expensive.

                • doTERRA does in house AND this party testing. It’s all available for those who wish to read it. My personal selection of that company was sustainable farming. I could furrow lemons IN my backyard in Detroit, with some greenhouse conditions. But lemins weren’t meant to be grown in Detroit. It isn’t the optimal climate or soil, and it isn’t sustainable. The lemins aren’t going to have the same benefits as lemon grown, for example, in Italy where it is native. Same with lavender, peppermint, orange, frankincense, etc. I am not an expert in growing any one particular plant and the farmers they contract with are experts. Also, doTERRA recently discontinued the use of rosewood as the plant is endangered. I find that environmentally responsible.

              • Yes — the claim re third party testing is unfounded. Youngevity Essential Oils (Ancient Legacy) are third party tested, and are endorsed by NAHA (national association for holistic aromatherapy). At this time – Youngevity Oils are the only direct-selling oil company to meet the comprehensive safety, quality, and ethical practice requirements for NAHA membership.

                • Sherri Stocker says:

                  I’m curious, Adrienne, if you included Ancient Legacy (Youngevity) in your research. I’ve read through most of your posts, and didn’t see them mentioned. Maybe I just missed it.

                  • I have heard of them and looked at their mineral products. I can’t comment on individual companies but you can look at this post to see how they measure up. I do find their site to be extremely difficult to navigate and I called customer service to get help w/ their products and they weren’t able to give any. Do you have recommendations? I was mainly interested in their minerals. Thanks.

                    • FYI…doTerra does NOT do third party testing. Améo is the ONLY EO company out there to do third party testing including permeability~

                    • Hi there. I would need to see proof of this. I have read in many places that doTERRA does 3rd party testing. Native American Nutritionals for sure does 3rd party testing – they don’t test their own oils – is that what you mean? I am not sure why you are making this claim about Ameo being the only one. Thanks.

              • The lawsuit has not been settled, it has been set aside so both parties can gather more evidence for their case.

                • i love the oils from both companies. but i can’t stand the lack of knowledge from the sales people. EO are very powerful and can be fatal if mixed with the wrong medications. i personally had an issue with an oil that none of the sales people could answer. not until i got in touch with a professional Aroma Therapist. i truly think folks should be required to get a certification before than can sell EO. for the safety and integrity of the company.

                  • Hi Monica.

                    I understand your concerns, but do you think someone should be required to be a physician in order to sell supplements? I think the analogy fits and I don’t think it is reasonable. I do think that many of the oils reps don’t say the right thing, but I think overregulation can be, and is, a HUGE problem. Thanks and I would love to know what you think.

  2. i am interested to see what you have to say about Aura Cacia, that is my favorite brand because they are easy to find and inexpensive. I use the lavender for bath, homemade cleaners and kids foreheads to sleep, lemon for cleaning the bathroom a dropor two afterwards really refreshes the atmosphere, ylang ylang for bath and you can also make natural linen spray with it. I have peppermint Doterra and useit oncein a while while brushing my teeth and grapefruit and eucalyptus also for cleaning. Love my oils for healing and cleaning and they last quite a while!

  3. I use doTERRA and I’m really happy with them. They are more expensive, but I think it’s worth it for the quality. They have great customer service too. They sent me the wrong oil once and I called and they replaced it with the right one and let me keep the wrong one!!! But I’ve heard great things about Young Living too. :)

  4. Nicole Hale says:

    Rocky Mountain Oils also claims to have comparable oils to YL. I’ve tried them and I’m a YL distributor too. They have some different oils that YL doesn’t have, and YL has some that RMO doesn’t have. RMO also have way better prices, in my opinion, fast service and shipping.

  5. maureen dunphy says:

    Hi Adrienne,

    Great article ! I am new to Young’s Living Essential Oil. Well actually, i was familiar with them 20 years ago through a friend who used them, but i wasn’t paying attention to the healing properties. Your article was timely for me. I now feel even more confident in my use of YL :o)
    Wile putting together information to share with friends, may i refer to your article here ?
    Thanks, Maureen

    • You sure may – but I would wait for my next article. There’s probably quite a bit more to come but the next one will be important. Take care and you are welcome!

  6. I don’t like the Aura Cacia oils. Their oils don’t smell very good and they give me a headache. You can tell that they are not as pure as several other brands. Just compare Aura cacia’s Lavender to Young Living’s lavender, or to to Robert Tisserand’s or Nature’s Sunshine’s Lavender, it is a great difference..

    • Thanks for the input, Jo! I am finding quality differences as well. I am not completely pleased to hear about 2 new companies, though. This could get ridiculous! But I am for sure glad that a lot of people are finding out about the healing properties of oils :-)!

  7. One more catagory you might want to include is how long the company has been in business.
    For me that’s especially important to see/hear from others…successes and failures. Young Living
    really is the leader in therapeutic-grade oils w/ almost 20 yrs of experience. There’s no one that has their expertise in all aspects:
    purity, quality control, experience, and commitment to continue to give that with each and every bottle
    of oil….that’s good news worth sharing, and that’s why it works so well to be passed of thru their distributors.
    We can personally be involved in helping people reclaim their own health. I thank the LORD daily for allowing
    me to be a part of YL and having oils not only in my home, but also the joy to share them with others.

    • Thanks for the thoughts, Kathy.

      I am actually putting together a few more questions to ask companies. This series might be longer than 2 posts :-). When did YL go into business then? Thanks again.

      • It was established in 1993 in Utah, growing to have at present four farms and distilleries—located in Mona, Utah, U.S.; St. Maries, Idaho, U.S.; Simiane-la-Rotonde, France; and Guayaquil, Ecuador.

  8. Nice article, Adrienne. My kinda research!! I’ve often wondered which essential oils company / which ones are comparable. I have compared supplement companies and certain supplements’ quality and prices, but haven’t done any checking on EOs yet. Thanx for your investigative work :-) and I’ll keep reading here. (Just don’t overdo it too much, lol! I know EXACTLY what that is like. Nutrition research is my obsession too. I lose sleep over it at times, which is counterproductive.)

    • Agreed on all points, Michele! I actually have some more questions I am going to be throwing at the companies, but after that I think I’ll be done. Maybe adding one more company to the mix too.

      No losing sleep on all of this – you’re right :-)!

  9. Great article! But you forgot one wonderful, therapeutic, NON-MLM essential oil company that is well worth looking at – Butterfly Express. Here’s an article I recently posted discussing which brand of essential oils should I use:

    Take a look and let me know what you think.

    Thanks! :)
    ~ Kathy

    • Very interesting, Kathy. I am finding the field to be widening here and am going to have to do some more footwork. I’ll give you an email :-). Thanks! (I think :-).)

      • Rebecca says:

        I know these comments are old and I appreciate the amount of time and money you spent on this project., but I’ve been using doTerra for years and a friend recently told me about butterfly express and I got online to do some research and came across your series and have been reading for several hours now and finally found this one question about butterfly express and am wondering what your thoughts are there. I also don’t know how to find this post again if you reply to me? Does the blog send me an email?
        Thanks for your time :)

  10. Adrienne, have you ever looked into oils from places like BrambleBerry or Camdon Gray (spelling?). My aunt told me that she buys all her oils both for medicinal and cosmetic making purposes from them. She said that they both have great quality and when I asked her how she chooses between the two she said she just picks whichever one is cheaper because they are both the same quality. Any thoughts?

    • Hi Amanda. I am going to have more and more thoughts on this. I just had a very long talk with someone who’s been in the industry for a long time so I am going to have some more work to do before I am done here. I think I am coming to some good conclusions, however. I am going to put together a list of questions, I hope, to guide readers as to the questions they can ask suppliers when they are looking for good oils – for a reasonable price. Stay tuned :-).

  11. Great article…I can’t wait for the next installment, but I have another company for your list. Liberty Natural, out of Portland.
    I have almost exclusively (I have occasionally bought one from the other brands you are reviewing) used their oils for about 10 years and had great service, wonderful quality oils at great prices. Wonderful variety, so you can use therapeutically or for salves, soaps, etc. I am a Herbalist & Wellness Coach and teach classes that I recommend only Liberty Naturals, though your articles might open the field for me to purchase some from others.

    • Hi Kristine,

      I am adding them to my list of companies to ask about, but I have tried logging on to their site numerous times this morning and it isn’t working. As I’ve said to other readers, I am going to be putting together more info about quality, etc. so you all will be able to do your own “due diligence” and I think that I am going to have at least one really good option to recommend. Stay tuned! It will probably be the middle or end of next week before I get my next installment done since I am thinking about ordering another bunch of oils from another source and testing them. So maybe even one more week then :-).

  12. Hi Adrienne
    I am in Canada and wonder if you could include Ki Aroma in your analysis of essential oils. This is where I buy oils because shipping across the border can be expensive. I am sure you have other Canadian readers. (Of course, you probably have other international readers and you can’t satisfy everyone, so I understand if you can’t.)

    • Hi there.

      I am going to be doing some more phone work on this today and I will ask about this company. However, what I think is going to be more effective is that I am going to develop a list of questions and interesting point about oils so that readers can contact any company and do the research themselves. I did take a look at Ki Aroma’s site and didn’t find any information about purity or quality, so that leaves me thinking that it wouldn’t be the best choice. I’m wondering if I find a source for you that is good quality (I am working to that end) if shipping wouldn’t be too bad. I currently ship a supplement off of Ebay and the shipping is pretty good.

      This is all very interesting and I think something will work out for you that you will be happy with!

      • Thanks a TON for all this research you did. As a natural researcher (I dig into almost every purchase I make!) I appreciate the time, effort, and process you’ve taken.

        As a Canadian, I wanted to note that Native American Nutritionals actually has decent shipping prices provided you’re not purchasing heavy items like the book or a gallon of coconut oil. For example, I’m about to purchase 8 different oils, mostly 5 mL, and 8oz of coconut oil, and the shipping will be about $14US. Buying 5x3oz amber bottles and 8oz safflower oil will cost $11 to ship. Shipping in Canada is just darn expensive so the biggest difference will be in the shipping times rather than the cost.

        Looking forward to my journey with essential oils, especially now that we’re in a house rather than a condo – I’m not used to all these bugs! Can’t wait to spray tea tree and peppermint to my heart’s delight.

  13. Adrienne,

    You’re my hero right now. I’m swooning over all your research and passion on this topic! But I do gravitate toward methodical.

    I can tell you that I have used a ton of oils, and their healing power has proven strong and consistent for our family.

    I’ve used 2 of Young Living’s oils (for respiratory health, one was a cinnamon, the other a respiratory blend). They really helped Ethan through some rough nights when he was sick.

    My favorite line is Aura Cacia!! I’ve used: eucalyptus, tea tree, chamomile, peppermint, and patchouli!

    Anyway, can’t wait for the rest of your post.

    And I am sooooo with you on the customer service. This is also very important to me!

    Thanks for this great post, Adrienne!


    • Hi Amber! I am very intrigued by all of this…but not sure if I deserve the hero title. Though I will say that this is shaping up to be very interesting!

      More work on it hopefully tomorrow but I think it will be next week before I am able to post more :-)! Take care!

      • Am I missing something? I can’t seem to find your review on Aura Cacia oils. These are the most accessible for me. But I don’t want to waste money if they aren’t of good quality and doesn’t have any therapeutic properties, which is my main goal.

        Thank you!

        • Hi. I couldn’t write a review for all the companies. AC is adamant about not using oils internally so I didn’t want to recommend them. Also there are only about 5 or so “experts” who supply oils to all the companies so I wanted to go w/ a company that sourced directly from farmers. Thanks and hope that helps.

          • It’s actually a good thing that they do not encourage internal use. If you’re doing research on good companies as well as quality, you definitely need to take into consideration that EO’s should not be used internally without direction from a health professional such as a certified aromatherapist. It makes me sad to see people feeding into the YL and DT lie that you should use oils both internally and topically without being diluted. Anyone who has actually been educated on EO’s and aromatherapy will tell you the same. It is not just opinion folks.
            Please research the oils themselves, how they’re made etc, before doing any other articles so you know the best advice to give people.

            • Hi there. I am sorry for the delay – trying to dig through old comments. I hope that this helps:

              This is a very common comment I’ve seen around the internet. Certified aromatherapists can be a valuable resource. And so are those who have spent a lot of effort researching for themselves. Saying that only a certified aromatherapist can tell you to ingest oils implies that having it come from a certified aromatherapist makes it a magical solution. But ingesting the oils on your own direction, which might even be in the same way a certified aromatherapist tells you to ingest them, will not work because the certified aromatherapist didn’t give it the stamp of approval. I’m always suspicious when I hear someone say “Only ______________ can say ___________.”

              Fortunately, there are 3 ways to use essential oils — ingestion, topical, and diffusion. The more people study on their own, from multiple sources, the better it is for them. Granted, many legitimate sources are going to disagree. Doctors often disagree as well. So you should always read up on why and learn what you can and ultimately, you are the one deciding what, where, and how to use your essential oils. You shouldn’t be a sheep, no matter what side you’re on.

              People have been ingesting essential oils for a few decades so I don’t think it’s a fad. However, the idea that you must be a certified aromatherapist to give any sort of advice on essential oils is much newer than the issue of ingestion. As far as ingesting essential oils goes, we say if you want to ingest essential oils, start slowly. Find out what works for your own personal body chemistry.Some people like to have it in their water. If so, keep it 1-2 drops in 12 ounces of water. Some would rather ingest it with a capsule. Then you put 1-2 drops in a gel capsule with Olive oil and ingest with a full meal.

              Ultimately, people need to educate themselves and not spout off what they heard someone else say — whether it be a certified aromatherapist, a sales rep for a company, or anyone in between. Maybe when they are done researching, they will agree with what they heard the certified aromatherapist say. Maybe they will find they disagree. But then they will have the research to understand what they are saying and that’s what matters the most.

              I hope this helps. Thanks! Of course, this is not medical advice. Please consult w/ your physician prior to using supplements or essential oils. I know that seems odd for me to write this considering the circumstances but….. :)

  14. Adrienne – a helpful and timely post for me, as well. Great info – thanks for your effort.

    My two cents – we need to get over our fear of MLM or Network Marketing. It is fast becoming the best way to get a product you can trust because the whole thing is based on relationships. I like you, I trust, you, I believe YOU over a shiny ad on a bill board. Yes, we have to do our homework on a company, but then we need to accept that relationship marketing is a great way to do business.

    • Thanks, Trina. That means a lot. Really – so much I can’t tell you. But I am not perfect for sure. I spent about 2 hours on the phone again today and I think I am getting somewhere with all of this and I will have to write a bunch more posts and will spend a pretty penny to try some more oils, but I think I should be able to have some really good answers soon. Hang in there and don’t jump to conclusions. I am not finished yet :-).

  15. This is my first time visiting here, but I’ll be back for the rest of this series – I’m looking into YL myself right now and still have a lot of questions. Thanks again.

    • Great. I’d hold tight for right now if I were you. I’ve spent the money – but you don’t have to….yet. Well, you never have to but you know what I mean :-).

  16. My favorite essential oil company is Butterfly Express. They have a great variety, quality, customer service, fast shipping, and great prices.
    Since they are not a MLM company they can charge less with less overhead. They do offer wholesale accounts – not expensive and no continuing amounts that need to be met.

  17. Stephanie says:

    I’ve been using Young Living’s products for about ten years. I’m a massage therapist and have used them as well as others extensively. They are in my opinion very high quality and as you commented have great customer service. However I just wanted to say that this company encourages the copious neat use of oils as well as internal use. This is how I used them for myself for years! After many years of use I got fed up with the cost and need to use more oils because more issues seemed to pop up for me. After I stopped using them internally and started making my own herbal tinctures many of my issues disappeared. It took me some time to figure out how potent essential oils are, almost like phamaceuticals, think how it takes 4000 lbs of rose petals to make a tiny bottle of oil, thats a huge amount of herb!! I realized that for me they were actually wiping out my gut flora and congesting my liver. So please use them with caution and respect for the very powerful medicines they are and realize that there are many gentler local plants that can be used for everyday issues. Gentler for your body and the environment.

    • Stephanie, it is so interesting that you bring this issue up now. The YL issue isn’t “done” yet….I have more to say in future posts, but I did just learn about the gut flora issue yesterday. In particular, it seems that it is a problem with oregano oil. I don’t know about the other ones, but since it is so potent, one for sure needs to be replenishing flora if using that regularly. I have a few questions:

      1. Are you aware of other oils that cause the same problem?
      2. How much were you taking internally?
      3. I assume you make tinctures from organic plants?

      Very interesting. I have also heard about rose oil adversely affecting the thyroid but I need to find out more about that.

      Thanks for sharing and I hope to hear more about your experience.

  18. I will definitely be following this series on comparing qualities of essential oil companies. One thing I’ve recently noticed, regarding Mountain Rose Herbs essential oils, is that there can be a difference in “potency” of oils between companies. I have a 4 oz. bottle of MRH Sweet Orange Oil and also a 1 oz. bottle of Now Foods orange essential oil. A while ago I made orange lip balm using the Now brand, but recently when I re-made the exact same recipe using MRH sweet orange oil, I ended up needing to use more than twice as much orange oil to get a similar strength of orange scent in the lip balm! I was really surprised, and am wondering what the reason could be. I can’t imagine that MRH would have a less fresh product, but I am wondering now if there are differences in the varieties of oranges used. Now foods simply says “orange oil”. Who knows if maybe it is a mixture of sweet orange oil and other varieties (bitter orange, mandarin, tangerine, etc…)?

    • I’m learning a lot. There are for sure potency issues as well as which distillation was used. I am going to have to do a lot of work on this but I know it will be worth it. I don’t think freshness is the idea, but from what I recall, citrus oils can lose potency – but I think it was over a number of years. Stay tuned!

      • I actually just read an article on this. How the oils are distilled and what part of the distillation process the oils are taken from have a lot to do with it.
        The woman who wrote the article compared it to coffee: when coffee first starts brewing it’s VERY strong (this is portion of the distillation process you want your oils to be from), but towards the end of the brew time, the grounds have been run through and it’s mostly just water.
        She also explained that the scent of an EO does not necessarily refer to the potency. Just like blonde coffee beans, which don’t smell so strong, hold a lot more caffeine than dark roasted beans, because they haven’t been roasted as long.
        Hope that helps!

  19. A helpful lab report on Frankinsence- I only use YL for purity, history, method of distillation, customer service, customer response, value and results. Have used them for 14 years, tried others and those did not compare- especially Aura which seems to be more a cheap perfume oil than a true EO. You do get what you pay for and drop for drop the more pure an EO the less you need to use for results therefore it ends up being cheaper in the end. With YLEOs I have been able to get off of 95% of medications and prescription for our entire family with better results and no negative side effects. I use them at work now as well (I am a birth assistant) and my clients can tell they work as well :)

  20. LisaAnn says:
  21. LisaAnn says:

    BTW, I was a HUGE skeptic about EOs and especially YLEOs for a long time- but I eventually tried them out of desperation, expecting zip to happen, and they worked! Not only for me, but for my family and friends and clients! That cannot all be coincidence- especially when you use them on someone who is sure you are wasting your time and they work!!!

  22. Don’t want to overload your research but another category that would be good to check for each oil company is where they get their plants for the oils. That can make a huge difference in the quality of the oils.

    Some companies grow their own plants all in the same area but others get their plants from different places because a particular plant grows better in other places.

  23. I like the quality of Wisdom of the Earth WOTE

    They are not cheap but then I’m looking for medicinal grade. If I’m looking for something for cleaning, I get the Now brand of oils.

    • I’ll try to check into them as well. I did look at their site – it looks like you basically have to purchase their catalog for $20 in order to order from them. Am I correct?

      • Hi Adrienne,

        I have been apprenticing at WOTE and can tell you that you do not have to buy the reference guide, but they do not list all of their oils on the site because they have over 250, and because they prefer to speak with you on the phone and do a more personal approach to recommending the right oils for your needs. They are EXCEPTIONAL essences for anyone looking for pure, medicinal grade oils. I will be a distributor and will be carrying them on my website when it launches next month.

        • Just so you know, there is no organization that regulates what a therapeutic/medical grade EO is. The companies slap that on their labels as a marketing tool.

  24. I’m following this with interest because I am interested in natural healing and essential oils as I’m trying to live as naturally as possible. I have a lot of allergies, though, so I’m trying to be cautious in checking out different brands.

    • I have a lot of allergies too. I will hopefully be adding to this series this coming week. More homework to do…..

      • If interested in learning about allergies and essential oils, Chapter 12 of Chemistry of Essential Oils by David Stewart will give you an amazing and thorough understanding. But a quick cap is that properly distilled essential oils(right amt of time and lowest effective temperature) will take out the Nitrogen molecules (essentially the Protein/amino acids/polypeptides or allergen, which are what can allow a true allergic response to occur) and leaves the purest oil devoid of the N. Thus, any essential oil taken through the distillation process of YL will be safe to use even if you have an allergy to the plant product!
        Exceptions include: certain citruses that use the rind for the EO, as N or forms of proteins will still be in the rind; and Absolutes: which include Jasmine, and Neroli due to the chemical process needed for their oil extraction. Plus, the Chemistry of Essential oils also explains what the allergic response pattern is very clearly, so one can truly see what happens in that reaction. Even more amazing is to consider that our emotions have a great deal to do with the false ‘allergies’ we have….being ‘allergic’ to something basically safe like strawberries, something our bodies were never intended to develop a bad reaction to. True antibodies were created by God to develop in response to a bad thing…poison from a spider or snake bite…to save us from that bad thing. This chapter also teaches much about Frequently Asked Questions about essential oils.

  25. Gary Young’s brother, Dana Young, started his own essential oil company called Be Young. I’ve been very impressed by how high quality they are. You might want to include them in your next post.

  26. Looking forward to reading your next installment. Beside price and quality, shipping is also an issue for me since almost everyone treat Alaska like a foreign country and charges a lot (and one ounce bottles, and smaller, of oils don’t weigh a whole lot).

  27. Have you heard of Butterfly Express? My friend used to distribute for YL an switched because Butterfly Express has the same oils but cheaper. Here is her website for more info. mybutterlyoils,com

    • I have heard of them. I contacted them but haven’t heard anything re: their purity. There are no statements about it on their site so I am a little skeptical.

      • Hi,
        The website Missy recommended is mine. I have not heard from you, you may contact me at and I would be more than willing to answer any questions you would desire. I am seller for Butterfly Express oils and yes my website is not totally complete yet as I am a homeschooling stay at home mother so I squeeze in website work when I can. To view the parent companies website you can go to On that site you will find all the oil information and more. They also have a conversion chart for YL oils. I started out using and selling YL oils however being a single income household I couldn’t afford to stock our household with the basics let alone some of the more expensive oils, and then I found Butterfly Express. I have used both oils and they work equally in my experience. Butterfly Express does no upsale line, no fancy packaging, no huge call centers, etc to keep the cost low. You will find my oils to be less expensive than even the parent company because I charge a less than retail and hopefully eventually my website will be as good as theirs, but in the mean time I keep plugging away at it. Please feel free to contact me anytime to discuss my experience with the different oils.

        • Thanks, Cara. I think I was told that someone from the parent company would be contacting me. I will have to try to contact them directly, I guess, but I would be happy to talk w/ you as well. I have a lot of thoughts and a lot of questions – :-). Thanks for contacting me!

  28. Hi ~

    You might like to check out:
    Oshadhi essential oils, and the book ‘Aromatherapy & Subtle Energy Techniques ~ Compassionate Healing with Essential Oils’ by Joni Keim Loughran & Ruah Bull (they use the oils therapeutically in their practice).

    Diane *^^*

    • I did look at the site. There are so many. I am starting to think a lot of them are getting their oils from the same place. The research goes on.

      • Essential Oils University, their new name… The Perfumery, supplies a lot of the company’s oils according to a friend who is well trained in essential oils, why they work, etc.

        • Are you sure EOU and The Perfumery are the same? I personally don’t feel comfortable buying my EOs from a company called “The Perfumery” – anyone else have the same concerns?

      • Lillian Bristol says:

        I believe there are only about 5 (or so) companies that supply oils to all the different companies, so you are right about that.

        What is the NAN blend that is equivalent to Thieves?

  29. Hi Adrienne ~ Just wanted to add my “two cents worth” here. It seems you have started a virtual “avalanche” of info in essential oils. Lots of questions, lots of answers, lots of info… Just a drop in the “essential” bucket, so to speak. I guess that is indicitive of the growing interest in this one element of the natural healing process. Just wanted to share that I used NOW oregano oil for two weeks (non-diluted)–just dabbed it on a bothersome skin tag with a cotton swab and it just disappeared. I am now currently experimenting with different brands and essences of pure oils mixed with different carrier oils to help control my rosacea. Love your blog and recipes–all your hard work is very much appreciated! I look forward to reading the next “installment”.

    • Avalanche is right :-). And the snow is falling again! I had heard about the skin tags and oregano being effective on them. Did you see my Rose Water facial spray and my post on rosacea? Perhaps they would be of help to you as well. Thanks for the kind words!

      • Patti McIntosh says:

        I have been dealing with rosacea for 3 yrs now. In my opinion this cannot be effectively treated topically although you must be careful w/skin care. I developed rosacea as well as ocular rosacea (burning itching eyes). After eliminating spicy food and using only the most gentle soap on my face only once a day and using just coconut oil for months the soreness and red blotches faded away entirely. I was also using special eye drops when I saw a specialists who wanted me to make sure I was getting enough Omega 3’s, aside from the other things I was doing. I normally took Omega 3’s for other reasons but had run out. I started taking Krill oil & within 3 days my eye symptoms were reduced substantially. In treating this I learned that I need to take a high level of Omega’s and that is what makes the biggest difference. My heart goes out to anyone who has this. I had the eye issues for 2 years and didn’t know it was an advanced symptom of Rosacea. I thought it was related to my hot flashes. I didn’t develop this until I was in my 50’s. I haven’t had the facial symptoms for over 6 months now but if I run out of Krill oil I am suffering within a couple days. I hope this helps others.

    • Patty, I have a customer/neighbor with Rosacea! If you find something that works, I’d love to hear about it. I just added Frankincense and Lavender to her daily moisturizer to further calm her skin. I don’t know how well it’s working yet.

  30. I am enjoying your essential oil articles!! Since I’ve been told that you virtually can’t be allergic to young living oils, I was interested to hear what reasons YL gave you for having a “reaction.”

    • Alicia, I am not sure why you’ve heard that. Basically anyone can be allergic to anything. And since the oils are steam expressed, the protein of the plant, as far as I understand, should still be in there. They didn’t questions me at all. I think anyone using oils should test them first on the inside of the arm (I should have done that :-).). One of the oils that I thought was a problem isn’t any longer, but I tried the other product twice and just couldn’t use it. Hope to see you around again! This oils stuff is getting very confusing and I’m doing as much research as I can handle. It might be a long series.

      • This is some of what I was talking about….
        I have no association with warrior priestess, but the info is what I’ve heard from other YL people. I feel that if it looks like an allergy, people are going to interpret that way and you can’t talk them out of it.

        • She’s thinking along the same lines as I am…I’ll see what I can dig up. Not sure. Thanks for the follow up!

        • Hi Alicia. Here is the response I got from a contact of mine in the oils industry. Seems to make sense to me.

          With pure oils what is normally called an allergic reaction is really something else — skin sensitivity to oil (example: hot oils turn the skin red or burn it) or skin detoxifying (the oils assist in detoxing the body) are the two most common “bad” reactions.

          With the steam distilled, hydro distilled oils — people are not supposed to have an allergic reaction due to the heat used (but that does not take into consideration all the emotional factors that people can interpret as a allergic reaction) — really a lot of the allergic reactions, I would say 95+%, are there because the persons body is not in “harmony” and if they were in “harmony” (healthy body, healthy mind, healthy spirit) they probably would not have the allergic reactions — People can have allergic reactions to the steam/hydro distilled oils because they are adultrated. With other extracted oils — people can be allergic to them in their pure form and being adultrated.

          I’m guessing my one reaction wasn’t a reaction and my other reaction was to a product that had other things mixed in w/ the oils so I could have been reacting to something else.

          Thanks again!

          • I’m sorry but that is such a bogus answer. The allergens are still there.
            For example, I cannot use peppermint oil because I am allergic to it.

            If you have any reaction to an oil, pour on a carrier oil and do not use it again. Rashes, heat, irritation, nausea etc ARE all bad reactions. How could anyone say otherwise?

            There is also such thing as photosensitivity as well which can be caused by the majority of oils, especially citrus oils.

            Rule of thumb- if it doesn’t feel right, don’t use it!

            • Hi Christi,

              I just got this back from the owner of Native American:

              Sorry I was not so clear on my writing and this caused confusion. I was in a rush. Let me further explain to be clear and start from the start. First off people can be allergic to the essential oils. Now where the confusion has came in what is really going on in the application of essential oils. Most people I run across that have stated they are “allergic” are not really “allergic” but they are simply using the oils unwise.

              Example: Lets say that a person is allergic to Lemons. Now because of the chemistry involved and the persons body type, they may or may not be allergic to the essential oil. The essential oil contains a much different overall chemistry from the raw fruit. Now the distilled lemon oil, with the heat involved, will also contain a different overall chemistry than the pressed lemon oil.

              So in my experience I have seen a lot of people, a large percentage, that are allergic to the plant find that they are not allergic to the distilled oil. The heat involved in extracting the oil produces a much different chemistry than the raw plant and their body can handle the oil under “normal” usage.

              Now also what I have seen is a lot of people tell me they are allergic to essential oils, but really they are not. In most all cases, 95+%, what is going on is they are using the oil unwisely and not allergic. To me, getting an bad reaction from using the oil unwisely is not the same thing as an allergic reaction. Example: Many companies sell adulterated oregano. I have seen people rub this directly on their skin without any reaction. Now if they were to take a high quality oregano oil and rub that on their skin, they would get redness, burns, and probably blisters. This is not an allergic reaction but an unsafe usage reaction.

              People, especially beginners, need to understand how their body will react to an essential oil. People with sensitive skin, like me, need to be a lot more careful than people with not so sensitive skin. The essential oils are powerful detoxifiers and contain some wonderful healing properties. They can be enjoyable if used correctly. Signs like redness, burning, itching, headaches, and flu like symptoms are the most common “bad” reactions and in almost all cases are not allergic reactions but reactions to using too much essential oil or using the oil in an unsafe manner.

              Example: My brother-in-law, who used to eat fast food at least one meal a day, complained to me that he could not stand the essential oils and hates to come over to my house. He told me he was allergic to the oils because when he comes over to my house he will get a headache in about thirty minutes. After explaining to him what was really going on he was willing to change his diet. Because of this he soon discovered he was not allergic to the essential oils. His reaction was coming from a “cleanse” his body was trying to do to quickly. Because of his change in eating habits and also his willingness to start slow with the oils and detoxify his body, he now enjoys being around the essential oils.

              So when you’re using the essential oils, use pure high quality oils that are not adulterated. (Most all of the oils in the market, including the experts’ oils, have been adulterated.) Start out very slow and get used to the oils. Every person’s body is different so see how your body will react. If you happen to have a “bad” reaction, try being more safe with the oil by blending it further and using less. If you keep getting a “bad” reaction, don’t use that oil.

              I will share one last story — a friend of my wife happened to pop in and chat for a little bit. After a while I got the impression that a lot of her health problems were due to emotional issues. I gave her a small bottle of a blended oil to assist in “letting go” of emotions during sleep. I told her to use only one drop of oil to start out right before she went to bed. Because she had never used essential oils before, I was very specific several times to tell her to only use one drop because it was so powerful.

              She called me back the next morning and was very, very upset. She yelled at me and told me the oil was “from the devil” and it gave her nightmares all night long. I asked her how she used the oil and she explained that when she went home she opened up the bottle and took a smell. She said she loved the oil she used about 30 drops on her body, pillow, and around her room.

              Knowing what I know about the oils, I had a little chuckle inside because I understood what she was really going through. She was having an emotional cleansing reaction. I again explained to her to just use one drop and only one drop for a few days and she agreed to give it another try. Over the next few months she found out she loved the oils and they were “heaven sent”. She started using them more and more and was able to let go huge amounts of trauma. Because of this emotional release she found her health improved greatly. She also came to realize was the “nightmares” she had the first night using the oils were not nightmares at all but actual experiences she went through as a child.

              The oils are powerful healers if used with wisdom. So start out slow and find out the oils that work for your body, mind, and spirit.

              • Thank you for getting clarification Adrienne, that was very helpful. I get irritated with that kind of information because there are many “consultants” etc who will say that the reaction someone gets from an oil is not a bad thing and should continue to use it.
                I just wanted to clarify that about the reactions that if there IS something going on, it’s not wise to continue. This is why it’s so important to follow “doctor’s orders” lol.

              • Rachel Raynes says:

                I understand what he is saying and it makes sense but being a skeptic myself, I am also not willing to just take his word for this. Where are the scientific studies/links that the chemical properties are not the same? Being a CEO is much different than being a chemist- not that he isn’t able to understand the chemistry but I think there is an important distinction. For instance, people that are completely anti vaccine (I’m somewhere in the middle) state that they contain formaldahyde and aluminum. They have correctly reasearched the data. They have not correctly interpreted the data. Meaning that formaldahyde in the form that it is present in the vaccine is also present in most fruit at a much higher rate (especially pears). Also aluminum is found in breast milk (specifically colostrum). So when people quote information and studies I take it with a grain of salt when they have no education or background on how to correctly interpret the data. I working in Ovarian Cancer research for whatever it’s worth.

                • Hi Rachel. I appreciate the skeptic in you, but I do think there is something to think about here. Just b/c one is a chemist doesn’t make one right. Mr Pappas seems to be clearly wrong about the component in peppermint oil that is found in vomit (if you keep reading in the series) but he wouldn’t assent to it. Just as I have been right and my MD’s have been wrong, it is possible to not be correct about such things.

                  Mr. Dean is not just a CEO. He has been in the oils industry for many years and really knows his stuff.

                  About the vaccines, I would be interested in seeing the data on that. I’m open to being proven wrong (although I don’t think I have ever said anything about formaldehyde in vaccines). I assume that you mean that aluminum is present in many things, including breastmilk, b/c it is in the foods we eat, etc., correct? If that’s the case I still would prefer not to have more added to my (or my child’s) body. I don’t know if you read my post on Metal Poisoning, but I for sure have had waaaaay too much Al added to my body and am avoiding it as much as I can.

                  Just b/c something is present in breastmilk doesn’t mean it’s OK to add it to other things and ingest more of it. Take RoundUp for example. They are finding it in breastmilk Does that mean I should just use RoundUp and not be concerned? I don’t think so.

                  OK -so now I have done some reading on formaldehyde myself. I looked at a number of sources and none of them stated that the formaldehyde in vaccines is the same form that is present naturally in fruits. And they were all “pro vaccine” sites.

                  Their argument is that since formaldehyde exists in natural form and since the amount in vaccines is so small, we shouldn’t be concerned about it.

                  That is a completely fallacious argument.

                  One of the problems of chemicals today is that chemicals are not testing in conjunction with other chemicals and the concept of a “tolerance bucket” isn’t employed.

                  Sure, there may be just a small amount in vaccines, but when you combine that with the other sources of vaccines and with the other chemicals then you have a problem. It’s toxin overload and it’s one of the many reasons why we are seeing an increase in cancers, autoimmune diseases and more. You can read more about that here:

                  If you think I am wrong, I am happy to hear back from you but I think that this clarifies the problems even moreso. Thanks and I do hope you continue reading!

                  I will also contact Mr. Dean for more of an explanation of his experience in the essential oils field.

  31. I am a YL “distributor”. Love their oils but found them to be very expensive. I could get lower shipping but then I’d have to spend $50 a month. For someone retired that is expensive. I first started with Thieves – loved it loved it loved it. Then I ordered a comparable blend from Rocky Mountain Oils. (They have a list that compares the similar blends to YL.) I now use Immune Strength (Thieves) and Tranquility regularly. To me same results and at a better price. They have monthly incentives. But what I really loved for their shipping…I can get first class USPS for under $4 and it is here usually in 2 or 3 days. So much quicker than YL and cheaper too. I really like the knowledge base at YL. One can get lots of good information.

    • Hi Evie. Interesting comments. I looked at Rocky Mountain a little but I did find their customer service to be lacking. I couldn’t get any answers. I’d love to hear your experience if you care to share. You can email me directly at wholenewmom at gmail dot com. Thanks in advance.

  32. chrystal says:

    You should look at the smaller company DragonMarsh. They are one store, family owned. They have first pour uncut Essential oils and are very nice. They have a small store open 7 days a week so talking to a human person is easy if you are web confuzzled. If you have questions they really will try to help. They sell in 1/8 and 1/4 oz sizes for most oils. More expensive like rose & jamine are availible smaller. They do have sales and bulk prices. They don’t do MLM but offer wholesale. I love blending my own so this is the go to place when i just need a few drops of german chamomile.

    • Can you explain what you mean by first pour? Thanks! I must admit I’m getting a bit more info than I’d expected. I’ve ruled out some companies but it is really hard to sort everything out.

      • First pour is the first time an oil is pressed. Think of olive oil- the first press is extra virgin. They then gather the olives up and press again up to 20 times. The last press is “still” olive oil but not as good as the first press. First pour is the first press or squeeze or ?? that is used to get the oil from the plant/resin. If it is a 20th pour it can still be labeled essential oil but it is not as good as the first pour. It might be the press from the bottom of the barrel that has settlement.

  33. I have been struggling to find good info on these oil companies, thank you for your research. Are you still working on a part 2?

    • Yes, working on the info. It’s a big mess so I might have to do a part II and then III. I’d be interested in hearing what your struggles are.

  34. Not sure if anyone has mentioned it, but I am *LOVING* the info of the Natures Gift website! It has answered a great many of my questions about essential oils in a very seemingly honest way. Hope you can check it out. I feel like I need to relearn how to apply and use essential oils from what I’ve learned previously from YL.

    • I really like being able to talk w/ a company. It appears that you can only contact them by email. Do you know of another way? I’m curious to hear what different things you’ve learned…..

    • chelsea says:

      I agree! I love Nature’s Gift, and I give them a plug whenever I can. I have been ordering from Marge (owner of Nature’s Gift) for over ten years now; she, and the oils she sells, are amazing. She is honest and knowledgeable and informative. I truly believe that she sells only the best. And, if you email, you’ll get a pretty fast response. I’ve even called numerous times to ask questions. I am very leery of YL and Doterra because of how they push the internal use of essential oils. I have a distributor friend who is constantly ingesting potent essential oils, and it makes me nervous!

      • Laugh at Life says:

        Why would it make you nervous to ingest the oils when you have verifiable knowledge from reliable sources and/or personal knowledge of where the oil comes from and it’s quality, method of harvest, weather patterns, water quality, temperatures and times for distillation that are optimum for obtaining and retaining the beneficial components. Basic chemistry principles along with many others identified in the “Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple” book helps to answer many questions. Why one cannot be “allergic” as one and how when properly grown and distilled an oil will not destroy that which is beneficial within the body. If one finds an oil to be too potent by itself, using quality vegetable oil added to it works exceptionally well to dilute to fit your personal needs. Adulterated oils are not safe to use internally due to the chemicals used in growing/fertilizing/pesticides/herbicides or chemicals from smog within the field location, and chemicals used in producing their oils. Then one also may look at the differences in the qualifications of being organic certified here in the U.S. vs other countries, they are not the same. Which is all the more reason for us to “know” our source. I have known numerous people who say they are nervous too about ingesting authentic oils, yet, they are big soda drinkers or heavy coffee drinkers and/or eat lots of foods with sugar substitutes. A balance in our education/knowledge that is practiced in all parts of our life. The comments about destroying beneficial flora when ingesting does not fit with in the basic chemistry principles.

        • I am sorry, but I don’t know why you think that “hot oils” would not destroy good flora as well. I am concerned about this and I want my readers to be careful. I would also appreciate your leaving a real name and not a pseudonym – thank you :).

  35. Alan K. Manning says:


    Here is some of the criteria I would use in your search for the best essential oil companies:

    1. What tests do you use to verify the purity and potency of your essential oils?
    2. Is every batch tested by an independent laboratory under the direction of an
    expert in the field of essential oils?
    3. Are some of your oils safe to use internally and not just topically?
    4. Does your company offer natural health supplements containing essential oils?
    5. Does your company offer personal care products containing essential oils?
    6. Have any of your special essential oil blends been independently tested and
    shown to kill bacteria and viruses?
    7. Does your company educate its customers in the proper use of essential oils?
    8. Does your company have a medical advisory board?

    I could go on but if you find any companies that answer the questions above positively you will have narrowed the field down considerably.

    I am looking forward to your next post!

    Alan K. Manning

    • I agree with you on some of these points, but I am also concerned with a few other things.

      1. Distillation: how it’s done. 1st distillation or complete.

      2. Where the oils come from.

      3. Direct or from middlemen.

      4. I don’t see why the personal care products would be something to focus on.

      And possibly more. But these are some of the concerns that I have.

      Stay tuned. I’ve been bogged w/ other things recently but I’ll be dealing with this.

  36. Ok now I’m looking at the sponsors on They claim to only allow legitimate companies to advertise. I talked to Arlys. She was kind and very informative. Also like aromatics international (owned by an aromatherapy school instructor) and the aromatherapy place (tey have their own testing equipment). Also talked to soma therapy. Hope this helps!

    • That helps, but after all I’ve learned I have a lot of questions for oils companies. I need real people to talk to. Whenever you have time please share what you’ve learned. Thanks.

  37. Wow! Very interesting post, Adrienne! I found it by typing a search, “Dana Young essential oils scam”! I am interested in Essential Oils for healing and found information about Be Young essential oils. When I discovered the marketing method and the fact that I had to give them my social security number to be a member and get a discount, I was extremely skeptical. Interesting info found here! Love the dialog! It is interesting that EOs can affect the gut flora, something I am very concerned about. And interesting that the Be Young and Young Living founders are brothers. I “liked” you on fb, and am very interested in your future posts on this subject! Thank you so much for sharing this and researching this topic.

    • Thanks and welcome, Dee! I think the reason for the SS# is since they have to report bonuses as income, but I am not sure.

      I’m wondering about the gut flora thing. I’ve heard different things about it and am not sure what to think. I just did a quick search on the internet and there was actually conflicting information. So I see it really being important with something like oregano, perhaps, but I’m just not sure. Stay tuned! If you end up in a hurry to buy something, feel free to contact me at wholenewmom at gmail dot com and I can tell you a little about what I am learning and what I’m thinking.

      • I realize this is WAY old … but were you in contact with the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy at all?? This body sets quality standards for Essential Oils companies … and for companies to become members they have to meet their rigorous standards. They may be able to provide some insight into this.

        I am a Distributor with Youngevity Essential Oils (also known as Ancient Legacy) – and we are NAHA members (the only direct selling company at this time to meet the NAHA standards). Our stance is that SOME oils MAY be taken internally … however our recommendation of this is restrictive and done with utmost caution. And we do not recommend that you ever take hot oils – oregano in particular – internally.

        • No, I was not. I have read some of their information and it seems to me that they are a little “over protective” and “over regulatory” if that makes sense. But I don’t have a firm opinion on it.

  38. I use and sell Butterfly Express and have been immensely impressed with them. Very helpful and responsive customer service. Not an MLM, no minimum requirement per year, very affordable and high quality. They definitely deserve a look at among those interested in therapeutic grade EOs.

  39. Michelle says:

    Do you know how YL essential oils are made? The way they are made changes how effective, if at all, they are. Please let me know as I am earnestly looking at where to buy my essential oils. Thank you.

    • Let me know what questions you have and what you would like to know about processing. Chances are I am planning on addressing it. Thanks!

  40. Thank you SO much for doing this research. I am so glad to hear someone with
    The same concerns as I do. I already use herbs but have been unwilling to invest in EOs yet because I have been so unsure which company is the best value and product. I’ve used Aura Cacia for aromatherapy and Edens Garden (seems very unknown but good prices) but I’m ready to start using internal formulas too (recurring allergies, staph). I can’t wait to read the
    next part of your investigation!

  41. Your research won’t be complete until you have tried ForeverGreen TRUessence Essential Oils. Their oils are all organic and/or wild-crafted. Each bottle is marked with it’s own item and batch number. You can request a copy of the report for each oil they sell, telling you the exact constituents in the oil. Try that with other companies. (I am not referring to proprietary blends, but to the chemical constituents in single oils.) A representative sample of each lot is tested to verify its natural chemical composition and purity. The lot is rejected if test results do not fall within a specific acceptable range. The country of origin and specific botanical species of each oil must also be known for proper evaluation, as differences in plant varieties, geographical location, and even weather conditions all impact the composition of, and constituents in the oil.

  42. I need to add that I am looking forward to the results of your research.

  43. I am a Young Living distributor. I started out as just for personal use and now sharing with my family and friends. I LOVE LOVE that you are doing this research!! I did something similar to this but not as IN DEPTH! The ‘SMELL’ test is what tied me in with Peppermint. I haven’t found a company that has something that smells cool, crisp, and refreshing. YES even doTerra and Rocky Mountain! I am looking forward to what you come up with!! IF you type up a report of all your research could I get a copy!? Why did I get drawn towards YL… they own their own farms and have distillers onsite. They test the plants and harvest at the utmost peak of the day and once that level drops to a point they stop harvesting that day. I am sure you have learned this from our amazing customer service. You can drive up to a farm and volunteer to help harvest and can’t wait until my chance to visit a farm! Let me know if there is anything I can do for you!

  44. Stephanie says:

    I really like Aura Cacia essential oils for several reasons. I have met one of their main purchasers Tim Blakely, who travels around the world sourcing the oils they purchase for resale. They are continually testing *every batch* of oils purchased to ensure none of the oils are adulterated in any way (watered down, spiked with camphor which enhances the smells, etc, ensuring that lavender is actually lavender, not lavendin which is less expensive because you can grow more per square foot). This testing is completely voluntary, and few other companies do it, though I believe doTerra does. Some of the Aura Cacia oils are “precious”, meaning diluted in essential oil to make them more accessible (less expensive)–they are labeled this way. Their bergamot oil is BPF free. Aura Cacia does not promote the ingestion of essential oils, a practice I believe to be generally unsafe. I just get warm fuzzies and I know that I’m buying quality oils when I buy Aura Cacia.

  45. Peter Martin says:

    I have used YL oils for 7 years…at the time they were the best that I found…no pressure to sell either. Since I have tried Rocky Mountain and Aura Cacia and a couple other brands I cannot remember (obviously not worth remembering. I love the YL product. A trusted friend who is a herbologist told me some “stories” about Gary Young that moved me to try other oils. I have yet to find the quality of essential oils from other companies. I have yet to find any that meet the consistent quality of YL. Just sayin…

  46. I am following your article as I stumbled upon the usefullness of essential oils and would like to dabble in it. I have not purchased any oils yet as I keep reading articles that state to make sure the oils are 100% pure. I am also finding out there are many companies out there to order from. Which leads me to wonder which companies actually sell the pure stuff your looking for to use for medicinal purposes. Can’t wait for you to finish your research and give some insight on this! I have learned alot this past week about essential oils just by researching online and it can get your head swimming.

  47. I have done a great deal of research on many essential oils companies. I have learned how important it is to buy from the best. It is important to find out what kind of testing is done on quality. Also you want to buy from people that can answer all your questions. I was a skeptic too, but the company I recommend is They have a referral program, answer every
    e-mail, and have a amazing search engine. People have compared their oils to young living. If you go to they list only ten companies to buy from.

  48. Hi Adrienne,
    I am having a hard time finding the follow-up post that is Part 2 of this article. Could you please direct me there? I’m most interested in comparing DoTerra and YL, as I have friends who are reps for each of those companies, and am hearing conflicting info about each one :-) I think I may end up using both, since they each have some unique blends.

    • Hi Anna. I am not there yet. Personal set backs and set backs w/ the oils. It’s a puzzle. I’d love to know what you are hearing. I have my own thoughts. Not sure I can put all of it in writing. I hope to have something w/in the next few weeks – hang w/ me!

  49. Hi Adrienne, Thanks for all your research. I don’t envy you the process, but I appreciate your hard work, as it might save all of us from the same aggravation. Have you ever heard of Birch Hill Happenings? Not to throw another company at you, and I’m sure it’s the same story as a lot of the rest of the companies, but I’m curious if you have them on your list. Can’t wait to read your final reviews! Thanks so much for your commitment to getting to the truth in all these companies. I think oils are have a huge potential for healing and it will be great to to have some solid information to choose who to get our oils from.

    • Hi Sara. I did hear of them and haven’t contacted them yet. I’m honestly a little burned out from all this but I will press on when I get my breath again. I hope to do an update soon :-).

  50. If there is anything any of us can do, please let us know. I’m more than available to make phone calls, etc. Maybe if we all work together, it will be less daunting! :) Again, thank you! Hugs!

  51. One of the nice things about Birch Hill Happenings, is that they offer samples. I’m not sure which other companies provide this option. At this point, are you able to choose any top few? or is it just way beyond that? Thanks again! I apologize for the multiple emails.

    • Samples….not many I would think. I did get samples from one company but it was a strange situation. I am able to say a few that I think are good quality but there is maybe a list of another 6 that I am interested in checking out more. No worries. If you are feeling kind of “desperate” you can send me a personal email and maybe I can share a little more…wholenewmom at gmail dot com.

  52. I’m from doTERRA and previously I’m using YL. I have been using YL for years and I’m a Silver in YL company. Founder of YL, D Gary Young, I met him too in Singapore conference year 2011. To be honest, Many of my customers claim that they will have itchness on the skin when using YL essential oils. I personally have that experience too until one day I went to Taiwan and personally met with Dr David Hill. After that I compared the doTERRA with YL essential oils and in my opinion doTERRA is more pure and has better grades as in healing too. Both are greats essential oils. And what I know was the founders of doTERRA are previously from YL company. Some YL users whom used the products for 15 years and above claimed that the purity and quality of doTERRA essential oils are as great as when the opening of YL company. Well, I’m just 19 and a Malaysian. Sorry for bad English =)

    • Your English is great. I am using doTERRA now and am seriously considering them – I really appreciate your comments. Are you still with Young Living then?

      • Thanks Adrienne! I’m quit YL after I start using doTERRA. My upline was really mad with me, though. One healing technique from YL company is really helpful for me and my client. It is called Raindrop Technique. This technique is really powerful and I can’t simply deny that. Now they have vibration Raindrop. A new technique but I did not learn that yet. Looking forward to it. There are technique for relaxation in doTERRA too, Aroma touch. Raindrop technique is really hard to learn and new very much time to build up you skills. Aroma touch is lot easier and time saving. Both are for relaxation and healing. I as a healer, I prefer Raindrop technique for those who really illed or suffer tiredness for long time. Maybe you should try out! About the fragrance of essential oils, there are lots of difference. YL essential oils are sometimes more harsh and stronger than doTERRA. Example, lavender, Frankincense, oregano and Rose. I always do Raindrop technique and foot vitaflex for my grandma with essential oil, and she said she prefer the smell of doTERRA essential oil becuase it is more sweet and peaceful. She loves Ginger from doTERRA alot! And kids from our church loves lemon. If not mistaken, if a bottle of essential oil smells strong and harsh, there’s something to do during the making process. I will do a research again and post it for you =) hope my comments are helpful! God bless you Adrienne!

        • Hi Lucas. I would love to hear more. I am working with doTERRA and another brand of oils and would like to look at a few more but it is getting hard. I have a few questions about doTERRA. Maybe I will send you an email and we can see if we can come up with some info. Thanks!

  53. sherrie says:

    have you checked out this

    • Yes I have. I am currently signed up w/ doTERRA and Young Living. What are your thoughts? I’d be interested in them very much. I have quite a few thoughts myself and have been looking into this.

  54. Alan K. Manning says:


    I am also doing a lot of research into different essential oil companies. I am learning that selecting essential oils comes down to “who do you trust?”. It is relatively easy for a supplier to lower the quality of their oils by mixing in other less expensive oils etc.

    I look for companies that take extra care in selecting their essential oils, that try and educate their customers about how to use oils and are passionate about helping people improve their health. I then order a selection of their oils and put them to the personal use test. I am finding a distinct difference in the aroma or fragrance of essential oils from company to company.

    A company that I have not seen mentioned here and that meets the criteria mentioned above is Ananda Apothecary out of Boulder, CO. They are not a direct sales company but offer superb oils at reasonable prices.

    I look forward to reading about the essential oil companies that you and your readers have researched.

    Keep up the good work!

    Alan K. Manning

    • Thanks, Alan. I did look at that company now that you brought it to my attention. I am for sure no expert, but I will say that one thing caught my eye as being a problem. Rose Oil. Their oil seems to be so inexpensive that there is no way it can be quality rose oil. I just bought some on clearance from a company whose ethics I know very well and it was still way more than this company’s Rose. And one other place with very stringent practices sells their Rose for a price that would prove this one can’t be for real. Well…I am going to check the prices one more time but that is what I thought at first glance.

      I know that Rose is often adulterated and so, despite their claims, I would be suspicious. I know of one reputable company that won’t even sell Rose Oil b/c it is so pricey to do it right and they know that they won’t have the demand for it. At least, that’s what I heard.

      So….again, I am no expert but I would be a little cautious.

  55. JacquelineB says:

    I am so sad you had a bad experience with Heritage Essential Oils. I am using them with great success and have a number of friends who are, too. Linda Sherman and her family offer quick responses via email and on Facebook. I have never talked by phone with her, but I know my friends have spoken extensively with Linda by phone in finding the right oils/blend for their issues. Comparing HEO’s therapeutic grade oils to something like Aura Cacia is like comparing apples to oranges. HEO was highly recommended by friends and I haven’t tried others except Aura Cacia for aromatherapy. I knew nothing of high quality therapeutic grade oils. (BTW, HEO is not an MLM company.) The Sherman’s are a simple family blessing others with God-honoring service and oils created by Him for our good use. BTW, I have their business card here in front of me with their phone number 254.829.0384. Linda’s email –
    I am new to your site and gleaning loads of great info. Thank you!

    • Thanks. Perhaps I will try to call, but it took about 3 months to receive an email response. They apologized for the delay, but I immediately sent out another one and to date (about 3 months or more again), I have gotten no response. So it is hard for me to count on customer service with this kind of track record. I am sure you can understand. Thank you though.

      • I wonder if your email is going to their spam box?? I email and get responses within the day. Linda has been more than helpful in helping me decide what oils to purchase for what symptoms. They ship within a few days of the order. I would for sure order some of their samples and give them a try. I think their customer service is great so am amazed that they didnt respond to you. That is why I wonder if your email is getting sent to a junk mail box or something. Anyhow, your research is very interesting. I just stumbled upon it.

  56. I’m so happy I found this article, it is very timely for me! I can tell this has been a tremendous amount of work for you and I really appreciate what you have done to help educate your readers. I look forward to the subsequent article(s) as I am currently looking for the best source for essential oils. Thank you so much!

    • You are so welcome! I hope to have the next installment soon – but if you are super eager you can contact me at wholenewmom at gmail dot com.

  57. Hi there….since I actually read most of these posts, I see no one has mentioned the new info on YL’s website about doTerra and the lawsuit against them….seems they “stole” some proprietary info!

    • Hi Riste. Actually, from what I understand, YL is suing doTERRA stating that they have violated their non compete clause, but doTERRA says that they have not. That is about all I know…..except that also apparently YL wanted to do this before but their lawyer wouldn’t do it. I guess time will tell what is going on.

  58. Hi,

    You should also look into You cannot sell them yourself or be a representitive for them but they are great. My daughter’s college professor on herbal/plant medical plants recommended them. They are excellent. Good luck!

    • I finally checked them out – what I am not pleased with is that they are using solvents to extract some of their oils. See the rose oil. That is a sign of impure oils. Thanks for sharing and stick around!!!

      • Adrienne, I know I am late to the game but I hope you can help me.

        I am trying to get the best essential oils that I can afford and right now I am using Edens Garden but since most people I know haven’t heard of them, I thought I would go looking in the vastness of the web and I came across your article.

        I read your comment above about solvents and started doing some looking. Every company I looked into uses solvents for their absolutes, like EG….including some of the companies you’ve featured here (MRH, Aura Cacia…to name two. Young Lives doesn’t specify distilling process. I also looked into doTerra but from what I can see they don’t sell Rose). Confused, I began looking more and have read that there are certain plants (Jasmine and Rose, to name two) that solvents are used on because they either cannot handle the heat of steam distillation or it is the only way to get any real amount of oil out.

        Needless to say, I am completely confused. Can you give me the name of a company that doesn’t use solvents to distill these more delicate oils?

        • Hi Chasa. I will email you :-).

          • Hi Adrienne,

            I am having the same problem as Chasa in looking for Jasmine oil, which doTerra doesn’t sell. Would you please email me the same response as you did to her? I am very confused! Thanks.

            • Are you desperate? I am trying to only email those who are in big need right now. I will try to get my post out soon. :).

            • doterra does have a jasmine oil…not for sale. You have to be at their convention to get it. I smelled it today and WOW is all i can say

              • Why do they do that? I was confused about oils they had w/ special purchase etc but they wouldn’t sell it.

                • They do it with Birch and Jasmine. Now i don’t know whether they’ll eventually sell it. I do know they do so much giveaways and incentives so i don’t mind the MLM behind them. I only signed up to buy for myself. I have a couple friends that want them so i’ll sign them up but i do no work! Just knowledge of oils which i think it should be about. I feel like everything nowadays from food to oils to medicine is so confusing and conflictive, it really makes my life more difficult. All i want is whats best for my family. Just wish finding that “answer” wasn’t so full of lies and conflicting information. :) back to what we were originally talking about lol i will ask my Doterra ladies that signed me up whether they know. My lady has moved up to silver which is pretty good for them

  59. Thank you for doing all this, I know it’s exhausting as this is a way of life for me as I reseach EVERYTHING and it takes so long and your head hurts after a while.

    I’m a brand new doTERRA IPC (like 2 weeks, not even started doing anything yet but a few purchases) and after the fact (this was an unusual (for me) relative impulse move), I started looking into the whole industry a bit more. I’m glad to finally hear something about Ananda Apothecary as I just discovered them and was comparing prices with doTERRA and of course, there was no comparison, but then are we comparing apples with apples? Based upon your own research, I’m glad to hear (whew!) that maybe their oils aren’t quite what they would have one believe. But there is a wealth of information and a ton of oils and everything related to oils available there, so perhaps it’s a resource? They got great customer reviews on service.

    Aura Cacia I have a few oils from them, and no, they are not the same as doTERRA and secondly some of their oils are diluted with carrier oils (it states so) so if you don’t read, you might not know that. But if you compare Aura Cacia (on with doTERRA for something like lavender, the price differential isn’t all that great per ml considering Aura Cacia’s from Bulgaria, and doTERRA’s from ???.

    See, that’s my problem with doTERRA, they let you ASSUME it’s from France, and it smells amazing, but what does that mean? I’m not a professional lavender farmer. And it doesn’t actually state on the website nor is it on the bottle that it’s from France. I find it most annoying when there is incomplete product information on a website and this is my one beef so far with doTERRA.

    I don’t really care about YL and doTERRA’s legal battles, that’s a corporate thing between them, I just care whether doTERRA is a reputable company, selling what they claim to be selling in terms of sourcing and testing. I’ll let my (potential) customers decide whether or not that kind of purity is important to them, but as long as I can stand behind it, then I can sell the idea of purity being better. I think it is but would like more information about the country of origin of the different oils.

    Thanks again, and for listening to the rant.

    • I personally would like more disclosure from doTERRA on place of origin as well. I am still processing all of this. I have an important call to make this week to try to sort all of this out a little more. All food for thought!!!

    • Datri Anderson says:

      You just need to look it up. they dont hide where they get their oils from. you just gotta know where to look. I haven’t looked it up personally but i can look it up though and they tell you where. My trainer tells me all the time where the oils are grown at. lol =)

      • Datri, I have personally asked doTERRA and they will not divulge the sources of some of their oils. Furthermore, they will not divulge all of the ingredients in their Terra Shield, which I find disconcerting. I trust you have gotten info, but perhaps your trainer is mistaken. If you are able to get the full list of their individual oils I would love to have it. Thanks!

        • Datri Anderson says:

          well read the bottle. each bottle has what’s in it. Terra Shield is a bug repelent. so there’s one thing in it that you aren’t to ingest. that’s the only oil that i can really think of that you shouldn’t take internally. deep blue can but it’s not encouraged. every other oil you can. at the convention this year they told us where a lot of their oils are sourced at. so you just aren’t looking at the right place. They tell you where they come from. I’ve read it. I have a book that tells about them so yeah. I’ll see what i can find on that individual oil list. you’re wanting to know where they all come from right?

          • Terra Shield says proprietary ingredients. Whether it’s to be ingested or applied on skin, I still would like to know what is on it. Yes, I would like the full list – thanks! And I have asked others on forums and called headquarters so that is where I have looked. Thank you.

          • Datri Anderson says:

            go to and you just gotta type in what oil and it will tell you in the description. i looked at lemon and frankensence. so i know it will tell you other oils as well. hope that helps you.

        • Hi Adrienne,

          I was curious why you couldn’t find all the answers you were seeking regarding doTERRA’s sourcing. So, I did a simple google search and found that source for Helichrysum you were struggling to find. It’s all easy enough to find. :)

          • I’ve never visited that blog. The info wasn’t on their main page. I don’t recall the other oils that they would not give me source info but I can assure you that there were other oils and that it was verified from high up reps in the company that they don’t divulge all of their sources. If you know differently please let me know.

  60. Kimberley Johnson says:

    I hope you are successful in your research on doTerra. If they don’t own any farms or distilleries how can they control their product from starting with seeds and growing them themselves and distilling it themselves? Young living has 20 years of research behing them; how can doTerra compete? Maybe doTerra’s marketing is better?

    • Datri Anderson says:

      doTERRA doesn’t distill the oils. the farmers who have had years and years to perfect it do it. doTERRA along with 3 other indepent testing companies test each batch of oil they get to make sure that every bottle that goes out is pure. 100% pure. the founders of doTERRA have been with yl before and they left YL becase they weren’t 100% pure. so i trust that what i’m ingesting and using on my body is the purest of oils that are in the market now days. and as for growing, there are places all over the world that grow the plants and trees, only in the best place to get the best product,they aren’t by doTERRA themselves. but by others who know what they are doing to make the best product. if that makes sense to you at all. my brain goes faster then my fingers sometimes lol

  61. Sharing the same woes of OE purchasing. Especially since the oils I want are for internal as well as topical uses.
    I have been looking into ……
    Appalacian Valley Natural products…Anatolian treasures
    I read a few good reviews on them and their prices are a bit better than YL and DoTerra.

    Anybody here have experience with them? The more information I get the more confused I am about where to place my order(s)
    Thanks for all the due diligence and help :)

    • Hi Paulette. I just took a look at that company – one thing that concerns me is that they carry some solvent extracted oils – which is really not the way that one would like oils to be extracted. Also, their rose is from Turkey but Bulgarian rose is the preferred rose.

      Also, the peppermint prices (I didn’t look at all of the prices, but I did look at a few) are so inexpensive that it makes me very suspicious of the quality. Of course, I can’t say, but representative pricing for peppermint w/ doTERRA is $20.50 per bottle for 15 ml so that company is selling a 20ml bottle for $5. That seems ridiculously low. I know there is a markup for MLMs but not 75%. Hope that helps. I am trying to put things together for everyone soon.

  62. Kimberly – that’s a good point, I thought of that too, but I then thought with the testing they do they would ultimately end up in the same place as if they grew the stuff themselves. Just because THEY grow it, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better. It could be, but then again, I think that’s the problem Young Living is having, if we’re to believe the press on them, that the quality is lacking recently. I know that the vast majority of product reviews I’ve read on either company, is highly favorable. I just want to know where the doTerra lavender comes from….wah :-)

    • I think I heard recently that doTERRA’s lavender is from France. That being said, French lavender is notoriously riddled with adulterants so you need to get lavender from them only if you really trust the supplier.

  63. Thank you. I saw the list on the doterra group on Google, just coincidentally happened upon it. I don’t know if I saved it, but I could find it again. Yes, the lavender’s from France. However, i don’t know where the person who posted the list got the information.

  64. Alan K. Manning says:


    All of doTERRA’s oils are subject to a battery of tests to insure their purity and potency. If their lavender oil is sourced from France you can rest assured that it has been third party tested by an independent laboratory and is of the highest quality. I value doTERRA’s test results over knowing where an oil was sourced.

    Alan K. Manning

  65. where is part 2??
    I went to my first EO class today (doTERRA) and the rep said doTERRA only buys plants from there indigenous environment, where God intended them to thrive. This is why the owner of doTERRA branched away from YL.
    I am trying to learn what and where to order from. My husband, who is an actuary (risk assesor), is convinced we can get the same quality at a cheaper price.

    • Hi LeAnn. I am struggling under a pile of multiple things right now and have part two drafted, but a little more work to do. I am really confused myself. There is more to why the owner of DT left YL. You can read about it on DT’s site. Truly DT’s oils are expensive and a lot of that is the MLM structure. I am not saying I am against, DT – that is just the truth.

      Feel free to comment again. I can’t figure all of this out but I am looking at another company as well. And DT does not disclose where all of their oils are from. I can’t completely figure out why.

      • I’m with you on the disclosure part….and there are parts of the US that have identical soil properties as Provence (usual place in France for lavender), particularly up around the NW…Fredericksburg, Texas has herb farms that I believe distill their own lavender also.

        What I didn’t care for when doing some research into DoTerra was badmouthing YL….OTOH, I have some DoTerra oils and there is a DEFINITE difference between them and the Aura cacia that I have used for years…much more potent. I’ve not tried the YL oils, but a friend has some and we’ve compared ‘scents’ as that is the best we can do without a gas chromotagraphy machine (fun to have since I can’t quite spell tonight)…

        As for the ‘proprietary’ stuff…how about giving me an idea of what is in it? Not amounts or percentages, but general scents…

  66. Alan K. Manning says:


    I look forward to Part 2 of your report on the best essential oil companies! Your Part 1 has been a big help in my research on where to buy essential oils?

    Keep up the good work!

    Alan K. Manning

  67. Ok, I was worried I was missing the link to part 2. And yes, thanks for all your research and insight. Excited to hear part 2 and begin my journey with essential oils!

  68. Emily Hughes says:

    I have read every post and this has been the best comparison research I’ve been able to find. Im very eager and excited to see what part 2 has to offer. The lengths you’ve gone are amazing and have been so incredibly helpful, thank you so much! Im doing my own investigating of YoungLiving, doTERRA, and Aura Cacia. One of my hang ups is the arguments online referencing “therapitic grade” to actually mean nothing in terms of pureness but is a gimmick to push essential oils as pure? I know im not explaining that right. Is therapeutic grade a reliable term? Im currently using doTERRA and Im impressed to state it simply. Im not one that likes to get involved with MLM companies but they have a good product. Thank you! Thank you! For all the time you’re putting into this.

  69. Julia Rizzo says:

    I am so excited to read about what you have found. I love research as well. It’s surprising that Tisserand is not really mentioned in all of this. As a forerunner in the essential oil movement Robert Tisserand started his own company (The Aromatic Oil Co.) in 1974 and in 1985 Tisserand Ltd. was started. He published a book on aromatherapy (“The Art of Aromatherapy”) in 1977 and has published more since. As far as I know he has the most longevity of anyone else in this field. I have been a massage therapist and bodyworker for 14 years and have used many different essential oils. I do enjoy Young Living (one of my co-workers is also a YL distributor) and Tisserands oils. I have used Aura Cacia but find that some of their oils seem harsher than YL & Tisserands. I know this is just more to add but thought you would be interested. Thanks for all that you have done, I really appreciate it! ps. here is a link to the Tisserand UK site on it’s history…

  70. Looking forward to your final report! I am ready to start using essential oils in my home but I have been holding off, trying to decide where to get them from (hence what led me to your blog, which I LOVE by the way!) I read somewhere that you can test purity by putting a drop on construction paper to see if it all evaporates, or if it leaves an oily ring on the paper. Have you tried that test with any of the oils you are researching? Also, I wish there was a good way to know for sure no pesticides were used besides taking the company’s word for it… Thanks again for your blog :)

    • I had heard that, Jessica, but one of the “experts” – and this guy knows a lot – in the field told me that that is not reliable due to different oils having different makeups. I really hope to have more here very soon. :-).

  71. Julia Rizzo says:

    Hi Adrienne, hope you’re well. Just in responding to you I’ve been doing a lot of research. I can’t imagine the extent of your research in talking to so many people! Bless you! Whew! I feel concerned by the “All Natural” labeling system too, it can be so difficult to find the truth! Searching for “Tisserand” in the EWG’s site they only had older/discontinued products from 2005 and the ratings were pretty average/below average. But in researching/reading more about EWG’s Skin Deep these articles comments struck me;

    “In summary, the Skin Deep database does not offer any insight into the true safety in use of any
    cosmetic product. Indeed, by encouraging the use of ingredients with no supporting toxicity
    data, they are risking the health of the very consumers they pupport to be seeking to protect.
    This database should be radically amended (and corrected) to better reflect it’s true worth, or
    closed down.”
    -Dene Godfrey

    and this one;

    “There is a growing hysteria about “chemicals” in consumer products, as if the fact of a substance
    being a chemical made it inherently toxic. It is understandable that consumers do not know the
    difference between a synthetic chemical and a naturally-occurring one. (Synthetic chemicals,
    while not necessarily more toxic, are less environmentally friendly.) However, even the
    Environmental Working Group appears not to know which essential oils contain which chemical
    -Robert Tisserand

    Obviously they say much more before that but in researching the ingredients (in the above mentioned hand cream) their names seem harsher than they are. Which just has my mind spinning. Now, don’t get me wrong. My personal bathroom cabinet basically has a lot of essential oils, coconut oil, organic powders and such, all things that I would be essentially okay/not highly toxic to ingest. And in my kitchen I’m extremely clear on what I choose to eat. I’m not a scientist so I don’t really know the depth of why certain things are or aren’t good for us. I generally go with what’s at my local health food store or Farmers Market and reading Dr. Weston Price’s/Dr. Mercola/other health related forums. I totally understand and am picky about these things too. Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the volume of information that at times seems contradictory. What are your thoughts? And again, thank you so much for all the time and energy you’re investing into this project. I really appreciate it!

    • My thoughts have really been more in depth recently as I was looking into another few lines of skin care to promote to my readers but I was not happy with some of the ingredients after I looked into them. I received a proposal and a lot of stuff to review for free and had to send it back b/c it didn’t meet w/ what I wanted to promote. I am using another line that I am thrilled w/ and their ingredients are second to none. I will be talking about them soon – as soon as I can. If you are interested before that time you can email me but I am not ready to put it on my blog in a formal fashion :). I’ve literally puts hours and hours into this so I feel really good about what I am going to be sharing.

  72. hello I was wondering how everything is going and what your opion of the differnt brands of EO’s. i am interested in getting started but i want the best that i can get!

  73. Liz Sanders says:

    Have you checked out Shining Sun Aromatherapy in New Mexico?

    I just randomly came across their site, looking for small, local operations… Would love to know more if you know anything!!


    • I didn’t check them out but looked at their source – Wisdom of the Earth. Looks like a good source from what I can tell but I can’t tell where their oils are from or if they are organic. I found their order form to be difficult to navigate and their prices to not be much less than the MLMs . Also, on Wisdom’s site you need to buy a $20 catalog. I found that to be strange. Do you have a different thought about them?

  74. Just a tid bit of info… Young living and DoTerra used to be the same company but they got into it and DoTerra Broke off and still uses the same formulas as Young living. I like Young living and that is who I use. They do have differences now that they are different companies and have their oils come from different places but their processes are the same and their recipes are the same so I don’t know that there is a WHOLE lot of difference. Although I am sensitive to DoTerras lavender but not sensitive to Young Livings lavender.

  75. I have been trying to wrap my mind around EO for a while and just ran across your post today. I have been approached by a couple friends who are selling Young Living’s oils a couple times and have almost signed up.. Then another friend who contacted me about Be Young’s oils and he has sold both and feels they are superior to Young Living. Then I did some of my own research and was really turned off to both companies in the way they have attacked each other, they are brothers! Anyways, I really want to use EO in my home and all I want is the most bang for my buck!! :-)

  76. Ya, just for personal use (for me and kiddos) and for cleaning purposes also. I have toddlers, so want purity in the EO too.

  77. Hi Adrienne ~
    I have used Forever Green brand essential oils for about 4 years now. I really like the lot numbers, batch numbers, and 100 percent organic labeling on every bottle. Overall, I have had a great experience with the quality and potency of the oils.I started looking into other companies mostly because of cost and the fact that Forever Green’s website is tedious to use and navigate. I learned about oils from a lady who has been working with herbs and EO for over 30 years, so I trust that the company is good, but I am eagerly awaiting your research on this topic. I have tried looking into things myself (CRAZY amounts of info and misinfomation…) so if you are able to let me know what your current thoughts are, I’d love to hear. I totally understand the work you have put into part 2 and 3…eagerly anticipating! ;) Love and light!

    • Hi.. I really don’t understand that company. I couldn’t even see their prices. Could you forward me their site please? Maybe I was on the wrong one?? I am about to share where I am going but open to look at one more place. let me know. :)

  78. Hi Adrienne!
    Thank you so much for all of your hard work and research. I love reading your blog, and appreciate a fellow skeptic.

    I was curious to hear your thoughts on some of the inexpensive “therapeutic essential oils” that can be purchased on Amazon…in particular those made by the “Edens Garden” company and the “Plant Therapy” company. Both claim to be 100% undiluted therapeutic oils with no fillers, additives, bases or carriers added, and of course the prices are spectacular for multiple bottles…but I also believe in quality over quantity and am hesitant.

    We use YL oils at my holistic job and I know the quality is amazing, but the price is still pretty high on a shoestring budget, and I am not ready to join a MLM to get savings. DoTerra is completely out of my budget.

    I would love the ability to have multiple oils at my disposal to mix and create combinations with, and although I’d consider replacing the favorites with individual YL oils over time, I am looking for a beginner set to experiment with.

    I plan on just using the oils for personal use at this time to help with multiple health issues and I am just starting to explore the aromatherapy world. I may also try soap or candles in the future… I’m an avid DIYer so anything is possible.

    I look eagerly forward to your second post on essential oils, and hope that you will consider including these two companies as well.

    Thank you so much for your time!

    • Hi!

      I’m hoping I’m almost there. Well, I am . Just life has been crazy and there are a few more things to work out. I would personally think PT’s oils would be suspect. Their prices are just too low. I asked an oil purchased about lemongrass priced at $10 for 15 ml and he said that is being sold almost at a loss – so how could that company sell good oil even cheaper? I don’t know. I do think I responded to someone about EG in the comments – take a look and let me know. I remember something about them. Thanks!!!! If you’re desperate, email me at :)

    • Elizabeth Tipton says:

      I always question someone that puts non-disclosed Amazon links in their posts they get paid for.

  79. Alan K. Manning says:


    In response to Eliza’s post; in my opinion the best value for someone new to essential oils is Ananda Apothecary. Their quality and pricing is excellent!

    Alan K. Manning

    • Alan, I’m a little confused by your comment – from your site you appear to clearly be a doTERRA consultant yet you are recommending Ananda. I ended up looking into Ananda in depth and have a number of concerns – some of which I shared in the comments – can you clarify your relationship w/ these companies please? Thanks.

  80. Have you heard about plant life I use their foam soap brand and I noticed that they also sell essential oil. The website states that they sell 100% pure essential oil, but I’m not sure I know what that means. Link:

    Thank you for all your research!

    • Hi – I am not sure if I looked at them before. I just poked around their site a little. I am not seeing them disclose where their oils are from nor what their quality statement is. Anyone can say 100% pure essential oil and dump propylene glycol in it – since some of the oil is still 100% pure they are “OK” by CODEX standards. You’re welcome. Most of their products look pretty clean – they are some processed things that aren’t as good like hydrolyzed what protein, glyceryl stearate, etc. But overall more clean than most! Did you see my DIY Foaming Soap post?

      • Ha! Yes, I saw your DIY foaming soap after I purchased the foaming soap from plantlife. Now, I’m in search of EO to make the foaming soap smell better.

        I actually think the plantlife foaming soap was the best soap I ever used, because it got rid of any grease on my hand with one wash (unlike other soap). However, I don’t like paying the high price. Your post also made me curious about the EO they put in their foaming soap.

        Great job! Hope life isn’t too busy for you and take care of yourself.

  81. I am very interested in your findings! I would like to purchase some soon. Have you looked into 100% Pure Essential Oils? Any thoughts on them? here is there website

    • Sorry to take so long to get back to you. I checked them out but not entirely sure. I am about done and ready to write up my post(s) on this. Hope to have one done this week or next :).

  82. I couldn’t read through all the comments….which I really love to read….but how about Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade, as opposed to Generally Regarded As Safe? I love that you are doing all this hard, detailed work for us! LOVE oils….currently using doTerra and love them.

    • Hi Judi. Can you clarify what you are asking? Are you basically saying that doTERRA’s term should be the standard? Just trying to see if you are looking for a response :-).

  83. Adrienne,
    Glad to see that I am not the only one with this quandary. The internet is a wonderful thing but it also can be to make you crazy…who is lying and who is telling the truth. I want a good EO that is priced reasonably. I got into this last year after seeing Rebeca the owner of at a conference. These are the only oils I have used and on a quest for getting the best bang for my buck. I hate to be lied to can’t wait to see what you find out…I just want truth no traveling salesman. I also want to learn more about the medicinal uses of oils, any thoughts?

    • Hi. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. A number of their oils are solvent extracted. That is enough for me to not want to work with them. Stick around for post #2!!

  84. Adrienne….
    No response needed….just wondering! I am so thankful to you that you are doing all of this HARD work for us….along with taking care of your life! Not saying that doTerra should be the standard. I do use doTerra….really my first intro to oils, but I am not opposed to using something different/better! Thank you again for all the hard work you are doing for all of us!

  85. I’m not sure how you think such subjective measures such as skin irritation could be compiled into an actual scientific experiment unless maybe you are just doing it for kicks and giggles. I hope you do not think that your measures are sufficient for testing the oils nor do I think your lack of biology background to be helping. But you are on to something with the distillation that you mentioned.

    • Kisha,

      Can you explain what you are talking about – “subjective measures such as skin irritation”? I have been doing much more research here than you think….and maybe a lot more than is being done in the oils world. And can I ask where you get your info that I have a lack of biology background? Have I talked about that somewhere? I’m not a dr but I was pre-med at one of the top schools in the country.

    • Yikes! Easy on the ‘tude Keisha. Seems to me she’s doing this on her on time, on her own dime, to scratch a curious itch she and a lot of us have. If you don’t trust/like her methods then just don’t read them. This is no place for insults.

      Adrienne, thank you for your time in researching this. I am new to oils and are excited to see your part 2.

      :) Katie

      • Hmm…Not sure what comment you are referring to. Oh, I think I see it now. Yes, I am paying for all the oils I am testing and have spent a ton of time. I can’t purport to be perfect but I think I am getting a pretty balanced look at this. Thanks for the encouragement!

  86. is the only company I use to purchase essential oil, blends, carrier oils, lotions etc. I have been using this company for over 15 years and find absolutely no fault in any of their products.

    • Hi Karen. I checked out that site and I have a number of concerns. First of all, they sell artificial colors which is something that I don’t want on my body or in my personal care. They also have a lot of chemicals like phenoxyethanol in their products like their shampoo. Thirdly, they sell what I would consider a lesser quality peppermint oil. “Candy-like” smell in peppermint oil means it’s been distilled for a long time and generally in the essential oil community that means it isn’t as therapeutic. So – I don’t mean to be overpowering w/ my thoughts, but I really would like to go w/ a company that cares about purity across the board. If a company is willing to sell products w/ questionable ingredients then I question their ethics -does that make sense? I’d like to know what you think about the concerns that I brought up. Thanks!!!

  87. Kathy Longhurst says:

    D?Terra Lavender is steam distilled from the flowering tops of plants from France (fine high altitude) and Bulgaria (super high altitude). These are joined together in equal ratios.

  88. Kathy Longhurst says:

    The page will tell you all about the DoTerra Oils – it’s a great resource! Yes I joined DoTerra several years ago – I have collected info on essential oils for years now and yes some brands are really good but DoTerra is the only one I will take internally because I know each batch is tested, not just once per source but each time a batch comes in. I need to feel confident in what I am using.

  89. I have spent the whole evening reading your posts about essential oils. I am more confused than ever. I did sign up with YL so I could buy the oils at a little better price but I don’t like the fact that they charge tax on the retail value of the oil and I’m not selling it to anyone. I am interested in hearing more about the YL brand. Thx for all your research & hard work on the topic.

  90. What about Mountain Rose? I have used Doterra but they can be expensive. Do you know how Mountain Rose compares? I don’t like how Doterra sells the Certified hype when it is just a registered trade name and means nothing.

    • I am a little concerned about that as well. MR Herbs oils are not certified for internal use. I am going to be posting soon about this but if you are desperate please email me and perhaps I can help.

  91. Adrienne, I love your spirit in trying to figure all this out! I puzzled through it a couple of years ago and came to my own conclusions… can I recommend a couple of sites at this late date in your process?

    First, though, remember that “certified for internal use” is just as useless a phrase as “therapeutic grade” and other such classifications. There is no overarching body that can certify essential oils… not a government, not an aromatherapy organization, not a company itself. Everybody can and DOES make up their own terms to make their oils seem better than other folks’. Some companies are leery of recommending internal use, and will not recommend it for fear of misuse and resulting liver toxicity and such; others recommend it heartily (and push heavy use of internal EOs) without regard to their customers’ bodies, going so far to claim that only superpure oils like theirs can be taken internally safely. It’s a mess to try to unravel. (anatolian treasures) is one that imports oils directly and sells them to other providers… hence their lower prices. The company was founded by an American expat/military man who lived in Turkey and developed his sources over many decades. The current owner is supposedly just as passionate, although I haven’t spoken to him myself. also imports their own oils directly and has a new owner, but has a great reputation.

    Just thought I’d throw you two more good bones to investigate. (As if you needed them… I’m sure your head is spinning by now.)

    • I agree w/ what you are saying. I think I am starting to think buying oils is like buying raw milk – you must know your farmer or trust the one who knows the farmer. When a company tell me their oils are OK for internal use it is typically b/c they are certified as a supplement by the FDA (like w/ YL or DT) but other companies (like Mountain Rose Herbs) clearly state that you shouldn’t take their internally b/c theirs aren’t produced in a food grade facility. So….I will maybe take a look at the two companies you mentioned but I am getting close to a recommendation. Thanks!

  92. Hi Adrienne,
    First of all I just want to give you props for all of your HARD work and research! I love to research as well, and I love reading your blog! I am very interested in your comparison of companies, because I am new to the EO world and just looking for a starter kit to make several aromatherapy recipes for various ailments. I only want to use these for personal use and I have no interest whatsoever in selling. So for me price is an obstacle, but I would be willing to pay more for quality and just buy my oils more slowly rather than all at once. You are doing a great job! I really am desperate to know your findings!

  93. Adrienne,

    I’m also trying to find best essential oil company. I decided to go to the source—authors of essential oil books. This led to— a refreshing site with great answers. Young Living, DoTerra—all MLM companies that want to sell a boatload of oils and are not really proficient in how to use oils correctly. The end consumers end up paying way too much as well. Hope this is helpful.

  94. Hi Adrienne,

    To ditto your fans here — thank you for doing so much research, and sharing it with everyone! I read through each comment from the top, holding my breath as the dates ticked along that I would arrive at your recommendations :) Oooh the anticipation!

    I am doing research of my own right now, as I am hoping to start my pet parrots on some aromatherapy treatments. As my birds are my kids, and they have such sensitive respiratory systems, I am anxious to find the “best” quality oils available. Have been considering YL for some time, but was also hoping to find a cheaper alternative (as some of the oils I need to treat the particular affliction in my birds range into the hundreds of dollars for a few milliliters, sigh).

    Looking forward to your final report!

    • Thanks so much, Michelle! I’m almost for sure at my final decision so if you get desperate you can email me. I’m not flawless and there are others I am still thinking about but I am trying to find integrity, quality and good pricing. Thanks!!!

  95. gloria anderson says:

    Hi! Just visited your site today. I’ve been using Young Living’s essential oils for some time and there is no comparison. Their Thieves brand is so effective in so many ways- even MOLD. I had a leaky water heater in one of my closets and mold developed as a result. I mixed a little Thieves with water and sprayed twice and now it’s GONE! And still is! Their oils are a little expensive- but I guess you DO get what you indeed pay for.

  96. Betty Be Ready says:

    Favorites: doTERRA (These oils actually do what they say they can do, and their quality is the best I’ve found so far. We’re having great success with diabetes, sciatica and neuropathy using these)
    Less expensive but very good: NOW and Aura Cacia brands through Puritan’s Pride. Often “buy one get one free” Good quality without MLM limitations and expense.
    My foot zoner loves Butterfly Express and uses it very effectively
    Not as good, but have a great variety:
    Terrible: the ones I found in our local fresh produce stores. Blech. Those were horrible. They didn’t feel or smell right.
    I’ve been conducting my own research, comparing brands, too. When evaluating a company, a good place to start is peppermint. Everyone likes that scent–or is at least very familiar with how it should smell. It’s useful for many purposes so you won’t waste money, but you can easily smell the quality difference between brands. You’ll know when you’ve gotten a diluted or weak brand versus a strong pure brand.
    I’m interested in the other brands being mentioned in this blog and will continue my own investigations soon along with comparisons of companies offering dehydrated/freeze dried foods for food storage on See you there.

  97. REALLY looking forward to your conclusion. Waiting with eager anticipation, and will be linking up to your post. I use DT, after switching over from YL. NOT a fan of Aura Cacia at ALL.

    Thanks for all the research!

  98. Dena Capley says:

    Oh my goodness, the suspense!!!!!

  99. Denise Benner says:

    I am so glad I found this :) I too am waiting to see the results. I am almost ready to buy some more oils. I do have a YL oil that I am going to keep, and it is why I want to buy more, but the signing up is what keeps me back. Thank you for all your research and work !!! All the while being a Mommy(super mom) hands on hips looking off in to the sky :) It is appreciated.

    • If you need more before I publish my thoughts you can contact me. I have a lot of things I need to take care of over the next week or so but I’ll do what I can :).

  100. Denise Benner says:

    I am happy to wait for your findings. Just very happy to know someone was researching. I also know what it is like to be a Mom :-) so you are the super mom! I look forward to your findings.

  101. Datri Anderson says:

    I Use doTERRA. You wont find anything as Pure. It’s CPTG (certified pure therapeutic grade). It’s amazing. I’ve smelt other oils from other companies and nothing has smelt as potent and wonderful as doTERRA! =)

    • I do like the testing the DT does, but frankly, there are other companies doing the same testing, from what I have learned. And while I do like the smell of DT’s oils, smell is not an indicator of purity or efficacy necessarily. I will write more about that later. But I do think that DT has some good oils

  102. I just wanted to say thank you for your research. I am very interested in your findings. I’ve put off buying essential oils, because I wasn’t sure which company to use. I have determined however that Doterra is out of my budget, and even though I love Young Livings Lava derm the owner seems to be a scam artist from what I have found online. I am leaning towards Mountain Rose, or Appalachian Valley. What do you think?

    • Hi. I haven’t looked at AV’s oils. I have done a ton of research and could try w/ this one but I am about done I think :-). MR Herbs told me that their oils aren’t to be used internally since they aren’t processed in a food grade facility so I am not comfortable with them and there is one other issue there as well. If you need to make a decision right away you can email me. I have a massive deadline for this coming week and am trying to balance a bit too much but hope to post soon :-).

  103. I am new to this website, and very interested in your article and research.. but I see since March of this year you have been saying you’ll post the results “soon”.. I guess I was wondering what you’ve found so far or curious for an update. I’ve just discovered oils and I’m going to be purchasing some for my family – I’m very interested in your findings and suggestions

    • I am so sorry – everything got more convoluted than I thought. If you are desperate to buy please email me. I am most likely going to post in the next two weeks. Thanks!!!

  104. Hi! Just came across your site. I’ve done extensive research as well and am interested to see what you find!!! I had included in my research: Appalachain Valley, Nature’s Gift, Simplers, Mountain Rose, Eden Botanicals, Aromaland, Cheryl’s Herbs, Tisserand, Original Swiss Aromatics, Floracopeia, Wyndmere, DoTerra, Aura Casia, LorAnn, Majestic Mountain Sage, Liberty Natural, Quinessence, and Ananda Apothacary. This is a huge investment of time, I know! Thank you and looking forward to your opinions. -missy

    • Alison Armstrong says:

      Missy, can you share what your findings were?

    • I agree-what did you find, Missy?

    • Though I very much respect and appreciate the research that has gone into Adrienne’s opinions, we all need to remember that they are just that – opinions. Even the most educated opinions are not necessarily “right”. I’m not saying in any way that Adrienne is wrong, and I don’t want to take away from her well-researched conclusions; However, I encourage everyone to do their own research and never blindly rely on or assume that someone else’s opinion is “right” or better than what you can find out on your own. The Internet is filled with unsupportable claims, bias, and downright false information. For instance, QuackWatch, though perhaps well-intentioned and in some instances factually correct – contains quite a bit of quackery itself. I caution anyone who relies on information published on QuackWatch. I am disappointed, and somewhat confused, as to why Adrienne did not include in her reviews some of the long-standing, reputable EO companies that are popular and well-respected among many seasoned EO users and aromatherapists: to name some- White Lotus, Simplers, Floracopeia, Oshadhi, Natures Gift, Tisserand, Eden Botanicals, Original Swiss Aromatics, . In a quest for “which essential oils are best” one would want to include as many well-established companies as possible. There really aren’t that many – given the years of research Adrienne has put into this endeavor – that would render that an impossible task. Again, I commend Adrienne’s research, but I would like to see her qualify her claims a bit, in order to be more candid with all the people who come to this blog in search of honest answers. That being said, I would really like to see Adrienne edit her site to read something like: “Which Essential Oils are the Best Quality for the Money: A Review of Heritage Oils, Native American Nutritionals, North American Herb and Spice, Mountain Rose Herbs, Aura Cacia, DoTerra, and Young Living”. This, in and of itself, is a huge endeavor and an excellent source of information. I think it would help a lot of people to know, right off the bat, which oils Adrienne focused on, and that cost was a factor. I’m not saying cost should NOT be factored in, I’m simply saying that it should be VERY clear that it was. For example, though both would be valuable articles to many people, “Which Car is Best for the Money” and Which Car is Best in Terms of Quality” would (or should) provide very different information. Many people who happen upon this site, (which is conveniently and highly likely, given the name and typical google search terms) are new to the EO scene, and are hungry for much-needed, honest information in order to best pursue their own quests for healing, health, and wellness. These people are vulnerable, and they should protect themselves by keeping an open mind and following up on other’s opinions through their own research. I, myself, have not found my holy grail EO company; but I use, like, and recommend oils from (among others, and in no particular order) White Lotus, Simplers, YL, Rocky Mountain, Ananda. I’m also actively searching others. Right now i’m looking into NHR Organics. I’m no expert, but I’ve been doing this a long time. I’m just encouraging people to do their own research and make sure they draw conclusion from facts and reputable sources. (again, not saying Adrienne isn’t a reputable source – she certainly seems to be very knowledgeable and dedicated). Essentially, I just want people to take ownership of their own health and wellness and to have faith in their own abilities to be discerning and think independently. The fact that so many of you are even reading this means that you want to take an active role, and that’s great! Good luck to all, including Adrienne.

      • Hi Missy.

        Thanks for commenting.
        Just a few things in response:

        1. I would like to ask what else any review can be but opinions. In evaluating what is “best” that is all it can be. However, a lot of my “opinion” was based on some hard and fast facts, such as how oils are produced, where they are sourced from, the fact that most oils come through oils “experts” rather than direct from farms, and that many oils are adulterated.

        2. Regarding the list of companies you mentioned, I did look at some of them. I think I explained myself numerous times about how this all came to be. I had signed up with YL enthusiastically but realized soon afterwards that I needed to do some more digging and when I found Native American I felt like I had my answer–for now. I am not staffed like Consumer Reports and I don’t make the kind of money that I would need to in order to go though every oils company out there–or at least more of them than I did. Some of the companies you mentioned I did look at. Flora and Eden Botanicals for sure and I think several others. I wasn’t thrilled with either of those 2 for numerous reasons. I looked at Nature’s Gift and Tisserand too. I think Tisserand has good oils but I didn’t care for his other products. They were filled with ingredients that are questionable at best and that leads me to walk away. I would rather get good oils from a company with other good products as well rather than support a company that has good oils with unnatural things they are promoting on the side. I looked up a good number of the ingredients in his personal care products on EWG and was less then enthused.

        3. There are TONS of oils companies out there. You stated that there “aren’t that many”, but I am not sure how you think that. And again, I am trying to juggle homeschooling, having a special needs kid, cooking all whole foods, and being involved in church and civic activities so I have a very full life. At some point I needed to “hang it up” and be good with my decision. You also mentioned that I spent “years” on this research, but I do think it was a span of 9 months, and of course, that was on and off. Now I am working on more with oils, heavy metals, water filtration, and simply trying to spend more time with my family. Again, if you knew my income I think you would understand that I just can’t work 40 hours a week on this and I have edged there on many occasions. I hope you can understand. Blogging is much more work than I ever expected and one really needs to guard one’s time carefully or it slips away to a problematic proportion.

        4. I can see what you mean that you think I only focused on the oils companies that you mentioned, but I think if you read through the many comments you can see that I covered more. And there were things that turned up that I really needed to consider whether or not I would put them in print or not. I need to be careful that I wouldn’t get myself in trouble. So when folks ask about certain companies sometimes I couldn’t share what I heard and why I would not recommend them. I know that sounds clandestine but it is simply the truth.

        Just so you know, to finish, I ran so many companies by others in the industry. I am not an oils buyer so I had to lean on someone. I also contacted companies myself to ask more about them and perused many sites and bought many oils. When others said a company was selling oils for less than they could buy them for it was a for sure red flag. He himself said Tisserand looked very good, but I made my own conclusion about the rest of the products on my own. One other company seemed to have good oils but focused heavily on “energy” of the oils and that is something I didn’t want to get involved in very heavily. I think there is energy in all things but I think an overemphasis of such is confusing at best. And one other company’s ownership is tied up in a legal issue that is pretty messy and troubling. I am still considering posting about it but I don’t know what to do about it.

        I hope that is helpful and I will be sharing more in the future. About oils in general and about another company. I appreciate your kind words but wanted to address the concerns you brought up and hopefully clear up some of the misconceptions you appear to have about me, my “research” and my reasons for writing this. Thanks and hope to see you around again!

  105. Adrienne,

    Would love to know your findings. I am on vacation next week, so will have some time to check the company/companies out more myself. Thanks for all the research you have done, and I look forward to hearing back. Thank you so much! Donna

  106. I’ve found another company that sells essential oils ( including Thieves oil ). But don’t know if the quality of their oil is good.

    • Hi. I can’t really speak to her quality since she is just growing the things herself. I would say that if the plants aren’t grown indigenously then they aren’t as high quality. Did I read her info correctly?

  107. I am looking forward to your part 2 post. I have just recently been introduced to essential oils and I am hoping to use them to help with my 2 sons health issues (mainly lung/asthma problems). They have both had breathing problems from them time they were babies. I just hate having to put all of the medications into their bodies. I am hopeful that EO’s will be able to help at least reduce the medications they have to take. I try to use a more natural approach to living but have not really found anything that works for them in the way of replacing their breathing medications. As I started looking into EO’s I became very confused. I have two people close to me that highly recommend “their” product. One is Young Living, on doTerra. I have tried to research online to find out the differences between the two and which is better but it just becomes more confusing. I am not sure what to believe anymore so I am anxious to see what you have found. I would love to keep my boys healthy through EO’s. It is worth it to me to pay a higher price for quality but don’t want to waste money on a more expensive product that is the same or inferior. Like I said, looking forward to your post and finding out what you have found. Thanks for your time!

  108. I’ve just read through all the comments! It is all very interesting! I too am just discovering this amazing world of essential oils, and how many companies there are!
    A friend that I trust recommends to only buy organic/wildcrafted therapeutic grade oils. She recommends NHR Organics.
    I unfortunately can not afford these.
    I usually just buy Butterfly Express because it is what I can afford. (and I have to save up for these!) Is there a company that is comparable but even cheaper?
    I don’t know if part of your recommendation could be:
    These are the best if money is no object. These are the best if money is an object. And these will “make do” if money is seriously an object. :)

    • That’s a hard thing to say, Melissa. You will see more when I post, but a lot of these “affordable” oils appear to be so since they are adulterated. It’s easy to add cheaper things to the oils to save money. That being said, I can maybe come up with something. Thanks – good question.

  109. It’s obvious you have spent many, many hours on the question of essential oils. I hate to butt in this late in the game but there are a couple of articles written by a woman who has also done considerable research into the question of essential oils that you may find interesting. Here is the link for the first article:
    I’m looking forward to seeing what you have decided on essential oils!

    • I just read that! I checked and some of her information isn’t accurate. But it helped me in my research. The company she reference isn’t the only one using that designation in the U.S. and the designation isn’t all it appears to be. Thank you!!

  110. I am excited to see your conclusion! I will be looking forward to it. I have some essential oils on my Christmas list, so I will be happy to see which is the best. Thank you so so so much for all your hard work!

  111. Sandy Hagel says:

    Please send me the name of the best quality oils you found in your research. I live in Canada but most companies will ship internationally.

    Thank you for all your research.


  112. hello adrienne
    ,appreciate all your work , and would like to ask you when you will post the part 2 ( approximately :) )I really can’t wait to see the results of your research.And do u have any recommendations for people who live in Europe to get essential oils for health use. ( I currently live in Denmark).

    Thanks a lot, god bless and help you.

    • Hi Hassan. You can email me at wholenewmom at gmail dot com. I am just so overwhelmed but am almost ready to post. My mother’s favorite country was Denmark, by the way. I never got there but really would have liked to. My father is from Ireland :-).

  113. Thank you so much, in advance, for all of the research you are doing. It will benefit so many of us. A friend of mine recommend’s essential oils, but I don’t know anything about them. I hope to learn more!

    By the way, is this article one of your most commented on articles on your website? !!! Wow! :)

  114. Yvette Hernandez says:

    I am looking forward to part 2. I’m trying to decide in what company I should invest on. For family use and extra income. Hope all is well.

    Yvette Hernandez

  115. Hi Adrienne. One thing that may come into play in your research is that many of the original team at YL left to start doTerra. Including Dr. Hill who is a very reputable in the EO industry. You may have found this article already but if not it’s a great read: I know at least 5 YL distributors that left to move to doTerra due to the lack of confidence in the YL quality over the last couple of years. I am no expert in the chemical make up of EOs but I can say word of mouth is everything.

  116. I’m excite to read part 2! I’ve been trying to research different companies by online searching.. that’s how I found your site :)

  117. Hi.. I have been using oils for a long time.. I started on YL and was a distributor I left them for mountain rose herbs because I could no longer afford them.. I also have used NOW brand oils.. which I’m sure they are not the greatest but price is a issue right now.. so what is your opinion of NOW.. there is also a brand you probably have never heard of they are therapeutic grade and 100% guaranteed no to anything else, and low pressure no heat steam distilled.. lower prices than YL.. I would be curious what you think about them.. There is also N.A.N oils out of ava, mo.. I believe they do the private labels for remnantremedy.. I love that you are putting so much in to this so I was just wanting your opinion on these.. thanks

  118. sorry I over looked the native American nutritional.. I know them as NAN oils.. see it now.. lol

  119. Thanks for your post.. can’t wait for the rest. I have used young living oils in the past but stopped because of the price issue. Now, however, I have found them to be great.. I have thieves from years ago and still use it, more so now than before. I was thinking about buying more but looking into other companies that are more reasonable in price. Do you have any good books you would recommend for reading and learning about essential oils. I think I will wait until your other post before I buy anymore!

    • Did you see the oils book in my oils post (I think it’s in one of the giveaways). There is also a freebie on my post from today that looks pretty good :-).

  120. Christine says:

    Thank you so much for doing this.. I’m just starting to get into using essential oils, and was turned off that the most expensive oil companies badmouth the competitors.. I’m looking forward to the outcome of your research.. I was wondering if you have any thoughts about NOW brand?

    • I love NOW, but I am not sure that their oils can be high quality with the prices that they are offering. You will understand more when I post. Thanks!

  121. Maybe you could clarify what it means to be processed in a food grade facility vs not??? I have seen so many companies state their oils are 100% pure, no additives of any kind ect… and when i email the companies they say some people do take them internally but that they cannot endorse that for liability reasons, this is a quote i recieved back:

    “Because many people use essential oils for self-medication and we are not licensed aromatherapists, we have to be very careful with the freedom given people in this respect. We do not know what medications, quantities and allergies people may have. We put “for external use” on our labeling for our own liability. This is very common practice in the US and many other companies that sell therapeutic grade oils, also put this on their labeling. Essential oils are highly concentrated and have the capacity to cause serious damage if used internally without the necessary expertise required in administering it. This is supported by the International Federation of Aromatherapists that does not recommend ingestion of essential oils unless under the supervision of a Medical Doctor who is also qualified in clinical aromatherapy.
    > That being said, many of our loyal customers use our oils internally since they are the highest quality available, but we leave this up to the customer.”

    What am i missing in my research? Is the sepctometry testing the key or ???

    • Hi Cami, I am not sure how to answer you. I just asked MRH about their oils and that is what they told me. I think there are many keys and the testing isn’t it. I hope to spell it all out in my post – as best as I can :).

  122. Alison Armstrong says:

    I’m looking forward to your findings. I sent you an email last week. I hope you got it. Thanks for your hard work!

  123. Dawne Smith says:

    I am interested in purchasing a high quality Rose Oil. It seems that MRH has the highest quality (and most expensive) out there. I’ve investigated their process and it all seems very well done. Can you tell me your opinion on the MRH Rose Oil? Thanks so much for all your hard work on this!

    • Hi Dawne. I can’t say specifically about their rose oil but I will be going with another company. If you need info before then you can email me :).

  124. Julie Snow says:

    I am very interested in your Part 2 findings on essential oil companies. I have been looking into this as well but haven’t gone any where near as deep as you! The anticipation is killing me :)

  125. i am SO looking forward to your findings!hopefully in the next week or two?

  126. Hello I too am doing a ton of research and having a hard time trusting which would be best for therapy. My father in law had a stroke and I am wanting to do therapy but I want it to be of the highest quality but affordable not only will I be investing my time but money as well any help you can give I would appreciate I am looking at butterfly express, but my daughter sells doterra ( which I use a few myself) any thoughts?

    • I do have thoughts and will be sharing them. If you are really desperate you can email me – I am swamped and sick again but hope to finish / continue this coming week. Thanks!

  127. You have put in a lot of time researching this information and I thank you and look forward to part 2. I have followed along and enjoyed the comments and checking out the various sites and I ordered from Green Valley years ago and received great quality oils. I recently decided to start using oils again and some of my oils are over ten years old and have aged wonderfully especially my patchouli. I see this company is still around but they are on the higher end looking forward to hearing if there is a cheaper alternative to the same quality.

  128. LOVE this thread and YOU for all your hard work! I was about to buy from DoTerra because I met a distributor with whom I was quite impressed at a recent retreat. Then I got home and read the series of articles at referenced by a reader above, and thought “well, I better check for Adrienne’s conclusion!” :) It looked to me like Be Young’s oil might be just the ticket, especially if you can get it in a group buy at Five Star Preparedness. So I’m very interested to see what you think of Be Young’s EO’s.

    By the way, the DoTerra distributor told me that anyone who is selling a “Four Thieves” oil is selling a Young Living product, which leads me to conclude it doesn’t matter what their business/website name is, they are a Young Living distributor. Do you agree?

    Many, many thanks!

    • Hi Connie.

      Thanks for the vote of confidence :-). Not certain I deserve it but….I heard that Be Young’s claims aren’t necessarily to be believed either as far as their testing goes…. that is might be more of a marketing ploy again. So I am a little concerned. Anyway, I am not clear what you mean by the “anyone … is selling a Young Living product.” Could you explain please? Thanks!

  129. ): (Sad face…) I was hoping I could stop searching…. lol

    “Four Thieves” is a specific name of a specific product, made and sold by Young Living. If anyone sells “Four Thieves” then they are distributing YL’s “Four Thieves” product ergo they are a YL distributor. They can call their business whatever they want without specifically saying they are a YL distributor but if they sell “Four Thieves” then that is in fact what they are. I was concerned about that because it seems they are trying to hide the fact that they are a YL distributor; why wouldn’t they just own up to it? OR they are trying to ride the “Four Thieves” coattail with their own version, which of course means a customer would be getting a (probably) lesser quality knock-off. Again, deceptive.

    I am anxiously awaiting your essential oil conclusions like everyone else who has posted. Many, many thanks!

    • I have never heard of Four Thieves and I am a YL distributor – but that doesn’t mean I am going to continue being one. Thieves is their product’s name and other companies have lookalike products that are supposed to be similar. I will say that I like their formulation. Hope that helps.

  130. I am interested to see if you are planning to do your follow up articles?

    I am learning a lot about essential oils too, and though I know you’re a fan of Young Living, have you tried Be Young? It’s the only essential oils in the U.S. that meet the E.O.B.B.D. standards.

    This is a GREAT resource for learning about essential oils…
    Part 1

    Part 2

    also if you just search essential oils she has a 101 and 102 article about them, she’s fabulous and knows her stuff!

    Hope this helps.

    • Hope to finish them up soon!

      I did look at BY – I found out that their certification is kind of just like the YL and DT certifications. I am, by the way, no longer a YL fan – stay tuned :).

      • Oh great, I can’t wait to read what you find…(BTW Young Living, and Doterra aren’t E.O.B.B.D standards, they’re “therapeutic grade”, which is just as superficial as saying vegetables are “all natural”, Be Young isn’t tooting the same horn as those companies, which is a relief). I am just starting to learn about essential oils, you just have to research so much, you don’t want to invest in bad products. Thanks for your articles! :)

        • If you have more info on EOBBD beyond that one post’s info I would appreciate it. What I heard didn’t make it stand out to me, but I am open to hear more. Thanks!

          • You know that is an awesome question. It lead me into looking into it more….all day actually. There is nothing on any other site period that mentions this standard for European medicinal use! *sigh*

            Well in my opinion after researching up the wazoo today I think the most important things for me are 1- Is it organic, (wild crafted, or sustainably harvested), and 2- Does the company offer GC/MS reports?

            I have found a few that are either one or the other, Mountain Rose Herbs are both…plus you get a discount buying in bulk! There are other good companies too, but that one meets both of my concerns. They don’t carry every oil I want, so I’ll go with some of those other companies that are good and meet my #1 or #2 concern. But at the end of the day, you just have to know what you’re buying to have real peace of mind.

            Thanks so much for inspiring me to research and find out more, I really appreciate it!

            Looking forward to your findings. :)

  131. I am interested in your second part I am currently using doterra I got started because my son has severe reflux and I wanted to reduce or eliminate medications. When will you publish the second part and how can I access it?

  132. Bea Taylor says:

    You have picked a VERY involved topic for research! And I truely appreciate all you work and “digging”. Like many others I am more than curious to hear the “bottom line” of all your work. I an new to essential oils but have tried DoTerra oils based on recommendations of friends of mine. I like what I have used but lack a comparison base alltogether. Thanks for your time and effort; will keep checking for part 2 – whenever to get it posted.

  133. One of my FAVORITE companies is Plant Therapy Essential Oils. LOVE them. They triple test, and their quality is amazing. They’re gaining momentum fast, because so many people are starting to realize what great oils (and customer service) they are. You’ll have to take a look at their website. The owner’s name is Chris, & he’s awesome to work with. He works directly with his customers whenever possible. I can’t stand Auracacia. Nasty! “Now” brand aren’t that great either. doTerra is really good but expensive. I like Butterfly Express also. But by far, for price & quality, Plant Therapy is my favorite!

  134. Adrienne,

    How about organic infusions, have you checked them out?


  135. Hi Adrienne,

    I have been doing some research myself, not as broad as yours though. In my opinion, you are on to some of the right principals for choosing oils. No solvents (although there are a few oils where solvents or chemical extraction methods might be needed), purity, ect. I think organic is important as well, pesticides even at low levels can have impacts and distilling can actually causes some chemicals to be concentrated right along with the distillate.

    I have read here about aromas being stronger in some oils than others, be careful to not let that rule the day. Aromas can be synthetically enhanced using perfumery techniques to make an inferior product smell superior. Also, I have noticed that some oils smells intensify as they age an oxidize. That 6 month old lavender might actually smell stronger than the brand new stuff. Familiarity also plays a factor since as humans we tend to stick with what we are used to or comfortable with.

    Some MML manufactures make awesome products, however you pay for the MML structure, this can be quite a bit more cost if one just wants to be a consumer of high quality affordable oils. Still, I have found on some oils the MML price beats others prices in the high quality domain.

    About food grade quality, I suggest folks be careful with that one as well, since you don’t need to ingest oils to get them into you blood stream and topical application in some cases can actually get more concentrated delivery where it’s needed. If someone has true clinical research on the benefits of ingesting oils as opposed to topical or inhalation applications, please post them here as I would love to see that.

    Since products and quality standards change frequently, perhaps developing the criteria and questions that should be asked about each vendor and to be honest, about each oil by that vendor, and then laying that out in a matrix would be the best answer. My guess is that there is no one perfect vendor for all oils, that’s actually what I have learned so far. Look for the best source for each oil or group of oils you use and you’ll be sure to come out a winner! I have found so far two to three vendors are meeting all my needs.

    Any ways, keep of the great work here! The conversation is excellent and very informative overall.

  136. WOW.. I googled “what is the best EO that can be ingested” and I cam across your thread. You have done 9 months of research that I was just starting to scratch the surface on. I am really interested in the end result of all of your research.

  137. I use Doterra’s shampoo that has citrus oils in it. I noticed the warnings concerning use of citrus oils. Does anyone know if it is OK to use shampoo on a daily basis that has citrus oils in it, and I won’t have to be concerned with photosensitivity?

    • I am using doTERRA’s Sanobella shampoo and conditioner. I do not wash my hair everyday because all the research I have done states it is not good for your hair. However I do wash it every third to fourth day and I don’t have any issues with the sun I live in AZ so it is still 80 degrees here now. As someone else said I would contact their customer support 1.800.411.8151 and ask them for a definitive answer. I use all their oils and love them and have had no adverse reactions to taking them anyway possible. Another resource I use is this is a great website.

  138. Alan K. Manning says:


    I recommend you contact doTERRA directly for your answer!
    Here is the e-mail address:

  139. I have only ever used Young Living. I don’t have children but I do have dogs and horses. I have a dog that’s prone to seizures and when she starts to have one, I can pull her out of it using YL oils. Idaho Balsam Fir on her atlas and on down her spine, Frankincense on her gums and by the time I’m getting to put Valor inside the pads of her foot, she’s coming out of it. I’ve used Di-Gize to help my friend’s mule out of a colic that the vet wouldn’t even help her with because he was afraid of mules. I’ve used Di-Gize on the dogs when they’ve had diarrhea or upset stomachs with 100% success. I’ve used it on myself when I felt a flu coming on and knocked it out of me in 2 days, while co-workers were out for 2 weeks with the same symptoms. I don’t see me ever using another product as long as YL keeps up the quality, no matter the cost.

  140. I am new to essential oils. I was thinking about getting the Edens Garden 64 pc set on Amazon. I am looking forward to part 2 of this review. Will you have some kind chart to compare the oils side by side? Thanks for all you do.

  141. Hi thanks for the research! I can’t wait to see the results! I have been trying myself to learn about this, and I am overwhelmed with trying to pick the best company! I thought about joining doTERRA, But if I am willing to sell this product to friends, I need to be convinced that it is truly superior, not just overpriced based in the MLM system. Mountain Rose Herbs seems to have quality products, and I was wondering if you have done specific research on them and what your findings were. I don’t want to sell people products that they could purchase so much cheaper online! I am all about being frugal and want others to be as well :). However if they truly are better, it’s totally worth the money! Thanks for your help and info! -Brittney

  142. Has anyone heard about the quality of Beeyoutiful? Their oils are significantly cheaper than YL and Doterra.

    • Shelly, DoTerra is 100% therapudic grade…that means you can injest the oils as well as have the oils on your skin & smell the oils, (aromatic. They are pricey but pure.

  143. Please list your top 5 preferred companies. Thanks

  144. In defense of Heritage Essential Oils, I have been a very happy customer over the past year and I know they have many happy customers. I have never had a problem getting an email response from them. The oils work on us – for ADHD, anxiety, colds and flu. No matter how many times I tried to look at Do Terra and YL I just couldn’t get past the prices. In researching aromatherapy in general I found that there is no reason to spend this kind of money on oils.

  145. Can’t wait to learn your findings :-) Happy Thanksgiving!

    ps I am human, really!

  146. Have you heard of/used Ananda essential oils? I have never used them before but just purchased 21 oils from them. They have good prices and claim to get their oils all over the world. Also, I had an issue with my order so I emailed them and someone from customer service responded in less than an hour. It would be awesome if you did some research on them as well!

    • I did look into them. I think I addressed it in a previous comment – but let me know if not. I think I recall their having some oils that looked like they were too underpriced to be authentic and I believe they offer payment or free shipping in exchange for a positive review which I think is a little dubious.

  147. Hey there Adrienne!

    I must say, I’m pleased and impressed with your blog. It’s helpful, informative and encouraging to read a skeptic’s point of view on a topic that’s all-too-often filled with followers.

    I shared your skepticism of essential oils after meeting several YL distributors who really didn’t know their stuff. They were sold on the hype and excitement within the company, and couldn’t really back up some of the more grandiose claims that they/the company made.

    Eventually I came around after seeing the effects of Thieves oil, and now I’ve been branching out into further oils.

    I’d like to recommend MRH specifically… I have two top competing priorities – health and price. I know that Young Living has excellent standards for product quality, but they lost my respect with some of their blatant overpricing. Clarity, for example, is a blend of rosemary and peppermint. It costs $47/oz, last time I checked. MRH, conversely, sells the two oils for $7 and $11 per oz, respectively.

    As for MRH quality control, I didn’t dig as deep as you seem to enjoy digging, but everything I encountered looked like what I was hoping it would. They offer gas chromatography analysis on almost every oil they stock, and clearly inform their clientele of which oils aren’t fully organic. When I asked them why their oils weren’t recommended for internal use, I received a pleasant, prompt reply, as follows:

    “Mountain Rose Herbs essential oils are wholly suitable for aromatherapy, cosmetics, cooking and for the production of body care products. Due to a regulatory issue, we are unable to recommend them for internal use; encouraging internal use is actually considered irresponsible in the international essential oil industry due to the fact that they are extremely concentrated and potentially dangerous substances. However many of them can be taken internally in very small amounts by someone who has done extensive research into their use or has been instructed to do so by an herbalist, naturopathic physician, or other licensed professional.”

    Anyway, hope that sheds some encouraging light on the topic at hand, and thanks again for all the passion/knowledge you’re sharing!

  148. Adrienne,
    I am anxiously awaiting your decision on essential oil companies. As a consumer, I want to know which is pure and which isn’t. Thank you for all your research.

  149. Mark Eastwood says:

    If you would like to know more about essential oils and how they can benefit you, you can visit my site at …(removed). Here you can see how essential oils work other important information that you should know when using essential oils. If you have any questions on essential oils, their uses, or need help navigating the site, you can email me. You can do this by clicking Mark and Rebecca Eastwood at the top of the webpage. I will then give you call and answer any questions you may have.
    Mark Eastwood

    • Hi Mark. I am sorry for not responding sooner – I had a bunch of comments that I set aside for later and yours was one of them. I am sorry but I don’t permit self-promoting links on my site in comments. It can be taken as my endorsement so I had to remove it. Thanks!

  150. Hi Adrienne
    I’m so glad that I stumbled upon your post. I just became interested in essential oils. I’ve bought a few good books and have a short list of oils I would like to start experimenting with. I’m anxious to get started but still have not purchased the oils. I can’t figure out whom to buy from. Having a list of trustworthy suppliers offering a high quality product for a fair price would be awesome.

  151. Thank you for this terrific post! I look forward to reading more about your comparisons.

    I started using essential oils about 8 or 9 years ago. Someone told me about Mountain Rose Herbs, and I started buying from them as the only resource I had, and continued to buy for them for many years.

    I only recently learned about Young Living – last year when a friend started selling them. Then another friend (in a different circle) just recently started selling DoTerra. ( I had no idea there was so much controversy around those two companies!) I didn’t know how expensive some essential oils were until I started learning about other companies that focus only on essential oils.

    Anyway, I’ve been pleased with MRH over the years (and appreciate how affordable they are), but I’m curious about the quality issue.

    (thanks to Luke, also; I was thinking to contact MRH to ask some of those questions re difference between their oils & those of the more expensive oils)

  152. Hi,
    I am in the process of learning about essential oils and wow is this a huge undertaking. I was all set to go with DoTerra, then I heard about Young Living, then I heard about Rocky Mountain, then I heard about Ananda, then I came to your site and learned even more! Talk about confused:)! The one thing I can say is that The Ananda Apothecary is soooooo informative. I found their company to be so giving of information. I’m not sure that I’ve made a definite decision, but I am leaning towards this company. Have you ever heard of them?

    Btw, thanks for taking the time to compile all of this information.

    Kind regards

    • Yes – Where did you find all the info – on the site or over the phone? I heard that they give out free shipping in exchange for a positive review and that seems unethical to me. There were other things – I think I answered them in the comments above but perhaps I haven’t yet. Let me know :).

  153. Hi Adrienne,

    Thanks for such a quick response. I found all of the info on the site! They not only give in detail the benefits and concerns, but they also recommend various reading materials and references. It is the only site I’ve seen thus far that provides so much information. I also felt that they were only focused on promoting the benefits of essential oils, and not caught up in degrading other companies. While, I felt that doTerra’s site presents very crisp and clean, I didn’t feel that they offered information in such depth.

    Yes, you have provided me with answers on the above mentioned :-)! I’m glad you’ve heard of Ananda! Again, I thank you.


    • I do recall them having a lot of info but there were other quality concerns and I don’t like the ethical issues about their reviews. Reviews should be honest – not bought. Thanks!!!

  154. Umm, I hadn’t noticed anything thus far that appeared unethical about their reviews. However, because I have yet to purchase their products I cannot say whether or not they offer free products in exchange for a great review. Should I decide to order with them, and such a thing occurs I will definitely let you know.

    • Another reader told me that is what was offered. Thanks! I was shocked at the plethora of reviews on them so that is how it appears they have done it.

  155. Kathy Belland says:

    I am new to EO and had a party with a friend in my home last week. I’m very confused and want to know if you can send me your findings personally? I was about to sign on with DT but now am second guessing before I make such a major investment. Thanks for your research and helping others

  156. I have a feeling you are going to recommend doterra. If so, could you list a second choice as well. Some of the prices (even wholesale) are out of my budget and would like a quality oil for less, if possible. Please email me as well. And thank you for all you do!!

  157. Just emailed you! My need is very urgent because I was all set to get my daughter a beginners box of EOs from Edens Garden with a book for Christmas!! I love what I have tried from doTerra so far, but their oils are so outrageously expensive I could not afford to get my daughter set up with a nice set like I can with Edens Garden. Hoping your research includes quality but less expensive brands too ;)

  158. Amit Kumar Singh says:

    Hi Adrienne,

    I love your blogs and would like to know your recommendation for me. I am loosing my hair like crazy these days and I am in search of some good essential oils from a nice company. Please can you recommend some company where I can get these essential oils.


  159. Thank you so much, Adrienne, for your in depth research and valuable insight into the distribution of essential oils. I am truly looking forward to Parts II and III of this subject matter. I was ready to join YL when I found your blog, but now I am eagerly awaiting your findings before jumping in. But I want some oils now!!! I just sent an email your way. Be strengthened and encouraged as you forge ahead! And thanks again!

  160. Hi Adrienne,
    After reading all these blogs I am still not sure which company to buy the essential oils from?
    Can you please just recommend 2 or 3 companies you would buy the oil from no matter what the price is?

  161. Julie Behling-Hovdal says:

    I would love to throw my two cents into the mix — after suffering with a debilitating autoimmune illness for 6 years while I was in my 20’s, a friend of mine introduced me to Young Living Essential Oils and within one week on one of their products I got about 95% of my health back!! As time went on, I was able to get off 4 Rx drugs with the essential oils and lifestyle changes I made. Now I teach people about how to use the oils as disaster/collapse medicines. I live in Utah and have been exposed heavily to Doterra over the past couple of years. I am not impressed with the quality of their products. Also, you may be interested to know that Young Living is currently suing Doterra for stealing proprietary information from them and then starting their own company.

  162. Thank you so much for all of your research!! I have been so anxious to purchase some EOs but have been waiting for your recommendation. I would love for you to email me your thoughts as I’m wanting to make some homemade Christmas gifts with EOs and can’t wait any longer! :) Thank you so much for your wonderful research and help!!

  163. Adrienne, I would love to have you email me info on companies. My 3 yr old granddaughter just got diagnosed will ALL (Leukemia) – I want to use some oils if they will let us set up in the hospital (Rady’s Children’s Hospital in SD. The expense will be huge. I thought Theives or Purification would help with the germ protection for her and the family members who stand by her. Any suggestions. I worry that the hospital will not allow, but first want my arsenal ready. I am also working to get them to allow us to use homeopathy with her. Any suggestions anyone – anyone have experience with hospitals and using althernatives with treatments. Prayers please. Thanks so much.

    • use young living!! i am not a rep but the products are awesome. Or become a rep so that you save some money. I have fought with a lot of hospitals to get my way on a lot of things. talk to the doctor and tell them you want to try this. I am seeing a lot of doctors starting to open up to this. Just remember that if she is having issues with smells , use product in smaller amounts. I would talk to adrienne about signing up with young living. the cost really wasnt that bad for oils and they really go a long way. To your grandbaby, I send lots of hugs and prayers along with healing energy. God bless.

  164. I would also love you to email me the info. I found your blog several weeks ago, and I have been researching about essential oils in general for about 4 months now, but not terribly in depth on the different companies, though I have read a lot about both Young Living and Doterra and have a friend who sells Doterra. I bought my first set of oils a couple of weeks ago before I found this post and am fixing to buy some more and was thinking about buying some for my sister in law too. I sent you an email last week but thought I had better comment here too in case you missed my email. Kaseyboles @ yahoo . Com. Thanks! I read through this post and every single comment :-)

  165. I saw that right after I posted my comment.:-) Thanks! Looking forward to the next post.

  166. Well I worked with a lot of the products and this is what I have found. First, there is no such thing as an illergic reaction to oils. If you are having one so to speak, it is your body telling you to detox. Funny how our body can tell us when to fix it lol. Second, young living is the best on the market but to buy them straight out is expensive. Become a rep instead to save money(LOVE the thieves!!!!) Third, aura casia is probably one of my other fave because they do have an organic. Now is basically only good for giving a scent to something. It isnt high grade so isnt the best for healing but great to sniff or burn to add scent to house etc. As for any scents gathered by native americans, well ususally the plant is blessed, which is said to give the plant a positive energy flow. :). i think that if you are serious about healing then go with young living.

    • I’ve heard differently about allergic reactions, but I haven’t looked into it enough. Hang with me – I think is going to be very interesting for everyone.

  167. gina berriola says:

    Please send me your research on essential oil companies…Thank you for all of your hard work!

  168. Oh my goodness what an ambitious person you are. I am fairly new to essential oils (1 1/2 years) and am currently a representative of one of the companies. Since I have just started selling I feel an overwhelming responsibility to be accurately informed. I just spent 2 hours reading your posts, reached December 11th that said the long awaited part 2 was posted. Please don’t hate me, but I can’t find it. I am new to reading these forums.
    God bless you and your hard work.

  169. Heritage EOs does have a phone number on their contact us page. I was thinking of calling them myself. What sort of questions do you ask?

  170. I have found Heritage Customer service EXCELLENT. They have always gotten back to me within 48 hours.

    YL’s founder, has a rather shady past, including arrest for assault as well as arrest for medicinal practice without a license.


  171. I have been trying to figure out what the best essential oil is for months now and I am still clueless. I have been following your posts but I have colds and flus circulating all around me. I am torn between Aura Cacia for the convenience of actually being able to get them when I need them and Youngliving for the education I can receive on how to use them through my chiropractor who is a distributor. I am literally going to make some kind of plunge by the end of the week be because I am pregnant with a three and a one year old and getting frustrated with dancing around the thought of commiting to the right oil. If you already know something I should know about these two companies would you mind emailing me personally? If that’s too much to ask I totally get it. Thanks!

  172. Heritage Oils: Problem #1. No phone number.

    Oh well, I tried to contact them through their Contact Form.

    Still – over two weeks later–no dice.

    I am confused. I see a phone number on the site. Now they are on vacation but there is a number on there!

  173. yes I am quoting what you said. You said there was no phone number. Maybe you looked in the wrong spot, but I see one. It’s at the bottom of the page of the link I sent to you.

  174. Can you please help. I am so confused and really want to start making all natural products. I bought a set from Edens Garden for my sister for Christmas but now am questioning the quality. Mountain Rose Herbs has a ton of EO’s but shipping prices seem crazy expensive. Any where you think is best to order from? Thank you for all your hard work. It is so greatly appreciated.

  175. hello adrianne, i follow your site regularly and much of the info is invaluable as im striving to feed my family as healthy as i can these days. i have a couple of sites for you,, john crosky has high quality oils,ive never been disapointed with his products., martin watt has loads of info. on a whole lot of topics, you may be there a while.and a book by david stewart ph.d-healing oils of the bible, i think youll appreciate this one! thanks for all you do to help us stay at home moms, much appreciated!

  176. Adrienne, I am a Independent Consultant for doTERRA over the past couple of years and would love to answer any questions you might have. doTERRA has been around for about 4 years and is one of the fastest growing essential oil companies out there. They have a very high quality oils and are tested in 3 different labs to make sure of the purity of the oils. They also get their oils from all over the world, because they are looking for the best soil, enviorment where there are no chemicals or pestisides.
    Out of 36 single oils only 3 cannot be taken internally, this is something you don’t see in most oils. Why? Because they use the purest and don’t add fillers to the oils.
    I could go on and on about these amazing oils. But one more thought before I go: doTERRA has an oil called OnGuard, my favorite oil of all Why? Because it is able to kill bacteria as well as VIRUSES….Why? Because a virus is in the center of a cell and because of the purity the oil is able to kill the virus.
    And it really works…haven’t had to take the family to the doctor for over 2 years now. Please let me know if I can answer any more questions.

  177. Forgot, but if you would like to keep learning more about the doTERRA oils I also have a facebook page you can click onto it is dropsforlife I am always sharing more information weekly.

  178. Hello Adrienne,

    I just found your site tonight and am excited I did. Can you tell me where I can find part 2 & 3 for this post? I am very interested in learning more. I have been researching EO’s for awhile now and am really interested in solid information :) Thank you! Happy New Year


  179. Greetings Adrienne
    Great info, enjoy reading all the posts. I am a proud member of Young Living and use the oils daily.My natural medicine chest is full of yl oils and products Lavender lemonade made with YL oils divinely delicious. website has over 5000 yl oil testimonials. wonderful website for aromatherapy supplies books etc. Gwynn

  180. Thanks for all your hard work! What’s the final verdict, in your opinion, of Aura Cacia EO? I use the pure EO and make my own combination blends, “Theives Oil”, etc.

  181. I’m so sorry to hear about your lack of response from Heritage Essential Oils. I live in Canada and have been using their oils very successfully for over a year now. I find that not only are they inexpensive, they are very effective; as a matter of fact, they are the best I’ve ever used, although I admit my experience is rather limited. And I’ve always had a rather prompt response to any queries I submit. My only complaint is it costs a lot to get them to me in shipping and duty fees, but that is not a problem from them.

    My best advice would be to ensure you have a new web page and try again. Linda is a very responsible business owner and responds promptly and with a lot of knowledge.

    • Hi Laurie, I’m also Canadian and wondering how much duty you are paying? Is it duty you are paying or just the GST and PST? I’m not sure how duty would be calculated. I have the benefit of shipping to a USA address and then just picking the item up but I will still need to know place/country of origin for the oils because I’m sure the border agent will ask.

  182. Please look into Aqua Oleum Pure Essential Oils at

    How do you feel about the MANY questions that arise regarding integrity, reputation, morality, professionalism, legality, representation and altered/adulterated “gradings” of the product re: D.Gary Young & the Young Living Company by independent studies and media not distributed by the company or it’s reps?
    You mentioned “rumours surrounding Gary Young” and I wonder if you have looked into public record and substantiated facts regarding Gary Young and his practices within the company and in his personal life.
    Have you been successful with disclosure of substantiated information from this company?
    Please address the factual information regarding representation of “grading” essential oils.

  183. I know you’re about done, but I wondered if you’d gotten any input re Ananda Apothecary? They have a very informative site, have given me great customer service (replied to any questions within hours), and they apparently sell to health care professionals and are owned by a natural health professional. I’ve just placed my first order with them, so I’ll see. I too like YL products but don’t know if they are worth the significant difference in price. (Sort of like buying EVOO–I know I want cold-pressed, first pressing, etc. NOT solvent-processed, third run, dregs-of-the-keg, but do I have to buy the $128 bottle or will the $27 Bertolli do? :) ) Looking forward to your findings. :) Thanks for all your efforts.

  184. There is no way to prove “QUALITY” besides claims…usually by the maker.

    Each person has their own preference. DoTerra and YLEO are more expensive not because of quality but because of the heavily layered system and “downline” where multiple people need to make money on their cut. This is the case with most MLM structures.

    I’m really happy with Rocky Mountain Essential Oils (not part of your comparison, but they make blends similar to YLEO), Mountain Rose Herbs and Aura Cacia. I’ve had great results with all of them.

  185. I found this blog yesterday and am mesmerized by the posts and all of the work you are putting in to it. I have a close friend who uses DoTerra. She puts drops on her tongue, which oils I am not sure. Is this safe?

    • doTERRA says this is safe and I have no reason to think so…did you read my post #5? That talks about internal use of oils. I’d like to hear your thoughts!

  186. Hello, I have read your blog on this subject. First time I have come across your blog. I want to share with you this … I admire all of your hard work on this issue. I to was wondering who the best was. But I believe I have made my choice. And so will others. However, there is a reason why Doterra has an issue with you bringing up this matter. And this lawsuit that Gary Young speaks of seems very evident as to all of the bad stuff being said about Gary Young. Is everyone perfect? NO! Does he have a past? Sure, everyone does. So I know what that is? Not for sure really. Does it matter, well yeah if it was something horrible. However, I have seen alot of good about this company and their practices. I use YLEO’s and I love them. I have used them on my self and my family and I AM a believer in these oils.

    Again, thank you for your hard and long work on this … I enjoyed reading on all parts of it. As well as your honesty.
    Thank you again and many blessings to you.

    • Thanks for the kind words. Have there been any updates on the legal situation? I’ll be interested, as I am sure others will, to see where it ends up. I had heard that doTERRA didn’t violate their non compete, but of course, that’s about all I know.

  187. Under the link that I gave above, if you go to video, there is one from Gary him self. That is the latest updates.

    Any persons that leave a company, and take all of info with them to start another company just like the one they left cept with a few tweaks here and there is IMHO, NOT cool and breach of contract. But to each there own. It WILL all come out in the end.

    How did doTERRA NOT violate the contract?

    • I do not know many details but I heard that there was a 6 month time frame in the non compete so they waited the necessary 6 months.

      I will check out the video – thank you!

      I think it seems odd myself but I don’t know the legalities of this kind of thing.

  188. “Recently, doTERRA and the individual defendants moved to dismiss the case filed by Young Living. After a hearing, the court concluded that there were sufficient alleged facts and claims for the case to move forward to the next phase of the litigation.” ~ from Young Living Legal, 1/15/13
    A little FYI … time to move on.

    If doTERRA was on the up and up why in the world would this ^^^^ have happened? I rest my case. :)

    • I am not sure you what you mean by “time to move on” – could you please clarify?

      I guess we’ll have to wait and see. I don’t mean that if YL wins they shouldn’t have, but our legal system isn’t perfect either. Too often there are human beings swayed by things they shouldn’t be swayed by. I was called for jury duty and was appalled by the proceedings. The things that disqualified me were basically that I was someone who was pretty aware of things and had a strong opinion. What do you think?

  189. Sorry bout that. Just meant for YL to go forward (which they will) and to not dwell on the past type of thing. No it is not perfect.

    The only thing that has “swayed” me was my experience with YL and the oils. Excellent customer service for me and results with the oils. :O)

  190. I came across your blog and was thrilled to see your reviews on the oils!! I have been trying all weekend to order some from Native American Nutritionals and their site has been down all weekend and is still down :( Any idea what’s going on??

    • I am able to access their site so maybe if you try another browser? They will take orders over the phone and honor the sale today and tomorrow…1-877-Heal-4-Good (1-877-432-5446) Hope that helps!

  191. I have really enjoyed this series. I stumbled upon it while doing some research for a class I was teaching. I have been a long-time user of doTerra oils, but they didn’t have blends I found suitable for chakra healing work I do. A friend of mine introduced me to Butterfly Express oils and I started using them for my work. But then I noticed how much cheaper they are compared to doTerra so I started using them for personal use as well. Being in Utah, I am in the thick of YL and DT and I have many friends who use both of them. My friend I get my Butterfly oils through read your blog also. She called Butterfly and talked to the owner to find out about how their distillation process works and received all kinds of great info. She then contacted doTerra and the customer service rep didn’t know what she was talking about when she asked about ‘complete distillation.’ She sent an email and received a vague response from them, but they did say “doTerra uses a complete distillation process.” I don’t want to bash and have kept quiet because many of my friends make a great income by being doTerra reps. But seeing your blog series unfold has been very eye-opening for me. Thank you for all of the long hours you have spent researching and doing due diligence. I have been sharing your blog with those who are open to seeing it. I am excited to read your “heavy metals” series as I just had my hair analysis done and am awaiting the results. Keep up your awesome work!