Don’t Read This Unless You’d Like $500! Great Big GIVEAWAY

$500 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!

$500 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!


‘Tis the Season! Of giving and getting. What better to help you out than a $500 Gift Card to Amazon? Yippee! I’ve teamed up with some other bloggers to bring you this Great Giveaway.

(And get this–there’s another big giveaway coming tomorrow.  So stay tuned :)!)

Please note:  Some of the following links are affiliate links. If you make a purchase after clicking through I might make a commission. Your support of my blog is very much appreciated and helps keep this FREE resource up and running.

What Would YOU Do With a $500 Amazon Gift Card?

Hmmm….good question, huh? Well, answering that question is One Way that You Enter This Giveaway, so make sure you think on it. If I won a $500 Amazon Gift Card, I would likely buy:

1.  A Bunch of Healthy Living Titles that I have my eye on.  Right now, the books that I have in my cart at Amazon include:

The Great Cholesterol Myth. Why Lowering Your Cholesterol Won’t Prevent Heart Disease

Great Cholesterol Myth

2.  A Pressure Canner.

I am NOT a canner.  I’m quite afraid of it, in fact. But I’ve been told that canning meat is super simple with this Pressure Canner.

Can’t Wait to Get this and Start Canning Meat and such!


Can't Wait to Get this and Start Canning Meat and such!

Can’t Wait to Get this and Start Canning Meat and such!

3.  Super Cozy Up and Get My Feet Warm Slippers.

We keep our house freezing a little chilly.  And my feet are COLD!  I used to wear indoor shoes in the house, but I am trying to go barefoot due to learning that wearing even slight heels can contribute to “Mummy Tummy”.  Great, huh?

I don’t usually ask for anything for Christmas, but these (or some other slippers) are on my list this year.

Sorel Nakiska Slide Slippers

4. EMF “Find Out How Much You Are Being Zapped” Meter.

Fun topic, eh?  I am not sure I want to know, but…this meter will tell you how much radiation is coming off of your devices–or your neighbors!.


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2.  Find Your Christmas Wish at  Amazon.

Head on over to Amazon and pick out what YOU would buy with your $500 gift card. One of the entries is to leave a comment telling what you would buy.  I love reading this stuff.  It’s sooo interesting!

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

So excited to see who wins this Big Prize!  And to read the fun comments about what you all would buy if you win!

“No purchase necessary.”This giveaway was sponsored by the owners of the blogs listed and myself.  Adrienne Urban, 3201 Burton Street, Grand Rapids, MI, 49506. There is one prize and it is a $500 Amazon Gift Card. The winner will be selected at random at and will be emailed.  You can send a letter to me to get the winner’s information and it will be announced on my website. The gift card will be emailed to the winner.



    Speak Your Mind


  1. What a wonderful idea. If I won the raffle I would probably use the card towards an iphone5 as my iphone4 is beginning to flake out on me occasionally. I am already subscribed by e-mail and enjoy your posts.

    • I was thinking about an iphone myself. Interested in instagram – not sure how much that wd help me or just bog me down :).

      • I have trouble with how much people are focused on photographing everything – I find that being as focused as people are these days on photographing detracts from living in and enjoying the moment.

  2. Mallory Nave says:

    What an awesome giveaway! Thank u for the opportunity to enter something so great!

  3. Ice cream maker!

  4. Danielle F says:
  5. Hmmm 500$ at Amazon, yeah a girl could go crazy there:) I might finally begin ordering the things that are on my wish list.

  6. Lydia Hill says:

    I would love to buy some Christmas presents for my daughter & husband!

  7. Both of my kids want Beats for Christmas, so that’s probably how I’d spend the dough. Thanks for the contest!

  8. I use Amazon for everything but am currently wishing for the following:
    Fresh & Easy: What to Cook and How to Cook it
    Nikon SB-400 AF Speedlight Flash for Nikon Digital SLR
    How Children Succeed: Grit, Curiosity, and the Hidden Power of Character
    Skip Hop Bento Mealtime Kit
    Samsung HMX-H300 Full HD Camcorder with 30x Zoom (Black)
    Weelicious Lunches cookbook

  9. I would buy natural products and whole foods for my family and I :)

  10. If I won I would have to get a steam juicer, I have been wanting one of those !!!!

  11. Suzanne Patterson says:

    I would like to buy a Kindle Fire.

  12. If I won I would buy myself a Kindle or some other kind of tablet, so I can easily read recipes on my kitchen counter without printing them off the web. And maybe some kitchen canisters for all of the new GF flours I’ll start using because I’m trying new recipes. :)

  13. I’d buy a kindle for ebooks and some small kitchen appliances!

  14. I have several Amazon wish lists for different purposes, but this lovely is on my Christmas wish list:

  15. Angela G. says:

    I would purchase a really good juicer for my family, a few books on Juicing, and some personal books for myself as a treat because Mom’s deserve to be selfish sometimes too!!!

  16. Amy Tuccitto says:

    Ice skates for the family, books, essential oils, an essential oil diffuser, a diffuser and basic oils for my mother in law. Thanks for all the wonderful posts! I really enjoy reading them and the good information.

  17. Angela G. says:

    I would buy this juicer for my family. Along with some books on juicing. Anything left I would purchase some books for pleasure reading since Moms deserve to be selfish sometimes too!!!

  18. I would totally buy more books – some for fun, and some for seminary classes. And probably get started on a new nativity set –

  19. Excalibur Food dehydrator! Ive had an eyeball on one for a while but just cant stomach the cost. Thinking forward to the harvest.

  20. I would use it toward what we buy from Amazon on a regular basis. And buy my hubby a couple birthday gifts:-)

  21. Minnetonka mocassins! Large glass jars for sugar, etc. Solar battery charger. Dehydrator. . .

  22. I would buy a new pressure cooker….I’ve got my eye on one!

  23. Lynn Wirth says:

    Wow! If I won a $500 amazon gift card, I’d buy a new microwave/convection oven. Ours just died on us after 17 years!

  24. First, I would buy my mom a Kitchenaid Mixer. I have one, and I’d love to give one to her. I think she has always wanted one, but she is too frugal to buy it for herself :)
    I would apply the rest towards a Vitamix Blender for myself– something that I am too frugal to dish out the money for– yet something I would use all the time.

  25. I always think I’ll buy something for myself but it always turns into something for the kids.

  26. Ruth Bishop says:

    I would purchase supplies to make baby food. My daughter is just getting into solid foods and I want her to eat healthy organic foods!

  27. i would totally buy a vitamix

  28. Christina says:

    I’d start with a new Kindle since I killed mine by dropping it and then….

  29. Toni Pardigno says:

    Oooh. If I won I would totally buy a Royal Berkey Water Filter….been on my wish list FOREVER. Just don’t have an extra $300ish to buy it myself.

  30. Theresa Fogle says:

    I already have a wish list full of stuff my daughter would love. Like dino stuff, scooby doo, star, computer games and music. If I was to buy something it would be a food processor, a kitchen aid, some peaceful parenting and vegan/wholefoods/grain free/sugar free cookbooks and some awesome stuff for my eye candy.

  31. I would buy a Kindle:

    And lots of books to go on it!

  32. I’d buy all the ingredients to make natural body care products, and a new vitamix since I broke mine while (accidentally) blending a butter knife a few weeks back!

  33. I would buy a crib for my baby due in June!

  34. Debby Burke says:

    So much to choose from! Here is what I THINK I want, at least right now, ;P.
    kitchen aid mixer, vegetable spiralizer, Decaf upgraded bulletproof coffee,
    and supplements that I have to have to keep going. What a wonderful dream!

  35. I would buy a vitamix.

  36. I think I would by some shoes for walking and maybe some gifts.

  37. Our family would purchase things we needed and buy Christmas for others. Thank you

  38. I need new flooring for my basement. (doggy issues)…=}

  39. Fawn MacMichael says:

    If I had $500, I would buy some books (health & recipe), some ‘off the grid living items’, kitchen gadgets I’ve been wanting, and if money left after that- I’d buy some running gear :) Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!! :)

  40. I have a whole list of things on my wish list at Amazon! I would probably get a few of those things (crafting items and things to make my own skin care, etc.), but I would put the bulk of it toward a new TV for my daughter and her new husband. We bought our son a smart TV last year, so it’s her turn this year!!

    Thank you for the great giveaway!

  41. I would stock up on lots of supplements, raw nuts, coconut oil, organic food products, and then some fun stuff that hangs in my closet or looks good in my house.

  42. Rebecca R says:

    I would sit with my family and pick out and buy a fun family Package of items; perhaps sleds for winter or camping items for summer. So excited!

  43. I could really use a new camera.

  44. Barbara Sheffer says:

    Probably some healthy foods and supplements I can’t buy local.

  45. I’ve got my eyes on a Breville espresso machine!

  46. I would love to buy an ‘Ice’ colour Kitchen Aid!
    It would be a dream come true as I love to bake!

  47. So many things to choose from. But I think I’d grab up a new camera or a better juicer maybe.

  48. Cheryl Medlin says:

    What a great prize! I have some food storage items and some awesome cast iron pieces on my amazon wishlist that I would snap up in a heartbeat!

  49. Charlotte Moore says:

    I would probably buy some kitchen things. I would like a nice food processor.

  50. If i won I would finally get that VitaMix. :)

  51. Kim Campbell says:

    I too would by a Pressure Canner. I love regular canning and want to do more. I want to can spaghetti sauce and meat and who knows what else!!!

  52. If I won, I would give the whole thing to my daughter. She is having some hard times right now and with 5 kids, show could use all the help she can get.

  53. I live in Alaska and am realizing how nice Amazon is to order things that we can’t get here! I have this yogurt maker on my list right now, as well as lots of practical things for my toddler!

  54. Amazon has a nice new vacuum cleaner I could use, the Panasonic MC-CG917 “OptiFlow” Bag Canister Vacuum Cleaner by Panasonic (which is simply a newer, more colorful version of my current Kenmore model)…looked at so many different canisters, I believe this one would be the best. And with the remained of the gift certificate, I would gift my son and my nieces and nephews…

    Thanks for the give-away, and for your informative emails – I get your emails already.

  55. I’d get a food processor
    And one of those french presses you love!
    Plus a maybe a nice dutch oven or cast iron pans. I have spammy things on my wish list for the kitchen!

  56. I would buy a kindle fire and an assortment of books! I love homesteading books. I would also but some food items such as Great Lakes gelatin, bulk foods, ghee, etc.

  57. Jennifer Swanson says:
  58. $500 I could use that for my 1st grandchild!

  59. I would buy a Nutrimill grain grinder and some cookbooks I have on my wishlist! Thanks for the offer. I already subscribe to your newsletter. :-)

  60. I already have a stacked Amazon wish list. There are a bunch of books on there, a spiralizer and some supplements. I would love the gift card!

  61. This is an awesome raffle! Oh, I would be ticking things off of my sustainability wish list…like an organic shower curtain.

  62. With a gift card this great I would buy a pressure cooker and some whole foods! Thanks for the opportunity!

  63. Jennifer P says:

    Thanks for give-away. I would use it for food for my health. This new eating and healthy lifestyle can be expensive:) Blessings!

  64. Gifts for my grandsons!

  65. I have a pressure canner just like that one and it is awesome! Haven’t canned meat yet but I’ve canned lots of sauces – and you can put a lot in it! If I win I would like to get a breadmaker and a stand-up mixer… hmmm, I might not be able to get both! Well, one of them anyway. Thanks!
    — Laura @ Frugal Follies

  66. GRACE WORTH says:
  67. This is fun! I’d probably be practical & use if for all of the supplements I have to order every month :) but if I were to get something more on the “fun” end I’d go for some of the many books on my wish list, namely some by Sally Clarkson.

  68. I would buy an immersion blender, a sushi making kit for my husband, a few books on herbs and essential oils, and some therapy toys for my son.

  69. There are a number of books I would love to get. And a Dutch oven!

  70. a vita-mix!

  71. If I were to win the giveaway, I would buy diffusers for the whole house and vehicles. I would also buy all of the Essential Oils that I want. Thank you for this opportunity.

  72. new laptop

  73. Grain mill and a bunch of gluten free food to try.

  74. If I won, I would be purchasing some gifts for Christmas for the family—-and ingredients to make my own DIY cleaning products and personal care products.

  75. I’ve always wanted a really good automatic ice cream / sorbet maker, so I would buy this one at Amazon:

    Lello 4080 Musso Lussino 1.5-Quart Ice Cream Maker, Stainless , found on page:

  76. If I win the $500 Amazon gift card I will buy a solar oven and supplies for making homemade soap!


    I always have TONS of stuff I want to order from Amazon. Currently, I am wanting a good juicer. We are getting into more healthy eating and smoothies here. I’m in the process of redoing a lot of things here in the house, we haven’t done anything major in years. I would love new thermal curtains to go with the new paint job I am planning for the whole interior in the next several months. Also, learning more and more about alternative health remedies, so some essential oils and other goodies.

  78. I Would love to win the $500 dollar Gift card for Amazon. I would buy Excalibur 3926TB Food Dehydrator, Black. I have been wanting this for quite awhile. Then with what is left over, i would buy some special presents for my family. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity. May the Holidays be filled with wonder throughout the season.

    Cathi G.

    PS: I receive e-mails and I think I am connected with you on facebook

  79. I would invest in a countertop convection oven and get rid of the microwave! Then I would get me a good stash of whole foods and gluten free ingredients and clean out my pantry and introduce my husband to a whole new way of eating! He’s been watching me, but not so sure about going that way himself. He thinks I’m a bit on the edge! Lol

  80. This would be SUPER helpful!

  81. I collect items I like in my cart and save it all for later…chia seeds, flax seeds, multiple books and cookbooks, and some shoes are all on my list!

  82. THANK YOU FOR THIS GIVEAWAY! I would most definitely buy my family Christmas first, and then buy myself the new Adobe Lightroom photo software for my DSLR to blog with on my blog, The Soulful Spoon. THANK YOU!!!

  83. A thermapen instant read thermometer, Excalibur Dehydrator and some cookbooks…what a jackpot that would be. Thanks fro the chance to win and dream.

  84. I would buy this Ariel bedding for my daughter…

    I’d also do some clothes shopping for myself and buy Christmas gifts for my nephews!

  85. I have several things on my Amazon wish list but at the top of it is this olive wood bowl. Not only is it lovely but I could use it for proofing sourdough.

  86. Susan Alexander says:
  87. Definitely art supplies!!

  88. I would buy an ice cream maker to make raw milk ice cream for my family. Also, lots of books and some FCLO.

  89. I would get a Kuerig coffee maker for me because my husband makes tea in our coffee pot and coffee that tastes like tea is gross. And for my husband I would get an electric guitar. Merry Christmas!

  90. I would buy the Omega Vert juicer & some glass bottles to store the juice. I’ve been really wanting this juicer for quite some time just haven’t loved the price tag. Thank you for this opportunity!

  91. It is tough to decide between a new printer/scanner, a TV, or a new phone. I could probably do any one of those and still buy some nice Christmas presents for the family. It would make a wonderful Christmas!

  92. a Kindle Fire is at the top of my list!

  93. I would buy a Berkey water filter system!

  94. I would get some gadgets for me, books and DVDs… I could get almost everything on my wish list!!

  95. I already have a cartful of stuff to buy :o) What’s not in the cart yet is a Cuisineart ice cream maker

  96. Thanks for the giveaway. I would buy these toaster oven cookie sheets. I have two already and they get used a ton.

  97. I would buy a high powered blender!

  98. There are several cookbooks I have my eye on and I really need a new food processor.

  99. I would use it to get a blendtec or vitamix!!

  100. I’d buy a few resources for our homeschool – books! If there was anything left I’d buy some new dishes for our kitchen – I love to cook and presentation is important!

  101. I would buy a sprouting kit from amazon I’ve had my eye on for a while… and a Blendtec. Love your blog by the way :)

  102. I would by a massage table and my long list of books!

  103. An Instapot pressure cooker combo for me!

  104. Amber Clinkard says:

    So exciting, too many things to buy! I would love a Vitamix, or I can always use more coconut oil. Oh and I would love to try an essential oil and make a lotion with shea butter!

  105. Michelle Smith says:

    There are so many things I’d love to get on amazon. My next priority would be a scale for my soaping that weighs in 0.1 grams increments for accuracy.

  106. I would love the Amazon gift card! I would buy a Kindle and lots of gluten free goodies with the gift card.

  107. I LOVE Amazon, thanks for the amazing giveaway! I have my eye on some kitchen gadgets/cookware!

  108. I would buy new cloth diapers for my son.

  109. I too would get a few things from my wish list. Blender,cooking stuff. Thanks

  110. I would use it for food and maybe a new “green” pan or two. :)

  111. Kimberley O. says:

    I would buy some Ceylon cinnamon, a juicer or Excalibur dehydrator, or maybe all three!

  112. If I won, I would go through my wishlist on Amazon and get some of the cooking and healthy living goodies I have been wanting. Probably a vitamix first.

  113. Well I have a list of things $500 would buy but this would be the first thing I would order:

  114. Danielle Irwin says:
  115. This would be amazing. I’ve been wanting to get into canning and a pressure canner would be one of my first purchases… along with some homesteading books on my list!

  116. HOPE I WIN…..

  117. I am dying to try the urban rebounder trampoline workout! Ha!! How fun does that sound?!

  118. Janet Baugher says:

    Hard to wrap gifts with all my FINGERS CROSSED!

  119. Elizabeth Anne says:

    Oh gosh, I have so much stuff on my wish list! This is just my default one. I also have other ones, like for my son, and such.

    I’d probably get myself some supplements I’ve been eying. Then kitchen stuff, like cast iron cookware. I’d also probably get my son the new carseat, so he can rearface longer.

  120. Some of the things on my Amazon wish list are the Kindle Paperwhite, a Sonos speaker system, some kindle books and some physical books, ghee and other yummy foods.

  121. Bread machine, vitamix, pressure cooker, I cannot decide among them!

  122. I there are a ton of things I love on amazon!
    This dehydrator has been on my wishlist for a while…

  123. Kriste Edmonds says:

    If I win the $500 Amazon gift card I would buy my Mom a new computer. Hers does not work anymore.

  124. Love Amazon!!!

  125. I would buy a vitamix and some other random stuff on my wish list for the new baby coming!

  126. I would get a stovetop popcorn popper like the one you recommend, a Kitchen-aid mixer, some wool dryer balls, a Nourishing Traditions book, and lots of other cookbooks and healthy living books! Oh, and also another crockpot for making bone broths.

  127. I would LOVE a $500 spree on Amazon! I have a HUGE wish list, but the first thing I would have to decide between a dehydrator or a food mill, and then buy some Wilton Christmas Cookie Cutters, a Catskill Craftsman End Grain Wood Cutting Board, The Moosewood Restaurant Cooks At Home, and The Original Fannie Farmer Cookbook and the Reference Guide to Essential Oils!!! I could easily spend $500 on books alone!

  128. Rochelle Lynn says:

    Books! Lots of books and supplements like Blue Ice Cod Liver Oil, etc.

  129. I would use the money to buy the ingredients for my family’s Christmas dessert party that I’m hosting. I am making paleo hot cocoa, chai tea, peppermint ice cream (to add a scoop the the hot cocoa for Christmas floats!) and various cookies, candies and truffles. These things add up!

  130. Ooo, how exciting! I am all over the place with this! I really want a tortilla maker, so I guess that would top my list.

  131. I have a whole wish list where I keep track of my current favorites. Books for homeschooling, especially history and Shakespeare, and a finch feeder for me are at the top of my list right now. And this yogurt strainer: It takes up less space than my big strainer over a bowl, but is definitely not necessary. Just fun.

  132. This would be amazing! I have so many items on my wish list that I would love to have for my family. At the top of my list are cast iron pans, a pressure cooker, a food processor, non-toxic non-stick baking dishes, and tons of books- “Wheat Belly”, “Grain Brain”, and “The China Study” just to name a few. Thanks for all of your amazing recipes and all that you do!!

  133. I would definitely buy an Excalibur dehydrator and a USA canner!!!

  134. Natasha Boss says:

    I’d get this so my husband could eat real food while he’s working
    I’d get this for my iced tea

  135. If I won the raffle I would likely put this towards buying my father a new bicycle for Christmas. His brand new one was recently stolen out of his front yard and it’s his only mode of transportation. Any money left over would go towards Christmas gifts for the rest of my family.

  136. Kara Bundy says:


  137. I would get an Excalibur dehydrator.

  138. I would like the pressure canner and cooker so many possibilities with it :)

  139. There are a lot of good ideas here… I am voting for the vitamix blender… top of my list and then some of the others would be essential oils.. new boots… and the list could go on…


  140. This is a pretty cool giveaway! I would use the $500 gift card to buy a Royal Berkey Water Filter System, organic black leggings from the brand PACT and some high quality (Great Lakes or NOW Foods) beef gelatin powder! Thanks so much for doing this awesome giveaway. For whoever wins, it will for sure help out a lot! Love your blog, keep up the great work!

  141. I would buy an Excalibur Dehydrator because I have beaten up mine pretty bad!!

  142. I would by a stainless steel pressure cooker and a stainless steel rice cooker! i would also buy cases of diapers and coconut milk! ;0 )

  143. Kristie Lawler says:

    I would love a shower kit for my cast iron tub!

  144. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy answer!
    I have a Vitamix, rather than sugarplums, dancing around my head.

  145. We’ve been doing home improvement projects, and I would love to have a nice paint sprayer like this: I shop at Amazon all the time, so it would go fast!

  146. I would get a Vitamix!!! Want one desperately!

  147. Velita Hickle says:

    There are several things on my Amazon wish list : ) Making it Radical Home Ec, Against All Grain, Lodge Dutch Oven…

  148. I would buy a new cookware set and a vacuum cleaner! Thank you!

  149. Cooking stuff…pots, dutch ovens, bamboo cutting boards, etc. Trying to get away from some of the toxic cookware I have!

  150. Stephanie W. says:

    I would love to have a dehydrator and a food processor.

    I would love this for my family! I would also get healthy vitamins from Garden of LIfe, and probably some things for my family. :)

  152. I would get a Vitamix blender. I want one so bad but it is out of my price range.

  153. I would be able to get my children Christmas gifts! My husband is out of work and we would love to bless each child with at least something that they want. They have each requested a specific lego or Lego friends toy. I would LOVE Susannah Wesley: the Complete Works.

  154. Ruth Johanna says:
  155. I just found your site—thank you so much for all the work you put into this!! If I won, there are SO MANY things I’d love to buy! I’m trying to make our family healthier, as we can afford to do so…fish oil, vitamins and supplements for all of us, a diffuser to try out some essential oils with, and then I might even splurge a little a buy a popcorn air popper!! ;-) And some wool running socks, lol. Thanks again!

  156. D'Ann Smith says:

    This is what I’d get for myself: WBM Himalayan Light # 1301B Natural Air Purifying Himalayan Tall basket salt lamp with Salt chunks, Bulb and dimmer switch

    Then I’d be looking at what the rest of family needs/wants!

  157. I would get a Vitamix for my daughter.

  158. I might look into a kindle of some sort. I have an iPad, but I want something I can see outdoors when reading.

  159. carol graham says:

    I would love to get a book on dehydrating food or lots of 70 % chocolate or tons of hemp seeds or good quality cacao nibs.

  160. Would get a water filter, healthier cook wear I like and some health supplements!

  161. a range

  162. I would buy a pressure canner so I can preserve healthy food for my family!

  163. I work from home and so does my hubby, and what I want most is a laptop so I can move around and work in his office or anywhere else in the house. We were going to buy one for Christmas, but it just didn’t work out.

    I like this one:

    And then a bag to carry it in –

    This would make me SO VERY HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And free! I would be FREE to hang out with my hubby upstairs and work, or work from the beach or the park or the coffee shop <3

  164. I would spend this on gifts! And maybe an Android tablet for myself and well… baby does need a new pair of shoes. LOL!

  165. Julia Decker says:

    I would love to win a Kitchen Aid Artisan 5 Quart Metallic Mixer!

    I had to sell my Kitchen Aid mixer 3 years ago when we were having financial difficulties and losing our home. This would be a huge blessing!

  166. I would buy books for my kids, Yummy Earth Lollipops (the biggest bag!), some gluten-free products, some games/puzzles for my kids, and I might splurge on myself and get a couple of craft supplies.

  167. I’d buy an ASUS PA248Q 24-Inch LED-Lit IPS Professional Graphics Monitor, because I’m passionate about photography and my current cheap monitor is of the “what-you-see-is-NEVER-what-you-get” kind. And with what’s left over I’d buy some health supplements.

  168. I would definitely buy a Nutrimill grain mill!!

  169. Dawn Rearick says:

    I would be keeping our mail person SOOOO busy :) Perennial seed, organic vanilla beans, soap molds,supplies for my handmade bath ‘n body items and on and on and………………..=)

  170. If I had $500, I’d get an actual food processor. The one I have is a little dinky, 2-3 cup for making guacamole and nothing serious. I’ve learned the error of my ways!
    Or, I’d get an ice cream maker so I can start making some sherbet type things so my husband can stop eating the store-bought crap.
    OR, I’d invest in a good set of stainless steel or ceramic cookware. Been only researching this so far so I don’t know what I’d do for type.
    OR…I’d buy a few things of different sized canning jars. The 4 oz jelly jars would be great for baby food!
    Or, maybe I’d get a more serious blender. What I have is fine and it works okay, but it leaks out the top if more than 3 cups are added on medium setting and the bottom leaks when I make my coconut milk. ;_;
    I also have on the list an actual wet vacuum cleaner. The small, pet vacuum to pick up pee spots has run its course and that didn’t even last the first year when I tried to use it anyway. XP
    I’d also like to take that and find a way to buy some goods like a lot of dried beans or oats or coconut oil or cocoa butter or good honey or shea butter or beeswax or the like. I have so many ideas from your website and no products to use for implementation! DX

  171. If I won I could buy supplies to make my household products and make enough to share the love with others for xmas! that would rock!!!

  172. I’d put it into the kitchen… or Christmas.

  173. I also am liking that pressure canner. I need a laptop backpack for my class at the college, and I would like to add another book on DIY steampunk: Steampunk Your Wardrobe: Easy Projects to Add Victorian Flair to Everyday Fashions (Design Originals) Paperback by Calista Taylor. Then I would finish it off with a case of organic coconut milk sans the poison. Thanks for the chance to win the raffle. I am subscribed.

  174. Blendtec for sure – our blender recently died and we’ve moved through the five stages of grieving and think we’re ready to blend again with another blender ;-).

  175. Would love to get a pressure cooker and a few more “fun” things…

  176. Books, books, and more books!

  177. hmmm…..vitamix, essential oils or window treatments for my house without curtains!

  178. I have several “Wish Lists” on Amazon & so do my children, so I would share with them & get some things from my lists–mostly books.

  179. valerie sergio says:

    Thanks! I would get a new blender:0

  180. I’d stock up on some bulk real food pantry items and ingredients for all our homemade personal Cate products!

  181. I would probably purchase a food processor. I’ve been wanting one for a long time now.

  182. I am getting myself Dyson DC44 Animal Digital Slim MK2 its been on my amazon list for a while :)

  183. There are a few thinks I would still like to get my kids, but I have been wanting an Excalibur dehydrator for my whole food projects :)

  184. I have been wanting a steam cleaner for the floors and bathroom, a diffuser for EO’s, toys, books, and natural organic foods! The list could go on and on……..:)

  185. I would get many things off my Amazon wish list–diaper covers, canning jars, books, movies, and some specialty food items.

  186. Ice cream maker!

  187. Pong Cases for our cell phones & iPad. Salt lamps for our home! new coffee machine. Tea brewer. I could go on :)

  188. Laura Zimmer says:

    I would get a kindle for myself and my daughter. I would also get a new set of dishes, flatware, and drinking glasses. I have to use my winter dishes year round to have enough to feed everyone. I only have 3 spoons left in my silverware set, as my preschool daughter threw 6 of them away each time she had a yogurt and I didn’t notice and we are mostly drinking out of quicktrip cups.

  189. I need some canning supplies like a new All-American pressure canner. But I am also wanting a yogurt maker or a Kindle Fire. So if I win decisions, decisions, decisions!!!

  190. What a great giveaway! I can think of lots of good uses for a $500 amazon gift card – Fagor pressure cooker, a cool tablet/ipad, lots and lots and lots of books, a new crock pot, a vitamix, a good juicer…

  191. I have several items in my wish list on Amazon. This will enable me to add to our library and some kitchen appliances.

  192. I would splurge and buy myself the largest Le Creuset Dutch Oven I could get my hands on!!!!! The rest would either be supplements to support my son and I’s journey through Lyme disease or Christmas gifts for my son!

  193. Ooooh! My husband, children and friends accuse me of personally being the reason for Amazon’s success. Thank you for this very exciting giveaway!

  194. I could buy all kinds of healthy food stuff!

  195. Hi! If I had $500 to spend, I would either get a laptop, vitamix [I use my mom’s and I LOVE it!], or a presto canner like you have shown. I have a water bath canner but would prefer a pressure cooker :)

  196. Jacqueline says:

    I just got a kitchenaid stand mixer, and I really want some of the pasta making attachments.

  197. Sheila Daniel says:

    Kitchen gadgets are on my list… replacing all plastic ware with glass or stainless steel. A KitchenbAid mixer has been on my wish list for a very long time. That would be nice. Thx

  198. What a great giveaway! If I would win, I would use the gift card towards a water filter system. Not sure which one though. I’d have to research.
    I am already subscribed to Whole New Mom. Thank you!!

  199. I’d buy a new pair of my favorite shoes. I got the first pair second-hand years ago, and they’re finally starting to wear out!

  200. How fun! If I win, I’ll get several new things for the kitchen, including a pressure cooker, some new cookbooks, and some last minute/late Christmas presents. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  201. We could use a new microwave and I’ve been watching Keva wood construction blocks for a while.
    I’ve completed #1, 2 & 4.

  202. I’d love to win the gift card! My wish list is long… I’d probably buy some healthy food and kitchen accessories.

  203. Those slippers sure look cozy! But the EMF gadget is intriguing too!
    Thanks for sharing!

  204. I really want to get 3 New Baofeng UV 5RA Ham Two Way Radio 136-174/400-48?0 MHz Dual-Band DTMF CTCSS DCS FM 5W Amateur Radio UV-5R Transceiver – 2013 Latest Version with Enhanced Features !!! I want to be able to stay in touch with my husband and son no matter what happens.

  205. Glenda Taylor says:

    Great opportunity for us to win–thank you!
    If I win I would purchase a gas grill, …no, I think I would purchase a video security system…or maybe I would purchase a really good food hydrator. Hmmm, so many things I think I need!

  206. I would choose this: I-pad mini. We only have the laptop and we all seem to want to use it at the same time! This way, I’d have my own. Thanks for the chance! Blessings from Bama!

  207. I’d buy baby things for our little one arriving in June (our first!). :)

  208. I have a berkley water filter that’s been sitting in my wish list for a while. I would be picking that up along with a new filtering shower head.

  209. still working on winning myself a vitamix. or a blendtec. haven’t decided! thanks for the chance!

  210. Margaret Ford says:

    I would like purchase a Berkey filter with extra filters. I would also like to purchase a food composter container for the kitchen. An air purifier would be great. And, if there is enough left, I would enjoy buying a book and a game for each of the grandchildren.

  211. I don’t know where I’d start. I’ve never won anything worth that much money!! I might finally be able to buy that Vitamix I’ve been wishing I could afford.

  212. I would probably go with an iPhone and an iPad mini

  213. anastasia b says:

    I would use it to buy a high speed blender!

  214. a kindle fire & co.

  215. Wow. With a $500 Amazon card I could start buying some of the items I have on my wishlist there. Have been compiling a list of healthy food and appliances needed to start on a better healthier diet and way of life.

  216. I would absolutely buy a Berkey water filter because they are sadly going to start FRACKING near me soon and I would have peace of mind with a Berkey. As a total splurge I would sure like a pair of those SOREL slippers too.

  217. Ellen Renee says:

    I love Amazon and always have something on my list. Books of course, some wireless speakers for my son, I was going to reorder some Nu-naturals liquid stevia but it has terrible reviews now and that is how I landed at your site! Although after looking at your homemade sweetener I noticed you used the same brand as your base. Have you changed what you use now?

  218. I will buy a berkey water filter because soon there will be fracking close to my area. I would also love a pair of those sorel slippers, they look so warm. I would buy new waterers for my chickens also and order spring layer chicks and meat birds. Just found your site today, very informative.

  219. Thanks for all the great info, WNM! Your posts have been so helpful!

  220. I would buy slippers (I’m a member of the cold feet club, too), a foam roller to help with stretches & muscle recovery, some fun stuff for my boys, and some fun stuff for hubby. Ooh, and some DVDs we’ve been wanting.

  221. What a fantastic giveaway! If I won I’d probably get a dehydrator for myself and a whole bunch of gluten-free mixes for my dad.

  222. I’d buy a bunch of accessories to go with my BOSCH and NUTRIMILL to get my new business up and running!! :) THAT WOULD BE THE PERFECT CHRISTMAS present!! :) My AMAZON wish list is full! :)

  223. Rebecca Jacobson says:

    I would use it to stock up on our supplement supply! It sounds boring, but it would be a huge help!

  224. I would buy some healthy food and beauty products.

  225. I would like to buy a new laptop if I won the gift card. I currently have a Dell and it is literally falling apart and being held together by tape

  226. Courtney of The Shire says:

    This super sexy gift for me and the Mr. –

    TWO of these, to cover the tiny square footage of our farmstead dwelling –

    This for my juices –

    and this, of couse, because I cant live without them –

  227. Id stock my pantry and buy containers to organize and buy in bulk.

  228. I like amazon… a lot

  229. Paula Powell says:

    I would buy my children’s Christmas presents with this!

  230. Elizabeth B says:

    I would try to get some video games for the kiddos.

  231. The next thing on my wish list is an Excaliber :) So that’s what I would start with. Then I would have to do some looking….

  232. I would start with this kindle for my daughter who loves to read!

    From there, I would get myself some nice fuzzy slippers and who knows what else. :)

  233. I would continue to feed my passion for historical mysteries but most importantly I would continue to buy books for my two daughters who love to read!

  234. or…I would buy a new pair of Old Gringo boots

    I need a size 11 women’s—I’ve been eyeing this pari for 3 years– but I need to find the 11

  235. I would buy a Excalibur Dehydrator.

  236. I’d buy some lip balm supplies and some groceries, that way I could put our grocery budget toward the CSA we want to do this year.

  237. Stephanie Boudreau says:

    I would use the gift certificate towards canning goods like a canner, mason jars etc… a new set of non toxic cookware possibly. I would be nice.

  238. Nancy Cole` says:

    who couldn’t use this card? I had to purchase this pc on Amazon, have had it two days, was with out a computer for two weeks, what a bad trip. Now have to pay this off in 2 months! Ya think this card would be a help? for sure!

  239. I need to stock up on essential oils.

  240. Miracle Quelle says:

    first I would get a guitar for my husband for Christmas. if there was any left it would go toward a vitamix while I’m dreaming :-)

  241. I have a whole wish list at amazon, but I’d probably buy a bunch of biomechanics / anatomy textbooks and maybe a vitamix.

  242. Ooh, what a fun giveaway! Amazon has everything. First I’d order some rollerblades for my husband because I bought them for the rest of the family for Christmas but that wouldn’t be my husband’s first choice for his gift – and I already spent a bunch of money on what he DOES want. =) I’d probably think about getting a tablet or a better phone for myself… or maybe I’d get some cook books or videos about science or history!

  243. If I were to win, I know the first thing I’d buy: a food processor. I’m planning to get one soon as it is, but winning the money to do so would be quite a gift. Aside from that, I’d probably start buying the new run of Doctor Who on DVD, perhaps along with Torchwood and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

  244. Jamie Spires says:

    I would buy books, oh lots of books. And kitchen gadgets. And some plants for my yard. And maybe a tool-toy for my hubby!

  245. I just saw a continuous kumbacha brewer on another site but it was around $250 dollars for the cheapest version, I’d start there and buy more supplies or maybe go with the milling tool I saw on one site, would be fun to make your own bread from scratch. Funny what I’ve come to think of as from scratch.

  246. I would buy a Kindle Fire.

  247. Heather Nowak says:

    I think that I would buy a grain mill and some bakeware. :-)

  248. Would really like to win so I could use it for Christmas presents

  249. I would get an emf meter-love it. I would also get movies and music for my parents.
    Thank you!

  250. Helen Brown says:

    I would buy a tablet, probably the kindle fire ( and a food saver, which I have been wanting for over a year.

  251. This is a very nice contest. I would probably use the gift card to buy my family gifts for Christmas and some useful items like food.

  252. Jacqueline McNamar-Hisle says:

    I would definitely get a Big Berkey water filtration system with the extra cartridges to remove fluoride. I have a 3 year old & we have city water….yuck!

  253. Thank you for the opportunity to win! I would purchase an excaliber dehydrator. I am high raw vegan and I would love to have one. Happy Holiday to you and your family!

  254. Cathy North says:

    I would order a vitamix!

  255. Nancy cole says:

    A great idea right now, this would pay off this computer, I was without a PC for 2 weeks! Who ever wins will be truly blessed. :-)

  256. If I won I would buy some accessories for my new kindle fire I’m getting for christmas!

  257. I buy Christmas gifts for my 5 children, among them would be a Kndle Fire for my oldest son and Littlest Pet Shop for my youngest. It would be a huge blessing to win! I’m not sure if Christmas gifts will be an option this year without something like this. Thanks for the giveaway!

  258. My husband was laid off last week so this giftcard would be used for all the basics we could buy from amazon. Thanks for the chance to win!

  259. Wow, this is such a big amount! Things are tight due to my health with my thyroid, so we would use this for Christmas and for other needs, like a blendtec twister jar. We use our Blendtec all the time to make homemade gluten free flours and nut butters.

  260. I would buy gluten free sugar free food! It would sure give my grocery bill a break for a long time, because I could actually buy bulk, save money, bake my own things and not have to buy expensive prepackaged items in smaller amounts because I couldn’t afford bulk!!! It would be so awesome! I have to get gluten free sugar free (and try really hard to do organic too) It could set up a whole new way of living for us.

  261. btw, just so you know, Gutsy is spelled different on the rafflecopter entry lol… is spelled gusty by mistake :) It was a fun little laugh for me, so no worries :)

  262. Books, books, and more books! Also, because Amazon carries EVERYTHING, I have a Bay Laurel tree and an apricot tree I would like.

  263. Lillace Christianson says:

    Curtains and fire escape ladders!

  264. Kimberly Rudd says:

    I have to say that Amazon would be fond of me if I won the gift card. I would buy new running shoes, New Balance 1260v3 ($145), a Nike+ SportWatch GPS powered by TomTom ($145) and as many books about health, cooking, and running that I could.

    I love your blog! So many great ideas and things to think about and try. Thank you for doing this!

  265. My Amazon wish list is like 8 pages long. (It’s something of a “working document.” Family buys off of it for holidays, but I buy things from it, too.) I have some healthy living books on there, Willow Trees, photography books & supplies, craft books…

    But if I had $500 Amazon money all at once – yeah; I’d probably get a Kindle. It would make those bundle ebooks easier to read!

  266. Oops. I forgot to leave a link. This is the first item on my wish list, at the moment. (I’ve checked it out from the library, and it’s pretty good.)

  267. I would buy Essential Oil Safety: A Guide for Health Care Professionals by Robert Tisserand. I could never afford to buy this and I want it so badly.

  268. So much to choose from! But, what our family is really needing is a new computer. I would put this toward an iMac, an in-our-dreams purchase.

  269. I would buy some paleo immune disease cookbooks :) to help my body heal.
    My son REALLY needs a new violin, he can’t get his fingers in position on the one we have because it is sooo tiny!
    My food processor has broken 3 times and is now kaput – for people with food allergies our specialized diet requires that we have this appliance – so I would definitely get this as well:)

  270. I would buy a pressure canner.

  271. This would be so awesome to win! I really want an Excalibur Dehydrator for Christmas and know we don’t really have the money, so this would really come in handy!! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  272. I would like a Berkeley Water Filter system since we are on well water. My daughter is moving into an apartment and it would be nice to be able to get her some safe cookware

  273. I would use my Amazon gift card for: My daughter in law: the Instant Pot IP-DUO60 7-in-1 Programmable Pressure Cooker with Stainless Steel Cooking Pot and all the goodies to use with it OR for my husband: the Vitamix 1709 CIA Professional Series, with Brushed Stainless Finish

  274. If I win I will use the card to buy a vitamix. I suffer from leaky gut and candida and am just getting started trying to cure my sickness. I don’t have very much money and could really use all the help I can get.

  275. Valerie Murphy says:
  276. would use it toward the Calphalon 13-pc. Commercial Hard-Anodized Cookware Set .. this is way better than stainless steels. thank you so much for such a great giveaway!

  277. I would love to buy some new EOs and lots of organizational gadgets!!! I really need to get organized!

  278. I would use it for books and health products!

  279. I’m so excited for this giveaway! As silly as it sounds, with the advent of Netflix and the like, I have some TV-on-DVD that I REALLY want to stock up on, especially the British shows like Doctor Who and Sherlock. With a $500 gift card, I could really fill out my collection. Squee!

  280. I’d love to have a set of grounding sheets.

  281. I would buy everything for my Paleo baking n fill my cupboards up…
    Thanks for the contest

  282. I also wish to can and cook with a pressure cooker. I’ve had my eye on this one a very long time.

    I have been wanting a good camera for our business so we can shoot videos and blog worthy pictures.
    I also have a long list of items, supplements and books, that I want for our healing journey.

  284. My family would LOVE a vitamix!

  285. I would love to get a Thermopen for making my grassfed roasts…or maybe a good toaster oven so I can ditch the microwave! :)

  286. Mrs. Carla A Garcia says:

    If I won the Amazon Gift Card. I would get my family and I some more Cast Iron Cookware. Then I would get some wholesome family movies and family tv shows.

  287. I think a pressure canner sounds like a great idea for an Amazon gift card! Maybe a better camera too.

  288. Awesome Idea! If I would to win, I would use it to replace some of the many items we lost in our house fire this past April! oh soo much! 35 plus years of living in a 99 year old family farm home!

  289. Awesome Idea! If I were to win the raffle, I would use it to replace the many items we lost when our home burnt down in April, Sooooo many things! Lots of stuff lost in a 99 yr old family home of 35 years.

  290. a tablet of some sort and a keurig for me, power tools for my hubby, AIO and Your Story Hour cds for my daughter

  291. I would like to buy a dehydrator.

  292. I would love a Beats Pill for my little brother!

  293. I have a LONG list of GF cookbooks I’d like to get from my Amazon wishlist… and some other kitchen gadgets and a few solar items and water fountains.

  294. loyri halliburton says:

    I would buy nut butters, coconut oil, gluten-free flours and snacks.

  295. I would give the giftcard to my parents, who have taken care of me when I was not well enough to take care of myself. They have given me so much that I would like to give them this giftcard in return.

  296. These slippers look so comfortable and cozy! These would be my pick…

  297. sharon Smith says:

    If I won the $500 gift card, I would buy some new bedding for our room. I would also buy some kitchen organizing items for my kitchen.

  298. Defender Pads for my sons IPads, & a Berkley water filter!

  299. I’ve had my eye on this on Amazon for a long time….Goal Zero 39002 Silver/Black Large Extreme 350 Adventure Kit

  300. If I win this gift card, my children will get Christmas presents. Otherwise, nada, this year. First year ever, no money for presents.

  301. I’d buy a new baby carrier, the Story of the World series by Susan Wise Bauer…oh, so many things!

  302. I would love to buy some ways to purify water, a soil tester, soil BPA free canteens for my family, and more! :)

  303. Diabetes is killing me. I need to exercise, but can’t even walk because of issues with my feet. I would buy a recumbent exercise bike so I can finally get some cardio exercise and get this weight off! And a few other little things I would like: some health supplements; maybe some books.

  304. The emf thing is cool, but since I am out of work I would probably use it to buy groceries.

  305. I was not going to include a link because there are so many groceries that I would be able to buy, but here is one so that I am able to qualify: Hopefully this chamomile tea would help me sleep! lol

  306. OMG! With $500, I would buy everything on my wishlist – books, CD’s, a new printer, a sewing machine if I could find a good one, products to make beauty care (beeswax, butters, empty containers), an oil diffuser. I make a lot of money go a long way.

  307. I’d love to have a Vitamix. I have a basic blender and the Vitamix would make it so much easier to make homemade coconut milk and coconut butter. Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  308. Linda Hayes says:

    I want a solar powered generator. AND a lot of other things too numerous to mention.

  309. Rebecca A. says:

    I would love to win the gift card.
    I would by a grain mill, “The Secret Garden of Survival”, several books on gardening.
    Then I would buy my family things they need or want. It’s always fun to share! :)

  310. I would buy the Sorel slippers also but I want Chemex Coffee maker

  311. I would buy a juicer and a royal berkey!

  312. I like your ideas

  313. Oh I am always shopping on Amazon! I would probably spend some of it on home decor, we all need new bedding, and I’ve been wanting to splurge and get all the Lord of the Rings on blu-ray. :)

  314. I would Order/get myself set up with essential Oils, for alternative Healing …though times require to be 1 step ahead of the game …this would be a wonderfullll way to even start up a business…Lots of potentials Ladies and wayyyyyyyyyyy healthier than popping pills ;)
    Thank you for this opportunity and Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!!

  315. I would use it as seed money to start a home business making natural products and beaded items

  316. I would get a better mixer or maybe a cheap laptop -so many possiblities!

  317. Missy Lowery says:

    I’d buy lots of healthy books :)

  318. Thanks so much for the awesome giveaway…this is my wishlist

  319. Cheryl Bland says:

    A Vitamix and some winter boots!!!!

  320. candy kratzer wenzel says:
  321. Oh what an awesome giveaway, if I was lucky enough i would get the iSpring 75GPD 6-Stage Reverse Osmosis Alkaline Mineral Water Filter System, this lens for my camera and some elderberries or a lot, water kefir grains, kiss my face cosmetics or supplies to make my own :) and I think I’m out of money already, yikes that went quick

  322. I have been really wanting a All-New Kindle Fire HDX 8.9″ Tablet 64 GB. I am a blogger wantabe and I often find it hard to carry my computer or type on the tiny keyboard on my phone. This would be perfect for me! I have so many Kindle books too that work so much better on a Kindle than on my computer. This would be such a wonderful gift!

  323. Karin Grosso says:

    I have several books on my Amazon Wish List that no one in my family has gotten me yet. I would start with those.

  324. I definitely need new slippers to keep my feet warm, a few books, or five or six and new pots and pans!

  325. Georgette Helton says:

    Great Giveaway thanks so much

  326. I have so many books on my wishlist! But aside from reading, I could use a good dose of music to get my soul straight again!

  327. I’d love a gift card like that. I never win anything. I would buy a pressure canner for sure, and some other odds and ends for my kitchen/food preservation. Then I’d buy my daughter a few things on her Christmas list that we couldn’t afford.

  328. Doreen Taylor says:

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE this card! Thanks for such an awesome giveaway!!

  329. Shelly Spiegal says:

    I have been eyeing some cast iron skillets and stainless steel pots! Boring, I know ;)

  330. I would buy my son the sensory LED light fibers that he loves at his therapist’s office. They really help calm some of his sensory issues due to his autism. :) <3

  331. I would love to get the Stargate SG1 series, on DVD. Also, probably some dog and cat food, nice we get it through amazon, anyway! LOL

  332. Wow! $500! We are four of us in our family and I will give each a 100 and the remaining 100 I would like to donate to wikipedia.

  333. Golly, I have to be honest, I don’t know what I’d buy other than maybe some bulk food items or possibly some new clothes. We are so anti-stuff right now in our house and trying live on less and less, and better quality of the little we do use/own. Nothing comes springing to mind that we really need/want. God is providing every day on our crazy journey. :)

  334. Laura Finigan says:

    I searched Amazon and found many things I would like to buy if I win buy top of my list is a pressure canner like the one you chose. Thx for this chance to win. Bless you.

  335. the canner and the slippers look AWESOME but i’d probably end up getting a woven wrap for our new squish !

  336. milliann Johnson says:

    Books,Books & more Books…maybe a few kitchen gadgets

  337. If I am the lucky winner I would stock up on gluten-free cookbooks (my daughter was recently diagnosed with Celiac), pick a few books off my own wish list, likely get some fun treats for the rescue dog we’re adopting, get a fun kitchen gadget or two, and some treats for the kids and the hubby! Fingers crossed!

  338. I would buy some healthy food and supplements so my husband can get cured.

  339. Thanks for bringing this wonderful giveaway!!!

  340. Such a generous thing to do! If I had a $500 Amazon gift card I would buy my husband and I bicycles so that we can get outside and ride with our girls to local parks to play and hike. With school back in session I feel like we need to be more intentional about getting outside and being active.

  341. A yogurt maker, a steam mop, another crockpot (to make perpetual broth without tying up my crockpot so much), essential oils, a crock to start making my own sauerkraut.

  342. I would buy everything on my “Save for Later” list in my Amazon shopping cart – books, kids books, Birkenstocks, leggings that I discovered in one of my StitchFix box, probiotics, and more! I LOVE Amazon!!

  343. Tamara Jergins says:

    I would buy an Excalibur Dehydrator … Then possibly a pressure canner or anything garden related.

  344. I would buy a lot of essential oils and other healthy stuff like organic shampoos, soaps and deodorants.

  345. If I won. I’d give half toward a freshwater well in a developing country and the other half toward a family portrait session to be remembered….maybe on top a snowy mountain!