Don’t Read This Unless You’d Like $250! – Giveaway- 3 Winners

Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

(First of all, sorry about this post going out to you yesterday too early.  I shared it too early and then my blog “freaked out” and I couldn’t unpublish it in time.  Sorry for the confusion :).)

Hey Wonderful Readers!!

I’ve got a real treat for you today.

A super-easy-to-enter giveaway of something that all of us can use–

An Amazon Gift Card.

Loaded with a LOT of money!

This is really something.

Whether you would use this money to do Christmas shopping or to buy whole food or healthy living items that your family needs, there are going to be

3 Readers who will win an $250 Amazon Gift Card!  Wow!

You could easily grab toys, clothes, or even supplements or great whole foodie / natural living deals for everyone on your list (or even for yourself!)

Note: some of the following links are affiliate links so if you click on them and make a purchase I might make a commission. Your support of my blog keeps this free resource up and running :)!

I personally buy a lot of my healthy living items on Amazon. Just this past month, I purchased:

This vertical mouse holds your hand in a natural position and apparently reduces stress to prevent repetitive injuries.

This vertical mouse holds your hand in a natural position and apparently reduces stress to prevent repetitive injuries.


One of the best books on thyroid health in my opinion.

One of the best books on thyroid health in my opinion.

My hand was bugging my while I was on the computer, so I needed a new mouse. The book–we’ll talk about that later. Let’s just say I’ve been doing a lot of reading about thyroid health.  Can’t wait to share it with you all.

This is all called A Big Christmas Shopping Spree Giveaway and I am so pleased to be able to offer it to you.

Here’s the list of bloggers behind the giveaway:

Teachers of Good Things | Beyond the Cover | Homeschool Giveaways and Freebies | The Chaos and The Clutter | Intoxicated on Life | Simply Sherryl | Golden Reflections Blog | The Vicki Arnold Blog | Wildflower Ramblings | Kids Yoga Stories | Moola Saving Mom | Growing Up Triplets | Life Coaching & More | Daze of Adventures | Family, Faith and Fridays | Stretching a Buck | Susie Homeschooler | Frugal Homeschool Family | The Teaching Mama | For This Season | Raising the Barrs | Grace Tells Another Story | Mom’s Mustard Seed | Raising Lifelong Learners | Surviving the Stores | How to Homeschool for Free | Whole New Mom | Natural Beach Living | The Encouraging Mom | i Dream of Clean | Abundant Life | Psycho with 6 | Angie Rgy

How the Big Christmas Shopping Spree Giveaway works:

NOTE:  You can come back and enter multiple times on multiple blogs.  So you can end up with TONS of chances to win these great prizes!

  • Tons of Entry Options on Multiple Days! – Between November 12th and November 18th, you can come back and register for as many options as you desire until you have entered all of them that you desire to enter.
  • Enter some entries more than once – You can add a new comment on a different blog every day, so visit more of the sponsors and leave a comment to have another entry! You can even tweet once a day for additional entries.
  • You must be 18 years old and live in the United States – The 3 winners will receive an Amazon Gift Card in the mail.
  • Winners will be verified – Each winner drawn will be verified that they entered the giveaway correctly.
  • Winners must provide mailing address within 48 hours of notification – To claim your prize, you only have 48 hours to provide your mailing address or a new winner will be drawn. No exceptions. Be sure to check your email on November 19th or 20th to be sure you don’t miss out on a shopping spree you won’t soon forget!
  • Winners shop on Amazon – If you are a winner, you can shop online for all of those loved ones on your shopping list. And you’ll have your gift card in time for Black Friday specials!

Now let’s get to the entries and get one step closer to 3 people winning a $250 Amazon Gift Card for a Big Christmas Shopping Spree Giveaway:

Click on the “Entry Form” Link to go to the giveaway.  :)



Can’t wait to see who the winners are!  Someone will be super blessed with this.



What would YOU buy with $250?
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  1. Looks like a great giveaway….but us Canadians can’t enter….boo hoo.

  2. I have a whole wish list saved on Amazon of things I want to purchase. One of those things is magnesium flakes so I can make my own magnesium oil. Thanks for the opportunity and the great giveaway!

  3. I would purchase a cold air diffuser for essential oils.

  4. The first thing I would buy is a some new clothes. I could really use some new jeans!

  5. One of those tabs that go on cell phones to reduce radiation.

  6. I would probably purchase some cast iron items!

  7. renee tjapkes says:

    Wow! I would probably buy a dehydrator – or maybe a bunch of little “wants”.

  8. I have several books and books on CDs on my wish list that I would get, also I would buy some coconut and almond flours.

  9. Well, it isn’t $250 dollars but I’d start with the GAPS cookbook. I have to return the one I’ve been borrowing & need to replace it! :)

  10. The first thing I would buy is a pasta attachment for my mixer :-)

  11. I would buy the ice cream maker I’ve been wanting for months! That way, once our cows come back into milk I could make some whenever I wanted to, that was way more healthy for us that what you can buy in the store! :-))

  12. krista kelly says:

    with baby twins this would be solo helpful!

  13. Letty Chen says:

    the first thing I would buy would be the Kindle my son has been asking so he can have all his books with him at all times. :) Thank you for the great giveaway.

  14. I’d probably get some educational games/toys/books. We’re starting to think seriously about homeschooling, thought it’s still officially a year away, and I’m making lists of what we’ll need! :)

  15. I have an entire wish list. There are some Christmas presents on there and a few kitchen items. I wouldn’t know where to start!

  16. I would stock up on supplements. Thanks for the giveaway.

  17. My first purchase would be a stainless steel coffee pot! Then I would buy Christmas gifts:)

  18. Deanna Furrey says:

    I would buy a grain mill attachment for my Kitchen-Aid Thanks :)

  19. BaseballMomOf3 says:

    Since EOs are new to my home, I would love to get a diffuser and a book to read about EO. I would definitely use it for ME… and as I say that I can think of 10 things to get the kids… *sigh*

  20. Christina Phillips says:

    This is such a wonderful thing that you all are doing. Thank you so much for the opportunity. :)

  21. VITAMIX!!!!

  22. a cookbook for myself, a fantasy novel for my husband, and a hand crank food mill to make baby food at the table

  23. The Excalibur 3900B 9 Tray Deluxe Dehydrator is my first choice…I have been wanting it for awhile but….I really NEED a 2nd EO diffuser for my kids room, coconut oil and cod liver oil. so that is probably what I would get. Thank you for this great giveaway opportunity.

  24. Kimberley O. says:

    Breville Juicer

  25. I would purchase The Quick Reference Guide for Essential Oils and a diffuser.

  26. I would purchase a juicer, I have been thinking of getting one for a while now.

  27. I would buy Christmas presents for my kids!

  28. I have a lot of items saved to my wish list, but the first thing I would buy is a pregnancy pillow because I’m three months pregnant and it’s starting to get uncomfortable to sleep. That pillow looks amazing!

  29. Gifts for my daughter!

  30. I have a whole host of things that I’d like – most of which is for my kids, but a few things for me. Some stainless steel cookie sheets and muffin tins to replace the aluminum ones I have now, some EOs and other goodies along those lines, and, of course, Christmas presents for my kids!

  31. I have a list of things I want. One new item is the book “Grain Brain”. Thanks for this opportunity to win.

  32. I have been dreaming of a toaster oven! That would be my purchase.

  33. I’ve been wanting a nice pressure cooker, so that’s the first thing I would buy.

  34. Michelle Smith says:

    There are quite a few items I would buy. First would be a multi function laser printer, preferably in color, but could make do with just black toner.

  35. Oh my! I have so many items on my wishlist. Books, kitchen items, gifts….. Thank you so much!

  36. Probably a frying pan!

  37. Donna Walker says:

    I would definitely get a sewing machine, I want to learn how to sew and quilt. I want to be able to make a tee shirt quilt for my son’s graduation gift of all his wrestling tournament shirts. I also want to begin working on my daughters wrestling tee shirt quilt so it would be ready when she graduated. Then my niece for music and my nephew for video game characters. I want to get the sewing machine so I can start and really cool new tradition. It would be so wonderful.

  38. I would buy soapnuts!

  39. Love love love giveaways

  40. The first thing I would get is one of those nail lamps that you use to do the gel manicures with. It’s totally silly and selfish but I’ve had my eye on it and would love to do a manicure and not ruin it before it even dries!

  41. I would buy a Dutch oven and a good blender.

  42. I’d get some books on holistic healing & nutrition, & stuff to make own lip balm, natural beauty products

  43. The first thing I’d buy if I won the $250 Amazon gift card is…several things on my wish list! I have so many things on my wish list, it would be a ball to figure it out – probably starting with some essential oils.

  44. i’d like a dehydrator too — or maybe a new tablet if i’m feeling super selfish, mine died. boo. thanks for the giveaway.

  45. I would buy a smoker for my smoking-hot husband.

  46. I would buy a FoodSaver system!

  47. I would spend it on the Shiawassee Humane Society (Owosso, Michigan)

    I have a very soft heart for animals and unfortunately our local Humane Society has barely any money to be able to get supplies. Often they post on their Facebook page that they are “going to run out of kitten, mature cat, and adult dog food, are out of paper towels, and no dish soap.” That being the case, I would be trying to find supplies that they could use…ingredients to make homemade laundry detergent, blankets, bowls, paper towels, toilet paper, etc.

    If anyone reads this and wants to donate, please consider this humane society or your local shelter…especially if you know they are struggling to care for the animals. Good Karma to everyone!!

  48. I would buy gifts for my boys.

  49. I have a long wish list on Amazon. The first thing I would probably get is some more cast iron cookware.

  50. The first things I would buy on Amazon with the $250 gift card would be a spiroolizer..:)

  51. I would put the gift card towards a Vitamix for the whole family or use it to buy Christmas presents for our families.

  52. I would purchase clothes to cater for my growing baby bump and some scarves.
    Moving from Australia to Canada has seriously limited my wardrobe options…. Goodbye summer dresses, hello scarves.

  53. I have a wish list of items I would love to purchase! New books for my daughter, gelatin, magnesium flakes, cooking items, etc. Would love to win!

  54. It would go towards a new Wondermill!

  55. Nicole Phillips says:

    I would buy a new Kindle Fire HD.

  56. I’d purchase some books on homeschooling for my son!

  57. I would have to get my husband something nice! Maybe a Kindle Fire!

  58. I would finish buying Christmas gifts for my 6 kids and hubby (and no, we do not get any sort of government help with any of our food or bills, so it’s tough). I still have way too much stuff to buy and only one credit card statement period to do it in. I’m also still trying to get Bug Out Bags stocked a little bit at a time. I love Amazon!

  59. Nicole Phillips says:

    Kindle Fire

  60. Kindle Paperwhite!

  61. I would do all of my Christmas shopping with this Amazon card!

  62. What would I purchase first? So many things on my wish list, but it would have to be a Vitamix, or maybe a Kindle Fire to read all the wonderful ebooks from the amazing bundle I purchased recently!

  63. Christine T. says:

    The first thing I’d purchase? something nice for my husband. He’s currently unemployed & does so much for our kids. Then I’d look for things my 2 girls would love. :) Thank you for the chance to win this :)

  64. There are a number of things I would like to try to continue the last leg of healing my chronic fatigue!

  65. The first thing I would buy is a birthday present for my daughter, since I wasn’t able to afford one for her on her birthday this year. Then I would get what I could to make Christmas a fun surprise for my kids this year.

  66. I would buy some fun games to play as a family.

  67. I would buy Christmas gifts for my family. I’ve had a full “cart” for weeks! :)

  68. There is a 5 pc cast iron set in my wish list, also a gluten free bread maker.

  69. I’d probably use this to purchase a few items off my homeschool Amazon list.

  70. Lindsy Pfau says:

    This would be amazing!!!

  71. Christmas presents for my nephews who aren’t getting any this year because their mom and dad have no extra money!!

  72. apryl burns says:

    I would get yummy gluten free food foe the family :)

  73. Diapers!! Then probably some of the supplements I have been waiting to buy

  74. I would buy a laminator.

  75. I’d buy an essential oils diffuser.

  76. I have tons of stuff on various Amazon wishlists (it’s where I put things for the kids that I don’t want to forget about later on). I would probably blow it all on books!

  77. carolyn tait says:

    Wow! What a great offering! I would love to be able to get an essential oil diffuser. The gift card would be a big help with Christmas as well.

  78. I really love giveaways :) thank you so much!

  79. We buy so many things on Amazon…I would put this towards our Christmas shopping!

  80. Some school books for my boys and wet erase markers (which I can’t seem to find anywhere). And about a thousand other things! LOL

  81. Dierdre Stevenson says:

    The first thing I would buy is a new blender!

  82. I would purchase Christmas presents for my daughter :-)

  83. Gosh, there’s tons of things I would love to buy. I’m guessing I’d buy a dehydrator!

  84. Christine J. says:

    I need/want so many things! I would get some new shirts/sweaters (have too many jeans), and some shoes to start off with! But if I can shop on Black Friday and find a kitchen aide mixer for $250 or under, I’m so getting that!!

  85. I’ve been wanting a Kindle for a while now, so I’d probably buy that first. Or Christmas presents.

  86. Ashley Wenzel says:

    I would buy some Christmas gifts for my toddler :-)

  87. I would love to buy a Vitamix!

  88. I would love this to help with Christmas shopping this year for my kids and family! Thanks!

  89. I would buy some supplements (vitamin d, c and cod liver oil, probiotics- those things are pricy and add up!) and gifts for family.

  90. Krystle Metscher says:

    This is awesome! I would buy Christmas gifts!

  91. Miki Baxter says:

    I’d purchase books as gifts for Christmas!

  92. Thank you for this opportunity! I’d buy a dehydrator.

  93. Kim Cotter says:

    I’d buy Super Fine brown rice flour and all sorts of healthy food items!!!

  94. I would purchase essentials for making DIY products such as Shea Butter, Bees Wax, and Sesame oils, etc. I have the Essential Oils, just need the other products to get going on making some Christmas gifts!

  95. I have some herbal medicines I need to stock up on, then I want to expand my essential oil collection!

  96. I have a whole wish list saved on Amazon, but I might get us a Kindle Fire 32 gb. Books and more on there for the whole family!

  97. Nicole Bowers says:

    I would use this money to get Christmas gifts for my children.

  98. The first thing I’d buy with an Amazon gift card would probably be a citrus juicer. I’ve discovered I can’t stand the taste of the pasteurized orange juice any more, but i love fresh squeezed!

  99. Hmm, probably cast iron or other cooking gear to replace my non-stick stuff…worried about the toxins in those!

  100. I would start chipping away at my Extensive wishlist. (cookery books, water filters, ebooks, supplements, etc, etc, etc, eeeeeeeeeeeeettttttttccccccccccc :)

  101. I plan on doing my Christmas shopping with this. First thing up would probably be a food dehydrator.

  102. Sandy Curtis says:

    I would buy my husband and new backpack since he turned his old one into a BOB :-)

  103. Christmas gifts for my kids

  104. Allison Mihelich says:

    I would love to get Christmas gifts……toys, books, specialty foods, and a diffuser……just to name a few! Thanks!

  105. Maryanne Marke says:

    I would purchase gifts for my family.

  106. I would love to get some healthy cookware! Thanks for offering this!

  107. I have a wish list of gluten-free cookbooks as well as The Grain Brain and Wheat Belly already.

  108. Lindsay Kelsheimer says:

    I would love to buy my kids what they asked for…this would go a BIG way toward that goal!!

  109. I would stock up on supplements and finally buy the ice cream maker I have been eying!

  110. Tawnya Howell says:

    I would use for gifts for others. :)

  111. I love this blog! I learn so much every time I read! If I won on Amazon, I’d buy supplements & groceries, for sure. We are beyond poor right now, not a lie. 3 people trying to live on $1200 a month

  112. I would buy Christmas for my family.

  113. Toys for the kids! And some books for our homeschool.

  114. I would buy Christmas presents!

  115. Michelle Ward says:

    I would buy Christmas presents!

  116. Rebecca Jacobson says:

    This sounds amazing! Great giveaway!

  117. Ilka W. J. says:

    I, too, have a long list on amazon. If I win, this may well go towards either a KitchenAid mixer, or a Bosch, or a food dehydrator. One can always dream, eh? :-)

  118. I have many things on my Wish List I would buy, but the FIRST would be Great Lakes Kosher Gelatin.

  119. I would start with some Christmas presents for myself and my kids!

  120. This would be used for Christmas gifts for my hubby and kids!

  121. Stephanie H. says:

    I would love an essential oils diffuser!

  122. Thanks for the giveaway. I would buy Christmas gifts for kids.

  123. Alex Barron says:

    I love shopping from Amazon! I would buy a new food processor for making fermented foods.

  124. Christina P. says:

    I would probably buy supplements or food. That’s what I buy the most on Amazon.

  125. Almond Flour. . .and probably a few more gluten free baking items for the holidays. I just had a baby with digestive issues, so in order to keep breastfeeding I’ve eliminated lots foods. I would love some cookies at Christmas :) Let’s face it, I’d love a lot of cookies at Christmas :)

  126. Ooh, I’ve been eyeing a food dehydrator!

  127. Christina E. says:

    The first thing I would purchase is a salt lamp and a diffuser. My house bums me out when it smells like dog.

  128. First thing I’d buy is the Disney Infinity Wii game

  129. I would buy a Kindle for all the books I want that won’t fit on my iPad, and some stuff for kids and grandkids!

  130. I already bought a Vitamix so I can’t say that anymore. Probably grocery items and toys for my son.

  131. Rena Perry says:

    The first thing I would buy would be a Christmas present. Probably a Kindle.

  132. it wouldn’t let me pin this, there isn’t a picture on the pin, or it wouldn’t load.

  133. I would buy fun books for the kids! And a Kindle for me! :)

  134. I would buy an air purifier!

  135. Please tell me how that mouse works out! I have been working from home more and my wrist is killing me!

  136. I would love to win this! My hubby is trying to make it on his own (self-employed)…and this would help so much!

  137. Thanks for the great giveaway! The first thing I would buy would be a dehydrator.

  138. Lillace Christianson says:

    My daughter bought me the same mouse recently and it works great!

  139. Sue Anthony says:

    The first thing I would buy is Christmas presents for the kids

  140. I would purchase a bread maker!!!

    • BaseballMomOf3 says:

      Love love my bread maker! I work 40+ a week and have 3 very busy kids but make time for at least 1-2 loaves a week!

  141. Lillace Christianson says:

    I’d start shopping for curtains!

  142. I’d put it towards a vitamix

  143. Mickey Louth says:

    I want a foodsaver with canning jar attachment; maybe some sausage making stuff too.

  144. Martha Crawford says:

    I would use it for Christmas gifts for my wonderful Grandkids!!!

  145. Janis Rowland says:

    I would use it towards a dehydrator

  146. Susan Alexander says:

    I would totally use it to buy some new ceramic cookware to replace my flaking teflon!!

  147. mishia moreno says:

    This will be so cool if we win this

  148. I think I would buy some expensive shoes for my husband’s unique feet! (We call them hobbit feet…and it is hard to find shoes for them!) Then I’d buy some sheets. Mine have huge holes in them.

  149. I would buy the play parachute for my girls. They use one in their playgroup and love it so much! After that….who knows….the Amazon wishlist is endless! :)

  150. Gluten free groceries! And then books. LOL

  151. I would probably use it for supplements and/or probiotics. They add up so fast!

  152. I would probably use it to buy supplements they add up so fast!

  153. I would buy a new monitor for my computer – the blue is going out so everything looks yellowish most of the time :)

  154. Karibeth Soto says:

    I need a bigger cast iron skillet! The rest will buy presents for my kiddos :)

  155. I would need to do some Christmas shopping for family.

  156. Kristi Marie S says:

    This is so neat!! I work as a volunteer teacher in Mexico and have run out of several personal healthy living items!! One of the first things I would buy would be essential oils and maybe various butters and castile soaps!!
    All the best,

  157. I am thinking either the Wondermill or the Vitamix. I can’t decide which one I need to have more!

  158. Stefanie D. says:

    7 children. 6 children-in-law. 6 grandchildren. And a whole lotta things to gather as I carry our household to non-toxicity in cooking, storing, cleaning, personal care, herbal remedies and general wellness … AND teach my children how to do the same. Thank you for offering this giveaway. It’s very thoughtful.

  159. Oh, my. That would be an amazing Amazon gift card indeed! With 5 young children, the possibilities would be limitless for Christmas shopping! Hmmmm…I’m also desperately in need of a new vacuum cleaner, too…?

  160. I have so many wishlists on Amazon! An immersion blender would be one of the first things I would buy!

  161. I would purchase Christmas gifts for family…I know my girls want the bracelet looms for sure. I’d also get some lawn care products my husband is almost ready to purchase for the winter. I use Amazon for as much shopping as I can, and especially this year since I have a broken foot and standing in long lines is not looking fun.

  162. I would buy a lot of the cookbooks I have on my wish list.

  163. Glassgirl50 says:

    Christmas Gifts!

  164. First, I would buy some things for the kids. Then maybe splurge on myself.

  165. Books! And kitchen stuff! I’d have to look at my wish list… Thank you!

  166. I love buying on Amazon! Thanks for the chance! Looking for books and magnesium flakes.

  167. The first thing I would buy would be a juicer.

  168. I would buy Christmas presents for family and friends.

  169. Melissa Carr says:

    I would get the mill grinder attachment for my Kitchen Aid Mixer!

  170. I would buy a Foodsaver system.

  171. I think I’d like to take care of the few gifts I have on my list and use the rest for business supplies!

  172. Jane Schenck says:

    Probably would put it toward a nice camera!

  173. Amanda Yoder says:

    I would buy a Kindle Fire first for hubby and I to share–we’ve been wanting a tablet and ereader but we don’t have the money. Then I would buy dark glass bottles for my homemade vanilla (that are way more than I was expecting)!

  174. Haha! I would probably buy diapers! ;)

  175. I would buy a pressure canner and an electric ice cream maker!

  176. The first thing I would do is stock up on my favorite supplements, health foods, and cookbooks.

  177. I would buy books.

  178. I would get some colostrum supplements to see if that will help me on my journey to recovery. I also have some homeschool materials in my wishlist and some cookware and healthy food.

  179. I would buy PJs for my family, like I used to do for Christmas Eve (until it became too pricey:).

  180. I’m not sure what I would buy. I would probably be super-frugal and see what the best deals are at the time.

  181. I would buy a microscope for my daughter.

  182. I have a whole bunch of stuff on Amazon that I would like to get one of them being soap nuts. We are currently out of homemade laundry detergent and I really want to give these a try.

  183. oh my word…i have no idea! my indecisiveness would make it a difficult choice :)

  184. Charlotte Moore says:

    Hard to know for sure what I would get. I would get some kitchen stuff I guess.


  185. Harlena Dyer says:

    A computer for my son, so I can have mine back lol

  186. I would buy dress up clothes for my kids, then a toaster oven & cast iron cookware for me! :)

  187. Supplements

  188. I would buy a vitamix!

  189. I have many items on Amazon to purchase, but I saw a great buy on an immersion blender and I need a new cast iron skillet!! Love!!

  190. I would buy an immersion blender!

  191. Michelle L. says:

    I would buy tons of organic, real foods products. I would have a shopping spree.

  192. I would finally stock up on all the essential oils I have been wanting, along with a great reference guide!!

  193. We would use this to buy Christmas presents, it would really help :) Thank you so much!

  194. Hi Adrienne! Thanks to you and the others for the generous giveaway! I would order some lip balm containers and the tray to put them in, if I won the giveaway! Have a great day! Blessings from Bama!

  195. I’d gift it to my friend Sharon. She’s going through a rough period and can use a bit of luck coming her way.

  196. A new ipod for my husband.

  197. I would love a vitamix!

  198. mgrant7209 says:

    There are so many things I would like to have: a good set of cookware, an exercise bike, coconut oil and other ingredients for “real food – gluten free” cooking. I can’t think of just one.

  199. I would honestly shop for Christmas gifts for my family and friends.

  200. Well I need a new pair of boots but after that I would buy healthy ingredients for the food I make for my family! Thanks for the giveaway!

  201. Oh my! I would make a dent on my wish list that has lots of wonderful books for my son and some goodies for Mom and Dad too!

  202. Dawn Turchin Samuels says:

    My laptop is dying – would love to get a new one!

  203. Rhonda Pointer says:

    I would use it towards a Kitchen aid Stand Mixer.

  204. LeAnn Weaver says:

    I would buy a masticating juicer.

  205. Tiffany McLeod says:

    Books and/or power tools!

  206. Stacy Sprouse says:

    I would love to purchase a food saver system or a dehydrator for the family. My wishlist on Amazon grows daily so $250.00 would be a great amount to start making those wishes come true!

  207. i would first buy some christmas gifts and if there was anything leftover i’d buy myself a book or two off my wishlist!

  208. Gifts for my kids! Woohoo!

  209. The first thing I would get is some Xmas gifts.

  210. I would purchase essential oils, as gifts for family & friends

  211. Love this contest! If I win I will get my son some toys and maybe something for myself too! Thanks!

  212. Probably some gluten free foods that are hard to find in my area.

  213. Baby Quasar Plus (Red)

  214. I would buy Christmas gifts, more healthy foods to stock my pantry. This is a great giveaway I shop through Amazon a lot. Thanks to all that put this together!

  215. Elizabeth Kegans says:

    I also have a long wish list. The biggest item I would buy would be a dehydrator.

  216. Heather Mayfield says:

    I would buy a new bread maker.

  217. I think I would buy the golf clubs my college son would like for Christmas!

  218. So excited about this giveaway! I love your blog! To fulfill the question….i would buy gifts for my family…and I would live to buy the Thyroid health book you mentioned today for my sister, who was just diagnosed with thyroid cancer at age 28. I am also interested in finding some good books on cleansing Candida from the body, as well as some awesome whole foods cookbooks! Thanks!

  219. excalibur dehydrator and books :)

  220. I would buy my children’s Christmas presents as I wouldn’t be able to do so otherwise.

  221. Christmas gifts and/or a Berkey!

  222. Our Crockpot recently bit the dust. A new one would be my first purchase.

  223. : ) Kate ( : says:

    The first thing I would buy would be…. hard decision! Maybe bamboo cutting boards or organic cotton blankets for the family or organic pajamas for the family!

  224. I would buy some storage containers for my kitchen and office. I would also buy some gifts that my 5 year old goddaughter wants that she’s seen on Amazon.
    Thank you for this contest opportunity!

  225. I have my eyes on a good food processor, so useful for making pesto, hummus, and other homemade goodies!

  226. The books from A Handmade Home that are available now..

  227. Elizabeth G. says:

    I would buy a food processor.

  228. Jan Prestridge says:

    I would use it to purchase more Native American Oils.

  229. Cindy Freeman says:

    I’d probably buy BOOKS and health food type things.

  230. Cloth diapers for my daughter so she no longer has to use those uncomfy store bought ones.

  231. I am undecided, but I know my husband has an electronic item for $250 on his wish list. If he doesn’t get it I would buy supplements and some books for my boys.

  232. Christmas gifts for my family

  233. I would go thru my already wish list that I have on Amazon & the first two things I would order are the books I have been wanting to get: The Elliot Homestead: From Scratch & Ladeled: Nourishing Soups for All Seasons!! I would LOVE these Cookbooks!!

  234. An EO diffuser or a dehydrator or some boots… You know, the essentials.

  235. I think that I would buy a dehydrator and some books.

  236. All the great book I could buy with $250.00……..*sigh*

  237. Dawn Rearick says:

    Oh good lord I have a huge wish list but I guess the first things would be homemade tooth powder supplies and magnesium flakes. :)

  238. I wonder if I could use it to sign up w/another DS company??? Maybe, I’d do that!

  239. great giveaway idea!

  240. Sylvia Korompis says:

    I would probably get a slow cooker and other kitchen stuff. Thanks for the giveaway!

  241. I would buy a vitamix

  242. I would buy wooden toys for my babies.

  243. I would have to narrow down a list! I have several hard copy cookbooks I’d like to buy. I really would like some Le Creuset cookware… I could go on!!!

  244. Mary Ann Martin says:

    First of all- thanks for this opportunity! How fun! :D
    The first thing I would go for is books… I love reading.

  245. The first thing I would buy would be some shea butter. It is an essential ingredient in my hair creams and my body butters.

  246. Mary Ann Martin says:

    I don’t see my comment…I hope I’m not cluttering up your page with comments. Anyway, thanks for the giveaway! I would buy some books first of all. Crunchy healthy books ;)

  247. I would buy a jumpeeoo for my baby

  248. I would buy some “green” toys as Christmas gifts for my niece and nephew. As someone with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, I would buy some 100% organic cotton or wool slippers, and also items for the kitchen that are non-toxic. Thanks for hosting the give away!

  249. Stephanie McGahhey says:


  250. Oh lord my wishing list is toooooooo long how a big help this gift card can be

  251. Melissa Snow says:

    I think I would put it towards buying an iPad for my husband for Christmas. That would be a really nice surprise for him!

  252. I would definitely stock up on the alternative sweeteners that you recommend!

  253. I would definitely buy some Christmas and maybe the non-Teflon coated bakeware I’ve been looking at.

  254. Thanks for a great giveaway! If I had the $250 I would purchase Christmas items for my two children, starting with a Dollie and Me doll for my little girl.

  255. Buy a Vitamix!

  256. I’ve been saving for a Berkey Water filtration system.

  257. Lynn Moody says:

    I would buy a Vitamix! But that would be selfish considering the holiday season so I would buy gifts for my loved ones! Thank you for the giveaway! This makes a girl dream!

  258. Mickie Frenzel says:

    I would put it toward a new pressure cooker! Thanks for the opportunity!

  259. I would probably buy a waterpik flosser =)

  260. a camera!

  261. Chrissy Rogan says:

    Thanks for the opportunity for this giveaway! :) I would have to decide if I were going to buy a bread machine or a sewing machine first… or maybe a Kindle for my kids. Decisions, decisions!

  262. The first thing I would buy would be essential oils and coconut oil.

  263. Debra Ellifson says:

    I would purchase a birthday gift for my granddaughter.

  264. Kat Gigliotti says:

    There’s a huge list of things I want to purchase through Amazon, at the top of that list is a gallon of coconut oil and some educational games for my kids!

  265. Paula Tatman says:

    I would start by buying the 55 gallon drums that hold water and have a spigot on them! Thanks for the chance to win!

  266. Books from my wishlist! :o)

  267. I would purchase some ceramic cookware!

  268. Disney Infinity!

  269. Ashley Sherin says:

    This would be so easy to do! I have an entire list of what I would buy on Amazon! A whole wish list started. lol This is exciting

  270. Books! I have a list of them!

  271. Would love to win this!

  272. The first thing I would purchase is a new sweeper/carpet cleaner!

  273. Rachel Swanson says:

    I have a huge wish list on Amazon! I would have to pick things so that I get equal items for the four children and something nice for my mom. I always have trouble narrowing down what I would buy for gifts. I have been looking at gluten free flours also so I can make gluten free food for my mom and myself so that would be one of the things!

  274. If I won, I’m sure I’d use it for Christmas gifting this year. I’ve also been eyeballing cast iron cookware and glassware for food storage. I’m in the process of switching everything over from plastics when I store food.

  275. mickey louth says:

    Maybe a kindle for the hubby.

  276. Vickie L. Bailey-Bice says:

    ~Unsure of Exactly where I would start,but the possiblities make me SMile!~Thank you for this Give-Away!~

  277. Amanda Chamberlin says:

    inversion table! :)

  278. Hmm… Thyroid health?! I’m intrigued. I have recovered from Graves disease through use of medication. Fortunately for me my thyroid levels have leveled out and I’m no longer dependent on any medication. Apparently it’s common to turn HYPO when treating for HYPER thyroid. I hated having to take the medication even then, but since then I have learned so much more about healthy living and I’m even more opposed to it. It’s been 5+ years since I showed any symptoms. Would still be wise to do what I can to keep my thyroid healthy. Look forward to reading what you’ve learned!

  279. Tracie Leach says:

    One of the first things would be the lodge 5 piece cast iron set. (Unless anyone knows of any cast iron that would be better?)

  280. Francesca Hirtle says:

    I couldn’t even begin to list what i would purchase first. I could be selfish for Christmas and buy a dehydrator ;) but it is the spirit of giving not receiving.

  281. I would a leap pad 2 for my son!

  282. I think I would look into stainless or cast iron cookware….Time to get rid of non stick!! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  283. Cindy McElroy says:

    Healthy living books. We are just beginning to travel this path and I need LOTS of help! Thanks for offering this giveaway.

  284. Lisa Milum says:

    Oh my goodness….I’d like lots of things on my amazon list….right now Diatomaceous earth is my number one pick….but I’d also love a winter coat for my husband.

  285. A stand mixer or a new Kindle Fire! :D

  286. Darla Shannon says:

    i would buy lots of herbs and spices for cooking.

  287. I have a long wish list on Amazon,not sure which I want first! Probably some kitchen tools and clothes.

  288. I saw some really good answers in the comments already. I like the idea of a food processor, that has been on my wish list for awhile now.

  289. I need to purchase three Nabi 2’s for my triplets so this would be a big help!!!

  290. I’ve been wanting a pressure cooker for a long time. That would be my first purchase.

  291. lisa annette lee says:

    a new tv for my children; i do buy a lot of small stuff on Amazon like essential oils, craft items, and books.

  292. Christmas presents!

  293. The FIRST thing I would purchase is a spiralizer!!! :o)

  294. Books!

  295. Angie Gentley says:

    The first things I’d purchase on Amazon would be books on autism information for my son (who was just diagnosed this year) and some essential oils. Thank you for the chance to win :)

  296. I have a whole wish list saved on Amazon of things I want to purchase. One of those things is magnesium flakes so I can make my own magnesium oil

  297. Robin Hawkins says:

    I would probably get a dehydrator or a grain attachment for my mixer.

  298. That would take a lot of thought, but maybe some grain-free flours, or Paleo cookbooks, or an iSi dispenser!

  299. My Amazon wishlist consists mainly of books – about autism and other special needs. I run a nonprofit organization that has a lending library, so it would be great to have more books to share with the families I serve.

  300. I’d purchase some new cookware – mine is wearing out!

  301. Thanx for hosting this wonderful Giveaway! I would first be practical and buy some bulk food!

  302. Christine Proctor says:

    I would buy some kitchen tools, and some smaller clothes. Going grain free has left me with nothing that fits.

  303. Allison Mihelich says:

    The first thing? Maybe some dark chocolate with nuts, then some toys, books, music, shoes, etc. :)

  304. debi slattery says:

    I love the mouse you posted and I have been reading about grounding yourself so I would buy some of those products along with essential oils to make roll on’s for Christmas presents.

  305. Cathy in MN says:

    I am in need of a TV, this would really help.

  306. I would first purchase a new sweeper or steam cleaner.

  307. What an amazing giveaway!! Thanks

  308. My laptop died in April and I miss it something terrible. I would get a new laptop first thing if I won :)

  309. EstherJean says:

    A vitamix!

  310. Toni Drier says:

    Who doesn’t have an Amazon wish list that could use this $250 prize? There are supplements, books, and auto parts just waiting for me to finish their purchase :)

  311. I’d buy “Made in the USA” glass storage containers for my kitchen.

  312. I’m not sure what I would buy first, but I know I would buy Christmas presents for my kiddos if I won.

  313. I’d get my kids’ Christmas gifts, but I’d also treat myself – maybe the rain barrel or the composter I have on my wish list.

  314. Chrissy Rogan says:

    $250 would be great for Christmas shopping!! :-)

  315. I would buy stuff for my boys!

  316. The first thing I would buy if I won would be music. Life is better with music and it does amazing things for my pooped adrenals!

  317. I have a long wish list of things I would like to buy on Amazon… I would start out buying something for my son for Christmas (he’s 5 months old, so simple toys…), then buy my husband commentaries by Martin Luther (his favorite), then the rest of my family’s gifts…. and probably a book or two for me :)

  318. Coconut flour, or other healthy foods!!!

  319. So excited about this!

  320. BaseballMomOf3 says:

    Thank you so much for the opportunity! I would love to use it for fleece fabric to make my kids matching PJ pants for Christmas (I know they will love/hate me for this). :-)

  321. The first thing, eh? I have a whole list… Most of it’s food-related, like Great Lakes gelatin, flax meal, etc… :)

  322. First thing i would buy is a gift for my 4 year old. His birthday is right before Christmas.

  323. I would use it to buy Christmas gifts!

  324. New Christmas lights for our tree this year!

  325. Candance Holmes says:

    If I won the $250 for amazon I would use to buy things for my daughter. Her Birthday is right after Christmas, so this would be great to buy her birthday items and Christmas items :-) Then I would buy myself some essential oils of m wish list!

  326. mickey louth says:

    I might order some raw organic nuts. They are difficult to find locally.

  327. Katy Smith says:

    I have a wish list going so I would purchase off of that for all members of my family. First thing I can think of on there is soapnuts. Oh, and a book rack for the kids.

  328. I’d get several cookbooks I’ve been wanting :)

  329. I desperately need a larger food processor!

  330. The kids and I need more books to read and a few suppliments topped up. Might even get something for Dh. ;)

  331. Hi Adrienne, I would buy the ingredients to make your liquid Stevia recipe. I’ve been wanting to do that for awhile. Thanks for the great giveaway and I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! Ali

  332. Lydia Hill says:

    Something for my husband! He works full time, supports our family, goes to school full time, and is a new dad (we have a 2 month old!) and a GREAT husband. His birthday is December 2nd so this would be the perfect opportunity to get him something really special.

  333. Christmas Presents!

  334. Christmas presents!

  335. Everything in my “wish list”

  336. I’d stock my kitchen with the gadgets to make it easier to make your wonderful homemade recipes!

  337. My son wants to build his own computer and wants parts for Christmas – some of them are on Amazon and it would be amazing to win this to help me afford Christmas this year!

  338. The first thing I’d purchase if I win is a new sweeper or carpet cleaner.

  339. I would buy Tyler’s coffee for one but not sure what else, probably something healthy :)

  340. Michelle Devine says:

    I would buy more books!

  341. Elizabeth Stout says:

    Whoo Hoo!
    I really need a 50 remedy homeopathic kit. It’s been on my wish list for too long!

  342. This is my 2nd day commenting. =)

    Yesterday I said I’d buy something really special for my husband for Christmas.. but I was thinking, what WOULD I specifically buy? On Amazon, the possibilities are endless!
    He’s been saying he wants an Ipad, so that would be really cool to get him that. But I feel like electronics are overdone for Christmas gifts, so maybe something else! He’d love some new furniture for our apartment (can you say lazyboy??).. or a really nice desk to do his homework on. I’m excited just thinking about it!

  343. I’d buy a 28-pound bag of dog food and a wireless router.

  344. WoW!!! Awesome giveaway!! I also have a long list of things to get from Amazon, this would be such a blessing. Thanks!

    Mary L

  345. I would love to get some cookbooks

  346. Maggie Little says:

    I would buy books for homeschooling my kids and a pressure cooker. Thank you for the giveaway!

  347. Gift for my hubby.

  348. Le Creuset! Thanks!

  349. The first thing I’d get from Amazon is either a new sweeper or a carpet cleaner. Need both!!

  350. I’m REALLY counting on winning this gift card so I can buy my family some beautiful things! It’s my daughters first Christmas and I’d love to buy her a nice toy.

  351. Anastasia b says:

    I would get a vacuum, we need one bad

  352. Definitely Christmas gifts for the family first–6 kids and a hubby to shop for! :-)

  353. I would first shop for a new vaccumn

  354. Lydia Hill says:

    I’d love to get in on the Black Friday specials! I could get more amazing things for less!

  355. I also have a wish list and cooking items like Cacao Butter and stevia extract powder, etc. are high on it. Thanks for the chance to win. :)

  356. Jessica W. says:

    I would buy a cool set of blocks for my son’s first Christmas.

  357. I have sooo much saved on my Amazon wish list. The first thing I would purchase is a wheat grinder and bulk wheat berries.

  358. I’d love to purchase a new sweeper or carpet cleaner

  359. I would pick something out for my dh for Christmas!

  360. Renee Harper says:

    I would buy Christmas gifts for my kiddos!

  361. Jennifer Morello says:

    Right now waiting in my amazon cart for purchase are 4 glow in the dark pillow pets and some craft stuff for making Christmas decorations.

  362. Supplements my family needs and cannot afford, and kitchen tools!

  363. Shana Gearhart says:

    I would use this for Christmas presents!

  364. I think I would order some food items like coconut milk and GF pasta.

  365. Tandy Truelove says:

    Christmas shopping would be so much easier with this. Fingers crossed.

  366. I would buy a new router. Mine is one it’s last legs!

  367. Hmm… That’s a hard one. So many things I want for myself and the kiddos right now. Maybe some new Merrell Barefoot black flats!

  368. we are pregnant, so we’d buy an awesome stroller/car seat for our little peach!

  369. I would buy Christmas presents for my kids. We are doing 3 gifts for each of them. This would help out a ton!

  370. Susan Valvo says:

    I would start my Christmas shopping. I have a few books in mind for different family members.

  371. I still need to get Christmas gifts for my boys, and so does Santa, so I would probably look into getting some gaming system or use it towards a laptop. But if it was all for me, I’d use it for oils :)

  372. Susan Hafer says:

    I’m starting to make my own soap, shampoo, etc. so I would purchase things to make them from.

  373. This would help us greatly with Christmas shopping for all of the people in our family. I haven’t even figured out what to get anybody yet….. I’m eying the Engine 2 Cookbook for myself! :)

  374. Helene Welsing says:

    Books and things for my classroom!

  375. If I won this the first thing I would purchase would be (I have a whole list already) a lego table for my son for Christmas, he wants one soo bad and I would like him to have one to get those itty bitty things off the floor!

  376. A cast iron frying pan would be first on the list!

  377. The first thing I’d buy is new filters for our RO water filter. After that, Christmas gifts for family!

  378. I have a long list of things in my wish list! Fermentation crock is one of them:)

  379. I have a wish list on amazon and the first thing i’d buy would be attachments for my kitchen aid mixer…:-)

  380. I would totally do my christmas shopping after buying myself a vegetable spiralizer and a fountain pen.

  381. Thought I posted but don’t see my post so this may be a repeat. After reading everyone’s I have too many ideas but I like the essential oil diffuser (sp?) idea – I’m just getting into oils.

  382. What a great giveaway! I’d shop for Christmas presents for all of the kids in my life. Thanks for the chance to enter!

  383. I would purchase a new pair of slippers.. mine are falling apart!

  384. I would buy Lara bars, a salt lamp to help my mood this winter, and Christmas gifts.

  385. I would use it to purchase my families Christmas presents. Probably start with some new dishes for my daughter.

  386. Julie Hendrickson-Domme says:

    If I won, I’d get a diffuser for essential oils! Thanks for the opportunity!

  387. Great giveaway! Can’t wait to find out more about your book on thyroid issues.

  388. Oh man, I’d probably start with elderberries so I could make more syrup! Flu season is here…
    Then it’d be a few Christmas gifts. :)

  389. Lydia Hill says:

    Hoping I win one of these amazing Amazon giftcards!!! I’m betting on this to pay for my Christmas presents to my family, like some new clothes for my husband and a jumper toy for my baby!

  390. Kristina Johnson says:

    Sounds silly but I would purchase my staples first, ghee from pure Indian foods and green pastures cod liver oil, then I would go back and see what items have been on my wish list. : )

  391. The first thing I would purchase is canning jars

  392. The first thing I would buy is … I have no idea! I’m a last minute planner and haven’t even thought about Christmas yet. :-)

  393. I’d use it for Christmas shopping for our 3 little boys!

  394. This would be great to use for Christmas shopping!

  395. A new sewing machine! I want to start making tons of stuff for my family and friends!

  396. Christmas Gifts!

  397. Heather B. says:

    I would buy Kindle Fire HDX for myself.

  398. Dan Eakins says:

    what a great prize this would be…$250 at Amazon

  399. An iPad Air is on my wishlist.

  400. Health supplements

  401. I really want a kitchenaid mixer and that is what this giftcard would go towards.

  402. Salt lamps and other health stuff i have on my wish list!

  403. New kitchen utensils and one of those noodle spirals. Then Christmas presents for my kids.

  404. I would buy an essential oil diffuser.

  405. So many things I’d love to have from Amazon; perhaps the first would be a fancy kitty litter box!

  406. I have so many things in my cart right now at Amazon!! I am really wanting to order magnesium oil and flakes. Also the Well Fed 2 cookbook and Against All Grain cookbook.

  407. Would buy food (gluten free/diary free) for my family b/c we have to eat this way it’s very expensive!!

  408. I’d buy gluten free food with the gift card to amazon!!

  409. there’s a fun hanging chair thing I’d love to get for my kids to cuddle up and read in

  410. I would buy baby headphones for my 2 year old daughter and then copious amounts of coconut oil!

  411. I have several thing I would buy but Id be most excited about getting some essential oils and a diffuser! Been on my wish list for a while now.

  412. Oooh…. first thing I would buy (off my long Amazon Wishlist) would be a French rolling pin. Then a number of Christmas gifts for my husband and 5 kiddos. :)

  413. Legos for my son for Christmas

  414. Ingredients for homemade soap and cleaning supplies which are on my list.

  415. I would buy a yogurt maker!!

  416. A mountain bike for my son’s Christmas present.

  417. Rebecca bayee says:

    I would be so thankful for this gift!!!

  418. Legos Galore!!!!

  419. I would buy Christmas presents. Looking at cast iron pans.

  420. A toaster oven and a ton of Dr. Bronner’s soap!

  421. Supplements to get through the cold/flu season without our newest addition getting sick like some Elderberries, some cloth diapers for our newest itty bitty and a special Christmas present for his big sister :)

  422. Cathryn Davidson says:

    Oh, man. I have whole lists of things on Amazon, most of them for my 8 month old son! I really want some chalkboard contact paper to put on my fridge so I can keep track of what I have in there and when I made it to cut down on waste.

  423. Vanilla beans and bees wax as they’ve been on my wish list a long time.

  424. The first thing I would buy would be a birthday present for my son!!! I wasn’t able to afford to get him anything this year :(

  425. I need to start my Christmas shopping. This would be a big help

  426. We’d use this to buy our Christmas. We could really use it. Thank you so much!

  427. There’s lots of things on my shopping list (books, etc) I’d like, but I’d probably start with some quality wooden toys for my kindergartener who has outgrown a lot of her younger-days toys.

  428. I would buy baby leg warmers for my baby! :) and christmas presents for my husband….

  429. I would buy Christmas gifts for my husband and children. Thanks for this chance

  430. Shelly Smith says:

    Oh, so many things I could buy on Amazon!! Well, it would sure help with Christmas for our kids, and Legos are at the top of their list!!

  431. Chelsea H. says:

    The first thing I would buy would be a Fitbit!

  432. Brenda Anderson says:

    It’s difficult to choose, but I most likely would buy heirloom seeds first. Thanks for the giveaway!

  433. First things I would buy are some books. Nourishing Traditions is first on that list!

  434. constructive eating set for Christmas

  435. My first purchase would probably be a food processor since I don’t have one yet and there are several recipes I want to try that suggest using one to make them.

  436. Oster Blender perhaps

  437. Stacey Erekson says:

    Amazon is amazing. I could think of alot things I would want to purchase from there. Some nice books and maybe even something for the Hubs.

  438. Christmas presents for the kids! :)

  439. Lauren Becker says:

    So many books on my wish list, so I’d definitely get one…

    Probably Sanctum by Sarah fine.

  440. Alexia Palka says:

    I will buy a kindle fire. I lost mine and there are so many ebooks I need to read!

  441. I’d let my son pick whatever he wanted!

  442. Honestly, I would buy food products, like canned fish and coconut oil or whatever else I can get on Amazon…need all the help I can get to eat well. Thanks for the giveaway!

  443. Such a wonderful idea

  444. Christmas gifts for my girls would be what I would purchase

  445. The dollhouse my daughter has been begging for Santa to bring her. :-)

  446. This is awesome! Crossing my fingers!! :)

  447. I’d purchase my family’s Christmas gifts and an E-reader for myself so I can get in on all these awesome E-books that are always being offered.

  448. I would purchase coconut milk in BPA free cans and a spiral vegetable slicer. Thank you for this opportunity!

  449. jessica rasmussen says:

    toys for christmas and work clothes for the hubs.

  450. I’m updating my dishware with colorful Fiesta and there’s LOTS of pieces I would love to have!

  451. Have a whole wish list of products I would like to get as well as several other things hoping to get including mag. Flakes

  452. Steph Johnson says:

    The 1st thing I would buy is the DVD collection of the Little House Series

  453. My 8 week old nephew. So excited to spend his 1st Christmas with him.

  454. We love Amazon and buy more from them than anywhere else so I guess I’d grab a few items off my wish list.

  455. I want to buy an indoor mushroom growing kit and tools to help me and my husband start making fermented foods!

  456. I would buy a new cat tree for my fur babies!

  457. Ambar de Mejia says:

    I would buy some grocery/health items that would help me manage my corn allergy!

  458. Sunday Kiolbasse says:

    I would get a lot of Christmas shopping done!

  459. Melissa Strong says:

    I’d buy either a grain mill, a stand mixer, or a kindle!

  460. I’d buy some kitchen items, like a second cookie sheet, a bundt pan, and some EnjoyLife chocolate chips in bulk!

  461. Stainless steel cookware and a paderno peeler

  462. I have a big list, but I would probably start with Christmas gifts

  463. Allison McCown says:

    The first thing I would purchase if I won would some items for my kids for Christmas :)

  464. Thank you for this giveaway opportunity! It would definitely help with Christmas shopping. I shop on a lot! :)

  465. Amazon is our go-to source for everything! I need new essential oils…

  466. Times are tough this year, so I’d be using it for gifts for my kids, and probably some coconut oil. :) I want to use it for cooking and baking, but it’s so expensive. Thanks for the opportunity!

  467. I would love to buy the whole list of things I have in my basket for my son and husband for Christmas…but our vacuum just completely died.. with a 4 yr old and 2 dogs, this house won’t last long without one!

  468. The first item(s) I would buy off of Amazon would be some NAC supplements for my son who suffers from trich (he pulls his hair out/picks his skin until it bleeds) & some colloidal silver to help him. My oil diffuser died in Sept., so I would definitely buy one of those next!

  469. Wanda Owensby says:

    I would buy a Brother sewing machine and of course BOOKS.

  470. Thank you for offering such a terrific giveaway

  471. BaseballMomOf3 says:

    Have the winners been announced? Did I miss it along the way somewhere? I really hope it is me!