Free Kindle Books and More Healthy Living Deals – Jan 25, 2015

The Healthy Gut Summit - Your gut health is crucial for overall health.

Hi Readers! It's another weekend with plenty of healthy living savings for you. From free Kindle Books to a great DIY Bundle and a fabulous Healthy Gut Summit, there are some really great resources available to you this week. I hope they're a huge help and a blessing to you and yours this week. Ultimate DIY Bundle - over 95% off If you're like me and get excited about making things ...Read The Full Post

Free Kindle Books & More Healthy Living Deals – Jan 17, 2015

Ultimate DIY Bundle

My oh my. Sorry I haven't written even 1 post this week. I've been working on something HUGE.  Bigger than an ebook. Bigger than well--just big. And we've had some real bumps along the way like the recurrence of my oldest's anxiety. Hasn't been fun. We're trying a new supplement for him and adding another one this week and hoping we can get some new strategies for him. Plus, I ...Read The Full Post

Free Kindle Books and More Healthy Living Deals – Jan 10, 2015

Companion Planting

Hi readers! *See the title and the URL (link) to the post don't match?  I told you I was having a hard time with how fast time is passing :).  I knew if I changed things at the last minute the links might not work so I left the link with 2014 in there.  Sigh.  I'll get it one of these days.... I so hope this finds you all well. I know that it's hard juggling everything--trying to keep on top ...Read The Full Post

Save Money and Get Healthier – Top DIY Posts of 2014

Looking to save money and reduce toxins? This list of the most popular DIY posts of 2014 will help you make your own natural personal care products, home care products, and natural remedies.

Making our own personal and home care products is one of my favorite things to do. It helps reduce toxins for you and your family's health (and cuts down toxins in the environment), plus saves money, and personally I get a huge sense of accomplishment from both of those. If you are thinking about improving yours and your family's health in the New Year, and are also interested in stretching ...Read The Full Post

Free Kindle Books and More Healthy Living Deals – Dec 28, 2014

Dr. Alan Christianson and the Adrenal Reset Diet

What a busy busy week! Of course, it was Christmas, but it pretty much blew right past us. We had a lovely church service on Christmas Eve, and a wonderful time with new friends on Christmas, eating, get this -- split pea soup, salmon, Homemade Gummies, Green Bean Chips, Surprise Seasoning Popcorn, and a new Dairy Free Cherry Cheesecake (autoimmune paleo) that I made (it actually went over ...Read The Full Post

Get Healthy in the New Year – $1000+ value – Only $39!

Social Media, Family Resolution Revolution Graphic

You know how it goes - Christmas is over and now it's the New Year--time for resolutions to lose weight, get in shape, eat healthier (maybe going sugar free or gluten free) and get organized. You can see it in the stores where they're peddling the latest and greatest exercise equipment, and with organizing boards on Pinterest going crazy. Typically, you start with a bang, and then lose steam as ...Read The Full Post

Free Kindle Books & More Healthy Living Deals – Dec 21, 2014

Native American Nutritionals Christmas Tree Blend

We've had some big things going on this past week--some good and some bad--that I've barely been able to breathe. And we haven't done much of anything for Christmas, which is hard for me emotionally. We're trying to get the tree up today and did go to an Open House this week for a bit, but that's about it so far. Typically, I don't do much "crazy busy" Christmas stuff anyways, so in a ...Read The Full Post

Free Kindle Books and More Healthy Living Deals – Dec 13, 2014

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Oh my, are the days speeding by, or what? We still don't have our Christmas Tree up and it somehow feels like it's still November to me. Thankfully we take it slow at Christmastime - not a ton of hubbub around here. I do hope to do some shopping still (not too much) and there are some things I could use for our overall family health, so I am very glad for the sales and deals that retailers have ...Read The Full Post

A Few of My Favorite Things- 2014 Natural Living Gift Guide

Natural Gifts for Your Christmas Shopping

If you're like me, you are behinder on your plans for the Christmas. Life doesn't slow down just because Thanksgiving is over and we still don't have our tree up :). And while we don't do many gifts, I am more behind than usual this year. Ah well - I don't like a bunch of hubbub and it's always nice to stretch things out.  I think we'll have Christmas Week around here. In case you are ...Read The Full Post

Free Kindle Books & More Healthy Living Deals – Dec 6, 2014

Native American Nutritionals Christmas Tree Blend

Hi all! I simply can't believe that it's already December -- so much so that I typed "Nov 6, 2014" when I initially wrote this post :). Whew.  Well, that means it's the Christmas and Hannukah shopping season and things are abuzz on the internet with folks shopping. I personally don't do much of any shopping at this time of year. We limit our kids to about 3 gifts each and we spread out the ...Read The Full Post