How a Mercury Filling Almost Took My Son’s Life

Mercury Fillings. Safe or No? Come read about How a Mercury Filling Almost Took My Son's Life. Really.

Don’t believe me?

Well, it’s true.

There are some stories about our family’s health that I tell on occasion to share about what we’ve been learning.

Recently I thought that I should share some of these “stories” with all of you so that you can learn more about what we’ve been through.

This is one of those stories.

Now, before I start, keep in mind that I used to be someone who never thought twice about

Like all those things I mentioned above, I never thought twice about getting mercury fillings either.  I mean, you’re telling me that mercury leaches into your body and actually hurts you?  Why would my friendly family dentist put something into my body that would actually hurt me?  Ahem.

Think again.

Since I completely trusted our dentists, and since the mercury fillings were a lot cheaper (and we were not raking in the dough) when my oldest needed fillings (and he needed a lot), we always got the silver ones.

Well, one particular time, after he got two fillings, he kept complaining that one hurt.  I kept reassuring him that nothing was wrong, but he kept complaining and complaining.

And then I started worrying.  I remembered stepping into the room when he was getting the fillings put in and seeing quite a bit of blood.  I wasn’t sure, but I didn’t recall ever seeing a whole lot of blood from fillings before, but then mine were always quite superficial and I only had 2 in my whole life.  But the blood thing continued to bother me.

So I took him in to have the dentist look at it, but the dentist found nothing wrong.  I think we even went in twice for reassurance.

Fast forward a few weeks.

My son woke up saying that his tooth hurt a lot and his cheek was swollen.  That afternoon he laid down for a nap around 2 pm and slept ’til 5, which was very odd for him.

When I woke him up (so he’d actually sleep that night), the nightmare began.

Half of his face was swollen down to his jawbone and up around his eye.  His eye was almost swollen shut.

I called the doctor and they sent me right over to the hospital.

Now I knew something was wrong.

Admitted immediately.  His swelling was cellulitis – a potentially life-threatening infection of the soft tissues.  Since it was around his eye it was dangerously close to his brain.

Not words a mama wants to hear.

IV antibiotics were started.  It got worse.  When I saw my son the next day (Dad stayed in the hospital with him because his younger brother was just a baby and I was home with him), half of his face looked like the Elephant Man’s.

24 hours after being admitted there was talk about him being sent to Infectious Disease because the infection wasn’t responding.

“No!”  I screamed silently.

I drove back and forth from the hospital, getting whole foods and clothing for my son.  Crying, praying and singing Psalm 23 from the Psalter…

“Yea, though I walk through death’s dark vale…yet will I fear no ill….”

Finally, just before they were ready to send him on to the next set of specialists, things started turning around and we went home with a lot of antibiotics and my son finished them.

Then, about a week later, my son told me that his mouth felt funny.  There it was.  A small swollen spot just above the filling.

Doctor visit.

Doctor thinks mom is crazy and that the swelling will go away on its own.  “It’s not just above the filling” he said.

“Yes, it is,” I insisted.

“No, it isn’t.”

“Yes, it is,” I said, getting angry and frustrated that he wasn’t listening to my mother’s instincts.  Couldn’t he see it?  Didn’t he know what we’d just been through?

“What’s it going to take to make you happy, Adrienne?”

“A referral to an oral surgeon.”

Well, I got it.

Three oral surgeons.  Their recommendations?

  • Outpatient surgery.
  • Biopsy.
  • The third, most experienced doctor said, “I’m just going to pull the tooth.”

I went with #3.  Least invasive and least expensive.

Tooth pulled and the most well-respected oral surgeon in our city said, “Yes, it was just above the filling and I’ve never seen anything like it in my life.”

(This was said by perhaps that most competent and experienced oral surgeon in our city–one that has a reputation for good health care.)

It was a granuloma.

What’s a granuloma?

I didn’t know either.  According to Wikipedia:

Granuloma is a medical term for a tiny collection of immune cells known as macrophages. Granulomas form when the immune system attempts to wall off substances that it perceives as foreign but is unable to eliminate.

Hmmm..From what I could tell, my son’s body appeared to be attempting to wall off the filling. (It’s possible that the granuloma was related to the injury of getting the filling and not the filling itself, but given my son’s Asperger’s Syndrome (high-functioning autism) and the heavy metal issues that we are now uncovering, I am not ruling out a reaction to the mercury.  Regardless–stay aware and vigilant about yours and your family’s health.

Tooth removed.  Granuloma gone.

No more swelling.

The moral of this story is . . .

well, in my mind, there are several:

1.  Don’t assume that others’ stories of “invisible health issues” or sensitivities are invalid or “all in their head.”  I used to think so.  Now that a number of them have come to roost in my own household, I know otherwise.

2.  Mercury is a poison.  I recommend not putting it in your mouth as a permanent structure. I’m not saying this is for sure what caused the cellulitis, but I don’t want it in my body or in the body of those in my family.

3.  You are the parent.  You are in charge of your child’s health.  I knew something was wrong with my son and though I was ridiculed by his physician, I pressed on.  He might have died otherwise.  Guess who isn’t our physician any longer?  I send the resulting medical results to him and didn’t even get a reply.

4.  Don’t take the lives of your loved ones for granted.  Things could have turned for us on a dime that day.  For now, we are all still together.  Thank God.

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Do you or your children still get mercury fillings?

Please share this with others so they can know about the potential dangers of mercury fillings.

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  1. Is it tooth #30? Anyway, I didn’t know that the granuloma came back after the tooth was extracted….that is strange. Also, most dentists I know don’t use amalgam fillings anymore just due to the fact that they are not esthetically pleasing, and you have to remove more tooth structure compared to a tooth-colored filling. I myself have not used amalgam in 3 years at all. And I will say that my own father had all of his amalgam fillings replaced because he thinks they are harmful, but I don’t think I will ever agree. To each his own I suppose! Anyways, thanks for your awesome blog!

    • No, it isn’t #30 either. The amalgam fillings happened awhile ago. My son was younger than. I hope to follow up w/ my dentist later -thanks!

  2. How have I not read this before? Being a new mom, I can imagine how scared you were for your son.
    My personal experience with mercury toxicity actually came in the form of a fish-derived vitamin A supplement. I had acne as a teen and took matters into my own hands by taking about 300,000 IU of vitamin A a day. Needless to say, I wish I’d known better, but I can relate to the horrors of mercury. I’ve been chelating off and on for years now, and I’m sure I’ve passed some on to my girls. I can only hope they have stronger immune systems than I ever have.
    Thanks for sharing your story!

    • You are so welcome. I am sorry to hear that you’ve been affected as well. I am detoxing as well and will be sharing more soon. Take care. I think my kids are a bit worse off than me but we’ll see.

    • please don’t use chelation therapy. its dangerous.
      vit A is toxic in high doses. ignorance leads us to do these things, chelation therapy will do nothing but harm (like the high dose of vit a).

      • Hi there again, “Mr. Sprat.” Again, if you are going to be so bold as to confront so many people on my blog I would appreciate it if you would not hide behind a fictitious name. There are many different opinions about chelation therapy and while I don’t personally recommend it, I do use and sell zeolite which is a much gentler version. As for quackwatch, he is reported to be a shill for Big Pharma and is basically against any and all alternative healings which, in my opinion, is ridiculous. There are so many unsafe FDA approves meds that he should be coming down on those as well. Thanks.

  3. Thank you for sharing your story! You’re right, YOU are the parent. I think so many people get pressured into decisions and diagnosis because they don’t feel like they’re qualified to question the “authorities”.

  4. Hi Adrienne,
    After reading the post & all the comments I’m still confused. My son has 4 cavities (!) & I can’t figure out if there is a safe way to get them filled? Because they are on his back teeth the dentist says he can’t just leave the cavities because the teeth won’t fall out til he’s 10 or 11 & he’s only 5 now. Is there a safe filling? Or can I just leave them & keep working on brushing & flossing?

    • Many people contact Dr. Huggins’ organization and find a dentist who is willing to follow their protocol. I personally had my kids’ fillings w/ the white filling but I am getting a biocompatible test done now to see what my body does best with. There are people who try to heal their cavities naturally using this book (affiliate link). If you purchase after clicking on that link I might make a commission, but your price doesn’t increase. Sorry for the necessary disclaimer :).

      • that book was written by an individual with a BA, that has no professional knowledge or training or understanding of dentistry. weston price was a dentist that promoted diet to avoid tooth decay (which all dentists do), but this book advocates weird theories that existing holes in your teeth can be repaired via diet (in complete contradiction to common sense every dental publication and study in history).

        • Hi again, “Mr. Sprat”. I must say, you seem to have a keen interest in this post :). I know about Mr. Nagel’s background and I don’t particularly advocate his work but I know many people have had success with natural healing using his protocol and I think it makes perfect sense to say that internal health can affect dental health – wouldn’t you say so? I know such things haven’t been published in dental publications per se but I have friends who have seen this kind of thing happen so perhaps you should take it up with them. Thank you.

    • just use dental composite if needed (the white fillings). though i am critical of this article for incorrectly associating mercury from the fillings with her child’s ordeal, i see no need to use metal fillings that contain trace amounts of mercury when you can use white ones instead without mercury (though, most water pipes in north america are made with mercury and have always been so. newer ones are made from pvc … but they break a lot sooner).

      last note: while dentists are professionals and highly trained, they are businessmen also and want to make money to pay for their expensive equipment. they told me my boy needed a filling. but it didn’t hurt so i saw no need. pain tells us it’s not just superficial. wait too long though and the cavity will kill the nerve and the pain will end. so keep on top of it. the old ice cream test is alway good to see if it hurts.

      • “Mr. Sprat”, there are issues w/ both kinds of fillings, depending on what the white fillings are made of. I don’t think it’s wise to advise someone to just wait for a cavity to kill the nerve. That is careless advice. Thank you. I have never heard of pipes made with mercury so I would need to see documentation about that. Thank you.

  5. Wow, this just solidified my choice to remove my 10 amalgams asap!
    This also reminded me of Jenny McCarthy, and how she “got rid” of her son’s autism by detoxing his body…I’ve heard many stories of people getting rid of it some how with diet and lifestyle changes. Since I’ve been studying a lot about natural health, and medicine it’s safe to say toxicity is involved most of the time.

    • HI Megan. Well, I can’t say that my son is, or ever will be, cured, but he is a whole lot better and I do believe a lot of it is how we have worked with him. Take care and check out the Huggins protocol for removing fillings.

  6. Asha Merkes says:

    Once you have it in, how do you take it off

  7. your story has nothing to do with mercury poisoning, but an infection caused by shabby dental work. please spare us the ignorant hysteria that mercury caused you child’s ailment..

    • I think this is the final comment of yours that I need to respond to “Mr. Sprat”. I think it is possible that there could have been either involved. But perhaps I should take this to the dentist to see what he thinks. Regardless, the cavity touched it off and a careless physician dismissed my concerns and almost cost my son his life.

  8. I have had all the symptoms anyone could possibly think of from not only the mercury in my fillings but the copper also. I’ve been slowly dying since elementary school because of amalgam fillings. I don’t have money to get them removed. I’ve had 6. I wish I could bomb the corporate world. Crimes against humanity is so real. I’m glad that the amalgam fillings in your son’s mouth were removed. These things cause so many people health problems and sometimes it takes years for someone to realize that they are sick because mercury bio accumilates in the organs. Once mercury causes brain damage it’s irreversible so people reading this please take care. I’m speaking from the kindness of my heart. I would never wish heavy metal toxicity on anyone. The fact that amalgam fillings are placed in childrens mouths hurt my soul. I suffer everyday. I look normal on the outside but I’m sick. I can’t do basic things and im only in my 20s. Adrienne your son is so lucky to have you as a mom. I wish my mom would have been as skeptical as you were. What we don’t know as parents can hurt our children for life. Stay healthy.

    • Oh how horrible! I have heard horror stories from others as well. Is there a way you could get financial help from others? Do you possibly belong to a church that could help you?

      So so sorry. Thanks for sharing and I really appreciate your kind words. We’ve been going through a lot here so you have lifted my spirits. Blessings.

  9. would you please email me the contact info for the heavy metal detox specialist?
    my husband has A LOT of metal in his mouth that needs to go…

  10. Monica, you can actually get in touch w/ her via my blog. I have her information in my adrenal fatigue post. I need to organize things better on my blog, but it all takes time :). You can go to her contact page. She’ll call you back. We had our fillings removed. Insurance covered it, but be careful whom you go to. Theresa can advise what she thinks about your fillings. Take care.

  11. a “heavy metal detox specialist”? please don’t. they are charlestons and snake oil salesmen that can do serious harm. please check things out first at: Quackwatch.

  12. Hi again. It’s taking me quite awhile to get through all of your comments. I hope these answers help you. Quackwatch is very much opposed to all kinds of natural healing. While I do not think that all natural healing is beneficial and there are some who for sure take advantage of others, I do think much is good also and one needs to take Quackwatch w/ a grain of salt. Thanks for commenting.