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Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

(First of all, sorry about this post going out to you yesterday too early.  I shared it too early and then my blog “freaked out” and I couldn’t unpublish it in time.  Sorry for the confusion :).)

Hey Wonderful Readers!!

I’ve got a real treat for you today.

Ads by Healthy Ads

A super-easy-to-enter giveaway of something that all of us can use–

An Amazon Gift Card.

Loaded with a LOT of money!

This is really something.

Whether you would use this money to do Christmas shopping or to buy whole food or healthy living items that your family needs, there are going to be

3 Readers who will win an $250 Amazon Gift Card!  Wow!

You could easily grab toys, clothes, or even supplements or great whole foodie / natural living deals for everyone on your list (or even for yourself!)

Note: some of the following links are affiliate links so if you click on them and make a purchase I might make a commission. Your support of my blog keeps this free resource up and running :)!

I personally buy a lot of my healthy living items on Amazon. Just this past month, I purchased:

This vertical mouse holds your hand in a natural position and apparently reduces stress to prevent repetitive injuries.

This vertical mouse holds your hand in a natural position and apparently reduces stress to prevent repetitive injuries.


One of the best books on thyroid health in my opinion.

One of the best books on thyroid health in my opinion.

My hand was bugging my while I was on the computer, so I needed a new mouse. The book–we’ll talk about that later. Let’s just say I’ve been doing a lot of reading about thyroid health.  Can’t wait to share it with you all.

This is all called A Big Christmas Shopping Spree Giveaway and I am so pleased to be able to offer it to you.

Here’s the list of bloggers behind the giveaway:

Teachers of Good Things | Beyond the Cover | Homeschool Giveaways and Freebies | The Chaos and The Clutter | Intoxicated on Life | Simply Sherryl | Golden Reflections Blog | The Vicki Arnold Blog | Wildflower Ramblings | Kids Yoga Stories | Moola Saving Mom | Growing Up Triplets | Life Coaching & More | Daze of Adventures | Family, Faith and Fridays | Stretching a Buck | Susie Homeschooler | Frugal Homeschool Family | The Teaching Mama | For This Season | Raising the Barrs | Grace Tells Another Story | Mom’s Mustard Seed | Raising Lifelong Learners | Surviving the Stores | How to Homeschool for Free | Whole New Mom | Natural Beach Living | The Encouraging Mom | i Dream of Clean | Abundant Life | Psycho with 6 | Angie Rgy

How the Big Christmas Shopping Spree Giveaway works:

NOTE:  You can come back and enter multiple times on multiple blogs.  So you can end up with TONS of chances to win these great prizes!

  • Tons of Entry Options on Multiple Days! – Between November 12th and November 18th, you can come back and register for as many options as you desire until you have entered all of them that you desire to enter.
  • Enter some entries more than once – You can add a new comment on a different blog every day, so visit more of the sponsors and leave a comment to have another entry! You can even tweet once a day for additional entries.
  • You must be 18 years old and live in the United States – The 3 winners will receive an Amazon Gift Card in the mail.
  • Winners will be verified – Each winner drawn will be verified that they entered the giveaway correctly.
  • Winners must provide mailing address within 48 hours of notification – To claim your prize, you only have 48 hours to provide your mailing address or a new winner will be drawn. No exceptions. Be sure to check your email on November 19th or 20th to be sure you don’t miss out on a shopping spree you won’t soon forget!
  • Winners shop on Amazon – If you are a winner, you can shop online for all of those loved ones on your shopping list. And you’ll have your gift card in time for Black Friday specials!

Now let’s get to the entries and get one step closer to 3 people winning a $250 Amazon Gift Card for a Big Christmas Shopping Spree Giveaway:

Click on the “Entry Form” Link to go to the giveaway.  :)



Can’t wait to see who the winners are!  Someone will be super blessed with this.



What would YOU buy with $250?
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  1. I really want a kitchenaid mixer and that is what this giftcard would go towards.

  2. Salt lamps and other health stuff i have on my wish list!

  3. New kitchen utensils and one of those noodle spirals. Then Christmas presents for my kids.

  4. I would buy an essential oil diffuser.

  5. So many things I’d love to have from Amazon; perhaps the first would be a fancy kitty litter box!

  6. I have so many things in my cart right now at Amazon!! I am really wanting to order magnesium oil and flakes. Also the Well Fed 2 cookbook and Against All Grain cookbook.

  7. Would buy food (gluten free/diary free) for my family b/c we have to eat this way it’s very expensive!!

  8. I’d buy gluten free food with the gift card to amazon!!

  9. there’s a fun hanging chair thing I’d love to get for my kids to cuddle up and read in

  10. I would buy baby headphones for my 2 year old daughter and then copious amounts of coconut oil!

  11. I have several thing I would buy but Id be most excited about getting some essential oils and a diffuser! Been on my wish list for a while now.

  12. Oooh…. first thing I would buy (off my long Amazon Wishlist) would be a French rolling pin. Then a number of Christmas gifts for my husband and 5 kiddos. :)

  13. Legos for my son for Christmas

  14. Ingredients for homemade soap and cleaning supplies which are on my list.

  15. I would buy a yogurt maker!!

  16. A mountain bike for my son’s Christmas present.

  17. Rebecca bayee says:

    I would be so thankful for this gift!!!

  18. Legos Galore!!!!

  19. I would buy Christmas presents. Looking at cast iron pans.

  20. A toaster oven and a ton of Dr. Bronner’s soap!

  21. Supplements to get through the cold/flu season without our newest addition getting sick like some Elderberries, some cloth diapers for our newest itty bitty and a special Christmas present for his big sister :)

  22. Cathryn Davidson says:

    Oh, man. I have whole lists of things on Amazon, most of them for my 8 month old son! I really want some chalkboard contact paper to put on my fridge so I can keep track of what I have in there and when I made it to cut down on waste.

  23. Vanilla beans and bees wax as they’ve been on my wish list a long time.

  24. The first thing I would buy would be a birthday present for my son!!! I wasn’t able to afford to get him anything this year :(

  25. I need to start my Christmas shopping. This would be a big help

  26. We’d use this to buy our Christmas. We could really use it. Thank you so much!

  27. There’s lots of things on my shopping list (books, etc) I’d like, but I’d probably start with some quality wooden toys for my kindergartener who has outgrown a lot of her younger-days toys.

  28. I would buy baby leg warmers for my baby! :) and christmas presents for my husband….

  29. I would buy Christmas gifts for my husband and children. Thanks for this chance

  30. Shelly Smith says:

    Oh, so many things I could buy on Amazon!! Well, it would sure help with Christmas for our kids, and Legos are at the top of their list!!

  31. Chelsea H. says:

    The first thing I would buy would be a Fitbit!

  32. Brenda Anderson says:

    It’s difficult to choose, but I most likely would buy heirloom seeds first. Thanks for the giveaway!

  33. First things I would buy are some books. Nourishing Traditions is first on that list!

  34. constructive eating set for Christmas

  35. My first purchase would probably be a food processor since I don’t have one yet and there are several recipes I want to try that suggest using one to make them.

  36. Oster Blender perhaps

  37. Stacey Erekson says:

    Amazon is amazing. I could think of alot things I would want to purchase from there. Some nice books and maybe even something for the Hubs.

  38. Christmas presents for the kids! :)

  39. Lauren Becker says:

    So many books on my wish list, so I’d definitely get one…

    Probably Sanctum by Sarah fine.

  40. Alexia Palka says:

    I will buy a kindle fire. I lost mine and there are so many ebooks I need to read!

  41. I’d let my son pick whatever he wanted!

  42. Honestly, I would buy food products, like canned fish and coconut oil or whatever else I can get on Amazon…need all the help I can get to eat well. Thanks for the giveaway!

  43. Such a wonderful idea

  44. Christmas gifts for my girls would be what I would purchase

  45. The dollhouse my daughter has been begging for Santa to bring her. :-)

  46. This is awesome! Crossing my fingers!! :)

  47. I’d purchase my family’s Christmas gifts and an E-reader for myself so I can get in on all these awesome E-books that are always being offered.

  48. I would purchase coconut milk in BPA free cans and a spiral vegetable slicer. Thank you for this opportunity!

  49. jessica rasmussen says:

    toys for christmas and work clothes for the hubs.

  50. I’m updating my dishware with colorful Fiesta and there’s LOTS of pieces I would love to have!

  51. Have a whole wish list of products I would like to get as well as several other things hoping to get including mag. Flakes

  52. Steph Johnson says:

    The 1st thing I would buy is the DVD collection of the Little House Series

  53. My 8 week old nephew. So excited to spend his 1st Christmas with him.

  54. We love Amazon and buy more from them than anywhere else so I guess I’d grab a few items off my wish list.

  55. I want to buy an indoor mushroom growing kit and tools to help me and my husband start making fermented foods!

  56. I would buy a new cat tree for my fur babies!

  57. Ambar de Mejia says:

    I would buy some grocery/health items that would help me manage my corn allergy!

  58. Sunday Kiolbasse says:

    I would get a lot of Christmas shopping done!

  59. Melissa Strong says:

    I’d buy either a grain mill, a stand mixer, or a kindle!

  60. I’d buy some kitchen items, like a second cookie sheet, a bundt pan, and some EnjoyLife chocolate chips in bulk!

  61. Stainless steel cookware and a paderno peeler

  62. I have a big list, but I would probably start with Christmas gifts

  63. Allison McCown says:

    The first thing I would purchase if I won would some items for my kids for Christmas :)

  64. Thank you for this giveaway opportunity! It would definitely help with Christmas shopping. I shop on a lot! :)

  65. Amazon is our go-to source for everything! I need new essential oils…

  66. Times are tough this year, so I’d be using it for gifts for my kids, and probably some coconut oil. :) I want to use it for cooking and baking, but it’s so expensive. Thanks for the opportunity!

  67. I would love to buy the whole list of things I have in my basket for my son and husband for Christmas…but our vacuum just completely died.. with a 4 yr old and 2 dogs, this house won’t last long without one!

  68. The first item(s) I would buy off of Amazon would be some NAC supplements for my son who suffers from trich (he pulls his hair out/picks his skin until it bleeds) & some colloidal silver to help him. My oil diffuser died in Sept., so I would definitely buy one of those next!

  69. Wanda Owensby says:

    I would buy a Brother sewing machine and of course BOOKS.

  70. Thank you for offering such a terrific giveaway

  71. BaseballMomOf3 says:

    Have the winners been announced? Did I miss it along the way somewhere? I really hope it is me!

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