Chocolate Zucchini Bread – gluten-free & vegan with sugar-free option

Chocolate Zucchini Bread Recipe - Gluten-free, vegan, with sugar free option
{Please welcome back Laura from Petite Allergy Treats, with a fabulous Chocolate Zucchini Bread Recipe that will knock your socks off.  Plus it’s gluten-free and vegan.  Who could ask for anything more:)?}

Dear Summer,

Hurry up and get here!  You’ve been gone for too long.  I feel like I should file a missing seasons report.  I miss your sunny face and warmth.  I would love to spend an afternoon outside.  I would go for a walk, run or even sit on the elusive ‘green grass’.  

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Gingerbread Teff Waffles & 5 Reasons To Eat Teff


Gingerbread Teff Waffle Recipe - Gluten free with vegan option

{Please welcome back Laura from Petite Allergy Treats with an Amazing Gingerbread Teff Waffle Recipe.  Haven’t tried teff?  You need to.  Come read why.}

Can we talk about Teff for a moment? It’s rapidly emerging as a new grain that everyone’s talking about.

There’s so much hype lately, experts say it’s going to over take quinoa in popularity.  This “new” grain is actually, an ancient grain that has been around for several hundred years.

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Gourmet Cranberry Buckwheat Granola Recipe

Gourmet Cranberry Buckwheat Granola. This gluten free granola is free of refined sugar and would make a fabulous gift in a jar :)!

{Today, please welcome back Sarah from The Little Fig.  She brings us a fabulous Gluten-Free Granola Recipe.  I’ve been meaning to make something like this Soaked Buckwheat Granola for a long time–ever since my friend showed me her Soaked Buckwheat Cereal.  Simply can’t wait to make this.}

I don’t know about mornings in your household, but weekday mornings at ours tend to be a bit of a whirlwind. I’m right behind the thought that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but honestly, getting my two pre-schoolers and myself out the door in a presentable state is often enough of a challenge.

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Perfect Potato Pancakes (gluten-free with vegan option)

Potato Pancakes - Yumm!! And they're special-diet friendly--Gluten-free with Dairy and Egg-Free option.

{Today, give a warm welcome to our newest contributing writer, Corah of The Homespun Rabble Rouser. Corah brings to us a fabulous recipe for something we love–Potato Pancakes!  These look sooo good and my sons are already begging me to make them! Make sure to check out her blog. She is fighting valiantly against Lyme Disease and has a lot of good stuff to offer.}

Pancakes have been our families way of celebrating weekends for a long time. There’s nothing quite like waking up to the smell of pancakes and bacon in the morning.

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Cream of Rice Cereal (Rice Porridge)

Homemade Cream of Rice Cereal. No need to buy expensive packets of cereal anymore-this is Super Simple, tastes great and is a great comfort food--especially for little ones who are sick. It's also a great gluten-free substitute for that standby Cream of Wheat.

When I was a little girl, one of my favorite breakfasts was Cream of Wheat.

Sounds crazy but I still get a warm feeling inside when I hear those words.  ”Cream. of. Wheat.”

Well, we are gluten free now, so Cream of Rice is what we would eat. But I don’t like packets and I don’t like eating white rice.

So here is a recipe for Cream of Rice made with brown rice.

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3 Ingredient Buckwheat Galettes (Buckwheat Pancakes) with vegan option

These Buckwheat Pancakes (or Wraps) are made with only 3 ingredients and come together lickety-split. They're gluten-free with a vegan option, and they freeze well!

One of the biggest challenges to being a gluten free family is having affordable bread alternatives around so you can easily throw together a quick meal or a snack.

Today’s recipe, Buckwheat Galettes (or Buckwheat Pancakes) is one recipe in our home that has become a staple.  They make a great gluten free wrap that is so much less expensive than those “priced through the roof” wraps in health food stores.

They mix up quickly and simply, store well, travel well and are a super flexible background for meals and quick snacks.

And my kids love them.

Hope you do too:-).

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Healthy Meals Your Kids Will Love to Eat!

Fruit Kids Breakfast

Getting your kids to eat healthy can be like tough.

Especially when their barraged by commercials touting the:

  • latest fast food fad
  • cartoon-sponsored fake fruit, or
  • heated, slurried and molded cereal shape

Well, I’m hoping to give you a little oasis in the middle of your desert of food prep for your hungry munchkins.

And of course, these all are yummy enough to be enjoyed by adults too!

So pull up a cuppa something.  (Maybe my Delicious and Healthy Coffee Substitute?) and hop on over to The Balanced Platter where I am sharing a roundup of great Healthy Meals Your Kids Will Love to Eat.

You’ll save money at the grocery store, have some fun, and get some smiles too.  Sounds good?  Just click here to join me and read more.

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Healthy Valentine's Progressive Dinner – Breakfast!

Valentines Heart

The countdown to Valentine’s Day continues.

My son asked me the other day, “Mom, is Valentine’s Day really a special holiday – because it doesn’t seem like it is to me – you know, like Thanksgiving.”

Well, I said, “In one sense, you are right.  Thanksgiving is more important.  But it truth, Valentine’s Day is important in that it’s a reminder that we should be showing love to those who are near and dear to us (I said something close to that :-).”

And I mean it.  I think that, like all other holidays, it’s been changed and manipulated into something that it shouldn’t be.

To me, Valentine’s Day isn’t:

  • A box of chocolates
  • A bunch of roses that will die soon anyway
  • A reason to feel bad about yourself if you don’t have a “special someone in your life”

But instead, it’s a day when we can take the time to celebrate our love for others.

Lots of ways to do it, but one surefire way is to make some goodness in the kitchen for your loved ones.

Yesterday I shared some great healthy beverage ideas from other members of Nourished Living Network and today the yumminess continues.

With Breakfast :-).

What’s on the table?

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Baked Oatmeal (or Oatmeal Cake) (gluten-free with vegan and sugar-free options)

Baked Oatmeal Cake - gluten free with vegan and sugar free option - You won't believe there is NO FLOUR in this recipe!

This recipe is one that I’ve had numerous requests for since I developed it.  So if you’ve been waiting for it – here it is!

And I’ve been making way too much of it :-).

It really is that good – and that easy.

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Super Quick Drop Biscuits (gluten and dairy free options)

These Drop Biscuits are Super Fast to make. Great for last minute meal or snack needs...and they are gluten, dairy and egg free to boot. Yum!

Here is a great easy recipe for biscuits that can be made both gluten-free and dairy-free.  These are one of the staples in our home.

As the weather starts to turn a bit cooler, my mind turns to baking again.

I used to bake so much.  Too much probably.  Ah well, there are worse things to spend one’s time on :-).

Anyway, I’ve been pulling my grain mill out again and we are all enjoying the taste of fresh baked goods again.

But time is still tight and I am juggling a lot.   Being a wife, a mom, homeschooling, this blog, our special needs son, special diets, and still having physically rough days of adrenal fatigue.  On those days not much gets done.

So I need fast recipes that can nourish my family without a bunch of fuss.

This is one of those.

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