A Surprising Natural Food Allergy Remedy

This Natural Food Allergy Remedy has helped many through the ages. Have you used it?

{Please welcome Erin Ter Beest from Natural Wonderer.  Erin is sharing a fascinating post about a Natural Remedy for Food Allergies that might surprise you.}

In 1831, the distinguished Professor Touery stood in front of his colleagues at the French Academy of Medicine and drank a dose of strychnine that was several times the amount considered lethal.

Contrary to what you might be thinking, Professor Touery did not have any ill intentions, nor did anyone else wish him harm.


So why was he drinking poison?

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Wheat Puts Poop in Your Blood – Plus 3 More Strange Wheat Facts

Wheat Causes Leaky Gut - and Other Reasons to Give it Up!{Please welcome Trisha, one of my contributing writers, today. She’s going to be talking about wheat. You’ve heard about celiac, wheat intolerance, wheat belly and more. Find out what is going on with wheat and 4 Reasons You Should Give it Up.} When we told friends and family that we were cutting out wheat from our diet, one of the more common reactions we got was,

“That’s crazy. I mean, if you have celiac disease or something, alright, but wheat is natural. It’s what we were made to eat.”

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Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired? Stop the Cycle Before It’s Too Late

Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired? Stop the Cycle Before It's Too Late

It seems like everyone these days is tired.  And sick and tired of feeling that way.

You too?

Do you wake up tired and wish you could be like other moms with loads of energy to cart their kiddos to play dates and homeschool co-ops and still have steam left to do a family outing at night?

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Gluten. No Big Deal or Silent Killer?

Gluten: Is the new Gluten-Free Diet just a fad? Or could gluten be killing us all slowly? Come find out.....

Once again I’m behind in getting some good information out to you all, but I sure hope you’ll forgive me.

I’ve been juggling a little too many plates here (personal and professional) and it’s been really hard to stay on top of things.

Anyway, this is just.too.good to let slip by.

I’ve mentioned gluten a little bit here before, but today we’ve diving in to some big deal stuff about this term that’s being talked about a ton these days.

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Think Food Doesn’t Affect Behavior? You’ve Got to Read This.

How Food Affects Behavior. Think it doesn't? You need to read this post.

{Today I have the pleasure of introducing to you Ruth Almon, of Paleo Diet Basics.  Ruth is sharing with us some fascinating information about how food affects behavior.  I was amazed when I read this–check it out and make sure to share it to get the word out.  So many behavioral issues can be traced to the gut. We need to all inform and empower parents to make a difference in their children’s (and their own) lives.}

It’s common to joke about kids being on a sugar high after a party, so all of us know –on some level–that food influences how kids behave.

But how many of us realize the extent to which our children’s day-to-day actions are shaped and molded by the foods we feed them?

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What Candida Is, How to Know if You Have It, and How to Ditch It

Candida - What it is and How to Know if You Have It. This is CRUCIAL for good health.

{Today, please welcome Paula from Whole Intentions. She’s sharing about a topic that is unfortunately something I know up close and personal–candida. 

Candida is a part of my life that I so wish weren’t there. 

But it is. I’ve struggling a lot in my heart about it and have felt really sorry for myself for a long time, but recently I have taken joy in the fact that from my struggling can come help for others. 

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Why YOU Should Join Us to Heal Your Gut–What Others are Saying & Last Chance Savings!

Heal Your Gut

Most likely you read my post from this past week that had the title…Death (and More) Begins in the Gut.

And you’ve been wondering if you should sign up for the course I mentioned in it.

Now, I for sure don’t want to come across as a pushy salesperson–

’cause I’m not.

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Death (and More) Begins in the Gut

Death Begins in the Gut Wmk

If you’ve been around here for awhile, you know that I really.really.really (did I say “really”?) care about gut health.

It’s been a huge focus in our household over the years, mainly centering on my struggle with candida and adrenal fatigue, and my son’s struggle with life threatening food allergies and Asperger’s Syndrome.

I’m really convinced that, as Hippocrates’ said, “All Disease Begins in the Gut.”  Well, truth is, there is a lot going on besides the gut, but I think that the gut is one of the most important places to start for overall health.

But how important is it–really?

Let’s find out together, shall we?

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4 Surprising Ways to Ditch Belly Bulge

Belly Bulge - 4 Ways to Ditch it

(Today we have Beth back from Fit2B.  She wowed you before with her oh-so-earth-shattering and very helpful posts–Lose Your Mummy Tummy and Why Crunches Are Bad for You and A Surprising Cause of and Treatment for Back Pain. This time, she is going to really shake things up with a post about 4 Things that Cause Belly Bulge. Read on–I guarantee this information is life-changing!}

The six pack is what most people fixate on when they want to trim their tummies down, but a bigger conversation among real core experts is arising about other factors that influence the shape and health of your belly.

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Got Back Pain? Here’s Relief!

Natural Back Pain Treatment that really works! You won't believe what might be causing your back pain (and more) and how easy it is to resolve it!

Today, we are blessed to have Beth from Fit2B with us again, this time to talk about natural treatment for back pain.

Last time, she taught us how to “Lose Your Mummy Tummy - And Why Crunches Are Bad for You.” If you missed that post, make sure to check it out. Believe me–you’ll be glad you did! Now–here’s Beth….  

You’re almost done with the dishes, and you catch yourself doing it again: rubbing your aching back.

It feels strangely similar to the way your spinal muscles felt during pregnancy, and just about every one of your mama friends has mentioned similar issues.

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