Could You Have Heavy Metal Poisoning and Not Know It?

Heavy Metal Poisoning. Could You Have It and Not Know It? Metals are found in our food, water, air--everywhere. Could a heavy metal buildup be wrecking your health? Find out how I found out that I had heavy metal poisoning--and how I try to keep metals and toxins out of my body now.

Balls of Mercury – Photo Source

We’ve dealt with a bunch of health issues in our family from autism to candida to thyroid disease to adrenal fatigue.  But one thing I never really thought I would deal with is Heavy Metal Poisoning.

Just the concept of heavy metal toxicity sounds alarmist, doesn’t it?

I almost can’t believe myself that I am writing that title.

But then–life has a way of teaching us lessons that we really didn’t want to learn.

Metal poisoning is one of them for me.

In my younger, more naive days, I used to think things like:

  • life threatening food allergies were all in someone’s head
  • autism and Asperger’s were just being over-diagnosed
  • heavy metal poisoning  or chronic fatigue was an excuse for someone who just was feeling tired and didn’t eat well or something and really had something else wrong with them

It’s hard for me to admit that, but it’s true.

There’s something about younger, full of energy years that makes one think that these things just aren’t real.

But they are.

I found out the hard way.

I’ve shared a lot with you all already about autism and Asperger’s, like in the following posts:

And though I haven’t shared our whole story about life threatening food allergies, believe me—they are real.

I’ll share more in the future.

But heavy metal toxicity?  That’s just a little too weird to be true, right?

Well, I’m going to share with you just a little bit today about our path with heavy metals, with more to come.

When my oldest son was born, we knew he was very sensitive.  His poor little body was covered (literally) with horrible eczema at 3 months.

I went to great lengths to continue to breastfeed, including doing trials to figure out what he was allergic to and adjusting my diet accordingly.

But when his health took another big downturn at age 6, we knew our work with him needed to go beyond food elimination.

Heavy Metal Poisoning - Our experience with it and what we did about it.

Heavy Metals in Our Family–the Beginning

My son was super anxious and had obsessive behaviors that were almost impossible to handle.

Basically we were trapped in our home for a year.  And mom went into overdrive trying to figure out what was wrong with him.

Finally, we arrived at a diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome (a form of autism) for my son, and I ended up with candida and adrenal burnout (see my post on a test for adrenal fatigue).

That’s when the visits with alternative practitioners and the heavy metal questions began.

There’s a lot of info about heavy metals and autism on the internet.

Some of them are fascinating.

Did you know, for example, that:

  • Babies with autism have less mercury in their hair than neuro-typical babies?  That’s because the babies with autism don’t detox the mercury so it is staying in their little vulnerable bodies. Source
  • Vaccines still contain mercury?  See this chart and become informed.  Why would anyone want to get a flu shot and inject mercury into themselves? Makes absolutely no sense to me.  Believe me, a little mercury goes a long way.
  • Titanium dioxide, which is used often as a “natural” coloring is really a heavy metal – titanium is a heavy metal.
  • Aluminum is used in medicine in many ways, typically as a preservative?  Source
Anyway, we worked with a number of practitioners and over and over, the issue of mercury and metal toxicity came up.
The practitioners pointed to the following as possibly being connected to heavy metal toxicity that alternative practitioners brought up include:
  • my son’s autism
  • candidiasis (an overgrowth of yeast in one’s entire body)
  • receding gums (which I had)
  • varicose veins (which I had, despite my not having many of the risk factors except for my paternal grandmother, who had quite a few.  However, she also bore 7 children.)
Honestly, I really didn’t want to talk about metals, mostly because I didn’t know what to do about it and I wasn’t too keen on the chelation protocols that I’d read about and the risk factors involved with them.  I never felt good about using an IV or suppositories to yank the metals out of mine or my son’s bodies.
Well, something really bizarre happened to me that changed my mind completely about metal toxicity and made me realize that I really needed to do something about it.
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The Evidence of Heavy Metal Poisoning Becomes Undeniable

One of the kind souls who helped me along my path to healing was Martin Pytela of Life Enthusiast Co op.

Martin himself was almost wheelchair-ridden from mercury poisoning.

He recommended several immune boosting supplements as well as liquid zeolite (a supplement that makes a small cage to trap toxins and heavy metals and the releases them in your urine) to remove toxins and metals from my body.

So, on his recommendation, I tried some purified liquid zeolite drops in my water as a detox supplement.

What happened to me was, well — very interesting.

This might qualify as the current expression “TMI” for “too much information”, but in the interest of sharing what I think is important health information with my readers, here goes.

I first tried a normal dose of the zeolite in each glass of water, but it was too much for me, apparently. I had fatigue that was like a cloud in my brain.

So, assuming I was having a herxheimer reaction (detox symptoms such as flu-like symptoms, fatigue, headache, or uneasiness, that occur when toxins are flooding your body faster than you can deal with them), I cut back to 1 drop per glass of water.

I tolerated that dose.  And my urine smelled.  Like metal.  For over 2 months.

My husband started taking the liquid zeolite as well.

As for his urine–well–he now describes it as “glow-in-the-dark Mountain Dew” (not that we ever drink that stuff, mind you :-)).

At that point, I was introduced to Theresa Vernon and Nutritional Balancing.

I mentioned Theresa in my post on Adrenal Fatigue.

I will share more later about how I met Theresa, but I called her to talk about possibly working with her.

I mentioned my husband’s urine color and she replied that cadmium is bright yellow, but she said that it was uncommon for cadmium to be released this easily.

However, months later when we had my whole family’s hair tested, guess what came up on my husband’s hair test?

That’s right—-CADMIUM!

I was a believer.  The metals were there and they needed to come out.

In my next posts on Heavy Metal Toxicity, I’ll share more about zeolite, what it is and how I use it now.  Also, I’ll share about other metals that have impacted our family.

I will also be sharing why I think metal toxicity is such a problem in our world today and some options for you to deal with it if you suspect that you have a toxicity problem.

If you are intrigued, and you’d like to try a bottle of liquid zeolite yourself, please check out my Whole New Mom Store.

I’ll also be happy to send along to you the dosing information that we used and are using now.

(Update 10/13: I apologize for the delay in the follow up posts. I’m learning a lot more about detox and trying different things out so I can share with you all in the future. I am still using the zeolite but am changing other aspects of my protocol and am not doing Nutritional Balancing any longer.  Thanks for your patience!)

So–have you thought about heavy metal toxicity before?  What are your thoughts?

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  1. Hi! I just ran across your post and I have been thinking I may have heavy metal toxicity because I have recurrent candida despite the fact that I don’t take prescription antibiotics anymore and when I try to cleanse it it doesn’t fully go away.
    What other treatment did you do for the metals? I really don’t want to do cheleation. I still haven’t been tested. Debating between a hair test and urine. Any input you can give me with cleansing would be super!
    Thank you

  2. Hello,

    I came across this article looking for answers. Last night I was to have my mri test which I waited over 3 months for. I’ve been having headaches fatigue double vision and been just sick all the time. So last night I went in to ER to have MRI and was told by the technician the test cannot be completed. They found a piece of metal that perferated my eardrum. Asked me if I ever had surgery I replied no and asked if I had a welding accident etc. I laughed and said no. I can only remember that when I was 12 years old my twin sister and I had been in amother crazy fight and she threw a sharp double bladed knife I survived obviously but now find out that I have a piece of that knife in my head. We do get along now fyi. I am scared that my symptoms have been metal poisoning.

  3. I think I have made a mistake; I bought powdered zeolite and I do not know what to do with it. thank you so much for revealing all that information. good on yer.

    • Not necessarily a mistake – it’s just a lot harder to use. That’s one of the reasons that I don’t use it. It doesn’t dissolve easily, is more messy and isn’t as portable. Take care :).

  4. Try organic, unrefined coconut oil to brush your teeth. It’s all I use and it works great. Spoon a small amount in your mouth and start brushing. Make sure you don’t swollen any, as the bacteria it pulls out would be ingested and spit into toilet or trash bag, as it will solidify again and clog pipes 🙂

  5. Hi.

    I believe I have metals as Mercury and arsenic came up in my labs. I doing a hair analysis soon. I have had adrenal iaaiea for 20 years along w GI issues. I have always been slim to underweight b t all of a sudden keep gaining weight weekly despite same Paleo diet I have done for years. I also have unrelenting migraines. Does anyone else struggle losing weight with metals. I am so depressed up thirty pounds.

    Thank you

  6. Thanks for responding. Any suggestions for weight loss? I do exercise and mediate daily …yoga and walking. I eat AIP/ Paleo. Occasionally I have had cooked buckwheat when really tired and nauseated which I get a lot lately w migraines. Only one fruit if that a day and veg/ clean fat/meat at all meals.

  7. Hi. Since ive been detoxing with Zeolite, ALA- Aplpha Lipoic Acid, and garlic, nasty poo has been a normal morning for me. Silver to gray colored solid doody with a very strong metallic odor. Brain fog increased, and tiredness also are frequent. I can feel the liver squeezing and gurgling as it works hard and pushes the toxins out.

  8. Stella Stardust says:

    Why would anyone detox with ALA? It is in my Flax Seed Oil that I take daily but as a nutritional supplement not as a detoxifying ingredient. Can you please explain how it works w/ zeolite in detoxing the liver? I am intrigued- Thanks!

  9. Hello there,

    I am so happy I stumbled across your website. I received a tetanus shot vaccination two months ago and ever since then my body has been acting up. When I first received it– I was more anxious, tired, weak, cold feet and hands, pulsating in my body! I also have protruding veins and rigidness in my hands and feet.

    I tried infrared saunas four times but was scared I may have started too quickly out of anxiety. May go back for once a week. I did acupuncture. Went to the ER a few times and I have been going to the doctors but they can’t seem to pinpoint what’s going on.

    I say it is the tetanus shot and they shrug me off like I’m a young kid.

    I’ve been looking for a naturopathic doctor in Massachusetts to help with detoxing but it’s seemingly difficult. I just want more guidance as I’m scared but walking in faith. I have no money and I have been eating cilantro from time-to-time to grapefruit, taking raw vitamin c pills, laxatives, more veggies, wheatgrass. I feel a lot better but I’ve been feeling foggy as well. Maybe the toxins are leaving because I am urinating a lot more. I drink beet juice a lot. Even red meat now because they said that is okay. Brazil nuts as well.

    Thank you again! If you could give this lost 24 year old any guidance that doctors can’t, I would love it! I may start Chinese herbs too.

  10. I did a HMT, suspecting heavy metals, and my results came back with only Bismuth being high(was in my blush). I did some digging and discovered the lower than lows I had on the rest were indicative of what they’re calling ‘poor eliminator pattern’. So I probably don’t get the stuff out. I’m currently trying bioray 45day detox in the hopes of moving stuff out, have my amalgams out, tossed the darn blush. I just don’t know where to go from here. I’m struggling to maintain my weight, after losing almost 15lbs. It’s not as fun as some would think to be on the other end of the spectrum.

  11. Thank you for this post! I have a very RARE situation. My 5-year-old son has full-blown Autism which I attributed to vaccines. Fast forward to 2014. I gave birth to another son who was healthy. We opted not to vaccinate due to the damage that was already done to my older son.

    Fast forward to 18-months-old. My younger son started to show signs of delay. Very mild, but there. I did heavy metal testing on him based on experience with my oldest son. He’s totally toxic for Aluminum, Mercury, and Arsenic. I passed the metal toxicity to him before birth. Metals DO pass through the placenta.

    This needs to be shared far and wide that newborn babies need full scale heavy metal testing AT BIRTH as a risk factor for Autism. You would never even know it is there unless you test!

    We are on a low dose chelation plan now with both of our kids and they are already showing signs of improvement.

    • Wow. There is a theory that the first born get the most metals, but I don’t have any data to back that up. What kind of chelation have you done?

      • Cilantro with Chlorella and Diatomaceous Earth to absorb what Cilantro pulls out. It’s highly advised to never do Cilantro alone, it is very powerful it and will dislodge metals (also from the brain) but will not remove them on it’s own.

        We also have done DMSA with ALA. Gut problems (leaky gut), yeast problems, and nutritional deficiencies will never be resolved unless the metals are gone first. Detox or fixing methylation is the only way to naturally get it moving out.

        L-Carnosine is also an anti-oxidant but it will also slowly remove heavy metals. It’s not advertised as a chelator but it will.

        With my oldest son, we could not chelate him because he has a lot of metal dental work and it would make chelation worse on his body. We opted to do stem cell therapy (outside of the US) for my older son and he’s responding well.

        For my youngest, we are starting chelation at 18-months-old and already seeing positive changes.

        The main cause of this is the MTHFR mutation. I have two copies of the mutation (A1298C homozygous) so my body cannot naturally release toxins on it’s own. Having two of the same mutation is more rare, which is why my kids took the brunt of it.

        I had no idea my own body was this “sick”. I did testing on myself and am on a chelation protocol also. I felt a difference immediately.

        All pregnant women and newborn babies need to be tested for heavy metal toxicity. I doubt it will ever become mainstream though as mainstream medicine does not consider this a necessity.

        • Tanya Kemp says:

          I read your comment with interest. I have a 22 month old daughter who was diagnosed with ASD at 19 months. I just got results back from a hair test for metals and her toxicity score is very high. Antimony; Arsenic. Lead, Mercury, Cadmium. Nickel and Silver were all high. I am very concerned about the chelation process – granted – i haven’t seen the Naturopathic Doctor again to discuss her suggestions. She wants an organic acids test first to address everything in a coordinated way.
          I guess i should be looking at my own levels of metal toxicity too!
          Any suggestions or advice dealign with this in such young children would be appreciated! I don’t want my baby to be hurt or harmed but want her to be the best she can be, obviously. How awful all of this is!

  12. We both have MANY of the symptoms mentioned. We have a very deep well. And our water is high in iron and phosphate. We also have a very vindictive neighbor that works in the phosphate mines ……. someone please email me with HELPFUL info the locals arent helping at all. (email deleted by blog owner to protect privacy)

    • Hi there. I’m approving this but deleted your email b/c I was concerned that your privacy could be compromised. I’m happy to put it back up if you like. I have no idea what to think about your situation – do you have a natural doc nearby?

  13. Hi, i too think im heavy metal toxic. I have lived in a constant brain fog for 3 yrs. I have receding gums, forgetfulness, inability to absorb anything new, turned dyslexic in my 30’s and a baby born with a birth defect. Im sure my toxicity was the cause. Now im concerned with chelating him and myself. But i just found myself pregnant again. I was planning on detoxing before i got pregnant again. ugh
    Anyways, i was wondering what type of zeolite you use? How much did you give to your son when he started detox and did you give him anything else? Ive been doing all the research i can on chelating. I asked my dr to test me for heavy metals last month and he acted like i was crazy. Im looking into seeing a natural path asap. Thank you for knowledge.

  14. Ellen Olivieri says:

    Hello! I am new to metal poisoning. I became I’ll not quite 2 years ago with what started with numbness in both feet. That quickly spread to severe pain in feet, legs, swelling in ankles & knees, loss of balance & loss of feeling in legs & feet.
    Neurologists have diagnosed me with CINP. It”s a peripheral nerve disease. No known cause? I have just been put in touch with someone who thinks I might have heavy metal poisoning? I had 4inch Titanium rod inserted in my spine in ’07. The Titanium does leach into the blood stream. What kind of Doctor should I go to to have bloodwork done or hair testing done? Any information would be so appreciated. I am in constant, severe pain & have a husband in a nursing home who needs my attention and care.

    • I am personally working with someone who can do a detox that isn’t IV. There are a lot of options. My current one doesn’t do testing w/ hair – she is on maternity leave for another month and a half, however. I read titanium doesn’t leach? Do you have other information?

    • says:

      Metal poisoning doctor – look for a doctor who is both a ND, as well as either an MD or DO. If you do internet searches in your area, you might try searching for “chelation”. A doctor who does IV chelation, should also be able to do the testing for you. I did all three tests: urine challenge, blood, and hair. Both my blood and my urine challenge tests were positive, the hair test was not accurate because my body cannot detoxify itself properly. In my opinion, the best test to do is the toxic metals urine challenge test (the lab was Doctors Data).

  15. Barbara says:

    Hi all,
    I had a hair analysis, saliva, and urine tests done and found i had copper toxicity…from my work place, but of course they would not accept that. I went thru 29 weeks of IV chelation with EDTA. Excessive copper stores in the joints and brain among other places. I didn’t fully understand how bad it was till I started getting better. Pain for me often over rides my brain and my painful joints were the first to respond to treatment. Then I realized I hadn’t read a book in ages….I just couldn’t focus on the story and my attention span was so bad that I would just flip thru channels on the TV. It was unbelievable !! WOW, the fog lifted, I felt GREAT ! An added bonus was that my blood pressure also lowered.

    • Can you tell us whom you worked w/? I tried the HTMA and didn’t get anywhere with it. Feel free to email me at wholenewmom {at} gmail {dot} com.

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