Could You Have Heavy Metal Poisoning and Not Know It?

Heavy Metal Poisoning. Could You Have It and Not Know It? Metals are found in our food, water, air--everywhere. Could a heavy metal buildup be wrecking your health? Find out how I found out that I had heavy metal poisoning--and how I try to keep metals and toxins out of my body now.

Balls of Mercury – Photo Source

We’ve dealt with a bunch of health issues in our family from autism to candida to thyroid disease to adrenal fatigue.  But one thing I never really thought I would deal with is Heavy Metal Poisoning.

Just the concept of heavy metal toxicity sounds alarmist, doesn’t it?

I almost can’t believe myself that I am writing that title.

But then–life has a way of teaching us lessons that we really didn’t want to learn.

Metal poisoning is one of them for me.

In my younger, more naive days, I used to think things like:

  • life threatening food allergies were all in someone’s head
  • autism and Asperger’s were just being over-diagnosed
  • heavy metal poisoning  or chronic fatigue was an excuse for someone who just was feeling tired and didn’t eat well or something and really had something else wrong with them

It’s hard for me to admit that, but it’s true.

There’s something about younger, full of energy years that makes one think that these things just aren’t real.

But they are.

I found out the hard way.

I’ve shared a lot with you all already about autism and Asperger’s, like in the following posts:

And though I haven’t shared our whole story about life threatening food allergies, believe me—they are real.

I’ll share more in the future.

But heavy metal toxicity?  That’s just a little too weird to be true, right?

Well, I’m going to share with you just a little bit today about our path with heavy metals, with more to come.

When my oldest son was born, we knew he was very sensitive.  His poor little body was covered (literally) with horrible eczema at 3 months.

I went to great lengths to continue to breastfeed, including doing trials to figure out what he was allergic to and adjusting my diet accordingly.

But when his health took another big downturn at age 6, we knew our work with him needed to go beyond food elimination.

Heavy Metal Poisoning - Our experience with it and what we did about it.

Heavy Metals in Our Family–the Beginning

My son was super anxious and had obsessive behaviors that were almost impossible to handle.

Basically we were trapped in our home for a year.  And mom went into overdrive trying to figure out what was wrong with him.

Finally, we arrived at a diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome (a form of autism) for my son, and I ended up with candida and adrenal burnout (see my post on a test for adrenal fatigue).

That’s when the visits with alternative practitioners and the heavy metal questions began.

There’s a lot of info about heavy metals and autism on the internet.

Some of them are fascinating.

Did you know, for example, that:

  • Babies with autism have less mercury in their hair than neuro-typical babies?  That’s because the babies with autism don’t detox the mercury so it is staying in their little vulnerable bodies. Source
  • Vaccines still contain mercury?  See this chart and become informed.  Why would anyone want to get a flu shot and inject mercury into themselves? Makes absolutely no sense to me.  Believe me, a little mercury goes a long way.
  • Titanium dioxide, which is used often as a “natural” coloring is really a heavy metal – titanium is a heavy metal.
  • Aluminum is used in medicine in many ways, typically as a preservative?  Source
Anyway, we worked with a number of practitioners and over and over, the issue of mercury and metal toxicity came up.
The practitioners pointed to the following as possibly being connected to heavy metal toxicity that alternative practitioners brought up include:
  • my son’s autism
  • candidiasis (an overgrowth of yeast in one’s entire body)
  • receding gums (which I had)
  • varicose veins (which I had, despite my not having many of the risk factors except for my paternal grandmother, who had quite a few.  However, she also bore 7 children.)
Honestly, I really didn’t want to talk about metals, mostly because I didn’t know what to do about it and I wasn’t too keen on the chelation protocols that I’d read about and the risk factors involved with them.  I never felt good about using an IV or suppositories to yank the metals out of mine or my son’s bodies.
Well, something really bizarre happened to me that changed my mind completely about metal toxicity and made me realize that I really needed to do something about it.
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The Evidence of Heavy Metal Poisoning Becomes Undeniable

One of the kind souls who helped me along my path to healing was Martin Pytela of Life Enthusiast Co op.

Martin himself was almost wheelchair-ridden from mercury poisoning.

He recommended several immune boosting supplements as well as liquid zeolite (a supplement that makes a small cage to trap toxins and heavy metals and the releases them in your urine) to remove toxins and metals from my body.

So, on his recommendation, I tried some purified liquid zeolite drops in my water as a detox supplement.

What happened to me was, well — very interesting.

This might qualify as the current expression “TMI” for “too much information”, but in the interest of sharing what I think is important health information with my readers, here goes.

I first tried a normal dose of the zeolite in each glass of water, but it was too much for me, apparently. I had fatigue that was like a cloud in my brain.

So, assuming I was having a herxheimer reaction (detox symptoms such as flu-like symptoms, fatigue, headache, or uneasiness, that occur when toxins are flooding your body faster than you can deal with them), I cut back to 1 drop per glass of water.

I tolerated that dose.  And my urine smelled.  Like metal.  For over 2 months.

My husband started taking the liquid zeolite as well.

As for his urine–well–he now describes it as “glow-in-the-dark Mountain Dew” (not that we ever drink that stuff, mind you :-)).

At that point, I was introduced to Theresa Vernon and Nutritional Balancing.

I mentioned Theresa in my post on Adrenal Fatigue.

I will share more later about how I met Theresa, but I called her to talk about possibly working with her.

I mentioned my husband’s urine color and she replied that cadmium is bright yellow, but she said that it was uncommon for cadmium to be released this easily.

However, months later when we had my whole family’s hair tested, guess what came up on my husband’s hair test?

That’s right—-CADMIUM!

I was a believer.  The metals were there and they needed to come out.

In my next posts on Heavy Metal Toxicity, I’ll share more about zeolite, what it is and how I use it now.  Also, I’ll share about other metals that have impacted our family.

I will also be sharing why I think metal toxicity is such a problem in our world today and some options for you to deal with it if you suspect that you have a toxicity problem.

If you are intrigued, and you’d like to try a bottle of liquid zeolite yourself, please check out my Whole New Mom Store.

If you are interested in the zeolite I am happy to offer a special price to all of my readers – the prices have been updated in my store to reflect the new discounted pricing.

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6                                        $96                                         $66                                           $56

9                                         $126                                       $88                                          $75

12                                       $144                                       $120                                        $102

24                                      $240                                      $211                                         $180


I’ll also be happy to send along to you the dosing information that we used and are using now.

(Update 10/13: I apologize for the delay in the follow up posts. I’m learning a lot more about detox and trying different things out so I can share with you all in the future. I am still using the zeolite but am changing other aspects of my protocol and am not doing Nutritional Balancing any longer.  Thanks for your patience!)

So–have you thought about heavy metal toxicity before?  What are your thoughts?

Mercury Photo Source:

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  1. I’ve been using liquid zeolite for about 6 months, 13 drops a day with a full glass of water. I am currently using it because it is supposed to be great for your immune system. I had a terrible virus last year, and looked into getting my immune system back to where it should be. I have never felt like my head was foggy, etc., but now I am wondering if I should cut back on the drops? I also take multi vitamins, calcium and fish oil. Is this all too much? Thanks.

    • I’m not sure what you are wondering – if you mean are you taking too much zeolite? I am sorry but I can’t medically advise. I take it as I remember for maintenance b/c there are always toxins. I personally think (not medical advice) that’s it’s more for detox which affects everything. Thanks!

  2. parishioner says:

    i was looking into glucosamine supplements, and found this on the consumerlabs website. it immediately made me think of your chocolate consumption and your suspicion of your husband’s cadmium levels . . .
    ” Heavy metal contamination from supplements is another potential cause of kidney problems (Gabardi, Clin J Am Soc Nephrol 2012). Long-term exposure to excessive cadmium (which accumulates in kidneys), for example, can cause irreversible kidney damage and may also weaken bones. has reported surprisingly high concentrations of cadmium in some popular cocoa powders. To avoid unnecessary exposure, it’s best to use supplements that have been tested by an independent testing organization, like, to be sure that a supplement does not exceed heavy metal limits. ”

    sorry for the possible bad news. . .

  3. I have been reading about Zeolite on various websites, and one of them cautioned that a detox prior to using Zeolite is a critical step. It also said that the powder was effective and the liquid, unproven.

    I’m just wondering what your experiences/successes have been, and whether you agree with the detox beforehand.
    Also, this post said mercury poisoning mirrors candida overgrowth symptoms and that candida overgrowth can be a response to mercury poisoning. My brain is spinning.

    • Hi Donna, I have never heard of that and it seems counterintuitive to me. Not that I am a real “scientist” nor a medical practitioner, but zeolite’s point is to detox so I am confused about this recommendation. If you read my post (which I can assume you did :)), it is clear that the liquid was very effective. I smelled metal in my urine and my husband’s urine was bright yellow and I have clearly felt the detox aid from it so I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it works. I have heard that they both work but the liquid is much easier to use.

      I do think that candida and metals can go hand in hand but I again can’t medically advise. I have heard that when you have metals that candida can’t be gotten rid of b/c the cells are holding candida to prevent damage from the metals. Here is some information from the internet and this is what I heard.

      Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, world mercury detox expert, says that candida yeast serves the purpose of absorbing and sequestering heavy metals – that yeast overgrowth is one of the body’s defenses to try and keep mercury and other heavy metals from damaging body tissues.


      Because mercury will kill us really fast, but yeast does damage much more slowly; the body proliferates yeast to save us from the mercury.

      • I’m really finding your blog informative and useful! I have a message out to Liquid Zeolite but thought I would see if you have an answer. In looking at the Zeolite Liquid High Potency (green label), Comparisons between the 2 are hard to make as the same information isn’t listed for both. Just qurious if you know. Keep up the good work!

        • Which parts are you hoping to compare between the 2? Thanks.

          • Thanks for the quick response. The “Zeolite Liquid (High Potency)” states 100mg of Zeolite per serving. The “Liquid Zeolite” does not state the mg per serving, that I could find. Also the “DHQ” is not listed in the “Zeolite Liquid (High Potency)”. Why would it not be important in this compound? Again, I’m not sure you would have these answers but you seem to do intense research, so I was checking. till waiting to hear back from the company.

  4. Went to my endocrinologist today. He’s checking me for adrenal failure and for congestive heart failure! Could explain everything, Adrienne! I go back to the hospital tomorrow for more tests, because it’s between 7 and 9 AM that cortisol peaks. Isn’t that something?!

    • Heart failure – oh no! Cortisol should peak then. A saliva test is the most accurate apparently b/c you get tested throughout the day. Have you ever taken you am body temp? Not medical advice again….. glad you are getting answers!

      • I have, but I don’t know what it means…body temperature, that is. Yes, I am, too! I told him I thought I was dying. And with the significant weight loss, he was alarmed. He also asked me if I knew or if anyone ever told me why my liver enzymes were so high, and if my bones ever ached. I told him I didn’t know they were still high and my bones hurt all the time and immensely. I also told him I was freezing! I guess that all gave him clues. He’s also checking me for hepatitis, although I don’t know how I could have contacted that…but stranger things have happened. I still don’t know if they will do the PET scan. I guess the results of these tests will help with an appeal.

        • Temp upon waking. That is a sign of thyroid issues. I think I had some elevated liver enzymes. My head is really thinking about you……are you taking any liver support? Have you done castor oil packs? I know this could all be not enough but if your liver is struggling it has really helped me.

          I don’t think I have asked you what kind of diet you are on……I guess I need to take a course and start consulting :).

          • Yes, you are good at it! I am mostly paleo, with a little rice. I quit eggs at your suggestion, I was already corn, dairy, and gluten free. I use coconut oil and olive oil as our main fats, but have no qualms about lard and tallow and such. I do still eat beans, too. Of course, I soak them…always have. I don’t do caffeine or alcohol, or sugar. If I have to use any sweeteners, they would be raw honey, maple syrup, or stevia. But that’s rare, as I really hate sweets. Oh, I also avoid soy.

            • I had to go off beans too – not sure if they are my issue or not but we’ll see. I look forward to seeing what happens with you. If you suspect thyroid issues I was told to take selenium and glutathione. I hope to have a post on thyroid up today so stay tuned!

              • I may have to give up the beans, but I don’t eat too many now. Like I said, mostly paleo. I just got back from the hospital a I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. God was certainly with me. I have such bad veins that they’re down to one small one in my hand. I got there today and I was put with a tech that I haven’t seen in years, but she remembered me, and she’s not afraid of me. So, she took the blood, 7 vials, only 2 sticks, and that’s because the butterfly quit. And the blood flowed easily and quickly. It has been a long time since it has been like that. I believe we will get some answers this time. If not, this, whatever it is, will kill me.

  5. Very informative article!

  6. FLUORIDE DETOX IS A MUST… The MOST common and MOST unrecognized heavy metal, literally saturating everything around us (our AIR [chemtrails & nuclear energy], WATER, LAND, FOOD, medicines, drinking water, bottled water, natural waters, personal products, cosmetics, hair products, our shots, vitamins, the water our ‘organic’ foods and products are washed and processed with, is FLUORIDE! It’s unavoidable no matter how diligent you are! Its a byproduct, of sorts, in aluminum manufacturing, fertilizer production, among other things, and is also one of the KEY ‘ingredients’ in bomb-making and nuclear energy production [and for those who follow Fukushima, be more concerned about the fluoride, that NO ONE is talking about, than anything else, as its half-life is basically forever and it’s ability to travel and survive is far superior to Cesium, or any of the other radioisotopes.. and it’s much much more toxic!]).. Only Arsenic is more toxic. Fluoride/Fluorine, having many chemical ‘derivatives’ (anything with “fluor” in its name] is a neurotoxin which causes infertility, miscarriages, birth defects, brain atrophy/damage, fatigue, bone and tooth deterioration/brittleness/muttling, organ damage, nerve damage, premature aging, and a slew of other serious health effects. Fluoride is EXTREMELY difficult to purge from the body, yet we are being inundated by it every single day. Any Detox program’s primary goal should and MUST include clearing the body of as much fluoride as possible!!! Don’t believe the “fluoride is natural..and safe in small amounts’ garbage!! There are TWO types of fluoride.. Calcium Fluoride, which is found naturally, (and rarely encountered) and Sodium Fluoride, the dangerous man-made version, which is what is found in all those things mentioned previously, and what is making so many of us sick, old, tired, fatigued, fuzzy-minded, allergic, prone to colds/flus, infertile, bald, wrinkled, toothless, crippled and sickly! It’s side-effects also mimic both low and high dose radiation poisoning, and although its almost NEVER mentioned, even by alternative media, is the very thing that causes the majority of deaths and health effects from nuclear leaks and melt-downs. Fluorine, Sodium Fluoride, it’s derivatives and relatives, aka the fluoride in darn near everything around us, is NOT safe in ANY amount!!

    • Oh, I dont know how i missed this (too much fluoride in my brain), but I should also mention that like other heavy metals and radioactive isotopes, Iodine, Cesium, etc., fluoride is absorbed by the thyroid and causes the same type of disease and illness… CANCER, being the most serious. Thyroid/Lymphatic irregularities, nodules, inflammation, etc, are almost certainly a sign that you’ve been poisoned by fluoride. It doesn’t just cause thyroid disease and illness but heart disease, heart attacks, lymphomas, kidney cancer, liver cancer, adrenal cancer,, stomach and intestinal cancers, bladder cancer, leukemia, bone cancer, blood disorders, and many more. Do not go to govmnt-regulated/operated/funded resources if you want real answers. You can find pretty good info by first familiarizing yourself with all of the scientific names affiliated with fluoride/fluorine, then reviewing old articles (pre-1950 medical journals) and studies, especially older studies that don’t have fluoride listed in the title itself. You’ll have to be crafty and diligent but the truth about fluoride is out there. Good luck getting tested for it though. The medical, dental nor pharma communities won’t touch it.. You’ll most likely need to find a reputable testing facility overseas.

      • This is so hard to hear. I used to use fluoride toothpaste all the time and now one of my dentists insists I still use it but I am not. He says it’s the only way to protect my teeth. What do you use? I have some areas where roots are exposed.

    • Thank you – I agree it’s a big problem. Thanks for sharing.

  7. 1 – Is there a part 2 of this post? I can’t find it.

    2 – Are you still using zeolites? It’s over 2 years since you posted this ;)

    3 – Why do you recommend the zeolite supplement you sell? Is it high quality? I found this one (copy, paste, and take out the space after the YWB and before the “.com” to make the link work in your browser – http://ywb .mytouchstoneessentials .com/product/pure-body-extra-strength/) and am wondering if you know how it compares to yours? For example, they claim the zeolite “whole Clinoptilolite” is the best, and also in the FAQ section they say “There are other zeolite providers who mix zeolites in a liquid base of synthetic vitamins, or other substances. Synthetic vitamins can carry a positive charge. And while zeolites have an affinity for highly-charged toxins, sitting the zeolite cages for months with substances that carry even a weak positive charge could lead the zeolite to absorb those materials, and render it ineffective for detoxing the body.”

    4 – My grandparents have alzheimers, my husband has gout, and I just think it might be a good idea for my whole family to try. After all, if we DON’T need to detox heavy metals, it isn’t going to hurt, right?

    • Hi there. I am so sorry but I never did part 2 but I might soon. I ended up leaving that practitioner and felt I wasn’t getting where I needed to get but am about to hire another one. I did do a lot of work w/ someone else but think I need to do more w/ metals. Good on you for reading the URL :).

      2. Yes, I still use them and sell them in my store.

      3. I think it is high quality. I bought it initially from a man who is very particular. I don’t know how it compares to the one you have but this one is not mixed w synthetic vitamins as far as I know. My urine smelled like metal so it for sure worked and works :).

      4. I think personally I will use it for a long long time. We are all always exposed and it appears to be very benign. I wish I knew more about gout but thyroid work would be important as well. As for Alzheimers I would personally use coconut oil as well. That isn’t medical advice, however :).

  8. Timo Soren says:

    You get more organomercury in rice and meat a year than a single vaccine dosage. The sense of thimerosol is that a ton of fungal and other agents can’t infect the vaccine. But if you wish to pay more for a thimerosol free vaccine you can. But linking any think to single dosages of thimerosol is impossible as you ingest more organomercury in things around you on a regular basis than is found in a vaccine dose, not matter if you get 6 as a kid and 1 a year as an adult!

    • Hi there. I would like to see the data on that. From what I have read the mercury in rice issue is in heavily polluted areas like China. I don’t buy rice from China. And my short time of looking for data on mercury in meat only showed results for dolphin meat and sheep meat, both of which most persons do not eat.

      Let me know if you have some real data on this. Thanks!

  9. crookedheart says:

    WRT to your dental issues, exposed roots… Fluoride won’t do anything for that. However, a dilute peroxide rinse and oil pulling might help.