Sugar Substitute (Homemade Truvia®)

Make Your Own Sugar Substitute - Like Truvia®! No glycemic index--doesn't feed candida---and this recipe makes it super frugal to live the sugar-free life!

One of the hardest things about low carb baking is the finding sugar substitutes – and paying for them.

There are tons of options on the market and most of them are, well – expensive.

Today I am going to share with you a way to make Homemade Truvia and do low carb baking without the high ticket price.

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Easiest Dairy-Free Condensed Milk

Condensed Milk Recipe

Well, it’s another one of those “Yippee!  I’ve figured something out!” days.  It’s a Condensed Milk Recipe.

Believe it or not, I’ve been trying to make vegan condensed milk for awhile now.  What better thing to do with one’s time, right :-)?

Finally, I think I’ve got it.  A condensed milk recipe that is super easy to make and should work in any recipe that call for the canned stuff.

So happy to share this with you!

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Homemade Celery Salt (and how to use it ~ including a yummy surpise!)

Homemade Celery Salt. And how to use it--including a really yummy surprise!

Why would one want to make celery salt, you ask?  And how do you use it?

Well, before you just move on from this post thinking, “What’s so great about celery salt?”


I’m sure you’ll find something you’ll like.

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Natural Dishwasher Rinse Aid ~ Important Update

Dishwasher Rinse Aid flickr Wmk

I know.  I posted a super simple Homemade Dishwasher Rinse Aid already.

But it’s been about a year (I can’t believe it’s been that long!!) since that previous homemade rinse aid post, and I have a very important update to share with you.

And this homemade rinse aid is at least as simple, if not moreso.

Why the need for an update?  And how could it be very important?

Read on.  Please.  You must.

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No-Streak Homemade Glass Cleaner

This Glass Cleaner is amazing! Super easy to make--and leaves no streaks behind! Much more natural than the store bought brands and TONS cheaper!

Today I am going to share with you one of my most favorite non toxic Home Care Products – Homemade Glass Cleaner.

I personally think that it is so important to get Home Care and Personal Care products that are toxin free so that we, our families, and our world can be a lot more healthy.

Plus, you can save a TON of money by making these things yourself.

And it doesn’t have to take a TON of time.

In fact, most of them are lickety-split.

This Homemade Glass Cleaner Recipe is a case in point.

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Homemade Chocolate Chips or Carob Chips ~ {Improved} (dairy, soy, and sugar-free)

Easy Homemade Chocolate Chips or Homemade Carob Chips

One of the first recipes that I posted, and also one of my most popular, is my recipe for Homemade Chocolate Chips.

We make these fairly frequently in my home, but honestly, they almost never make it into cookies.

Once they’re made my kids regularly ask for carob chips….and since they are made with wholesome ingredients, I typically say “yes.”

The reasons that I initially set out to make my own carob chips (we usually make them with carob so the kids (and I :-)) don’t get overstimulated from too much chocolate), were several:

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Easiest Homemade Vanilla Liquid Stevia Extract

Liquid Stevia Drops convenient, but sooo expensive. See how easy it is to make them yourself! Enjoy this zero-calorie, natural sweetener in your beverages and baking and save money!

Liquid stevias are all the rage in sugar free eating and baking circles these days.

Have you seen them?

They are little dropper bottles full of super sweetness that you can add to your favorite beverages and sweet treats without:

  • feeding candida or
  • adding calories

I love them and with the amazing variety of flavors out there you can really go to town.

The only problem is, they are a really pricey.

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Nourishing Homemade Sugar Scrub

This Nourishing Sugar Scrub is great for making your skin silky smooth. It's super simple, and frugal, and you can add your own fragrant essential oils as you like. Makes a great easy-to-make gift!

Today I’ve got a great DIY beauty care recipe to share with you–Homemade Sugar Scrub!

If you’re anything like me, dry hands and feet (and dry skin in general) is a problem for you.

I never tried anything like a scrub until one evening at an antique car show where a woman was selling beauty products and offering free hand scrub demonstrations.

Hesitatingly, I tried the scrub, feeling skeptical (I’m pretty skeptical about a lot of things….see my post on Are Essential Oils a Scam? ~ A Skeptic Looks at Thieves Oil).

Well, I just loved how my hands felt and looked after rubbing that scrub all over my hands and rinsing it off.  Smooth and revitalized and younger-looking.

However, I didn’t like the price or the ingredients.

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Gourmet Chocolate Caramel Apples (sugar and dairy-free)

Caramel Apples - Dairy and Sugar Free! Now you can recreate those yummy gooey-sweet-covered fall delicacies in your own home!!!

{Today’s post is from my first guest post writer, Danielle Rouse.  I’d been admiring her clean recipes and beautiful photos for awhile and just thought you all would love to see some of her creations.  What a great recipe to start off with!

My youngest was begging me to make these Caramel Apples for him when he saw the photo!  (My oldest isn’t keen on dipping things (remember my post on Healthy Meals Your Kids Will Love?) but I’m sure I can put the caramel on something that he’ll gobble up.  I know–this is a “pre-made dipped thing” but that’s just the way that Asperger’s Syndrome works sometimes.  If you have a child with autism, you’ll most likely understand what I mean.)

Anyway, these delectable apples would make a great addition to any Easter celebration.  And you can for sure check out my Healthy Easter Treats Galore if you are lacking at all in that department :-).
Now…on with the post!}

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Easiest Almond Milk Recipe Ever

This Almond Milk Recipe is the easiest one around. Time to ditch the expensive "boxed alternative milk" habit! Great for baking or drinking.
Today I’m sharing my Basic Almond Milk Recipe.

It really is the Easiest Almond Milk Recipe Ever. Seriously.

My “cooking philosophy” has evolved over the years. Health-wise, but also “simplicity-wise.”

Maybe you can relate.

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