Homemade “Cheez-Its” – grain and dairy free with vegan option

Grain-free and Dairy-free "CHEEZ-IT®" CRACKERS! A yummy healthy treat you can feel good about eating!

{If you're like me, Cheez-Its® were one of the most addictive snacks of your childhood.  I can't think of a time that I sat down with a box of those without almost polishing off the entire box. Or at least more than I should have (ahem). Anyone else with me? Well, my CHEEZ-IT® days are over since I am gluten-free (and presently dairy-free), but thanks to Kate from Kate's Healthy Cupboard, ...Read The Full Post

Vegan Homemade Crackers Made from — Lentils?! grain free & nut free options

Homemade Crackers - Make with LENTILS & Buckwheat. This great cracker recipe has grain and nut free options!

{What a treat!  You've gotta love this.  Just when you thought you'd seen every lentil dish imaginable in my Lentil Recipe Roundup, along comes these Homemade Crackers made from -- LENTILS!  From Julia of Swirls and Spice.  Make them either gluten-free or grain-free!  Genius, I'm telling you. Pure genius!} With their rich, nutty taste, homemade lentil crackers are much more satisfying than the ...Read The Full Post

Secret Ingredient Mint Fudge – vegan and sugar free

Mint Fudge Recipe - Vegan and Sugar Free with Natural Colors. Great for St. Patrick's Day

Looking for a fun whole-foodie recipe for Saint Patrick's Day sans the green food coloring?  This all-natural dairy-free fudge recipe is just what the doctor (or nutritionist) ordered. It's fun to color foods for special occasions, but on a whole foods diet, regular food colorings just do not make the grade. It's always hard for me to take my kids to the grocery store and see them oogle the ...Read The Full Post

Garlic and Chive Cheese (Dairy and Soy Free)

Are you Dairy Free? This garlic and chive cheese is not only dairy-free, but not and soy free as well. It's the "Everything Free Cheese :)!

{Please welcome Candace from Candida Free Candee.  She has a fabulous treat for you all today--a Dairy-Free Cheese recipe that is nut and soy free! I can't wait to try this for my dairy-allergic son.} I though it would be very appropriate to share this recipe here, at Whole New Mom because it's basically Adrienne’s recipe! You see, I haven't been able to eat dairy for years now and I had given ...Read The Full Post

Yummy Gummy Candy (sugar free) and How “Ew” Turned to “Yum”

Homemade Gummy Candy - that's Yummy and Sugar-Free and has a healthy special ingredient to boot! Vegan option included. These are a great fun snack that are sooo much better for you than store-bought "gummies" and they're cheaper too :)!

Today I am pleased to introduce you to Candace from Candida Free Candee.  She's bringing us Homemade Gummy Candy, something I have been planning to make for my family for a loooong time. So now my sons are really saying, "Can you please make this, Mom?" Candace is working on dealing with that horrid digestive problem, candida, and though her blog is quite new, she has some great recipes on it ...Read The Full Post

“Dorito” Flavored Popcorn (dairy free)

Get Dorito Flavor without the chemicals with this Dorito Popcorn!

If you've been around my blog, or my family, for awhile, you know that we love popcorn - I've got a bunch of homemade popcorn recipes on my site from nut buttery popcorn to one our faves (with an unusual origin), Surprisingly Good Seasoned Popcorn.  Seriously - that one is ALWAYS a hit no matter where we take it. But one thing you likely don't know is that I love Doritos. But I don't eat ...Read The Full Post

Homemade Marshmallows – with sugar free option

Homemade Marshmallows? Yes, please! Fun to make and Sugar-free to boot!

I'm always trying to make healthier versions of processed foods - like Homemade Chocolate Chips, Homemade White Chocolate Chips, Taco Seasoning, Hamburger Helper, and Chocolate Frosting. This week on Facebook, I mentioned that I ended up staying up 'til 12:30 making homemade marshmallows and gluten free graham crackers for my kids. There was a ton of really fun and thoughtful responses, ...Read The Full Post

Chocolate or Carob Chia Pudding ~ and more Simple Summer Meal & Snack Tips

Dairy Free Sugar Free Chocolate Carob Chia Pudding

  Summer. It's busier than I thought it would be. We've had a lot going on and some real personal struggles that have made it hard to have things running smoothly. I am finding myself over and over again reaching for fast meals a lot, but while they are typically healthy (no, we haven't succumbed to drive throughs :-)), they can get a little boring redundant. Today, at The ...Read The Full Post

Saint Patrick’s Day ~ History & Simple, Healthy Celebrations


Saint Patrick's Day holds a special place in my heart. My father is from Dublin, Ireland and March 17th was my late mother's birthday. In fact, most of my father's relatives still live on the Emerald Isle. I visited there during my college years and it really is a special place.  (Though I'm sure in the many many years since then that it's changed quite a bit.) ...Read The Full Post

Healthy Snacks to Nourish You on the Go!

Healthy Desserts Almond Joy Candy Recipe

Eating healthy can be hard sometimes.  Just planning regular meals that will satisfy while keeping your body running the way that it was meant to. But finding healthy snacks can be one of the most troublesome things, whether you are just trying to find healthy munchies for yourself or for a whole household. Join me today over at my debut post on The Balanced Platter where I am sharing today ...Read The Full Post