Sorry to Get Your Panties in a Wad, But This Has to Be Said. **WARNING – Contains Graphic Images**

ISIS beheading children & killing Christians and Yazidis. A New Holocaust might be closer than you think.

I just can’t stay silent anymore.

Typically I post yummy healthy recipes and DIY kitchen hacks,  DIY personal care and home care and posts on health (like adrenal fatigue, thyroid health, and more).

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love posting these things, but the time for this topic has come.

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I am sorry if this offends you – takes you off guard – or gets your panties in a wad (sort of).

This past weekend I shared this image from this post on my personal Facebook page.


ISIS beheading children

This terrifying photo is apparently being spread by ISIS to frighten others into submission. Source: Allen West

I was countered by a friend telling me I shouldn’t have shared it because the image was too graphic and that images weren’t needed to drive home what is happening in Iraq.

She insisted that the headlines about ISIS were enough to get the point across — but that this gruesome photo was just. too. much.

Now, I am still friends with her…

but I respectfully disagree. And so did a number of my friends. So much so that it led to one of my friends writing this viral post.

It’s time folks.

Time to get your heads out of the sand.

Off your “cute hairstyle boards” on Pinterest.

Time to stop the chit chat about the latest home decor style.

Time to make your life count  – and to save the lives of others.

Time to start standing up. Boldly. Not just for your own health, but for the life. And health. Of others.

I know some of you won’t like it.  But this is so important that that’s just OK with me.

So you’ve seen the headlines about ISIS, but do you really know what is going on and how bad it is?

And what it means for those overseas — and for US?

What is ISIS? And What Are They Doing?

ISIS stands for  the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.  They are a radical Islamic group that declares itself to be the only true religion – and basically they are killing anyone who gets in their way, or who doesn’t agree with them or submit to their ways.

–  In ISIS Controlled areas, Christians are not able to buy or sell anything in Iraq unless they pay tribute or give allegiance to the Caliphate. (Source)

– Families are being told to hand over their women for sex with ISIS militants to cleanse themselves. (Source)

Christian homes and businesses are being marked with a red “N” for “Nazarene” to identify them.  (reminiscent of the yellow stars from the Holocaust).  See this article for more.

Iraqi Christians Homes and Businesses are Marked by ISIS with an "N" for Nazarene - a perjorative Arab word for Christians

Christian Homes and Businesses are Marked by ISIS with a Red “N” for “Nazarene” (a perjorative Arab word for Christians). Source: National Review Online

ISIS is systematically beheading children, mothers and fathers. They’re even apparently beheading children and putting their heads on sticks in a park.

Don’t believe me?  Watch this:



According to this article, there are some who have questions about how just how far ISIS plans to go.

I don’t think there are any questions, folks.  This group wants to kill ANYONE and EVERYONE who doesn’t subscribe to their belief system.

Let’s examine how much power ISIS now has and what they are going to do next.

– ISIS is now in control of many cities in Northern Syria and reportedly has control of NEARLY HALF OF IRAQ. According to the next video, they are doing this to establish a Caliphate in order to establish Islamic law.

“So what?” you may ask.  “Let them have their Caliphate.  That won’t affect me.”

Well, the “so what” is this:

ISIS is heavily recruiting children and training them in schools to radicalize them for the next generation
– Those refusing to follow ISIS’ rules will be tortured and killed
Women must be fully covered in robes in ISIS territories
– Those caught stealing must lose their hands
Executions are being turned into either real or false crucifixions, perhaps to mock Christianity

Details are in the video below. (UPDATE: Video was removed from the source).

If you don’t think this looks like Hitler, I don’t know how else to convince you.

ISIS is killing EVERYONE who doesn’t follow their belief system and way of living.

That means. Me. And my family.  And all Christians and Jews EVERYWHERE.

And it’s not just Christians and Jews who will be killed.


I’m sure you’ve heard about the Yazidis — but do you know who they are?

The Yazidis are a minority group in Iraq that is now starving to death on a mountain since ISIS threatens to kill them.  Just because they are DIFFERENT.

They aren’t Christian, Muslim, or Jewish – they are an unusual sect.  But since ISIS finds their belief system to be reprehensible, ISIS thinks that all Yazidis should be dead.

The Yazidi children have even been reported to have resorted to drinking their parents’ blood in order to stay alive on the mountains where they are literally dying of thirst and hunger.

ISIS is a HUGE danger to the U.S.

Just in case you are of the mindset that, “Oh well, Iraq and Syria and far away.  I don’t have to worry about that in my suburban home with my fenced in yard,” I’ve got news for you:

1.  Al Qaeda carried out the biggest attack on US soil

2.  ISIS has more financial resources than Al Qaeda

3.  ISIS controls more territory and firepower than Al Qaeda

4.  ISIS has enough uranium to make a dirty bomb

5.  ISIS militants have pledged to raise the black jihad flag over the White House.  (and if you think that’s impossible, see how a flag that might have been an ISIS flag was just flown in London). UPDATE:  Thanks to a reader, you can see it has flown in NJ in the US as well (though it appears to not be related to the current violence:

(Source – David French)

and #6 – which is mine…..Al Qaeda kicked out ISIS because they were too violent.  

If that doesn’t drive it home, I don’t know what will.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I still am passionate about what I am doing regarding typical “health posts”.

I mean, if you’re not healthy, it’s pretty hard to do anything to help anyone (though praying and posting things on social media can still be done).

But this whole incident has spurred me on – to write more broadly.

About those who are facing the ultimate loss of health — DEATH.

And well, if all of this isn’t enough to scare you into action, maybe these images ****(WARNING:  VERY GRAPHIC PHOTOS HERE.)**** at the end of this link are ****(WARNING:  VERY GRAPHIC PHOTOS HERE.)****

Too Much for Your Kids?


Maybe not.

We’ve been talking to our kids about this and they’ve seen some pictures.  Not tons, but some.

Is it a heavy topic?


Would I rather shield my kids?

You bet I would rather not expose them to this.  But sadly, we live in a world that is sliding towards Sodom, Gomorrah, and well— to hell.

My husband and I talk and pray about current events and try to agree on what to share and what not to.  And maybe we make some mistakes.

But we are trying to raise kids who:

– are aware of what is going on around them – not just “up on the most current video game”
– can be active, alert citizens in a society that is dumbing down its citizenry more and more every day
– are passionate about others. About right and wrong. About real justice.
– who know history so that they can learn from it and learn what ideas NOT to repeat and what should be tried again.

Are we “odd birds”?

Apparently so.

As if our whole foodie, gluten-free (and now some of us are on grain-free, gut healing diets), purified water, stainless steel bottle-toting ways weren’t odd enough, now look at how “wacko” we’ve become….

Just the other day my son was ridiculed publicly by another homeschool boy for not knowing what Minecraft is.

It really broke our hearts to hear our son tell us that kids mocked him for this.

We thought for a minute and then my husband and I told him, “Next time that kind of thing happens, just ask that kid if he knows who his Congressman is.”


Personally I’m glad my kids was mocked for that. It just goes to show what we are doing right, I think.

Will I let my kid play Minecraft someday?

Maybe.  But in the meantime we go to political speeches, rallies, read news articles on the internet, talk about them with passion, read the Bible, pray for and support missionaries and the impoverished in Third World Countries, and hope that our kids will catch the fire that we have — and that they’ll spread it wide as they grow.

I think rather, it’s too much to NOT tell our kids about this. To let them think that we can continue in our little comfy cozy houses with Nickelodeon and Sesame Street and Veggie Tales….

Really, parent.  This could be YOUR child next.

Or your neighbor’s child.

If you’re not on the side of ISIS this is a very present reality.

But really, it doesn’t matter if it’s your child or just the Iraqi children or the Syrian children.  This is horrid.

Back to the images…..

Are the Images Just. Too. Much?

My friend on Facebook argued that the image of the child at gunpoint was just too much.  It scared her 9 year old.  Plus she thought that the headlines about ISIS were enough to get the point across.

I don’t know about you, but once I saw the image of this terrorized child (which apparently is being used by ISIS to intimidate others), the whole thing was really driven home to me.

I’m just SICKENED by the images of dead children.  And adults.  The whole thing.

Pictures NAIL it!

That’s why Pinterest is so big.  And why mostly Facebook posts with images do better….and Instagram is such a hit. And why Twitter just added photos.

Pictures tell the story just like they have throughout history and they’ve been used throughout history to get people moving.

Emmett Till – the Picture that Sparked the Civil Rights Movement

Emmett was a 14 year old African-American at the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement. He visited relatives in the South, apparently flirted with a young white woman and was brutally murdered for doing so.  His killers beat him, gouged out one of his eyes,  shot him in the head, and dumped him in the river with a cotton gin fan tied around his neck. His body was recovered 3 days later. His mother, Mamie Till Bradley, insisted on an open casket for his funeral.  The service

exposed the world to more than her son Emmett Till’s bloated, mutilated body. Her decision focused attention not only on American racism and the barbarism of lynching but also on the limitations and vulnerabilities of American democracy (Source)

Tens of thousands of people viewed the horrible image of Emmett’s mutilated body —

it was THAT PICTURE that was the spark that ignited the Civil Rights’ movement.

You can see more about Emmett’s horrid death here:

What can you do?

My friend on Facebook said that my sharing that image did nothing and that I really needed to give some ideas of how to REALLY help people.

Well, here they are.  Go and do something.

1.  Raise Awareness

Raising awareness is one of the most important things that you can do.  It’s how all movements are started and it’s crucial.  It seems we have so many government officials fighting meaningless wars, and then something like this comes up and we basically (or literally) go on a vacation.   Sharing this post or whatever other information you wish to use in order to get this message out.

Adopt this image on your social media profile, as I did on mine.

ISIS Symbol to Identify Christians in Iraq

Let’s get this ball rolling, folks.

People underestimated Hitler when he started taking power.

This ISIS group means business and it’s time we demand action.

UPDATE:  I just found out about Koome Ministries started by a former Jihadist.  Something to look into for sure.

2.  Donate

Samaritan’s Purse is taking food to displaced Iraqis. You can donate to this cause here.

Voice of the Martyrs is a fabulous ministry that is sending action packs to those in need, including those in Iraq.  Donate here.

ACLJ is at the forefront of many BIG issues on a constant basis.  The lead attorney, Jay Sekulow has argued before the Supreme Court on many occasions.  They are working hard for the freedom of Christians round the clock.  You can donate here.

If you are interested in learning more about the whole Radical Islamic movement, Act for America is a good place to start.

3.  Sign a Petition

What does a petition do, you might ask?

Well, some are just fodder for organizations to stuff their email lists, but ACLJ is something else, I’ll tell you.

They go to bat BIG TIME against all kinds of atrocities and they take the petition signatures to put pressure on those who aren’t acting as they should.

From their site:

 Based in Washington, D.C., with affiliated offices in Israel, Russia, Kenya, France, Pakistan, and Zimbabwe, the ACLJ is pro-life and dedicated to the ideal that religious freedom and freedom of speech are inalienable, God-given rights for all people. The ACLJ engages legal, legislative, and cultural issues by implementing an effective strategy of advocacy, education, and litigation that includes representing clients before the Supreme Court of the United States and international tribunals around the globe.

ACLJ was at the forefront of putting pressure on the Sudanese government to bring Meriam Ibrahim out of Sudan and saving her life.

And they are working getting Pastor Saeed freed , who is being held in an Iranian prison, but now this pastor is being threatened by ISIS as well.

This is a GREAT group to be connected to.

If you sign a petition, you will get future emails from ACLJ but you can unsubscribe at any time. I personally like being aware of what is going on.

4.  Pray

I know.  Praying seems like it’s not enough.  But I am convinced that it can move mountains.  I have been convicted that I haven’t been praying enough about the situation in Iraq — or any of the dire circumstances in our present day (and there are many).  We can all do so. much. more.

Now I’m still all about sharing posts about health.  ‘Cause if we aren’t healthy, then how can we do much good anyway, right?

5.  Encourage Others in Positions of Influence to Speak Up

I don’t know about you, but I think, as a Christian, that pastors have become less and less willing to stand up to point out evil in the culture.

They’re all worried about losing their tax exempt status, or offending someone in the pews.

Well, I’ve got news for them.

Christ is offensive to some.  God is offensive to some.  And religious and “political” topics are offensive.

When someone is doing the wrong thing it offends them to tell them it’s wrong.

But it HAS to be done.

In fact, you won’t change anything unless you are an offense to who or what needs to be changed.

Whether you are a Christian, Jew, Mormon, Muslim, or of another faith, I beg you to go to your leadership and ask them to get vocal about this evil – and about other evils that are proliferating in our world today.

When Hitler was moving across Europe, many many churches were compliant.  They hung swastikas in their buildings and basically rolled over and played dead as Hitler gassed Jews by the thousands.


ENOUGH of the happy dappy sermons and illustrations about fuzzy wuzzy feel goodness and lovie dovie kum ba yah “I love you and you love me and God loves all of us”.

There’s a world on fire. And people are being killed.

And kids are drinking their parents’ blood.

And our government isn’t even willing to give them asylum yet?  WHAT IS GOING ON FOLKS?

I thought this was the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

It’s becoming the Land of the Shackled and the Home of the Timid as far as I can tell.

It’s time for people of faith — ALL FAITHS — to wake up and speak up about the evils in our world.  (And really, even if you don’t subscribe to any faith, it’s clear that this is evil taking root and that it must be stopped so I beg of you to get involved as well.)

Before we aren’t able to speak anymore.


Just so you know I don’t believe everything I read:

1.  The lead photo in this post is clearly staged.  Most likely it is from Yemen.

However, it could have been staged by people who then killed the child.

2.  There are people who are questioning several aspects of these reports – stating that some of the associated photos are not accurate and are from other incidents.  I can’t check all sources, of course.

3.  There are some who say that we need more first-hand interviews.

I don’t know what we need.  The fact is that ISIS is on the move and they are dangerous.  And they are coming for more.

The point here is this.

We have become more afraid of upsetting people than we are indignant about evil.  And I thought it was more important to get this story out then to make sure all of the details reported by others are accurate.

The truth will come out.

So you make the choice.

Sit in your comfy chair and stay on Pinterest….

Or get out there and be heard.  

Getting someone’s panties in a wad might be the best thing you’ve done in a LONG time.

What do YOU think?

What will YOU do?

Photos Used with Permission from Allen West and National Review Online.

Shared at Real Food Forager3 Boys and a DogKelly the Kitchen KopThe Nourishing Gourmet, and We Are that Family.


    Speak Your Mind


  1. This world is a scary place. I think its good for all of us to be reminded of this. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Amen! Thank you for raising awareness and being completely appropriate too. I love that you are providing links of HOW to help defend the weak and innocent. May God bless you and bring much more awareness to the fact that we are not protected from any if this! Blessings!

  3. Thank you for sharing this post. Too often I don’t keep up with what is happening in the world, good or bad. But ignorance is not bliss–you are right–too many people–regardless of country or religion–are being killed while we stand by. This is on our watch, and God states in His Word that He will hold the watchman accountable. Thank you for shouting out from your corner and doing your job as watchman. May God help the rest of us to do our part too.

  4. You are 100% right. Thanks for sharing and making others aware of these dire circumstances and giving us steps to take to make a difference.

  5. AMEN!!! Thank you for using your forum to shed light on the truth of this situation! I am forwarding this on!

  6. Arlyne Bischof says:

    You are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! I totally agree! It’s high time we get our heads out of the American sand and stand up for what is right. Our freedoms are literally being taken away from us each day and most Americans don’t have clue one, much less care. If we choose to do nothing we will one day soon wake up to find we no longer have ANY freedoms and we will not be able to do anything about it.

    Thank you for standing for the truth! I and my family stand with you!!!


  7. Thank you Adrienne, for taking a courageous stand and speaking out about this issue. You are correct. People don’t understand the importance of these issues. We are so comfortable and secure in our republic with our freedoms (though shrinking they may be), it’s hard to fathom what those people are going thru over there. And Christians seem to be the least likely to take a vocal stand in condemning these things. Getting involved supporting the ACLJ is an easy way for the average person to be informed and make a difference. Good for you for setting a bold example at the risk of ridicule and potentially impacting your business. Your stand for Christ and righteousness (which is what this is) will be rewarded. God bless you and your family.

  8. I so agree with this and thank you for being brave enough to speak out even though you will be judged and critized. We all need to be brave enough to stand up for what is right. Hopefully with our prayers, action and donations we will see a difference before it’s too late.
    I pray it is so.

  9. parishioner says:

    Hmm. To scare children, or not to scare children…

    There are those who have no qualms about using and murdering children, and their terrorizing them in the process is a given. Giving your own children age-appropriate alerts to their existence is an unfortunate necessity.

    Richard Wurmbrand, the founder of the VOM group you mention, used to take children from his church to the zoo sometimes, and after watching the lions would tell them the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and then warn them that making a decision to love and serve Him could mean they could end up killed for it. He told them how people belonging to Jesus used to be fed to lions. The children would be very somber, but would choose to follow Jesus. Their parents did not object to this because in Romania at the time, dying for the love of Christ was not unknown, first at the hands of the Nazis’, and then the communists. Richard’s own little son ended up homeless and cared for by strangers during his childhood when first his father and then his mother were imprisoned and tortured.

    It is hoped that kind of persecution and murder will not extend to our own borders, but reality needs to be faced wherever this stuff happens. It is sad that when Richard Wurmbrand was released from prison and allowed to leave Romania, when he told of the way the government officials forced the imprisoned Christians to participate in mock Eucharistic ceremonies with feces and urine and worse, he was told to shut it by church people in the west. Nobody wants to hear of such horrors. But we need to listen, know who is Victor, and what our responsibilities are.

    Thanks for caring and sharing.

  10. I forgot this in the previous comment. London isn’t the only place they’re seeing that black Islamic flag. Here’s a recent post showing it flown at a home in NJ (last I checked, that was the United States!)

  11. I read daily the news, with a special interest about the situation in Iraq because my heart is breaking about this.
    When i checked my inbox and saw the e-mail from your subscription, I was actually hoping (and I’m not kidding!) that the post I was about to read on your site would be about this incredible shocking and tragic situation!
    I really want to congratulate you! You are such a wonderful person by posting this, sharing it and by raising awareness for your readers, this is indeed how God would like us to use the technology and the social media for.
    And about praying, you are so right!!!! I really felt bad these days because I haven’t prayed enough for this, but knowing now that you feel the same way about it and, gives me courage and I know our prayers will be stronger now.
    God help & bless us all!

  12. Thanks for the posting and the numerous links, a real eye opener.

  13. Sarah Pattillo says:


    Thank you so much for posting this! I am used to your usual health information (which I do love especially since we found out recently some in our family have food allergies), but I thank you so much for posting this. I’ve felt God putting this whole ISIS situation on my heart heavily. I just feel like I need to be doing something. I have been praying, but I feel I should be doing more. I finally sent out an email to quite a few people on my email list just yesterday. I’ve sent emails out to people before and people get mad at me for sending these because like you mentioned people want to live in their comfortable lives, but we can’t do that anymore. I am expecting to get negative feedback at any moment (and am nervous about that because it makes me feel awful) but you are right that standing up for what’s right can be offensive. Reading your article just made me feel much better that there are others out there who are willing to stand up too!

    Yes, this terrible situation is not happening here in the USA right now, but it is totally possible at some point soon it can/will. In order to not allow that, we must stop this now and not wait any longer. I’m glad to hear Obama has sent some humanitarian aid and a few bombs (not sure how many) and even rescued some of the Yazidis off the mountain (not sure if it was USA or Iraq military who did that). What I hear from ACLJ radio broadcasts is that even some who are usually not for war are saying that ISIS needs to be demolished / obliterated. I understand why. They are so awful and don’t care about anyone that they are going to keep going and murdering more people unless they are completely taken care of.

    I’ve been praying a lot for the Israel/Gaza conflict too, but I feel like in that situation at least Israel is prepared to defend itself and expects conflict. I believe all their citizens once they reach adulthood must join the Israeli army, which is great because then all their citizens are trained for combat and know what to do. They have bomb shelters, they have weopons, and God. But with those combating ISIS, they are just civilians who are trying to live their lives and they don’t have the latest and greatest weopons to defend themselfs. ISIS has weapons that were left by our Country after the war in Iraq, talk about nice (for ISIS).

    I am praying that somehow in God’s gracy and mercy that the members of ISIS will somehow have a change of heart and stop what they are doing, but until then we have to stand up to them and not let another Holocaust happen.

    Thank you for spreading the word!


    This is the email I sent out to people on my email list:


    I know I used to send many of these emails back in the day and I haven’t for a while. But God has put this situation on my heart over the last few weeks, especially the last few days. I just feel like my heart is breaking for these people. These are our fellow Christians and they need someone to stand up for them. I can’t even imagine if this situation was occurring right here in America. It could one day.

    I know many people will say we don’t need to get into another war, especially go back to Iraq. It doesn’t matter your belief system or what side of the political spectrum you are on, please put yourself in the shoes of these individuals who are fleeing for their lives. Literally leaving EVERYTHING behind. This group called the Islamic State (formerly ISIS – Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) are giving people an ultimatum to either convert to Islam, pay a fine, leave or die. Even if people choose to pay the fine the men end up being killed and their wives and daughters sold as sex slaves! Even when people decide to flee, they are later robbed of everything they have on them. Some people are fleeing to the area where the Kurds are and others have fled to the mountains and have been stranded with no food or water.

    I have to be descriptive here for you to realize just how serious and crazy this group called the Islamic States is: they kill people by beheading them or cutting them in half. They have even taken children’s heads and put them up on sticks. They are doing this to men, women, and children! They have no morals whatsoever. They are even doing this to other Muslims; meaning people who also believe in Islam (but they don’t believe their version of Islam). The Islamic State has bombed churches, synagogues, and mosques. They even destroyed the Prophet of Jonah’s tomb. This is a genocide!

    I know Obama is sending over some humanitarian aid and has recently bombed some areas where the Islamic State is located (this is a great start), but if these people are really as crazy and murderous as they sound, they won’t stop their cause unless they are completely dealt with. I’m not for violence and I pray to God that somehow these individuals turn from their demonic ways, but if they don’t, somebody has to stop them. Also, keep in mind that the Islamic State is using weapons that the United States left for the Iraqi troops after the war. So they’ve got new, sophisticated weaponry.

    Please review and if you agree, please sign this petition:

    If you have never heard about the Islamic State (ISIS), just search for articles about them or view YouTube videos. Articles can be found on most media websites, but to get the true story, you may have to dig and read articles on websites that aren’t the normal “news” sites.

    Here is one article:

    Thank you for your help!

    • What a great email. I used to send out emails before (and while) I had a blog. I don’t know what I will do going forward as there are many more things I would like to write about but we’ll see. Blessings!

  14. Joanne Peterson says:

    Thank you Adrienne. We are to do justly, and to love mercy and to walk humbly with our God, be the voice for those who have no voice, and to care for the sick, homeless, hungry, imprisoned, etc. Thank you for bringing this horrible situation up, and being the voice who have no voice. We will support Samaritan’s purse and VOM since we do and have in the past.

    We can’t keep our children in the dark and pretend that everything is okay, they need to know what goes on and follow our example. WE need to live and teach by example. Faith without works is dead.



  15. i agree with you all you said is true. people must do something to stop this

  16. Kathy Davenport says:

    Thank you for your courage. Two years ago, I was shocked when a cousin (a devout Christian) admitted she didn’t know what the Holocaust was. Her only excuse? “I never was interested in history.” As the saying goes, if we don’t remember history, we are doomed to repeat it. We live near Ferguson, Mo, and have been in prayer for that area this week. The staff pand members of our congregation have been participating in peaceful demonstrations and meetings and will be joining others in trying to fill the food pantry in that community. Any step we take outside of our comfort zone helps to repair the world. But first we must be aware of the problems.

  17. Thank you for your post and reminder of the horrors we are fortunate enough to not deal with. I don’t watch much t.v. and try to choose carefully what I read as I don’t really know what’s reliable and true or some sensationalized media spin anymore so I have a tendency to avoid it all together. This is a reminder that’s it IS REAL and innocent people are dying from torture and the most inhumane things. I don’t think I really understood (and still don’t completely) what it’s all about. When I say I don’t understand- I don’t mean I don’t know what’s going on, I just don’t understand – as in how can this happen in this day and age? But that’s largely rhetorical I know. I can’t comprehend that somewhere in this world there are people still persecuted for their religious beliefs. :( I appreciate the suggestions on how we can be more active.
    p.s. what is Minecraft?

    • I really wonder too- it’s hard to know. Is the ISIS stuff real and being ignored? Is it not real and we are being scared into believing it’s real? I think it’s more likely the first.

      Minecraft is some super addictive video game that kids play and from what I understand they can play online vs their friends and people they don’t know. I am not really interested. Sounds like a major recipe for addiction to me. One of my friends said it’s become a HUGE problem in her home.

  18. This has been on my heart for some time and I’m glad to see the PC barrier being broken. Yes. Those photos are completely over the top and ideally are not suitable for what used to be called “ladies and gentlemen.” We’re way, way beyond ideal. Unless you think like the terrorists then they’ve made it crystal clear what your options are. And they don’t intend to honor borders.

    The Knights of Columbus have established a matching fund to assist Christians and other religious minorities facing severe persecution or displacement in Iraq and nearby countries:

    Whether you’re comfortable with the KofC, any of the groups listed above (bless you for sharing the info, BTW) or know of another way to support these modern-day martyrs, please do not delay.

  19. AMEN! Thank you for sharing with your followers, I wish more people would know about ACLJ and the information they have to share with us. If it take a picture like this to have people look and listen to what is really happening then so be it! I pray this little one is safe. Blessings to you, and again Thank you

    • Thanks Dianne. I don’t know what the situation is w/ that child. Looks like it’s a propaganda piece but horrid nonetheless. Thanks for your encouragement.

  20. Thank you for speaking up. I have been an advocate/activist, signing hundreds, if not thousands, of petitions since 2008. I have been laboriously doing my best to make my voice heard on what I think–helping heal the environment, helping get GMOs labeled, fighting for organic food. Fighting to save our land, our water, our air. Fighting for justice. Fighting to heal the world–the people and the earth. There is so much wrong right now–and so much right. We are moving in the direction of good, even though, at times, it’s seems hard to believe. The bad is coming to the surface and is being expunged. The truly bad–like ISIS and the wars in the Middle East as well as the Israel/Palestine issue–are coming to the fore and are being exposed, even if they are doing the exposing themselves. You see, if we know they are there–then we know. We can collectively call for greater healing and cast positive vibes out to correct these horrible situations. War doesn’t cure anything; peace does. Showering love on it does. Changing our (collective) mindset that we should live in peace and harmony, does. Just being AWARE these atrocities are occurring opens people’s hearts and minds to knowing, and caring, and DOING something about it. Who knows? Maybe a huge earthquake or some other awful natural disaster will wipe out any and all horrible atrocities. One can pray–and hope. War on top of war–does not. We must utilize new ways of change–and one of those is by changing our own mindset. Yes, it sounds weird and different and strange. But we are all–everything we see–is made of energy. Energy has light waves and other electromagnetic fields. We are ALL tied into Source/Infinite Intelligence. We change our thinking to that of positive, loving thoughts, we change the “energy” that is on the planet. It seems so simple–and it is. Mother Theresa knew about this. She always said war doesn’t change things; peace does.

    • Thanks. I hear you on peace. I just don’t know how we have peace w/ folks who want to kill us. What do you think about that? Thanks!

      • I hear you loud and clear on that one–how do we make peace with people who want to kill us? I have done a lot of thinking on that, and I continue to do so. How do you break through someone’s belief system that is so radically set? How do you get someone to listen that there is more to life than war and death? How do you convince them that everyone can live–and prosper–even if each person has his or her own thoughts and beliefs (and religious differences)? That there is enough for everybody?

        Eventually, it all comes down to a small portion of people who want control and power–and will use anything at their disposal to get it, even if it means citing religion and killing people, women and children included. I would like to say peace and love to combat their thinking and what they’re doing…but at the end of the day, when they still haven’t “awakened” and haven’t had any ah-ha moments or contemplated other ways of living/thinking, and they’ll just kill everyone who doesn’t agree with them in order to advance their agenda…yes. Then, what do we do? Kill them?

        Then we’re really no better than they are. Other than the fact we’ve stopped them from their killing spree. Until the next one steps up, and it starts all over again.

        Light, love, and peace works for those of us who are enlightened and have awakened. For everyone else…I don’t know. I know I will continue working on sending out waves and waves of positive energy, love, light, peace, etc. But at the end of the day, that still doesn’t stop the senseless killing, does it?

        I will sign petitions calling on leaders and nations and peacekeeping entities to work to resolve these ongoing crises. That’s the part that I can do, along with keeping myself in the know with knowledge and telling others and educating them about what’s going on in the world. If you notice, though, many people are sleeping. They don’t want to know about or be reminded that there are issues of life and death in other areas of the world because they’re too busy on Facebook or playing video games or watching TV. They’ve already been dumbed down.

        Maybe our best bet is to work on waking people up. Shaking them up. Getting them out of their stupor and awakened to what’s going on in the world, both here at home and abroad.

        Keep doing what you can to wake people up and shake them out of their fantasy/stupors. I will continue to help people detoxify/heal their lives (I am a certified holistic health coach). It’s amazing, really. Once a person begins detoxifying their life, their mind literally “opens up,” and they begin to truly see life as they never saw it before.

        So maybe that’s where we start. Waking people up.

        • Well, really we do have to kill them. It’s called self defense. If someone is a raving lunatic at your door who wants to kill b/c they want your money for drugs, then all you can do is kill them. You can’t debate or negotiate. That’s all you can do. The thing is, these people are manipulative and they are infiltrating our schools and our government and have built an infrastructure in this country so they can move anytime they want. They already have our universities. The antisemitism there is maddening.

          I think this is all going to get “worked out” the way it is supposed to but that doesn’t mean we lie down and do nothing to fight evil.

          I do agree that getting healthier is tied in and I think that our “sick” culture is brain dead partially b/c of our toxins and “so called food” that we are eating.


  21. Thank you so much for sharing and being very thorough about posting disclaimers at the end. There is a fine line as to what should be shared with children, depending on their age and maturity, but adults have an obligation to be aware in order to protect their children. It would be wonderful if we could go back to a time before 9/11, but those days are gone. We are not to give into fear but trust God to keep us safe. We are also commanded to pray without ceasing. Thank you for being bold enough to talk about this.

  22. You know, I was going to unsubscribe because I have too much in my inbox. I don’t think I can do that after all – not after this. Thank you for confirming your place in my inbox. :-)

    • Glad to still have you around. I really thought I needed to write this and these fabulous comments are just affirmation. Take care and thanks for taking the time to write. If you want to see a full inbox you need to see mine.

  23. Jennifer K. says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this Adrienne…I didn’t know how unaware I was until reading this. Our family will be praying for this situation. So very scary…

  24. Thankyou so much for sharing, such an emotive topic, your sharing of it confronts people to think of things they don’t want to, that picture makes me cry, no child, no adult NO oNE deserves that!

  25. I think it is good to be reminded to be sober about the things going on around us, and I am deeply saddened about those being persecuted around the world. We are praying and asking the Lord how He wants us to be involved as a family. I will add though, that hundreds of children in the U.S. are killed every day before they are allowed their first breath. Where are the tears and riots and prayers for those around us, in our neighborhoods who are killing their own children? I am saddened by this world and know that the blood of unborn children cries to the Lord on our shores too.

    • I am with you on the abortion issue. I was going to include something about it in the post but took it out – not due to cowardice but I felt it detracted from the post’s message. We pray and act for the pro life issue as well. Thanks for bringing it up.

  26. Thank you for posting sensitively and sensibly. And thank you for proposing “can do” get-involved opportunities. I think part of the apathy is the helplessness we sense when something is wrong but we can’t figure out WHAT to do to HELP.
    Great work.

  27. Thanks for having the courage to share this truth that some many are unaware of (or ignoring). This CANNOT be allowed to continue.

  28. I don’t subscribe to any faith, and I am appalled by the things in this post that I did not know. Of course that image and some others that I have seen on the web are extremely disturbing. I would protect my 9 year old daughter from seeing those images, but I would explain to her the atrocities that are taking place and your suggestions for taking action. I like this quote from Elie Weisel: “There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.” Thank you for raising awareness and sharing your compassion with your readers. I enjoy your standard healthy living posts as much as I enjoy my cute haircuts board on Pinterest, but I got a deeper glimpse into who you are as a person today – empathetic, caring and willing to stand up for what you believe in, and I love that about you.

    • I love that quote. And of course, I was pinning a few things that are “nicey nicey” today- but this is a huge burden for me. I really appreciate your commenting particularly since you don’t subscribe to any faith. I think we should all be able to talk about such things w/ understanding instead of hatred. Nice to connect again.

  29. This is terrible, thankyou for sharing the truth.

  30. I’m with you. Adults have become cowards and are afraid of everything. Some. pastors, priests and rabbis also are afraid to rock the boat. This is how Jews were in Germany. They worried about offending someone else. It didn’t matter. They were murdered anyway. This is not killing…it is murder. They are out to murder all of us. As adults, we should be able to face evil and fight it.

  31. I commend you for writing this post. Most people are too afraid and shy away from posting about these things. However, this is a serious problem. People need to know about it. It will not go away any time soon!

  32. You are right to be upset, and frustrated. This is pure evil going on there. I am not upset at what you wrote. You are right. I have been telling people about this too. It won’t stop there. We have to face the reality of it now. It breaks my heart to see what is going on. We cannot sit quietly, and pretend this isn’t happening. Our border is wide open. Combine the two issues, and you can see changes need to be made. I am a mother. I am a human being. I cannot believe the sheer hell these folks have been putting other human beings through. I cannot watch some of the videos. But I know what they have been doing, and have done, and will do in the future. The non-Muslim countries need to take in all of these minorities in the Middle East. If they refuse to take them in, they should help with money at the very least. I just read 90 Yazidis were just slaughtered. That brings the total up to five hundred or so. This cannot be tolerated by mankind. It is inhumane to do this to people.

  33. Maybe if we keep on praying God will stop these atrocities.
    Blind faith, yes that is what we need.
    Yeah, right where did it get these innocents?
    God allows all these awful things to happen, and we are supposed to find a way to end it.
    Why does it happen in the first place God?
    There will ALWAYS be turmoil in the middle east. It will NEVER stop.

    • I know that there will always be turmoil in the Middle East – however this kind of horror needs to be addressed. I assume you don’t think that we should allow it to continue, correct? It was set up from the beginning to happen and is part of history unfolding but that doesn’t mean we should be ignorant of what is happening – in fact all the more reason we shouldn’t, right?

  34. I love reading your health and wellness articles…now I love your heart! Thank you for posting this great reminder. EVIL is real and it is coming after us. We know it to be true not only because we see it but because the Bible has already predicted it. Prayer is so important and I love that you gave us practical hands on ways to help too. Thank you for this post. Truly it has helped open my eyes.

  35. I just wanted to say thank you for your post. Of course there’s times when all we want to do is see nice things in our news feed, but the reality is that this is serious and not enough people know what’s going on. I personally didn’t know many of the details and definitions of who people were and your post informed me about it while also telling me how I can help. I am going to post about this on my social media sites and I hope that others do too. Thank you for sharing.

  36. Don Alexander says:

    Though it serves some positive ends, your post, sadly, plays directly into the hands of our dastardly CIA and the war-mongering, manipulative government that enables it. Please advise your readers to spend some time educating themselves about how governments and propaganda work — starting with a quick survey of the “Middle East” section at , here: and the propaganda primer here:
    ” At the same time, the manipulators of patriotic opinion made use of the mental cliches and the emotional habits of the public to produce mass reactions against the alleged atrocities, the terror and tyranny of the enemy.”
    The sad fact of the matter is that ISIS is a (deliberate) product of U.S. policy, aimed at fracturing the Middle East into feuding, easily-controlled sectarian states, for the purpose of political, corporate, and military exploitation. In short, the bad guys in Washington LOVE IT when you sensationalize ISIS atrocities and polarize your readers into hating them. It makes it so much easier for them to carry out the next round of high-dollar (and very lethal) military adventurism. It would be better to state the case for legal and diplomatic assistance, then turn your attention to the massive, unparalleled crimes of OUR OWN GOVERNMENT — which have a much greater bearing on world peace than any group of fanatical Muslims.
    Thank you for your sincere efforts to help people; let’s channel those efforts (by everyone) to the root of the problem, not the twigs on the branches. That way, we can help victims both here and abroad.
    Sincerely, Don, North Carolina

    • Hi Don. I really appreciate your approach and concerns. I am not trying to start a war or to brush aside how it started and I am concerned that we are involved too much. However, at the same time we need to stand up for right and recognize when a group like this is becoming a national security issue, which they very much appear to be to me.

      I will ask you – is raising awareness of the Jews getting massacred in the Holocaust war mongering? What do you think we should have done then?

      I think it’s a very hard thing to sort out.

      What do you think is the best thing to do to “get to the root of the problem” as you say? I will say that I am involved in local politics as well and as much as I can in church. It’s a busy life.

      I look forward to seeing your links. I think you emailed me earlier but if you have time to send them directly to me at wholenewmom at gmail dot com that will be easier for me to reference in the future. Thanks.

      Also, I would like to ask you why you think Washington loves this and why we shouldn’t hate ISIS. Washington seems to be doing very little in my opinion. We haven’t extended asylum to the Iraqis and we dropped two measly bombs. Meanwhile, while Libya and Egypt were not threats we helped to overthrow (and DID) their governments. So I would like to hear what you think about that as well.

      Thanks again.

    • Thanks, Don, for pointing out the far less obvious aspects of this gruesome operation in Iraq. The rabbit hole is deep, the story complicated, and the entire truth does not reside in mainstream media “reporting”. The U.S./Anglo world has been covertly funding these extremist groups -if not directly, then via their “allies”- for decades, because ongoing and ever changing “threats to national security” are the bread and butter of the banking-military-industrial complex and the global billionaires who benefit. The rest of the world seems to get this, whilst we here in the U.S. seem oblivious. Yes, it hurts to admit it -and hurts to also take the shrapnel that often comes ones way when it is admitted openly. But one cannot unlearn what one has learned. Again thanks, and big thanks to Adrienne for offering the venue to discuss this topic.

      • There are of course issues that we started this by going in there but regardless of how it started it has to be stopped or we are going to be their next victims. If we left a vacuum that Hitler filled would we just let him kill Jews b/c it was our fault to begin with?

  37. Good for you for standing up for what YOU believe in! If people remain silent, it is the same as giving our CONSENT & the blood of the innocent is on OUR hands too!

    I am so tired of people being offended by the wrong things. I had someone appalled at the idea of my children seeing a sibling born (if THEY wanted to… they were NOT forced to be present & could leave the room at ANY time), yet the very person thought it was okay that their 5 YO knows what sex is (which they heard about from a classmate on their 1st day of government kindergarten), allows their children to watch R rated movies, allows their 9 YO to play CALL OF DUTY, etc. People are so backwards!

    • Wow. That’s horrid. I think birthing and breastfeeding are amazing gifts. I have no idea what Call of Duty is but I can only imagine. Yuck. And R rated? Well, I’m disgusted w/ most of what’s on TV let alone in R rated movies. Bah.

  38. Adrienne, thank you! A voice of reason. I am a Jew. Sadly, it has taken ISIS to make people aware of extremist Muslim groups. You have opened people’s eyes to the unbridled terror these groups wish to inflict in the name of religion. To those who may not have read your excellent post closely enough, you included the Jews. What many do not know is that Hamas’ charter includes the eradication of Israel and annihilation of every Jew.

    Some feel this doesn’t include them as they are not Jewish. They do not understand that attempting to fulfill their charter will not stop at Jews, but will include all other so-called infidels. Hamas will not prevail on its own. What people don’t see is that ISIS is spreading its wings. Look at London, Paris and other European – and American – cities. Look at the rise of anti-Semitism. And again some feel it does not involve them. It does, if they do not fit the extremist Muslim requirements.

    The rise of Pallywood – creating false photos, videos and news reports for the media – is rampant and is working. It is not reality. It is a successful propaganda tool for these extremist groups. What people don’t see, hear about or understand is, as you mentioned, sharia law. Sharia law removes rights and goes against all that is peaceful. You did not exaggerate in your examples. There are worse examples.

    You were so right to compare this to the rise of Nazism. Everything in your post was correct and thank goodness you have the chutzpah to post your thoughts.

    I don’t think many are aware of the statement by the Protestant pastor, Martin Niemoeller, who initially supported the Nazis. The Nazis arrested him, sentenced him to prison, and finally held him in concentration camps for seven years. He so eloquently stated:

    “First they came for the Communists, but I was not a Communist so I did not speak out. Then they came for the Socialists and the Trade Unionists, but I was neither, so I did not speak out. Then they came for the Jews, but I was not a Jew so I did not speak out. And when they came for me, there was no one left to speak out for me.”

    While Pastor Niemoeller realized the horror and atrocities of Nazism too late, we don’t have to. We must not forget and must use our resources to stem the spread of this evil threat. We cannot let Democracy be an experiment in history.

    I encourage people to write to the White House, their Senators and their Congressmen, to let them know they will not tolerate the spread of Muslim extremism in the world or in our country and that they expect their elected officials to support that view.

    Again, you have done a great service with your post. Now let’s hope people will see the larger picture.

    • Clearly this group will stop at no one if they are killing Yazidis. It’s horrible b/c it’s like the Japanese in WWII – they think they will be honored by doing this.

      Thank you so much for your encouragement. These are very very scary times. Thanks for encouraging us. Sadly I think there are many in gov’t in the US who don’t care about this kind of thing.

  39. Adrienne, I posted a lengthy and heartfelt post. I hope it was received and will show up. Please let me know if you don’t receive it. Also, do I have permission to share your post? Thank you.

  40. Today is Saturday and on Thursday I came across your blog for the first time. It was the post on coconut oil and the importance of doing due diligence. You struck me as a person with a sincere heart, and someone who is willing to look at evidence, even if it doesn’t jive with what the powers that be are promoting. I immediately signed up because I welcome information from someone who is looking for the truth about health and alternative ways to help our families heal. I, too, have gone through my own health journey, a true wake up call that made me realize that what have become in our country traditional approaches to healthcare are not always oriented by an open mind and a willingness to look at evidence, but can be tweaked by special interests.

    I shared your yesterday’s post with a friend of mine. He is an amateur photoshop user and he reminded me how easy it is to change a photo. He sent me a photo with 2 people in the foreground and one in the background and then sent me the same one minus the person in the background. He said he could also have inserted a different person in the background. This made me realize that, aside from possibly being photoshopped, a photo like that could also have been staged. There is also no way to know where it really came from.

    I wonder about the possible purpose of the photo.

    How does it affect people in America? One thing it certainly does is play to our emotions, and gives rise to the desire to right a wrong. It also encourages support of Obama’s decision to use military force in Iraq once again.

    Finding out that Iraq never had the weapons that were claimed was a profound lesson for me in learning that we can’t always believe what we see on the news (or in an email). I made it a point of starting to learn as much as I could about the history of the US going to war.

    There is so much that I have learned that I could share with you, including information about what’s gong on now. But I’m going to try to keep it simple. There’s a movie that came out in I think it was 2006, “Why we fight”. It does a really good job of showing the overall perspective that can lead to misuse of our country’s resources in this way. You can watch it in parts on you tube at:

    As an example of false information being used to stimulate war, there is also information about a way that during the debate about whether the United States should attack Iraq for the first Gulf War, operation Desert Storm, a PR firm was actually hired and a young girl was rehearsed in how to tell a false story to the US Congress. It was very effective. In my opinion that girl was a victim, too. There is a 2-minute clip on it from a Canadian journalist at: (sorry, my email is acting up and I can’t seem to make these links live.)

    As the reading Rainbow guy used to say “But don’t take my word for it” (I homeschooled my kids, too — they are now grown up). Please do your own research.

    • Hi there. I really appreciate your encouraging words and your caution.

      First of all, I did address that the photo could have been / likely was staged. And that the source was questionable. On Allen West’s blog it stated that it was being used by ISIS for propaganda – to scare people into submission. So I was clear about that and I know how easily things can be photoshopped. It makes me very frustrated. I try to do my due diligence but I am a very busy mom and have to make sure to take care of myself and my family.

      This kind of blogging is much easier for a single person w/ no health issues ;).

      That being said, I am not thinking Obama really wants to use force in Iraq – but I may be wrong. I was completely flabbergasted at his use of force in Libya where nothing was going on. And Egypt. I think we can see what is going on here – it has led to use having virtually no allies in the Middle East and now ISIS can do what it wants basically unhindered. So that is my perspective. Might I be wrong? Of course. But now we are being scolded by France for our President being on vacation instead of it appearing that we are chomping at the bit to fit another war.

      I guess we shall see.

      I am very frustrated that we caused some of this mess too by our involvement over there.

      I do now know the answers to all of this but I do know that ISIS appears to be a very real threat and that we need to pay attention. For example, if this were Hitler again, we can’t just say “Well, we really don’t want to play into war mongers’ hopes by getting folks stirred up about this little guy with a black mustache”, right?

      I would be happy to read / look at more. I think you will agree that it’s very hard to know what is going on. I guess we could just deal with things on a local level where we can be more certain, but even that is hard. I have done that as well in churches and in the civic arena. I would have run for office but I think I guess it would be too much of a hardship for my family right now.

      Let me know what you think.

  41. What I do is to educate myself. I am not politically correct. I’m educated and becoming more aware every day. I can’t make informed choices if I don’t have the facts. I dig for the truth and travel the world on-line to get it. I recognize there is a great consciousness shift going on, an awakening. It’s only going to accelerate, so I disengage from as much as I can from the negative aspects, such as I buy from local and organic farmers instead of eating the corporate “food” sold at the grocery store. I donate money on Kickstarter and other crowd-sourcing sites to directly support businesses and causes that are looking to improve things for the greatest good while making a living themselves without trying to function within this current paradigm. I don’t associate, anymore than I have to, with people who are asleep and swallow the propaganda of the bad-guy-of-the-week is out to get me, so we have to go kill him first and bring democracy, when I see it’s just my – and many other governments – that are really the ones who are behind it all. Take away the money from these tyrants, and the whole mess will grind to a halt.

    I know the financial system is collapsing, which will bring down those who have controlled the People for so long. With this will bring amazing opportunities for all of us to share our gifts and to co-create a place where we can all live in peace, share abundance, and be happy and healthy wherever we choose to be.

    This will happen faster and will be less chaotic as more people make similar choices in ways that have meaning for them. It’s about the love and heart and recognizing that we all are one. And we are not alone…

    Thank you, Adrienne, for speaking your heart. Don’t stop now!!!

  42. I agree with you and I support using your blog to be forthright about the things ISIS is doing. Most people in USA La La Land don’t want to know what is happening. They don’t realize that a banded together voice goes far.

    I have signed a petition with ACLJ and I know that VOM Voice of the Martyrs has people in that country ready to help.

    The rest of us can be speaking out about this. The government will do something when enough voices speak out because they know they have a ready made selling point come election time.

    And we need to fervently pray to God for the protection of the innocent and for salvation for all.

    • I so appreciate your support. I don’t know how much or what the gov’t will do but I hope so. I don’t have any idea why we were in Libya but not here. Well, I have some ideas but I don’t like the situation. Blessings.

  43. Tami Lewis says:

    Amen amen amen!!! You just became my favorite blogger!!! I keep trying to tell people what’s going but like you have encountered “indifference” or “it’s too graphic. Worse yet – ” it’s not really like that”
    Great post and keep sharing! My panties are in a wad!!!

  44. This is so frightening. I just keep calling out to Jesus every time I read about this.

  45. Adrienne,
    Thank-you . There were 3 people at our vegetable stand today who had just come from Iraq via a demonstration at The White House. One of them had on a tee shirt with the symbol which prompted my grilling them with questions. They were obviously road worn but the look about them was deeply disturbing. 3 middle aged missionaries from the U.S. who have seen way too much and tried to impart their concerns gently until the woman missionary just kind of lost it and the dire circumstances of the non Islamic communities gushed from her. They totally confirmed first hand all you’ve said here and more. I asked what I could do and she said Pray hard and send money and the sites for donations were all the ones you’ve posted. Adrienne, you are an excellent human being and I thank-you again for this post.

  46. Thank you for posting reality. People need to be VERY aware of this

  47. Thank you, thank you, thank you for speaking up. My heart is torn to pieces over what ISIS is doing to our brothers and sisters in Iraq, and I have been frustrated that praying (while good!) does not feel like it is enough. There must be more. Still boggled by people – particularly many of my peers (early 20’s) – who are not aware of what’s happening or who are aware and unmoved. We are taught about the Holocaust in part so that we may prevent the same kind of atrocity from ever happening again. It looks like that time has come, and it’s now it’s less a matter of “what would we do?” and more “how will we fight back?”

  48. Great post! Of course you know I completely agree with you! Just FYI, your link to the “viral post” goes to a broken link. Thank you for putting on your armor and putting it all out there! <3

  49. Thanks for your post on ISIS. Although I had already seen those horrid pictures, (and others that are still stuck in my minds eye) you had more information. You are exactly right in everything you said. ISIS is a very real threat the USA needs to take seriously. I agree with Arlyne too! Time to wake up America!

  50. Pat Sheek says:

    Thank you for sharing. The images you shared are mild in comparison to some I have seen: a man holding up his headless daughter who was killed to send a warning, a naked woman who was being decapitated after she had obviously been raped. Our country is turning their heads because it offends them and they think they can’t do anything about it. That’s the exact same thing that Germany did, and we are on track to have the same thing happen here. Terrorists have come into this country over the border lately, but they were brought in by the thousands as refugees a couple of years ago. I know this because I have a relative who is a social worker who had to process some of them. Our tax dollars are putting them up in businesses and feeding them, and once they are here they can bring their entire families. Jihad is being taught in the mosques. They are protected by our president, and they are in place and waiting for the order for jihad here. Hiding our heads in the sand
    leaves us vulnerable. Everyone who values their life and the lives of their children and grandchildren should have a CHL and be prepared at all times, but the most important thing is to pray. God said, “If my people, who are called by my name humble themselves, pray and seek my face, and turn from their evil ways, THEN I will hear from Heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land. II Chronicles 7:14

    • Hi Pat. I have heard that some of the photos aren’t accurately sourced but regardless….if they are sharing those to make a point then that is all I need to know that these people are serious killers. I have more videos that are pretty damning and I might just share them.

      You are completely right about what is going on in our country. That is the perfect verse you quoted and it’s what needs to happen. Blessings.

  51. This is HORRIBLE, SAD AND SCARY!!!! Thank you for educating me. I signed the petition and made a donation. I will also pray for Iraq.

  52. Thank you for posting this! So many times because we live on another continent it is just easier to turn the TV off and forget what is going on there and what it really means. It is easier to bury our heads in the sand and turn our backs. It’s easy here in the U.S. Yes we deal with bullies, and racism and sexism in our little world but we really don’t understand what that can really mean taken to an extreme. There a bully isn’t teasing you. He is quite literally threatening your life and the life of your family. Wrong nationality, religion, sect you will be dead. You are a female, you are worth less than a goat, you are property, and not very valuable property at that. Forget the glass ceiling, you aren’t even worthy of working. And if you know anything about the history of Islam it is even more appalling as it is based on retaliatory hate because the Jewish community and the Christian communities told Mohammad that he was not a prophet. He was not foretold in Jewish history so he had no voice there and the Christians already believe the Son of God had come and saved them so there was no need for another prophet, and so Islam quite literally loathes and wants to destroy Judaism and Christianity which predate Islam because they refused to recognize Mohammad as a prophet. So they lie, they kill, they massacre.They try to predate Islam to Abram. Our faith system can not comprehend their teachings and mindset. We are so ingrained in the Western/Judeo-Christian world view that their world view is incomprehensible to us. We need to wake up. We need to pay attention. We need to understand history, We need to be appalled by what ISIS and Islam is doing. But mostly we need to understand that they believe that we are of no value to them, and that they are not a religion of peace and that it is said in their religion that they can lie, cheat, steal and kill to further Islam. We need to pray. But mostly we need to do something to make it stop, because we are the ones that put the leaders in place that we took out decades later to cause this chaos. It was and is our government that gave money and supplies that are now being used against them (and us). Support the ACLJ, sign their petitions and donate. Support non-profits that assist Christians in the Middle East. Give to charities to support relief services in the middle east. But mostly Call your congressman or woman, and vote use your voice to make a difference and Pray. And to those that are having a hard time with God because there is evil in the world such as this, God gave us free will and here in our soft world we have the ability to nonchalantly turn our back on him because we don’t believe that he is handling things the way we think it should go. We are not promised things will be easy, but that he will be there for us when things are hard. I pray that my faith is as strong as the Christians in the Middle east if I was ever to be faced with death for my briefs that I will not crumble, and that the death of a Christian with strengthen the faith of other Christians and show those that have not yet seen the way, the truth and the light, that it will.

    • I am completely with you on all counts. Blessings. These are very tough times. I pray that if it going to get that bad here that God will have mercy and end it all but who knows. He sure didn’t end it for those in other countries.

  53. Thank you, Adrienne, for sharing the truth even if it hurts.
    My husband has been addressing this issue on his blog in recent weeks too: I pray we’ll wake up and pray, at the very least (which is actually the best way to change world events). I pray our hearts will be broken with the things that break God’s heart.

    • Thanks, Terri. Nice post. I am however personally upset / angry at our President (regarding what your husband wrote) b/c he has used language about our freedom not being that of religion, but instead a “freedom of worship” . That is part of the slippery slope we are now on. I think that his words are carefully chosen and that this is part of why this isn’t of apparent importance to him.

      Thanks for sharing your husband’s writings. The truth of all of this is uglier than many think.

  54. I think it’s pretty absurd to say that pictures like this shouldn’t be shared because they’re “scary.” Well, DUH. They *should* be scary. That’s the whole point: scary things are happening and we need to not be willingly ignorant of it.

  55. Voice of the Martyrs has started selling t-shirts with the letter “nun” to raise awareness, and half of the proceeds ($10 for every t-shirt sold) is going directly to support displaced Iraqi Christians.

  56. Dear Adrienne,
    Thank you for your thoughtful and courteous comments; such tact is falling into neglect these days. I apologize for this tardy response; it’s harvest season and I’m swamped here…

    First, I’d like to clarify some things that seem to be misunderstood…
    1) I wasn’t accusing YOU of war mongering, just our government.
    2) There is nothing wrong with raising awareness of world events (and historical ones, like the holocaust) — we just want to be careful not to assist someone else’s propaganda efforts.
    3) Yes, the ISIL/ISIS groups are horrible, and should never have been supported (starting in Syria, or even earlier) by our CIA, Israel (Yes!), and financial backers from other Middle East countries. Nonetheless, hatred accomplishes nothing (it just depletes our energy), and publicizing their atrocities only fuels the fear and reactionary anger the organizations supporting them are trying to exploit. They want us to be afraid; I’m not — at all. So… let’s instead knock the wheels out from under their cart by exposing government complicity in causing the deaths of Christians and (non-aligned) Muslims alike. Public outrage should be directed at the governments and politicians who do the dirty work for mega-corporations and banks. (The IMF and Monsanto are already pouncing on the bones of Ukraine; oil companies and drug lords have similar motivations in Iraq).

    The global political picture is a complicated mess that is very difficult to understand. We need non-traditional (non-mainstream) news sources to inform us — sometimes even news agencies that that have opposing political interests to our own. It’s up to us to weigh the evidence and assemble the clearest picture. There are “Truth-speaking” sites that specialize in political analysis; two that I’ve found consistently good are Global Research ( ) and Boiling Frogs Post ( ). Karl Denninger’s site ( and Jesse’s Cafe Americain ( ) are also straight-shooters regarding domestic and business news.

    You are quite correct in pointing to Libya and Egypt (and now Ukraine, too) as places where our State Department and intelligence agencies have needlessly (and illegally) interfered with sovereign governments. We need to tell our friends that we do not condone such meddlesome and costly (it’s our tax dollars) action. If we can keep our own imperialistic leaders under control, groups like ISIS can be contained by moderates in their own countries (as they have always been in the past) before they gain substantial power. It’s only when we destroy social order (and drone bombing don’t help) that extremists are able to gain support for their cause.

    Finally, thank you for participating in local politics and activism — because that’s the only arena where we (average citizens) can expect to effect honest change. At state and federal levels, money and corruption have the upper hand. (Maybe someday, we can change that, too.)

    Best wishes,
    Don (North Carolina)

    • Hi Don. Sorry for the delay in responding to you – I wanted to check out your links and forgot to come back :).

      I really appreciate your kind words. I really want this to be a place where folks can disagree and hopefully push one another to the truth (as much as is possible, right :)?).

      I think that we can never really know what it is going on for sure. Just beyond a reasonable doubt in most cases. Of course, some things are for sure. I spent time watching some interesting videos the other night and while they were interesting I didn’t see any proof of what they were saying and the headlines didn’t completely back up what they were claiming to be true. So I just don’t know.

      I did poke around on the sites you listed a bit – thank you.

      We have spent tons of money going to places and doing things (not just war of course, but costly wasteful expenditures of many kinds….salaries, vacations, subsidies, programs) that ought not to be done and it is a travesty and is wrecking our country financially. And morally.

      Do you think ISIS can be contained by moderates now? Seems to me they have gained quite an upper hand and that they are poised to do real damage here. I wonder if you have heard this woman’s story:

      and what you think about it.

      Thanks again.

    • Well stated.

  57. Wow…thank you for posting this!!!!!! My thoughts are the same…America has become too placid…and we don’t want to upset anyone…and because of that, we have told God we don’t need Him and He has said ok, do it your way…we need HIM back!!!!

  58. CAROLINE MYERS says:

    you are absolutely right! If everybody spoke up we could stop all this garbage!

  59. Thanks so much for this post! Sometimes as Christians we forget that “what’s popular isn’t always right, and what’s right isn’t always popular.” Thanks for risking your popularity, so to speak! 😉

    A quick note: Thanks for including us Mormons in your post! It’s nice to know that we’re being thought of. In the future, though, you can just include us in the Christian category, because that is what we are. I appreciate it, and thanks again for your insightful comments on these troubling times that we live in!

    • Hi Karen. My apologies for not responding sooner — trying to get to older comments and catch up now. You are welcome. Yes, popular isn’t always right for sure and the converse.

      I do have some concerns about some parts of Mormon theology and think there are some clear differences between it and orthodox Christianity. I would be happy to talk to you about it if you like. Not at all trying to be antagonistic — it’s just that I studied this in fairly good details years ago. Take good care.

      • While I appreciate you taking the time to actually study my religion, I can assure you as someone who was BORN and RAISED a Mormon, we are, in fact, very Christian. We recognize Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, the son of God. We know that he atoned for our sins and died on the cross at Calvary, and he was resurrected three days later. Just because our beliefs don’t line up with orthodox Christianity doesn’t mean we aren’t Christian. If you look at a lot of Christian churches nowadays, they aren’t very orthodox, either. They accept gay marriage, female priesthood holders, and hold modern worship services with rock bands and sound systems. I’m not sure how any of that qualifies as orthodox. Most of all, we are perfectly okay with being different than a lot of other Christian religions. That was the whole catalyst that led to Joseph Smith praying in the woods in Palmyra, New York. He wanted to know which Christian religion was right. He read James 1:5, which said that if any of us lack wisdom, we can ask the Lord. So he prayed, and Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appeared to him and told him that none of the churches were correct, and that he should join none of them. So yes, our church is different. However, it is set up in the same way that Jesus set up his church when he was on earth. We have apostles, we have a prophet, and we have temples. We’re really not that different in the ways that matter, such as striving to be better every day, ministering to the poor, and patterning our lives after the Savior. I’d encourage you, or anyone that is truly wondering whether or not we’re Christian, to attend church with us on any given Sunday. When you hear about how much we love our Savior and strive to be like him, there will be no doubts as to where our hearts lie.

        • Hi Karen. Thanks for replying and sorry for taking so long to respond. I’ve been just swamped and my comments got backlogged. I really appreciate your thoughtful response. And I agree w/ you on the problems w/ many who call themselves “christian.” It’s a travesty. I don’t really care for modern rock band worship, but I would say that that one point isn’t outlined in scripture so that is the one point I would say isn’t as problematic at least not ostensibly. However, I do still think that there are some theological points about Mormonism that are in contradiction to the Scriptures. I am concerned about how The Book of Mormon says that God has a body, how there is the theological belief that Mormon men will have their own planet with many wives, and is there not the belief that they can be baptized for the dead? I also think that the Mormom church teaches that Jesus is Satan’s brother, which is in direct contradiction to the Scriptures. There are more issues but that is a good starting point.

          And as for Joseph Smith, I do think it is problematic to base a whole religion on the writings on one man. Error is something that could easily have entered into the picture. The Christian Scriptures were written by many men and they support each other

          If you would like to respond, please do so and I really do appreciate your taking the time to comment :).

  60. This is the most comprehensive and well thought out post that I have seen on this subject, thank you for having the courage to post this. I have shared this to all of my social media accounts.

  61. Do you think other countries show the atrocities our government/military industrial complex is guilty of and shows the same type of pictures?
    You know they do!!

    • Hi there. I’m not sure if I understand your comment. I am not happy about atrocities we commit either but I do think that we have become a very weakened nation and that it is to our peril that we do so. I am not a war monger but I also think that when we do nothing in the face of evil that is a problem as well.

  62. We go to war, lose it, then wind up getting the Christians, our brothers and sisters killed. There comes a time when one has to realize that patrotism is for the birds. How can anyone continue to love a country that would not only allow these atrocities but evidently add fuel to fire to keep the blaze of hatred going. God help us and this nation when we stand before the judgement seat. “As you do to one of these, my little ones, you have done unto me”. So sad, so very, very sad.

  63. I know how you feel and I’ve been doing the same thing. I want to check out quilts and recipes. But there is so much horrible things going on, I had to start digging and share what I find. I don’t think anyone follows me on Facebook anymore.? Just wait until you get down the rabbit hole far enough to find out that the Obama administration has paid and trained Isis as the “Syrian Rebels ” to overthrow the Assad regime in Syria. The arms were being run through Benghazi. Yes, you’re tax dollars are paying for it.

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