6 Tips for Whole Health at Christmas (with help from a mouse)

Christmas How to Be Healthy Holly

The Christmas season is supposed to be one of joy, sharing, giving, and happiness.

But typically, we end up rushing through the Holidays at breakneck speed, and come out the other end feeling worn out, frazzled, exhausted, and with a few (or more) extra pounds around our middles (and elsewhere).  Am I the only one who struggles with this?

I don’t struggle equally with all of the areas that I will be talking about.   Some come pretty easily for me and others, well – I am a work in progress.  Sometimes not progressing much at all.

No matter where you are on the path towards who health, come on over to The Better Mom where I am sharing today 5 Tips for a Whole Healthy Christmas.

Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, I am sure you will find something helpful for your whole life.

Feel free to leave a comment over at The Better Mom or here.  I will do my best to keep in touch in both places :-).

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. Another comment–and I’m sorry if this is the wrong place for it. I was in the big town the last couple days and picked up a can of Wonderslim cocoa at the Natural Food Store. I’m impressed by its claim to be 99.7% caffeine free, but couldn’t see how it was made to be like that/what the process is. Aside from shaky adrenals, I have another diagnosis that recommends avoiding caffeine, so I’m not sure about playing with fire here and wondered what your experience in your own body has been with this. I’m also wondering whether the theobromine in cocoa, which works similarly to caffeine, is just as much of a problem.

    I’ll probably just try it myself early in the day at some point and let you know what this canary thinks. But I’d appreciate your experience too.

    • Ela, good question! I will forward that to my practitioner. My thinking is that in moderation you’d be better than w/ both caffeine and theobromine. Maybe you should call the manufacturer direct. I’d love to know. Hopefully it’s not some horrible chemical-laden process. I have not used the product. I read about it on the candida forum that I was participating in for a long time. Have you read my adrenal fatigue posts? I am still not out of the woods, but I am apparently out of burnout. I’ve been feeling pretty bad this week so I am concerned about a relapse, but I was happy with my progress thus far in working with Theresa Vernon (you can find her info in my post). Let me know your thoughts!

  2. Great tips and following all (or some) makes a big difference in stress and that overwhelmed feeling.

    • Thanks, Jill. You are right. I am having trouble this year, as always. It’s a busy time of year as my husband is a professor and it’s finals time, and I haven’t been feeling well these past 2 weeks. Just hae to let some things go, but it’s not easy.

  3. Thank you for sharing this lovely post with the Gallery of Favorites. You raise some very important points, and these are all great tips to help everyone enjoy the season!

  4. Wise words…I agree with you, now it’s just a matter of application! I would love to have you share this with my readers, I have a party in progress. http://theshadyporch.blogspot.com/

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