Stop Throwing Food Away! How to Store Leafy Greens

How to Store Leafy Greens! Stop throwing away spoiled food and have a healthier diet and a healthier wallet too!

{Are you trying to get more leafy greens like kale, chard, and lettuce, in your diet but you end up having some go to waste because you aren't going through them fast enough? I can't stand wasting food and am always looking for more ways to store up food and reduce waste.  I've already figured out the easiest way to store tomatoes and preserve herbs, but leafy greens had eluded me - until now. ...Read The Full Post

Need Dinner Fast? Healthy Chili Mac & More Quick and Easy Meals

Healthy Gluten Free Chili Mac Recipe and More Easy Meals

Today, please welcome Tessa of Tessa Domestic Diva who brings us a Healthy Chili Mac Recipe.  I love Tessa's selection of healthy, attractive, and special diet friendly recipes (she's got a beautiful site as well.)  I hope you enjoy this post by Tessa as she shares with us some quick, easy, and healthful options for getting dinner on the table---FAST!   I can’t tell you how many times people ...Read The Full Post

6 Tips to Really Love Stevia

Don't Like Stevia? Here are 6 Surprising Tips to help you Change Your Mind!

{If you don't LOVE stevia (and even if you do), then this is the post for you.  I've been using stevia for a long time - since I knew I had a problem with candida. Even if you love stevia, the tips that Candace from Candida Free Candee is sharing with us are fabulous ways to love it even more.  Even if you think stevia is just plain "ick"--don't turn your back on stevia just yet..... oh, and if ...Read The Full Post

Stevia – What it Is and How to Use It

What is Stevia? Find out about Stevia and How to use this low carb sweetener.

Stevia is quite the "sweetener in the news" these days. It used to be something most hadn't heard about, but now it's showing up all over the place--in bottled drinks, in the sweetener section of your grocery store, and on blogs (such as mine :).) But what is stevia, what are the different forms it's available in, and how can you use it? ...Read The Full Post

All About Beans – Tips, Recipes, and More

Beans Tips & Recipes Wmrk

We love beans. Limas, lentils, kidneys, black name it. We love them for the way they taste, how versatile and nutritious they are, and for how beans can help save money in your whole foods budget. ...Read The Full Post

Gluten-Free Baking Tips

Baking with Gluten-Free Flours can be tough. These 9 Gluten Free Baking Tips make it easier for your gluten-free baking to turn out right!

  Whether you have celiac disease, or are off gluten for other health reasons, you've likely figured out that baking with gluten-free flours can be a bit of a challenge. From figuring out what flours to use, to wondering about gums, leavening and starches, gluten-free baking does require some know-how. Today I'm sharing some of the most helpful tips I've found for baking gluten-free. ...Read The Full Post

Top 10 Posts from 2012 ~ Health & Tips

Top 10 Blocks

This is the final post in the "Top 10 Posts of 2012" series. First there was the Top 10 Recipes and then the Top 10 DIY posts. So--what's left? ...Read The Full Post

18 Time Saving Kitchen Tips & Super Fast Recipes

Pocket Watch

(Photo Source: Whew.  The past few weeks have been a whirlwind. Kids activities, church stuff and the election - and being sick on and off. I have found myself worn out and needing to cut corners everywhere. It seems a lot of us are "feeling the time crunch" as well -- so I thought I'd put together a quick post ...Read The Full Post

The Easiest Way to Freeze & Store Berries

This is the Easiest Way to Freeze and Store Berries. Hands down. Buy berries in bulk and store them for year round munching!

I guess this post could also be called  "How to Freeze Berries Without Having Them End Up in One Big Clump!" or "The Easiest Way to Preserve Berries."  Because I've tried other ways and this is just well--simply the easiest. ...Read The Full Post

Tips and Recipes for Cooking with Kids ~ and Silky Bean Fudge Recipe

Dairy Free Fudge Bean Fudge

  Some of my most fond memories come from the time when my oldest son was about 4 years old. We baked.  A lot.  Really. And it was always together. In fact, he was soooo into baking with me that if I ever baked without him, he got extremely sad.  Maybe I'll tell you more about that later. A lot has changed since then, but recently I've been working on pulling my kids back into ...Read The Full Post