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Young Living Essential Oils

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UPDATE: I am no longer a Young Living Distributor. You can read about my search for the Best Essential Oils Company here.  I ended up choosing this company, Native American Nutritionals. I’ve updated this post and removed the links to my Young Living account.

You can find out why and see all of the heated discussion by starting here.

The other day, I wrote about how I overcame my serious doubts about essential oils (specifically, Young Living’s oils) and my experience using Young Living’s Thieves blend.

I was a complete skeptic about essential oils, thinking they were some kind of scam or “woo woo foo foo” stuff that really did nothing.

As in, “you put it on and it smells good and somehow you convince yourself that it’s really working” kind of thing.

Today, I’m going to share with you some other oils that I’ve been experimenting with and what’s happened with them.

Really, read on.  Some of these things really surprised me….

Essential Oils for Headaches

Peppermint oil is great here too.  Again, I don’t typically get headaches, but when the occasional one strikes, just a drop of peppermint rubbed on my temples has taken the pain away.  Amazing.

I can’t say that it cured my headache and I personally think that it’s important to figure out why your headaches are happening and work on that, rather than just treating symptoms, but I assume that the peppermint supports the body’s work in getting better.  My youngest gets headaches sometimes, but his have been diminishing since starting a new therapy and using zeolite.  Regardless, he has found relief with the peppermint as well.

No acetaminophen.  No potential liver damage.


Stomach Aches & Digestion Issues

I typically don’t struggle much with stomach aches, but over the past few months, I have.  For those of you who have been reading my blog for awhile, you know that I have adrenal fatigue.  I am currently doing a protocol called Nutritional Balancing that is designed to rebalance minerals and remove heavy metals and toxins from my system. (2014 UPDATE: I am no longer doing Nutritional Balancing, but have moved on and found other things that have helped immensely.)

More on all that later–but when the metals are coming out, I have had some uncomfortable symptoms at times–one of them being an upset stomach.

Aside from my occasional stomach upset, my kids occasionally have a bug or a sour stomach for some reason.

We all know that peppermint tea is supposed to be good for upset stomachs.  Well, peppermint essential oil is like super-charged peppermint tea.  Just a few drops on the tongue followed by a “water chaser” and symptoms are gone.

I’ve also used the peppermint oil when my stomach “just isn’t right.”  You know, when thing aren’t sitting well.  Oh, if only I could only eat right all the time.  I’m getting there, really I am.  But I’m just not perfect yet.  And sometimes I pay for it :-(.

Essential Oils for Growing Pains

My youngest had growing pains regularly until we started Nutritional Balancing.  Now, he really only gets them every once in awhile.  These pains were one of the first things that we tried essential oils on.  I was really skeptical – “So, how on earth is an oil going to help with something painful going on inside of him?”

Well, they did.  We’ve used Peppermint, Wintergreen, and a blend for pain, all of which have helped him.  What a blessing to have your little one, who was in pain a moment ago, say to you, “Mom, I really think it’s working!  I feel better!”

He gets to sleep –and so do I (And having your son smell like a Wintergreen Lifesaver is a nice side bonus :-).)

Essential Oils for Carpal Tunnel / Cubital Tunnel Symptoms

This one really floored me.

I’m a blogger.  That means I type–a lot.

Well, about 2 months ago I started experiencing pain in my right pinky finger.  It hurt to type–a lot.

I’d had carpal tunnel years prior that was cured with B6, but this pain was worse.

I didn’t really want to own up to myself that the pain was there.  What if I couldn’t blog anymore?  What if I needed surgery?  Not pleasant thoughts.

After a few days of the pain and worry, I decided to turn to my Essential Oils Desk Reference Guide for some ideas.  It recommended a blend for pain, which I had in my nifty starter kit.

Again, the skeptic in me thought, “This surely isn’t going to work.”  But I doubtfully rubbed a drop around my knuckle where the pain was–just before bed.

I awoke the next morning completely amazed.

The pain was gone!

No surgery–and I can still blog ;-).  I am not for sure I had carpal tunnel or cubital tunnel, but my pain went away.

Muscle Pains

Numerous times we’ve had aches and pains that needed some TLC.  Whether from injury or overuse, we’ve tried several oils and blends–Peppermint, Wintergreen, and several blends for pain and Deep Relief roll on.  Each one has worked well.  Depending on the situation, sometimes one oil or blend has worked better than another, but it sure has felt nice to use something natural rather than OTC meds or chemical-filled creams and ointments.

Again, I really don’t mean to just be “putting together a commercial” for my readers.  I have always been the type of person who wants to share the good things I’ve found, and warn about the bad.  In fact, I’ve sometimes toyed with the idea of starting an “Adrienne’s Life”–like Angie’s List.  But I’d probably be sued, right :-).

And I know – you’re probably wondering about the cost of these oils.

There are loads of kinds of essential oils in stores and online.

Some are cheap and some are more pricey.

Let me assure you – I am super frugal.  I’m sure that you’ve figured that out if you’ve been following me for awhile.  If you haven’t, you can see how stingy frugal I am by checking out my posts on:

As you can see, I don’t spend money typically if I don’t think it’s worth it.  And I save wherever I can.

I personally try to choose the best quality that I can, for the best price, and for me that means paying up a bit to make sure that I am not getting lower quality essential oils – especially since I will be putting them on my skin (where they will be absorbed) and using them occasionally internally.

UPDATE: I am no longer a Young Living Distributor. You can read about my search for the Best Essential Oils Company here.  I ended up choosing this company, Native American Nutritionals. You can find out why and see all of the “dicey” discussion by starting here.

Here are my basic thoughts on the cost:

  • Health is priceless
  • I’d rather use natural oils than OTC meds or prescriptions drugs (and they’re not cheap either)
  • Essential oils can be cheaper than going to the doctor or physical therapist (or even surgery!)
  • When you feel good, you have more energy to save money elsewhere

Basically, yes, if you choose quality essential oils you will be paying more than the inexpensive brands, but if you use them only when needed you will likely save in other arenas that will more than make up for it.

Regardless, I am thrilled to have a new natural remedy in my medicine cabinet :).

What are your thoughts on Essential Oils?

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  1. Everything I read about lavender says how wonderful it is. The scents of lavender and lilacs tend to give me a headache. I used to think I was alone with this side effect, but have found several others who have an aversion to them as well. What would you suggest as a replacement that provides similar benefits?

    • What kind of thing are you hoping to address? I didn’t like lavender either and really didn’t care for YL’s lavender. Have you tried NAN’s? Here is a link to Rocky Mountain’s. Their site is a little easier to shop on as they have fewer options. I like theirs. (affiliate link).

      • Thanks for your quick response, Adrienne! I am very much a novice when it comes to essential oils. My yoga studio has begun incorporating them in some of the classes and I have enjoyed them. We have mostly used eucalyptus, peppermint, an orangey citrus oil, and a few others I can’t recall. I am going to an essential oils yoga workshop at the studio, taught by a doTerra rep. I have been doing a lot of reading on a variety of sites and will go with an open mind, but with just enough background to not buy any products just yet. I am looking for oils that that are refreshing/stimulating for daytime, that are relaxing – for night, and oils that help with everyday aches/pains from exercise. I plan to purchase a few, along with a diffuser. I have explored a few web sites – Rocky Mountain, NAN, and Mountain Rose, but have yet to purchase any. It is a bit overwhelming!

        • So here is a very lengthy response I got from the company. (Native American / Rocky Mountain).

          None of this is medical advice, of course.

          So for pain relief we have basically three levels of pain relief depending how much you need.
          Most: Relieve Me (aff link)
          Average: True Blue (aff link)
          Minor: Pain Ease (aff link)

          We also have a few other ones that will be on sale tomorrow (for 40% off!) its called

          Muscle relax

          and Ow-Ease. They are customer inspired blends we are clearing out. (those are both affiliate links)

          For yoga I would suggest Pain Ease, but my personal favorite and the favorite for most people in this office (we funnily just talked about it this morning) is True Blue. I really like that one. It has wintergreen and blue tansy in it, so its really powerful. But pain ease will be better if you have sensitive skin. It seems like men prefer true blue more because its more powerful and dont mind the icy-hot type “burn” haha.

          Refreshing daytime: I like citrus oils a lot. Its hard to say for sure, there is a blend called “energize” which is really popular (and one of my top favs). Floral oils are popular daytime oils as well. Blend of jasmine, blend of rose, blend of Neroli, etc. Oh and try Citrus Passion and Orange Cream. Those are both delightful. I know a lot of people love Joyful Moments.

          Nighttime oils: I really like Peace and Quiet for winding down at night (another fav), and lavender is always nice. Anything with sandalwood in it is nice or ylang ylang.

          For diffusers I am obviously a huge fan of AromaCloud diffusers from us. We are designing some new AromaCloud models that will look really cool, but the guts of the diffuser is basically the same so these are awesome. One year warranty is also unheard of with diffusers from what I know.

          We have a whole bunch of oils for diffusing while doing yoga. Basically any oil that is emotionally uplifting or spiritual.

          I so hope that helps :).

          • Wow! Thank you for reaching out to NAN/Rocky Mountain for me. Their information is very helpful. I will be checking out some of their suggestions. How nice that some will be on sale! I like the comparison chart they have listing DoTERRA oils and their oils. Since my first into was with DoTERRA, that was my background. I have done a lot of research on essential oils, and knew that while I liked the DoTerra scents, I wanted a different company. Thank you for your help!