Need Dinner Fast? Healthy Chili Mac & More Quick and Easy Meals

larger chili mac

Today, please welcome Tessa of Tessa Domestic Diva who brings us a Healthy Chili Mac Recipe.  I love Tessa’s selection of healthy, attractive, and special diet friendly recipes (she’s got a beautiful site as well.)  I hope you enjoy this post by Tessa as she shares with us some quick, easy, and healthful options for getting dinner on the table—FAST!  

I can’t tell you how many times people around me have lamented how they wish they had more time to cook and put wholesome dinners down for their family every night.

Regardless of your time constraints: it IS possible.  

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Top 10 Posts from 2012 ~ Health & Tips

This is the final post in the “Top 10 Posts of 2012″ series.

First there was the Top 10 Recipes and then the Top 10 DIY posts.

So–what’s left?

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18 Time Saving Kitchen Tips & Super Fast Recipes

Pocket Watch(Photo Source:

Whew.  The past few weeks have been a whirlwind.

Kids activities, church stuff and the election – and being sick on and off.

I have found myself worn out and needing to cut corners everywhere.

It seems a lot of us are “feeling the time crunch” as well — so I thought I’d put together a quick post with some of my favorite time-saving kitchen tips and fast recipe to help you all out.

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The Easiest Way to Freeze & Store Berries

This is the Easiest Way to Freeze and Store Berries. Hands down. Buy berries in bulk and store them for year round munching!

I guess this post could also be called  “How to Freeze Berries Without Having Them End Up in One Big Clump!”

or “The Easiest Way to Preserve Berries.”  Because I’ve tried other ways and this is just well–simply the easiest.

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Easiest Almond Milk Recipe Ever

This Almond Milk Recipe is the easiest one around. Time to ditch the expensive "boxed alternative milk" habit! Great for baking or drinking.
Today I’m sharing my Basic Almond Milk Recipe.

It really is the Easiest Almond Milk Recipe Ever. Seriously.

My “cooking philosophy” has evolved over the years. Health-wise, but also “simplicity-wise.”

Maybe you can relate.

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Top 10 Posts of 2011 (Kitchen Tips, Health, Food Freedom and More!)

Fireworks Photo

So here is my final “Top 10″ post of the year.

I have to say, these have been a lot of fun.

It was so neat seeing what interested you all!

Anyway, I already shared the Top 10 Recipe Posts and the Top 10 DIY / “Make Your Own” Posts, and these are well, the others :-).  Everything from autism to food freedom to kitchen tips.

I really hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed writing them – that they give you help in your home, something to ponder – and in some cases, I hope that they inspire you to action.

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A Time Saving Kitchen Tip for Drinking Glasses

Water Glasses

You know by now that water is really important for health, right?  Common thought on drinking water is that you should be drinking 8 glasses of water a day.

Remember my post on the Top 5 Tips for Healthy Eating?  There was drinking clean water – right at the top.  Note that I said “clean water.”

Didn’t know that tap water is full of a lot of stuff that I am sure you’d rather not be putting in your body?  Well, this post is not for the timid, but check out Is Your Water Safe?

I try to keep myself and my family hydrated, but we quickly end up with glasses all over the place.  And my kitchen is already cluttered enough without extra glasses all over the place (anyone else identify with this?  Please tell me I’m not the only one :-)).  And in these super busy and financially tight times, who needs to spend extra time and money washing extra glasses because someone says, “I can’t remember which glass was mine!”

And if you don’t have a family, then when you have guests over, you can quickly have the same problem, right (and who wants to make a mistake of drinking out of the wrong glass during the flu season :-()?

Well, I have a simple DIY idea for you that will help you keep track of whose glass is whose and help you reduce clutter in the kitchen.

Think of this as DIY water glass “charms”.  While they’re not as cute, they get the job done!

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Time Management for Real People – Tell Your Time 99 Cent Sale!

Time Management

Who out there needs some time management techniques and tips?  I see a lot of hands out there :-).

I know I do.  In some areas I am great at managing time, but in others, well – I really need could use some help.

How much would having some great time management tips be worth to you?

How does 99 cents sound?

Pretty good, huh?

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DIY (Sorta) Plastic Wrap Substitute

What is Plastic Wrap - Saran Plastic

In our home (and in my kitchen), I am always thinking about health, about saving money, and about the environment – and about taste, of course!

For example, if I can:

  • make something healthier
  • save money
  • make it in a way that has little effect on the environment
  • and still have something taste good

Then, I am all over it :-)!

That also goes for what I use in my kitchen and how I buy things.

Of course, we have recycling bins and we use them.  But using fewer things overall, and reusing and repurposing is really the best way “to go green” (although I don’t really like that term and the political issues tied to it) and address some of the environmental issues that we face today.

Well, today I have kind of a funny little kitchen tip that has nothing to do with taste, but it will:

  • save money
  • have a beneficial effect on the environment
  • save time

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Saving Time in the Kitchen – With (or Without) a Newborn

Save Time | Clock Photo

A Newborn.

Sweet smells, cuddles, sitting, rocking, nursing. And sitting some more.

A wonder lies in your arms. You’ve been waiting for this moment. It should all be bliss, but the rest of life goes on.

No… you get the picture. And if you have children, you know exactly what I mean. You want all of your time to be devoted to this precious new life, but the laundry, cleaning and the rest of your family still needs you and your attention.

Well, whether or not you have a newborn, if you are like me, you need to save time in the kitchen.

Life.Family.Church.School.Cooking. Laundry.Photo albums (no, I haven’t started mine again yet :-)!

Not that I don’t love cooking, mind you, but sometimes I’d just like to be done with it a little faster.

And for those of us trying to eat foods more and more the way that God created them (i.e. not boxed and pre-packaged), every little time-saving strategy helps us achieve our goals.

Well, to help you out, I’ve put together some ideas to help you.

Head on over to Modern Alternative Mama and see some of my best time-saving kitchen tips.

I hope when you’re done you’ll be out of the kitchen quicker and onto other good things in life!

Please come on back here after reading my post and let me know what you think or if you have any questions. 

I can’t interact with readers over there, but I sure would love to hear your thoughts!


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