Are Essential Oils a Scam? ~ A Skeptic Looks at Thieves® Oil

I thought essential oils were a scam. Then I got really sick and got to put them to the test. Did the Thieves Oil perform? Find out what happened next.

UPDATE – Before reading this post, please note that I am no longer using Young Living Oils.  I moved on for various reasons. You can read more starting with this post, or skip ahead to the final post here. You can see my DIY Antibacterial Essential Oils Blend here.

I’m not one to trust in alternative remedies easily.

Really, I’m not. However, when one is really sick and mainstream medicine isn’t helping, one starts looking elsewhere. With all that we’ve been through with autism, adrenal fatigue, heavy metals, and more, I’ve been in and out of doctor’s offices.  I’ve tried, among other things:

  • chiropractic
  • homeopathy
  • kinesiology
  • ionic foot bath (just once)
  • acupressure
  • tons of supplements (no – I haven’t weighed them.  But if I did I’m scared if it would be close.)
  • Nutritional Balancing.  Our current plan that I’m really pleased with.  See more in this adrenal fatigue – and this one too.

Anyway, we’ve tried a lot on our road to healing.  I’ve been really careful not to mortgage the farm (er – our house) in trying to heal my son’s autism, but it’s been tempting at times.

Looking back at that list, I guess it’s pretty hard to think that I’m a skeptic, right?

But really I am.

We’ve tried a lot, but we really did put a lot of thought into all of these “healing options” and most of them we aren’t doing anymore.

Either haven’t worked, or we’ve found something that’s worked better or cheaper.

Well, the latest object of my skepticism is….you guessed it.  Essential Oils.

I’d heard about essential oils a number of times over the years.

People would tell me how great essential oils were and I’d think, “Yeah, right.”

“You’re just trying to get me into another one of those network marketing things.”

And frankly, putting oil on your body and healing anything sounded, well, basically loaded with woo woo foo foo to me.

Well, it seemed that over and over someone would be telling me about essential oils. Especially the antibacterial blends, often called “Thieves” or “Four Thieves” or something like that.

Those blends and the oils in them are supposed to be antiviral, antibacterial.

“Yeah, right. Sure,” this skeptic thought.

I thought essential oils were a scam. Then I got really sick and got to put them to the test. Did the Thieves Oil perform? Find out what happened next.

I Got Sick

Anyway, about 10 months ago, I got sick.

Really sick.

I had a bad cold that I just couldn’t shake. For a long time.

I had fluid in my ear and then my nose – and then both. Three weeks or more passed.  I started asking friends for advice and feared that the dreaded antibiotic would be in my future. One natural-minded friend suggested I try one of these multi-level-marketing company anti-bacterial blends.

“I always use that when I feel something coming on.  It’s great!”, she said.

“So, do you sell the oils?”  I asked.


OK then.  Someone recommending it who wasn’t selling it. Now I was seriously curious. Are essential oils a scam?

I went on a hunt to get some without spending the huge retail price for a bottle.

I got a small sample from a local woman, but it wasn’t nearly enough to deal with my problem. So I called the original person who had told me about Young Living and she sent me a larger sample, enough to get me through a few days.

Three days after I started taking the oil (I took 5 drops, followed by a “gulp” of water, up to 5 times per day) –I was better.

Good stuff.

Since then, this oil blend, or similar blends from other companies have helped myself and others with:

Fingernail Infection

I used to be really prone to these – getting an infection just after something jabbed me under my fingernail (for one of them about 5 years ago, I ended up needing antibiotics since it got really nasty).  I hadn’t gotten them for awhile, but did about 5 months ago.

Colloidal silver and peroxide wouldn’t do anything, so I thought about the “Thieves oil-type” blend.

I stuck a little of the oil (straight / neat – I wanted it to be strong and didn’t care if it stung) on another clean fingernail, pushed it into the injured area – and a few days and several treatments later, the infection was gone.

Herpes Sores 

One night, while we were out, my son complained that his lip was sore.  He said he’d gotten bumped.  When we got home, however, there were 6-7 obvious herpes sores, filled with pus (sorry to be so descriptive.)

After doing research on oils and herpes sores, I ended up trying Thieves again, this time mixed 1:1 with olive oil.

The next day, here is what his lip looked like. (I wish I’d thought to take a photo the first day.  Sigh.)

Herpes Cold Sores

There was no sign of the sores within 3 days.

Cystic Acne

I used to have a rough time with acne in my 20s but hadn’t really struggled with any skin issues but rosacea since then.  Suddenly, this past month, I started getting some small breakouts.  None of them really bothered me, however, until I got a large cystic breakout next to my cheek.

I used the anti-bacterial blend mixed 1:1 with oil and overnight the cyst had shrunk noticeably.  Within 3 days it was gone.

Another reader shared that she’s used one of these blends on some underarm cysts / sores and they’ve vanished.

Sinus Infection

A local reader who is prone to sinus issues had a bad sinus infection again.  She ended up trying the Immune Strength blend from my favorite essential oils company, and all signs of the infection were gone overnight.

Persistent Illness with Fever

Another local reader’s son had a bad fever for several days that was had become worrisome.  She’d gotten an Rx for an antibiotic but really didn’t want to fill it (see my story about avoiding antibiotics).  She ended up trying an anti-bacterial essential oils blend along with an herbal supplement and said that the next day her son woke up and he was his old self again.

The “Thieves Oil Story”

Thieves-type oils were apparently developed from historical information about four thieves in France who would rob victims of the Black Plague (get it–stealing things off of dead bodies.  Ick.)

They’d protect themselves from the plague with a secret recipe of natural ingredients including cloves and rosemary. The thieves were captured and given a lighter sentence in exchange for their recipe. And it really works.

Essential Oils can be a very valid part of your natural medicine cabinet. I’ll fill you in on more in my next post on essential oils where I’ll talk about Peppermint, Wintergreen and other oils and my experience with them. And I really don’t mean this to be a commercial.  I am just so floored by my experience with them that I feel compelled to share (some things are just too good to keep to yourself!)

Money Stuff

So – how do essential oils fit into a “financially concerned” household?  You can buy these blends pre-blended for convenience and the essential oils company that I recommend has a blend called Immune Strength that is more reasonably priced than the MLM brands.  You can go here to see how I ended up choosing this company.  It’s a series, so you can read what you like – some of the comments got pretty dicey though.

And when someone gets sick, we don’t go through a whole bottle.  It’s a whole lot cheaper than the gas (whoa – $4 per gallon?!) and copay and maybe an antibiotic on top of it.  And we all know there is more than up-front finances involved with antibiotics and other meds, right?

Additionally, you can make your own anti-bacterial essential oils blend and save a bunch of money that way.

Again, please note that I am no longer using Young Living Oils.  I moved on for various reasons. You can read more starting with this post, or skip ahead to the final post here. You can see my DIY Antibacterial Essential Oils Blend here.

I’m not one to trust in alternative remedies easily.

Interested in learning more about using essential oils for healthy living?  This book looks like a GREAT resource:

Essential Oils Natural Remedies Book

Please share your thoughts on and questions about essential oils. Do you or did you think essential oils are a scam?

This post is for entertainment purposes only and is not to be used as medical advice as I am not a physician, nor do I pretend to be one. Please consult with your physician prior to using any kind of natural remedy or supplement.  Thank you.

These comments do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Whole New Mom, LLC.


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  1. Check out Ananda Apothecary As well. Great oils and education!!! They have been favorite.

  2. I’m sorry, none of this is convincing – though I hardly expected to receive an impartial review from someone who writes for a blog that has “Whole New” in the title (gag). And just because your friend didn’t sell YL doesn’t mean she was impartial. People are often dishonest (not just with others, but with themselves) about how effective an alternative treatment they’ve chosen is – because when you choose an alternative treatment, you get push back. I’m no even against alternative medicine (in fact, I use essential oils occasionally – though I no longer use YL, because their company is incredibly shady, their certification is self-made, their products only work as advertised for those who are incredibly susceptible to placebo effect, and its founder has downright lied time and time again about his credentials). But you get the side-eye from family and friends for using things like essential oils… and the “I told you so” stakes are very high. If your “treatment” turns out to have really been nothing but woo, then you lose face in front of your entire family. Money isn’t the only motivator to lie and exaggerate – even to ourselves.

    I’ve been in churches full of people who swear that this or that alternative treatment (including essential oils) have made their lives so much better… and every time, I’m struck by the fact that “Hmm… they really do’t seem like they’re over their cold. At all. They don’t seem any better than before they discovered this magical panacea. They don’t seem to be as healthy as they think they are.” In fact, in several cases, the person seemed, well, visibly MORE sickly. Visibly WORSE. I haven’t seen essential oils in particular make anyone worse for the wear, but I’ve never seen their claims to optimum health actually match up with what I was seeing before me.

    All that to say: I’ve used thieves, purchased directly from an authorized vendor. And I’ve used other brands’ version of Thieves. Many times, for both bad and mild viruses. It has done absolutely nothing besides provided some comfort (who doesn’t like oil being rubbed on their feet when they’re sick?). What you experienced (if you’re truly being honest with yourself about what you experienced) was a coincidence. Thieves can be helpful for killing some germs on a doorknob. Drinking hot water with a drop of it in it can temporarily (like, for ten minutes) give you some marginal sinus relief – and that probably has more to do with the hot water. Thieves isn’t going to knock out the virus in your body at all. If you are a TRUE sceptic, don’t fall for the YL scam any more than you would fall for any Big Pharma scam.

    • Hi Jordan. Sorry that my blog’s name makes you gag.

      I am sorry also, but I disagree about my friend who wasn’t selling YL. She would very likely be more impartial than someone who stands to make a profit. Not necessarily but likely.

      Yes, you are right about getting odd looks from many for using alternative treatments.

      I am being honest about my experience w/ the Thieves oil, but I don’t use YL anymore. I was healed. I was very sick, in fact I still have copies of the emails to my practitioner about how sick I was. It wasn’t temporary marginal sinus relief. I couldn’t breathe and was having issues sleeping as a result and then my nose opened up for good.

      There are scientific studies about the effectiveness of oils against certain pathogens so they do work. There is a lot of oversell going on but they do work.

      Perhaps you didn’t notice that I am not w/ YL anymore? Does that change your opinion of my post?

    • Jordan,

      Don’t know if you’ll see this or not, but you owe yourself a deeper look.

      There is abundant science that supports the benefits of EOs.

      I hope you can keep an open mind as you continue to seek information.

    • Just read you comments about therapeutic oils and simply come to the conclusion that you appear to be a negative individual that does initial research to support your negativity. My best advice is to continue your present path and manner of thinking.

      I’m an RN and have no claim to fame other than having a 104.2 oral temperature go down to 100.2 inside of 22 minutes. How? My wife touched my forehead with Peppermint oil and diffused the same oil in our bedroom. Scam? You tell me, Jordan.

      Oh, and I have been off of one of my blood pressure medications for 1.5 years simply by applying Aroma Life, Peace and Calming and (occasionally) Stress Away daily. Scam? You tell me, Jordan.

      Either you are a pharmacy rep (as once was) or just truly a superficial, negative person. God loves you anyway, Jordan.

    • Hi Jordan, I appreciate your honest opinion. I’m currently reading a book that I’d love your opinion on. It’s called Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One, by Dr. Joe Dispenza. It deals with quantum physics and the mind. I’m enjoying it so far. Would love to hear your take on it. One particular part I found interesting so far, that I believe is connected to the effectiveness of essential oils, is the part that discusses the role of ligands in the brain and body, neurotransmitters, neuropeptides and hormones. He mentions the hormone centers of the body, specifically the pituitary gland, the pineal gland, the thyroid, thymus, adrenal glands, digestive glands and our reproductive glands. Interestingly, in a diagram I noticed that these hormone centers line up with the chakra centers.

      I don’t know much about chakra work. I experienced significant improvement during a 5 week chronic pain management class that my insurer put me through, being a (former) 17 year chronic pain patient and at the time in the peak of my pain and inability to deal with it and my illness. They didn’t officially tell us we were learning what is considered energy medicine at the time, but from my digging and continued learning that’s basically what it was, including chakra work. During the class we were given access to or the means to examine the research supporting these therapies utilizing functional MRIs and other cutting edge technologies that are now beginning to scientifically “prove” what many peoples around the world have known for hundreds if not thousands of years.

      In in the early stages of learning about these things and in my home life I have begun tinkering with and tweaking my physical environment, and of course that of my family since we’re all in the same home, with different tools including some essential oils, which are useful in chakra work. One of the physical problems I had was chronic intractable migraine. I was on the last line medication that came with 4 pages of serious warnings including the possibility of death, and the added bonus of personality changes, increased anxiety and weight gain. The longest migraine episode lasted over a year and a half. I experienced a reduction and intermittent cessation of the migraine episodes when I started using peppermint oil on my body and diffused in my home. We would later find that the cause of the migraine was several bone spurs pressing on my spinal cord between my C4 and C7 vertebrae. I have since had the spurs removed and a multi level cervical fusion, woke from surgery with no migraine and no migraine since so obviously the surgery corrected the structural/mechanical cause of my migraines, but I absolutely had significant relief for my structural problem from essential oils, which I find absolutely amazing. In addition I noticed that the times I have the oils diffused in my home my young adult children and husband are all in better moods, experience more clarity and are overall more centered. This is exactly why I’m continuing to dig into everything I can to learn as much as there is out there. Thanks for reading my long story and I look forward to hearing from you. Have a beautiful day.

      • Also, I wanted to include that the placebo effect is a real biochemical process and currently being studied as a therapy for many conditions. Don’t know how big pharma will be able to profit off it though.

      • Carol, what oils are you referring to when you stated ” I noticed that the times I have the oils diffused in my home my young adult children and husband are all in better moods, experience more clarity and are overall more centered. “? I am very new to essential oils. I started research for calming oils for my doodles who get extremely frightened from fireworks, thunderstorms, and gunshots….Thanks

    • Hi, Jordan.

      I have set up a YL account but do not openly sell. Never been the type to do any of the “Home Party” gags, ie Tupperware, Avon, Mary Kay, etc…. I have a good friend who was swearing by it and she gave me her rewards so I would try the starter kit even told me she would buy what I didn’t like. Considering her financial situation, I was impressed but being a “thinker” I was still contemplating. Then at Christmas, she gifted me a spiral bond book that gave all the info, (greatly due to my skeptism), on each oil and their usages.

      The following Mother’s Day my husband bit the bullet and purchased the starter kit for me, still using the discount and free items my friend did not use hoping I would eventually try the oils.

      WOW! I have not met an oil I didn’t like, lol.

      There are a few that I absolutely am beyond sold on, such as, I use less than a drop of the peppermint-in my water, pan a way-mixed with my coconut oil for my families aches and pains, tea tree-for my allergies and thieves-for everything. The only time I actually get any of the “expensive” stuff is when it’s free. I’m a frugal!!

      I have gone online and pulled recipes to make the oils myself, Lime, Lemon and Satsuma trees are what I have in my yard so that’s what I have made. WOW, even making them myself works very well. If you don’t want to spend the bucks, go to the grocery store and purchase what you like…here is my recipe

      1 Heat olive oil in a saucepan over medium heat and wash and dry the limes. You need 1 lime for every cup of olive oil. Remove the zest from the limes using a zester or paring knife. I use coconut oil too but it will turn to a solid so I heat it up for 10 seconds in the microwave.
      2Add the lime zest and kaffir lime leaves, if using, to the heated oil. Heat the zest and lime leaves for 10 minutes. Remove the saucepan and allow the zest and leaves to steep, covered, for 2 1/2 hours.

      All that natural concentrated nutrition is awesome. Plus, since you made it yourself you know what is in it. You can also add it to a little simmer pot with some water and let the aroma refresh your house.

      Hope this helped, Good luck and may God Bless and keep you safe 🙂

  3. I use Young Living Essential Oils and live them!!!

  4. I’m a newbie (and a skeptic) when it comes to essential oils. I don’t sell them and NEVER will. (And I never buy from MLM companies) I read Facebook posts by an expert (Robert Tisserand) and he does not recommend ingesting oils because of the risk of internal damage and developing a sensitivity to the oil. He also recommends diluting oils with a carrier oil so you only have 10% of the essential oil in the blend (for example, one drop of essential oil to every 10 drops of carrier oil). This is not only safer, but it will save you money because you’re not over-using or wasting it. Very rarely is there ever a good reason to use the oils ‘neat’.

    • icantbelievethis says:

      Essential oils shouldn’t be used ‘neat’. There’s a likelihood of adverse reaction or skin damage… not damage you can see, but cellular damage. And especially never, ever use undiluted essential oil on a child. Most essential oils are for aromatherapy or to be conbined with a massage oil. There are all manner of healing claims being made by MLM distributors… My advice comes from an educated aromatherapist. Essential oils are so concentrated, using them neat is a waste.

      • icantbelievethis says:

        Ingesting them neat is also a no-no. Add a drop to tea or water, but only if the oil is safe to ingest.

        • I don’t think this is a great idea since they don’t blend well – and you still are using them neat. Here is the recommendation from the company that I use:

          We recommend you consult with a professional before ingesting any essential oils. Consult a Medical Doctor, Naturopath, or clinically trained Aromatherapist who knows you and is aware of your medical history, as well as any medications you are on. With this information, the professional can tailor a regimen that works for your body.

      • Thanks for this. The only oil that certain safe companies recommend using neat is lavender.

  5. First of all, essential oils require longevity. They are not usually a one time application. Yes, sometimes they can be applied and work quickly, but typically they require consistent use, and slowly improve the problem. People have been using oils for thousands of years, as these oils have been around longer than any type of Big Pharma medication.

    The thing that makes oils amazing really isn’t their Healing properties, it’s their amazing (zero side effects zero negative impact on other organs) no side effect risk factor. Healing Is sometime slow, but it’s the healthy way to heal. Each specific oil as a certain healing property ( some have multiple uses), but they work by increasing the elements in your body that need to be increased, or decreasing what needs to be decreased. No other medication has this “how u need it when you need it” factor.

    As for young living specifically, I agree, but there are many other good solid 100% pure brands. I recommend Doterra.

  6. catrena buck says:

    I had heard about young living oils from my cousin who started using it herself several years ago. She tried and tried to get me to use them due to my illnesses. I have crohns and many other issues. Not until I went to her place 2 yrs ago did I see for myself they really work. I get these sores on my face from having crohns disease and she had me use some oils on it what would generally take 3 months to get rid of and the scares it leaves I awoke the next day and they were almost gone. I couldn’t believe it! Within few day’s they were completely gone and did not leave a scare. So you bet I bought the kit. I used them for my migraines and no hospital trip did I have to make. I was really thinking it wouldn’t help my crohns though so I didn’t buy the oils for it. Until I almost died this past spring from complications with a surgery for my crohns disease. I spent 2 months in and out of ICU and had 3 emergency surgeries. I came home with ileostomy bag and went into major depression. My husband and mom told me (neither of them believed in the oils at the time) But they said order the one’s you need and try. Doctor’s were telling me they couldn’t help me with my crohns anymore. I had a ileostomy reversal and was able to go out of state and visit family. I got the one’s for my crohns as well as ninxgi red and I have started using them daily. Let me tell you, I am feeling so much better and I have got to stop some of the pharmaceutical meds and just use my oils. I feel like my mind has awakened from a coma. I didn’t realize how bad I was feeling. I’m still on this journey and I know I will get the report from doctor’s saying I no longer have crohns one day. So far I’m not having issues with crohns flares. I truly believe in these oils. I don’t sell them and other than my first order I haven’t bought any through myself being a member, I have been buying them from my cousin. I am going to start getting them myself though, it’s just been easier for me who isnt real good with computer’s to get them from her since she has them on hand. I tell many friends all about them, I’m so excited for how they are changing my life and how well I feel! I want other’s going through any issue’s to be able to use these products (many are biblical) to get the help they deserve. I have had many hospital stays, surgeries etc. Over the past 20years and to be where I am right now is amazing. I can’t wait to be able to give a testimony on how I’m crohns free (which doctor’s have no cure for) one day. If you could have seen me a yr ago even 3 month’s ago, you would be shocked to see the difference today. My Neurologist hasn’t put me back on my migraine meds since the oils work for it. My grandma who is almost 86 was told in Nov. She had stage 4 lymphoma and we started her on oils as soon as we found out, she also did chemo but docs were in shock a few months ago because it was almost gone. I know it was not chemo but it was the oils and God who her. She is also diabetic and the ningxi red and oils have leveled it out and for first time since she’s been diagnosed with diabetes she has awesome blood sugar counts. Thank you for posting and sharing. I thought I would let you hear how it’s changed our lives. This is a product that sells itself..

    • what oils are you using for Crohn’s. I have UC and would like to know more about options. Thanks

    • Phyllis Byers says:

      I use YL. They mainly have helped me sleep and keep my children from getting sick or staying as sick as long. My son uses Peppermint and Thieves to help with smelly shoes and feet. My upline was extremely skeptical and it was a while before she started using the oils. She has MS, but no longer has lesions on her spine. She rarely gets sick anymore, and she is a Kindergarten teacher. Her students got sick 70% less than the other Kindergarten classes at her school. The school nurse went and asked her how that happened. The nurse now diffuses Thieves in her office everyday and the other Kindergarten teachers now do it also. Clary Sage has helped my daughter with her cramps. I believe. Although I sell YL, I don’t ever put down another company. As long as the oils are pure and are helpful to you, then use the company that is best for your body. Just be sure to use them!

  7. Ivan Venner says:

    I am currently at an essential oils meeting/ Bible Study. I am a devote Christian and find the pretence with which some are launching these products as the answer to our problems here on earth borderline on false teaching. Using the Holy Scripture to persuade listeners to buy a certain product because it has healing affects, pretty much goes against everything Jesus teaches us. The Blood of Jesus Christ is all I need, and the last I heard it was a free gift.

    • Hi Ivan. I’m not sure what you are referring to. Maybe you can clarify? I don’t have a problem with using things other than God for healing – is that what you are referring to? Many things have healing effects and I don’t think that is contradictory to the Scriptures. Let me know what you mean, please.

      • I think I know what he’s talking about. He said it was a bible study but also an essential oils meeting. Sometimes people use the Bible to give their diet or product a little more authority than it would have otherwise. Two examples off of the top of my head are the Daniel diet and the Ezekiel diet. Daniel and Ezekiel weren’t trying to promote those diets, they had an entirely different purpose and focus. Just so when you try to promote essential oils using a Bible study, it can seem kind of fishy (especially if you are selling them, but even if not).

        • I agree with you. There is merit in looking at dietary issues in the Bible, but you have to look at the context and not read more into it than what is there. Thanks!

    • Hi Ivan,
      As a Christian myself I have to say my view is God created all these things for our use. The blood of my Savior didn’t remove my cervical bone spurs before the severed my spinal cord, my surgeon did, but I do believe my surgeon was created by my Lord to heal me and many others. Oils are no different in my opinion.

  8. Great article Adrienne I really enjoyed it.
    I agree with a lot of what you mention in your article and what I do not agree with is only because I am ignorant on the matter and therefore, cannot comment. I know nothing about these essential oil companies but I do know that there is research to back up the effectiveness of many of these oils. I have a laboratory and produce my own products and therefore have access to many of the databases that list these research papers from other laboratories and universities and would be happy to share these references with you in order to add strength to your claim.
    While we do have to be skeptical about some of the results that people claim, such as Jordan point out early in your comments there is actual proof of their benefits such as in the following research papers. (There are tons more than just these)
    Ammon, H. P. T. “Boswellic Acids (Components of Frankincense) as the Active Principle in Treatment of Chronic Inflammatory Diseases.” Wiener medizinische Wochenschrift (1946) 152.15-16 (2002): 373. Web.
    Lehrstuhl Pharmakologie für Naturwissenschaftler, Pharmazeutisches Institut der Universität Tübingen, Deutschland. | Boswellic acids (components of frankincense) as the active principle in treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases | Wien Med Wochenschr. 2002;152(15-16):373-8.
    In my own laboratory I mainly focus on Frankincense and have seen it for myself just how effective these oils can be for arthritis, inflammation and much more. I look forward to reading more of your blog and keep up the great work and glad to see you get the push back you do, it is always great to consider alternate views.

    • Thanks, Pablo.

      Yes, you are right that there are many benefits of essential oils, and while the studies aren’t extensive, they are there. Hope to see you around again. More coming on the oils as well!

  9. Diet is important. If they aren’t taking care of themselves, the oils may not balance or compliment what their body needs. It’s not rocket science, people.

  10. Hi .. currently i’m looking for any recommmendation : esssential oil for depression , concentration, happiness , focus..etc. something related to brain and mind.
    Do you have any recommendation ? Lately i’ve been struggling with brain foggy situation, depression, hard to concentrate, sadness.. . I dont wanna take prescribed drugs since the drugs have a lot of unwanted side effects. thx

  11. Great article. Thank you. Love your site.

  12. I use YL and find them to be wonderful. I have been working with rosemary essential oil to recover lost memories from childhood. Let me tell you it has been an amazing journey and I have learned much about myself through those lost but found memories from my childhood. I also had a shoulder injury that was on the mend but I re-injured it recently and had the good fortune of knowing someone that turned me on to deep Relief , it worked beautifully although not fully healed I am able to do yoga with little discomfort and when it become overwhelming I apply it and all is good. Thank you for this article it has been edutational and reaffirming of my use of E.O’s

  13. Darlene Rorabaugh says:

    I just have a question regarding the Young Living Thieves Spray. I was on a cross country trip and met a really nice lady in a public restroom. I was coughing due to the bronchitis I had been fighting. She offered my a partial bottle of Thieves. She said she had bronchitis three times and the oil stopped her coughing. I dropped some on my tongue and swallowed it as she instructed. Anyway, on down the road I read the label and was astonished to read the suggested uses: Spray on surfaces such as kitchen and bathroom counters, public seating, and anywhere germs may be present. Nowhere does it state that it can be taken by mouth. I was afraid to use it again and just wonder if it is safe taken internally.

    • Hi there. I don’t know – the ingredients don’t look terrible to me so the concern would be if the oils in the spray are pure or not and if you should be taking them internally.

      Here is the official statement regarding internal use from the company that I recommend:

      We recommend you consult with a professional before ingesting any essential oils. Consult a Medical Doctor, Naturopath, or clinically trained Aromatherapist who knows you and is aware of your medical history, as well as any medications you are on. With this information, the professional can tailor a regimen that works for your body.

  14. Just came across this great and informative site.
    My husband is going to have a 2day reconstructive back surgery. Are there essential oils to help with recovery/ healing and clearing his system from anesthesia? As well as keep his hospital room disease free.? Thanks!! Ps someone mentioned putting a smear of thieves oil on the bottom of his feet. Does tha make sense?

  15. To call it a scam just because it didn’t work for you is a bit much. Like with any medications whether they are chemical or natural, they may or may not work, which just depends on the person. There are some oils that work for my wife, but not for me. Does that mean it’s a scam? I’ve read a ton of information on the founder, Gary Young who had very dedicated to helping people out. Because of a logging accident, he was once told that he would never walk again. However, he learned about essential oils and found a way to recover with them. Some of the oils don’t work as well as I wish they would, but I could never say they are a scam. I just don’t know how something can be a scam when one can experience healing. Thieves, Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint really work well for me to help with healing.

    Using the bible to promote oils is no different than a missionary out in the field teaching a group of children about reading and using God’s word to reach those who may not know who Jesus is. I cannot grasp how that is such a bad thing. Essential Oils have differently been a staple ever since God formed this earth. I truly believe he put Oils on this planet for purpose of healing and staying healthy. It is MAN that jacked it all up with the desire to create products and medicine that will heal someone faster and stronger even if it would result in tremendous side effects.

    Did you have a bad experience as a Young Living rep? Those are bold words to be using when I have personally witnessed healing in myself and family. I can understand if you actually no longer want to use them, but to voice them as a scam is a little naive considering there are so many people who have great testimonies of how they have helped heal their illness/condition.

    • Hello Darrick.

      I feel like you didn’t read my post. Thieves did work for me and I ended up joining Young Living, but I left them later. Perhaps go back and read the post?

      Of course something could be a scam if it worked for healing. I’m not saying this about Young Living, but let’s say that something really helped me. Then I went and marketed it but changed it or adulterated it, or made claims about my healing (or others’ healings) that weren’t valid, then it could be a scam. Also, things can heal that are scams….in that something else could have been doing the healing.

      I am not sure how you think that essential oils were around since the beginning of the earth? It’s possible but I guess that depends on your estimation of when the earth started.

      Yes, I did leave Young Living, for various reasons. I do think you read my post wrong. I thought oils were a scam, but tried them and used them and YL was the first company that I went with, but I left them later. So the title was about what I used to think about oils.

      Hope that clarifies things.

  16. Thieves oil does work on mosquitos and you don,t really have to spend a lot. Just buy the oils separately.on amazon. Lemon, rosemary, clove, cinnamon and eucalyptus. You can lok up the proportions online. I mixed a a few drops in water and sprayed it on with a spray bottle and sat in my garage where I usually get eaten and watched them just swarm around my ankles without touching me. It doesn’t last as long that way. If you want longer term protection get some unscented liquid Castille soap, add some thieves oils to it and shower with it every day, it worked for me.

    • Interesting! So I don’t understand why spraying would work less than showering and rinsing off, however. Any thoughts?

      • I am not absolutely sure why, but I believe the soap helps with separating the oil so it can be absorbed more easily into your skin. I may try mixing some soap with the spray and see if that helps.

  17. Rachael Nelsons says:

    Oils do wonders infact when med did not stop my epilepsy I began to use Ylang Ylang and tea tree oil in each bath I took and now 6 moths later no more seizure attacks and no as many bad moods only menapause nowx

  18. I like the wording here “Speak Your Mind”, just love it. I do not use essential oils much, but find that those who do use essential oils are sometimes more health minded, or heading in that direction, Sometimes I wonder about the placebo effect. I lean more towards the herbal route, instead of the oil I get the teas, herbs, or tinctures themselves and use those instead. I so agree with the commentor that said it takes months for these things to work, same for herbal remedies. We tend to want the quick fix, sure some get lucky, but the U.S. is tops for auto-immune illness and almost tops for cancer, just as helpful is nutritional healing, learning gentle detoxification methods, proper exercise techniques, meditation, and yes even yoga.

  19. We got into essential oils as alternatives to everyday medication and our family loves them. We use them for cleaning, smell and taste in food and water. I’m currently reading a book that gives skeptics a much more scientific basis for why they work. It called the chemistry of essential oils made easy by dr David Stuart. Very informative book not just on the oils but other things as well.

    • I’ve seen that book – very interesting. Does it lean too heavily towards Young Living? I’m working on building my EO book library.

      • Not at all, really focused on essential oils. Starts off with what a true essential oil is and how it is distilled. Very informative I’m only half way through, it has only mentioned young living a few times but only to say it’s currently the only company that regularly sends its oils to be tested to meet AFNOR standards, and has its own complete process from farm to bottle. We use young living but, I think it’s important to keep companies honest.

        • Great. I don’t know that AFNOR is the end all and be all but that’s very helpful information. Thank you!

          • Certainly not just like the FDA isn’t either lol. It really is an informative book though, Im interested in the science aspect just as much as I am the spiritual. If you read this book for 15 min you won’t be disappointed and you will want to thumb through it. Anyways have a nice day I don’t know how I even got to this blog but felt compelled to share that book, hope it helps

          • I agree. Interesting. So question – are there other books you love? I’m putting together a list to check out / buy b/c I want to have good resources for my readers. So it’s $50 and not in our library – is it worth that?

          • Reference type books? I haven’t really gotten into them until just now. I’m more into the law of attraction and self help books. The power of now, the law of attraction collection by ester hicks were two I really enjoyed

          • Actually I meant essential oils books.

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