15 Surprising Uses for Epsom Salt

15 Uses for Epsom Salt that I bet you didn't know!


{Today, Hannah from Whole Simple Life is sharing with us 15 Great Epsom Salt Uses.  I have some epsom salt in my natural medicine cabinet, but I haven’t use it for half of the things that she is sharing.  What a great product!}

When I first started buying epsom salt it was to add to the kids bath because I had heard that it would help calm them down before bed.

I figured hey, it’s worth a shot!

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Healthy Toddler Foods for Crazy Busy Moms

Healthy Foods for Kids for Busy Moms

{Having trouble coming up with healthy meals for your toddler?  Renee from Raising Generation Nourished has you covered with these fantabulous tips for even the busiest of moms.  }

I hear it all the time.

Baby gets to an appropriate age for starting solid foods.

I get asked.

Dear Renee – How do I start solids with my baby?


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Tired? Food to the Rescue. 7 Healing Foods for Adrenal Fatigue

Got Adrenal Fatigue? Add these foods to your adrenal fatigue diet for relief.

{Please welcome back Jedha Denning from Good Food Eating.  She’s back to talk more about adrenal fatigue.  If you suspect that you have adrenal fatigue, these suggestions about additions to your adrenal fatigue diet might be of some help.}

I recently wrote a post here at Whole New Mom about the signs and symptoms of adrenal fatigue. If you missed that you can find it here.

Adrenal fatigue is a stress condition that may inflict many of us from time to time.

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What You Need to Know about Batteries, the Environment, & Recycling

Batteries and Battery Recycling - What you NEED to Know

{Please welcome back Hilary Kimes Bernstein of Accidentally Green.  She’s sharing a post with information we all need about batteries, landfills, and battery recycling.  }

Before I became a mom, it only seemed like I used batteries in smoke detectors and flash lights.

But once I had children, battery-operated toys and games seemed to multiply in my home. Gone were the simple and silent toys I loved and remembered as a child– suddenly, most toys make noise. (And a lot of it!)

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What Does A Bucket Have to Do With Allergies? Plenty.

Histamine and Allergies. Histamine Intolerance and Allergies

(Please welcome back Erin from Natural Wonderer. Today she brings you the second of two posts full of surprising information about histamine intolerance. In her previous post on histamine intolerance,  she covered:

- what histamine is
- what it means to be intolerant to it, and
- what the causes of histamine intolerance are. You may want to catch up by reading the other post before jumping in here!)

As we talked about in the first post, Think You Have Allergies? Think Again, histamine intolerance can be a cause of allergy-like symptoms.

The situation with histamines is complex and confusing.

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Think You Have Allergies? Think Again.

Histamine and Allergies. Histamine Intolerance Investigated.

(Please welcome back Erin from Natural Wonderer. Today she brings you the first of two posts full of surprising information about histamine intolerance and allergies. They just may change what you think you know about allergies for good.)

Like so many people I know, I have struggled with mild to moderate eczema off and on my entire life.

After modifying my diet drastically in order to nurse my son who has food allergies, my eczema took a turn to be the worst it has ever been.

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5 Foods that Can Wreck Your Thyroid



{Hypothyroidism. It’s a big topic these days. Seems everyone has thyroid problems.  In fact, I’ll be writing about my thyroid issues soon. Today, let’s learn about 5 Foods that might be a problem for hypothyroidism.  Are YOU eating these foods?}

So, you’ve recently found out that you have hypothyroidism.

What you eat can impact your thyroid function—for better or worse.

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The Key to Changing Your Diet – for Good!

How to Change to a Healthy Diet for Good!

{Want to change to a healthy diet?  Please welcome back Ruth Almon from Paleo Diet Basics who is sharing her best tips for healthy eating – and making a healthy change–for good!}

Have you ever watched a reality TV show where a dietician arrives at someone’s home, goes on a kitchen rampage, wildly tossing unhealthy food products into garbage bags? Once the kitchen’s bare, a famous chef saunters in and teaches the excited, but somewhat overwhelmed dieter how to prepare several healthy dishes.

Well this makes for great TV, but is the Cold Turkey method really the best way to switch from a SAD (standard American diet) to a healthy diet?

I think not.

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DIY Meal Replacement Shakes – like ” Pediasure ®”

DIY Meal Replacement Shakes like "Pediasure®" - no icky additives - all whole nutrition!

{Please welcome Angela from Grassfed Mama.  She is sharing a fabulous recipe for DIY Meal Replacement Shakes – like “Pediasure®”.  What a GREAT idea for those who want to eat Real Food but have an eating challenge.  LOVE it.}

As a speech therapist, part of my job (about 60% in the nursing home) was swallowing evaluations and rehabilitation. As we age, sometimes we lose the ability to eat real food and swallow safely. This difficulty could be related to age, strokes, mental diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Eating issues aren’t only for the older community. In my family, I have two nephews who had swallowing issues at birth. They had feeding tubes placed within their first year of life.

They are both still primarily fed through feeding tubes at ages 10 and 3.

According to Endonurse.com, about half a million people in the US rely on feeding tubes for their nutrition.

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Could You Have Adrenal Fatigue? Signs and Symptoms You Should Know


Adrenal Fatigue Symptoms


{Please welcome Jedha from Good Food Eating, sharing crucial information about Adrenal Fatigue, something I think is epidemic.  Her list of Adrenal Fatigue Symptoms should be a help to everyone in thesee stressful times. Please read this and pass it around. It’s important info for sure.}

If you are:
- tired
- stressed
- wanting a whole healthy life

this post is for you.

And for those you love.

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