How a Mercury Filling Almost Took My Son’s Life

Mercury Fillings. Safe or No? Come read about How a Mercury Filling Almost Took My Son's Life. Really.

Don’t believe me?

Well, it’s true.

There are some stories about our family’s health that I tell on occasion to share about what we’ve been learning.

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Recently I thought that I should share some of these “stories” with all of you so that you can learn more about what we’ve been through.

This is one of those stories.

Now, before I start, keep in mind that I used to be someone who never thought twice about

Like all those things I mentioned above, I never thought twice about getting mercury fillings either.  I mean, you’re telling me that mercury leaches into your body and actually hurts you?  Why would my friendly family dentist put something into my body that would actually hurt me?  Ahem.

Think again.

Since I completely trusted our dentists, and since the mercury fillings were a lot cheaper (and we were not raking in the dough) when my oldest needed fillings (and he needed a lot), we always got the silver ones.

Well, one particular time, after he got two fillings, he kept complaining that one hurt.  I kept reassuring him that nothing was wrong, but he kept complaining and complaining.

And then I started worrying.  I remembered stepping into the room when he was getting the fillings put in and seeing quite a bit of blood.  I wasn’t sure, but I didn’t recall ever seeing a whole lot of blood from fillings before, but then mine were always quite superficial and I only had 2 in my whole life.  But the blood thing continued to bother me.

So I took him in to have the dentist look at it, but the dentist found nothing wrong.  I think we even went in twice for reassurance.

Fast forward a few weeks.

My son woke up saying that his tooth hurt a lot and his cheek was swollen.  That afternoon he laid down for a nap around 2 pm and slept ’til 5, which was very odd for him.

When I woke him up (so he’d actually sleep that night), the nightmare began.

Half of his face was swollen down to his jawbone and up around his eye.  His eye was almost swollen shut.

I called the doctor and they sent me right over to the hospital.

Now I knew something was wrong.

Admitted immediately.  His swelling was cellulitis – a potentially life-threatening infection of the soft tissues.  Since it was around his eye it was dangerously close to his brain.

Not words a mama wants to hear.

IV antibiotics were started.  It got worse.  When I saw my son the next day (Dad stayed in the hospital with him because his younger brother was just a baby and I was home with him), half of his face looked like the Elephant Man’s.

24 hours after being admitted there was talk about him being sent to Infectious Disease because the infection wasn’t responding.

“No!”  I screamed silently.

I drove back and forth from the hospital, getting whole foods and clothing for my son.  Crying, praying and singing Psalm 23 from the Psalter…

“Yea, though I walk through death’s dark vale…yet will I fear no ill….”

Finally, just before they were ready to send him on to the next set of specialists, things started turning around and we went home with a lot of antibiotics and my son finished them.

Then, about a week later, my son told me that his mouth felt funny.  There it was.  A small swollen spot just above the filling.

Doctor visit.

Doctor thinks mom is crazy and that the swelling will go away on its own.  “It’s not just above the filling” he said.

“Yes, it is,” I insisted.

“No, it isn’t.”

“Yes, it is,” I said, getting angry and frustrated that he wasn’t listening to my mother’s instincts.  Couldn’t he see it?  Didn’t he know what we’d just been through?

“What’s it going to take to make you happy, Adrienne?”

“A referral to an oral surgeon.”

Well, I got it.

Three oral surgeons.  Their recommendations?

  • Outpatient surgery.
  • Biopsy.
  • The third, most experienced doctor said, “I’m just going to pull the tooth.”

I went with #3.  Least invasive and least expensive.

Tooth pulled and the most well-respected oral surgeon in our city said, “Yes, it was just above the filling and I’ve never seen anything like it in my life.”

(This was said by perhaps that most competent and experienced oral surgeon in our city–one that has a reputation for good health care.)

It was a granuloma.

What’s a granuloma?

I didn’t know either.  According to Wikipedia:

Granuloma is a medical term for a tiny collection of immune cells known as macrophages. Granulomas form when the immune system attempts to wall off substances that it perceives as foreign but is unable to eliminate.

Hmmm..From what I could tell, my son’s body appeared to be attempting to wall off the filling. (It’s possible that the granuloma was related to the injury of getting the filling and not the filling itself, but given my son’s Asperger’s Syndrome (high-functioning autism) and the heavy metal issues that we are now uncovering, I am not ruling out a reaction to the mercury.  Regardless–stay aware and vigilant about yours and your family’s health.

Tooth removed.  Granuloma gone.

No more swelling.

The moral of this story is . . .

well, in my mind, there are several:

1.  Don’t assume that others’ stories of “invisible health issues” or sensitivities are invalid or “all in their head.”  I used to think so.  Now that a number of them have come to roost in my own household, I know otherwise.

2.  Mercury is a poison.  I recommend not putting it in your mouth as a permanent structure. I’m not saying this is for sure what caused the cellulitis, but I don’t want it in my body or in the body of those in my family.

3.  You are the parent.  You are in charge of your child’s health.  I knew something was wrong with my son and though I was ridiculed by his physician, I pressed on.  He might have died otherwise.  Guess who isn’t our physician any longer?  I send the resulting medical results to him and didn’t even get a reply.

4.  Don’t take the lives of your loved ones for granted.  Things could have turned for us on a dime that day.  For now, we are all still together.  Thank God.

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Do you or your children still get mercury fillings?

Please share this with others so they can know about the potential dangers of mercury fillings.


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  1. Oh, thank you for your story – I can’t imagine! We have never had any fillings for either kids so I haven’t had this concern, but it’s good to know for future! I understand your Momma instincts…they are real and we need them so that we can care for our family!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

    • You’re welcome, Becky. You sure are fortunate that you haven’t had to deal with fillings. Especially with your son as hey are more common in children with autism. Every once in awhile the instincts are wrong, but not usually! Take care. ~Adrienne

      • great story, they tried to put mercury in my daughters teeth,i said no ! i had over 12 mercury fillings in at 8 i am 48 now and disabled and almost bedridden.all my doctors scoff at the notion my problems are from mercury amalgams,they say they cant find anything wrong and it is all in my head ! how right they are… i just had a vertigo attack ahem just my imagination i guess, nothing wrong ? why do i feel like i want to die ? qwacks here in mn… , so as it stands i cant find no doctors to help me.the ones that can are not covered by ma.

        • Robert – Please read my post on adrenal fatigue. There is a link to Theresa Vernon. She specializes in heavy metal toxicity. I am dumping aluminum right now. It’s not fun but it’s getting better – and she is reasonable. Please feel free to ask questions. I so hope that you find relief as I have.

        • I felt like you over 8 yrs ago. Had 9 fillings and kept asking doctors to test for mercury levels as I had extreme fatigue, stomach problems, joint pain, needed 12-14 hrs sleep, etc. I finally found out two doctors down right lied about testing me for mercury! I took matters into my own hands and found a doctor to test and I was very elevated levels. Had all removed (huggins method) and energy was back the next day, other problems disapated over 1-2 months. Here I am 8 yrs later, 50 yrs old, full of energy and only sleep about 6-7 hrs a night. I detoxed naturally after with cilantro/spiralina/chorella/garlic etc, and have changed diet within the last few years to include mostly raw veg/fruit (50+%)but limited animal products (<5%). Main protein is dark greens and our own free range chicken eggs. When I was at my worst was when I was using an aluminum pressure cooker for cheap meat (alum and mercury together is lethal, look it up!)

        • Bonita Steele says:

          Danielle, it is not in your head. I strongly believe you are on the right track. I have a claim in the VA for benefits on the same issue. They denied me twice, stating the Lupus, Scleroderma, Sjogrens Disease, Raynauds, Congestive Heart Failure, I have is not due to the mercury dental fillings. I have a daughter. At the time of her birth, I only had 2 mercury fillings. She is deaf in both ears, she has ADHD, and Aspergers syndrome. I also wanted to tell you things that has helped me sustain. I drink a tea made from Cilantro and Tarragon daily. It acts a a detox. I started this diet, I learned from Doctor Oz’s show. Go to Download, and follow the program. Until, I started this clean program, I was losing my hair, now it is growing back. I am also, losing weight, slowly. You may want to start eating flax seed meal daily too. It has help with the neuropathy and arthritis pain. I no longer get arthritis pain. Also, you can read my Blog, http;//


        • Did you ever have the fillings removed to see if that really was the cause?

          People can be sensitive/allergic to a lot of things. As the author pointed out, it was an auto immune response. The body can have an auto immune response (aka inflammation) to lots of inert, unharmful things. Latex, peanuts, gluten, etc. They’re all unharmful, but when the body interprets it as an invader, the response can be deadly as the original poster found out. A reaction like that is rare for fillings of this sort, but auto immune responses can be deadly.

          These fillings are not straight up mercury. It’s very misleading. It’s amalgam, which is often 50% mercury. Because it’s bound to the other metals, generally silver, tin, and copper, the mercury isn’t directly absorbed, even if you swallow it. Yes, heavy metal poisoning can be extremely harmful, but it’s like saying that giving a person with aids a hug will give you aids. It won’t. People inject heavy metals under the skin without any issues all the time. They’re called tattoos. The research points out that miniscule amounts of mercury can be released over the years, but it’s negligible compared to the amount you regularly get through nature. Not to mention the amount of mercury you’d get by eating fish.

          There will be near death stories of just about every substance and situation imaginable. Understanding the science behind it, causation v. correlation, how things work, and that each human body is remarkably unique, will give a lot of context on interpreting the anomaly situations. Millions have had amalgam fillings with no side effects.

          If you avoided every substance that anyone had a near death reaction do, you’d have to hide in a bunker made of filtered dirt and not eat.

          • I have read in many places that there is for sure mercury vapor released. I think my mainstream dentist even agrees about this.

            I do agree w/ you that we would have to lead a very sheltered life in order to avoid everything we think might cause death, but some people are very sensitive and so they need to be more aware than others. Thanks for commenting.


        • Here is the translation of the author’s comment:

          DEAR ADRIANNE,


  2. I’m so glad your story has a happy ending. I knew mercury fillings aren’t good for you (I’ve had all mine replaced and don’t let my kids get them.) But, I had no idea they could be that serious or cause a reaction that quickly. I’m so glad you followed your Mom’s Intuition.

  3. Wow.. powerful story. Thank you for sharing. It’s funny how an incident like this can suddenly turn you from never thinking twice about health to completely changing your life and seeing health and medical system for what it truly is. It’s very eye opening.

    I only just realized I even have a mercury filling.. I’m 24 and just assumed that mercury fillings were something they used back in the day and discontinued before my time so I never bothered looking into it. I guess not and I’m not happy about it. Unfortunately I don’t know what to do because I actually had a composite filling in this tooth to begin with, but I was sensitive to it – it hurt and was very sensitive to hot and cold. So the dentist switched it a mercury filling – I had absolutely no clue that it was potentially dangerous. Kicking myself now but I don’t know what to do about getting it switched if I already know that my body doesn’t like composite fillings. Sigh.

    • Oh boy, Tracy- that is a hard one. Maybe talking with a good dentist to find out if the composition of the composites has changed at all? I know there are concerns about getting the mercury fillings removed so you need to be careful if you decide to do that and only have it done by someone who knows what they are doing. We had a dam put around the tooth, and oxygen given while it was happening and took supplements before and after the fact. I am not thrilled with some of the holistic dental offerings in our neck of the woods – stay in touch if you have more questions. Maybe I can help. There is a really good dentist who handles these things around here. Maybe they’d be wiling to talk with you on the phone about your particular situation. Try not to fret….we all just have to do the best with what we have. I had mine our, but we left 2 in my son’s mouth (you can see one in the photo) because the teeth are going to come out – hopefully soon. Take care ~Adrienne

    • Tina Dent says:

      get it pulled out

  4. Wow, that’s scary. Thank God it all worked out in your favor. My husband has mercury fillings. It bothers me knowing that they’re in there. But, they don’t seem to be bothering him. I guess we will just have to prayerfully watch them.

    • Pam, I’d just watch them. Some people appear to be more sensitive to them than others are. If they show any signs of deterioration, I’d have them taken out by a good holistic dentist (I’ve found from my research that some of them are no good). We decided to have mine and my husband’s removed due to health issues in our family. Take care and thanks for stopping by.

  5. What a nightmare! Good for you for trusting your son and your own instincts. So glad all is well. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Hi Adriene. I am so sorry this happened to your son. How terrifying! I am also glad you pushed and pushed until given a satisfactory answer. As the mother of an Autistic child I’ve been there. So many things were initially left uninvestigated because I took their everything is just the autism line. Finally, after much pushing Petite Mal Epilepsy and tethered spinal cord were discovered. Now I never stop pushing for better answers.

    I have ten mercury filling and nursed my son for sixteen months with those in my body. It sickens me to think about the exposure he may have gotten from my own milk. He is sensitive to everything. Everything. Food, supplements, medication. And you are right, people, especially doctors, don’t always believe us when we tell them things about these children that WE live with and know like our own hearts.

    As to the dental industry, I don’t have a lot of automatic trust there anymore. Too many ooopses. Mercury is bad –ooops. BPA in fillings bad – ooops after the fact. Flouride is bad–another ooops. I have a dentist for my son but I grill her about everything she wants to do to him. We’ve had too much stuff backfire to be complacient. I try to strike a balance between respecting their expertise and knowing there have been too many ooopses and that their might be unidentified ones lurking in the current standard of care.

    Have a great day and thank you for sharing. People need to know what can happen and that there are other alternatives to silver fillings.

    • Thanks for your thoughtful comments. We are sensitive to a lot as well and you are right – we are the mothers and we are with them all the time. Doctors just don’t see that. When you don’t have the sensitivities it is hard to believe others who do, so I need to give them grace at the same time.

      Have you seen my posts on Adrenal Fatigue? The practitioner whom I mention in that post is the one whom we are working now. She had epilepsy that was cured by Nutritional Balancing and she is helping me heal from Adrenal Burnout and metal toxicity. You might be interested in poking around her website a bit. I’d be happy to correspond with you further about it if you are interested.

      Blessings in your work with your child.

  7. Wow, how scary! I had a lot of fillings when I was a kid and still have a bunch of mercury in my mouth. They really need to come out, but finding a dentist who does it with the correct protocol is proving to be a little difficult.

    Good for you for taking charge of your son’s health and sticking with what you believe. I have come across physicians that try to bully you into what they believe, and standing up to them takes courage. Always trust your gut, because mom’s have a certain instinct that is usually right.

    • I agree – finding someone who does the removal correctly is tough. I even found one locally who purports to be the only holistic dentist in the area, but he has been having some really questionable things in his patient newsletter that lead me to think he isn’t really mentally stable anymore. It is so tough to find medical professionals to trust!

  8. Good for you for insisting on that referral. Mother’s instincts are rarely wrong. Amalgam fillings should be outlawed.

    Thanks for sharing your story on Monday Mania this week :)

    • Thanks for stopping by, Sarah. I agree with you on the amalgam issue. I did hear from one reader who said that she had an allergic reaction to composite fillings. I assume they’ve changed over the years, though. I am glad you have such a good forum for sharing posts like these. I have more. We’ve been through a lot and I hope to help others from the things that we have learned.

  9. A friend on Facebook posted this and I thought I should comment since I do know quite a bit about amalgam (alloy) fillings. I have been a Dental Assistant for 9 years. It sounds to me like if he was having a lot of bleeding during the filling that it has more to do with the trauma then the alloy filling itself. I do agree with you about finding a better material that does NOT contain Mercury, but Alloys have been used since Dentistry first began and the mixture of different metals (including Mercury) has not changed much in the last 100 years. The mercury raises to the top of the tooth when condensed in the tooth and with a rubber dam and suction very little amount of mercury is actually present after the filling hardens. My concern is telling people to get the composite fillings (tooth colored fillings) which most sealants and composites contain BPA we have all heard of the harmful side effects of BPA. I think safer filling materials do need to be made and used however Alloy fillings are one the oldest filling materials used. Just thought I would share my two cents!

    • Thanks for sharing, Jayna. I unfortunately an not sure which tooth was bleeding when the tooth was filled. I just remember that it happened. And it was my understanding that not all composite filling material has BPA in it. Am I not correct? I don’t follow how the mercury could rise to the top of the tooth if it is a mixture like that and I am not sure what you mean about “the top”. If the metals are all mixed together, why would one rise and separate like that? In either case wouldn’t you either have more on the chewing surface or more near the core / root of the tooth, with neither seeming to be very desirable? Thanks in advance! I don’t understand why something other than mercury can’t be used. In fillings or the new CFL bulbs. Just makes me crazy, honestly! Mad Hatter’s disease is enough evidence that this stuff should not be in our bodies or homes.

  10. Thank you. I’ll take a look at the post. I’m always looking for ways to help my son, and my own health.

  11. Mercury rises to the top of the tooth because it is in liquid form. The material is soft when placed and then hardens. As the fliing is condensed the murcury seperates and rises to the top and is suctioned out. I don’t want you to get the wrong idea I do not think mercury should be used. You would actually be shocked at all the things I have found in dental materials. on MSDS forms I have found all kinds of chemicals like formaldehyde, BPA and of course mercury. I am very much into Natural, organic, green living so of course I have an issue with these things. I am just saying that most materials used in the dental office have some kind of unsafe component to them including composite fillings. Unfortunately I do not think things will change anytime soon as far as safer materials go. The best thing you can do is try to prevent from needing any at all by flossing, brushing and eating healthy.

    • Hi again, Jayna. I am still puzzled about the mercury rising. So you’re saying it rises when hardening? And what do you mean about suctioning out?

      I can’t believe what is in food and meds. On another post I’ll talk about IV antibiotics. That is another shocker. We do eat healthy food, by the way – it appears we’ve got other health issues causing the cavities.

    • GrandmaKat says:

      Jayna being diligent on your oral care isn’t ALWAYS gonna prevent oral issues?! If you are prone to bad teeth there is NOTHING to stop a cavity if you have BAD TEETH?! I started at age 14 with my dentist till he RETIRED I’m now a Grandmother several times?! And I’m having an oral surgery AGAIN! My Family Genes are just BAD TEETH period!! You definitely need to be diligent in cleaning…absolutely? But we ALL SHOULD question what,why,how on ANY treatment of any kind?! To ourselves but MOST IMPORTANTLY our children. We have to pay attention because it’s an ongoing learning process? Just think of a 100 years ago they didn’t know appendicitis wasn’t a bad stomach ache!! So I’m just saying QUESTION EVERYTHING and make sure your Doctor takes the time to STOP & EXPLAIN it in laymans terms?

  12. it rises as it is being condensed into the tooth by the Dentist and by suctioning I meant the suction that the Dental Assistant uses to get out alloy pieces, saliva etc.. Using a rubber dam does help in preventing the patient from swallowing alloy pieces containig mercury.

    I will stay tuned for your post on food and meds as I am very interested in that kind of thing.

    when I said the best thing you can do to prevent cavities is by flossing, brushing and eating healthy I didn’t mean you I meant everyone. Sorry I really am not trying to rub you the wrong way. I am just trying to educate those so they can make a smart choice. I do not think composites are a much safer alternative. That is just my opinion after working with both alloys and composites for years now. I also do Not agree with ingesting fluoride drops and tabs. It does nothing to swallow fluoride ,but overdose you and give patients fluorosis it only works as a topical to prevent cavities. Okay I will get off my soapbox now.. I just wanted to get my opinion out there :)

    • Jayna, you are not rubbing me the wrong way. I am just explaining our situation. We also don’t use the fluoride drops or tablets and we got an RO filter to get fluoride out of our water.

      I had another question for you – you said you thought the cellulitis was more likely from the trauma. Can you say why? I was thinking more likely the mercury due to his sensitivity, or perhaps the two combined. Again, he had two fillings filled at that appointment and I don’t know if both bled or which one. Thanks for adding to the discussion! I’ve been known to be on a soap box or two :-).

  13. Thanks for sharing this story: It’s the kind of thing that conventional medicine likes to push under the rug, but it’s really important for people to know about.

    I had a bunch of mercury fillings, and had mercury poisoning from them–had them all replaced last year and it was a good thing.

    • Glad to hear it, Ela. I just talked w/ one of my dentists who insisted the mercury isn’t a big issue and that this is all a bunch of malarky. I don’t think so. I’ve heard this story too many times.

  14. It is hard to say without being there, knowing the treatment plan etc.. I don’t even know if you are talking about a baby or adult tooth. I was just thinking that when the Dentist went to do the filling it went into the pulp of the tooth (the area that harbors the nerve) and that causes bleeding. If the Dentist just placed a filling without doing a pulpotomy or Root canal bacteria may have been introduced in the pulp. That can cause abcess, cellulitis etc.. I don’t want to throw the Dentist under the bus because again I don’t know the treatment plan or if a pulpotomy or root canal was performed but that is just a possiblility. The oral surgeon you went to might be able to give you better insight on his specific case. I hope that helped more then confuse..

    • That’s really helpful. I may have to revisit this. I was mostly surprised by the oral surgeon’s response that he had never seen anything like this in his life. He’s been in practice for a long time and is very well respected. I just spoke w/ one of our dentists who said there is a small amount of BPA in the composite he uses. One of my other dentists says that his does not have any. So good news there, unless there is something else that I don’t want in my teeth in there. I have some other “fires” I need to put out today, but maybe I can call the oral surgeon later this week to discuss this further. There was no root canal and no pulpotomy done. I’d be happy to hear any more of your thoughts. If you think I should revisit things with the dentist too I could do that.

  15. Poor baby! I once had some granulated tissue in my thumb, next to the nail. Quite painful!!!!! It happened when bacteria got under my nail when I was scratched by a cat. Like you, I have also found that doctors don’t know everything the way our parents thought……

    • I can only imagine your pain as well. I get infections under my fingernail sometimes and they feel terrible. I don’t want to fault all the doctors, but the more I learn, the less I trust them. It’s hard to do all the homework yourself, though!

  16. I have read that there are sealants that do not contain BPA. I read it on a sheet that came home from my kids’ school. There is a dentist who comes to the school to do regular checkup type stuff. Theirs do not contain BPA. I have chosen not to do any sealants much to my dentist’s dismay.


    • Thanks, Linda. I haven’t done sealants either – for the same reason. We’re really stuck between a rock and a hard place on these issues, aren’t we?

  17. So weird, last December my 8 yr old had the exact same situation. He had a filling and the next day half of his face was swollen and his tooth hurt. We went back to the dentist and he was a bit freaked out. He pulled the tooth and gave him an antibiotic and said if it wasn’t any better by morning to see our doctor, we should have gone right then, but waited til morning, it was worse, his cheek had some faint red streaks. We went to the doctor and he gave us the most powerful antibiotic he could and said if it wasn’t getting better by morning he would need IV antibiotics. Luckily for us the swelling started going down. I can’t imagine if our dentist hadn’t removed the tooth right away how much worse this could have been. When the tooth was pulled the dentist told us the tooth was dead, so the infection must have started from the dying tooth. Just glad it’s over and ended well.

    • Oh my. That is weird. I wonder if you saw the other comments and what you thought about the possibility of it being the injury over the filling. I just don’t know. There were bony pieces, I think, in the granuloma that the dr extracted from my son, but I may not be remembering that part correctly. Let’s just say the filling started it all. Glad your situation worked out as well.

  18. This is a horrible experience for a mother! Prayers for your family, I hope your son’s okay now. Some doctors are so unprofessional, they shouldn’t be given a license if they do not even know what’s the right thing to do. Lives are too precious to wager! Thanks for sharing! :)

    • Thanks for the encouragement, Angel! I agree with you completely about the doctor. I couldn’t believe how stubborn he was being about the referral. Like his saving money not referring me was more important than listening to my instincts. It’s been a pattern in my dealings with medical professionals, but this was about the worst. Take care.

  19. somewhat off topic, but can the silver-colored fillings cause someone to gain weight to the point of obesity? My hubby started gaining around 8 years old,and has lots of fillings. He’s changed his diet to a much healthier one since we’ve been married but his weight hasn’t budged. We rarely have soda and just the occasional sweet. He has a physically demanding job so he’s always moving. He doesn’t seem to eat a ton even though I’ve heard an obese person has to eat 3 times the amount of food as a normal sized person. I’ve just thought about the link before, just wondering if anyone could give me any answers. Thanks.

    • I am not sure – maybe someone else knows. I will say that the adrenal fatigue work I have been doing has taught me a lot and heavy metals can affect weight gain and loss. I would highly recommend you contact Theresa Vernon whom I am working with. You can find her link in my post on adrenal fatigue. I get nothing from referrals, but please do tell her that I sent you.

  20. Your honesty and love shine thru every post, Adrienne.

    I’m so glad I met a mama via blogging that is on the exact same wavelength as me!

    I still have an evil mercury filling in my mouth that needs to come out STAT. I’m sure it contributed to Moose’s autism as well.

    That story you shared needs to be read by every thinking mama…

    • Right back at you, Nicolette. I’m sure we’d have a lot to share over uh….not coffee but, something….in Chicago. We just might be there again soon. ‘nother story. Get a good doc to get your filling out. Try to get a BPA free composite to replace it.

  21. shared on pinterest…

  22. Wow, what a story! I completely agree with you on mercury, vaccines…ect!!!!!!!!

  23. That Physician ought to be banned and his license ought to be confiscated!

  24. This is soooo important. I am so grateful and thankful your son is ok but thank you for taking the time to warn others. I would love for you to share this with my readers. Our “Meet Me Monday” linky party is still going on. I found you through Hope Studios party. Please share with my readers and make it a Monday stop. Thank you again! Love, Me

    • Hi Rebecca. Thanks for the encouragement. I will either link up today or next Monday. Thanks for the invite! My son helps w/ link ups so I can share more with others. :-).

  25. Saw this on the gradituesday link up. Thank you for sharing this story – it can’t have been easy to relive! It seems like we are our only advocates in the healthcare world.

    • You’re right, Catherine. So many times this sort of thing has happened to us. It makes me wonder what those who just “listen and follow” are doing to harm themselves. Thanks for the encouragement!

  26. Oh My God! Another ‘Bad Physician Story’?? Bring it on, girl!

  27. Thanks for sharing. I was also like you where water (and food), fillings, vaccines, etc were concerned. I didn’t really think much about it. I just assumed that if it was approved by the FDA, Medical association, or others that it was fine. I’ve been gradually educating myself over the past year or two because of some family health concerns. A great website I frequent is He has tons of information about healthy living. I have had two of my mercury fillings removed and am planning on having the other two removed next year.

    I don’t believe any physician 100%. I firmly believe that no one person can know everything about everything. I try to educate myself as much as possible for each situation I encounter. I had a horrible OB-GYN for my first pregnancy. I even turned her into the medical board (something that I have never done before). I’m much more aware of things in my environment.

    We’re much more conscious of the food we eat. We’re trying to eat organic as much as possible, and avoid msg, aspartame, and high fructose as much as possible. We only eat at restaurants where we have checked out their ingredient list ahead of time and even bring or cook most of our meals on vacation. We’re also thinking about installing a reverse osmosis whole house water filter. We’re careful about what medicines and vaccines we get or give our kids too.

    It is exhausting trying to find reliable information on all this, though. Thanks for another reminder about why I spend so much time researching everything!

    • Hi Denise. All of this is exhausting. As long as it doesn’t give you too much stress, it is important to research. Hope to see you around! And you might want to check out my post on water, though one of them does need a lot more reworking….:-). I need to write another post on filtration. I think RO w/ remineralization is the way to go.

    • Just be aware that Dr. Mercola leaves readers with “the sky is falling” sense. I got his mailings for a while but it just wore me out. Everything is bad, everything is a coverup and a conspiracy. He complains of government and big drug companies making money( which is true in some cases)yet he is raking in a bunch for himself…..just be aware.

      • Adrienne says:

        Hi Sona. I am always reading Mercola’s site with concern. There is too much constant alarm, in my opinion. I even think, dare I say it, that his alarm over sucralose might be overstated. I do think a lot of the government pharma concerns are real, however. There is a lot of back scratching going on and since the mainstream media is basically owned by the left, we have to find our information elsewhere.
        We can only do what we can within reason, however. Thanks for the warning!

  28. O My!! How scary that had to be for him and you! I’m so glad a doctor finally figured it out and took care of it.

  29. Oh, that is absolutely frightening! Thank you for sharing your story. My son has autism and is nonverbal. Going to the dentist can be a nightmare even without fillings. I will definitely keep this in mind the next time they tell me he needs fillings.

  30. Thanks for linking your great post to FAT TUESDAY. This is an amazing story! Thanks so much for sharing what had to be a harrowing experience! I always say — the mother knows her child best and can be very intuitive! Hope to see you next week!

    Be sure to visit on Sunday for Sunday Snippets – your post from Fat Tuesday may be featured there!

    • Yes it’s easy to doubt ourselves, but especially when we’ve done a lot of observing and learning, we have a lot we can “teach” the doctors. :-). Thanks, Jill.

  31. I found out about mercury fillings the hard way as well. I have finally (and at great expense) replaced all my mercury fillings, and I take my whole family to a mercury-free dentist.

    • Hi Angie. I had a dentist tell me yesterday that mercury isn’t such a big deal in its solid form, but I just can’t make that “jive” with other things I am hearing and reading. I’d love to keep hearing what others know. Thanks for stopping by and sharing!

  32. What a terrible experience for you and your son. We do not get metal fillings anymore after I did research about the residual amounts in the brain in alzheimers deaths. Scary stuff! Praise God for your son’s healing and good for you for being such a strong advocate for his health to the doctors involved!

    Danelle Ice / Home Ever After

    • Thanks for sharing this, Danelle. My father in law is a chemist and he says that fluoride combines with aluminum really easily. He thinks it then easily migrates to the brain. We now filter fluoride out of our water with an RO filter and are “on the fence” about fluoride in our toothpaste. Thanks for your encouragement!

  33. Adrienne,

    Thanks for sharing this story. I am glad to hear that your son is doing better.

    God Bless.

  34. Hello, I am in my 4th year of dental school and my wife had me read this story. That is very scary and I am very glad that things turned out okay. I wasn’t there, so I don’t know what happened 100%, but I thought I’d add my opinion based on the training that I’ve had.
    If there was blood during the process of placing the filling, then the blood had to come from somewhere. It can come from two places. Either the gums (was the filling near the gum line?) or from the inner blood supply (called the pulp) of the tooth. My bet would be the second one. If that’s the case, then what should happen is a root canal is done if it is a mature permanent tooth, or the tooth is extracted if it is a baby tooth. If the dentist just slapped a filling on top of the pulp, then he/she made a bad decision. That could potentially cause the problem that you described.
    Even though it may seem counter intuitive, the amount of mercury in a silver filling has never been shown to be harmful. There is more mercury in a couple cans of tuna fish than a silver filling. If that still makes people uncomfortable with silver filling, that is fine. They can choose to have tooth colored (composite) fillings most of the time, though they have their drawbacks too.
    I guess what I’m saying overall is that the terrible experience you had would most likely have happened exactly the same if the dentist had done everything the same except use a composite filling instead. Mercury poisoning is usually seen in problems mostly in the brain itself. Swelling, cellulitis, and granulomas are the result of bacteria in the tooth that the immune system can’t get to.
    Again, I’m very glad that things turned out well for you family in the end.

    • Thanks for the information, Alan. I never cared for that dentist, so this makes me feelings seem validated. I don’t know if there is any reason to call him and tell him what we ended up going through. What a disaster!

      I am very concerned about mercury in fish as well. We never eat tuna. What are your concerns about the composite fillings? Another reader mentioned BPA. Do you have other concerns? I’d really like to know and I am sure that my readers would as well.

      I do wonder, however, about all of the people whom I have talked to who have had issues regarding mercury fillings. One man I know was almost crippled by the after effects and is now doing great after a lot of toxic work.

      I hope you’ll take the time to respond. Thanks again!

      • Kristie says:

        In your opinion, what is important to do after filling removal? Zeolite right away? Anything else to help with detox? Clay baths?

  35. I don’t know if I would call the dentist because I don’t know what it would accomplish.

    As for composite fillings, there are three drawbacks that I usually refer to. One, is that they are not nearly as strong as silver fillings. So if a tooth needs a large filling, composites are not very good options. Second, composites shrink when they cure. That can open tiny gaps between the tooth and the filling, which are impossible to clean and can result in a cavity right underneath the filling that can be hard to catch. Finally, they are much more technique sensitive than other materials. They absolutely have to be perfectly dry, so they don’t work very well near the gum line and require extra caution.

    Some composites are better than others. Also, if the dentist is very careful and thorough, those microgaps can be avoided and everything can be kept totally dry until it is cured. Silver fillings don’t have any of those problems, but some people don’t like the mercury and they obviously don’t look as good. Bottom line is this: find a dentist that you like, that seems to be careful and thorough, and listens to your concerns. Then you’ll usually get good results with either filling material.

    One last point I’ll make is that having silver fillings removed releases more mercury into the air (and possibly your system) than keeping the silver fillings for the rest of your life. So, I don’t personally recommend having silver fillings removed unless they are broken, have a new cavity forming, or you just can’t stand how it looks.

    Sorry, this is getting long. But I don’t know about BPA in any dental products. I also don’t know people that have had issues after having mercury fillings. All I know is that there isn’t a scientific study showing silver fillings are harmful. That doesn’t mean they aren’t harmful. But as a dentist, I can only go by the science, since other variables could be involved in stories that people tell – as honest as those people may be. Hope this helps!

    • Well – this is all certainly giving us all a lot to think about. I know that I am skeptical about “science” since there is so much evidence of the “scientific evidence” today being swayed by profit and power motives (think Global Warming). All that being said, I am very scientific minded. I was pre-med in college and am a “math science” type. So facts mean a lot to me. That being said, the medical community (and dental) has failed me in some pretty big ways so that I feel I must be really skeptical about both sides of the aisle.

      I did have 2 small fillings removed and my husband had a few out as well, but I think his were problematic. My son’s we have left in as they are in primary teeth and should come out soon.

      I think I have very good dentists now, but it sure is hard to find one. I wish we didn’t have the issues that we have had.

      I have personally called 2 of my dentists so far and one confirmed that there is BPA in his composite material. The other said that there is none in his.

      I am going to have to think and pray about this one going forward.

      I will end with one more question. It seems odd to me that fillings with mercury wouldn’t be harmful seeing as how you chew on them regularly. For me, that seems counter-intuitive. But I can be wrong.

      And you are not going on too long. This is all good. Thanks again and hope to see you around again!

  36. Thanks for telling me about BPA in composite. I had no idea. That’s something I should definitely know about, so I’ll look into it. I agree with you on science not always being the most reliable and money has way too much influence. Also, I’m not sure a definitive study could be designed that would prove silver fillings are harmful or not harmful. -Which, by the way, the fact that bacteria and virus cause sickness is not even a scientific fact. It is a well established theory (germ theory of disease) – So if that can’t be proved, maybe mercury toxicity from silver fillings can’t be proved either. So, we might just all have to go with our gut. Can’t always wait for science to make a decision where health is concerned.

    I felt a responsibility to explain the science as it currently is in my previous comments. My personal plan for when I practice is to mostly do composite fillings. However, there just are times when I don’t see how silver fillings can be avoided since they are the best we have for certain situations. I also don’t condemn dentists that do a lot of silver fillings, because the science does back them up.

    • I’ve really appreciated your thoughtful comments. It is really important to look into this stuff as much as we can. I think “science” is quite the misnomer in a lot of discussions. For example (I am really showing my “colors” here), to call the Theory of Evolution “fact” instead of a theory, which it certainly is (and a very flawed one at that) shows just how murky the science industry can be. A lot of people hear the word “science” and think that it must be fact. In truth, a lot of science is just theory and we need to remember that. And if anyone is reading this and feels offended by my opinion, I would love to dialogue with you about this. I do not write things in order to stifle conversation, but to encourage it. All needs to be talked about with thoughtfulness and intelligence. Take care and again, I really appreciate your thoughts!

  37. What a terrifying experience! You have made me very glad we chose to have our old fillings replaced! I’m so glad your little one recovered so well in the end! Thank you for sharing your experience with the Hearth and Soul hop.

  38. A mother is always right!

    I worked for a dentist for 10 years. I just started having my filling changed.

    I’m glad to hear your son is going to be alright. :-) Scary STUFF!!!!!!!

  39. I’m so glad things turned out well for your son – very scary indeed.

    As I read your story I was getting very frustrated and was ready to write you a very lengthy reply. I’ve worked in the dental field for more than 20 years – first as a certified dental assistant (4 yrs) and then as a licensed dental hygienist (17 yrs).

    I have 3 kids, we are very health conscious (life-long vegetarians avoiding all alcohol, tobacco and caffeine). My kids don’t have any dental decay requiring fillings, but if they required fillings in their back teeth I’d not hesitate to have silver amalgam (mercury) fillings put in their teeth (not composites – they leak, have a tendency to re-decay and don’t last as long.) I have no plans to have my own silver amalgam fillings removed.

    I’ve read all of Alan’s words and he’s said everything I was thinking- especially about the blood in the filling – that’s not a normal occurrence at all. Any DDS worth his salt would have at the least used a sedative filling rather than a permanent one.

    Blessings to you and yours.

    I’m just

    • Hi Sara. I am taking all of this into account. Again, I have heard too much on the other end about mercury to push it aside as a non issue. Those of us who are sensitive to things have “unexplainable reactions” to things that others think are fine (like vaccines). That doesn’t mean that the injury in the dentist’s office wasn’t real. I had a bad feeling about the dentist (though he comes highly “decorated”), the filling, the doctor, the whole thing. Too many pieces just weren’t right.

      Maybe I can look into this more, but hopefully others have learned from my post and all the dialogue that has followed. I sure hope that you are not frustrated with me. If so, I’d like to dialogue more. As I said, I am not here to say what I think and leave it at that. Open to debate – open to conversation. That’s how we all learn best. Blessings – (did your comment get cut off there??)

  40. Wow, I’m so glad I said no to mercury when asked a year ago for my children. Thanks, girl. I’m so grateful for your posts. Thank God your son is okay.



  41. My frustration is with the DDS – your description of the situation set the bells in my head ringing and red flags flying.

    Recently a dear friend was having some lingering mouth pain. I did a quick (over the phone) diagnosis and told her I thought she’d probably need a root canal for an abscess. She protested she didn’t even have a filling in the tooth. I sent her to her DDS, she told him what I’d said, he ‘pooh poohed’ my idea and waited for the x-ray to come out. Turns out I was exactly correct. Seems the ‘god complex’ is alive and well.

    No comment cut off – oversight on my part after a re-write. Maybe I was going to say “I use fluoride in my toothpaste too” :0) (just not on children that are unable to understand not to swallow it – about age 3-4 and up. However, I DO think we are over fluoridated with it being added to drinking water, and being incorporated into what we grow etc…)

    • Thanks again, Sara. There is just so much here to digest and think about. When things quiet down here maybe I’ll call the oral surgeon and revisit. I use fluoride tpaste occasionally now and am really careful to rinse super well. I am not sure about the benefits or not. That’s something else that is clearly an issue to sort out.

  42. Wow, I’m speechless! I’m so glad your baby is ok! I would be going nuts! Thank you for sharing this with us.

    • Thanks for your kind words. What an encouragement this has been to read everyone’s thoughts. Boy, the internet sure can keep one busy -but it sure can be a great tool as well :-).

  43. Thank the Lord God above that you listened to your instincts. I’m so glad your son is okay now. There is nothing scarier than watching your child face a life threatening situation. I’ve done it.

  44. Hey there. I didn’t get to read thru all of the comments, but I just wanted to say that my last 3 dentists have warned of these types of complications and all 3 have said that they do not use mercury fillings anymore and haven’t for 10 years either. They all also recomended that I had mine removed and replaced ASAP. So I did. I had moved so that is why I had 3 dentists! LOL! 2 of them in my last state LA and then the one here in TX also said the same thing. So I just thought in the last 10 years these were not used anymore. It really makes me suspect how many desntists out there are not taking this seriously. Think of mercury. IT IS POISON! Why would you want that in your mouth anyways right? Thanks for bringing awareness to this since it looks like some dentists are still doing this. I would find a new dentist ASAP if you haven’t already! I would be so mad! God bless and I’m so happy your son is okay! How scary!

    • Jenny, how interesting – you mean they warned you of infections like this from mercury? I did get a new dentist. I am probably the pickiest person when it comes to health care. I drive my physicians and dentists crazy (when they give me cause to do so). I should write about some of the others and what they have done. Really bad. Then, of course, there are the docs who fed me antibiotics as a child who brought me part way to where I am right now :-(. All things happen for a reason. They just aren’t always fun. Thanks for sharing!

  45. You’re right – the comments are interesting, but I would go with my gut. Mothers are usually right on regarding such issues.

    • I thought the one near the end (close to this one) was interesting where the mom shared that a dentist had warned her about these things. I just don’t see how this poison could not be a big deal just b/c it’s in solid form……??

  46. Hi, I’m back again. I found a website that I thought explained the science pretty well and it is not FDA or ADA (American Dental Association).
    It is all good, but I would especially read the first section and the section called Dubious Ethics if anyone reading this either don’t have that much interest or time to read it all.

    I would be careful of dentists that say you need to replace your silver fillings for health reasons. They make a lot of money if they convince you they are right.
    And I personally wouldn’t believe that mercury can cause infections if 10 dentists believed it. Mercury does cause toxicity in the right amounts, but that is not what caused your close call.

    • Hi Alan. I am in a real rush this morning, but I’ll read this later.

      I will say that I am already very familiar w/ Quack Watch. The man behind the site has made quite a name for himself by going against anything and everything natural. I have dug into some of his accusations and he manipulates facts to make his points sometimes. I don’t have time to go into it now, but I have used some of the products and techniques that he speaks very strongly against (like Young Living Oils) and I have found them to be extremely helpful and safe. I have then taken his accusations to the source and have gotten answers that were very satisfactory and showed where Quack Watch was being misleading. The things that I have tried have proven to be much safer than the regularly recommended protocols in mainstream medicine. I do not mean to be coming across harshly. There is just so much here that I could write a long book about it. I am the Queen of Skeptics. But when I run into dead ends when regular medicine (allopathic) can’t or won’t help me, I try other things within reason. I haven’t been to the doctor for anything other than a checkup now for 2 years, I think. My husband hasn’t been now for about 3 years and my kids only have been once in the past 3 years. We have made major dietary changes and have been doing metal detox (naturally) and finally we are really getting better.

      Let me know if I’ve not been clear. I really need to run :-).

      This mercury stuff is a puzzle. I can’t say enough how much I appreciate your joining in the conversation.

  47. Thank you for sharing! I am so glad your son is ok. And the important message here really is YOU HIRED THE DR—YOU CAN FIRE THE DR—!!! I have learned the hard way (like your experience!) that they know not what they are doing for the most part. VERY VERY FEW LISTEN to what we, as patients,are telling them! THEY PRACTICE. That’s all. They guess-sometimes, they get it right-if they don’t kill/harm us first! Do the research, ask the questions-and if the answers don’t suit—fire them and move on! I am about to do the same yet again…

    • You’re welcome, Sharon. You’re right. They work for us. Like the government employees as well. And I think it’s time to fire a good lot of them as well. OK – I’m not sure how tall this soap box is – can I jump off now :-)?

  48. Hello all – this comment came to me in an email from the wife of a former colleague of my husband’s. You have to read this after all the “debate” here about mercury and whether amalgam fillings are safe or not…..brace yourself…

    “Hello old friend! Congratulations on this fabulous site. Found it early this morning when I couldn’t sleep from the gusty winds we’re experiencing.

    I’m sorry to hear about your son’s infection, thankfully it sounds like you’re all doing better.

    My 2cents on the Mercury thing is research it! I had a very bad experience with a dentist but I brushed it off in my Christian zeal/ kindness/ love your naivete (sorry I don’t know what else to call it! It was during a period of my life where I thought I was discerning but in hindsight I wasn’t). Anyhow, I had mercury fillings several put in my mouth against my desires, I had asked for composite and only had one other filling which was composite. The dentist refused, after he already drilled, and insisted that I can only have amalgam. I submitted, what else was I to do? I was young, 19 or 20 and was raised to be polite, respectful, love people -the last thought in my mind was that this man was poisoning me. A few weeks later I started experiencing a lot of digestive problems, I will spare the gross details ultimately I was told I had either Cancer or Colitis. A colonoscopy concluded I had mutually exclusive symptoms of Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis. I was told there was no explanation for what caused these diseases. It wasn’t until years later that I linked the mercury in my fillings to the bleeding and diagnosis.

    Years later after delivering my first baby I was told I had an abnormal but benign growth on my thyroid, which I had surgically removed. Fast forward another few years and I was sitting across from my sister one Fall afternoon when she noticed that one of my cheeks is swollen. I went to a mirror and saw the swelling and examined my face, mouth, teeth and it hit me the side of my face with the swelling was the side with most of the mercury fillings. I then felt my cheeks and noticed the cheeks felt different one (the one closer to the mercury) was fatter, thicker than the normal one. Then my mind and hands went down to my Thyroid, oh my! Half my Thyroid was surgically removed, the same side as the mercury fillings and the swelling cheeks. Then I started reading about auto-immune diseases like the ones I have and free radicals/ heavy metals and made the connection that my digestive bleeding, horror and other symptoms/ I developed began after going to the dentist who filed my mouth with mercury fillings. I was really depressed and upset about this, that people who are supposed to heal were behind my diseases and so many problems that have crippled much of my life. I still haven’t replaced my fillings, I’m still looking for alternatives and dentists that follow safe protocols. Ironically the best one I have found is in Tiajuana, Mexico, but that doesn’t sound too appealing.

    The safe protocols I am looking for are:
    rubber dam
    Vit C drip
    probiotic diet
    covering exposed skin with damp towel or? cover eyes/ nose, surgical mask, goggles or?
    vacuum to clean air while during drilling
    continuous rinse/ suction of particles during drilling
    ceramic fillings

    forget if there are anymore but if you really care about this issue find someone who knows what they are doing otherwise you may just be exposing yourself.

    I realize my criteria may sound over the top for some but I don’t want any repeats of what I have been through medically and so many of the symptoms and timing points back to the mercury fillings and times in my life where my nutrition and stress levels were compromised.”

  49. Glad it turned out ok. Not sure I can say it was the mercuric filling, although I agree there’s no point in risking using them if you don’t have to. Sounds like a procedure gone bad- especially if there’s blood. Teeth don’t bleed- unless you hit the pulp/gums. It’s highly probable your dentist botched it up, it got infected (which is what cellulitis is) and that’s the real issue. Whether it was an amalgam filling or a composite filling- the same botched job by the same dentist likely would have had the same result. It’s even further alarming that he didn’t seem to be concerned about it when you asked him about the issues arising! Get yourself a new dentist for sure.

    • Oh, I got a new dentist very quickly. I do think all the comments here about mercury are interesting though and my periodontist yesterday (who is excellent and very well educated) was perplexed when I told him the whole story. He didn’t seem to rule out that mercury could have been part of the issue. I like someone like that. Not towing the party line and willing to really listen to a mom. :-).

  50. Wow. What a horrifying experience! So glad that you advocated for what you innately knew to be true!

  51. I found this blog on tatertots and jello weekly wrap up and I’m so glad I clicked on the link. My son just turned two and was wondering when to take him to the dentist. After reading this I know to avoid mercury fillings and to also stay on top of his sugar intake and oral health.

    • Best to you, Jazmin. We learned the hard way that dried fruit can be a big problem as well. Hope you have better results than we did. Some of it is just the genetic cards that you are dealt.

  52. Okay people, relax. Jayna’s comments are absolutely CORRECT!
    The mercury filling did not cause this! The pain etc. was cause from excessively deep decay causing the abcess. Your dentist should have informed you that the decay was close to the pulp (nerve area), or deep. Maybe he/she did. Assuming this was a primary tooth, then yes with this absess you would have had a pulpotomy or extract the tooth. If it is an adult tooth a root canal would be the next step/required. Mercury fillings placed into teeth do not leech into the blood system….if they did they would be banned. Banned meaning, dentist would not have access to the product to place them into the patient’s oral cavity.
    The dentist and or oral surgeon would explain it to you this way as well.
    Yes, your child suffered, antibiotics are required.
    Education is key to inform all patients and parents.
    Good daily dental hygiene, good nutrional diet and annual dental examinations are important to prevent such occurances. Sealants are preventative measures to molar teeth(back teeth) which have deep pits and fissures.

    • Thanks for sharing, Bonnie. The only thing I can say right now is that there is clearly a divide here. Maybe it’s more of a “both and” than an “either or”. I think there is a lot about mercury that the dental institution does not want to discuss. I also think that when you look at the current efforts of the FDA to shut down the supplement industry that it becomes clearer and clearer that sometimes money is the reason why certain things are promoted — and not the patient’s welfare. I am not an anti-allopathic medicine person. I was, in fact, pre-med in college. I do, however, think that there is a lot of misinformation out there – and not only in the medical and dental arenas but in the social and political as well. I think that your information may, in fact, be accurate, but based on what I have seen money do in the political and medical arenas, just because dentists are allowed to use mercury doesn’t mean that it is safe. My periodontist and I had a good discussion about this just this week and he agreed with me. The information changes and we need to remain open-minded. Thanks again – really. I mean it.

      • I am a ‘Canadian dental professional…and have worked in many specialties. Canadian guidelines in most cases are more strict then the US FDA guidlines. In many cases amalgams are used less frequently than in the past due to the fact that light cured restorations are easier, quicker,are more esthetically welcomed, and they bond to the restored tooth. Amalgams do not bond.
        Periodontists,as a profession, do not do restorations. They primarily only work with ‘gum disease’ as in gingivitis and periodontitis. They should be referring restorative work out to another professional.
        Bottom line abcesses only occur due to deep decay, or blunt force trauma. It does not come from amalgams.
        I and many of my fellow collegues have amalgams and are in no hurry to have them removed unless warranted. I would be the first one to have mine removed if I knew there was any risk.

        • Hi Bonnie.

          I mentioned my periodontist just because I had a conversation with him. He did not do restorative work on me. He is certainly trained in them and works hand in hand with the top professionals in this area. And, by the way, he was top in his class in one of the best dental schools in the U.S. Anyway, I want to reiterate here that I really appreciate that everyone thinks that they can add to the conversation here. I really want this blog to be a place where people can talk about all kinds of issues. That being said, this post is not the only one where I am going to be posting on things that have happened to our family (and to friends as well) that have shocked me and woken me up to the fact that we – parents and non-parents alike – need to be vigilant in our own health care. It is not up to the doctors, the dentists, or the state (as in the case of nationalized health care) to determine what is best for us.

          It used to be (or at least seemed that way) that only “super sensitive” people had things happen to them. Now, in the US (and I am sure in Canada as well), numerous people are getting immune disorders, autistic spectrum disorders, allergies (including life threatening), fibromyalgia, and other ailments that the medical profession finds to be eluding them as far as a cause is concerned. I have strong opinions about why this is. I think that all of these things are converging around the fact that our food system and our environment has been gradually getting more and more compromised and that are bodies have gotten weaker as a result. The weaknesses are being passed down generationally and now we are seeing the results. I think that heavy metal toxicity has a role in all of this and I will be giving evidence of that as well in future posts.

          You mentioned an abscess -there is no proof that my son had an abscess. He had a granuloma with bony tissue in it and cellulitis. The most experienced oral surgeon in the area said he had never seen anything like it. Saying there was an abscess is jumping to conclusions in my opinion, don’t you think? I would like to talk with the surgeon again about this, but if it was such a “cut and dry” abscess situation, then why would this not have been discussed by my physician, the dentist, or by three oral surgeons who examined my son?

          I think it is altogether possible that this situation resulted from either the mercury itself, or the trauma plus the mercury.

          (Sorry to go through all of these things so quickly, but you made a lot of points) — you mentioned that there is no risk for amalgams. I think that we really need to be careful to say that there is no risk. The medical profession says that there is little to no risk of vaccinations, yet I am convinced that the opposite is true (and so is a mother in my town whose child died after one). The FDA says that there is no harm in having arsenic in our chicken feed – did you see that post? To be fair, I myself used to listen to everything that doctors thought and followed whatever they said. Now I have an injured gut, an autistic son with life-threatening food allergies, and I have reversed my own rosacea and acid reflux by taking stomach acid supplements (after being prescribed acid reduction medication). With all due respect to you and to your experiences, until you have lived through these things and seen them with your own eyes, you can’t understand how maddening it is to feel that you have been misled by the professionals whom you entrusted with your life.

          Feel free to drop by again and let me know what you think, especially after reading the other posts that I referred to.

          I hope that you stay in touch and feel free to chime in as much as you like. And by the way, I didn’t mention it in my last reply, but let’s keep the conversation respectable and thoughful I really want to hear facts and opinions and even emotions, but saying we should “all relax” and adding all caps writing or something to that effect, is not the tone that I want to have on my site. You may not have meant it that way, but there are a lot of people reading my blog who have been through a lot of things and to insinuate that they are all just uptight nervous folks is not taking their real-life experiences to heart.

          Thanks again for your input.

    • “Mercury fillings placed into teeth do not leech into the blood system….if they did they would be banned. ”

      Bonnie, are you really suggesting we blindly trust that the government protects us from that which is hazardous to our health?

      There are plenty of poisons leaching into perfectly-legal consumable products we use every day. BPA seeping into your canned tomatoes. Teflon pans seeping with PFOA. Toxic levels of aluminum sinking into your pores from your deodorant. I could write a novel here.

      We need to think for ourselves and take control of our own health, and the health of our children. The dental industry, the medical establishment, and the government are not going to do that for us.

      • Emily, thanks for your input. I was just working on a reply to this comment, but you beat me to it. I have a busy night ahead of me so I’ll probably finish it later. In any case, I completely agree with you. There are for sure “alarmists” on the side of the fence that I find myself on so often, but as I see the nightmares in my own and my family members’ and friends’ lives, there is more and more that I do not trust about the mainstream info that we get. And especially as we slouch (or run) towards socialized medicine. Then we will all be pawns in their machine and will be able to do very little to educate and help ourselves. Thanks again.

  53. To further educate ‘Mercury Fillings’ are actually amalgams therefore they do not leech. There is no such thing as pure ‘mercury filling’

    • Bonnie, I have to run so I can’t address your other comment yet, but what do you make of the earlier commenter who stated that the “mercury rises to the top”? I verified this with a very reputable dentist in my area just this week. He said that some or all of it separates out.

  54. Hi Adrienne,
    I really enjoyed your post, this is great information for us to have. Hope you are having a great week end and thanks so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday.
    Come Back Soon!
    Miz Helen

  55. Very scary Adrienne – glad things are getting better. I’m in the process of changing dentists to a holistic one. Former one is pro-fluoride! Any toothpaste that you put on your teeth also gets absorbed into your gums and body, not-swallowing toothpaste doesn’t make it safe. You can find mercury-free and fluoride-free dentists by googling. I have zero trust in the FDA – recent news is they allowed Johnson & Johnson to put 2 chemicals into the baby shampoo, one of which releases formaldehyde, the other causes cancer. Other countries banned them decades ago and we’re just looking at it now! I’ve found a great resource – he is a physician, but believes in a preventive & natural lifestyle. All of his articles have sources and he tracks the money in research studies – big pharma, big fluoride. It always comes down to following the money. I could go on and on. Kudos to you for following your instinct! Hugs!

    • Hi Nan. I read Mercola regularly. Sometimes his focus on his own products bothers me and I don’t think he’s 100% right (who is?) but he has been right on about some really important issues. One problem I have right now is that I have receded gums and some areas of my back teeth in particular have areas exposed where there is no enamel so every dentist I see recommends fluoride toothpaste to me. I am not sure what to do about that. I hadn’t used it for a long time but now I am wondering what to do. Does fluoride get absorbed? I know that some chemicals may not due to their molecular size. I’d love to hear what you know. Thanks for the encouragement!

  56. Hi Adrienne, I agree many of his articles lead to a product promo and the headlines are really over the top. I guess I’ve just accepted it and his organic products are the best so far. (fwiw, he started writing 3yrs before making products because he couldn’t find the pure products and he needed to make $$ so I guess he’s allowed to promote a little :) I was driving myself nuts trying to find organics with the USDA seal and he strives to make his as wholesome as possible. Honestly, I wish he’d make more because I can’t find things! :) But, I like that he backs up his product info with research. And yes, on some things, I still question, but on most I agree. I used – there is a search to find one near you. I have not had an appt yet so I can’t say what the difference is except that philosophically, I want someone who believes what I do and that I can trust them.

    I don’t know about the molecular size – good point and that’s beyond my knowledge! I guess I look at it like skincare. I don’t want to put chemicals on my & my kids’ skin knowing it will be absorbed. And since the gums are skin, I don’t see a difference between gum absorption and swallowing. Chemicals in the mouth just don’t sound right. Gut instinct. If you find anything let us know! For your gums, I wonder what a holistic dentist would say?

    • Hi Nan. I’d love to correspond more about all of this. I like what I see about Mercola’s products, but his skincare is just a relabeling of someone else’s products so I assumed that a lot of his products were the same. I don’t know that he has the capabilities to make all those products. I’ve never bought anything else from him, however. I know about but I will say that just b/c someone is on there doesn’t mean that they are good. The main dentist in our area on there has some disturbing things in his past (and present). He says that he’s the only holistic dentist in our area (which is not true) and a recent newsletter of his had two real problems in it. He was advertising a “Patient Appreciation Day” at which he served hot dogs and pop (I am sure they weren’t organic) and had two real live psychics there to do fortune telling (I verified this on the web). Then he had an article mentioning that he had lost one of his office workers, but stated that he was busy interviewing for a replacement. He then directed readers to see a photo of these interviews taking place and the photo was of him with two scantily-clad showgirls, with his arms around them. An acquaintance of mine told me that when she went to see him, he had the hygienist drill her teeth. I didn’t see that first hand, but it didn’t sound good to me. I phoned his office about the newsletter, but got no response. Ugh. He recommends fluoride tpaste, but not fluoride in drinking water, for whatever that’s worth. Guess I should call the other two holistic dentists in my area and see what they have to say. Anyway….let’s just say that a medical professional needs to be above-board in a number of arenas for me to trust. him or her. :-(.

  57. Well, I have a mouth full of fillings and now you have me concerned. Thanks for the information. The dentist wants to change them all out because they are old. Maybe I should take him up on it.

    • Susan, in my opinion, if they are old, I’d get them removed, but really interview holistic dentists in your area to make sure that they have good safety protocols in place to take care of you when they are coming out.

  58. I am probably going to sound like a commercial here, but honestly, I had a mouthful of fillings and crowns replaced because I was suffering reactions to the materials in my mouth. To anyone who is motivated to find out about how mercury amalgams and other types of dental work may be the cause of their medical issues, I strongly recommend doing reading and research at (their phone number is listed on the site). Dr. Huggins is a dentist who found that patients recover from “mysterious” symptoms (meaning they could not be resolved through traditional medicine) when properly trained dentists replaced the amalgams with biocompatible materials (tested prior to insertion in the patients’ mouths). His staff is able to recommend dentists who follow a safe protocol (like the one you mentioned, the wife of a colleague of your husband). One of the things that convinced me to do this, is his history of getting people well who have things like MS and ALS. I urge anyone to look into it, read about it, and make an informed decision.

    • Kathy, you do not sound like a commercial at all. I so appreciate your sharing. This stuff is real and I know it is. Maybe it doesn’t affect everyone, but it affects a lot of people. Might Huggins be the originator of the protocol that some holistic dentists use? His name sounds familiar to me. The woman whom I am working with on metal detox says that MS is due to metal toxicity. So sad. I am doing my best to alert people to what metals and adrenal burnout can do to their health. Thanks again!

  59. Thank you for your submission on Nourishing Treasures’ Make Your Own! Monday link-up.

    Check back later tonight when the new link-up is running to see if you were one of the top 3 featured posts! :)

  60. Thank you so much for your post. I have a childhood friend who actually went crazy from his mercury fillings. He already had a predisposition to schizophrenia, and when he was about 14 he started going off the deep end. Hallucinations, not sleeping, he started drinking just so he could go to sleep. They put him on so many different anti-psychotics for years, and nothing was working, they were actually making him worse. Finally last year, they figured out that he had been slowly losing his mind due to mercury poisoning in his blood from his fillings. Now he is 27 and can’t keep a job, he is living on Social Security, and he is a full blown alcoholic, all because, he spent his formative years being mis-diagnosed and mistreated for a sickness he never had, and he began self medicating with alcohol at a young age. My friend will never be the same but I hope this will open people’s eyes to definitively getting second opinions, following your instincts, and expanding the search beyond what is common. Good luck with everything.

    • Thanks for your informative comment. On a not-too-side note, I am working with someone who is an expert in heavy metal detox and I am getting significantly better. If you are still in touch with your friend and would like the information you can read Theresa Vernon’s information that you can link to from my post on adrenal fatigue.

  61. Wonderful wonderful blog, Adrienne.

    Thank you.

  62. Michelle says:

    hi adrienne,
    A couple resources about holistic dentistry.
    Rami Nagel has written a book called Cure Tooth Decay which provides a protocol for healing and preventing decay, based on the research mainly of Weston Price as well as a few others. It i a fascinating read. I am currently following this protocol, but my tooth problems mau be related to other health issues and I’m trying to fix a lot at once, hopefully it will work. For gum care, there is a company called Orawellness that has a ton of info online and some great products I am using. I am basically trying to tackle this issue from the inside as well as the outsde. If you do ditch flouride, be aware that most of the natural toothpastes are based on glyceribe, which prevents tooth remineralization. Tooth soap is good, baking soda based mixes are good; there is a calcium based recipe on the wellness mama blog that looks good too.
    That holistic dentist in your area sounds ridiculous. Stay away! We have a great one who is mercury free, works with a local nd when fillings are removed. They are accepting on my deision to use no flouride and try to deal with my mouth naturally

    • Michelle.
      Thanks for the info. I too tried Nagel’s book, but I couldn’t stomach the marrow. I also emailed him for help and honestly was completely put off by his dismissive response. I was really discouraging to me as I emailed him at a very difficult time in my life, I ended up going the deeper healing route with Nutritional Balancing, which might interest you.

      It’s interesting you mention Orawellness – I bought their product as well and am very impressed and am going to do a review and giveaway for them. Also, I saw that recipe from Wellness Mama and am planning on making it. My issue is that I have exposed roots in some areas so I am really concerned about whether or not I need fluoride there. I don’t want any decay.

      I am not sure which holistic dentist you are referring to. The dentist in my post was not holistic – he was mainstream. But I have been to a local holistic dentist, who, in my opinion, is no good. I have been so frustrated with care on both sides of the fence – mainstream and alternative. It has been really hard to find someone who really works with you and isn’t just trying to make (several) bucks. :). Take care.

  63. Wow, that was quite a nightmare.

  64. Kristine Talbott says:

    When I was pregnant with our 3rd baby at 15 weeks in utero she had a very fast heart rate, over 200 beats a minute (normal is 120-160). My mid-wife sent me to a Perinatologist who was no help at all (what did I expect?!?!). My kinesiologist was very helpful and I believe that he is responsible for bringing the baby’s heart rate into a more normal range during my pregnancy. However, at 35 weeks our precious baby was stillborn. We went to our kinesiologist and upon some testing he believed that mercury poisoning was the problem. Mercury crosses the placental barrier.
    After that I had my 3 fillings replaced at a holistic dentist (he really sucked and cost a lot so it was a bad experience). I’ve since gone to a “normal” dentist that I love and he’s replaced all the fillings the holistic dentist had done (because they all fell out!). I did do chelation after my mercury fillings were gone and I totally recommend that. It took a while but all of a sudden I had alot more energy. Then I got pregnant again…and again with no problems 😉
    Everyone needs to get their fillings replaced. It’s not a big deal and a regular dentist can do it no problem. I wish I had known.

    • Wow. Sorry you had to go through all of that. There is good protocol to follow and sometimes I think it might make sense to wait (like for kids, or until you have someone who knows what he is doing), but for sure it makes sense to look into it. Thanks for sharing.

    • a kinesiologist knows nothing about blood work, hearts, mercury poisoning, etc. he is someone who studied movement … basically, he’s a gym teacher, sports kinda guy. and he likely only has a bachelor degree. your comments make no sense. why would you entrust him with your babies heart? one can of tuna has more mercury than a couple fillings would leach in a decade. there is an undo hysteria on this subject matter.

      • Hi again, “Mr. Sprat”. Again, I am going to have to ask that if you continue to make insulting comments towards me or my readers that you not try to hide behind a fake name. I did the calculations on a can of tuna and a mercury filling and I found that actually it is more of an issue than you might think, if my calculations are correct. I got information about how much mercury is released from amalgams. I am taking my calculations from here and I assumed b/t 1.7 and 17 micrograms per day release of mercury from amalgams.

        Then I took the tuna information from here assuming the .427 ppm (an amount in the middle of the list to give a fair estimate). According to my calculations, if there is .427 ppm mercury in a can of tuna, then there is 48.4209854975 micrograms of mercury in a 4 oz can of tuna. So, you are completely wrong about there being more mercury in a can of tuna than a couple of fillings would leach in a decade. Perhaps you need to recheck your math. Thanks!

  65. Dental fillings are used to restore teeth and treat tooth decay. Modern dental amalgam(metal alloy) or silver fillings are durable, cheap and low in mercury. Some people should not use amalgam fillings including pregnant and breastfeeding women, children and people with kidney disease. Alternative tooth-coloured filling materials have become more common and affordable.

    This is in Australia – goes on to say the alternative tooth-coloured fillings are becoming more cheaper and therefore more people are getting them due to worries about mercury.

    Also do you really need a referral to visit the dentist?

    • I needed a referral to an oral surgeon. The oral surgeon deals with issues like bones, teeth in bones, etc that are beyond the normal capabilities of a dentist. Their practices fall under the medical part of our insurance coverage in the U.S.

    • yet those people don’t know what the white fillings are made of (its plastic) and if they leach chemicals. and they don’t have the time tested track record as silver fillings. perhaps in 20 years everyone will be switching back to silver?

      • Hi there, Mr. Sprat. I am happy to have you comment, but I would appreciate it very much if you would not hide behind a fictitious name. I have asked my dentist to tell me in the ingredients in the fillings and you can also have a sensitivity test for your own body for things you are considering putting in your mouth. I suspect that few things would be more risky than mercury, however.

  66. One thing about amalgam fillings that I have not seen mentioned here is the fact that they EXPAND over time. All my old amalgams were causing my teeth to crack. Even my non-holistic dentist wanted to remove them because of this reason. So if they expand and cause your teeth to crack, how in the world can you say that absolutely no mercury is leaching out of those puppies?

    My holistic dentist is also opposed to sealants. We COULD get sealants without BPA but they release fluoride. How nice. Anyway, my dentist says there is no way to ensure that the tooth is completely clean when the sealants are placed. So you could possibly be sealing a dirty tooth that bacteria can eat away at unimpeded. I’ll take my chances with good diet and oral hygiene.

  67. Since I was a child, my family has not done silver fillings, and I still will not do them for my kids because of this risk. Many people have told me they are “completely safe.” However, I don’t believe it. I had a cousin nearly die from her mercury-filled silver fillings, and she continues to have health problems to this day. (I remember there even being a TV news story on her when it happened, so serious was the reaction.) It angers me that the dental insurance company will pay for the silver, but not for the porcelain fillings. However, we just switched to a new dentist who no longer uses silver fillings, and even though the cost for porcelain is higher, it is worth the peace of mind that they aren’t going to be leaching poison into or systems should we need them.

    Thank you for sharing your story.

    • You’re welcome. Thanks for sharing. I am suprised that you say that the insurance won’t pay. I think all of them do (I used to be in insurance) but the cost of the white filling is just more…??

      • You are correct about the insurance. How I worded it didn’t come out clearly–what I should have said, is that the insurance company will only pay the amount the silver fillings would cost, and the additional cost beyond that for the porcelain is the responsibility of the patient. I think it was about $30-35 more per filling. My previous dentist said that if it were for a front tooth, they might have covered it, since that is visible, but for a back teeth, like the molars I have mine on, it is considered “cosmetic” and “unnecessary” for porcelain to be used.

  68. Adrienne, I believe this and actually did my thesis for my clinic class in clooege on this very thing in 2006. The professor said she had never heard of such a thing and didn’t think was true, but in England they notified all medical organizations and the ADA about this finding and they told them it was more dangerous to have the fillings taken out than to leave them in and they weren’t going to make it mandatory for dentists to put the notice up in their offices, so the public doesn’t know this, thank you for making it known.

  69. I actually think the alternative explanation- that the granuloma was a reaction to a particle of amalgam from the placement of the filling is the most plausible. Mercury toxicity is more likely to be a systemic, whole body type reaction. A granuloma is exactly what would occur if a piece of amalgam got lodged into soft tissue during placement of the filling and the body reacted to it. This is pretty likely, given the fact that you said there was blood during placement- an opportunity for a piece of amalgam to become incorporated into soft tissue. I think this explanation (which you did acknowledge at the very end) is not only plausible, but far more likely than mercury toxicity. I’m not in favor of amalgam fillings, but I don’t think this reaction can be blamed on the mercury, it should be blamed on the traumatic placement.

  70. Thank you for your story. I’m about to see oral surgeon, I have granuloma around my root canal/crown. There is no mercury though. My root canal with inserted titanium post wasn’t done correctly about 20 years ago. After all these years! The root wasn’t filled completely, my body reacted with infection. I felt my whole cheek under my eye in pain, and got a lump size of almond right above my tooth on my gums. Before seeing a doctor I used lemon oil and lavender oil rinses since lavender is good on infections. All pain went away after 2 days, so I actually didn’t go to the doctor then. 5 months later at my regular checkup and cleaning, dentist looked at xrays and said it’s out of his league and is sending me to a specialist, but he said that personally he would leave this alone. Infection is gone since I have no pain, he sees nothing new going wrong and granuloma is a way of body to isolate infections. Body has done the job, granuloma isn’t increasing etc… Unless it gets bigger he wouldn’t mess with it. Options for me: surgery: opening my whole cheek!!!! scraping stuff out etc… EEEEK! Option #2 removing the tooth with root and all. Then I have a big gap (it’s not too far back and wouldn’t be good to have). With a gap I can do 3 crowns: 2 neighboring teeth plus gap so it’s called a bridge. I don’t like it because crowns are supposed to harbor bacteria and are not good to have. I’d rather have fewer crowns. Another option with more $$ is implant. I’d opt for that because there are fewer crevices for bacteria to grow, fewer crowns on neighboring teeth. Or…. leave it alone. My point is that granuloma can form on any infection not necessary mercury filling. I’m totally with you about mercury: not putting it in child’s mouth or anybody’s mouth, but granuloma formed not because of mercury. It’s just might be coincidence that it happened on the same tooth. Same with bleeding. The whole event might have been just the same have you put in the white filling. When I read I thought you are going to write about some mercury poisoning of your son’s blood etc…

  71. About the fillings. There are many types and you have to research. There are pro and cons of many different white fillings. Some have fluoride and BPA etc. My husband has PhD in chemistry, I have MS so we read carefully what is in. We check all materials. We asked our dentist to give us a list of all fillings he does with list of “ingredients”. We tried to choose least toxic but strong so it wouldn’t wear out as well. That was for our daughter who had her first and only filling so far (back molar).
    The stronger filling had fluoride, the less toxic is weaker. We decided to ask dentist to make layers: line the hole with fluoride stronger filling, but put a layer on top of that with less toxic filling to avoid contact of toxic one with her saliva etc.. It was 4 years ago and cost $350. We didn’t have dental insurance or any kind of insurance at that time, and it was a lot of money for us :( but since it’s something that supposed to last for years and years and long term health is on the line here, we thought it was worth every penny. So her filling is worth more than the car we are driving now LOL! About the sealants: keep in mind how they work and what they are made of. First there is acid applied to make surface (enamel) hang on to the sealant better. This means enamel is etched = damaged. The sealants need to be applied forever after that because when they wear out the weakened enamel is prone to decay: unsmooth etched surface can harbor bacteria. Applying sealand also interferes with remineralization of the tooth. The whole point of using fluoride was to strengthen enamel. I think ADA published something about increasing the enamel layer by fraction of % as result of using fluoride which was the justification for putting it in drinking water. Using acid before applying sealant actually damages more than a fraction of % of enamel so you need to make your decision whether it’s worth it. On the other hand, kids don’t brush way back there well so choice is: etching/damaging and sealing or filling… Another option is always checking how kids brush, or even brushing their teeth. Extra effort, but when you take the cost of fillings into account, well worth it. I still have to check on my 12 year olds’ brushing, sometimes I find plaque GRRRR! She doesn’t like the checking but then she hears “I’m not dishing out another $400 for your filling!!! I won’t check, but next cavity you pay form your allowance. Now pick: checking or your pay if you have cavity” She complies then LOL

    • Thanks! My dentist is now using glass fillings. Interesting, huh?

    • not sure i understand? you had a harder filling coated in the softer filling to hold in chemicals. the fillings purpose is to stop bacteria from boring into your pulp and nerves. wouldn’t the bacterial just bore the path of least resistance … meaning around the harder filling and through the softer?

  72. Hi Adrienne,
    I have talked to my husband who is a periodontist and he said that it ivan’t be the mercury filling which caused an infection but the infection most likely existed before the filling. He agrees that going to the oral surgeon was a good thing. Glad that he get better.

  73. Oh my goodness! This makes so much sense! A few years ago I had a filling put in in my upper right molar…and guess what? I’ve had constant minor swelling on that side of my jaw ever since =(

  74. I’ve been doing “oil pulling” for two weeks now. I started out using coconut oil. I LOVED the taste, but didn’t see much whitening. So I tried olive oil. In the first 5 mins. I tasted a STRONG metallic taste in my mouth. I then realized it was my fillings. The more I use it, the less I taste it. Which would make ALL the stuff about it pulling poisons out of your blood stream ring true! Olive oil (cold pressed) really does work on whitening your teeth and making your gums really pink. Oil pulling is very easy and healthy, but the instructions are for your safety and good health and more importantly MUST BE FOLLOWED! My husband asked me if I talked to doctors ….blah, blah, blah….I just show him my teeth ‘n tell him ya can’t argue with healthy gums ‘n white teeth!

    • Thanks ! Interesting that you like Olive better. What do you mean by following the instructions? Does it whiten even gray toned teeth? I wonder. Thanks!

      • You need to brush (I floss after I brush the first time, so it can get though the teeth better) before and after each time you do it….AND only do it for 15-20 mins. While you’re sucking and pulling the oil through your teeth, (slowly) It’s important that you mix the oil good with your saliva. (like as if you we’re sucking through a straw) Your blood circulates throughout your body every 20 mins. While you’re pulling the oil, it’s suppose to pull poisons (metals) out of your body and mouth. After 20 mins. you’re putting it back in. Another thing is the brushing. If you don’t brush first, it can’t get straight to the teeth ‘n doesn’t work well. If you don’t brushes after, you will Carry all that bacteria on your mouth and can get flu like symptoms, that will keep you sick. Don’t swallow this if ya can help it. It’s full of bacteria. I read that you had to do it on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. Never did find the reason why. Unless it is a chance of getting sick. Stuff like this would make me gag first thing! The olive oil is so gross I don’t think I could swallow that! I think you can use any cold pressed oil. (Sunflower, coconut, olive etc.) I don’t know what all it will get off your teeth, but if you have any of these, you could try it. Let me know how it works if ya try it!

  75. Layla A. says:

    Hi! First off, I am new to your blog and I love it! You have so many helpful posts.
    Secondly, I am a pediatric dentist, and it really sounds like your son got the cellulitis from the filling, not the MERCURY in the filling. Just from the picture you posted, I know which tooth it was, and actually that tooth very very commonly gets infected if the dentist barely touches the pulp (nerve) of the tooth and doesn’t know it, and goes ahead and fills it. It is actually fairly common. But what happened in your son’s case is that the infection lingered so long that it turned into a granuloma (stage before cyst), and cause the swelling and subsequent cellulitis. The oral surgeon did the correct thing by extracting the tooth. My only concern is that your post may scare people into thinking that mercury fillings cause these horrible reactions. The mercury in dental fillings is in an “inactive form”, and even if it were to be leaking it wouldn’t cause cellulitis.

    Thanks for the great blog, but PLEASE change the title of this post.

    • Can you tell me which tooth you think it is, please? I would so appreciate it. I am going to chat about this w/ my new dentist who is mainstream, but open-minded as well.

      I do think that there is plenty about mercury fillings to concern people even without my post. And I think I was very clear in the writing of my post to say that I am not completely sure what the issue is.

      I would love to hear back from you because I would think it interesting that the most experienced oral surgeon in our town would say that he had never seen anything like this if it is so easily diagnosed on the internet. And 3 oral surgeons saw him.

      But as always, I am open to being wrong. Thanks!

      • Hello!

        It looks to me like that is tooth #T. I forgot to mention in my previous comment that my husband is actually an Oral Surgeon. He is actually really shocked that 3 oral surgeons in your town would think this is so rare. Cellulitis/ granulomas/abscesses occur all the time in patients with any type of filling. Your son’s tooth was either already necrotic before the filling was placed, or became necrotic due to being filling and having the pulp exposed. There is absolutely no literature to back up the thought/statement that the mercury in the filling caused the reaction. Hope this helps!

        • It wasn’t #T but I am still going to go to my dentist about it. I didn’t say the surgeons all thought it was rare. The one who removed the tooth and found the bony granuloma said he hadn’t seen anything like it in his practice. Possibly he meant the granuloma. Possibly he meant what it had lead to (near death). We went to 3 OS’s who were trying to determine why, after the internal antibiotics, the lump was coming back. Or that’s at least what I thought. And I was right. I am not surprised there is no lit about mercury causing issues b/c the dental industry isn’t talking about mercury issues in dentistry much, or at all, at least as I am aware. Are you aware of any? I am not trying to be difficult. I am just saying that even my mainstream dentist says it is hard to get regular dentists to admit that there might be a concern. Thanks! Please chime in again.

        • actually, your title states that mercury in the filling caused the ordeal. and this was wrong.

          “most experienced oral surgeon in our town would say that he had never seen anything like this”

          yes, a cellulitis that was that far progressed. it was not that the granulatus/cellulitis was rare, but that he/she had never seen one that bad.

          there is lots of lit on mercury fillings and nothing showing its unsafe (in real journals). hundred’s of millions of people have had them for a century without ill effects. an absess, however is dangerous … as you now know.

          • Hi again Mr Sprat. Again, if you are going to be so bold as to confront so many people on my blog I would appreciate it if you would not hide behind a fictitious name.

            My title is true, Mr. Sprat. Again, if you are going to be so bold as to confront so many people on my blog I would appreciate it if you would not hide behind a fictitious name.

            The filling did cause the ordeal. Whether it was the filling or the drilling, it was the dentist doing the filling that caused it.

            How do you purport to know what the dentist meant? He didn’t see my son when he had the cellulitis. It was completely resolved when he saw my son so you are wrong on that.

            There are also lots of real journals saying that really dangerous things are safe – as is the case regarding many chemicals on the market. They are testing individually but not in conjunction with other chemicals so in reality they are not doing appropriate testing and are misleading people to think that these chemicals are safe when they are not. So leaning on “real journals” as you say, isn’t necessarily the best thing to do – in that there are problems with them as well. And how can you say that people have had no ill effects from the fillings? I personally know many people who had horrible health conditions that resolved when they got their fillings removed.

            Thanks again.

  76. Is it tooth #30? Anyway, I didn’t know that the granuloma came back after the tooth was extracted….that is strange. Also, most dentists I know don’t use amalgam fillings anymore just due to the fact that they are not esthetically pleasing, and you have to remove more tooth structure compared to a tooth-colored filling. I myself have not used amalgam in 3 years at all. And I will say that my own father had all of his amalgam fillings replaced because he thinks they are harmful, but I don’t think I will ever agree. To each his own I suppose! Anyways, thanks for your awesome blog!

    • No, it isn’t #30 either. The amalgam fillings happened awhile ago. My son was younger than. I hope to follow up w/ my dentist later -thanks!

  77. How have I not read this before? Being a new mom, I can imagine how scared you were for your son.
    My personal experience with mercury toxicity actually came in the form of a fish-derived vitamin A supplement. I had acne as a teen and took matters into my own hands by taking about 300,000 IU of vitamin A a day. Needless to say, I wish I’d known better, but I can relate to the horrors of mercury. I’ve been chelating off and on for years now, and I’m sure I’ve passed some on to my girls. I can only hope they have stronger immune systems than I ever have.
    Thanks for sharing your story!

    • You are so welcome. I am sorry to hear that you’ve been affected as well. I am detoxing as well and will be sharing more soon. Take care. I think my kids are a bit worse off than me but we’ll see.

    • please don’t use chelation therapy. its dangerous.
      vit A is toxic in high doses. ignorance leads us to do these things, chelation therapy will do nothing but harm (like the high dose of vit a).

      • Hi there again, “Mr. Sprat.” Again, if you are going to be so bold as to confront so many people on my blog I would appreciate it if you would not hide behind a fictitious name. There are many different opinions about chelation therapy and while I don’t personally recommend it, I do use and sell zeolite which is a much gentler version. As for quackwatch, he is reported to be a shill for Big Pharma and is basically against any and all alternative healings which, in my opinion, is ridiculous. There are so many unsafe FDA approves meds that he should be coming down on those as well. Thanks.

  78. Thank you for sharing your story! You’re right, YOU are the parent. I think so many people get pressured into decisions and diagnosis because they don’t feel like they’re qualified to question the “authorities”.

  79. Hi Adrienne,
    After reading the post & all the comments I’m still confused. My son has 4 cavities (!) & I can’t figure out if there is a safe way to get them filled? Because they are on his back teeth the dentist says he can’t just leave the cavities because the teeth won’t fall out til he’s 10 or 11 & he’s only 5 now. Is there a safe filling? Or can I just leave them & keep working on brushing & flossing?

    • Many people contact Dr. Huggins’ organization and find a dentist who is willing to follow their protocol. I personally had my kids’ fillings w/ the white filling but I am getting a biocompatible test done now to see what my body does best with. There are people who try to heal their cavities naturally using this book (affiliate link). If you purchase after clicking on that link I might make a commission, but your price doesn’t increase. Sorry for the necessary disclaimer :).

      • that book was written by an individual with a BA, that has no professional knowledge or training or understanding of dentistry. weston price was a dentist that promoted diet to avoid tooth decay (which all dentists do), but this book advocates weird theories that existing holes in your teeth can be repaired via diet (in complete contradiction to common sense every dental publication and study in history).

        • Hi again, “Mr. Sprat”. I must say, you seem to have a keen interest in this post :). I know about Mr. Nagel’s background and I don’t particularly advocate his work but I know many people have had success with natural healing using his protocol and I think it makes perfect sense to say that internal health can affect dental health – wouldn’t you say so? I know such things haven’t been published in dental publications per se but I have friends who have seen this kind of thing happen so perhaps you should take it up with them. Thank you.

    • just use dental composite if needed (the white fillings). though i am critical of this article for incorrectly associating mercury from the fillings with her child’s ordeal, i see no need to use metal fillings that contain trace amounts of mercury when you can use white ones instead without mercury (though, most water pipes in north america are made with mercury and have always been so. newer ones are made from pvc … but they break a lot sooner).

      last note: while dentists are professionals and highly trained, they are businessmen also and want to make money to pay for their expensive equipment. they told me my boy needed a filling. but it didn’t hurt so i saw no need. pain tells us it’s not just superficial. wait too long though and the cavity will kill the nerve and the pain will end. so keep on top of it. the old ice cream test is alway good to see if it hurts.

      • “Mr. Sprat”, there are issues w/ both kinds of fillings, depending on what the white fillings are made of. I don’t think it’s wise to advise someone to just wait for a cavity to kill the nerve. That is careless advice. Thank you. I have never heard of pipes made with mercury so I would need to see documentation about that. Thank you.

  80. Wow, this just solidified my choice to remove my 10 amalgams asap!
    This also reminded me of Jenny McCarthy, and how she “got rid” of her son’s autism by detoxing his body…I’ve heard many stories of people getting rid of it some how with diet and lifestyle changes. Since I’ve been studying a lot about natural health, and medicine it’s safe to say toxicity is involved most of the time.

    • HI Megan. Well, I can’t say that my son is, or ever will be, cured, but he is a whole lot better and I do believe a lot of it is how we have worked with him. Take care and check out the Huggins protocol for removing fillings.

  81. Asha Merkes says:

    Once you have it in, how do you take it off

  82. your story has nothing to do with mercury poisoning, but an infection caused by shabby dental work. please spare us the ignorant hysteria that mercury caused you child’s ailment..

    • I think this is the final comment of yours that I need to respond to “Mr. Sprat”. I think it is possible that there could have been either involved. But perhaps I should take this to the dentist to see what he thinks. Regardless, the cavity touched it off and a careless physician dismissed my concerns and almost cost my son his life.

  83. I have had all the symptoms anyone could possibly think of from not only the mercury in my fillings but the copper also. I’ve been slowly dying since elementary school because of amalgam fillings. I don’t have money to get them removed. I’ve had 6. I wish I could bomb the corporate world. Crimes against humanity is so real. I’m glad that the amalgam fillings in your son’s mouth were removed. These things cause so many people health problems and sometimes it takes years for someone to realize that they are sick because mercury bio accumilates in the organs. Once mercury causes brain damage it’s irreversible so people reading this please take care. I’m speaking from the kindness of my heart. I would never wish heavy metal toxicity on anyone. The fact that amalgam fillings are placed in childrens mouths hurt my soul. I suffer everyday. I look normal on the outside but I’m sick. I can’t do basic things and im only in my 20s. Adrienne your son is so lucky to have you as a mom. I wish my mom would have been as skeptical as you were. What we don’t know as parents can hurt our children for life. Stay healthy.

    • Oh how horrible! I have heard horror stories from others as well. Is there a way you could get financial help from others? Do you possibly belong to a church that could help you?

      So so sorry. Thanks for sharing and I really appreciate your kind words. We’ve been going through a lot here so you have lifted my spirits. Blessings.

  84. Zachary Linhart, DDS says:

    Amalgam (“mercury”) fillings have no harmful side effects. I am a dentist in NYC and received my DDS from NYU. In our office, we do not do amalgam fillings because we want to restore the tooth to its natural, white color. However, they do not cause harm.

    There have been dozens of studies showing zero side effects of amalgams and NO STUDIES showing harmful effects. There are millions, if not billions of amalgam fillings in teeth around the world, and people are not keeling over from them left and right.

    Hype like the above blog is basically pure scaremongering and is harmful to the general public. Yes, this is freedom of speech, but honestly, you have zero idea what you are talking about. Hence your quotes from Wikipedia and other sources, instead of medical professional.

    You should listen to the advice of experts like dentists and medical doctors and stop thinking that you know more.

    All the best!

    – Zachary E. Linhart, DDS

    • Hi there. I am sorry to disagree with you but there is plenty of information about the problems of mercury. I am sure you heard of Mad Hatter’s Disease – which some in my husband’s family suffered from – and the danger of mercury is precisely why mercury thermometers are almost nonexistent now.

      For starters, I would like to hear what you think about this study showing that mercury fillings can cause autoimmunity to the thyroid.

      I don’t think I know more than everyone. I do know more than some people and I do listen to the advice of dentists and medical doctors, but they are not right about everything – no one is except for God. My husband has a PhD from a very reputable university in his field, in addition to 2 master’s degrees and I was at the top of my HS and college class and am a Phi Beta Kappa. Still, I am humble enough to know that I don’t know anything.

      You may have heard the saying, “What do you call the person who graduated at the bottom of his medical school class? — “doctor”” I think personally that more “experts” and professionals need to have more of an open mind towards alternative care and should realize that there is a lot more truth than just what they have been taught in their professional schools.

      I am for sure open to talking about this more but I am not open to being insulted. I do not have “zero idea” what I am talking about.

      Thanks again.

      • Zachary Linhart, DDS says:

        I will show how misguided and flat our wrong you are sentence by sentence, Adrienne:

        “I am sure you heard of Mad Hatter’s Disease – which some in my husband’s family suffered from – and the danger of mercury is precisely why mercury thermometers are almost nonexistent now.”
        – This is caused by large continuous exposure to mercury, mercury has been used in teeth in tiny levels for hundreds of years with not a single study showing harmful side effects. If you overexpose yourself to sugar, water, or just about anything it will cause toxicity over time. Mercury thermometers are dangerous if they break and the pure mercury inside is ingested. That is an apples to shoes comparison.

        ” PhD from a very reputable university in his field,”
        – You didn’t mention the field he has a PhD in… I have no doubt you and your husband are very smart people and have done your research. However, you are experts in what you do, and this is not dentistry, or medicine, unless there is something you haven’t told us?

        “For starters, I would like to hear what you think about this study showing that mercury fillings can cause autoimmunity to the thyroid.
        – You obviously didn’t read that study. It clearly states in the results that with amalgam removal in PATIENTS WITH MERCURY HYPERSENSITIVITY there are decreased levels of what they are testing for,. So should we discontinue all use of silver because some people have sensitivity to it? Or nickel? Or peanuts? People are allergic and have sensitivities to many many things, they are not bad in general.

        “professionals need to have more of an open mind towards alternative care”
        – That is true, some are close minded. As a young dentist, I am constantly researching different theories and natural remedies. Hence why I am reading your blog post on amalgam fillings and autism. However, what every medical professional learns, whether top of the class or the bottom, is that science must be trusted. And there has never been a single study showing amalgam fillings are harmful. Or that vaccines cause Autism for that matter.

        “I do not have “zero idea” what I am talking about.”
        – True, you have some idea.

        In my practice we strive to provide the best possible dental care. If a patient wants their metal fillings removed, we will more than happily remove them. However we base all of our treatment on sound science and years of clinical experience!

        • Hello again, Zachary.

          Well, I am willing to engage again, as I said, but again you are really not being very kind by saying I am “misguided and flat our [sic] wrong”. But here are my responses.

          1. It isn’t an apple to shoes comparison. Why would it make sense to put something in your mouth on a sometimes permanent basis that is known to cause toxicity? It doesn’t make sense to me at all.
          2. He has a PhD in English. I am again, not saying that he is an expert, but in reality I guess he is. He himself would be the first to say, however, that he is not right about everything. However, he is often more right about things in other arenas than are “experts” in those fields. And the same is true for me. I have been to many doctors who have been quite wrong about many things and I have even saved my family from many grave medical problems b/c I found errors that doctors missed.
          I have also attended English Literature seminars where experts were wrong on issues that were plain as day. Just b/c someone is an “expert” doesn’t mean their thoughts are without question. And you, I think, would acknowledge that as we look at the changing research and knowledge even in the sciences.

          As for what I know about medicine, no I am no expert but I have done w/ my body what mainstream medicine couldn’t do. My doctor wanted to send me to an endocrinologist who likely would have removed my thyroid. Today I have a healthy thyroid and am on no thyroid hormones and am trying to manage my health and I am succeeding. Doctors couldn’t help me years ago and told me I was healthy as a horse but I was 5’4″ 1/2 and weighted 114 and couldn’t stand for hymns in church. I diagnosed myself w/ hypoglycemia (the docs missed it) and sought help. Today I homeschool and run a vibrant blog and am at a very normal weight, exercise daily, and well, am leading a pretty normal (if not extraordinary) life. I was Pre Med at a top university but felt I should leave the field due to wanting to be a mom and thinking I would find it hard to juggle both responsibilities well.

          3. Yes, I did indeed read the study and this actually makes my point. In case you have not noticed, more and more people are more and more sensitive to more and more things these days. It is seen w/ more cases of food allergies, autism, autoimmune disease, and cancer. As our bodies become more sensitive, people become sick from different substances. So I would argue that more and more people are sensitive to mercury and for sure more and more people have antibodies to thyroid, and so mercury fillings are more and more of a problem as we go forward in time.

          I am sure you would agree that no one really heard of autism or ALS, or Crohns, or other autoimmune diseases to the extent that we hear of them today.

          In the case of peanuts or nickel, that is a very different animal than talking about mercury, which is a known toxin. If you don’t agree with me, then why are many many agencies recommending that pregnant women avoid eating certain kinds of fish? Wouldn’t the only risk be if they were going to be eating these fish over a much longer period of time?

          This is not really a scientific journal, but even the NYTimes states that “Usually organic mercury causes problems over years or decades, not immediately. In other words, being exposed to small amounts of organic mercury every day for years will likely cause symptoms to appear later”

          Part of the problem here (or much of it) is that you are stating that there aren’t any or enough studies on mercury fillings showing that they are dangerous. Well, there is corruption in many industries and of course the dental field is no exception.

          The FDA cracks down on a walnut company b/c they state that walnuts are heart-healthy, while they continue to allow arsenic in chickens. They shut down a probiotic company for stating that taking probiotics can aid your health while allowing dangerous medicines to be approved w/o proper testing.

          I find this article to be very interesting: and I personally am acquainted with a number of people who have been made very ill from mercury fillings, one person who was wheel-chair ridden. He is better now, thanks to natural intervention and detox.

          4. As for science being trusted. I beg to differ. Yes on some things and no on others. I think that there are so many things that science has no idea about – like how the universe is held together, where energy comes from, where the world came from, etc. These are not repeatable events and so can’t be scientifically tested. And you yourself must know that there are so little studies on natural things as they can’t be patented, so the realm of research is empty in that respect.

          I have to run – I have a post on Healthy Valentine’s Recipes that is calling my name, but I am happy to respond again. I trust the medical and dental field – to a point. I manage my own care as much as I can and have found it to be necessary in many arenas. And I wish I had been on this dentist’s back more :(.

          • Zachary Linhart, DDS says:

            Adrienne, unfortunately I have to work and don’t have time to run circles with you so this will be my last reply:

            1. What toxicity? There is no scientifically proven toxicity of amalgam fillings, so what are you referring to?

            2. He has a PhD in English. I will try not to tell him why Holden Caulfield acted the way he did.

            3. The issue you have when you are writing this posts is that you GENERALIZE way too much.

            Mercury CAN be toxic in “toxic doses”. So can nickel, or lead, or sugar, or ginger, or ANYTHING. You cannot just generalize science.

            It has been shown that large doses of radiation cause cancer, does that mean we never take X-rays in the dentist or doctor’s office again? Or fly on a plane that exposes you to low level cosmic radiation?

            You are generalizing, and you are wrong as many scientific studies have shown.

            Dr, Zachary Linhart

            • Zachary. I am simply frustrated with the manner in which you are approaching me. I have work too and to have readers continually insult me is not something I look forward to dealing with.

              There is toxicity proven – if not, then why the reduction of thyroid antibodies? How can there be no toxicity of mercury fillings when the toxicity of mercury has been firmly established.

              As far as Holden Caulfield – totally uncalled for insult.

              I don’t think I generalize too much – but if you care to make that accusation you should point out where exactly and not generalize.

              The toxic dose differs per person. Of course. I can’t eat much sugar at all. Others can. But the risk of what it can do to a person’s body (e.g. diabetes, candida, cancer and more) isn’t worth dumping it down one’s throat. Also, this toxicity will escalate as congenital issues are passed down through generations.

              It’s all a risk vs benefit calculation and you know that yourself. You of course make those kind of calculations every day. I assume you try to not use xrays unless you think the benefits outweigh the risks. And if I choose to fly on a plane it’s b/c taking the trip is more of a benefit than the risk.

              Then, once one knows the risks they can take steps to minimize them.

              I personally (and many others concur) that putting mercury in my mouth is not worth the risk and I would use a non BPA white filling instead.

              Good day to you and I hope what I have written helps you understand where I am coming from and that you will take care in the way you communicate with me should you choose to come back. I do my best to keep things cordial but I must admit that you are pushing me to my limits. I wish to extend grace to all people for what they are dealing with but we are all people on the other end of the computer and from reading my posts you might know that I have a child with special needs. Would you talk in this manner to a mother in your practice who thought mercury filling were a danger? I hope not.

    • I meant to add about my husband’s PhD that he for sure doesn’t think he is right about everything and there are plenty of PhDs in his field that are wrong about many things. Thank you.

    • cliff browning says:

      Now dr., while I dont agree with a lot of her assumptions in this article and I do find her knowledge loosly based on anything other than anecdotal website garbage am disturbed, and frankly not surprised, by your arrogance and ignorance on the matter. Within a minute I found this study from 1986 giving enough information to show you are wrong about amalgam fillings and they have been noted to gas off mercury.
      I know there are studies saying they are fine and this is what you are taught but you shouldnt throw your education around without knowing the facts.
      People like you is why my doctor says my blood work is fine so I must just need antidepressants.

      • Hi Cliff. Thanks for your comment and for that information about the fillings. I did want to mention, however, that of course this was an anecdotal story. It wasn’t meant to be a research-based post. I have some that are and some that aren’t, but it isn’t garbage. It’s my life and the very disturbing path my son’s filling took us on and I feel that we can all benefit from those kinds of stories. Perhaps this post that is more research based will show you that I post a variety of topics here.

        Thanks again and I do hope you are finding help for your condition. Your blood work for sure isn’t the end all and be all of your health and many doctors miss things – mine missed my hypoglycemia, of all things. Blessings and I hope you can find relief. Happy to help if I can.

        • cliff browning says:

          Im not going to give anything other than my opinion on the article but really as far as me saying “I do find her knowledge loosly based on anything other than anecdotal website garbage” I wasnt referring to your article, I was referring to the sites in which you get your information. Im sure that doesn’t sound much better but I call it as I see it. There are a lot of anecdotal sites with bs info and no facts other than pointing to other peoples non fact claims that people spew information from which just leaves bait laying around for people like dr. linhardt here. People just wont be taken seriously with this kind of research and claims to where you got the information. Im not saying it is all wrong but you definitely have to present your claims, especially to the angry so called science believing biased people, with more hard evidence such as peer reviewed studies. I personally, like others, think your article shows no evidence that it was mercury related as it can easily be from a poor dental job which lead to the infection but completely understand how it feels to know almost for certain where the problem lies on your own body, or in this case your sons, and for the doctor to dismiss it like what do you know. I do however completely loath these science people with a vendetta against alternative theories or ideas such as quackwatch who are just as bad as being completely biased on their own side. With alternative medicine and traditional there are two extreme people just like in right wingers and left wingers in politics. Take what I say however you like. I do not disregard the notion of almagam fillings leaching off mercury and there are studies with supporting evidence. Props to always commenting to people such as me and others with a rational calm attitude and not just moderating every comment you don’t like. You do you

          • Thanks so much. I am aware of the risks of not having a bunch of research, but I have a mixed bag on my blog. And even so, there are some supposedly heavily researched writers and commenters who have their facts wrong. And of course, I might too.

            I do moderate all comments, by the way, but I try to publish all (except the spam ones). That being said I am behind. I have been so busy and some take a long time to respond to. Thanks for the compliment. Hope to see you around again.

  85. You are unneccesarily spreading fear to all to read your story – why? This adds to the problem, not the solution. Your story has absolutely nothing to do with mercury. You’re probably part of the crowd telling people not to get immunizations, too. Oh, an immunizations do not cause autism.

    • Hi Brian, I appreciate your commenting.

      I don’t feel I am unnecessarily spreading fear at all. I think that mercury is poison and I have no idea why folks think it is OK to put it in your mouth, especially where chewing is going to be going on. It’s a fact that mercury is released in the mouth and the ADA knows that.

      I do not tell folks not to get vaccinations, but I am an “informed vax” advocate. I think we should be informed about what is going into our bodies and how it’s happening so we can make informed decisions. I think the vax schedule is too many at one time and too many in general.

      As for your statement about vaccines not causing autism, I wouldn’t be so quick to say that. There have been tons of monies paid out for vaccine injuries of various kinds. I think that it’s very possible that a vaccine insults the immune system of a child w/ other issues causing autism to be expressed. I think to dismiss this possibility is too simplistic. Where do you get your opinion from? And if it’s just a court decision, I can point to plenty of court decisions that are totally ridiculous. Not saying that this one necessarily would be, but determining the cause of autism is clearly a conundrum so for you to say so plainly that you have determined what doesn’t cause it is a pretty bold statement to make.

      Thank you.

      • OK, I’ll bit:

        Off-topic – but vaccines do not cause autism. I could give you a dozen references (SCIENTIFIC references, not websites) which point to that conclusion. The one study which hinted that they are correlated has been thoroughly disproven and tossed in the trash by the scientific community. Unfortunately, this study already did its damage so that the public is doing with it what it will. I say this also having a son on the ASD.

        The toxic form of mercury is methyl mercury or related organically-complexed mercury compounds. The metallic form of mercury, whihc is present in fillings, is not absorbed by your body and not toxic to any significant extent.

        My PhD is actually relevant to this discussion – I am a heavy metals chemist and toxicologist. I am sorry about what happened to your son, but I only ask that you think about what you write, because you are spreading an immense amount of misleading, if not completely false information.

        • Hi again, Brian. I already responded to you about this but I still don’t think that the case is closed on vaccines and autism.

          As I said in my other response, I think that vaccines have a bunch of possible causes and I think it depends on the person. That’s why it’s still a mystery today – obviously no one has figured it out. I think it’s an issue of gut and brain dysfunction and those both can have a myriad of causes.

          As for your PhD and your statements about mercury, perhaps you could tell me what you think about the statements made by Mark Hyman, M.D. He is an extremely well-respected M.D. and he himself says he suffered from mercury poisoning, and that being partially from fillings.

          I’d love to hear what you think.

          And I do think about what I write and I think that I am pretty cautious about not being alarmist. I’m not perfect but I try to do the right thing. Thanks!

          • Sigh…..

            1) you are being alarmist. “How a mercury filling almost took my son’s life” is your title. You have exactly zero facts to back that statement up. It’s like a story out of Fox News.
            2) I have never heard of Mark Hyman. I glanced at his website and his “facts” look about as believable as Dr. Oz’s (a peer-reviewed study in the British Medical Journal found that about 50% of Dr. Oz’s advice is baseless). Note: Ph.D. is a research scientist. M.D. is a professional degree. HUGE difference.

            3) I am happy that your opinion has no bearing on actual facts.

            4) I am a concerned scientist that opinions like yours DO have a bearing on public policy.

            • Hi there again.

              I am not being alarmist at all. My son had a mercury filling and as a result he almost died. I don’t think it is alarmist at all. I could put you in touch w/ the hospital’s staff if you’d like.

              As for Mark Hyman, I’m not surprised that you haven’t heard from him but he is very well respected. I don’t care for everything Dr. Oz says, but he is dead right about many things. Hyman I agree with in many more cases.

              I know what the difference between a PhD and an MD are. I was pre med at a top university in the US and my husband is a PhD so I am pretty well versed in these things. There are sharp people and not so with both degrees. And even the sharp ones can be wrong about things.

              3) I have no idea what you are talking about.

              4). I am a concerned mother and there are many ways in which mainstream medicine and science are wrong on these things. For many years I thought that mercury toxicity was a joke, that autism was just an overdiagnosed condition, that food allergies were simply someone’s way of trying to go on a diet.

              Was I wrong.

              Those things happened to me one by one and now I see that they are true. Heavy metal poisoning is real and as our livers are more and more compromised it is more prevalent. Autism is growing by leaps and bounds and food allergies and intolerances are too.

              I am frustrated by your tone, but I do give you grace b/c I once was skeptical too and now I know it’s true. Perhaps one day someone you love (or yourself possibly) will be touched by these things and you will see what I see.

              As for public policy, I hope my thoughts do have a bearing on public policy. I have been active in the public arena and will continue to be so as I have the opportunity. Via this blog and my private interactions with people I hope to help others who are hurting to find healing without being so dependent on drugs.

              Still am open to dialoguing but I would appreciate your not being insulting.

              Thank you in advance.

              • Adrienne, just wanted to say I appreciate your sweet spirit in dealing with these very antagonistic people attacking you. I use your blog often as a source when I have a question and find you to be very reasonable and open in what you say. Given the nature of the Internet, you can always find opposing views on anything you look up. I tend to go to people I feel are trustworthy, although I weigh everything. That’s my responsibility. I am sorry you took such attacks when you are just sharing what you have found of value for your family.

  86. clarissa says:

    Dont know if the mercury caused the cellulitis but it sounds like shabby dental work might have caused the infection. I had cellulitius in my ear last fall from a ear cartlidge piercing. It drained while sleeping down into my ear canal. it caused my canal and face to swell up like your sons also had it start to go behind my eye. 8 rounds of iv treatment, 5 days inpatient. Cellulitis is a very serious thing. Mine started because of my bodys reaction to the surgical steel earring.

    • I am not sure what did it. I did read that the granuloma is typically a reaction to a foreign substance, which makes me think about the mercury. Of course, perhaps it was both. So sorry to hear about your situation and glad you are doing better. Why would your body have reacted to the surgical steel? Does that mean you can’t have surgery ever?

      • Well, okay lets put it this way I was told by the piercer (which is a reputable place, not back alley) that it was surgical steel, but again that is what I was told. It may have not been. I had surgery on my knee, an arthroscopy before and didn’t get an infection so the person might have lied (imagine).. But yes I forgot to mention about the granuloma in my post. My friend actually has one from dental work. It really scared her and she ended up having to get a biopsy to make sure it wasnt cancer. it started to go away, but is starting to bother her again. We are exposed to so much chemical wise. even if everything is pure in your home, you would have to live in a bubble literally to avoid all chemicals, Im working on losing household cleaners. as my big project this year.

  87. Cyndi Seaman says:

    Wow! All the comments and dialog are very interesting! It does give a person something to think about.
    About a year ago, my back tooth, right side, on the top, cracked and pieces were coming out. It never hurt, so I didn’t go to the dentist. It took a month or two, but the whole tooth, above the gum line is gone. No big deal to me.
    Now, the reason I came acroos your blog is, in the last 2 weeks, all 3 of the other back teeth, top left, bottom right and left, have all cracked!! I noticed, that all 3 of those teeth have the black fillings. Since none of them hurt, I was searching the internet to see if old fillings could cause teeth to die. In all my reading, I’ve noticed all the articles about mercury poisoning.
    Let me make this really interesting. I’m am 43 years old, and take medication for depression, bi-polar, restless leg syndrome, insomnia, and ADD. I, also, have been diagnosed with arthritis and fibromyalgia. It makes a person wonder!!
    As a side note, a realize that all that medication has their own side effects, can cause other problems, and dependence. But, when I don’t take all of the medication, I am a really horrible and depressed person.
    I’m so glad your son is ok!!

    • Oh my. Thanks for writing. I am so sorry to hear about your struggles. I started working on metals detox awhile ago and was talking w/ someone who ended up in a wheelchair from mercury poisoning. I wonder if you saw this post: I also have other thoughts for you. None of this is medical advice, but have you heard of the AIP diet for autoimmune diseases? I had some restless leg starting awhile ago but now that I have done a lot of gut and adrenal and thyroid work it is gone. So are my RA-type symptoms. I think there are a lot of natural alternatives for you. I am taking a bunch of gut healing supplements now, and a grape seed supplement that appears to be really helping my energy levels. Happy to tell you more if you are interested. I know many people who have been diagnosed w/ fibro only to find that their real issues were adrenals and thyroid. Hope to see you around again…

  88. would you please email me the contact info for the heavy metal detox specialist?
    my husband has A LOT of metal in his mouth that needs to go…

  89. Monica, you can actually get in touch w/ her via my blog. I have her information in my adrenal fatigue post. I need to organize things better on my blog, but it all takes time :). You can go to her contact page. She’ll call you back. We had our fillings removed. Insurance covered it, but be careful whom you go to. Theresa can advise what she thinks about your fillings. Take care.

  90. a “heavy metal detox specialist”? please don’t. they are charlestons and snake oil salesmen that can do serious harm. please check things out first at: Quackwatch.

  91. Hi again. It’s taking me quite awhile to get through all of your comments. I hope these answers help you. Quackwatch is very much opposed to all kinds of natural healing. While I do not think that all natural healing is beneficial and there are some who for sure take advantage of others, I do think much is good also and one needs to take Quackwatch w/ a grain of salt. Thanks for commenting.

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