Did Vaccines Cause My Son’s Autism ~ Part Two

Vaccines Autism

Today, I continue where I left off in yesterday’s post, “Did Vaccines Cause My Son’s Autism ~ Part One“.

If you didn’t read that post, you’ll want to.  The comments there, and on my Facebook page, are compelling – and some get a little feisty.

So we vaccinated our son–with several vaccines.

Starting sometime after his 5th birthday.

At age six, almost to the day, things changed radically in our home.

His unstoppable panic attacks and anxiety ruled our lives.

I’ll never forget the day that I knew something was really wrong.

The day that I knew our lives had changed forever.

The history–For weeks, or maybe months, our son had been developing an anxiety about his clothing being wet. He would repeatedly ask us if he could change his pants, shirt, or socks if he got even the smallest amount of water on them. It was sad to see him so distraught about it and to wonder if this obsessive questioning would ever end.

But one day we were at a business outing (for my husband’s work) and my son decided to play on the playground.

My husband and I were eating and chatting with his colleagues, when we heard a blood-curdling scream.

Running to see what had happened to him, I expected to see, well– blood.

What I found was instead, my son with wet pants.

It had been raining earlier in the week and so the ground was–very wet.

He had slid down the sliding board and into a huge puddle.

The resulting panic-stricken screaming was ear piercing and wouldn’t stop.

He was terrorized.

We left the gathering. Humiliated. Scared. Petrified.  Mind spinning, heart pounding.  

What was happening?  What would my life become now?

No matter what we tried, it didn’t work.

Calming thoughts, praying, threatening discipline. 

Nothing.  The screaming and panicking continued.

The whole way home, an indescribable eeriness filled my mind and the entire car.

Something had happened to my son.

Our lives would never be the same.

The unending panic attacks continued in the months ahead.

I was on the computer daily. Nightly. Late. Very late. – looking for answers, for anything that might help.

Was it OCD? Anxiety disorder? Panic attacks? Had I done something to him? Were we just bad parents?

One night I found our answer.

I printed the diagnostic criteria for Asperger’s Syndrome off of the computer, walked over to where my husband was working and tossed the papers triumphantly (?) into his lap saying, “We’ve got our diagnosis.”

He had Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of high-functioning autism.

Three “official diagnoses” later and my suspicions were confirmed.

We went from having a child with peculiarities to being a family trapped in our home with a severely anxious and perseverating child who defied all means of discipline and behavior modification. We were truly prisoners in our own home while our son suffered from up to 30 unstoppable tantrums per day.

One of my worst memories were of the days when he would lie on the floor screaming, “Mommy, what’s wrong with me?! What is happening to me?!

To this day I wonder –

  • Did he have autism the whole time?
  • Was it the vaccines that threw him over the edge?
  • What if we hadn’t vaccinated?

Looking back, I think he was vulnerable.  Maybe borderline autistic.   And I think his vulnerabilities were triggered by the vaccines.  They “threw him over the edge.”

My thoughts are that autism is a complicated ailment involving many parts of the body and many “causes” or triggers like:

  • congenital issues
  • toxins & heavy metals
  • vaccines
  • leaky gut / digestive issues and related dietary complications

I personally think that vaccines may not be the cause, and are not in all cases, per se, but that there is a groundwork laid for the damage and in some cases the vaccines “do the child in”–and autism happens.

In truth, I am not really anti-vaccine, but I am concerned about:

  • the frequency that vaccines are looked to as a solution to a health problem (instead of more natural options)
  • the amount of vaccines that are dosed (too many – do we really need a chicken pox or papilloma vaccine?)
  • the dosing of vaccines in combination (done to save time and money, but the assault of multiple viruses being injected into our babies might just be too much for their fragile systems)
  • adjuvants and preservatives found in vaccines (like mercury and aluminum – yes, there is still mercury in some vaccines – and aluminum isn’t something I want in me either.  By the way, I am full of aluminum.  And my son is full of copper and more.  Here’s more info on heavy metals and how we are working to get them out of my son–and our whole family.)

Perhaps some or many children can handle vaccines, but I think that children with fragile immune systems can’t.  And I think our society has gotten vaccine happy and that it is financially, and not health, motivated.

In the near future I’ll share more of what Asperger’s looks like in our family and what we’re doing to heal our son. And me.

And if you’d like to read more now about our journey with autism, you might wish to read:

And if you’re looking for a good read on vaccines and autism-related disorders, you might want to consider the books I recommended in my first post on autism and vaccines as well as these:

Lynn Hamilton speaks from her own personal experience after her son was diagnosed with autism. This book will have you on the edge of your seat.

When we thought we were on the verge of an autism diagnosis, a sweet mom (with a grown autistic daughter) spent tons of time on the phone with me. When I asked her what I should do, the first thing she recommended was buying this book.

Another book that speaks of the possible causes of autism and remedy options is:

I have not read this entire book, but the theories in it are compelling and worth a second look.

Together we can all help raise awareness and help heal our children.  They truly need our help.

What do you think about the vaccine / autism link?  What would you like to know more about?

And keep in mind–I love discussing controversial topics – let’s just keep open minds and talk kindly and seek the truth, together, OK?  I reserve the right to delete comments that don’t observe common courtesy.

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  1. Our family has been searching years now for answers to my daughter’s health issues. They have been mounting up for years and finally about 8 months ago we started finding some answers. She has suffered stomach issues for years, anxiety, declining energy (and now has full-blown cfs), and debilitating headaches. We have found she has food sensitivities and autoimmune Hashimoto’s from Leaky Gut. She also has mercury poisoning which we will need to start addressing when we get her body supported a little more (working on that). I would love to know more about how you detoxed mercury – which I totally believe, in our case, that vaccines have played a big part in overloading her body’s abilities. I am not against vaccines, but I do believe that people should be made aware of the possibilities of issues AND I believe that we need to modify how many and when vaccines are given. Thank you for sharing your story and for bringing this issues out for discussion!

  2. Hi Adrienne,
    My name is Sarah and I am a sophomore in High school. As a child I was never vaccinated and that is probably the reason I have such an interest in this topic. I am writing a research paper currently about the controversy of Autism being linked to vaccinations. I loved your story and I would love to use it in the introduction of my paper, if that is okay with you of course. I would love to get a little bit more information if I can use it in my paper. Please respond to this comment with an answer, and if you are okay with me using it can you email me at sarahhuszar@comcast.net so I can ask you a few questions? thanks for posting your story

  3. Hi Adrienne, I think some of us just want to be heard and not labeled as anti-vaxxers. My two sons were both vaccinated and now they both have chronic health problems. My eldest has aspergers as well and A.D.D. we held off on vaccines till we (like you) were guilt tripped into vaxxing our 2nd son around age 3. He soon after developed eczema and anxiety. It is a daily stuggle to keep his recurring staph infections under control and his anxiety interferes with his sleep and so may activities. My youngest, our 2 1/2 year old, was NOT vaccinated. She is the picture of health, no problems whatsoever (other than driving me nuts with her toddler antics). I feel a lot of guilt for going against my gut. I pray that God will heal the damage done.

    • I am so sorry you have to deal with this. I know how you feel. It’s a big conundrum for sure – trying to figure all of this out. Yes, I would rather have my child have Asperger’s than be dead, but now that we have the first I likely wouldn’t have done immunizations the way that I did when he was 5. Blessings on you as you move forward.

  4. The vaccine discussion is still hot, even now. There are a few things i’d like to point out. First, autism was around a looooong time before vaccines. There is very compelling evidence that Michelangelo (yup, the guy that painted the Systine Chapel) was autistic. So how can vaccines be the cause of a disorder that exsisted for hundreds of years before the invention of vaccines? Second, the child in the above story, in hindsight showed many signs of autism well before being vaccinated. Considering the complexity of autism, it is completely understandable that doctors would be reluctant to diagnos autism very early. They are unable to do a complete analysis and so do not want to hinder a child’s development with the label of AUTISTIC weighing them down (the above description of being “trapped” in your house because of your child’s diagnosis of autism is exactly what i refer to). Third, the above story hints at blaming the MMR vaccine. That is measles, mumps and rhubella. It is asked what vaccinated people have to worry about. Think of this, if you have had chicken pox before, you supposedly cannot get it again. Except that there are many people that do. Vaccinating agaist these diseases severly lessens the likelihood of contracting the full on disease, in children especially it is hugely important as these diseases are no doubt deadly to children. Again, i want to stress MEASLES, MUMPS AND RHUBELLA ARE DEADLY TO CHILDREN. Vaccines are proven to save thousands of lives, there is no proof of vaccines causing autism(coinsidence of timing the diagnosis to vaccination is not proof). The mercury preservative that is referred to has not been used since the 90s.
    In conclusion, i fully, 100% support vaccination and feel that it should be required. The whole of society should not be put at risk due to unfounded fears based on factless rumors spread online. Vaccines saved our children from horrible diseases like small pox and polio, and could save them from many more if people would stop believing these rumors connecting autism. This straw-grasping for something to blame is putting children in actual danger. Your autistic child is alive, and needs a supportive parent to help him to grow into a productive part of society. He could become the next Michelangelo.

    • Hi there. Yes, I know it was around but not much of it. I personally think there are many triggers for autism and that vaccines could very well be one of them. So I think vaccines can be one, infection another, and now w/ all the garbage in food and in the air and water, and w/ congenital issues, there are more and more ways for this and other diseases to occur.

      Yes, my child showed some signs, but things really blew up after the vaccines so one theory is that it bombarded his system and accelerated things.

      I wasn’t trapped b/c of the diagnosis, it was b/c his behavior was very difficult to manage and caused public disruptions that were very hard on us.

      I know that the MMRs can be deadly, but at what rate? This article is very interesting – it claims that the death rate is .000237% which is a very small percentage. http://vaxtruth.org/2012/01/measles-perspective/I am trying to figure all of this out b/c I want to have a good perspective on it. What do you think about that? I am really not antivax but am trying to have the right perspective.

      I don’t think vaccines should be required but that good information should go out w/ the risks and benefit and parents should have the right to decide what their children get and don’t get. If gov’t trumps parents we are in a very bad place indeed.

      I would love to hear what you think.

      I have an acquaintance whose child died from vaccines so it’s not a minimal thing and I don’t think it’s straw grasping. I think there should be fewer vaccines, spaced farther apart. Does that help you understand my perspective? Thanks.

  5. Autism rates have certainty increased recently, but there are good reasons why: 1) the mental health profession has developed better, more inclusive diagnostic criteria for autism spectrum disorders as a result of research, experience with the ASD population, and increased knowledge. 2). Years ago, we didn’t know nearly as much about ASD, and lots of these kids got misdiagnosed. Many were labeled MR (mentally retarded), and higher functioning kids were just “eccentric”. I know autism is hard on parents and kids, and I know we’re looking for answers, as we should be. But jumping to the conclusion that vaccines are the culprit (or even a culprit, as part of a complex immune system matrix) is dangerous. We have a lot of good evidence showing that autism and vaccines are not linked – and also that vaccines do a lot of good for our society.

    • Hi Dawn. I really don’t think that the diagnostic criteria has much to do with it at all. I think that autism and cancer and autoimmune diseases and allergies are on the increase b/c of our food system, vaccines, and environmental toxins and congenital issues. I do think there is something of what you are talking about but way too much is going on here. I would love to hear what you think after viewing this movie. It is free until 3/15. We found it to be breathtaking. It’s an affiliate link but that doesn’t mean much unless you were to buy a copy. http://www.boughtmovie.net/free-viewing?AFFID=200068

      I do know that vaccines do a lot of good but I think if you watch the movie you will see what my concerns are. I don’t think those claims about them not being linked to autism are valid. I would love to hear what you think.

      • Redpill1 says:

        Dawn is a know troll. She post frequently on Natural News and now it seems she has expanded her horizons.

        • Thanks so much. Well, there have been more and more here lately. What a bother but it does make for interesting conversation and honing of my research (as much as I have time for). Thanks!

  6. I agree with you-and it really bothers me that people think they could know more about your son then you do-as his mother,someone who cares for him everyday since he has been born-if you noticed a change after vaccines who is a stranger to question that? I’ve heard this story too many times and parents dismissed too many times. That must be heartbreaking.

    • It is. More heartbreaking for those whose kids’ conditions were more obviously tied to the vaccines. Some have won a lot of money. Did you see the movie, Bought?

  7. Actually whether or not you have autism is almost definitely determined by birth and likely genetic. We are also getting better at diagnosing it earlier and earlier but it is complicated. especially in high functioning children who until recently did not go diagnosed..
    Recent Study: http://www.bbc.com/news/health-31713147

    Not vaccinating is extremely dangerous not only for your own child but every person they interact with. The reason why children who are unable to get vaccinated don’t have problems is due to something called herd immunity, basically the likelihood that a child who is not vaccinated will come in contact with the virus is much lower than a child who is. However once someone has the virus and it becomes active in their system it is also more virulent and children and adults who are vaccinated will still be prone to infection. The biggest problem comes when someone who has one of these diseases comes in contact with a pregnant woman, infants, the elderly, or the immune comprised.. If a pregnant woman contracts Rubella (the R of MMR) can have serious consequences for an unborn child, potentially causing miscarriage or physical and mental defects. (You can look this up easily but I warn you, it is pretty sad). Infants and elderly people are also susceptible to these diseases and may die or have disabilities related to the disease.

    When you are deciding whether or not to vaccinate you are not just making decisions about your child’s health but the health of your community.

    • Hi Bea. I disagree with you about autism being almost definitely defined by birth and highly genetic. I think (and so do many other experts) that it is the result of a “perfect storm” of vaccines, environmental toxins, food contamination, congenital issues, etc. I don’t think the diagnosing issue has much to do with it at all. The numbers are just climbing way too high for that.

      As for the danger of not vaccinating, I have a lot more research to do, but consider this excerpt from a fabulous article on the vaccine debate.

      The death rate among those infected is typically 0.2%, or close to equal that of your chances of dying in a car accident.

      In other words, if you’re that concerned about people vaccinating to prevent death, you should be making an equally strong case that both of you have your driver’s licenses revoked.

      Actually, it’s worse because you have a 0.2–0.5% chance of dying in a car and it’s almost certain that you actually drive a car. The 0.2% chance of death by measles requires that I (or my child) beat the ENORMOUS odds to even get measles in the first place.*

      The same odds hold pretty steady for measles injury, except car injury wins out even more. And the chance of being killed or injured by the measles vaccine still surpasses the chance of being killed or injured by measles itself.

      You can read the rest of the post here. I think the author makes numerous salient points. I would be happy to dialogue with you about them more. Thanks for commenting.

      Religious freedom and parental right trump the state. Otherwise, we have no freedom.

  8. MolliesDollies says:

    Hi Adrienne!
    I came to your site originally to look into essential oils, which I am just starting to use. Thank you for the information you have researched on them! Anyway, I have found so much more on your blog!! I just finished reading this section of the blog, and am in total agreement with you. My second daughter, now 13, was an interesting baby. I sometimes thought she might be deaf because she seemed to ignore people, but was intensely interested in animals. She was somber and quiet, a perfect baby, if a little different from my first squally daughter. When she was around 18 months old, our doctor’s office informed us that some of their vaccines might not have been refrigerated properly and that they should all be re-given. I spoke with the doctor about the safety of this, but was reassured that it was not only safe, but common. Since she never even flinched at being given vaccines, we went ahead and had all her vaccines redone on a schedule as if she was a newborn. Soon after that our nightmares began, with tantrums, OCD, anxiety. At age 5 she was finally diagnosed with autism, PDD-NOS. I believe, similar to you, that some people have a more delicate neurological system and vaccines tip them over the edge. That being said, I still believe most vaccines are beneficial, and went ahead and vaccinated my third daughter on a delayed schedule.
    I’m very interested to read more of your blog, and try out a few things with my autistic daughter. Definitely the most excruciating words from her, even worse than ‘I hate you’ (which is usually just anger talking, lol), is ‘what is wrong with me, why did God make me this way?!’ I continuously have to stop the guilt and ‘what-ifs’ from eating me up and just live in the ‘right-nows’. Thanks for giving me some good positive energy, though! I’m feeling encouraged after finding your blog!