Drink This; Lose Weight, Lemon Shortbread Sandwich Cookies, Raw Lemon Pie Macaroons, and Almond Pulp Sweet and Savoury Crackers

Allergy Free Recipes Welcome back to another week of Allergy Free Wednesdays! A collection of yumminess that is aimed at making it easier for you to create healthy, allergy free foods for you and your family. There is no “clear rule” against including processed ingredients in your submission (but we hope you are moving in that direction :-)). So…occasionally you will find some “whole foodie undesirables” in the entries. What to do if you see processed foods and don’t want them?:

Welcome to Allergy-Free Wednesdays (AFW)–a weekly blog hop where folks can share their allergy-free cuisine, gain knowledge about allergy-related topics/issues, and connect with others living or caring for someone with food allergies. Your weekly submissions are shared on 7 blogs! Additionally, each hostess will feature a favorite recipe(s) from the week before. Your hostesses are:

Wondering What You Can Link Up on Allergy Free Wednesday? Anything that is fitting for an allergy free diet in some way (we’re not that strict). For the complete rules, click here. Here goes – starting off with my favorites–and you should check out the other hostesses’ posts to see if you were featured there!

My Favorites from Last Week (with substitution ideas)~

Lemon Shortbread Sandwich Cookies (GF & V) from The Healthy Maven

These look wonderful! I would use a candida-diet friendly sweetener (check out Candida – The Beginning of My Sugar Free Life) and coconut oil or palm shortening instead of Earth Balance.  MMMM :).


Grain-Free Raw Lemon Pie Macaroons (DF) from The Tasty Alternative

I guess I am in a Lemony mood this week, eh?  These caught my eye about a week ago.  I would use a candida-diet-friendly sweetener here as well.


Almond Pulp Sweet and Savoury Crackers from The Veggie Nook

I haven’t made crackers in awhile.  These look great. I love that they are made from Almond Pulp. Until now, I have been too busy (er, lazy??) to strain my Easiest Almond Milk.  Maybe I’ll give it a go :).  I would likely leave out the raisins and add some extra stevia and maybe some ground chia and a little liquid for moistness.


and Readers’ Favorite

Drink This; Lose Weight from Gluten-Free A-Z Blog

I saw this drink awhile ago and tried it. I really like it and am going to try using it to see what happens (if I can remember :)!)  Note:  The measurements in the post are different from the measurements on Dr. Axe’s blog. The real water amount is 12-16 ounces :).  Also note:  I wouldn’t personally wouldn’t drink this much fluid right before eating a meal, as Dr. Axe says. The ACV should aid in digestion (remember–I am not a dr.) but that much fluid would likely dilute digestive juices.


I can’t wait to see what you all have this week!

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  1. Sandra from candidadietplan.com says:

    Happy Friday 🙂
    I’m reasonably new to the Allergy free Wednesday party – But I’m adding number 80 & 81 in the mix:

    Useful info about the health benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar (Acv) – I swear by it (especially for candida treatment). And I’m sharing a gluten free treat: Apple, Pear, Oats & Almond Snack Bars.

    Thanks for hosting.

  2. Hi Adriene,

    Thanks SO much for featuring my lemon pie macaroons! They are a wonderful lemony treat. Love them!

    Hope you’re well lovely lady.


  3. Bummer, can’t see the thumbnails.

  4. Thanks for featuring my post about the apple cider vinegar drink. You are right. I added more water because I couldn’t get used to the vinegar taste.. Maybe I’ll try to cut it back now that I’ve been drinking it for awhile and I’m more tolerant of the taste. Again, thanks for featuring it, thanks for hosting, and have a great week.

  5. Good Morning! Finances seem to always be tight, but I think we all agree that nutrition shouldn’t suffer. Today I’m sharing a post on how to grind flour without a grain mill. Plus, an excellent sourdough bread recipe that’s perfect for beginning sourdough bakers! As always, thanks for hosting! ~Tiffany

  6. Thanks for featuring the lemon shortbread cookies! I love your substitution ideas. I linked up with another cookie recipe this week, Raw Oreos! I’ve been a cookie monster lately 😉 Thanks for hosting!

  7. Hi Adrienne! Thanks for the party today! I love your features – YUM. 🙂 Have a special day!

  8. Thanks for hosting!