Essential Oils Sale, Free & Cheap Ebooks and 10% off Almonds

For those of you celebrating Easter this weekend, I hope you are having a blessed weekend.

And for my Jewish readers, I hope you had a wonderful Passover celebration.

My family has celebrated Passover, in addition to Easter over the past few years, but this year Passover didn’t happen with my husband having a bunch of business trips.

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Maybe we’ll celebrate it belatedly. It is such a beautiful celebration.

If you still need some ideas for your Easter celebration, I’ve got a few posts that might help:

1.  20+ Healthy Easter Ideas
2.  More Easter Treats & Ingredient Substitution Ideas
3.  Celebrating Easter with Resurrection Eggs (one of my favorite things to do on Easter)

Now, on to the savings part of the post.

Essential Oils Sale

Native American Essential Oils

Ever since my series on Which Essential Oils Company is Best?, I have been getting regular emails asking me when Native American Nutritionals is going to have another oils sale. (And in case you missed this series, read why I recommend Native American Nutritionals for your essential oils needs.

The answer is–right now :).

Through tomorrow, you can get any of their “Oils of the Bible” for 15% off (use coupon code EasterSale13).

Included in this deal are the following oils.  The descriptions are from Native American Nutritionals.  The possible uses are from here.

Frankincense Somalia

Historically, the resin was burned on altars and in temples from the earliest recorded history. The aroma has the unique ability to slow and deepen breathing and calm emotions. Has a long history of use in perfumes, skin-care, and respiratory infections.

Uses: antiseptic, disinfectant, carminative (helps with intestinal gas), scar treatment, digestive, diuretic, regulating menstrual cycle, expectorant, sedative, tonic, wound treatment, pain reliever (with arthritis, etc.), insomnia

Frankincense India

– The name means “Real Incense.” It is extremely valuable and both the Hebrews and the Egyptians spent large amounts of money importing Frankincense from the Phoenicians, making it a valuable gift for the Christ child.  A must have for everyone’s oil collection.

NOTE: I used Frankincense oil once on my husband. He had a suspicious-looking sore on his back. I put Frankincense on it and overnight it changed for the better. Within 3 days it looked like a normal mole. I personally would not be without this oil. And at this price, it’s pretty much a no-brainer.


The name comes from the Arabic “murr” which means “bitter.” It was commonly used as a perfume, incense, and in medicine, much like Frankincense. Very valuable oil.

Uses: I have read that myrrh can be used for: cough, cuts and wounds, dermatitis, yeast infections, stomach aches, skin troubles (eczema, ringworm, etc.), indigestion, hemorrhoids, gum and mouth problems, diarrhea, muscle cramps, as a tonic (boosts overall health), insomnia, regulating menstrual cycle, depression.

Cautions: not to be used on pregnant women as it can stimulate the uterus


This oil has been used for cedar chests for long term storage of clothing and linens since it acts as an insect repellant.

Uses: seborrhoea or seborrhoeic eczema, antispasmodic, antiseptic, tonic, diuretic, regulates menstrual cycle, expectorant, insecticide, sedative, fugicide.   Again, pregnant women should avoid its use.


Recorded use as an incense in Old Testament and Egyptian papyri, Galbanum is much like Frankincense and Myrrh. Very helpful when treating skin infections that are slow to heal.

Uses: anti-arthritic, muscle spasms, scar treatment, decongestant, skin detoxifier (acne, boils, etc.), insecticide, antiparasitic (fleas, etc. on animals–lice on humans), sores, ulcers, shock and depression.


Considered a luxury, this oil was used as incense at altars in ancient times. It is beneficial for skin conditions and wound healing. Commonly used as a perfume.

Uses: anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, deodorant, laxative, sedative, allergies, fever, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, wound healing, circulation.

Cedarwood Atlas

Closely related to the biblical Cedars of Lebanon. Has a warm, woody fragrance that works well in men’s toiletries as well as in the laundry and perfumes.

I just made a roll-on deodorant for my husband. I am thinking this would be a wonderful oil to add next time. (Yes, I’ll be sharing the recipe soon.)


Contains: Frankincense, Cinnamon, Cassia, Hyssop, Myrrh, Galbanum, Spikenard, and Calamus.

From Native American’s site:

This formula assists circulation, strengthens the heart, endocrine and nervous systems and is an immune system builder.  Promotes physical energy, is effective against fungus, parasites, infections, bacteria, viruses, tropical infections and inflammation.  Effective against colds, flu, fevers, asthma (clears the lungs), and is a tonic for the digestive system. It is uplifting calms restlessness, nervous fatigue, strengthens the mind, and supports the whole body.

Hop on over to Native American Nutritionals and check out all of their offerings. Their shipping is reasonable and their oils are great quality.   Remember, the sale ends tomorrow and use coupon code EasterSale13 at checkout.

Looking for a good resource for learning about the healing properties of essential oils?  The Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils has been recommended to me by a natural blogger and I am planning to purchase it:

Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils


I also have an assortment of Essential Oils at Cost available on my Store Page. And there are loads of other great products too–coconut oil, Klean Kanteen bottles, and more!

Source for possible oil uses.

Free and Cheap Ebooks

No Kindle necessary to read these books :).  Just download Kindle for PC or Mac at Amazon and read on your computer!

Please check the prices prior to purchasing….Free books can change to “non FREE” at any time.

40 Delicious Almond Flour Recipes


These recipes look amazing.  Many have eggs, but there is a good assortment of those that don’t.  YUM!

40 delicious almond flour recipes

Gluten-Free Diet Plan


Info on how and why to go gluten free plus some tasty recipes….Chocolate Oatmeal, anyone?
All of the recipe on my Recipe Page are gluten free.  So check those FREE recipes out too :)!

gluten-free diet plan

Best Chicken Breeds

Just $1.22

 Find out about 12 Types of Hens that Lay Lots of Eggs, Make Good Pets, and Fit in Small Yards
Oh…our silly city says no chickens allowed.  I’ve dug up some info that might change that….but until then.

Best Chicken Breeds

Rocket Fuel on a Budget
How to Get Healthy Without Going Broke


I LOVE this book.  It sums up so much of my thinking on healthy eating and living. Like “thin doesn’t equal healthy” and “organic doesn’t mean healthy”. Really great.

rocket fuel on a budget

Here are some posts I’ve written on Healthy Eating On a Budget:

6 Tips for Eating Healthy On a Budget

Save Money with a Dehydrator

Saving Money on Special Diets

Saving With Menu Planning

99 cents

This is something I’ve been looking into.
I’m not much of a menu planner but am thinking it might be a good idea for me.
This is a super reasonable way to get your feet wet in this way to save money on your food budget.

Saving With Menu Planning

10% off Great Almonds

Just Almonds

I mention this company all the time because they are great sponsors and they have great almonds.
If you haven’t read my post on Is There Engine Fuel on Your Almonds, you should.

Just Almonds has about the best I have ever had. The Non Pareils are super sweet.  Get 10% off your order with code WNM.

Disclaimer: The information here is for entertainment purposes only. Do not make changes to your diet or exercise program, or use any essential oils, or natural remedies without consulting your physician.  This post contains affiliate links. Please read my disclaimer.


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  1. I am about to place my first order with NAN. Is there a coupon code I can use? Thanks!

  2. I just placed my order and I let them know I found out about their site from you.

  3. Sorry to bother you, but I can’t find the 15% off sale items. When I put the ones I want in my cart, it shows full price. I’ve been all over their site. What am I missing please. I notice that their office is closed till Monday when the sale is over.

  4. Shoot! So the 40 Almond Flour recipes book wasn’t actually free and I clicked it! I hope its good, I just paid $2.99

  5. HI!
    I’m sure you have some really great information on *how to use* essential oils. I am just having a little trouble finding where to look for it on your site. Or maybe you have an ebook or hardcopy book to recommend. I am a newbie with using essential oils for natural remedies and cures and came here through a search. Thank you for your time. Be well, Ginger

    • Hi. I don’t have that much. A few mentions but that should be coming. I think that book in my post looks great. I would get that for now personally.

  6. I”m sorry… Which book mentioned? Like I said I’m still trying to navigate your site. I got here through using your search field (top right). What am I missing? Please save me some time searching. Thanks so much!

  7. (Yikes!) sorry I guess I scrolled right passed it.
    It’s just getting a little later here!
    Thanks so much! Happy Easter!

  8. I can’t believe I missed the EO special again. Good Grief!

    I will look into those books though. Thanks!

  9. hi. can clary sage cause miscarriage just by sniffing or using it on your hair in a blend. I didn’t know I was pregnant; but was doing just that, would take a sniff while blending, because I love the smell of it. Ended up having a miscarriage that same week of using the oil. I keep blaming myself for this, I googled and yahood, some resource says yes it’s possible to have a miscarriage with just a sniff. Can u please let me know if it’s true or not. Thanks in advance. I appreciate all you do and your honesty. God bless.

    • Hi there. This is from the owner of Native American:

      Clary sage is considered the main oil to avoid while pregnant. Some women can use it all throughout their pregnancy, but other can not. I tell women to avoid this oil while pregnant. It has very powerful hormonal balancing properties — something you do not want while pregnant. Normally I would not expect it to cause a miscarriage just by taking a quick whiff. That would be something extremely quite rare and I would only think it would happen in individuals that are extremely susceptible to miscarrying in the first place. I have had quite a lot of women use it to assist with them getting pregnant and some used it for over a month before they found out the were pregnant. — So really it would all come down to the person. In her case I would avoid using it while trying to get pregnant. I would also avoid any detoxifying essential oils and probably avoid them entirely if she has a history of miscarrying.

  10. thank you so much Adrienne.

  11. Pamela Morris says:


    Please help, have you done any research on Spark Naturals? I have read through your posts and comments many months back & again tried catching up the past 2 days. I respect the research & knowledge and want your opinions. I plan on becoming an affiliate witj either NAN or SN before my next order. I have applications for both. I have used both companies products so I know both offer qualities and good oils but I am looking for your opinion & not asking anyone on the SN side. This is only because the family was hardcore doterra reps until SN’s hit the open market and do not believe I will get an unbiased opinion.

    Thank you so much!

    • Hi. I talked about them in the comments of my oils series. You can pop over there, but I think I will have to do a whole post on the companies I keep getting asked about.

      1. They sell scents, which is fake fragrance. Not a good sign for a company that claims to be pure and therapeutic.
      2. According to the owner of Native American (the company I recommend) they sell the type of helichrysum he likes but it is from France and he says that’s a lower quality.
      3. This is his comment about another aspect of their site:

      Now looking at their blends. I see their first one is called Amend. I looked at the ingredients and see that they use the better quality Corsican Helichrysum italicum. But since they do not sell this oil as a single this make me thing even more that they are just a dealer for one of the “experts”. I also see they do not list the ingredients in order of most to the least. I can tell because the top three oils in this blend are expensive and if they were doing it that way they would be charging more for the oil.

      Hope that helps :).

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