Do You Believe This Gut Health Myth?

Do you believe this Gut Health Myth? It's crucial that you read this--for your health--and for the health of those you love!

Gut health is so crucial to overall health. When your gut isn’t doing well due to candida, autoimmune diseases of the gut, or other digestive issues, your overall health will suffer.

Today I am continuing my series on gut health and candida.

I honestly didn’t even plan for this to be a series.  I just started writing about something that I’m passionate about–and here’s where I ended up.

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In What is Candida? and Why I Went Sugar Free and 5 Causes of Gut Dysbiosis and My Childhood, I talked about how the following affect gut health:

1.  Insufficient Breastfeeding

2.  Fake Food

3.  Toxins

4.  Stress 

5.  Antibiotics 

Today I am sharing one more cause of dysbiosis, and am also busting a common myth about gut health.

The other cause that I forgot to mention in my other post is–The Pill.

Yes, it’s true.  Birth control pills cause irritation of the gut lining and can set one up for digestive ailments, including leaky gut and even Chron’s Disease. According to US News,  “If you took oral contraceptives for more than five years, you have a threefold increased risk of Crohn’s Disease.”

That’s a big increase.

I’m not a fan of drugs when you can do things naturally.

Looking at the above list, I think the overall lesson here is this:  Why mess with what God gave us?

Mess with food–and you get problems.

Mess with your hormones–and you get problems.

Mess with too many pharmaceuticals–and you get problems.

Don’t feed your baby naturally–and you get problems.

Now, don’t get me wrong–I know that there are some unavoidable circumstances, and we all need grace for making bad decisions, but I think that, overall, we live in an “I want it now” and “I want it easy” society.  People want a pill to fix them and they don’t want to work hard for things, including their health.

I think God set it up so that we have to work hard for some things and we need to learn to rest, and let things work naturally before jumping the gun and getting involved with things that damage our health in the long run.

Now–for the Big Myth About Gut Health:

I always cringe when I hear people say, “I ate Oreos and bologna my whole life and I turned out just fine.

This typically comes in response to someone saying that it is important to feed kids whole food.

Yes, that adult may have turned out fine.

At least, it seems so.

But hold on for one more cause of dysbiosis:

6.  Time.

Problems don’t always show up right away.

And they are passed down through generations.

Those Oreos and Ho Ho’s may not hurt you, but they will likely affect your children.

My grandparents ate some processed foods, but they had a long family history of eating high quality, whole foods to build on.

Then my parents ate more processed food.

A lot more.

Health issues different than what their parents had faced started to surface.

My generation ate TONS of processed foods.  White breads, toaster pastries, boxed crackers.

More and more toxins filled our environment.

Our fast-paced society got even faster.

Folks leaned more and more on antibiotics, and “quick fix” meds.

More health issues started showing up.  I had horrible allergies, and later, candida and adrenal fatigue.

My sons’ generation faces a whole new challenge.  Autism, cancer, and auto-immune diseases are rampant.

With each generation, the onslaughts have been greater and greater.

When a mother gives birth, she can only pass on what she has to give.  You can’t give what you don’t have, right?

Moms try to eat healthier when pregnant, right?  But you can’t reverse all the damage with 9 months of good eating.

And the weaknesses of the mother are passed on to the children.

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Natasha Campbell-McBride’s book, Gut and Psychology Syndrome, brought this “home” for me. McBride talks about how our weaknesses are passed down through generations and prescribes dietary helps.  

If you haven’t read her book yet, it’s a real keeper.

Gut and Psychology Syndrome
I grew up in my mother’s weakened womb.

I passed my weaknesses on to my son.

Sadly, I suspect that the next generation is going to be much worse.

 What are your thoughts? Have you seen generations worsen in your family?

This post is not meant to diagnose or give medical advise, but it strictly for entertainment.  Contact your medical provider before making any changes to your health routine.  


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  1. Yes… I just discovered The Pill was what sent me over the edge. Oh how I wish I had known earlier, but would I have believed it? Possibly no. Now the long road back to health.

  2. Celita Eden says:

    Adrienne, I can’t even begin to tell you how much your articles have informed me about gut health. Thank you for writing about candida. You’ve helped me so much. Moreover, the Pill info explains a lot for me. I’ve been on it for 30 years without a break. Yep, I have gut issues. Your blog is the most informative and helpful I’ve subscribed to reading. I have ordered the soap nuts and will also be making my own body wash this weekend. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    • Thanks for sharing. Means a ton. There is so much more I’d like to write so I feel humbled you’d say that about me. Did you read my post about probiotics? That might be of interest. Hope you like the body wash :).

  3. So, do you have SIBO Adrienne? My son has that and it’s been such a heart wrenching ordeal! Just God awful for him trying to treat himself naturally and horrible as a mom to watch him suffer and not be able to make it go away! He’s finally getting a handle on it with all natural healing. Lots of it has been trial and error, but, he’s having more good days than bad days now. If this is what you have, I feel sooooo bad for you!

    • I don’t know, Linda. Never heard of that. Interesting that I haven’t, I don’t think, with all of the docs we’ve seen. I have adrenal issues and candida. And heavy metals. Not sure about that. How did you get him diagnosed and what are the symptoms?

  4. I’m really enjoying this series Adrienne. I’m going through some disbiosis issues at the moment and I just love how you addressed the issue of the pill (something I was on for years) and the issue of time and your problems affecting your kids. It’s such a good point that my parents and all the generations before at good food so as a generation in general we are blessed with strong digestive and immunity systems (although I don’t think I lucked out!) but we are making poor decisions that are going to set our kids up for life long problems.

    I am definitely going to check out that book!

    • Hi Gabby! So good to hear from you. It’s all a shame, isn’t it? The book is good. I don’t know about all the points in there but it really make me think. And there was one other thing that was really interesting about iron and bad bacteria.

      Hang in there. Are you taking a good probiotic and enzymes and/or HCl? Take care.

  5. Stephanie W. says:

    I couldn’t agree more with this post. Yes, many people seem to be “fine” eating their processed foods, but *time* will definitely tell as the unhealthy momentum grows. I started reading the book “Deep Nutrition,” which talks about this very thing.

  6. I simply hate the pill because it can cause abortions and you don’t even know it.

    Good article!

    A lot of grain can make gut issues worse. Because of the mold and fungus in them. Check out KNOW THE CAUSE!

    • I agree with you on that point as well. I’ve heard that grains are an issue b/c of the starch, not the mold, but that’s interesting. There can be mold in all kinds of things.

  7. Yay! I’m clapping and cheering for you! Love this post. You SO nailed it.

    Another fascinating book:
    Autoimmune: The Cause and the Cure (Annesee Brockley and Kristin Urdiales) It chronicles Brockley’s fight with lupus, how she became symptom-free (I think completely) and how we can do the same with other autoimmune diseases and depression. It has to do with how/what we eat.

  8. This is so true, Adrienne. I’d say I’m the one in our family who represents the deterioration of the “next” generation–my parents didn’t have any of the health issues from which I suffer, and time certainly played a factor with me. It felt like I went to sleep one day in my early 40s and woke up the next with multiple health issues. Of course, they’d been brewing all along as a result of my poor food choices when younger. It takes years to reverse or reduce the damage. So much better just to ensure it never sets hold to begin with.

    • Thanks for sharing, Ricki. My siblings have issues as well, but not as bad as mine. And you are so right about the “waking up one day” thing. Now, looking back, I can see what was happening, but when it hits like a truck it isn’t pretty. And I am not sure it can be reversed. Reduced, yes. But I think we are weak forever. Or perhaps we always were. Take care.

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  10. we went from WAP..very clean WAP to GAPS around Christmas. My youngest has always eaten GAPS and can now have anything! My oldest is now covered head to toe with a staph/yeast rash. both were home birthed, not vaccinated, and are breastfed. I have MS controlled with diet. so I very much so believe in food as a cure and fear what these children may face.

    • Hi Leah. Have you looked at the candida diet and my heavy metals post? I have heard quite a bit about MS being linked to both. Thx for sharing.

  11. I’m healing rheumatoid arthritis through the Gaps Diet, and the multi-generational issue breaks my heart. I had a hard time reading it, because I love my parents so much, and I don’t believe in blaming them for my troubles (mental or physical). However, when I visit my parents, I see their diet with new eyes: so full of sugar and processed foods. I ate that way growing up, but changed when I became an adult. Too late, though. It’s not too surprising that I developed autoimmune disease. It just seems like such a huge task, to convince people that how they eat affects not only their own health, but generations to come. Blogs like yours give me hope, though. Everyone won’t change, but some people will, and their children and grandchildren will be so blessed!

  12. emilybelle99 says:

    Hi Adrienne! I love what you do and am so thankful for all of your posts. I was especially intrigued by this one. I have been on birth control pills for 15+ years. I want to get off them, but my obgyn doesnt want me to. I have migraines (hormone related) and many gut issues. What kind of birth control do you recommend. My obgyn thinks visectomy for my husband is the only option. But he is terrified!!! Please help!

  13. I believe you pass on what you have to give (so true Adrienne). I feel so blessed my mother ate well and taught us to eat well. I am blessed to be so healthy and have very few issue.

    Most of what I deal with are probably from taking the pill when I was younger (I didn’t have a mother or lady figure to talk to so I trusted the doctors:( )and other antibiotics that I didn’t really need like shots ect.
    Thanks for sharing Adrienne.

  14. Hi Adrienne! I was diagnosed with SIBO and was treated with Xifaxan and SCD. The results were amazing! I was the typical child raised in the 80’s on low fat (ie. high sugar) food combined with years of antibiotics to treat acne. By the time I was 30, my gut was a mess. I’ve had some relapses since treatment, but it has allowed me to figure out my triggers (coffee is a big one) and recommit to the SCD for awhile. This article was spot on!

    • Thanks, Amy! And “Hi!” :). So I am new to the SIBO thing. Is that really rare? I find it interesting that you were w/ a practitioner who recommended a pharmaceutical and a diet that I don’t believe is well-known by mainstream medicine. And do you know what it is about coffee that is a trigger? Is it the stimulant quality by chance? Thanks! We’ve contemplated SCD for my son. We did grain free for awhile but aside from an apparent detox rash, nothing seemed to change. How long was it until you noticed changes? I apologize for all of my questions :).

  15. Excellent post! So, so good! I’ve already Pinned it and I think I’ll be sharing it on FB as well.

    (Stopping by via Fight Back Friday!)

  16. Very interesting article! I am going to go back and read all your others. I am coming here from Far Above Rubies linkup.

  17. It does take patience and time to heal ailments that take years to develop. You are right, we want a quick fix, which isn’t realistic. Support is such an important aspect too. Thanks for sharing on Hearth & Soul Hop. :)

  18. Wow, this is news to me! I’ve been taking the Pill for about 13 years now with no break. My doctor has NEVER made any mention of side effects like this. I should have known. I know you can’t give medical advice, but are you aware if it’s safe to stop taking cold turkey? I’m cringing at the thought of taking my daily dose now!

    • I can’t give advice :). I think, from what I’ve seen on the internet, that it depends on the person. I just talked w/ someone today who went off cold turkey and she said it didn’t bother her at all. I hope to hear back from you. Take care!

  19. Hi, boy I wish I could invite you over for lunch sometime! We would have a great time talking about tons of things spiritual and health! I agree that gut health is critical to our overall health and will be writing about on my blog in the next few months! I hope you read it and can’t wait to hear your opinions about what I write on how to heal the gut, especially since much of what I will be writing is from the point of view of a Nutritional Microscopist and contradicts a lot of “natural remedy” information out there!

  20. I’ve read the first 3 in this series and it seems like you’re just trying to sling product. I love your story and am interested, but it would be nice to see some tips I don’t have to pay for, to get started anyway. I’ll keep searching your blog though – I am sucked in – but some free resources here would be great.

    • Hi Janine. Thanks for commenting. I would like to know why you think I am just trying to “sling product.” I started writing this just b/c of my history and ended up talking about a book I think is fabulous. What products do you think I am “slinging”? All of the information in the posts are free and I, like many other bloggers, add resources to the posts. That’s called monetizing and it’s how we can keep blogging. They are products that our readers might purchase anyway and this way we can pay for our hosting (which is getting to be a small fortune these days) and other expenses. As my blog grows, it is getting more and more expensive to run and takes more and more time. I would think anyone would agree that my getting paid for the amount of work I spend here is totally understandable.

      I am puzzled about your saying “some tips that I don’t have to pay for.” What does that mean? My whole blog is a free resource. As with any blog, if you go off the blog to buy something it isn’t free (except for free resources that I promote). What kind of free resources are you looking for? If you subscribe to my blog and read on Saturday, you will see that every Saturday (or Sunday, occasionally, and of course sometimes I miss) I promote great free Ebooks for my readers.

      I sincerely would like to hear what you are thinking. Thanks in advance.

  21. I’m so glad I subscribed to your blog! I learned from you from “delicious obsession”. I have three young children ages 9, 4, & 2; and I’m JUST learning how to change my eating habits and those of my family. The information I’m learning is truly an eye opener and often times overwhelming! Thank you for sharing your information it is very much appreciated and I agree, God created us So intricately and when we meddle with it trouble is sure to follow!

  22. The pill is something I have to take for a couple reasons, but I hate it. I have stomach problems, but so does my mom and she didn’t take The Pill. Also we didn’t grow up on a lot if processed goods, yet five of us siblings got dystonia. I am way more aware now of what I eat as a result of it, tho. I can’t have children so that wont be an issue. We were miraculously able to adopt, and I’m much more picky about what she eats than I ever thought I would be. We grind our own flour, make our own bread, have our own chickens and goats. Although there is no cure for dystonia, changing my diet and using herbal remedies has changed my life. Yes, probiotics help! :) I hope to rear a daughter who feels the same. Thanks for the great article.

  23. This makes so much sense! We are seeing this play out. It is not a myth! How much sicker do we need to become as a society before we get it? Thanks for sharing this important information. I will be sure to share it.

  24. Oh what a relief to be reading this!! I know it’s a year after you posted this but I had to comment. I am on the road back to health now and it’s just not easy. Candida like no body’s business, adrenal fatigue, thyroid issues. I’m happy to say today is day 72 of NO SUGAR!! (Why didn’t my doctor tell me to stop eating sugar 2 years ago??) I occasionally have to have a banana but all processed crap is out of my diet. I am feeling so much better but I know it’s going to be a long road before this candida is out of my system. Had I known 20 years ago what I know today….. and doctor’s are absolutely of no help. I went on my own regimen of healthy food, radical lifestyle shift, supplements etc and I am doing much better now than I did while on prescription medication. Our bodies know how to heal themselves we just have to give it what it needs to support it while it does so. Thank you for your wonderful post. I will be coming back!

  25. this article was very intriguing, Adrienne. I grew up in the 80’s as well, eating lots of processed foods, as well as constantly being on antibiotics for chronic sinus infections. Fast forward many years later, and I am now in my early 40’s with severe allergies and a leaky gut. I’ve been trying to go completely Paleo, but haven’t made the full switch yet. I did the Whole30, which cuts out all grains and refined sugars for 30 days and I couldn’t believe how good I felt! I know now that grains and sugar are both my enemy! However, I did want to ask about the Pill. I haven been on the pill for a few years now, but not for birth control reasons, because my husband had a vasectomy. However, right before I hit 40, I began to have major premenopause symptoms, which included periods that were so heavy that I couldn’t leave home for the first three days I was on it. Not to mention, it would sometimes last up to 14-20 days. I would like to get off of it to see how I feel, but I’m afraid to go back to how I was before, period-wise. I’d love your thoughts, and look forward to reading more of your posts.

  26. I absolutely agree! I didn’t give it a thought growing up about what I ate as long as I maintained my weight. Now I have three kids of my own, one with life threatening food allergies and asthma… and my youngest seems to be on the same path as she was diagnosed allergic to eggs (through my milk) at 7 months. I wish my parents would have done more to teach me about whole foods, unfortunately they didn’t really give it much thought as they were trying to just put food on the table. My husband and I are trying to do the best we can with our family.. whole foods, nonGMO, organic, etc… but I feel bad that things will inevitably be passed through genetics from years of ignorance from my and previous generations. It’s funny how so many people cry foul on so many things these days… but they totally overlook “franken food” and pharmaceuticals and the impact it will have on future generations. Lord Jesus, come quickly! And not just because of food/health issues!!

    • This has become epidemic – people all over are getting these issues. I just so wish that there were more awareness….and that we had more power to effect change. But then, I feel that way about so many things. The world is becoming less and less of a place that I feel is sane in any stretch of the imagination. Blessings to you and yours.

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