Free Kindle Books, Free Summits Galore, and More Healthy Living Deals 4/12/14

Greetings Healthy-Frugal-Deals-Seeking Readers.

Do I have a bunch of stuff for you all today.

LOADS of Free Kindle Books, as usual, but also 3, count ‘em, 3 FREE Summits for you to check out.

I think there must be something in the water with all of these summits.  Maybe I should do one myself.

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Loads of Free Kindle Books, two FREE Conferences, & More Healthy Living Deals 4/5/14

Wowee are there a load of Free Kindle Books for you today.  I’m so happy to be able to bring all of these to you.

Plus, there are a few other great things going on:

1.  a FREE Mom Conference

- and -

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Free Kindle Books, a Fab Free Mom Conference, & More Healthy Living Deals – 3/30/14

Hi fabulous readers. Sorry again for a late post.  I had another very very busyola weekend.

But again, there were some really good books and things I wanted to share, so here goes.

First of all, a quick update.

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Free Kindle Ebooks Galore, a Free Mom Summit, & More Crunchola Deals – 3/22/14

Hope you all had a good week.

Things have continued to be rough here.  My father-in-law’s health is not good so we have been busy talking with him and relatives and trying to figure out traveling to see him.

You don’t realize how important health is until you don’t have it, you know?

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Loads of Freebies You Don’t Want to Miss (more than books), and More! – 3/15/14

Another weekend–more savings for you.

This week there is a really nice selection of Free Kindle Books for you all.  I hope they are a blessing to you.

Sorry this is getting out to you all late in the day again.  We had a really busy day–most of it good stuff, but not all.

My youngest had a closing ceremony for his ice hockey season and then we all rode in a St. Patrick’s Day parade (Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you all from this 1/2 Irish Lass) on a float, and then it was my oldest’s semi finals for his ice hockey team, which they won.


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Loads of Free Kindle Books, Lilla Rose & Coconut Oil Sales, & More Healthy Living Deals – 3/8/14

Another Weekend.

More Healthy Living Deals for you.  ’Cause we all need a little pick me up for our wallets these days (ouch–the sticker shock at the grocery store!!!!)

I’ve got the regular line up of loads of Free Kindle Books, plus some great deals from my sponsors, and a Lilla Rose Sale.

So – let’s get going with the savings…..

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Free Kindle Books and More Healthy Living Deals 3/2/14

Hey all.

Sorry for getting this out late.  I had an uber busy weekend.

But there were sooo many good Free Kindle Books that I wanted to post this asap.

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Free Kindle Books, Super Savings on Cloth Pads, & More Healthy Deals 2/22/14

Another weekend.

More savings for you.

I have a few really nice treats for you all….one of my sponsors has just cut prices by 25%.

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Free Kindle Books & More Healthy Deals, Including One Your Life Might Depend on – 2/15/14

Hey Readers.

I don’t know about you, but are prices just going through the roof?  Every time I turn around it happens.

I was just about to place a bulk order of nuts and they went up about 50%.

Irks me because while they say it’s because of a drought, you know that the prices aren’t going to be coming back down to the previous level if the drought ends, you know?

There should be some kind of law about that.

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Free Kindle Books, 50% off Coconut Oil and More

Hey Readers.

It’s another weekend (can’t believe how quickly they are going by) so it’s another time for some healthy living deals–and those great Free Kindle Books.

It’s been snowy snowy snowy here (which I love)–literally we get more snow almost every day.

I sure hope it takes its time thawing or we are going to have a flood :).

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