Late But Great Fourth of July Highlights

Old Glory
Things have been really nutty around here.  I guess you can tell that if you see that I am posting about the Fourth of July on –ahem–July 14th!

Well, better late than never, right?

(Now, don’t ask me what the record is, but I think our family set it one year for having our Christmas tree up longer than any other family ever has :-)!)

From all of my food posts, you would think that we had some fab allergy-free, whole foods menu planned for our July celebration, right?


Since we had a very full day (too full perhaps) of going to and from several events, I just couldn’t do it all.  You know, parades, carnivals, fireworks, and make special homemade treats for the family on top of all that?  Enough to aggravate anyone’s health, let alone someone dealing with adrenal burnout.

Well, some of the highlights of our day were just so special that I had to share them with you all.  And I am going to follow this right up with a post about some True Freedom that my oldest son found on the Fourth.

Our Fourth Highlights


First, we got out early and rode our bikes to a small (and I do mean small) parade, the Hollyhock Parade.  We didn’t know it before we went, but it is the longest running parade in Michigan :-).  We’ve been here over 8 years, but we hadn’t made it to this one yet for some reason.

We ran into lots of people we knew (politicians we had campaigned for, folks we had campaigned with, and friends from church), watched the parade, and talked a lot.  My kids collected candy that they’ll trade for organic lollipops and donate to a local charity that sells snack food to raise money.

One comic highlight of the morning was my witty husband’s comment about a sign that a parade-walker was carrying.

The sign said,


My husband’s response?

“Yes, we all do – with our taxes.  Like it or not.”  (Update: Actually, considering that fewer than 50% of people in the U.S. now pay taxes, I guess we don’t all support public education :-(.)


We came home, rested a bit and went to two different local fun and free Fourth events.  The towns around here really know how to do it up on the Fourth.  Last year, we even rode an elephant for free at one of the local carnivals!  The highlight of the events this year were:

1.  Giant Inflatables
Jumpy Inflatables

2.  My sons being able to ride horses for the first time in their lives.  Would you believe horse rides were free?  Every other time we’ve had the opportunity, they were charging money for it, and since also my husband has a serious (I mean serious) horse allergy it’s not something that we think of doing often, much less paying for :-).

Pony Rides

Pony Rides

3.  A non-highlight was bum burn that one of my sons suffered.  Ouch!  We thought he was over-reacting ’til we saw the evidence :-(.  Must have been one of those big slides??

3.  Fireworks

My youngest got to stay up for his first ever fireworks.  We shared the night with some “older” friends and met some fabulous new ones.  I don’t think much more needs to be said besides this photograph.

Fireworks Photo 2011

4.  The Blessing of Simple Food

Food wasn’t quite the centerpiece, however, we did have some favorite family stand-by quick treats and one new amazing treat to celebrate with:

In between all of the running to and fro, we stopped and shared:

5. I was up WAY too late and up WAY too early, so

One of my Fifth of July Highlights included — a nap :-)!

What a great day!  I admit that I was really concerned that it would all be too much for me.  And typically I would have really been stressed about not having a special menu planned.  But God was gracious – I felt good all day and the food, thought not extravagant, was great.

I hope your Fourth included some special blessings!

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