Grain Free Cookies, Muffins, and Quick Breads–Oh MY! –GIVEAWAY–2 Winners $95 Value

Boys and Simple Mills! New Wmk

I’ve NEVER recommended a prepared mix before.

This is a FIRST for me….find out why……

I’m a Whole Foodie Gal.  And we are on special diets.

Nothing but:

- whole grains
- organic when possible
- healthy fats, and
- sweeteners as healthy as possible.

We pretty much have

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Real Help for Healing from Chronic Fatigue, Candida, Food Allergies, AutoImmune Diseases, and More

Chronic Fatigue, Autoimmune Diseases, Candida, Food Allergies---healing help is here!

Something has been on my heart a lot this past week.

It’s that sooo many in this world are sick.

And need help.

I’ve been there myself. And, in fact, I am still dealing with health issues in our family.

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A Healthy Living Bundle You Basically Get Paid to Buy – 86 Ebooks, Interactive Conferences, Plus $158 in Freebies–all for Only $29.97!

Ultimate Health Bundle 600 banner

**UPDATE!** Encore sale going on through midnight 12/2/13.  This is the last time this bundle, with the $158 of freebies, will be offered.**

There are just so many great things about this bundle that I honestly didn’t know how to best present this to you all.

So I’ll try to spell them all out in this post, but it’s going to be pretty longish.  The title sums it all up, and there’s an “In a Nutshell” part at the bottom too, but let me just say that this is a real no brainer of a bundle.

I mean, I don’t typically spend a lot of money on ebooks, but when you get

- this many ebooks
- interactive conferences, and
- $158 in freebies for just $29.97, then I take a good look.

And I buy it.  It’s like getting paid to purchase this bundle.

Really–the freebies are sooo good, I would for sure use them.  And I would use them all.

It’s not like getting a BOGO Video Game coupon when you don’t buy video games.  I don’t like getting that kind of coupon :(.

But first of all, let me tell you that I am pretty selective about what I present to you all.

Case in point:

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Tropical Traditions Review & $100 Giveaway

Tropical Traditions 250  250

We use a lot of coconut products in our family.

Coconut oil, Coconut Butter (typically I make my own Homemade Coconut Butter), Coconut Milk (we make this homemade too), Unsweetened Coconut Flakes, Coconut Flour.

Pretty much–you name it.

If it’s coconut, we love it.

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Ultimate Kitchen Tool Giveaway! Two Winners

Bosch Mixer and Nutrimill Grinder Giveaway! These are 2 of my all-time favorite kitchen tools. Check them out and enter to win!

Having the right tools is crucial if you want to be able to fix things.

But it’s also important to have the right tools for your kitchen.

Especially if you are a whole foodie – DIY type like me.

I mean, I am in the kitchen all.the.time.

Well, not really, but a lot.

Having the right tools helps me to save time and get the job right and somewhat efficiently.

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Don’t Miss this Sale! 4 Days to Get Tableware, Bakeware, and More–For Next to Nothing {IMPORTANT UPDATE!}


(Note:  The above photo, and many of the following links go to my At Home site. If you make a purchase, of course I will make some income.  Thanks for your support of my blog, and enjoy the savings!)

So–you all know by now that I am:

1.  Frugal
2.  Concerned about buying quality products
3.  Concerned about health

What you might not know is that I do like things to “look nice” as well.

Covering all of those bases can be hard when you run a whole food household and a blog–and you homeschool–and–and.

You get the idea.

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Essential Oils Testing–Is it Reliable?

Essential Oils Testing Wmk

If you haven’t noticed, there has been a lot of hubbub on the internet about essential oils these days.

There are essential oils remedies, recipes, “Medicine Cabinet Makeovers,” and testimonials galore.

There are loads of blogs telling you that their oils company is the best one (yes,  even I had a blog series entitled “Which Essential Oils Company is Best?”, didn’t I :)?) and often you are urged to sign up with a direct sales company to makes money selling oils, or at least to get your oils for free.

One thing that comes up over and over again regarding essential oils, however, is GC/MS testing.

Today we are going to talk about GC/MS testing in more detail.

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5 Great Garden Lessons from an Unexpected Place

Working on a Garden is tough work. Come read 5 Great Tips that we got from an unexpected source. And see what we're doing to grow a flourishing vegetable garden!

Are you working on a garden?

Finding that your crops aren’t growing as well as you would like?

I’ve been mentioning in a few posts and on my Facebook page that we’ve been struggling this year.

Actually, we’ve been struggling for several years with our garden, but this year our garden has thrown us a few tons of curve balls.

In fact, the other week, my husband and oldest were away when the final curve ball hit and I started crying.

And almost swore I would never garden again.

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Buy One Get Four Free Whole Food Cookbooks– and a $325+ Giveaway.



Note: I am an affiliate for this book bundle and will earn a small commission for every sale made through this post (there’s no extra charge to you!) Thank you for supporting my family this way!

Hey readers.

I have told you before that I am not one to promote tons of book bundles.  There are sooo many on the market today it’s hard to sort through them all and get the really good ones, you know?

Well, this one is really good and so I am recommending it to you.

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Is Costco’s Coconut Oil Junk? Or the Real Deal?

Costco sells Carrington Farms Coconut Oil - is it cheap coconut oil or the real deal?

Do you shop at Costco?

Have you seen their great deal on coconut oil?

I saw it and wondered myself–”Could this really be high quality coconut oil at this price?”  So I bought some about 4 months ago and put it on my shelf.

Many have been thrilled about being able to purchase a great wholesome fat like coconut oil at Costco for a great price.

But not everyone is happy about it.

I honestly was almost in tears this past week seeing what can happen when due diligence isn’t done, accusations are made carelessly, and apologies don’t come.

If you don’t know what I am talking about, read on.

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