Healthy Dinner in a Flash! Homemade Hamburger Helper Beef Skillet

Homemade Hamburger Helper - Beef Skillet. Gluten & Dairy Free - and sans the chemical ick!

{Please welcome the talented Tessa the Domestic Diva.  She is bringing us an amazing Homemade Hamburger Helper – Beef Skillet.  Fast dinner without the box and the chemical ick!}

As a mom, I absolutely ADORE one pot (or skillet) meals! They are convenient and super easy to clean up.

As a child, I loved all the variations of Hamburger Helper…but today the frightening ingredient list means even withOUT allergies, I would not choose to feed those boxes to my family.

So how to make this a REAL FOOD meal?

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“Who Ate My Chips?!” Chocolate Chip Cookies – gluten free & vegan option

Ever gone to make Chocolate Chip Cookies but someone had eaten almost all of your chips? Here's the solution!

{Please welcome Sandi Gaertner of Fearless Dining, an informative gluten-free living blog.  She brings to us a super fun and frugal Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe.  Have you ever found that you have no chips when you want to make Chocolate Chip Cookies?  The ubiquitous dilemma. Well, Sandi has a yummi solution for us today.}

Ahhh. It is time to air one of my pet peeves.

I love making Chocolate Chip Cookies.  But…

How many of you have family members who eat a bag of gluten free chips, pretzels, nuts, candy, or even steal some of your secret stash of baking chips….only leaving a few bites left in the package?

You know what they do next…They seal the bag back up and stuff it in the back of the pantry in order to hide the evidence.

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Low Carb Comfort Food — Shepherd’s Pie with Roasted Veggies (grain & dairy free, vegan option)

Low Carb Shepherds Pie Recipe

Today, Candace is sharing with us one of my favorite comfort foods–a Low Carb Shepherd’s Pie Recipe.  Shepherd’s pie typically is topped with mashed potatoes, which, while totally yummy, is a little heavy on the carbs for those of us watching our carb intake.  You’ll love this version for sure.

Currently on my blog (Candida Free Candee), I am doing a series on Crockpot, Casserole and Cook Ahead meals to help simplify my life since there is a lot going on.

I like to prepare meals at night once the kids are asleep so that the next day, or for a few days following (as I like to prep multiple meals at once), I won’t have to spend so much time in the kitchen.

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Need Dinner Fast? Healthy Chili Mac & More Quick and Easy Meals

larger chili mac

Today, please welcome Tessa of Tessa Domestic Diva who brings us a Healthy Chili Mac Recipe.  I love Tessa’s selection of healthy, attractive, and special diet friendly recipes (she’s got a beautiful site as well.)  I hope you enjoy this post by Tessa as she shares with us some quick, easy, and healthful options for getting dinner on the table—FAST!  

I can’t tell you how many times people around me have lamented how they wish they had more time to cook and put wholesome dinners down for their family every night.

Regardless of your time constraints: it IS possible.  

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3 Ridiculously Easy & Delicious Truffle Recipes – dairy and sugar-free

Easy Chocolate Truffles - Dairy and Sugar Free Chocolates you can Easily Make at Home! Truffles.

There is something so decadent and so satisfying about truffles.

At least to me.

They have to be one of my all-time favorite candies, but they were always too hard and time consuming to make.

I like easy. The easier, the better. [Read more...]

Gourmet Cranberry Buckwheat Granola Recipe

Gourmet Cranberry Buckwheat Granola. This gluten free granola is free of refined sugar and would make a fabulous gift in a jar :)!

{Today, please welcome back Sarah from The Little Fig.  She brings us a fabulous Gluten-Free Granola Recipe.  I’ve been meaning to make something like this Soaked Buckwheat Granola for a long time–ever since my friend showed me her Soaked Buckwheat Cereal.  Simply can’t wait to make this.}

I don’t know about mornings in your household, but weekday mornings at ours tend to be a bit of a whirlwind. I’m right behind the thought that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but honestly, getting my two pre-schoolers and myself out the door in a presentable state is often enough of a challenge.

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Free Gluten-Free Allergy-Friendly Mother’s Day Cookbook – Recipes by Moms for Moms

Attune-Foods-Cover-e1367296501370 (1)

Mother’s Day is right around the corner.

And I have something special to help you celebrate with the mom in your life (or you can give this to your hubby or kiddos so they can make something wonderful for you.)

Fabulous healthful Gluten-Free Recipes that any mom would be blessed to partake of on her special day.

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Chocolate or Carob Silk Pie with Nut or Seed Butter Crust (dairy, grain and sugar free)

Dairy-Free Chocolate / Carob Silk Pie

Finding desserts that work for my family can sometimes be a chore; we are gluten-free and now sugar-free too, and my oldest son is allergic to dairy, eggs and almost all nuts.

But we love desserts so much that I am willing to work at it (and eat the mistakes).

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Cinnamon Baked Doughnuts (with gluten-free and soaking option)


Baked Whole Grain Gluten-Free Doughnuts

This recipe for soaked and baked whole grain doughnuts is probably my family’s favorite sweet whole grain recipe.

Did I say, “probably”?  Silly me.  I made two batches yesterday, one with gluten and one without.  Two of us (including yours truly) ate the gluten and sugar free version and well, there are very few of those left.  This time, it was my oldest son who was guilty of over-indulgence.  Typically I share that “honor” with him.

We took the gluten- and sugar-free version (see notes following the recipe) to a doughnut eating contest at a homeschool gathering recently.  Somehow, we were able to suspend my gluten-free treasure on a string between the other doughnuts without it falling apart into crumbly nothingness.

My daring husband entered himself in the contest and there he was, coming in second amongst a crowd of men eating those lightweight, devoid of all nutrients, processed rings of nothingness.   Yes, in my humble opinion, he should have won.  One of my doughnuts clearly by weight and amount-of-chews-needed-to-make-before-you-swallow equalled 2-3 of theirs.  But then, I’m really not that competitive :-).

Ah well, back to baking.

I have had this recipe for a long time and it is adapted from one by Sue Gregg in her Breakfasts cookbook.  They are easy to make, don’t require any special pan, are not deep-fried, and are coated with just a slight bit of oil, milk, or water to make the delicious sweetened cinnamon topping stick.  And they have a wonderful hearty texture and flavor to them.

Interested in other Gluten Free Yummy Treats?  How about:

- “Almond Joy” Bars
- Grain Free Coconut Macadamia Cookies
- Super Pumpkin Cookies (taste like store bought)
- Pumpkin Snickerdoodles

Oh, and if you happen to link through to to see this doughnut cutter that I use, and then purchase that or something else from them within 24 hours (other restrictions apply, but they are really strict), I earn a very small commission. You pay the same price, so I’d be happy if you choose to do so and so support my site. Just so you know how these links work :-).

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Almond Feta

Here is a recipe for almond feta cheese that makes it easy to get the great flavor of feta without the dairy.

Now, I am not opposed to dairy, per se, but my son has a life-threatening allergy to cow’s milk, so it is not an option for him.  This is one of his favorite things that I make with our raw almonds and boy, was he thrilled when I made it again today!

This recipe is a slight modification from one found on Diet, Dessert and Dogs, a sugar-free and gluten-free blog.  I admit that I am quite envious at times of the great detail that she can go into in sculpting beautiful desserts.  That went out the window for me once about a year ago when I had to rethink my limitations.  Well, in truth I do that daily, right?

Anyhow, I still get goat and sheep feta for myself at Costco sometimes as I seem to be tolerating it well, though they do not always have it.  For my son, this version will have to do.  And it’s quite good whether baked or not.  In fact, until today, we never baked it.  We just ate it as is.  Again–limitations!  And when it gets gobbled up without going through all the extra effort, then I typically don’t go to the extra effort!

Here is a photo of the finished product (nicely shaped and baked this time :-):

Homemade Almond Feta Cheese Recipe

Now quickly, before you go on to the recipe, I need to explain my main alternation to the recipe.  First of all, clearly the color of my “cheese” is more pink than white.  That is because the original recipe called for blanched almonds.  Now, I could certainly have done that to enhance the color of the finished product, to make it look more like feta, but in order to blanch almonds, you need to boil them, which causes them not to be raw anymore.   And yes, I know that almost all almonds in the U.S. are not raw, but I coordinate a large purchase of raw almonds in the early winter months every year so mine (and other lucky almond buyers’) are truly raw.  Even if your almonds are labeled “raw”, they almost certainly are not.  (By the way, if you live in West Michigan, you are welcome to join us this year and there may be some left this year yet if you are quick!)

In any case, to keep the enzymes intact in my soaked and dried almonds, boiling them is not a great option, and since the recipe tastes great without blanching, I am all for saving the time and effort.  I am sure that there is a slight variation in the taste, but I think the nutrition boost and time savings counteract any gain there.

So–here is the recipe:


This would be great spread on Focaccia Flax Bread, plain or served as a sandwich with grated carrots on it or served with fresh vegetables.  Yum!

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