Easy Pumpkin Custard – paleo, low carb, vegan option

This Easy Pumpkin Custard is Low Carb, Paleo, Vegan, and AIP Friendly. Loaded with great nutrition, it's the perfect Pumpkin Pie flavor for all kinds of special diets.

I love pumpkin.  I mean, really.  I've already got Pumpkin Snickerdoodles, Soft Pumpkin Cookies, Homemade Pumpkin Pie Spice, Dairy free Pumpkin Spice Creamer, and a roundup of Healthy Pumpkin Recipes on my site, and I've got a Pumpkin Chia Pudding that I need to share.  But I am really excited to share this Pumpkin Custard Recipe with you today. I saw this recipe a few weeks ago, and was ...Read The Full Post

Spicy Olive Hummus

Spicy Olive Hummus Recipe - Easy to make and great as a dip for veggies and chips, or as a spread on flatbreads, wraps, or sandwiches.

{Whenever we make hummus I have to make a HUGE amount because of how much we love it.  I have a Savory Hummus and Pizza Dip / Pizza Hummus recipe that we already adore, but now I am thrilled to have Debra Worth of Worth Cooking's recipe for Spicy Olive Hummus since we are big olive fans too -- what a treat! I can't wait to dip our Green Bean Chips or Focaccia Flax Bread in this!} As far as I am ...Read The Full Post

Make Your Own Probiotics – Easy Homemade Sauerkraut

Homemade Sauerkraut Horiz

Though this is health blog, you might have noticed that I don't have fermented foods on my blog, but that is going to be changing. Probiotics are super important for good gut health, but they can be pricey. Fermented foods are a great way to get good bacteria into your gut, and this easy homemade sauerkraut recipe is just the thing to empower you to do this yourself. I've been meaning to make some ...Read The Full Post

Can’t Stop Eating ‘Em Crispy Green Bean Chips

Crispy Green Bean Chips

I love finding ways to get more veggies into my kids--they can dip veggies into this dairy free pizza dip, dairy free ranch dip, or savory hummus, and they also love these kale chips and easy sun dried tomatoes for snacking on. However, now we have a new favorite in our household, these Crispy Green Bean Crisps. Veggie Chips are all the rage among "healthy snack seekers" but they are pretty ...Read The Full Post

Stop Your Garlic from Rotting – Easy Homemade Granulated Garlic

Easy Homemade Granulated Garlic - Tired of garlic going bad on you? Use this simple method to make granulated garlic and stop wasting money and food!

{Making your own kitchen staples is one of the best ways I know to save money on whole foods, and this homemade granulated garlic is a case in point.  I already make my own Easiest Coconut Milk, Easiest Almond Milk, Aluminum & Corn-free Baking Powder, Easy Vegan Condensed Milk, Powdered Sugar Substitute and Liquid Stevia Drops, but granulated garlic is one thing that I have not made yet.  I ...Read The Full Post

Allergy-Free Ranch Dressing – dairy, egg, and nut free

Homemade Ranch Dressing Recipe - dairy-free

{I've been making my own salad dressings for years--either the Moroccan Vinaigrette, this "5 Way" Salad Dressing, or our 5 Ingredient Salad Dressing are always on our table. However, I haven't perfected a ranch dressing recipe yet - mainly due to our food allergies.  Thanks to Debra Worth from Worth Cooking, I've got a recipe now :).  Plus, her Balsamic Cherry Dressing is calling my name ...Read The Full Post

“Temaki” – Easy Grain-Free Sushi

Easy Grain-free sushi recipe - Make this temaki sushi - great for a family dinner or for a large party

{Our family loves ethnic foods.  And some of our favorites are on this blog - Pakistani Kima (ground beef curry), Moroccan Carrots, Moroccan Vinaigrette and Chat Masala, my version an Indian spice that goes great with almost anything. I lived in Japan for a year and sushi was one of the foods I was treated to frequently.  I'm thrilled that now to have a grain-free sushi recipe that fits ...Read The Full Post

Easy Chocolate Avocado Truffles with a Kick – paleo & vegan

Chocolate Avocado Truffles - This easy dessert recipe is super healthy, gluten-free, vegan, and paleo.

I'm so excited to share this chocolate truffle recipe with you all today.  It's easy and sooo delicious - even my "I don't like chocolate" hubby was swooning over them. Plus it's a super easy dessert so you can pull it together quickly to bless your family, someone you love, or just make an indulgence for yourself. I do. I have 3 truffle recipes on my blog already. But that clearly ...Read The Full Post

No-Bake Coconut Avocado Grasshopper Bars – paleo & vegan

No Bake Vegan Dessert! Paleo Coconut & Avocado Grasshopper Bars - the perfect healthy dessert!

{Isn't a no bake dessert (like these no bake cookies) perfect when the weather is warm or you're super busy?   Well I've got the PERFECT treat for you today.  Raia Torn from Raia's Recipes is sharing lovely Paleo Vegan No Bake Chocolate and Mint Grasshopper Bars made with uber healthy ingredients. Raia shared these on my Allergy-Free Wednesday linkup awhile ago and I just couldn't stop ...Read The Full Post

Amazing Paleo Pizza Crust – vegan, autoimmune paleo & cauliflower-free

Paleo Pizza Crust Wmk Horiz

Our family has been eating more and more grain-free, and so I have loved the grain-free taco shells and grain-free tortillas that Jennifer shared with us recently. But today, I have another amazing grain-free recipe to share with you today --PIZZA! Even though the modern pizza originated in Italy, it's considered to be a real American staple. And boy do we love it in our home. ...Read The Full Post